Guys Do it Better

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I always thought of myself as a pretty straight guy, but sometimes I find myself thinking about guys especially when I’m horny.. Sometimes wonder whether or not I’m gay or bi but most of the time I’m positive I’m straight. I like pussy and I love boobs, but there’s something about dick that makes me so damn horny. In school even when I’m with my girl friend if I pass a hot guy I try to picture him naked standing over me demanding me to suck it dry.
So one day after school, I decide to go in my brother’s room while he is at work. Who at the time I think is 100% straight has his girlfriend over a lot and sometimes other girls and I hear them fucking. So I enter his room I go on his computer listen to some music go through files and I find some nudes of some girls he’s been with. So I keep searching like a nosey bastard and then I find some nudes of him, within seconds I got a boner I keep looking and then there is pics of him shoving a black dildo in his ass and deepthroating my jaw dropped. I immediately closed all the pics and programs put everything how it was before and starting looking in his room for that damn dildo. I was desperate I wanted to feel how it felt in my handin my mouthin my ass because I might not get the chance to feel a real one. Unfortunately I did not find it.
A week goes by, and again I search his room and againfail. Nothing again I was disappointed. So instead I started to watch some porn. I wasn’t really interested in the normal porn at the time cause I was so caught up in thinking about cock up a guys asshole and how it felt so I ended up going to watch some gay porn.. While I was jerking off I stuck my finger up in my asshole , I felt a jolt but it didn’t really hurt and in a matter of seconds it started feeling good it helped came faster than I ever have..proving to me that it makes me hornier. So the next day I go and look again thinking I’m not going to find it in a spot I’ve checked before I checked and I found it.I found the black 9 inch thick dildo my heart started pounding, I felt like I was getting hot. And under the dildo was a butt plug. I was in heaven and hoping my dad nor does my brother come home. Since the butt plug is shorter in size I decided maybe I’ll try that out first. So I go and get some lotion since I have no lube. And rub the lotion around my asshole for a few seconds and then on to the butt plug. At first since the tip was really small compared to the middle it didn’t hurt just felt weird and then my asshole started opening more when more of the butt plug enters inside. It hurt a lot unimaginable pain, I yank it out and it hurt even more. But after the hurt it started to feel good I thought to myself I shouldn’t have taken it out , but right when I try to put it back in my ass I hear the door unlock I quickly while the butt plug on the rug so the lotion can come off and stick the butt plug back in the place I found it, and before I put the dildo In I stared at it I wanted it inside me so bad, I quickly dildo slap myself which made me laugh and then quickly tried sucking it before I heard footsteps coming so I didn’t have the chance I screamed in my head FUCK! SO CLOSE! And shove it back where I found it and put my boxers back on. I am about to open the door when I hear the door knob twist and it’s my dad he asks me what am I doing in here and I tell him nothing I’m just looking around, I’m pretty bored. He tells me okay, get out of your brothers room. I go to my room, and while I was walking I felt kind of weird since my asshole just opened for the first time, I felt like I was walking weird. But I ignored it and hoped that my father didn’t notice.
The next days on my way home from school I was wishing please don’t let him be here please. But it was of no use my brother was here I couldn’t take action. Next day was the day. And I was right my brother was not home so I quickly didn’t waste time I took of my shoes socks shorts and shirt and threw it in my room. I got the lotion and went to the place where the toys were and found it I got so happy. I had this big grin on my face I couldn’t wait. So quickly I now take off my boxers and put lotion on the dildo and around my asshole even going inside I can imagine it will fell really good. I couldn’t wait to have that black dildo inside me. The dildo has a suction cup so I place it on the floor so it stays and then I sit down like I see the girls doing in the pornos and I have the dildo right at my ass hole, I think yes! I’m really doing this. And then I bend more so it can now enter my tight asshole and I have to hold it so it stays still but it enters slowly because that pain I was talking about earlier happened again it was really hurting but I thought it’ll stop and it’ll get better I was right 3 inches in and my asshole is adjusting to the thickness. Now I start moving my ass up and down sliding the dildo in my asshole it was feeling so god damn good. I couldn’t help but going faster the feeling was so great closing my eyes pretending that I was sitting on top of a man fucking me got my dick hard. I started moaning and jacking off. Now I switched positions I laid on my back, feet in the air and started sticking it in my asshole with my hand it was great but then I stopped and I realized the time, my brothers coming home from work so I quickly get a towel, wipe the dildo and my asshole which was now pretty loose and open and hid the dildo. And went back in the room to jack off and to finger myself. I guess I was so caught up in what I was doing I didn’t hear the front door un lock and then I hear my brothers room open I’m like shit. Please god don’t let him find it. So I stop jacking off and stop fingering myself and go to put back my boxers and I realize fuck where the hell are my boxers. And I realized omg omg I left it in there.i started to freak out and then I got up and looked around but they were behind me I started laughing and when I bent down to get the boxers my brother walks in, I fucking jumped so high I froze! My dick was still semi-hard and he was just stareing at me, I was in total shock. He stares at me… looks at me up and down and says, okay I’ll be back later.
