The Knight and the Acolyte Book 3, Chapter 1: The Simulacrum's Orders

The Knight and the Acolyte
Book Three: Barbaric Splendor
Chapter One: The Simulacrum's Orders
By mypenname3000

Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

Thrak – Red Eye Tribal Lands, Larg Federation

The wind was cold. I barely felt it rippling across my scarred, red-brown skin. My greataxe lay across my lap, the twin, crescent blades glinting in the light. I stared at my wife's grave. A year and I could still hear her sweet laughter and see her lithe, human figure. Nine years she had been my wife, living in the tribal lands, adopting to our culture.

She made a better orc wife than many women of my tribe.

“The tribe is moving on,” Bruk said from behind me.

I did not answer my brother. He led the Red Eyes now. I had lost the tribes leadership when I let our rivals, the Ghost Wolves, kidnap, rape, and murder my wife. No orc who couldn't protect his woman could protect the tribe. I could have fought the change in leadership, but everything had been ash then.

It still was.

My younger brother led the tribe. He was a fine leader, I suppose. I barely paid any attention. The last year was a fog. Serisia was gone. What was the point?

“Thrak?” Bruk growled. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me. I didn't fight. His swarthy face loomed over me. His eyes were a lighter shade of red than mine, blood-red to my dark crimson. His hair was cut short and thickly curled into a woolly mass. Bone ear spreaders and a nose plug made his face even fiercer. “When will you stop weeping over that human whore?”

A snarl escaped my lips. The rage burned inside me. I grabbed my brother’s hand and threw it off. I rose, my greataxe gripped in one hand, the muscles of my body rippling. I was taller than my brother, bigger, the largest orc of the Red Eye Tribe. My brother stared at me with defiance, goading me.

Did he want me to rage?

The last time I had, thirty Ghost Wolves died—men, women, children. They had despoiled and murdered my sweet Serisia, and I had paid them back thirtyfold. I put the entire camp to death before my rage burned out.

I hated the bloodlust. Every orc boy dreamed of being a berserker, of letting the madness of battle so consume them that they lost all fear. But it wasn't only fear lost in the rage, but compassion. I hated that emptiness. There was a part of me that acutely remembered every moment of every rage and all the countless deaths I had wreaked.

“What do you want, Bruk?” I growled, fighting the darkness. “Speak, before your words give more offense.”

Bruk spat. “We move to the spring pastures. Will you help your people? Or will you continue your pathetic vigil?”

“The tribe does not need me.” Bitterness curdled my words. “You lead them. You protect them. I couldn't protect her. I can't protect the tribe!” My hands tightened on my ax. “Leave, brother, before you awaken me.”

My brother hesitated, his eyes widened. He was no berserker, but he had seen my rages. “Fine. Waste your life grieving for that human—”

I snarled and lifted my ax. I fought against the rage. My wife was no whore. She was a fighter, a warrior in female form. She was fearless, her skin as fair as milk, and hair long and straight, flowing behind her like brown silk. She wouldn't want me to kill my brother, and probably half my tribe, by surrendering to the rage. But if my brother called her whore again, I would cleave his head from his shoulders.

My brother fled. He always was a coward.

I snarled, my hand gripping my ax. I wanted to swing it. I wanted to hew. I wanted my wife back.
I turned and sat down before her grave, forcing myself back to calm. Killing wouldn't do any good. It wouldn't make me feel better. Nothing could replace the hole in my chest.

Now, that isn't true, Serisia whispered.

Her ghost appeared beside me in a kilt of ochre, red, and black, her breasts naked like an orc woman, her pink nipples pierced by bone. Other bone piercings adorned her ears, eyebrows, and nose. Other than her skin and delicate features of her face, she could have been an orc woman. Her spirit leaned against me, my skin tingling where her incorporeal, translucent form touched me.

I knew she wasn't real. I knew I had to be mad. But I spent so much time staring at her grave because she would appear to me here. Every day it grew harder to move from this spot. Only the necessities of living drove me away, and then I would always return with whatever flowers I could find. The stone cairn that marked her passing was dotted with petals.

You will find a way to live again, she whispered.

I believed she was a manifestation of my subconscious, the part of me that wanted to live and kept me from slipping into death. It was a strange phenomenon. But knowing she wasn't real didn't keep my heart from believing.

She pressed against my side, leaning her head on my shoulder, her brown eyes meeting mine. You need to stay. You can't go with them.

“I won't leave you,” I told her. In the beginning, I could, but it grew harder and harder every time I left.

You will leave here, but not with them. She is coming to heal you.


I found her. She is what you need. You have my blessing to live. I want you to be happy.

“I can't leave here. I can't leave you.”

Serisia touched my chest above my heart. I won't leave you. I'll be with you. I'm in here. But don't worry, you'll like her. She's fearless and intelligent.

“Who is?”

Just wait. She'll come. She'll make you happy again, my love. That's all I want.

“Why do you keep me alive?” I asked, tears burning down my cheeks. “I could join you. A flick of my dagger, and then I would be happy with you.”

Because you are needed.

Her hand stroked down my chest to my kilt and passed beneath it to caress my cock. I groaned as her incorporeal hand stroked me. Tingles ran up my cock as her cold hand touched me. The fuzzy electricity swelled my shaft until I tented the front of my kilt.

“What are you doing?” I groaned.

I need your cum to leave this place, she whispered.

“A phantom?” I groaned. Did that make her real? Her touch was delicious, stimulating, and more than a figment of my imagination. I leaned back and let out a growl as she stroked me faster. “Butthat will change you.”

Do you trust me?

I wasn't even sure she was real. But phantoms were dangerous. All the stories told of the dangers of spirits ingesting cum or pussy juices. It would make them able to manifest corporeally, to interact with the world. But they were monsters and killers. They would haunt the people they loved in life, hurt them. Kill them.

“II trust you,” I groaned. “But”

I would never hurt you, Serisia smiled as she lowered her lips. I want to be with you as long as possible. And then I'll wait for you and her.

“Her?” I growled. “You want to share me?”

Your heart is bigger than any orc or human, she answered. You can love us both.

