How it could have been

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It would be another night without sleep for Laura, her master had fallen asleep during her massage and if she stopped without his permission she was in big trouble. Laura had been her master’s toy for almost five years now and knew what to do and more importantly what not to do. At least nights like this gave her the opportunity to think. She wasn’t unhappy, that feeling was beaten out of her years ago, but she did often think what had led her to lead such a weird life.
Five years ago she was a normal Dutch girl, eighteen years old and just finished her high school. She was going to be enrolled in law school after the summer holiday and to celebrate she and five girlfriends went on a party tour of the Spanish coast. They went to Mallorca, Ibiza, Blanes and finally Lloret a Mar, very popular with Dutch teenagers. Just clubbing and sunbathing on the beaches of Spain, it was a good time. They partied till the late hours and most of the nights didn’t end there. She was a bit of a slut back then she remembered, but so were her friends she laughed. She kicked most guys out after they satisfied her, she liked to sleep alone. Not much choice now unfortunately. Then again, she was honoring those boys, she was drop dead gorgeous. Long legs, shapely ass from hockey training and just enough bust to keep it balanced. She had long blond hair, most of the times in a braid down her back and a cute face to top it all off. The first of her friends was Marsha, her best friend. She was a bit taller than Laura and had deep shiny black hair till her shoulder. She had a moderately sized chest and an ass that even Laura was jealous off. Next was Linda, bit of a shy girl until the second cocktail. She was the voice of reason most of the times, with nice blond curls and curves that simply didn’t end. Laura and Linda frequently had to pretend to be gay to drive off the droves of guys off both of them. Zoey and Emily were identical twins with very outgoing and upbeat personalities. Brunettes and gymnasts that loved to make boys uncomfortable. Finally there was Margo, the slut. She dyed her hair red and loved to meet people, mostly to fuck them. She was the first in line for any club and the first to leave it with preferably more than one person, gender didn’t matter much. All of the girls had some gay experiences, all of them with her. She was a very chirp girl, easy to talk to and easy to look at.

One of the last days of her paradise she met him, he looked a Spaniard, olive skin, dark hair, muscular and oh so sexy. She actually fought with a friend of hers, Margo, who could take him home. He said his name was Juan and he was a scout for a modeling agency. Well, he did judge them on their looks, just not the way a real modeling agent should. Margo took him home the first night. Judging by the smile at breakfast it was a very good night. So Laura was determined to take him this evening. As it was their last night the girls had a party in their apartment with some of the boys they met. It was a nice party but in the morning everyone but Juan had left, the girls’ habit of kicking the boys out after their fun was hard to break. Juan just laughed after Laura told him to leave and went to another room. He must have fucked them all that night she remembered. So here Juan was, alone with five very tired and drunk girls and now the story becomes weird. Laura remembered falling asleep after Juan had left her bed. That was the last night in a bed she could call hers.
She woke up not being able to see or move, she felt a blindfold over her eyes and ropes bit into her ankles and wrists. Her legs and arms were bound together like she was a calf in a rodeo. Like anyone would do screamed her head off. After screaming herself hoarse and not hearing any reply she started crying. She didn’t know how long she was alone, but it seemed an eternity and she finally fell in a fitful sleep. Laura awoke to the sound of footsteps. A rough hand removed her blindfold and blinking she looked around. ‘Where am I, Why are you doing this? Let me go maniac!’ she screamed at the man she found in the bright light. Her reply was a kick to the head. In a heavy accent the man said ‘you only speak when spoken to, you don’t need to know these answers’. Laura’s head was reeling from the kick and she had no reply to that. ‘Good’ the man said, ‘let’s get you to the others’. He cut the ropes and quickly cuffed her hands in front of her, a chain led from the cuffs that he used to drag her behind him. The man was massive Laura saw, more than 2 meters tall and built like a brick. She tried to struggle, but the man was way too strong for her. He led her into a room were her friends were trussed up like pigs in a slaughterhouse. They were suspended 10 cm above the ground by a hook on the ceiling. A few seconds later Laura joined them. They were all naked she saw and had been crying and were terrified, just like her. Most of them had bruises on their heads, necks and wrists, most likely from asking the brutish man questions. The brick then picked up a hose and ‘cleaned’ them with what seemed like ice water. Their humiliation was not over yet, because he then picked up a broom and started scrubbing them down. The man worked quickly, reddening their skin and scraping open their skin more than once. Another rinse with the hose and he considered them clean. After that he left and they hung.

