Planet Monster

Planet: L3749-B was discovered over 7 years ago by Earth probes sent out to search for new worlds for Earth to colonize. The planet was on the very edge of known space and it took almost 7 years till a survey team was able to be sent. The group was composed of a mix group of 12 marines and 30 scientists to explore the world and what resources it held for development. The team would soon discover that this world had a hidden terror that would drag them to the gates of hell.

The commander and of the marine squad and expedition leader was Major Janet Hellison. Maj. Hellison was 37 years old and a 19 year veteran of the earth marines. This was her 4th survey mission and was expecting to be promoted when she returned home. Her second in command was Staff Sergeant John Malloy. 6 years in the core and was on his first off world having spent most of his career in the quartermaster division. The only other marine in her command that has done any planet explorations was Corporal Melissa Devilon who was on her second survey mission. The rest of the squad were fresh from the academy and was one their first mission.

The science team was lead by Dr. Ben Lackman. A expert in Xeno-biology, chemistry and general medicine. He was on his 3rd survey and was hoping to find something that would make him rich and famous, even if it meant sacrificing other members of the group. Dr. Leelea Bowmen was the team’s main medical doctor and botanist. Josephine Platt was the secondary medical doctor and trauma expert. Both women were on their 2nd mission of their careers. The rest of the team was made up of geologist, environmental and atmospheric experts.

The team had been on the planet they named Cascor for 9 weeks. The normal survey time is about 16-20 weeks depending on conditions. The planet was hot and humid with 3 major landmasses and 65% water covering the world with jungle covering 80% of the landmasses. The only other land was 9 small islands between 8-22km in size. All the remaining islands were small sand and coral specs that dotted the oceans. Their was no sign of intelligent life but their were a number of large land and sea predators as well as other less developed animals that they hunted and ate. The only true discovery was a massive vein of platinum that ran for almost 400kms under the southern continent. Now the they were off to do a detailed survey of the northern islands before heading out for the neighboring continent.

The team was composed of 6 marines lead my Sgt. Malloy and 12 scientist lead by Dr. Lackman. The mission was to last a week and return to plan for the next survey of the northern region. After a 5 hour flight, the transport arrived at the island and landed on the beach just a few meters from the jungle tree line. Malloy told everyone to stay put till the marines did a check of the area to ensure it was safe for them to debark. The marines took 20 mins to secure the beach and then loaded up their gear and lead the science team into the jungle. The group made their way through the jungle for almost 4 hours till they came to a small clearing and decided to make camp their. They set up their tents, organized their patrols and prepared for the next days work.

The next morning, they began their survey and cataloged several new planets and some insects but no animals had yet been seen or heard. By late afternoon of the second day, the team was somewhat disorganized as people went off to do their own thing with out telling anyone. Some were gone for hours before anyone even noticed they were gone. After diner, two scientist Dr. Lorna Sallavar and Dr. Paul Hectors snuck away to a small river for a personal meeting. They met and began kissing each other and moving their hands over each others bodies when Paul heard something moving in the bushes. He stepped over to the bushes and slowly pushed the braches aside to see what was moving around them. Lorna looked on nervously as Paul investigated the noises. As Paul continued to move the braches apart, a large claw reached out, grabbed his head and pulled him through and out of sight with almost no sound. Before Lorna could even scream or call out, she was blind sided by a large claw and everything went black.

Lorna woke up in pain. Every thing was dark and the air was more humid than it was before. As her vision cleared, she could make out that she was in a cave and was laying on her stomach on a large rock. She could taste blood in her mouth and realized it was hers. She tried to raise up but her legs wouldn’t respond. She turned her head to see they were broken and her left lower leg had a bone sticking out. But she felt no pain. She tried to move her right leg but nothing happened. Her fear was that her spine may have been damaged and she couldn’t stand much less walk out. She looked around to see if she could see Paul, but stopped when she heard a loud scream from deeper in cave. The sound was close but came from the shadows and still couldn’t see anything. A sudden movement out of a shadows caught her attention. A large humanoid shape slowly moved towards her making almost no sound. Lorna could only make out it’s yellow eyes as moved closer to her. It walked around behind her and Lorna struggled to move her head to get a better look at the unknown captor. Suddenly, the creature began to tear away her cloths with it’s claws. The creature’s strength was amazing as they would tear deep into the fabric and sometimes break the skin on her body leaving deep cuts. The pain was horrific as the creature ripped her cloths away till she was laying on just a small piece of cloth that was between her stomach and the rock she laid on. Her eyes began to tear up as the pain continued to shoot through her body. She felt it’s claws grab her ass and split her cheeks while the razor-sharp nails dug deep in to her flesh. Her legs were spread apart and the creature rammed his dick deep into her pussy. The force of the penetration ripped pass her vaginal wall cause a jolt of intense pain up her back making her scream out. As the creature trusted deep and hard, Lorna mind was going numb. The powerful shoves made her whole body jerk and vibrate, causing her to cry as the pain became to much for her. The attacker sped up his thrust and soon released his semen into her womb. Just as she began to catch breath and think clearly, a second creature shoved his dick into her. Her pussy was already bleeding and the second intrusion made it bleed more. This one pounded faster and shot its load and withdrew. Then a third and a forth and a fifth attacker deposited its seed into her body. Each one tearing into her flesh with their claws. Her body was a torn bloody mess and she was getting weaker and her vision dimming. Just as she was about to pass out, a sixth creature shoves its dick into her and this one grabs her hair and yanks her up off her stomach and on to her knees. The pain caused a scream that made her eyes open wide and blood shoot out of her mouth. With it’s free hand, The creature digs its claws into her base of her neck and tore the skin down to her waist and all her lower organs spill out onto the dirt. In those last few moments of life, the creature shoots its load and then tears out her throat with it’s fangs, drinking the blood before dropper her lifeless body to the ground. The other creatures circle around her and rip of limbs and chunks of flesh and eat them. Only 6 meters away, is the dismembered body of Paul.

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