Serisia's mouth opened. Her lips passed through the fabric of my kilt to engulf my cock. Her mouth bobbed, phasing through the kilt as she went lower, then appearing as she rose up. My cock throbbed in her mouth, the tip aching.

Her hands massaged my balls, spreading the fuzzy tingles. My hand reached out, fingering her round breast and playing with the bone piercings. I twisted them and she moaned in delight about my cock.

“Serisia,” I gasped. “My love. I missed this. I miss you so much.”

Her tongue slid around the tip of my cock. Everywhere she touched sent sparks of electricity shooting down to my balls. My hand tightened on her breast. Her spirit was cold, but felt so real, just like I remembered her.

I closed my eyes and imagined she was alive and loving me. I let out more growls of pleasure as she worked more and more of my thick cock down her mouth. The tip pressed on the back of her mouth, and she swallowed, my shaft sliding down her throat.

Serisia hummed, just the way she always would when deep-throating me.

“What a woman,” I growled. “You are more orc than any of the cunts of my tribe.”

Her fingers tightened on my balls, shooting pain up through my cock. I savored the pain. I was a warrior. I was bred to drink pain and suffering, drinking it like a mother's milk. It was my nourishment.

My cock throbbed in her mouth. My balls tightened. I hadn't enjoyed another since Serisia's death. My balls were backed up. I couldn't last much longer. Her mouth was too sweet. My hand pulled hard on her nipple, giving her pain.

Serisia screamed in delight around my cock. The humming vibrations caressed my cock. I growled and erupted my cum down her throat and straight into her stomach. She vanished, my hand suddenly holding nothing.

“Serisia?” I gasped.

Oh, yes, she whispered in my mind.

Serisia flickered back into reality. Her hands seized my kilt and lifted it. A smile crossed her lips as she uncovered my cock. She grasped it. My cock didn't tingle with electricity like before. Her touch was still cold, but was also more real.

I touched her breasts again, squeezing them as she mounted me. My cock throbbed hard. I was an orc warrior. I could love my woman all night. Our lips met in a kiss. She felt so real in my arms even though I could see through her body.

I held my phantom wife as she mounted me. Her pussy slid down my rigid cock. I growled in delight as she engulfed me. My hands slid around to squeeze her ass. I could see my large hands through her body. I could even see my cock buried in the depths of her pussy.

Thrak, she moaned. I missed this. You will make her so happy.

“Why?” I growled as I lifted her weightless body up my cock, her tight pussy gripping to my thick shaft. “I don't need her. I have you again.”

Sadness entered her eyes. I can't stay like this forever. You've bought us some time. Time for me to help you out one last time before I wait for you and her in paradise.

“I don't want to lose you again,” I growled as she worked her pussy up and down my shaft, moving faster.

Life is so cruel, she groaned. But I promise you. We will be together in the next life.

Her lips pressed against mine. I closed my eyes and savored her small mouth as we kissed. Her pierced nipples rubbed against my chest as she humped faster and faster against me. My fingers gripped the cheeks of her ass.

It was so wonderful to be in her again. The ecstasy of this moment filled me. I growled as she slammed down my cock. Even if it was just for a little while, I would savor every moment I had with the woman who owned my heart.

“Thrak!” she moaned, her pussy tightening on my cock. Her head tossed back as the pleasure spilled through her. “Oh, how I missed this.”

My hands tightened on her ass. My dick throbbed in her depths. Already, I was about to cum. I held it off, gritting my teeth as her ass flexed beneath my hand. Her pussy tightened about my cock as she drew it up.

“You're so thick,” she panted. “You always stretch my pussy out until it hurts. I love it!”

Serisia slammed down my body. Her hips undulated, grinding her clit into my groin the way she loved to do. Her eyes rolled back as her body spasmed. Her pussy convulsed about my cock, milking my sperm.

The spirit of my wife came atop me, her translucent flesh becoming opaque, almost alive.

“Thrak!” she moaned and hugged me. My balls tightened. “Cum in me. I always loved it when you came in me.”

“Yes,” I growled.

Our bodies heaved together as her orgasm writhed through her. I couldn't fight off my pleasure. My cum erupted into her pussy. The pleasure pulsed through my body. I held her tight, her hard, pierced nipples and soft breasts on my chest, her hair spilled over my shoulder as she gasped and shuddered.

My pleasure reached its peak as the last blast of cum flooded into her. Then it was gone.

I fell back on the grass and she lay atop me. I wasn't mad. My wife's spirit was real. I closed my eyes and waited for this new woman to appear.

How could I ever love her as much as Serisia?


Lady Delilah – Allenoth Highway, Magery of Thosi

I smiled as I sat on the fence, stroking my red hair, and watched Angela fight the abomination made of corpses. She danced with such grace as she flowed through her forms. She was handling the dark warlock's attacks well. It was wise of her to seek out Gewin's priest and receive the God of War's blessing.

I needed to go back to Shesax and reign in King Edward. He was not following my plan. Sending a dark warlock to kill Angela would only let her know she had an enemy. The king was such a foolish, young man. I should spank him the next time I see him.

I watched the descendant of the lilies and heir to the High King fight with grace.

Edward had every right to fear her.

Pride crossed my lips. I had guided Angela, subtly nudging her into the knighthood. I had watched her blossom into a woman. My heart beat wildly in my chest. Her beauty had captivated me even when she was young.

I knew then Angela was the woman I loved.

I slipped off the fence post. I couldn't remain around here. It would not do for Angela to see me. I touched the pendant around my throat. It was a triune set of amulets, each attuned to the others. The second hung around Angela's neck, and the foolish Edward had given the third to the warlock so the foul man could hunt Angela down.

Yes, I was most displeased with his majesty.

I strode down the road, my fingers clenching. He needed to learn his place.


The Simulacrum – Allenoth Highway, Magery of Thosi

I knelt next to the corpse that used to be my master on the hill overlooking the burned wheat field. I stared calmly at the four women that surrounded me. They were my master's enemies. They had killed his mortal vessel. But I knew he was not dead. I knew the lengths my master had gone through to insure his continued existence beyond his vessel's termination.

The scent of death lingered in the air, mixed with ash and fire. Swaths of the wheat field had burned during the fight with my master. A pile of corpses, my master’s servants, fouled the field next to the smoking patches.

