Katnis&Glimmer-Day 2

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Glimmer and Katniss Day 2
- Arena

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss
Leven Rambin as Glimmer

The boom of a cannon woke me from a deep sleep which I didn't think I would get in the arena. It even took me a minute to register that I was even still in the arena after I opened my eyes and looked around the cave. As I did so, images of what happened the night before with Glimmer crept into my thoughts and I instantly smiled at the amazing pleasure I got from this girl. I looked down at the blonde still snuggled up to me with my jacket around her. I smiled even more as my heart fluttered. I didn't know what this feeling was but I liked it.

I happily watched her sleep, loving the warmth that she was giving me since the flames of the fire had died out and it got chilly at night. As I sat there, my arms wrapped around Glimmer and holding her tight, I thought back a few minutes to the cannon that woke me up and wondered who it was for. What if it was for the boy from my district, Peeta? I felt a bad feeling in my stomach. The fact that I chose allies with a different district instead of my own in these unforgivable games made me feel like crap. I now wondered what the rest of District 12 was thinking about me.

My thoughts were interrupted when Glimmer began rousing out of her sleep. I looked down at her and smiled when she looked up at me and our eyes met.

"Hi." She said sleepily, a warm smile on her face as she snuggled even more up to me.

"Hey." I said back, pushing a piece of her blonde hair out of her face. After I said this, Glimmer's hand came up and rested on my cheek. I continued to smile as I gently pushed my cheek more into her hand.

"Beautiful girl." She whispered softly with her eyes still locked with mine as her hand began to slide down from my face to my neck then to my upper chest. When it ran over my left breast, I let out a soft sigh of pleasure. Normally I would not be very happy if someone touched me there but since it was Glimmer, I knew it would only bring pleasure and happiness. I was comfortable around her.

"My leg feels better." Glimmer said as she sat up off me and showed me the hole in her pants. The swelling had gone down and looked better all ready.

"Thats good. You'll live." I say before I even realize what I had said. I instantly frowned. Only one of us will make it out. I looked down before I could see Glimmer's reaction.

But what I got was her standing up and walking around to test out her leg. I watched her. She still had a limp but not as noticeable.

"You know you saved my life, Katniss." She said softly when she stopped in front of me, just standing there. I looked up at her and was silent. "If you left me then I wouldn't have treated my leg and would have either died of starvation or another tribute would have found me." Glimmer explained.

It was true. But not in a whole. I saved her life, from dying right there. She was still on the edge of death. Everyone in the arena was.

"Come here." She held out her hands down to me and I took them before I stood up. I was a couple inches taller than she was so I had to look down at her slightly. After I stood up, Glimmer wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me deeply. With a smile tugging at my lips, I closed my eyes and kissed her back before I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close.

Never did I dream of kissing another girl even though I fancied them more than guys. I just never thought a girl would like me this way and I didn't want to get to close seeing as they could be called at the Reaping and be taken away from me. And it wasn't much different than right here, right now. Even though we are both already in the arena, only one will make it out.

As the kiss carried on, our lips moving slowly in sync with each other's, I ran my hands down Glimmer's back and placed both my hands on her ass, gripping each cheek in each hand which caused Glimmer to let out a delighted giggle.

"Mmm that's all yours." She said in a seductive tone with her lips only inches from mine while her fingers gently stroked across the back of my braid.

Hearing that her wonderful ass was mine, I gave her a smirk before I pressed my lips to her jawline and began to kiss along it until I came to her ear which I gave a gentle kiss and moved on down to her neck where I kissed and gently sucked the soft skin, hoping I was giving her the tingly feeling that I got whenever she kissed or touched me.

Glimmer let out a soft moan right next to my ear which caused a soft shiver to run down my spine as I got more aroused by this girl.

"I think I love you, Katniss" Glimmer said softly as I felt her arms tighten around my neck. I stopped my kisses and pulled back to look down into her eyes, my expression showing a mixture of shock, confusion, and sadness.

