A Friday Night Fuck with Three Black Guys

A Friday Night Fuck with Three Black Guys

You see, my friend and I were in the Army together, we were both about 20 when he told me this story about his mother. As a child they lived on a farm where his father raised and bred animals mostly donkeys. He really did not know exactly what they were raised for only that his dad made quite a bit of money from this business. His father had died of some rare cancer that quickly taken his life when my friend was a young boy. He was sent to stay with an aunt in the city and was unable to see his mother very much as she would always come there to visit and spend time with him at his aunts.. After hi school he had joined the Army. For some reason his mother had lost the farm and she had not told him why only saying something to the effect that she would explain later, and had recently moved into the city. The area where she was living was a very depressed area that had low income and mostly single parent families. This part of the city was either all black or mixed couples mostly white women and black men! When he was home on leave he had gone to stay with his mother and this is the story he told me.

Late one night he had woken up to some strange female noises and after investigating had discovered it was coming from his mothers room. Being curious had ventured closer as her door was slightly ajar, as he peered in through the crack and could see his mothers TV. It had a video running. This video was of a white woman totally naked out is some sort of barn bent over and being screwed by a black man with a very large cock! Fascinated he continued to watch as another black man appeared and taken the first ones place obviously giving her a very hard fucking at the peak of this scene his mother also peaked with wanton groaning pleasure. After a while they had taken this woman into one of the horse stalls and when they did he was shocked to see the woman was his mother! In the barn they had placed her on a bale of hay with her bottom in the air. An animal that appeared to be a donkey was led in and after a few moments of guidance and messing with his flaccid cock it had become really big and hard, he then really started humping the crap out of his mom! His mother was blissfully unaware of his presence and again was really enjoying herself as she masturbated to orgasm! He did not know what to think as he quickly returned to his room! This vision of his mother masturbating along with the video of two big black men and a donkey fucking her was quite unsettling and perverse, as he tried to go back to sleep. The problem was that my friend had acquired a hard on and was quite shamefully stimulated by what he had seen! Apparently it was so bazaar and kinky plus the fact that he had not only caught his mother pleasuring herself, she was also watching this most unnatural and taboo sexual video of his mother!

One Friday night,after being there about a week a few of the tenants had gotten together for some drinks and to watch a football game. His mother was about 50 yrs old, she was of Italian decent had black hair and brown eyes, stood 5'5” was quite petite and weighed just 118 pounds. She had nice big 38 DD sized breasts and almost never wore bra, she had a slender waist, and had a very full round shaped bottom, not really plump but all the same she looked really good for a woman of her age. From the back one would have sworn she was a young woman. Her only real unattractive side was that she was a chain smoker and almost always had a lit cigarette in her hand or close by. Her name was Anna.

She had been drinking with the rest of them and had been to his surprise blatantly flirting with several of these young black men they had been drinking hard liquor. She had sat down and easily drifted off to sleep on the sofa with a lit smoke burning in the ash tray. All of the other neighbors had left except for three black guys. They lived in one of the apartment complexes next to hers . They had all been watching and talking about the game on television. His mother was wearing a very short skirt, with a loose fitting blouse that only had just a few buttons on the front.

While asleep she had moved around in such away that her skirt had ridden up to a point where one could see most of her white panties, along with this the outline of her slit and cunt lips was moistness from her earlier interest and was easily visible through the thin fabric.

Half way through a bottle of Jack Daniels, Taylor, and Oliver who had been setting directly cross from her and been unable to take their eyes off of this now very exposed area of his attractive older mothers panties. The conversation about the game had suddenly changed to talking about things other than sports. Taylor who had been eying her panties had casually asked my friend if his mother liked sex? They had all been drinking and he said with out thinking as the visions of the video flashed into his head, said he didn't know as his father had died when he was a young boy, and that he had lived with his aunt, but added that she had been single for some time and innocently blurted out after seeing his mother the night before that she was probably ready for some really hot sex!

Not that my friend was checking these guys out, but it was hard for him not to notice the bulges that seemed to be getting bigger in their pants. Anna had just started to wake up, and was sitting in the middle of the sofa, she made no effort whatsoever to pull her short skirt down even when both Rob and Terrell got up and sat down on the sofa next to her, Anna was now between them. They started talking to her and were teasing and flirting. Being that she was still feeling pretty good from the liquor, she was flirting right back!.Finally it happened, Oliver placed his hand on her thigh and squeezed it several times, as he moved it closer and closer to the intersection of her legs..
Taylor looked over at him, I guess he was waiting for my friends reaction and approval, he hesitantly but not sure why, nodded an okay.Both Oliver and Taylor were pretty good size men, along with the third black guy Lee all stood well over 6 feet , they had muscular builds that were quite athletic .By now the sight and though of what was happening to his mother Anna, and right in front of his eyes was shamelessly arousing him. Before he knew it, Oliver and Anna were kissing, he was running his hand up under her panties and was rubbing her now very wet clit. Anna was moaning, as Taylor joined in, he began by quickly popping the few buttons on her blouse and had in a matter of moments easily removed it, leaving her topless. She again made no effort to stop him. His black hands were in stark contrast to her pale olive skin 38”breasts.

