The Night My Life Changed

The Night My Life Changed
by darkfan90
This is the story of how my life change in a way I never dreamed it could. My name is Alex. I am doing my second year of collage. I am a 19 year old, 5'8”, 135lbs Caucasian boy. I am tall and skinny and I ware glasses. I have never been in a fight, but I am pretty smart. I have always been a nerd in school, but it has allowed to to do well here. As a result my parents have helped me get a condo off campus this year that I have just moved into. Witch I am very happy about, because I hated the dorms. Now I go to school with a guy named Dom who is majoring in pharmacology. He is a senior and he is very smart as well. However he is very different from me. He is a very big, good looking, black guy. He looks like a bodybuilder. He must weigh over 300lbs and is 6'2”. Now I have never been very social, never went to parties. My first year here I never made any friends, but all of the sudden yesterday Dom started talking to me. He started giving me tips on school and teachers. At the end of our discussion he complimented me on my grades and said we should hang out more. I told him sure and being exited about my new condo and wanting to impress him, I invited him over.
So there I was getting my place ready for company. I herd a knock on my door, so I rushed over to answer it. I opened it and there was Dom, but he had two other guys with him. They were huge like him and carrying bags. As soon as I opened my mouth to ask who they were. Dom threw a cloth over my mouth and held the back of my head and everything went black. When I started waking up I found my self totally naked with my hands tied to the foot of the bad and my feet tied to the head. My arms were tied behind my back with black nylon cuffs. My legs were spread and there were pillows underneath my abdomen to push my ass up. It felt like I had to take a shit. I looked back at my legs and saw straps around my legs going around my ass. I flexed and that's when I realized I had something up inside me. Dom came into view in front of me as terror set in. I tried then to scream, but I had a gag on my face with something dick shaped going into my mouth. Dom looked at me with a big smile witch gleamed in contrast to his vary dark skin. “Oh, don't get up on my account,” he chuckled. “Me and my friends are just going to spend some time here and help you make some adjustments to your life.” At this point I was paralyzed with fear. I was trying to convince myself that this wasn't going to go where I knew it would. “Look man, I know your a virgin. I can tell your type from a mile away. That's why I picked you. I think your type is so fucking cute. I can't wait to fuck that ass, but you need some preparing. I want you to enjoy this so you'll beg me to ram my dick in you.” he said fallowed by an evil cackle. I couldn't believe this, Dom was gay and wanted to rape me. I had to find a way out of this. He was right I was a virgin, but I was strait, I couldn't do this.
Dom took his shirt off he was amazingly buff. He had both his nipples pierced and looked very intimidating. My bedroom door opened and Dom's two friends came in. They were also both shirtless and very ripped. One was Latino with sleeves of tattoos. He was about 6' tall and looked like he weighed a little less than Dom. All of the tattoos on his arms were of gay men in sexual positions. The largest images were of large breasted shemales with huge cocks. The other was a white guy who was bigger than both of them. He was 6'4” must of weighed at least 320lbs. They all had huge bulges in their pants, I could see some outlines of their cocks. It looked like the Latino guy's wrapped around his leg. “These are my friends Steve and Juan,” Dom said while throwing his arms over their shoulders and kissing Juan's neck. They walked over to me and started to untie me. Dom knelt down in front of me and grabbed my gag. “Now I'm going to take this off and if you misbehave you will be punished. Just relax and let this happen and you will love it,” he said. I felt the clasp come off and the small dildo come out of my mouth. I immediately tried to call for help, but I was silenced by a quick punch to the gut. He then grabbed my balls and said, “What did I just say? We can make this easy or hard! Now tell me that you are mine and we can have our way with you, or I squeeze” My mind was screaming but I had no way out. It was killing me but I had to give in. Tears started forming in my eyes. I looked up and gave him what he wanted, “I am yours and you can have your way with me.” A large smile formed across his face, “That's what I want to hear. Now I know you probably hate me right now, but if you just trust me and relax you will love this.” He held out his hand and there were two pills in his palm. “Take these,” he said while tightening his grip on my balls. I was trying so hard not to think about it. I had no choice with three huge guys holding me down. I took them from him threw them back and gulped as big as I could. “Now what you just took was a cock-tale of an antidepressants and a new hormone therapy I've been working on. When taken together it takes away inhibitions and uncontrollable sexual urges in men. I also put a bit of LSD in there to open your mind up to the experience and make this a little more permanent. Basically these drugs are going to help turn you into our little slut,” he said grinning the whole time. Oh my god this was like some sick nightmare. He was going to try to brainwash me with drugs too. I had to fight this. I had to try to tune all this out. I was just sitting there tiers rolling down my cheeks. “Oh don't worry you'll look happy soon enough. In the mean time we have go to phase two,” he announced. Just as he said that Juan and Steve grabbed my arms and dragged me to the bathroom.