"Glimmer, I-" I stopped and looked away. I could still see her in the corner of my eye still looking at me. I moved my hands up off her ass and placed them on her back. She can't love me. And I can't love her. Only one would make it out and it's not a good thing to get attatched to someone that you know you are going to lose. The first girl to tell me she loved me and I wouldn't be able to experience it after these stupid games. Either I died, she died, or both of us.

I didn't know what to say so it was silence for about 30 seconds before I heard Glimmer sniff softly and I turned my head to look at her. Tears were slowly making their way down her face. I never thought I would be so heartbroken to see her crying like that. Someone so beautiful and sweet shouldn't be crying.

I truly didn't know what to say. I was fighting against what my heart wanted, I didn't want to get so attached because it would make it that much harder if one of us dies.

I went to open my mouth and tell her what I was feeling but before I could, Glimmer pushed me away roughly which caused me to lose my arms grip around her waist and to stumble back a few steps.

“You know what, I don’t care. You obviously don’t feel the same way about me so Im just going to leave.” Glimmer snapped out of anger for my hesitation. I frowned and watched as Glimmer bent down and snatched my jacket off the ground. She already had her own jacket which was basically identical to mine.

“Umm that’s mine.” I said softly but Glimmer just slung it around her shoulders and held it to her before she headed towards the mouth of the cave.

“See it as a trade for the bow and arrows.” She said before she disappeared into the sunlight. After she was gone, I felt empty and I wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t like I loved her back, did I? I couldn’t. Sitting down on the floor of the cave, I sighed and stared at the pile of ashes from the fire. Why did she have to take my jacket? How was I supposed to survive the night? I sat there and wondered where Glimmer was heading and if she was now considered the enemy. It didn’t seem like she was an ally anymore.

About a half an hour of sitting there and thinking to myself, I stood up and slung the quiver of bows over my shoulder and took the silver bow in my hand before I headed out the cave. When I stepped out into the sunlight, I glanced left and right. I had no idea which way Glimmer had gone but I had to find her before someone else did. I decided to go to the left and head into the thicker part of the forest. She couldn’t have gotten that far with that limp. I wondered into the woods looking for any sign of Glimmer but I couldn’t find one thing that would make me believe that she went this way.

I sighed in frustration and turned around to start heading back the way I came. Maybe she decided to go to the right which led back to the hill where she had fallen and to the Cornucopia. God, I hoped she didn’t go to the Cornucopia. That’s where the supplies such as weapons and medicine were and no doubt other tributes would be hanging around. Glimmer would be the perfect target. I picked up my pace to a silent jog when I came to the cave, wanting to get to Glimmer before anyone else did. When I got to the hill and found roughly where Glimmer had fallen, I looked down at the dirt for tracks. And low-and-behold, a boot print, fresh, and about the same size as mine was visible in the dirt.

I hung the bow on my shoulder before I headed up the hill. It was fairly steep so I had to grab onto bushes and tree branches to help me from falling backwards. It took me about 5 minutes to reach the top of the hill. I looked around for any other sign for Glimmer but nothing presented itself. I started in the direction of the Cornucopia, guessing that since she was on her own that she would have to get a weapon or supplies. I walked 15 yards before I stopped in my tracks, my eyes locked on my jacket laying on the ground. I slowly approached it, looking around before I picked it up. Why would Glimmer drop this? I looked to the ground for footprints to give me some sort of hint of which direction she went when the earsplitting scream rang out and I bolted for the Cornucopia. It didn’t quite sound like Glimmer but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be her.

When I came to the edge of the forest where it thinned out into a clear field, I stopped running and knelt behind a bush. Just as I did, a cannon boom sounded as I watched the small body of District 11’s girl sliding off the blade of Cato’s sword. Rue I think her name was. Cato was the boy from District 2 and was in the group of careers. He was certainly one of the people that I knew would probably be responsible for my death.