My friend watched these two black men and his 50 yr old mother on the sofa as she passionately kissed Oliver. Taylor was going from one big soft breast to the other, his lips were on one of her mushroom shaped nipples and his fingers were pinching and twisting the other, she would "gasp", and stop breathing for a moment as each time he twisted them..

Taylor had gotten up and moved the small coffee table off to one side, Oliver had easily picked her up off the sofa and Taylor unbuttoned and slipped off her skirt, and then her wet white panties, leaving her totally nude. With Oliver easily holding her in the air Lee had joined in holding one of her legs wide apart and Taylor on his knees holding her other leg apart easily french kissed her right on her pussy. His mother Anna had told him later she almost had an orgasm and a heart attack all at the same time. Oliver then laid her on the floor, Taylor had removed his clothes and was kneeling down at her head, his big black cock was standing straight up and out as he milked it, his eyes were lustfully devouring her naked petite olive skinned body.

Oliver had removed his clothes and climbed in between her legs easily spreading them apart, his mother had a very unusual muff. It was a thick dark brown almost black bush, but what was most unusual was her cunt lips and clit they were to fully developed and apparently had seen a lot of use. Even partially aroused they now were sticking out of her dark pubic hair quite pronounced and in real contrast to her pubic hair. He had grabbed her bottom and at the same time was driving his tongue into her well developed and sloppy wet pussy and then nibbling her clitoris!. Taylor took advantage of Anna's moaning, with her mouth open, and her head turned to one side, her lips were right in front of his cock as he pushed as much of its large head into her mouth as he could, she was almost gagging as it really stretched her lips, that were normally quite small and petite. Anna was doing her best sucking on him, while Oliver was taking big mouth fulls of her clit and pussy lips, that had all but disappeared into his mouth and black lips. Anna was making the most perverse noise that my friend hoped the neighbors couldn't hear. Taylor keep yelling at her to suck his cock, as he playfully slapped her face and this let everyone in the room know how good her little white mouth felt on his on his big black dick.
My friend was rock hard now from watching these Two black men have their way with his mother, boy it was something right out of a brutal porn movie but this was no movie.
Oliver, finally moved up and was sucking almost all of her big dark olive skinned nipples into his mouth, his cock was now straight out and very hard. The third black guy Lee had just been watching and had been holding his cock as it got bigger and harder! Taylor pulled his cock from her mouth as Oliver laid down on top of her. Anna looked so tiny and helpless under his massive body. She cried out several times, with a mock please stop!..but her cry was not! convincing at all!

My friend watched what was happening between Oliver's legs and saw the head of his big cock push into her mature wetness. He then forced more of it and and watched it slide into her. His mothers small olive skinned hands were first forcefully clutching his black buttocks and was then trying to push him away, this had no effect on him what so ever. She cried out again for him to stop,as her face contorted in pain, but could not stop herself from pushing her hips up to meet each of his forceful thrusts. He was able to get almost three quarters of his massive cock into her before he had filled her pussy up. He then started ramming into her, with each thrust it looked like more and more of his cock entered her. With in several minutes of starting, he had managed to work the entire size of his massive 10” cock into her. She was withering underneath him, and moaning like a wounded animal.
Both Taylor and Lee egged Oliver on!, Telling him to fuck the old bitches pussy,and fuck it hard. Oliver needed no encouragement as he was doing just that, on his every thrust he was driving the entire length of his big black cock into her little body "again and again" his big black balls were slapping against the lower part of her olive skinned ass cheeks! and was making a delayed an very light wet wapping sound in unison with his thrusts.

His mother Anna with tears running down her checks, kept crying out that he was just to big and that he was really hurting her. But this didn't stop her at all from pushing back against him just as hard as she could as she tried to grab his ass as he continued to fuck her long and hard. He finally pulled out of her, and he could see his mothers pussy stretched to a wide gaping hole as lots of cum was running out and down the crack of her ass on to the floor.

Taylor took Oliver's place, not that Oliver didn't have a monster cock, but Taylor's looked even bigger the head looked more like a big odd shaped and very swollen hardball, and was easily several inches longer than Oliver's.
Taylor moved on top of her and pushed the head of his cock into her wide open pussy, she moaned as he slowly pushed this monster cock into her until he to was buried all the way inside her. Oliver looked over at me with a smile on his face. He was stroking his cock using her juices to slid his hand up and down his long black shaft. He watched as Terrell began to really ram, jam and pump into her. As if Oliver's big hard cock hadn't stretched his mothers pussy enough, She was now being stretched even wider yet, by Taylor's much larger cock! He now now started fucking her even harder and faster than Oliver had . Taylor's mouth closed over Anna's lips kissing her as she was trying to cry out. Taylor kept driving the entire length of his massive cock into her little body over and over again her ass cheeks spread and flattened out and jiggled with each thrust as he pounded her as did her big breasts. Taylor broke their kiss and pulled back so that Oliver could force his cock into her mouth, she was trying to suck his cock but from the hard pounding she was getting from Taylor's cock and the muffled and painful sobbing cry's she was trying to make was unable to stop or slow down either of these big black men. Oliver was having a hard time trying to keep his cock in her mouth. Lee was kneeling down on the other side with his big black cock at the ready watching and waiting his turn to be next!

