Stewardess Cindy (& Sindy) Ch 7: a Frankel Humour story

Stewardess Cindy Ch 7 – Humour & Satire

Original Story by Frankel

Cindy was so excited.

It was her kid sister, Sindy's first day as a stewardess and they were rostered on the same flight.

Cindy was a little worried, though. Sindy was beautiful and friendly and everything that a stewardess should be.

"She's not too bright, though," thought Cindy. She loved her little sister but Cindy knew she might struggle with some of the complicated things a stewardess had to do.

"I got the brains," thought Cindy. "I hope we have an easy flight. I don't know how she will go in an emergency."

Cindy and Sindy were standing at the cockpit door waiting for the captain to open it.

Though Sindy was 18 and Cindy was 19, they were almost identical. Same height, same large breasts, same big blue eyes and long blonde hair.

"Now remember," said Cindy. "Both the captain and co-pilot like a drink of milk before take-off, so be sure and offer."

"But I don't have any," said Sindy.

"Yes you do," said Cindy. "In here, remember."

Cindy unbuttoned her sister’s shirt and took out Sindy's breasts.

"Oh, that's right," said Sindy. "I forgot. Oh Cindy, please look out for me. I am not so good at remembering everything you tell me."

Cindy quickly took out her own breasts as the cockpit door opened.

The co-pilot opened the door.

"Well, if it isn't my favourite stewardess," he said. "And who is this with you?"

"This is my kid sister Sindy," said Cindy. "Today is her first day. We were wondering if you boys were ready for your milk?"

The co-pilot opened the door and quickly ushered the girls inside.

"Now Sindy," said Cindy. "Just do what I do and you will be fine."

"Good morning," said the captain as the co-pilot returned to his seat beside him. "Ah, this must be Sindy."

"Yes, sir," said Sindy. "Pleased to meet you."

Sindy was scared meeting someone as clever as a pilot. She noticed he was looking at her breasts and realised he must be very thirsty. She hoped they hadn't made him wait too long. She didn't want to be in trouble on her first day.

"Now Sindy," said Cindy. "Time to serve the drinks."

Cindy climbed on to the co-pilot’s lap and sat astride him. She lowered her breasts to his face so her nipple dangled just in front of his mouth. Sindy quickly climbed onto the captain in the same way and offered him her left breast.

"Very good," said the captain.

Sindy found it hard to sit on his lap. The captain had something hard in his pants which rubbed against her pussy.

"I knew I should have worn panties," she thought.

Both the captain and the co-pilot leant forward and began to suck on the offered breasts.

Sindy liked the way it felt as the captain sucked on her nipples. His tongue flicked around her nipples and his hand massaged her other breast. Whatever was in his pants grew harder and Sindy found herself grinding down on it.

The pilots continued to suck greedily at the girls’ breasts.

"My goodness," thought Sindy. "I never knew milk could come out of my breasts like that - and so much."

She couldn't see or feel the milk, but by the way he sucked, she knew he must be enjoying it. Sindy looked across to her sister and screamed.

A snake had gotten out of the co-pilot’s pants and looked like it was about to bite her sister in her private parts. It didn't have any teeth and Sindy realised it must have been one of the west African snakes her sister had told her about.

"Snake," screamed Sindy. She had thought she would get some reaction but both pilots ignored her and kept on sucking hard.

Cindy looked down and saw what had scared her sister.

"No, it's OK," she said. "It's his magic lever. They get hard when they have had too much milk. Remember what I said, if we give them too much milk it can be dangerous and we have to suck it back out."

"Oh," said Sindy. She was relieved. She looked down at the captain as he began to move from breast to breast. She wondered if the hard thing in his pants was his magic lever.

"If it is hard," said Sindy. "Does that mean we have given them too much?"

"Yes," said Cindy. "That's a sure sign."

"I think we better stop then," said Sindy. "I think I can feel the captain’s magic lever."

She tried to pull away, but the captain put his hands behind her back and pulled her closer, taking her left breast deep into his mouth. The co-pilot did the same to Cindy.

"Sir," said Cindy. "Be careful not to have too much."

The co-pilot didn't respond as his mouth danced back and forth from breast to breast.

The pilots continued to suck for ten minutes, and Sindy was becoming worried that the captain's magic lever would burst as it became like a rock against her pussy.

Suddenly, both the captain and co-pilot groaned and pushed the girls to their knees in front of them.

"What happened?" said Sindy.

"This always happens," said Cindy. "They had too much. We have to suck out the excess milk. Do what I do."