It was really hard to walk with the dildo in my ass. It felt very intense when I clenched my muscles. It didn't quite hurt though, witch I thought was weird. I always got the impression it hurt to put things up your ass. Oh god I still can't believe that these psychos put something in my butt. There was now a bunch of stuff they had laid out in my bathroom. Strange equipment, bondage gear, all kinds of dildos, and there was a plastic bag with a tube attached to it sitting in the shower. Juan and had their hands on my shoulders holding me in place. Even though I had stopped physically crying, I still felt like it. I have never felt fear and sorrow this way before. Dom stood in front of me looking like he was really enjoying himself. He put his hand on my shoulder and told me, “ok sweet cheeks, my friends here are going to clean you up first. We want your pussy to be clean before we make it messy.” They all started chuckling at this remark. I have never felt so alone. Juan and Steve grabbed the thing on me and pulled it down to the floor. Then I felt them tug at the dildo in me. Juan squeezed my shoulder and told me “don't worry baby, just relax and push out like you're shitting.” I wanted this thing out of me, I did as he said. I gave a low grunt, “uaghhhh,” as I felt my ass open up and give way. The dildo slid out, it felt like forever and I felt cold air on and in my ass. I heard Steve turn the shower on. “Please stop this, why do you have to do this?” I begged. Juan was right behind me holding both my arms. He put his mouth near me ear and said, “I'm sorry baby, but we're not going to stop. Dom is right we're not going to hurt you. We're just want to have some hot sex with you. Just give it a chance, it feels good. There is a reason that people like gay sex. Just let it feel good and you'll have a great night and want to keep partying. Now when you're having something pushed up your ass you have to push out like you are shitting. Then once it's in you can clench to hold it in. If you try to fight it, it hurts. I'm telling you this to help you.” I just nodded my head with teary eyes. I was feeling a weird kindness from Juan, but it is just a trick to get me to play along.
I was just trying to go anywhere else in my head. “Ok, ready? Push,” he shouted. Just then I felt something pushing into my ass. It felt unpleasant, so I did what Juan said and the tube slid in me with ease. “Good, now clench it,” he told me. I obeyed again, there was no way out. I was very surprised that went in my ass so easy. Never having done anything like this before, I thought I would be in agony. I was calming myself a little now, telling my self just do what they say, no pain so far. Just then I felt the rush of warm water hit my guts. I let out a loud grunt from the weird and sudden feeling. “That's it just relax and let us clean you out baby,” Juan whispered into my ear. “waaahhhhhhuuuuu,” was all I could manage with the intense feeling of the huge amount of water filling my body. It felt like I was being inflated. By the time the water stopped, I felt extremely bloated. Like I had to take the biggest dump of my life. They were holding my ass shut around the tube. They moved me into the shower and Juan told me “ok, we're gonna pull it out and you just give it a big push. You're doing great.” I felt the tube being pulled and I pushed out like he said. The water rushed out of me in a torrent. I herd the spray hitting the shower floor. I felt the pressure release as the water gushed out of me to a trickle. They turned the shower on and cleaned me up. Then they repeated this processes three more times, until the water coming out of me was clear. It felt like running a marathon. After I was done, Dom came back with what looked like a small caulking gun. “This is the last part of your preparation hotstuff,” he told me. He looked it over, admiring it before speaking again, “I am quite proud of this little invention. I created this stuff for my thesis. It is a gel that when applied to flesh causes nerve endings to become hyper sensitive. Allowing sexual pleasure to be derived from that area more easily. If the drug is applied a few times daily, it's effects last for months.” I could tell by the shape where he was going to use it. I was weak from the enemas I had just undergone. Juan and Steve were the only ones holding me up at this point. I was helpless. I was terrified of this guy and his crazy drugs.