I did not look at my Master's corpse. It was hard to keep my gaze away. Curiosity itched at me to stare at it. His blood stained my hands and body. The elf had feathered him with two arrows, catching him completely unaware. His attention had been focused on the knight, the acolyte, and the mage dueling his corpse automaton.

“Who is this Fireeyes?” the knight asked. Fiery hair spilled over the shining pauldrons of her armor. Her large breasts filled out her half-breastplate, an impressive cleavage. Her shapely legs were covered by thigh-high leather boots and steel greaves, and a chainmail loincloth dangled from her sword belt.

“A foul mage,” the journeyman mage answered. She was Thosian, like most mages, with pale skin and short, dark brown hair. A silver nose ring glinted in the sunlight. She wore the red robes of a journeyman mage, but she was skilled. She had disrupted master's automaton. “He delved into dark magics and performed experiments on humans, sometimes while they still lived.”

Master was a great mage. He delved into the secrets that his brethren were too weak and cowardly to explore. Master had discovered the secrets of life itself, preserving his soul in a phylactery that I had hidden in my pussy along with the tracking amulet.

The amulet's mate dangled between the knights breasts.

“He sounds horrible,” the acolyte gasped. She was slim, dressed in the white robes of a priestess of Saphique, goddess of virgins and lesbians. The knight was on her Quest to fully join the ranks of the Knights Deute, and the acolyte was her companion, sent to aide the knight in her duty. “What a monster.”

My Master was a great man. If I was capable of emotions, I imagine I would feel indignation at her tone, maybe even anger. I was glad I had no emotions. Simulacrum did not need them.

“He is terrible,” the mage spat. “A monster. The Magery council has signed a warrant for his death. If he was discovered in the Magery, he would have been executed for his crimes. He had spent the last twenty years in exile, staying beyond the legal reach of the council. He was a warlock.”

The mage grimaced as she said warlock.

“Why would he want to kill me?” Angela asked. “That doesn't make in sense.”

“Ask the woman,” the elf suggested. She was in heat, her cock dangling from where her clit should be. She stood naked, after her race's fashion. My master always wanted to experiment on elves. Perhaps he would have his chance with her after I found him a new body.

“She can't tell us anything,” the mage dismissed. “She's a simulacrum.”

“So?” Angela asked. “She was with him. She must know something. Why did your master want to kill us?”

“I do not understand the question,” I answered.

“Yes, you do,” the knight growled, her face twisting. She seized my shoulders and shook me. I held my gaze steady upon her. I had my instructions.

“Tell us why your master wanted to kill us?”

“I do not understand the question,” I repeated, mimicking the response of a normal simulacrum.

“She doesn't have a master anymore,” the mage groaned. “Simulacrum, why did your previous master try to kill us?”

“I do not know,” I answered, following my Master's instructions.

“She's lying.”

“She can't,” the mage said. “She has to obey her master's command until she is released. He is dead. She was released. Now she serves the Magery Council and will answer to any mage.”

“That is correct, journeyman mage,” I answered.

The knight's face twisted. “What? That doesn't make sense. Surely he told you something. Tell us.”
“I do not understand your request.”

“Simulacrum are created with a limited intelligence,” the mage explained. “She may look like a person, but she has no soul and barely any mind. She was created with magic. She was just his power source. He would collect her pussy juices to fuel his magic.”

“Which are copious,” the elf said, her cock hardening. “I can smell her excitement.”

“Simulacrum are always excited,” the mage continued. “Males can produce copious amount of cum, and females prodigious amounts of pussy juices. That's all they are for. Master mages are awarded one. She has been serving him for decades, but he would never tell her anything. Or, worse, he might have commanded her to forget all his activities when he died.”

“That sounds horrible,” the acolyte gasped. She knelt down and hugged me. “You don't deserve that fate.”

“I do not understand what you mean,” I responded, an honest statement. What did she mean by deserve? I was a simulacrum. I served my master and deserved whatever he chose for me. That was my purpose.

“She is a simulacrum, Sophia,” the mage said, pulling Sophia from me. “Do not think of her as a person. She is merely a tool.”

“A tool that can talk.”

“There are birds that can talk,” the mage countered. “That doesn't make them intelligent or people. She merely parrots her instructions. She is not a person.”

The acolyte shook her head.

“So there is nothing we can get from her?” sighed the knight as she studied me.

“Simulacrum, what can you tell me of your previous master's plans?” the mage asked.

“I know nothing of his plans or intentions,” I replied. “I am sorry I could not be more helpful.”

“What do we do with her?” the elf asked. Her hand stroked my smooth head. “Has she been mistreated? She has no hair. Did her master shave her bald?”

“Simulacrum do not grow hair,” the mage dismissed. “It is simple. Simulacrum.”

“Yes, journeyman mage.”

“Do you see the highway.” The mage pointed to the road the group had been traveling on when my master attacked them.

“I do, journeyman mage.”

“You will head in this direction down the highway,” she pointed south, “until you reach the city of Esh-Esh. Present yourself to the Collegiate Tower and inform them that your master Fireeyes is dead and that you are ready to serve the Magery Council.”

“Yes, journeyman mage.” I stood up, my pussy clenching around the pair of amulets trapped in my depths. I ignored the discomfort. I turned and walked towards the road.

“You're just letting her go?” the knight demanded.

“We can get nothing from her,” the mage answered. “She is property of the Magery Council now that Fireeyes is dead. She will return herself.”

“Butwhat if someone attacks her,” the acolyte asked as I made my way down the slope.

“No Thosian would attack a simulacrum. Especially not this close to Esh-Esh. She will be fine.”

Their voices dwindled as I walked down the hill and into the wheat field. The fuzzy ends of the stalks tickled at my naked breasts as I marched through the fields. I passed the pile of corpses that had once been the crew of the Mermaid's Lover, a merchant ship. I had to climb over a fence to reach the highway.

Like an obedient simulacrum, I turned south and walked down the road. I did not look back. After two miles, I pulled the amulets out of my pussy. I draped them around my neck and kept walking. The knight and her party had not followed.

I began my search for my master's new vessel.