Cindy opened her mouth and put the co-pilot’s cock in her mouth. Nervously, Sindy reached up and took out the captain's. It was hard in her hand. She gently took his testicles from his pants as well and cupped them in her hands.

"It really is a magic lever," thought Sindy.

Seeing how urgently her sister sucked at the co-pilot, Sindy put her mouth around the head of the captain’s cock and began to bob her head up and down in time with her sister.

Sindy watched her sister out of the corner of her eye.

"Thank God Cindy is here," she thought. "I never would have believed you could put something so deep in your throat."

Sindy sucked the captain’s cock as deeply into her throat as it would go, desperate to relieve him of the excess milk as fast as possible.

"I have an idea," said the captain, putting his hands on the back of Sindy's head. "Why don't you girls make it a race? See who can be the first to make us cumI mean the first to make the milk come out."

"How exciting," thought Sindy. "A race with my sister!"

Sindy began to bob her head up and down faster and faster and sucked as hard as she could on the captain's penis. She could hear both pilots groaning and worried that they might be taking too long to get the milk back out.

She looked across at her sister and the girls made eye contact. Sindy liked the way the co-pilot’s magic lever made a bulge in her sister’s cheek as it pushed against it from inside. Sindy pushed the captain’s lever inside her cheek as well, and the sisters smiled at each other as their mouths were stretched wide.

Both pilots seemed in a rush to win the race as well and took the girls heads in their hands and began to bounce them up and down on their cocks.

"Suck it, you little cocksucker," said the captain.

Realising she might not have been sucking hard enough to draw out the milk, Sindy tightly wrapped her lips around the captain's penis and sucked with all her might, causing her cheeks to cave in.

She looked across and saw her sister had her face buried deep in the co-pilot’s lap and wasn't moving. She heard her sister gag, then the co-pilot gripped her hair and forced her head up and down.

Sindy noticed the way her sister’s breasts rocked back and forth as her head was forced up and down.

"Perhaps she does that to keep the milk fresh," thought Sindy and made her own breasts rock in time with her sister.

The pilots called out together, and Sindy was relieved to find milk spurting into her throat as the captain held her head down.

"I won," thought Sindy. She looked across and saw that Cindy had milk in her mouth as well.

"It's a draw," said Cindy. "Yay!"

"Don't swallow," the captain said.

Cindy and Sindy were pushed off the pilots and fell to the floor between the pilots’ seats.

"Doesn't taste like milk," thought Sindy. She remembered Cindy had told her that but couldn't remember why. She kept it in her mouth, unsure what to do with it.

"Show us," said the captain. Sindy and Cindy opened their mouths and showed the pilots the milk.

"Don't you want us to swallow it?" asked Cindy, trying not to spill any as she spoke.

"No," said the captain. "I want you to share it. Swap the cumI mean milk. If you swap it you will be sure you have both swallowed it all."

Sindy could see what Cindy meant. The pilots were so clever.

Cindy crawled over to Sindy and raised her head above her sister's. Sindy opened her mouth and her sister let the milk drool out into Sindy's mouth.

"Oh no," thought Sindy as she noticed the captain take a photo with his phone. "Now I have all the milk and I can't tell whose is whose."

"Now swap it back," said the captain.

The sisters swapped positions and Sindy let all the milk slide out of her mouth into her sister. The captain took more photos as the sisters kissed to make sure all of the milk had been shared.

"Now give half back," said the captain.

The girls swapped positions again and Cindy let half the milk in her mouth drain into her sister's mouth.

"Now kiss," said the captain. "French kiss so you can be sure you each have some."

The girls kissed each other, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths and tasting the strange flavoured milk.

"Now swallow," said the captain.

Sindy and Cindy swallowed the milk. It felt sticky as it went down their throats.

"Come on, Sindy," said Cindy. "We better let the boys get on with flying."

"Don't forget," said the captain. "Three serves of milk for us today."

Cindy and Sindy headed back into the cabin. The first of the passengers were starting to make their way onto the plane.

Suddenly, Sindy realised they hadn't put their breasts back into their shirts. She grabbed one breast and went to tuck it away when Cindy stopped her.

"No, leave it," said Cindy. "We have to give the safety instructions soon. Remember the passengers have to follow the bouncing breasts to safety."

"Oh Cindy," said Sindy. "Thank God I have you! I don't know how I would survive otherwise."

Cindy smiled.

"It's nice to have you too," she said. "I hope we can work together all the time!"

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