Naked Day - part 14 California Dreaming

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Waking I noticed Cindy propped on her elbow staring at me.

"What's up Cindy, you ok?"

"I'm wonderful. I was just waiting for you to wake so we could make love." Now THAT's how to start the day. Quickly licking the head of my morning wood, Cindy straddled me and rocked back to take the head into her already wet pussy. With long rocking motions, many kisses and smiles Cindy made love to me. I caressed her pretty breasts, cupped her ass to pull her in closer a couple times and mostly looked in the eyes of the cutest sexiest woman I know. After a good long while, Cindy could tell I was getting closer, she increased her rocking movements, then sat up and back taking my full length and giving me a perfect view of her hot body as I released my cum deep into her. When I'd finished she leaned forward resting on me. We stayed that way with my softening cock inside her and rested. Finally my spent dick fell from her, we kissed deeply and made plans for the day. As Nikki, my older sister and our host, suggested we drove down to Hollywood and saw all the tourist locations. We had some laughs walking Hollywood Blvd. The area had many shops selling items not seen in our hometown. Cindy noted some of the lingerie shops and asked what I liked? Crotchless panties, bustiers, see through bedroom wear?

"Nah, this is kind of trashy and cheap. Which you're not. Nikki says her guy in Beverly Hills will custom make something for you. Remember what Nikki said. Get the best item that makes YOU feel the sexiest. Don't "trash it up in what you think a guy wants" If you feel sexy I won't be able to resist you."

"OK. I wonder how this works?"

"We have an appointment for 3 pm. We better head over that way."

Just off Rodeo Drive we found the small shop. Apparently an exclusive shopping experience they didn't really deal with on the rack apparel, except for a handful of examples of what they can do. Felipe greeted us and when I mention my sister he said, "Oh Nikki. She's great. So much fun to work with. But a challenge." He put his upturned hands in front of his chest. "The large, natural women. They don't stay up by themselves." We laughed. This was going to be fun.

"We normally close at 3, but I made this special appointment as a favor to my friend Nikki. You are her brother? And who will I be working with today?"

"Yes I'm Nikki's brother. We're out visiting from New Jersey. This is my wife Cindy."

"Oh a lucky man you are. And Cindy, you. Yes it seems you are the perfect canvas for me to work."

Cindy actually blushed. That had to be a first. Felipe continued, "Let me tell you how I work. Since you are first time customers and also from the east coast we want no misunderstandings. We will be in a private room in back. For your safety and comfort your husband will be relaxing in the lounge right outside the room. You will need to be completely nude. I'll need to take exact measurements. I will need to touch your nude body, maybe your breasts or buttocks. Believe me this is all done professionally and with respect. To do my best work I need to feel exactly the weight and firmness and such. Is this agreeable to you? I will go and pour some wine for you and you may discuss."

When Felipe left the room Cindy looked at me. "You ok with this guy feeling me up? Is this legit?"

"Nikki gave us the recommendation. I'm sure he's legit. Also, I'm fairly certain he's gay. That or he's figured out the best job in the world."

"OK, since this is YOUR gift, I'll do it." She smiled so I knew it really was ok.

Felipe returned. "Are we ready to go? Any other questions?"

"I'm ready", Cindy said with some excitement.

"Good, good. Tim you may relax here. There is more wine on the counter if you like."

With that Cindy followed Felipe into his studio. I could hear their conversation as I sipped some very good wine and flipped through a magazine.

"Now Cindy, a few questions to get me started. Is there a look or atmosphere you want to create. Colors? Styles?"

"Nothing slutty. Not bright red. Maybe blue, or black. Some pink. I want to feel sexy."

"Believe me young lady. I have years of experience. I've had movie stars stand nude before me. You are already sexy in your t shirt and shorts. Now Felipe will take you to another level."

Cindy blushed again. To be compared to movie stars. "OK what do I do now."

"Please go behind the screen and remove all your clothes. I need you in the buff to get everything just right." Cindy went behind the screen stripped down to her underwear then with a deep breath removed her bra and panties. Was she getting used to being nude in front of strangers. She paused then walked out around the screen.

"Oh yes, yes perfect. It's rare that I get such an unspoiled canvas to work with. So many come in here, skin dry from the sun, big fake breasts, or past their prime and expect miracles. You will never look better in your life. This isn't meant to offend. It's nature. Eventually the breasts will sag, the butt will drop, the skin won't be so fine. Let me get started, please come over and stand right here."

Cindy, feeling even better about herself, moved to the mark and stood facing Felipe hands at her side.

"Feet together, arms out. First some basic measurements. Let's see, 5 feet 3 and 1/4 inches", and so on. This went on for a bit. It sounded like Felipe measured everything but the depth of her vagina. Finally, he said, "I will give you this list of measurements. You may use them when purchasing clothes and undergarments. You cannot believe how inaccurate brassiere measurements are. You are young, with just the minimum support you can look sexy and stay youthful looking for longer than most. I tell these young starlets this all the time, but do they listen? No. And the breasts lose their perfection in no time. OK, now we must get more personal. Arms out. I will reach around and lift your breasts. Yes just right. Almost no sag at all. So much easier for me when your body does the work. Some of these women, I build the Eiffel Tower to give them the look of youth. Arms down, now your butt. Smooth, firm, not a hint of cellulite. Thin hips. Now turn around. The pubic area. I see you keep a small patch of hair. Will you be keeping this? I will need to work around it."