I heard him laugh out at the dead girl on the ground before he turned to the boy behind him that I hadn’t noticed until Cato moved. Peeta? I was sure that was him but my heart stopped when I saw the struggling Glimmer in his arms, his hand over her mouth. What the fuck?

“I hate people who think they can save the dead.” Cato growled as Peeta nodded in agreement. Cato looked towards Glimmer and smirked. “Call your bitch, the more the merrier.” He mocked before he chuckled, Peeta laughing along as he let his hand off her mouth.

“Fuck you!” Glimmer snapped at him as she continued to struggle against Peeta’s hold. Cato responded with a hard back hand across her face causing her to yelp out in pain.

“If you aren’t going to help, I have no use for you.” He said before he raised his sword. “I’ll give you one more chance. If she hears you, she’ll come running for you.” He raised his eyebrows slightly and waited for her to response.

By then I had had enough of this crap so I took hold of the bow and loaded an arrow. I pulled back the string back and aimed for Cato’s head. He was in a difficult position to land a perfect shot in his eye. When Cato raised his sword after a minute of Glimmer not answering, I began to withdraw my hand from the string but as I let it go, I was trackled hard to the ground, causing the arrow to fly off it’s intended target. Whoever I hit made the cannon boom sound. I struggled under the weight ontop of me for a moment until I could turn myself over. I looked up to see that it was the boy from District 1, Glimmer’s district. Marvel his name was.

“Lookie what we got here.” He said before stood up and took hold of my braid, yanking me to my feet as I cry out in pain. “Nice to see you again, Girl on Fire.” He mocked before he pulled me out of the brush and into the field towards Cato, bow clutched hard in my hand.

“Stop squirming, you little bitch!” He snapped as he now was holding Glimmer in his arms who struggled hard against his grip. I kept my pace with Marvel as he still had hold of my hair, my eyes looking from Cato to Peeta who was laying dead on the ground, my silver arrow sticking out of his cheek from where it entered through his eye. Now I was going to be definitely hated if I went home that I killed the Baker’s son. Then they looked at Rue, the girl from District 11 who was around Prim’s age. If I only came minutes earlier, I could have saved her.

“Katniss!” She shouted out when she saw me. I wanted so bad to run to her and keep her safe. Cato looked up from Glimmer to me and smirked.

“Oh looks like we found the bitch after all.” He said as Marvel nodded and we finally came to a stop. “Look what you did, you little cunt. You killed your Lover Boy.” Cato mocked. “Stupid bitch.” He snapped. Seconds after he spoke, a cannon sounded then about a minute after, another one sounded which caused Cato to chuckle and look around. “Clove is doing a good job.”

I looked from Cato to the girl in his arms who had stopped struggling and was watching me. I wanted to help her so bad but Marvel had a vice grip on my braid. It hurt so bad that I could barely do anything.

What Cato starting doing next made my skin crawl. He began to run his hands up and down Glimmer’s body, feeling her all over and when he got to her breasts, he squeezed them, causing Glimmer to let out a gasp.

“You like that, don’t you?” He hissed in her ear while Marvel laughed softly.

As I watched, anger flooded through me. For once I wanted to cause harm to someone. Glimmer was mine, not his. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to imagine I was back in the woods in District 12. But seconds later the sound of something being hit made my eyes fly open and I saw Glimmer on her knees on the ground and Cato was holding his nose.

“Cato!” Marvel shouted and took a step to help him but he held up a hand before he dove for Glimmer.

“Come her, you little bitch!” He growled, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her back down on her knees before he forced her onto her stomach. “Im going to fuck the shit out of you, it’d be nice to get some before I kill you.” He roared as he undid her pants and pulled them down, all while Glimmer was screaming to get away but with all of Cato’s body weight on her, that was basically impossible.

“Katniss!” She called to me and knowing that I couldn’t help broke my heart.

“Glimmer…” I reached my hand out for hers, she was only feet from my boots, and she reached back but with Marvel not giving me much room to move and Cato’s heavy body on her, our hands teased each other by being only inches apart.