Journeyman Mage Faoril

I stared down at the corpse of Fireeyes. He was Thlinian, his reddish skin growing pale with death. The monstrous warlock that had killed seven journeymen and two master mages when they came to arrest him for his crimes had been killed by two arrows from an elf's bow.

“He was too fixated on the battle,” Xera said as she jerked her arrows from his corpse. She examined the tips and let out a disgusted sigh. “Hit the bone and broke the arrowhead.” She threw the broken arrow down and slipped the other back into her quiver.

“He was feared,” I told her. “A monster. They used to scare apprentices with stories of him. He doesn't seem so terrifying lying dead on the ground.” I bent down. He was not the first corpse I had seen. Cadavers, all of whom died of natural causes, were used to teach anatomy at the Collegiate Tower. His face was pale and his eyes no longer glowed red.

They were brown, the pupils wide.

“Why would he want to kill me?” Angela growled again. “It doesn't make any sense. I've never heard of this monster.”

“Search his belongings,” Xera said. “We might find answers.”

“II can't do this,” Sophia groaned, her face pale. “I'm just going to go sit over there.”

Angela put a comforting hand on the acolyte's shoulder. The pair were close. Sophia seemed very much taken with Angela, but the knight was more reserved. A smile crossed Sophia's lips at Angela's touch. Then Sophia walked away and sat down at the hill's edge, her back to the scene.

Xera ran her hands over Fireeyes's black robes. She pulled small artifacts out of her pocket: crystals, chalks, inks, and quills. There was nothing unusual about that. Angela opened up a pack, spilling out changes of clothing, trail rations, a journal, and a bowl.

I grabbed the journal, opening it up.

“I hope there's something useful in there,” Angela groaned. “Only other thing in here was this bowl.” She peered inside. “There are markings in the bowl.”

“It's a communication bowl,” I answered without looking up. “It probably is linked to his employer.”

“So we can use it to figure out who hired him.”

I took the bowl and stared down at the runes. “No. It is a simple device. It would only be capable of sending a limited message. Blood is the trigger. It would cause a reaction in the corresponding bowl.”

“My blood?” Angela asked.

“Most likely.”

Angela grimaced and threw it aside. “That's foul.”

“He was a foul man,” I said, staring at the journal. It was hundreds of pages, written in a tight, cramped handwriting detailing his research. I flipped to the back, hoping the newest entries would be more illuminating.

Experiment on the principals of domination and the binding of necrotic flesh. I grimaced as I read the passage. It detailed his plans to turn the crew of a river boat into his mind slaves while simultaneously preparing their corpses to be gathered into an automaton. His magic circles were drawn out ,and he had even selected which crew would be given which ones based on the qualities he identified with them.

“Anything useful?” Angela asked.

“Only if you wanted to make another monstrosity like the one we fought,” I answered. I flipped back a page. It detailed the vivisection of a pregnant woman and his experiments upon her fetus. The dates, weeks older than the corpse abomination. I worked back. “Nothing on who hired him or why he wanted to kill you. Only his foul experiments.”

“You should burn that book,” Sophia said.

I blinked. Destroy knowledge? “No. He is dead. He can't make use of it any longer, but there may be knowledge to glean from these pages.”

“From a man that created a corpse monster?” Angela demanded. “Pater's cock.”

I slipped the journal into my pocket. “Maybe good can be created from his evil.”

“But, people died from his research,” gasped Sophia.

“And there is no point letting their deaths be in vain,” I countered.

Sophia stood up and turned around, her eyes wide. “Butbut”

“I know,” I told her. “It is disgusting what he wrote.”

“Pater's cock,” Angela swore again. “So we have no idea if he even was hired? We have no clue why he tried to kill us? Me?”

“Life is always full of questions that cannot be answered,” Xera said. “What point is there dwelling on them?”

“What if we have other enemies to worry about?” Angela demanded. “It's bad enough I'm on this nearly impossible quest to slay the dragon Dominari, but now I have to add this on top of it?”

Sophia suddenly embraced Angela. “We're here for you. We'll find all the pieces of the High King's sword, reforge it, and support you. We killed Fireeyes. We will defeat any opponents we come across.”

“Sophia,” Angela whispered in shock. “I”

Sophia kissed Angela, her arms tight about the knight's neck. Angela had a growing smile on her lips and her blue eyes brimmed with tears. “Thank you. I can't believe I used to think you were a liability on this trip.”

“I was at the start,” Sophia nodded. She broke the embrace. “We should keep going. We have a long journey ahead.”

I looked to the north. We were heading into the barbaric lands of the orcs. The first piece of High King Peter's famed sword, forged by the God Krab himself, was at the ruins of Murathi at the tip of the Larg Peninsula. It would be dangerous to cross the tundra. Orcs did not like outsiders.

I took a deep breath. I would help Angela reforge the sword. I would cast one of the most complicated spells to fix it and regain my reputation after my failure taking the exam to be a master mage.

“Let's go,” I nodded. Then I groaned—I would have to ride that demonic horse again.



My cock swung between my thighs as I walked down the highway. Sophia, Angela, and Faoril rode their horses. Faoril still looked miserable on her second day riding a horse. It had taken an hour to round up the mounts after the fight. Horses, it turned out, did not like necromantic magic.

But now they were happy to be carrying their riders and walking down the road in their herd.

I didn't ride a horse. I could walk as fast. Humans were so slow.

My cock itched. It was my last day in heat. Tomorrow, my cock would be gone. The tip ached as we neared the village of Etian. The sun sank low. My cock wanted to fuck. She wanted to impregnate anyone she could.

Luckily, I was in human lands. I couldn't impregnate any duel-sexed race. Back home, the only pussy I could fuck was my wife's Atharilesia. I missed her. She was pregnant with our first child. I would miss our daughter's birth, but Atharilesia was right, the quest was more important.

The oracle had spoken.

My sister would take care of my wife, keep her company and support her during the birth. Sometimes I wondered if I would ever see my wife and our daughter again. This quest was proving far more dangerous than I had thought.

But the Lesbius Oracle gave a prophecy. I was needed to help Angela. I couldn't turn my back on the words of a prophecy, no matter how much my heart begged me to return to the forest. A few days travel to the west, and I would be home again.

“Oh, I am so glad we can stop for the night,” Faoril moaned as we entered the outskirts of the village. “Riding a horse is torture.”