It had to be more than a day, because most of the girls had soiled themselves before anyone returned to them. Only Marsha hadn’t, she always was the strongest willed of them all. Now they were dirty, hungry and angry. The brute hadn’t gagged them so they could talk with each other. Marsha had woken up during their kidnapping and had seen the brute and Juan load the girls in a van. After she had started to scream they quickly knocked her out and she woke up here. Linda had woken up during the transport and seen the complex where they were held. She hadn’t seen any sign of civilization, just endless dry hills. Any attempt to escape would be futile if they didn’t have food or water with them. After her story the girls fell quiet for hours and Linda was the first to soil herself while wailing in humiliation. Later Laura would remember that this was the first part of their training as she saw it with countless other girls. Soiling themselves before their friends and placing the first of many humiliations forever in their minds.
It was horrible Laura remembered as she continued to knead her master’s shoulders. The girls and her had been in training for little more than a year before they were broken and ready enough to be given a task. The brute, she now knows him as Pedro or rather master Pedro, had been the main enforcer in that year. Every beating they received was from him and his size didn’t lie, he hit hard. Especially Marsha, who refused to obey, had received multiple broken bones and other serious injuries at his hands. They made everyone watch when a trainee was punished, as an example, looking away was taking the girls place. During the year they were educated on how to serve their master properly, not just sexually but cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing and many other chores were stamped in their brain. It was a long way from an education as a lawyer as Laura had intended to become. They had decided that Laura, Linda and Margo would become pleasure girls, little more than prostitutes who didn’t get paid. Marsha would become a pain slut. Finally Zoey and Emily would find their place as maids, they were the lucky ones.

It was intense, in the end even Marsha had learned to obey in some manner. The worst part was different for every girl of course, but Laura still remembered hers like it was yesterday. It was about half way through the training, she was learning to cook properly. She had messed up the soup for master Pedro and his friends and she was going to regret it for the rest of her life. She hadn’t just offended Pedro by giving him bad soup, but she had humiliated him in front of his friends. So he trussed her up in the dining room and slowly and painfully beat every inch of her body with a razor thin cane. She was screaming incoherently not even halfway through, before he had even touched her pussy and tits. After he was satisfied with the welts on her body he grabbed a cricket bat and proceeded to beat her first in the face once and then repeated it on the rest of her body. She was fading in and out of consciousness during this and she was sure he had broken a rib or two. After that he invited his friends to hurt her, all six of them. She was beaten within an inch of her life before they stopped, the only thing she really remembered was the lighter on her nipples and the smell of burning meat. Pedro still wouldn’t leave her, he tied her bent forward on the table as he told his friends to enjoy. So she was raped over and over, Pedro was the last and the first person ever to fuck her ass. That beating broke her she wouldn’t ever be the same after. She was out of commission for two weeks after her punishment and was forced to watch Pedro do unspeakable acts of perversion and aggression on her friends knowing it was anger at her he was expressing. She still had a slight discoloring underneath her right nipple to remind her of that beating. She was forever grateful her master was more of a soft disciplinary.
After one year of training and the slow breaking and rebuilding of her and her friends Pedro announced an auction. By now the girls were the fifth batch of trainees for Pedro and it was time to make money. She had helped Pedro tie up helpless and terrified girls, performed punishment on them, pleasured them, even deflowered one and held them when alone and crying. She and her girls were the veterans and fully trained. Not much had remained of their old personalities, only Marsha sometimes acted up against some horrible perversion. Laura had gone from a bright and outspoken modern girl to a slave, only acting on her master’s wishes. Another month with Pedro’s finishing ‘touches’ and they were shipped out for auction. It was the last time Laura would ever hear or see any of her friends and it was a tearful event. One by one they were sauntered off on a stage and never returned. Laura was the last to be sold. When she entered the auction block she last saw her friends. Marsha was sold to a middle aged woman in a red tight latex bodysuit, she was already pleasuring her. Linda was on the lap of an old Arabian Sheik, the picture of obedience on her face. Margo was bent over the railing and rutted by a young and fat American looking boy while his father watched and laughed. Zoey and Emily were apparently bought by the same person, a young and handsome southern European man. They looked pretty happy as he petted their hair in his lap.

As her auction began she zoned out, bids were flying over the phone and in the room. Finally she was sold; a record the auctioneer said one and a half million euros. She returned to the room and saw a Japanese man smiling at her, it was her master. She learned he was the descendant of an ancient samurai family and now a successful businessman. He had paid a fortune for her long blond hair and firm ass. He was going to enjoy them immensely he told the auctioneer. It wasn’t all bad for Laura, she was living in central Tokyo and occasionally could go outside. Her master was stern but fair and as said not a fan of corporal punishment, mostly he denied her pleasure if she misbehaved. She even fell in love with him somewhere in the four years as his pet. Still, sometimes she wondered how her life would have been if Juan had picked six other girls in that club all those years ago.

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