College Girls By the Pool

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Hi everyone. Well, sitting here sort of bored and Dana recommended I write something from my journal so I thought this would be great. It is from a few years ago before my surgery and so a lot wilder. Oh, by the way, I am thinking of getting augmentation on my tis cause they are not as firm as they were. I would be going from 42EEE up to 42G,H, or J or maybe more. Opinions please.

Living in a college town does have some benefits, especialy for two mature lesbians like Dana and myself. We would not have any trouble picking up guys but we do not care for them no mater how "impressive" they are or think they are. On the other there are so many beautiful colege girls in the early 20s that are easy to convince them that they may want to try a girl/girl thing so Dana and I are always looking for chances to seduce them, even if they do not know what is going on.

We lived in a 3 bedroom house for a while in Athens Georgia and of course there is the University of Georgia there as well as Piedmont and Athens Tech and so there are lots of girls that live on campus or come to school from home. Dana came in from the pool one day that we had access to in some apartments next to the house and was all excited. "You have gotta come over to the pool and se what is there." she was almost gasping for breath. "Put on your string bikini and come on." she said and got me up almost dressing me. It was on and the small cups barely covered my nipples and with a tank top over it all we left. We got to the pool and it was full of very lovely UGA girls, most very trim and athletic and some a little less so, two wee bbws like me and so we walked in and said "Hey" to everyone in general. "Hey Dana, is this your roommate?" one blonde asked. "Well, more than a roommate." I said taking off the tank top and tossing it on a deck chair. As I pulled it over my head my top pulled up as planned and some of the girls gasped. "Shit, no one would mistake her for a man." one laughed. "I hope you don't think that I had a male roommate." Dana said and we jumped in the pool again my top freeing my tits as it came up with the water as I jumped feet first into the pool. The girls all laughed and then tried not to be too obvious looking at my "floats" as some call my tits. They do just that, they do not seem to want to stay down with or without a top. I cannot go under very easily." I said and swam to the deep end rreading water and smiling.

"Angie, Dawn, Kim, Laura, Bonnie, this is my girlfriend Susan." Dana said and I greeted them as she called off their names. "Your girlfriend?" Kim asked. "I thought she was your roommate." she finished. "Oh she is that too and much more." Dana said kissing me full on the lips. I kissed her back, "Oh so much more." I said feeling myself getting hotter. The subject seemed over and we all started going crazy, splashing and dunking each other, Dana being very dominate in the playing. After a little and some of the girls having trouble staying in their bikinis, Dana came to me and took my top and waved it in he air, "Time to free the Ta-tas" she squealed and swam with my top and tossed it to the side. I was indeed topless and then Dana tok another top this one from Kim and Kim tried to cover herself but was nicely exposed. "Looks like I am not the only one with floaters." I laughed not trying to cover myself. Now the other girls went after Dana and she struggled to keep her top and finally gave it up. I was near and said, "Take her bottoms too, get her bottom off." and they held her and finally Dana was without a suit at all. I pulled off mine and said, "Okay, time to skinny dip all the way." and they took theirs off too. I saw a lot of empety wine coolers and then knew why it had been done so easily. Dana winked at me and swam over and we were entwined in a passionate kiss. The girls stood watching without a sound. It was obvious that Dana and I were playing under the water and I gave out a moan, "Oh yes, slide them in me." I said and Dana had two fingers in my pussy.

The girls got closer now just a foot away all around us and were watching us kiss and moan and the water jumping as Dana fingered me faster. I came up out of the water and pulled her face to my chest and she sucked my nipples. "Oh yes, Dear, yes, make me cum Baby." I was moaning and she sped up and I jerked and my hips went crazy and my orgasm came in waves. I calmed down kissing Dana and then looked around. The girls all seemed to have their hands in between their own legs playing. Dawn looked at said, "So none of you have played with yourselves before?" and they all laughed. I smiled and moved to Dawn, "But it is more fun to play with someone else." as I moved her hand and put mine to her pussy and my arm over her neck and kissed her softly and deep. She was moaning half trying to move and half staying so that my finger sank deeper into her and she was moving with the rythum of my finger and soon faster and kissing me back. Her arms were around my neck and she was humping my hand and kissing me frantically and let out a growl, "Oh my god, oh yes." she growled and collapsed into my arms. She was softly kissing my face and neck and then Dana had Kim in her arms doing what I had done for Dawn. Laura was close to Angie and Bonnie and they seemed to be playing some under the water. I moved with Dawn to the small group and Dana did too and we soon had them all kissing and playing with nipples and pussy under the water.

Dana broke it off, "Let's all go to our house, it is just next door." she said and we all got out of the pool naked and took out suits and just wrapped towels around us and walked to the house. As soon as we were in the towels dropped and we all collapsed on the couches and the rug and were totally naked. "Okay girls," I said moving to Angie that had sat on the couch and moving her tan legs apart, "This is how you really make love to another woman." I began licking and kissing her wet body and moved up her legs to her lips and then ran my tongue around the inside of her pussy and sucked her clit into my mouth. She gasped and her legs were around my head over my shoulders and I was fingering her pussy as I licked it. Dana had taken over Dawn and was doing much the same. Bonnie was frantic and layed on top of Bonnie and was kissing her like a wld woman. Laura joined me in playing with Angie. She was sucking her nipples and kissing her all over. I was speeding up the licking as I felt Angie was geting close and then she sprayed all over my face. I licked her juices as fast as I could and Laura's eyes bugged out. "damn, she pissed on you." she said and I said, "No Hun, a nice squirting orgasm, taste." I said and pushed her face into the soaking pussy that was still quivering.

I kissed Laura and Angie and said, "Well Dana, off to bed then?" and Dana got up with Kim and Bonnie and we all went to the bedrooms. I took my two to my bedroom and Dana took the other two to her's. Soon there was the moaning and groaning and some screams as we taught the girls the way that we could enjoy each other. I will write more details later but after a few hours Dana and I switched rooms and each took over the other's girls. They all stayed over the weekend so there is more to write.

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