“You'll learn to get used to it,” Sophia smiled.

“Just don't fall off your horse,” Angela laughed.

“That only happened once.” The acolyte put her hands on her hips as she glared at the knight. “And we were attacked by a dangerous monster. Purity was startled.” Sophia stroked the neck of her white mare.

“She's just bad at riding a horse,” Angela teased.

“Ooh, I'll get you for that.”

Angela grinned at her. “I'd like to see you try. I'll just pin you down and have my way with you if you try.”

“Promise?” gasped Sophia.

Ever since Sophia had been tied up by a dryad's tree, she had been into bondage. My dick throbbed harder, swelling up before me and bouncing with my steps. I glanced at Faoril as she shifted on her saddle, a grimace on her face.

I patted her thigh. “I'll massage you tonight.”

The mage's brown eyes flicked down at my hard cock thrusting before me. A smile crossed her lips. “A massage sounds wonderful.”

We stayed at the Farmer's Plow, the nicest inn in the entire village of Etian. It was built for the traveling merchants who streamed up and down the road between Allenoth and Esh-Esh. The innkeeper was honored to have Faoril stay at her inn.

“What a wonderful delight,” she gushed, the stout woman clapping her hands together. “I cannot believe my luck.”

Faoril nodded. “Thank you for your hospitality.”

“Oh, I am just honored that you would patronize my humble establishment.”

“We need a pair of rooms,” Angela said, “stable for our mounts, and dinner.”

“Yes, yes,” the innkeeper nodded. “A pair of my best rooms. So just have a seat in the common room, and we'll have your dinner out to you. I have a pig roasting on the spit all day. He will be marvelous.”

I grimaced. How could humans eat animal flesh?

“I would prefer a meal of raw vegetables,” I told the innkeeper.

“Oh, my, an elf,” she gasped, her eyes drinking in my pale, greenish skin. Her eyes widened when she saw my cock. “Holy Mother Slata, what a wonderful night. By all means, madam elf, I shall instruct the kitchen.”

Thosian women, I had discovered, told salacious tales about elven cocks. If I wasn't spending the evening with Faoril, I would have my choice of women. All the serving maids and several of the patrons all found excuses to drift past my table and catch a glimpse of my cock.

They all blushed and giggled. Humans went around clothed, and the sight of a naked body always caused a stir. Elves were far more practical. We went naked, wearing only jewelry and belts to carry pouches, tools, or weapons.

I missed the forest.

“That was delicious,” Faoril sighed, leaning back and licking her fingers clean of the juices from her pork roast.

Angela and Sophia nodded in agreement.

Faoril fixed me with a smile. “I'm ready for that massage.”

My cock throbbed beneath the table. I popped the last radish into my mouth, chewing on the hard root and savoring its spicy, bitter flavor. The humans cooked their vegetables until they were rubbery and soft.

“Let's,” I smiled. “When on the hunt, I would give my companions massages to relieve the strain in their muscles.”

“Sounds wonderful,” Faoril groaned as she stood up, her legs obviously sore beneath her red robes.

“Yes,” I nodded.

“So, what did you hunt?” Faoril asked. “You do not eat meat.”

“Monsters. They are attracted to the dark woods. When I met Angela, my hunt for a cockatrice had gone disastrously. The beast had gotten behind us. Luckily, Angela and Sophia arrived and assisted us.”

“And that's why you're accompanying them?”

We reached the inn's stairs. “Partly. But there's also the prophecy.”

Faoril nodded. “Yes, I am the grieving mage, apparently.” She closed her eyes and a wave of sadness washed over her. “That's apt.”

I put an arm around her shoulders. “Come on, my massage will make you feel so much better.”
We reached our room and slipped inside. It was warm and neat, the bed covered in clean, dark blankets, the pillows fluffed. There was no dust to be seen. A few of the inns we had stayed in had been just dreadful.

Faoril turned, her hands stroking down my stomach to grasp my hard cock. “Mmm, your cum was necessary. Without it, I couldn't have stopped that abomination.”

“I'm glad my cum could help,” I purred as she stroked my dick. Her other hand found my breast, giving it a squeeze. “But I'm supposed to be massaging you.”

Faoril grinned, her short hair framing her face made her seem so cute and innocent instead of the cold, rational mage. She had been so calm during the battle and afterward. But now her walls were dropping as her excitement grew. Her spicy excitement scented the air. My long, pointed ears twitched as I inhaled the delicious musk.

Human pussies had such earthy, delicious flavors. Not like the flowery perfume of an elf. Different, but still wonderful.

My hands undid the ties holding her red robe shut. It fell loose, exposing her round breasts and pink nipples. She shuddered as my hands caressed her mounds, my thumbs sliding across her hard nipples. She let out a shuddering moan of delight as I pushed her back to the bed.

“Are you ready?” I purred.

“Yes,” she gasped, carefully slipping off her robe and hanging it from the bed's corner post. The pockets were full of all manner of objects. “My poor legs are on fire.

I pushed her down on the bed and captured her lips in a kiss. Her tongue pressed against mine. My dick throbbed, but I held back. Anticipation was such a wonderful thing. The last few days, I had cum a lot with my cock. I didn't need to rush it.

I rolled Faoril onto her back. Her skin was pale, untouched by the sun. Her ass was bubbly. I caressed her cheek as I straddled her back. I rubbed my wet pussy up and down her supple skin as my hands slid down to rub at her butt-cheeks.

“Oh, yes,” she groaned as my finger worked into her sore muscles.

She was knotted up by stress and fatigue. My fingers worked, digging into her flesh. My pussy ached as I rubbed my hot flesh against her back. I spread her cheeks apart, catching glimpses of her puckered asshole. I leaned down, my green hair cascading down to her thighs as I dipped my face between her cheeks.

Still massaging, I let my tongue slid across her sour asshole.

“Xera,” gasped Faoril, “you naughty elf.”

I purred as I massaged her asscheeks and tongued her sphincter. I loved her sour flavor. My fingers dug into the meat of her ass, working out the kinks as I pressed my tongue against her asshole. Her tight hole parted for my tongue, and I wiggled inside, swirling around her bowels.