He then walked behind me, at witch point Juan and Steve bent me over. They were so strong it was like my whole body was in a vice. I felt the point of the device at the rim of my ass. “Remember, just push out baby,” Juan reminded me. I felt it start to slowly penetrate me. It was really starting to hurt so out of reflex I pushed out. My ass gave way and it slid in easier and the pain subsided. I gave out a huge yelp, “ugggghhhhhhhhhhh.”There was now the weird filling feeling of the tool entering me. The feeling was so powerful. It felt like it was taking me over. I lost control and my dick swelled to it's full six inches. By body was starting to betray me. I don't know why my cock was so hard. It was like it was being rubbed from the inside. “Yea that's it! Looks like you are finally starting to get into it,” Dom cheered. “No I'm not! You guys are sick and you're forcing me to do this,” I responded. He then reached around and caressed the underside of my cock. It sent a powerful shiver through me and I swelled and leaked precum. “Then you're sick too cus you loved that!” he yelled. I felt the base of the tool touch my ass and the cold gel being pumped into me. He pulled the device out of me as he lined my insides with his sick drug. After emptying it he pulled it all the way out and rubbed the exes around my anal ring. My skin was beginning to tingle, and by body started to feel weird. I noticed that that my captor's hands were starting to give me pleasant sensations as they held my naked body. As I thought about this, my already hard cock throbbed and my fear was briefly replaced with lust. I knew that those pills I took must be doing this. I was starting to feel hot, and my mind kept drifting to sex. I kept forgetting who's hands they were and just focusing on how good they were making my body feel. Oh my god I can't like the way this feels. This is so sick and wrong. I heard Dom's voice, “This isn't wrong or sick, this is hot gay sex and you do like it. It's ok to be gay and like this.” Holy shit, did I say that out loud.
Dom was keeling in front of me looking into my eyes. “Hey guys, he's really starting to feel the slutmakers,” he called out. “Ok sweetie, we're going to phase three. We are going to put this in you then warm you up a bit to all this,” he said in a more loving way as he held out a big black dildo. It was 8” long pretty thick, with realistic veins and details. There was a strange electronic part at the base. I couldn't help myself but think about it going in me. I was losing control of myself. I was staring at it wide eyed, as my dick throbbed. Dom looked at me with a smile and said, “Don't worry, this is going in your love chute right now.” He then handed the dildo to Juan. I felt the cold lubed head pressing against my hole as Juan rubbed it in small circles. This was giving me strange tingly sensations running through me. I was getting lost in the amount of pleasure this was giving me. My body wanted more and I opened my ass out of reflex. As the head slid inside me, I let out a moan of pleasure. Juan started sliding the rest into me. I felt my ass stretching around the large invader. As it slid through me, my cock throbbed uncontrollably, oozing precum. “Uagg, why does, uahhh, this feel, aaaaaaah, good,” I managed to moan out. I felt him bottom out the dildo. I felt so full and it felt so oddly good. I was so confused by these feelings. “It feels good cus I'm hitting your prostate. It's the male g-spot and it's in the ass. I told you gay sex feels really good. That's why lots of guys do it baby,” Juan whispered lovingly into my ear. Dom knelt down and held out the front-less black leather thong. They pushed me a little, forcing me to step inside the leg holes. He then pulled them up to a snug fit, holding the dildo in place. They let go of me forcing me to stand up with this this inside me. I tensed my legs to stop from falling. As I did that I felt my ass contract around the intruder, causing my cock to flare. I made a loud moan from the surprise and intensity of the feeling.
It was such a strange feeling of being so full, with the trickle of pleasure it was sending through me. “I can't like this. I can't be getting off on this, I'm not gay,” I said a loud in an attempt to wake myself out of this. They all started laughing upon hearing this. “Look at you! Stop denying this and let yourself enjoy it. We're all gay and it feels great as you can see. Come with me, let me show you,” Dom pointed and exclaimed. I just remained silent in my shame. Their words were starting to get to me. I kept questioning myself, but I tried to remind myself that they gave me drugs. Steve and Juan started walking behind me to get me to start walking to the living room. Dom walked in front of me leading us. As he opened the door, I herd upbeat electronic music with odd sounds overlapping it. It was a real difficult to walk with the rubber cock in me. I was making small grunts with every step as my body griped the fake penis. As we made it out to the living room, I saw where the odd sounds were coming from. My TV had gay porn running; of a young white guy with two large older black guys. The two black dudes were sitting on a couch with the white guy stroking their large hardening dicks. Dom and his friends had me sit on my knees on the carpet in front of the TV. I was starting to get a strange body high. It felt very warm inside me and my anal passage was starting to feel very sensitive. I knew it was that gel, but I was feeling intense tingling in those areas. The drugs were really kicking