My daughter and her friend became my sex slaves

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It started on a dark rainy night, my daughter Candy, and her bff Raven was spending the night with me, it had been 10 years since my wife left me for a younger man.
I was out in my recliner watching porn when my daughter and her bff snuck up on me, they started asking questions, they was both just barely 18., they had spent the last 9 years in a convent, they both said they was still virgins, so I turned the porn clip back on to show them what happened between a girl and a man, I found a clip of a girl losing her virginity, first I started kissing my Daughter's bff Raven, then removed her flimsy night dress, then I started kissing my Daughter Candy, and removed her night dress, we moved to my bedroom where I had bondage equipment.
First I put on submission collars on them, that also restrained there hands, then I started working my way down there lean tight bodies, first 1 girl then the other, until I got to their pussies, there I concentrated on Raven first and brought her to multiple orgasms, then I did Candy, they each had at least 6 orgasms, then I had them get on their knees still with their hands restrained, and I blindfolded them too. had them take my jeans and shorts down using just their mouths and teeth, as soon as my cock was freed from my shorts it hit my Daughter on her face, I told her to lick it while I had Raven licking my balls. Then I took over and shoved all 10 inches down Raven's mouth, then Candy's mouth, Candy gagged real bad on it, but Raven could get most of my cock into her mouth before she started gagging.
Next I had Candy lie on the bed, and used hog rings and handcuffs to tie her legs and arms behind her back, next I got out the spreader bar that restrained the feet, legs, hands and arms, I put Raven in that doggie style, then I got out a couple of ball gags, and nipple clamps, I turned Candy over on her back, took Raven's ball gag out and put in a device that let her use her tongue, removed Candy's blindfold positioned Raven right between her thighs, then I got Raven wet again as she was licking my Daughter, then I positioned myself behind Raven, entered her slowly it took 30 minutes to fully get my entire length inside her pussy, because I had to break her hymen, she bled a little bit, then I started fucking her, hearing her moan, and scream everytime I stroked in her pussy, soon I started building to my climax, Raven was calling me Daddy, which really turned me on, and soon I sot my cum deep inside her pussy.
Then after about 30 minutes I recovered, released Raven, turned Candy over, removed her ball gag, and made her start licking Raven's pussy I positioned myself between my Daughter's thighs and told her I was going to ram my cock into her pussy hard and fast, I was going to pop her cherry in one hard fast stroke , I found out my Daughter was going to start her period the next day so I pumped in and out of her, she bled a lot more than her friend did, soon I reached the summit and shot my cum inside her pussy.
Since then we have been together, I took Candy down and got her on birth control, but Raven ended up pregnant, 2 weeks later I married Raven, but we have kept Candy as our nanny, older sister, but we all share the same bed and when 1 of the girls are indisposed I have sex with the other 1, they have both become wonderful cock suckers, and Candy loves to have her Daddy cum in her mouth.
Raven on the other hand don't like cum in her mouth, she prefers me to cum in her pussy, or on her face and breasts, this all happened 1 year ago, Raven gave birth to a 6.9 lbs. baby girl, we named her Katie Sue after both of their middle names, now my Daughter Candy is pregnant, she took off her birth control patch and put a placebo on so I though she was still on her birth control, she wants her Daddy's baby, they both belong to me, but we went out of state and my Daughter changed her last name to her mother's maiden name, I can't marry both of the girls so Raven is my wife, and since Candy changed her last name, I adopted her, nobody knew she was my biological daughter I moved here after she went to the convent, and my ex-wife wanted nothing to do with her, we found out that she is having a boy, but I told both of the girls that the only way I would do this is if they agreed to be my sex slaves, they have both giving me total control over their bodies, I choose what they wear, how they act, but inside the house they are totally naked unless she is on her period, and then she wears a thong panty, outside the house they wear a short dress, or miniskirt and a sexy top, and , high heels if I dress her like a lady.
But sometimes I dress them slutty then it is a short short dress, or a shorter miniskirt, and a halter top, with knee high boots, that have high heels on them, the miniskirts are leather, and so is the halter top and boots, when I dress them like that they have to wear their slave collars, and we go out to the woods, and I attach a leash to them, we have hired a full time nanny, so I can take my girls on these excursions.
The nanny is a 5' blond young woman fresh out of the convent and my girls and me have been thinking about adding her to our love nest, she turned 18, 2 weeks ago, so last night my girls and me coerced her into our love nest, it is now called a harem by all 3 of my girls, we told her that she would be expected to be my slave girl, call me Daddy at all times especially when I am fucking her, she said she would do that and she is willing to wear my slave collar, and bracelets they all have hooks to attack a pair of handcuffs, or a leash, when the girls get home, they go straight to the closet, hang up their dress, or skirt, and blouse, take off their high heels, or boots, and panties and bra, my slave girls are totally naked around the house, last night I made my new slave answer the door naked and pay the pizza boy, he left with a hard on. But she was embraced, she is shy, tomorrow I am going to have 1 of the other girls record me fucking her, and tell her that I am going to put it online, I am going to cover her face in my cum, and make her sleep like that, I will tell her slaves have no rights, me as her Daddy/Master/owner makes all of her decisions for her from where I cum, to what she wears, to how she acts. I will get her pregnant soon, my girls all have to meet me at the door when I come home, and they must be totally naked, we are training our new slave, she still wants to do things her own way, but I will train her to be totally obedient, I will use the submission collar on her that keeps her hands trapped up by her neck,, nipple clamps, that causes some discomfort, or I will put her in the stockade, or suspended her down in my BDSM dungeon.
I might have to spend time disciplining her, and punish her too for all of her bad behavior, I have her hands handcuffed behind her back and her on a leash right now, I lead her around like a bitch dog as her Master and owner, I installed a but plug up her asshole, and a mini vibrator in her pussy.
Maybe I need to tattoo that I own her like I did with my other 2 slaves., I am going to have to make her eat the other girls pussies, make her swallow my cum, treat her as my sex slave, spank her, dominate her totally, I have given her to much freedom.

If you like this I will do another one

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