My dick was pinned between her back and my stomach. It throbbed and ached, leaking precum. My pussy clenched as my need built. But I was a hunter. I knew how to be patient and to wait. First, my prey had to be ready.

“Oh, yes, that is wonderful,” Faoril sighed.

I wormed my tongue deeper into her ass, savoring the hot velvet and sour flavor. My hands slid down from her asscheeks, rubbing at her upper thighs. My thumbs worked in circles, taking away all the strain of horseback.

Her hips shifted beneath me. Her spicy musk grew stronger as her arousal built. She moaned and cooed as my hands massaged her thighs, moving lower and lower while I continued to tongue and rim her sour asshole.

I loved it. My tongue swirled and dived into her bowels.

“Mmm, I can't believe how amazing this is. You're taking all the soreness away.”

“I have magic fingers,” I giggled.

“Oh, you do. You need to teach me this spell.”

I slid down her body, leaving her asshole behind so I could reach her calves. My nipples and breasts pressed against her ass as I worked my fingers into her calves. Her toes curled. I bent her knees one by one, bringing her feet into reach.

Faoril giggled as I stroked the soles of her feet, then I sucked her toes into my lips one by one. She shuddered beneath me, her hips undulating. Like elves, human toes were very sensitive. I swirled my tongue around each of them, savoring the salty flavor of her skin.

“You are making me so wet,” Faoril groaned. “Damn, just fuck me. I need it.”

“Patience,” I purred between sucks on her dainty toes. “I'm not finished with you yet.”

Her asscheeks clenched beneath my breasts. “You are driving me wild.”

“That's the point.”

“Saucy elf.”

I smiled and slid off of her. “Roll over. Time for your front.”

Faoril's face was flushed. Her nipples hard. Her hands stroked her belly as her thighs squeezed together, trying to relieve the hot ache in her clit. I knew that feeling well, though my clit was a thick cock thrusting before me, she needed the same relief.

I settled between her legs this time. I stroked up her shins to her knees, letting my fingers stroke around the patella before I moved higher. I caressed her thighs. She shuddered and squeezed her eyes shut at my soft touch.

Then I dug my fingers into her thighs.

“Slata's cunt,” she cursed, her back arching. “That is amazing.”

I pushed her thighs father apart. Her pussy was covered by tightly curled, brown hair, trimmed short and matted with her excitement. Her pussy lips spread open, revealing her wet, pink depths. Her sheath clenched as I worked my hands up her thighs, my fingers and thumbs massaging into her muscles.

Faoril licked her lips as I neared her pussy. I worked through her inner thigh, dissipating the knots and soreness. Her hips shifted and her pussy kept clenching and relaxing. Her body tensed as I grew nearer, her breath ragged.

“Touch me,” she groaned. “Massage my pussy.”

I smiled at her. My fingers caressed across her pussy lips, just brushing her petals and nudging her clit. Her hips bucked on the bed. She let out a frustrated moan as I worked down her left thigh, moving farther and farther away from her pussy.

“No! Massage my cunt! I need it!”

I winked at her. “Pussy massages come last. I'll start with massaging your outer folds, working out all the stress, then I'll move deeper.”

“Please, my legs are fine.”

I smiled at her torment. It was so delicious. “I don't think so. You are still so tense. Relax.”

“It's hard. I'm so horny.”

I leaned down and kissed at her inner thigh, licking up some of her spicy juices that had dripped down. My fingers worked the last knot from her muscles as my lips kissed higher and higher to her thighs, her spicy musk growing stronger.

Her curly pubic hairs caressed my lips. Faoril let out a relieved sigh as I nuzzled into her hairs, kissing around her vulva. Her thighs bent and spasmed while her fingers pulled at her hard nipples. She bit her lip and let out a moan.

“Just eat me! Slata's cunt, I need it so badly!”

It was time to put her out of her misery.

I licked my tongue up her slit. It was a slow, languorous motion. I dragged my tongue up from the base of her pussy all the way to her hard clit peaking out of its hood. Her body spasmed as my tongue swept around the nub.

“Yes,” she hissed in relief. “Oh, you are such a wonderful tease, Xera.”

I winked at her as I dipped in for my second lick, savoring her silky folds and spicy juices. My ears twitched and my cock ached beneath me. My hips humped, rubbing the tip against the blankets and shooting delight to my hot pussy.

My tongue circled and nibbled about her folds. I reached her clit again, massaging the sensitive nub before I moved back down to her folds. My lips and tongue tasted her everywhere, massaging the stress from her pussy.

“So good! Oh, yes! Thank you, Xera! Oh, you are such an amazing elf!”

Faoril's moans were so sweet to my ears.

I dug my tongue in deeper. My fingers stroked her thighs, pushing her legs even farther apart. Her pussy gaped open, exposing all her pink nooks and crannies for me to enjoy. I pressed my lips in deep, my nose full of her spicy bouquet.

Her hands seized my green hair and her fingers brushed my sensitive ears. I groaned into her pussy as she pulled me in tight. Her hips humped and her breasts juggled. The mage's face twisted as the passion filled her.

“Slata's cunt, yes,” she gasped. “Gods, yes. Xera, you wonderful elf. Oh, yes.”

Spicy juices flooded my mouth. Faoril moaned loudly as her orgasm crashed through her body. Her fingers twisted in my hair as she heaved and gasped. I kept licking her, prolonging her pleasure and sending her gasping and heaving.

Her thighs tightened on my face and brushed my ears. Pleasure shot down to my pussy and cock. I groaned into her pussy, fighting off the urge to spill my cum. Her hips bucked one last time, and then she collapsed onto the bed, sucking in deep breaths.

“What a massage,” she groaned. “Pater's thick cock, that was nice.”

“It's not over,” I purred as I crawled up her body. “I still need to massage deep into your pussy.”

Her brown eyes widened. “With your cock?”

My smile grew. I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Her tongue was greedy, caressing my lips as she savored her spicy flavor. My hands reached down and guided my cock to the wet folds of her pussy. The tip slipped through her silky folds to her entrance.

I groaned into the kiss as I buried into her tight depths. The mage shuddered and her pussy clamped down on my cock. It was so wonderful to be in a woman's pussy. Back home, it would be adultery to fuck another elf's pussy, but I couldn't get Faoril pregnant. Angela always laughed at our marriage practices. But humans often had no idea who the fathers of their children were.