"I was planning to. Tim prefers it. Why, is it a problem."

"Not a problem, but something to consider. If you are bare I can have almost any size bottom, to barely cover the most intriguing part. I will create something a little larger. We don't want any hair showing when you're barely dressed. It's all about the allure." They continued on in this way, having her walk away and towards him. He even gave her advice on HOW to walk. Would she wear

heels with it, or bare feet. They talked materials and styles. Cindy must have been completely comfortable by then as I don't think she had bothered to get dressed. By the end Felipe surely knew my wife's body as well as I did. Or better. After what had seemed an eternity they returned from the studio.

"I hope you you don't mind how long we took. This was necessary for my best work. I understand that I am to send the bill to Ms. Nikki? A very nice gift, if I may compliment myself. As for you Tim, you are a very lucky man. Your wife is exquisite and with good care should retain her looks and body for many years. I predict she will remain a lovely sight well into her later years."

Cindy blushed again. And took my hand. She seemed even more radiant than usual.

"Cindy, Tim, it has been my pleasure. I understand you are returning home Sunday night. I will have this delivered to Nikki's house by the weekend. It is my top priority. I have moved you ahead of someone you may have seen in a recent film. My gift for allowing me to work with you. One more bit of advice Tim. Take this lovely creature home and make love to her body. Today and forever."

Wow. We left the shop and started the ride north. I looked at Cindy who was sitting blissfully in her own world.

"It was that good? You look like you just had the best orgasm. Or chocolate."

"Oh you couldn't understand. You say nice things about me all the time. I believe you, but you also kinda have to. Felipe works with the rich and famous. Movies stars. But he made me feel like I put them to shame."

"You weren't uncomfortable with all the measuring and touching."

"Not after the first little while. He knows what he's doing. Starting with height and other more boring parts. Then it all becomes something else. Not like poking and prodding from a doctor. He has a light touch. I didn't feel I was being gratuitously groped. I was naked, but he wasn't invading my privacy. Oh and the compliments. I'm glowing because a guy who sees movie stars naked was telling me how great my tits look and how tight my ass is and how toned my belly and the line of my back is perfect and while short, my legs are perfectly proportioned. Even my friggin knees are nice. Do you have any clue how that makes a woman feel. This part was my gift. When I wear it, that's yours. I really need to thank Nikki.

"How? She has everything."

"She's alone for a few nights. Maybe I can treat her to an orgasm or two."

"So you're getting more comfortable having sex with women?"

"Maybe a couple of special people. No worries. I still NEED what you have."

We returned to an empty house. Nikki had left a note - 'Had to run out for a bit. Make yourselves at home. Try any wine you like. Use the pool or hot tub. Any way you like. Enough chlorine to kill anything. Then a smiley face. Cindy decided to treat me, by wearing clothes. She put on her new bathing suit. If anything could possibly improve on nude Cindy it was that suit.

"The way Felipe made it sound, what he creates will make this look like a dishrag on me. I can't wait."

"Me either. If he can improve on that suit, he's a genius."

We sipped some wine, then went for a swim. We don't get to splash and play in a pool much at home. And never can get frisky. At one point Cindy jumped on my back and I dunked us to get her off. The sudden plunge caused her top to float to the surface. I laughed and tossed it aside.

"Hey, that's my nice top."

"I still see a nice top in the pool. Come here, let me see if Felipe was properly judging what he felt. I grabbed Cindy about the waist and pulled her to me. Reaching my arms around her I cupped both breasts and gave a gentle squeeze. "Yep, perfect" Turning her towards me I placed both hands on her ass and lifted her up, carrying her to the side of the pool. I slid the bottoms down her legs and watched them float away. Continuing to hold Cindy up by her bottom, I kissed her deeply, tasting her tongue, sucking it in my mouth. Continuing to hold her up in the water I sunk down just a bit and sucked one delicious nipple into my mouth.

"Oh, mmm, Felipe had one small criticism. Oooh, yes, like that. Hmm, he noted my nipples are very light colored. He, oooh, he suggested I get a little makeup, just the, mmmmm, right color, oooh Tim to put on them sometimes to, eeeee, darken them. He says under the right top it will oooooooh, make them pop."

By then I had two fingers in her pussy and my thumb rubbing her clit.

"Sounds good Cindy. I'm following Felipe's other suggestion. This body needs more loving."

I moved back up from nipple to tongue. Both breathing heavily into each other while I continued my efforts down below.

"Oh, oh fuck Tim, oh fuck, don't stop. Don't, oooh, uh uh UUUHHHngh. Yes!"

I could tell it hit her hard. She grabbed at my back and her nails did all but draw blood.

"Ooh Tim, that was soo good. Thanks love. Oh wow. Do you need anything?"

"No, no I'm good now. That was for you."

We went back to the lounge chairs, now without our suits. Moving them into the shade after a bit. I didn't need to fry my penis. The sliding door opened and Nikki came out wearing a business suit.

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