in now. I was feeling overwhelming sexual urges. I was transfixed on the TV as the young man looked up at one of the big black guys with a look of extreme lust. I was fascinated by how happy he looked giving another man pleasure. He then opened his mouth wide, stuck his tongue out and licked the 8” cock from base to tip. When he reached the head he ran his tongue around it and then put it in his mouth. The black guy closed his eyes, threw his head back and said, “holy shit white boy. Your mouth feels better than any chick's. I hope you want to swallow my cum.” Hearing these words shocked me and caused my cock to throb. The boy looked up with big eyes and with the cock still in his mouth nodded lovingly. I had never seen men have sex before. My mind betrayed me. I was thinking about how beautiful and sexy this looked. It felt dirty, but that's what was turning me on so much. I was brought back to reality as I felt my cuffs coming off. Then Steve and Juan sat on either side of me. They each put a hand on my shoulder and started rubbing me back. My skin lit up with pleasure at the feeling and thought of these big guys holding me. I tried not to make noise, but never having been touched by another person, I couldn't hold my sighs back. I looked up to see Dom setting up a video camera on a tripod. “Oh god please no, not that,” I whimpered. He had a grin that never left his face. “Don't worry, this is just a little insurance and for fun later,” he chuckled. My attention shifted over to the TV. He was now taking turns sucking and licking both their cocks. I was starting to hallucinate. The colors on the TV were shifting and the edges of the TV were warping. I started imagining the cum gushing from their dicks. I almost felt it in my mouth, wondering what it tastes like. My body was on fire I was so horny. My penis was spewing precum. It was starting to run down my dick. I had gotten used to the dildo now, but I felt it every time my dick throbbed. My god I can't believe I want gay sex. I couldn't deny myself anymore. My need to cum was breaking me. I quickly brought my hand to my cock, but I was stopped by Steve. “You can't cum yet cutie. We have some fucking to do first. I know it's hard to wait, but it will feel so good,” Steve told me. Dom finished with the camera and announced, “Ok guys let's show him the all cock he will be taking.” He then pulled down his boxers to reveal a huge 9” cut, black penis. The top half was very thick, but was thinner at the base. He was rock hard with veins bulging out. His balls were giant. They looked a little larger than his cock, hanging very low and heavy. My eyes were locked on the sight of Dom naked. His muscles and cock bulging bigger then the guys in the porno. He had a perfect body, with very dark skin. “Like what you see bitch?” Dom asked with a big grin. I did like it, but I looked away silently in shame. “Ok guess I'm next.” said Juan as he stood up. It was so strange, I found myself becoming exited to see him naked. I was forming odd feelings for him. Throughout all of this he was the most loving and compassionate of the three. These odd feeling of comfort with him were turning to lust. I found the idea of giving him pleasure exiting. He took off his underpants and what a sight that was. His cock was freakishly long. He had a full hard foot long penis, cut. He was less bulky then Dom and his ball weren't as big, but his length was shocking. He also had a bolt piercing through the head of it. I had never seen a cock like this before. I was mesmerized with all these confusing feelings I was having. I mean I thought I was strait, but they were right that I have never been with a girl to know for sure. I knew that this terrifying new experience was now making me feel very good. I couldn't believe how much I liked this feeling. I had never had any sexual feelings like this while masturbating. I liked the sight of his body. Those sexy tats and that crazy dick. Juan sat back down to hold me in place and rub my back and legs. “Ok, my turn then,” Steve said as he stood up. His sweats came off and the thickest cock I had ever seen bounced out. His was the shortest of the three at only eight inches, but it was extremely thick. As wide around as the thick end of a baseball bat. He was also uncut, witch I had never seen up close either. Steve looked down and caught me staring. He smiled and said, “don't worry beautiful, you won't be taking this tonight. We don't want to stretch you too much too soon.” Juan chuckled and said, “yeah, but some of us might. That monster he has feels so good when your ass is stretched so tightly around it.” As he said this he kissed my neck and nibbled on my earlobe. This sent shivers through my body, making my cock pulse. I whimpered like a bitch, and they all started giggling at my obvious enjoyment. Juan's words really effected me as I slipped deeper into my drugged state. As I thought about Steve's cock in my ass, my body would tightly grip the dildo. I was imagining him fucking me and in my high state it felt like it was really happening. It felt like it was sliding through me giving me a kind of pleasure I had never experienced before. It was so exotic to feel the sensations of my penis being touched with absolutely no one touching it. My insides being rubbed were all I needed to have sex, and that's all these guys wanted to to to me. I felt less afraid now. I had my eyes closed concentrating on the wonderful feeling deep in my ass. I was also really getting off on the music now. I think “Take It Off” by Kesha was playing, and