It was better our way.

“You are so tight,” I gasped as the pleasure rippled through me. I drew back and slammed in, her flesh gripping my cock and shooting bliss down to my pussy.

“Massage my cunt,” Faoril moaned, her hips bucking up into my thrusts. “Oh, yes. I love it. My pussy needs it.”

Her thighs locked around my waist, pulling me in tight. Our breasts pressed together as I fucked her hard, our nipples rubbing together. Her hands caressed my back and down to my ass as I slammed into her. Faoril's fingers slipped between my butt-cheeks.

“You naughty slut,” I gasped as her finger pushed into my asshole, shooting burning pleasure to the tip of my cock. “Matar's dick.”

“Let me massage your ass,” Faoril grinned as she worked her finger faster and faster.

My asshole clung to her finger. It spurred me to fuck her faster and faster. My dick slammed into her hot depths. She gasped and moaned beneath me. Her head tossed and pleasure rippled across her face as I fucked her hard.

My pussy throbbed with pleasure. It swelled and churned inside my depths, begging to explode out of my cock and into her sweet pussy. My asshole clenched on her thrusting finger every time I buried my dick into her hot depths.

“Cum in me,” gasped Faoril. “Give me more of your delicious cum.”

“Yes,” I gasped. “You're just a slut for my cum.”

“I am. Such a cum slut. I love it. I could bathe in it.” Her pussy contracted on my cock. Her body writhed beneath me. “Pater's cock, yes! Fuck me while I cum! I love it!”

My dick throbbed in the depths of her writhing pussy. She massaged my shaft, shooting pleasure to my pussy. My body tensed. My back arched and I drove my dick deep into her pussy. I groaned through grit teeth as my cum exploded into her body.

The pleasure consumed my mind. I loved cumming with a cock. It would be another moon's turning before I would have this wonderful appendage to fuck women with. I collapsed on the mage, sucking in a deep breath.

Where would we be when I went in heat next?


Acolyte Sophia

Angela was growing even better at tying knots. My pussy dripped down my thighs as I was forced to kneel on our bed in the inn. My wrists were tied before me, the end of the rope wrapped around the headboard. More rope kept my legs bent, my calves pressed against the back of my thighs. My legs were kept far apart, ropes around my ankles connected to the bed's other posts.

My pussy was spread open. Angela stood behind me, slipping my magical dildo into a harness so she could fuck me with it. She was naked, her large breasts heaving as she strapped-on the dildo. She adjusted it, making sure the base pressed on her clit.

“Now, slave, activate it,” she commanded, smacking my ass.

The pain burned to my pussy. “Yes, mistress.” I took a deep breath and spoke the words, “Holy Saphique, give life to my toy so I may give pleasure to all who love you.”

The dildo hummed to life. Angela shuddered, her breasts jiggling as the base of the dildo vibrated against her clit. She stroked the humming shaft made of black marble swirled with white streaks and polished smooth.

“I love your toy, slave.”

“I'm glad it could bring you pleasure,” I moaned, my hips undulating, fighting against the ropes. I loved feeling so helpless. It was so intimate. I trusted Angela to tie me up and not to hurt me. She could spank me, and the ropes burned at my wrists, but she would never cause me more pain than I could handle.

I loved her so much.

“It's your naughty cunt that is going to bring me pleasure,” Angela purred as she crawled onto the bed. “What a pity, you'll enjoy it, too.”

“Sorry, Mistress,” I groaned. “My body is so slutty. I can't control how wonderful it feels when you fuck me with the dildo.”

Her hand stroked my ass and down to my wet pussy. I groaned as she stroked the lips of my cunt. Her finger pressed into my depths. I shuddered and arched back into her finger. She pulled it out and brought it to her lips.

“Delicious,” she purred.

“I'm glad my slutty juices please you, Mistress,” I moaned.

Angela brought her finger back to my pussy. She stroked me again and caressed my clit. My body trembled and I let out a moan. The ropes creaked as they kept my body restrained. Her finger stroked back up to my entrance and shoved deep into my pussy.

“You are so wet, I bet I can lube your asshole with your juices.”

My eyes widened. “If that would make you happy,” I gasped, trying to hide my excitement. “Please, use my asshole for your pleasure, Mistress.”

“Such an obedient slut,” she purred as she drew her finger up to my asshole and shoved it into my depths.

I gasped and clenched down on her intruding finger. Burning delight raced down to my pussy as she pumped it in and out of my asshole. I squirmed on the bed, the ropes groaning louder and biting into my flesh as she fingered my asshole.

“Such a loose ass,” Angela purred. “You're no stranger to anal sex.”

“I love it,” I gasped.

“You love everything I do to you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I moaned as Angela ripped her fingers from my asshole.

The bed creaked as she shifted. The buzzing dildo caressed the cheeks of my ass as she moved it between them. She pressed the end on my asshole. I groaned as the buzzing delight shot through my body as the humming dildo entered my asshole.

My pussy clenched as the pleasure churned through me. I moaned, tossing my head as Angela worked more and more of her dildo into my depths. She drew back the vibrating delight and slammed it into me again.

“Oh, that is wonderful, Mistress,” I moaned as she slammed deep into me, her groin smacking into my ass. “Thank you for this gift, Mistress.”

“You're welcome, slave,” Angela gasped as she drew back and slammed in again and again.

I looked over my shoulder. Angela's large breasts bounced every time she buried into my ass. Her face was twisted in pleasure as the humming end of the dildo pressed on her clit. She drew back and drove the toy even harder into me. Her hips pumped away.

“Cum, Mistress,” I moaned. Her clit couldn't handle the merciless teasing of the dildo. “Don't fight your pleasure.”

“No,” she groaned, tossing back her head. Her flaming hair fell about her shoulders. She was so beautiful. My asshole clenched down on the toy as she again buried it into my ass. “Oh, yes. Slata's cunt, that is wonderful, Mistress. Please, fuck me harder. Ram the dildo into my slutty ass.”

