Darkest Desires Part 1

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It was just another day at college she had Math and English that morning. Then Video game, Anime club, and late night anime club in the afternoon and evening. She always looked forward to that. It was fun hanging out with all the guys around college that had the same interests as she did.

The day went by. Math was boring as always, and English was fun as it normally was for her. She had good teachers, but Math was never a subject she enjoyed. Video game club was her next destination. She started walking towards the den normally. (The den is what the students called the "theatre." They would show movies, music videos and such in there throughout the day.) But on Thursdays, it's used for Video game and Anime club.

As I she was walking she got this. Strange feeling like someone was almost following her. But, that would be expected seeing as it's college; there's so many people walking around at every second. It felt different this time for her, though. It felt like she was being closely watched. She was heading down the stairs towards the den when she suddenly stopped and turned her head back looking up. A few people passed her by but that was all. She saw no one else, brushed it off and continued going down.

"This is weird today just. Doesn't feel right. Oh stop it, what am I thinking. I'm just crazy."

She shook her head laughing as she walked in and entered the den seeing everyone there except a few people. Her friend Cory didn't show up, by the looks. He was gone most of the week, so it was no big deal. Haldon and Casamir were on one of the computers in there, playing Facebook games and League of Legends as normal. Dale had yet to arrive. Alex was hiding, and Garret was still in class. So all the cool people were either not there, or had yet to arrive.

She walked up towards an empty table next to the computers, setting her stuff down and turning towards Haldon.

"Hey Wonton, where's Tank?"

Tank was Cory's nickname. Wonton was Haldon's.

"He's still at home, but he'll be showing up soon for the clubs. Why?"

"Just wondering."

The out of the blue, Alex came from behind with one of his "surprise" hugs, as he'd call them.

"Hayly! Surprise hug!"

She smiled and patted his arm as he wrapped his arms around her from behind.

"Hey Alex."

He ventured off in another direction and Hayly took out her laptop so she could play some online games with the fellows.
About 2 hours went by, and Garret was finally out of class. It was a little nerve wrecking for her to see him. This past Monday, Garret had asked her out on a date, but she politely declined, saying she had a boyfriend and didn't want to ruin her relationship. So, in the end. Garret had been friendzoned, but he looked pretty happy that day. A little too happy

He walked past Hayly and petted her head.

"Hey there."

"Hey Reno! What's up?" Reno was Garret's nickname.

"Not much. Playing League with the guys?"

"I am. Wanna join us? We have room for one more."

He nodded and got on the last free computer. We all played for a while until 4pm came around, that's when Video game club ended. Hayly put her laptop away and moved to the theater part of the den behind her for Anime club. Today consisted of more episode of Macross, Ozma, Sword Art Online and the Kids on the Slope. This went on for about 3 hours until 7pm, that's when Anime club ends and the after Anime club starts. Garret headed to his last class for the day afterwards.

"I'll be there in about an hour and a half. Don't show the new Sword Art without me!"

Haldon and the others set it up after feeling like 3 hours of anime just wasn't enough, so they set up the late night Anime club. That and, there were others he and Dale wanted to show to anyone who was interested. We all ventured to a room where we watched these animes and got settled in. The animes started playing and Hayly whooped out her sketchbook. She had a thing for drawing anime, especially when watching it. It inspired her to a whole new level. Time passed by, and Garret came back from his class, greeting everyone and heading over towards Hayly to see what she was drawing. He always liked doing this, there was something about her art that captivated him.

His head leaned over her shoulder and she looked up and smiled.

"Watcha drawin' today?"

"Just another one of my characters."

"She looks nice, I really like it."

"Thanks Reno."

He walked off and set his bag over at another table, settling down and watching the Animes that were showing with everyone else. 10pm came around, and it was time to head out. Hayly looked at her phone to see if her mom was still coming to pick her up.

"I can't come get you sweetie, there's not enough gas in the car. Can Tank and his mom bring you home?"

"Shit Tank never showed up. How am I getting home?"

She looked over and Garret looked towards her.

"Is everything ok?"

"I don't have a ride home"

"Oh? I'll take you home if you need me too. How far away do you live?"

"10 minutes or so, are you sure? I'll give you gas money if need be."

"Nope. It's fine no worries. Come on.

Hayly followed him out with Dale, Haldon and anyone else who had shown up for the club. Everyone got outside and started heading for their cars.

"Dale needs a ride home too, you don't mind do you?" Garret asked.

"I'm in no rush, it's fine."

Dale and Garret smiled at eachother, with a slight smirk Hayly had noticed. They got to Garret's car, and he opened up the passenger side door for her and Dale to get in.

"After you my lady."

Hayly smiled and stepped in not knowing the consequences of what was about to happen.

You see, Dale and Garret had a secret plan seeing as Garret was rejected, he wasn't too happy. But he hid his feelings well. He just wanted a simple date, but Hayly wouldn't oblige.

This is where it begins

- To be continued.-

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