“Aww, so close.” Marvel mocked before pulling me back and pulling my hand further from Glimmer’s which caused him to laugh. Just then, Cato unzipped his pants after he pulled Glimmer’s pants down to her knees and let his hard cock flop out before he shoved it hard into the girl’s pussy, causing her to cry out and struggle more.

“Stop! No!” She screamed as tears trailed down her face. Seeing her like this made tears start to pool in my eyes and roll down my cheeks.

Only seconds of being forced to watch the person I cared about being raped, I had had enough and began to fight against Marvel’s grip.

“She’s from your god damn district!” I screamed at the man holding my hair, ignoring the pain that the struggling brought. I brought my free hand up to try to get a good punch but it was an awkward angle and he caught my arm before I could actually hit him.

“Bitch, stop!” He shouted in my ear as he pinned my arm behind my back hard which caused me to gasp in pain. “Just shut up and watch how a bitch should be fucked.”

I looked at the other two. By now, Glimmer had stopped screaming and was only crying as she gripped onto the grass. Every time Cato thrusted his hips into her, Glimmer’s ass smacked against his hips which made a continues slamming sound. As Cato raped the poor girl, he did it with a smirk as blood was streaming from his nose where Glimmer must have hit him.

“Oh fuck yeah, you like that baby?” Cato breathed before he chuckled softly and shaking his head as he kept his hips pace hard and fast. “God, im going to cum!” He announced and even had picked up the pace slightly faster.

After Cato spoke, I felt Marvel move behind me and press his bulge against my ass which made me grit my teeth. “This is getting so hot.” He whispered in my ear as he began to kiss my neck. I thought for a moment before I gave a smirk and began to rub my ass against his hard cock which caused him to moan softly in my ear. “Oh Katniss..” He said. And that’s when I felt the grip on my braid start to loosen and when I swung my leg back so the heel of my boot hit Marvel hard in the shin. “Fuck!” He yelled out in pain and let go of my braid and arm from pain and reaction to tend to his wound.

“What the fuck?” Cato said, stopping his thrusts to watch me and Marvel. “Marvel, get her!” He shouted.

When I was released from Marvel’s grip, the first thing I did was turn around to see Marvel hunched over in pain, holding his shin, before I swung my leg again and kicked him in his hard cock causing him to drop to the ground as he withered in pain.

“Oh fuck!” Cato shouted as he tried to pull himself out of Glimmer fast enough so he could get me but it was just as he was just pulling out that I kicked him in the face hard enough to make him fly backwards and land on his back. “Oh my god…” He said as he held his nose. If it wasn’t broken when Glimmer hit him, it was now.

“Glimmer!” I knelt at her side as she began to get up. I help her with her pants before I heard movement behind me and turned to see the girl from Cato’s district walking out from the edge of the forest. I watched as she looked at the boys on the ground then at me.

“Girl on Fire…I’m going to like killing you.” Clove grinned before she took a knife from her belt and lobbed it at me. I leaned back to have the knife wiz by my face. “Cato, Marvel, get the fuck up!” She screamed as she walked towards us.

“Come on, we need to go.” I whispered to Glimmer as I held her up. Once we were on our feet, I felt something tear my sleeve and when I looked at it, blood was pouring from a gash in my right arm. We weren’t going to make it with Clove throwing those stupid knives so I drew and arrow and loaded it onto the bow before I spun around and let it fly simultaneously as Clove let go of the knife. My arrow one in killing but her knife hit its target too. The cannon sounded and Clove fell to the ground with an arrow lodged in her neck. Her knife was lodged in my right shoulder.

“Katniss!” Glimmer had screamed when I was hit but I didn’t notice until I looked at it and that’s when it started to hurt. But I just shook my head and took hold of Glimmer’s hand again.

