Craving you_(0)

It started as a calm day, I had just gone over to my step aunts house. The worst part, my older cousin, who was also my crush lived there. We used to flirt with each other, but when we where younger he one time said he would do me some day. That though always comes to mind when I'm around him.

I've had a crush on him since we where younger, and I'm talking young. But now it's more then just a crush, it's a need for him, a want, a list for him. I can't get him off my mind. Which sucks if you ask me. He was gorgeous in my opinion, dirty blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, pretty muscular, funny, cute, dirty minded.

The last time we spoke he said he was a virgin, and he's 19, I'm only a year younger. It's weird that he trusts me.

We've always been close, since the day we met, he even knows, well knew about my crush on him, now he thinks I don't like him.

I took a deep breath and walked in the two story house. My mind buzzing as my three younger cousins rushed down to greet me, Travis was in his room probably playing video games after a long day of work. I smiled and said hi. But that's when a bombshell was dropped on me. I'd be staying in the same room as Travis, not that I minded. But I was a bit worried I'd try seducing him. I wanted to. I've always wanted to.

You can never understand how much I crave him. Yea I've liked other guys, but Travis, not only do I like him but like I said I crave him. I went back to focusing on my younger cousins as they lead me to his room. I had all my stuff that I needed and wanted in my two duffle bags. Even some bandage wrap if I got hurt.

Once I walked in, I saw I was right, he was on his bed, the bottom bunk, playing video games. He didn't say a word but waved at me with a smile, and went back to his video games. I smiled and shook my head.

"You never change Travis." I number and set my stuff down to go watch him play video games. My dirty mind could wait a bit, I hadn't seen him in three years, so of course, I missed him. We started with small talk, and then the true us came out. He told me all of what happened, and told him about school, and how life was. With a few jokes and perverted humor we went back to normal.

Our normal nature faded. He looked at me for the first time since I got there, his blue eyes meeting mine.

"You know I was serious that day." He mumbled. I rose an eyebrow. Throughout our long talk I completely forgot that single thought of want.

"What day? There's been a lot Travi." I said and kept focused on his games. He sighed knowing I wasn't paying attention. He paused the game.

"I'll show you later." He said and went back to playing. I yawned and leaned my head on his shoulder. He's never minded me doing this stuff, but he tensed up.

I guess I had fallen asleep, because when I woke up the room was dark and there was moonlight coming through his window. The house was silent. Except for the gunshot noises coming from the flat screen TV. Travis was still up.


"Turn that down or I'll blindfold you, Travis." I muttered and hugged his pillow close to me. He chuckled and looked back, the gleam he had in his eyes was more then playfully, it was pure seduction.

"Really now?" He said softly. He looked back at his game, smiling deviously. I rolled my eyes thinking nothing of it. That was until.

"I dare you too Kat." He said. He knew how I was about dares. I felt I had to follow through with them. And this was no different, I glared as I got up and walked over to my duffle bags, all the while he was staring at me, waiting for me to actually blindfold him, I brought out one of my square scarfs and glared at the blonde as I walked over, his eyes went a little wide as he realized I was actually going to.

I blindfolded him with a bit of force, but still gentle enough. Afterwards. Travis sat there a minute, before standing up and pushing me against a wall.

"This makes it better" He said softly. I gasped as he grasped my waist and kissed me. I was frozen in shock. He broke a way giving a pant, his hot breath on my face made me shiver.

He leaned down, and lightly bit my neck as he pushed his chest against mine, holding me against the wall, he reached over locking the door and pushed me against the wall harder. He squeezed my waist and bit my lip.

"You don't know how long I've wanted you." He mumbled in my ear. I blushed as he pulled my body against his. My heart racing with the anticipation of what he was going to do.

"Travis" I mumbled, trying to get something out besides dirty talk. He breathed against my neck and pulled me towards him as he backed up on his bed. By then I knew I was in for a long night.

It started slow but the testing ended quickly, we where both done and frustrated by it. I had tugged his shirt off in the haste, and he had already pried me out of my dress. All that was left was us in our undergarments, and the blindfold I had put on him. I moaned out as he grinded against me, his teeth sinking into my neck and I ran my hands through his hair.

He slipped his thumbs under the sides of my panties, gently pulling them down, once he had them off, he went straight for my bra. I didn't stop him, I wouldn't, I absolutely refused to stop this. Not only because I wanted it, but because he was in control.

He kissed up my neck and then layed kisses against my jaw, before kissing me deeply, I felt him shimmey out of his boxers. His kiss went deeper, I barely even felt him line his cock up to my wet hole, before he slammed his hips into mine, his cock shoving into my tight virgin pussy with force. I screamed into the kiss, clawing at his back and squirming as tears leaked from my eyes.

Travis pulled away from the kiss, and I wanted and whimpered in pain.

"The worst is over, I promise.. it'll feel better.." He mumbled in my ear sweetly before kissing my cheek. I wanted the pain to end but it wouldn't. It stung, and burned. He pulled back and I was afraid he was going to stop. But he didn't he slowly thrusted his cock back in me, the pain was gone. There was nothing but pleasure. His hand intertwined with one of mine, and he thrusted faster. I moaned out as he kept thrusting, the raw feeling of him with no condom made my stomach pool with heat.

"Say my name." He whispered in my ear thrusting faster and harder.

"Travis" I moaned out lowly gripping his blankets, my back arching slightly.

"Louder." He moaned in my ear.

"Travis." I said following his orders.

"Louder. Scream my name Kat" He said with a sharp voice. I blushed and arched my back even more, as he kept pounding me.

"Travis!" I screamed out, loud enough to echo throughout the room, but low enough where if anyone heard they'd think we where play fighting. He pounded into me harder, and I could feel myself getting close, he was getting sloppy and erratic with his movements. I arched my back, my chest hitting his.

"Travis, I'm gonna cum!" I yelled out. He finally slammed back into me one last time, causing my body to writhe in the pleasuring orgasm. I felt his cum shoot into my womb making me cum harder, I went to scream in pleasure, but he kissed me hard and held my hand, as he pulled me against him.

As I started to come down from the high my body fell to the bed, and he broke the kiss panting hard, I leaned up and pulled the blindfold off of him. I didn't get a chance to look at him before he hugged me close, panting heavily in my ear.

"I'm not gonna be able to stop wanting you now." He mumbled and kissed me again.

I knew then it would never be the same for us again.

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