Her hands tightened on my hips. Her breasts bounced harder as she sped up her rhythm. Her body trembled and she let out a low moan. A tremble ran through her body. I knew all the signs. I was trained to pleasure women.

She was about to cum.

I pushed my ass back, pressing the dildo even harder against her clit. Angela bucked, slamming the dildo deep into my bowels as her orgasm crashed through her body. She quaked and moaned, her breasts bouncing.

I smiled and savored the humming shaft buried into my ass as I watched my lover fill with bliss. Her face twisted and her mouth opened wide to scream out her pleasure. I shuddered, the humming pumping my core full of bliss.

“You slut!” Angela hissed. “Slata's cunt, but you know how to make me cum.”

She drew back and slammed the dildo deep into my ass.

“Now it's your turn, whore,” she gasped. “I want to hear you cum on my dildo. I want you to scream your pleasure. Let everyone in the inn know how hard your Mistress made you cum.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I loudly moan as her thrusts slammed the dildo deep into me. My asshole clung to the vibrating shaft, the pleasure radiating out through my body. “Just keep fucking me. Pound my ass! I'm so close to cumming! Please, give it to me, Mistress.”

“You're just a slut,” Angela hissed. “A little slut that lets me tie her up and fuck her ass.”

“I am,” I shuddered, the filthy words shooting straight to my burning pussy. I clenched down on her shaft as the pleasure built inside me. “I'm your lesbian whore.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Angela groaned, another orgasm building inside of her.

I arched my back and moaned as waves of bliss shot through me. I was so close to my orgasm. I bucked back into her thrusts, savoring every wonderful heartbeat of the dildo vibrating in the depths of my asshole.

“I'm gonna cum!” I gasped. “Oh, yes! My mistress fucks my ass so hard! I love it! No one makes me cum harder!”

“Scream it!” Angela gasped as she hammered my asshole.

“I am Mistress's slut!” I screamed out. “She fucks me so hard! I'm cumming on her dildo! Yes!”

My throat hurt as my pleasure exploded through my body. I shouted as loudly as I could, letting everyone know just how wonderful Angela was. She slammed the dildo deep into my ass, moaning with me as a second orgasm flooded her body.

I quavered, fighting against the ropes as my body burned in delight. Her body draped over me, her breasts rubbing in my back. She panted in my ear, nuzzling and licking while the vibrating dildo hummed inside me.

“You're so wonderful, Sophia,” she whispered.

I beamed. “I love you, Angela.”

“You are the best.” She pulled the dildo out of my ass. “Let's untie you and get to sleep.”
I nodded my head. Tomorrow would bring new problems. Who would try to kill us next? Monsters? Our hidden enemies?

It wouldn't matter. We were stronger together. Angela, Xera, Faoril, and I would prevail. We would find more allies, hopefully all female, and reforge the High King's sword. The dragon Dominari would fall before us.

I snuggled up to Angela and fell asleep.


Knight-Errant Angela

I held Sophia as she drifted off to sleep.

Who would want to kill me? What enemies had I made? I touched the amulet dangling between my breasts that Lady Delilah gave me the morning I left on the quest. I clutched it, and remembered her red hair and beauty.

She believed in me just like Sophia did. It didn't matter who my enemy was. I would overcome it with the help of my friends. I kissed Sophia's forehead and stared into her sleeping face as the day’s weariness pulled me down into slumber.


The Simulacrum

“Your master needs me to have sex with you?” the robust farmer asked.

“Yes,” I answered as his eyes stared at my body with lust. I was well-formed, with round breasts and shapely hips. I touched the diamond phylactery dangling between my tits.

The man was tall and muscular. He had a handsome face and a strong chin. His dark-brown hair was short and his face tanned from the sun. He was just the sort of vessel my master commanded me to find.

“Right here?” he asked, glancing around at the dark field. He had been returning from town when I found him.

“Yes,” I purred, my pussy dripping down my thighs. I was always wet.

“Pater's cock,” he grinned and slipped off his suspenders. His woolen trousers slipped down, exposing a hard, thick dick.

My pussy clenched as his strong arms seized my naked body and pulled me to him. His hands kneaded my ass. His fingers squeezed as he pulled me against his hard cock. I put my arms around his neck and made the appropriate, sighing sounds.

“Slata's cunt, you're wet,” he groaned.

“You are so handsome,” I said, making my voice breathy, like the whores master sometimes would buy and enjoy before performing his experiments on them.

We sank down into the earth and then he was in me. He wasted no time burying his thick cock into my pussy. I shuddered as pleasure rushed through me. I was designed to be easily stimulated and to squirt every time I came.

I locked my thighs about his waist as his powerful body drove his cock deep into my depths. I groaned and shuddered in delight, savoring every moment of his hard thrusts. I forced out more moans, acting like the whore.

“Fuck me,” I moaned in his ear. “Flood your cum into me.”

The phylactery was trapped between us, pressed against his chest. I wrapped my arms around his body, holding him tight to me as his balls slapped into my pussy. I bucked my hips up into him and squeezed my cunt on his shaft.

“I need your cum,” I gasped. “Pump it into me.”

“You are so hot,” he growled. “I cannot believe this is happening. What a tight, wet cunt.”

“Yes,” I moaned. “Spill your seed in it.”

His pubic bone smashed against my clit every time he buried into me. My thighs tightened as the pleasure suddenly exploded through my body. My pussy convulsed about his dick, and my juices squirted out, flooding around his cock.

“Pater's cock,” he growled. “So fucking wet. I never new mage's toys were so tight. No wonder they invented you.”

“Yes! Cum in me!”

The farmer's hips thrust into me. His back arched. His cum flooded me.

His soul was at its most open as his orgasm seized his mind. The diamond flared between us. Bright light lit the field around us as my master's soul rushed out into the man. The fabric of reality rippled. A haunting scream echoed through the night. The farmer yelled in fright atop me, spasming as he fought against my master's soul.

“No,” the man gibbered. “Pater save me! Defend your child from this evil. Please”

His words trailed off as his body went into convulsions. I heaved him off of me. Spittle foamed at his lips. His eyes rolled back into his head. The muscles in his body all contracted and relax as the man warred for possession of his body.

I sat up and let his cum leak out of me as I waited for my master to win control of the farmer's body.

To be continued

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