Taylor finally moaned out that he was cumming, as he trusted into her, stiffing up, my friend could see his balls tighten and I knew he to was now unloading his black cum inside her. He drove into her again and again as if trying to get the last little bit of his cock into her as he emptied his balls sack into her very well stretched and used olive skinned pussy. He then rolled off of her and was leaning up against the sofa, Oliver with his dick hard, just could not help himself pulled out and again climbed on top of her and drove it into her with one long hard thrust that caused Anna to scream out, he pumped into her hard and fast until he again had emptied his load into her well used pussy. Once Oliver was out, Lee had before she even realized it replaced Oliver's cock in her mouth with his. Anna was no longer trying to resist and was now shamelessly trying to suck as much of his black manliness down her throat as was humanly possible just like a common slutty street whore!

Oliver just kept his big black cock buried in her for several minutes as his breathing returned to normal and Lee enjoyed deep throat fucking her. When Oliver finally got up, I could see her big olive skinned breasts still heaving up and down, her breathing had not slowed down at all. With Lee still still pumping in her throat he pulled up just enough to spray his load all over Anna's face! With most of his cum all over her face and breasts and still with a very hard cock he had moved down to get sloppy thirds only his black cock was even larger yet! His was a monster and was getting bigger as it swelled was almost 12” long and over 2 ½ “ in diameter even with her pussy sloppy wet and well used she gasped again as he easily rammed it in! This was followed by more deeper and longer strokes, of faster and faster hard fucking. until he was spent and finally pulled it out with a resounding wet plunk! OMG my friend had never seen a woman's pussy this wide open and gaping!.., and certainly not his mothers. All three Oliver Taylor and Lee's cum along with Anna's was running out from inside her. Her light colored olive skin pussy mound and lips were almost blood red, bruised and incredibly swollen !.

Anna was gasping for breath as Oliver, Lee and Taylor gazed upon their handy work.
My friend was embarrassed by all that had happened but was also turned on and rock hard from what he had just witnessed done to his mother.
All three black men knelt down wiping the cum from her lips and gently kissed her saying to her that this was one of the best fucks from a white woman that any of them ever had! They dressed and appreciatively thanked my friend, promising him that they would be more than happy to come over watch out for and take care his mother while he was away in the Army!

After they left, he helped his mother up and into her bedroom. She could hardly stand and enormous amounts of cum were running down her naked legs . He lit her a cigarette as he helped lay her down onto the bed. His mother said now , I guess might be the right time to tell you about the farm as she puffed away on her smoke.
After his dad died she had tried to run the place by herself but was never as good at it as her husband had been He had asked his mother why it had been so hard for her to run this donkey stud farm as he had thought it was a thriving business? His mother told him son you just don't understand and went on to explain that it was not the kind of stud farm you think it was. We raised donkeys, male donkeys to service women! Mostly for underground live sex shows many in this country and many were sold to rich foreigners and other showmen especially in South America as the sport and art of belly riding by many women in quite popular there and although not with donkey's was not legal or recognized . Most law enforcement and government officials in South America gave it a wink and looked the other way. . She also went on to say that some were even bought by women here in the states that loved to have sex with animals and that donkeys were preferred over other four leggeded creatures as they made a fine pet and were quite docile. When not being used to abuse and pleasure women they were easily trained had great stamina and many of them seemed to really like having sexual intercourse with humans especially young women.

His mother then got into the real details and told him that the few people who had worked for his father left over the years and it got harder to run the business by herself. She had hired two young black boys that were about 16 yrs old as no one else seemed to want the job. They over a long period of time became quite mean and demanding. After a while they were practically running the place and ran it into the ground. They knew little about the business and were only interested in the money and enjoyed using the other young women that had been used to train and serviced the donkey's. She was scared of them as they were big strong boys and wasn't soon after this that they started ordering her around and when they figured out that she would do whatever they told her. They first had her start wearing less and less clothes and then only her panties and bra! After that it wasn't long until she was wearing nothing and was treated by them just like one of the animals. Many times she would be kept naked and on a leash and as such was made to service these virile and very horny young black studs. She really did not mind doing so as she had been without sex for some time and they were, for inexperienced young men very good at fucking her. But when they started talking about using her to help train the donkey's she, didn't want to do it. These two young black guys had run the girls off the ones that had previously been hired to do the job and train the donkeys. And with out a steady source of willing women there was no way they could continue training the donkeys. The first donkey they mated his mother Anna with was not as terrifying as she thought it would be and after the initial shock really liked having his big donkey dick hammer her, but they had plans to step up the business and really use her hard every day. She knew that this would not last long and that she would be unable to keep up and would be a ruined and well used piece of gaping cunt meat in short order. This was when she decided to leave and move to the city.

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