“We have to keep going, I’ll be fine. Let’s just go.” I said before I pulled her with me and we ran for the woods. Even though we were in the woods now, we kept running further and further as blood pumped from my arm wound and my shoulder wound, though the shoulder wound wasn’t as bad since the knife was still in and was holding in most of the blood. We ran until I started to feel light headed and had to stop. “I can’t run anymore.” I said after we stopped and leant against a tree.

“Katniss, we gotta take the knife out.” Glimmer said as she reached for it but I took hold of her wrist and shook my head.

“No, it’ll cause more bleeding.” I said breathlessly from running. I looked around quickly before I stood up straight and looked at the other girl. “Are you okay?” I asked, looking her over to make sure no other cuts or gashes were made by that asshole Cato.

Glimmer nodded and looked down at herself. “Yeah.” She said before her eyes came up and met with mine. I missed looking into those eyes, they made my heart flutter and a small smile to appear on my face. “You saved my life again.” She said as she gave me a gentle smile.

I laughed softly and shook my head as I looked to the side for a moment. After a moment, I looked at her with my expression serious. “I love you.” I said softly and when she raised her eyebrows slightly, I smiled and nodded slowly. “Yes, I love you. I care a lot about you and I realized that when we were back there.” Before Glimmer had time to answer, I heard rustling behind me and without thinking, I pulled an arrow from the quiver, loaded it on the bow before I turned around and let it fly, hitting Marvel in the heart and killing him minutes after he fell to the ground. The cannon boom confirmed this.

But I wasn’t ready to shoot for when Cato came charging from the other direction at me but I pushed Glimmer away and stepped back so Cato when flying right between us. I was so pissed that they followed that I ripped the knife from my shoulder and threw it at him. I tried my hand once at throwing knives back at the training center but I could never hit the target. It wasn’t the case this time. Cato was so close that the knife flew and stabbed right into his back. He yelled out in pain and fell to the ground.

Before he could get up, I stepped on the knife and used my boot to push him back down and push the knife in further. He gasped for air when I drew an arrow from my quiver and loaded it on my bow.

“Sweet dreams, asshole.” I let the arrow fly and with a nice thunk it lodged into his skull where it would stay as the cannon sounded a second later.

I took my boot off the knife as I felt the blood from my knife wound starting to pour out as I thought it would. As I looked down at the boy, I heard another cannon boom and narrowed my eyebrows slightly. What the? I quickly turned around to find Glimmer. When I saw her, tears instantly started to roll down my cheeks.

“No, no, no..” I pleaded as I ran over to Glimmer who had been stabbed by a broken end of a log that had a sharp tip. Blooding was pouring from her chest and she didn’t make a move. She must have fell backwards when I pushed her. I kill her. I killed the girl I had fallen in love with. “Glimmer…” I said through tears, sobbing quietly as I ran my hand down her cold cheek. I hate these fucking games.

“Congratulations, you are the 74th Hunger Games champion, Katniss Everdeen!” Claudius Templesmith’s voice boomed throughout the arena. I shook my head as I heard the hovercraft over my head.

“No, I don’t want to win these fucking games.” I said softly to Glimmer’s lifeless body before I turned to see the ladder from the hovercraft extend down to pluck me from the arena but I stood up and clutched my bow, stepping away from it. “NO!” I screamed as peacekeepers came down to take me away. When the first one stepped towards me, I quickly loaded the bow and shot him in the eye. But I wasn’t able to load the bow in time for another shot when the neck peacekeeper grabbed me. I struggled hard against his grip as another came to help but before he could put his hands on me, I kicked him back and twisted out of the grip of the other one. I fell to the ground and quickly grabbed the gun from the peacekeeper’s holster. I took one more glance at Glimmer as I cocked it. “I love you, Glimmer.” I said and before the peacekeeper could grab me again, I closed my eyes tightly and pressed the gun under my chin. Gale could take care of Prim and my mother; I know he would after he sees this. My last thoughts were about my sister, my best friend, and the first person I loved. The girl who had my virginity and my heart forever.

I pulled the trigger.

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