When he left my heart started pounding but when I saw him staring at me I pictured him deepthroating my cock and him shoving his dick into my fucking tight hole. I got a boner and I thought man I must be fucking gay. Then he comes back in with his pants off and a fishnet top I’m not going to lie he looked sexy his tan body underneath that black fishnet and his dick was in one of the holes my fucking dick got harder than it ever has been before. But I was so scared I didn’t know what to do or what to say except hide my boner. And he told me I left the dildo the wrong way a few times and it was not where I had put it before.I know you used it and it is still kind of slippery. I said I am sorry man I just couldn’t help myself. He tells me I know your gay I hear the gay porn you watch, you leave it pretty loud when dads not home and you think I’m not, but I am. I have wanted you for so long
Me: you have?
Him: Yea man. Your fucking hot I’ve been trying to picture how big my little bros dick is. And I now know that it’s just as big as mine hah we are brothers.
Me: hahokay man um what arre you doing.
Him: what you really want.
Me:what do I really want ?
Him: well I know you’ve been wanting a man’s dick, and I want to give you that.
Me: really??Promise not to tell dad.
Him: yea really. I promise only if you promise me something
Me: ya bro anything.
Him: if we make this not only a one time thing
Me: for sure bro! I’ll be more than happy to do this again.
And from then he walks up to me and I grab his penis. I go down to suck it and he stops me.
Him: Your almost done let me finish you baby bro.
Me: alright hah.kiss me first make this sexy.
Him: my pleasure.
We immediately start kissing it was the best kiss of my life we were holding each other our dicks touching his chest on mine my lips on his,his tongue wrestling with mine.
After a few minutes of that so passionate sexy kiss, he craws down and starts sucking my dick, he sucks better then all my girlfriends
Me: fuck bro have you been practicing your really good.
Him: I believe Guys do it better because we know what we like
He goes back to sucking my cock and he sticks his finger in my asshole. I couldn’t take it I was about to release my load in my brothers mouth it was fucking great.
Me:bro I’m about to cum stop
And what does he dokeeps going but faster and he starts to hum, I couldn’t take it was going to explode my eyes close my hips throb I hold his head and push my cock into his throat and…
Me:fucking great man.
Him: mhmmyour turn bitch.
Me: oh yess master.
I didn’t hesitate I turned him around and I started sucking that cock so fucking good exactly how I would want it I tried to deep throat it wouldn’t go in I gagged. Then he pushes my head in deeper to help me I almost got italmost.omg im here deepthroating my bros cock how fucking hot.and then he pushed me off.he threw me on my chest pulled my hips and he slapped my ass he started eating my asshole.
Me:ooooh fuckkk! It fells so fucking good!
I don’t think I would’ve ever imagined that to feel so good. And then now my brother gets his fucking nice warm juicy cock and shoves it in my asshole no mercy.i almost screamed at the top of my lungs but I held it in he started moving his hips into my ass the feeling had gone from hell to the greatest feeling I could imagine. My cock got hard again I was so god damn horny. The hornest I’ve ever been in my entire life and the horniest I think I’ll ever get. Without warning in came in my ass.
Him: how do you like that warm cum in your asshole little bitch?
Me:mm I like it a lot man. Thanks for today.
Him: no problem you’re my bitch now. Do what I say or ill tell dad.
Me: how bout I do what you say once every week or more if we are up to it.
Him: okay bitch.
So before he left I sucked the rest of the juice out of his cock and slapped his ass
And he slapped my face and said bad bitch.
And from then on every week we did it once or more.

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