the bass was making my body tingle combined with my anal play. This felt great, no wonder gays like stuff up their ass. It felt so weird being rubbed on the inside, but so good. I was brought back to reality by Dom's voice. “Well this is our little slut in training. He is so cute and innocent sitting on that dildo, but he is about to be corrupted by cock. I think he is still trying to deny his sexuality. But we are about to put that to the test. Let's see how he responds to this.” I opened my eyes to see that Dom had started recording on the camera and was narrating. He held out a small remote in his hand and pressed one of the buttons. As he did that the dildo up my ass stated vibrating. I can't fully describe the feeling that hit me when he turned that vibrator on. I felt better than anything I had felt before. It felt like I was floating as I drifted off to the amazing feeling shooting through me. I felt the vibrations everywhere, especially in my penis. I had never had such intense sensations before. I loudly started moaning, “Jeeeeeessuuuuuuuus Christ! Aauuuuhhh! Ohhhh my god!” I herd Dom chuckling, “Wow, he likes that. Boys, give him some love.” Juan then grabbed my head, shoved his tongue in my mouth and started making out with me. This was my first real kiss and it felt so good. The drugs must have helped because our tongues rubbing together flt way better then it should have. My mouth was tingling. I was enjoying being the bitch of these large, strong men. Just as I was thinking of how great this was. Steve started licking and sucking on my nipples. Now I was in bliss, with these men's mouths on me and a vibrator up my ass made me feel so hot. I felt like a slutty sex object and really like it. Dom spoke up again, “ok guys, stop now.” Just like that my world came to a halt. Juan and Steve stopped tonging me and I felt the vibrations stop. I felt so tortured with the lack of that feeling. I opened my eyes only to see a big grin on Dom's face. “No! Please turn it back on,” I begged. Dom made a sarcastic face and responded, “no problem. Just tell us what you want from us for the camera and admit your sexual preference. I hung my head to hide my embarrassment. I need to give him what he wants to get what I want. I slowly choked out, “ I want to have gay sex.” Dom's face changed to a scowl as he barked out, “No, you have to do better than that! Describe what you are feeling and what you want us to do to you.” I took a deep breath and submitted to my humiliation. “I am hornier than I have ever been. I can't help looking at you big bodies and wanting you to make me a bitch. I can't believe I am having these gay feelings. I am so full of lust and it feels so good.” I looked up only to see Dom with a big smile on his face. He laughed and said, “good boy, that's what we want, the truth. Well here is your reward bitch.” He pushed the remote as he said this, sending the vibrations through my body again. The buzzing sound pulsed as my ass clenched the dildo in pleasure. Every clench felt incredible as it shot through my prostate and dick. The stuff they put up my ass was seeming to work. The inside of my ass was way more sensitive. When I clenched I could feel the head, the veins, all the details of the dildo.
My eyes were closed and I heard Dom's voice calling out, “ok guys, I think he is ready for some real dick finally.” When he said this, it's like the words lit up in my head. The vibrator stopped again. Steve and Juan stood me up and I felt them pulling the dildo from my ass. As they did this I really felt the difference in my ass now. As it slid out it felt unnaturally good. "Ok Juan, you two seem real sweet for each other. You should take him first," Dom said. My head was spinning realizing what was about to happen. The drugs they gave me were in full effect. I would have done any depraved sexual act in the world I was so turned on. They bent me into the doggy style position and spread my legs. I was getting so exited for Juan to fuck me. Dom got down on his knees in front of me. Placing his hard cock right at my mouth. He looked down at me and said, " ok, time to become a fag, open that pretty mouth and taste some cock." I looked at this huge bulging dick in front of me. It looked so sexy, so manly. I wanted to be like that boy in the porno playing. I opened my mouth stuck out my tongue and ran in up and down the belly of his cock. It tasted fine, so I tried to fit the head in my mouth best I could and started sucking and pushing my tongue hard back and forth under the tip. Dom seemed to be loving this, as he closed his eyes and was moaning loudly. Precum started oozing from the tip. It tasted so good and salty. " oh baby! That's it, suck that dick! You're doing great," Dom moaned out. I loved being called baby and honey in this loving way from these big men. I loved that these men were treating me like a hot girl with big tits. Instead of these guys beating me up like they in would in high school, were attracted to me. I then felt Juan sticking fingers up my ass with huge amounts of Vaseline, running his fingers around my hole. It felt so good, the drugs and that gel had turned my ass into a pussy. Every time his fingers hit my prostate my body went nuts. My cock throbbed and spewed precum which was trailing down to the floor at this point. I reached down to grab my dick but Dom stopped me. "You don't need to do that baby. Between that gel and the fucking you're about to get, you won't need to touch it to cum," he told me while stroking my upper back, while I had a mouthful of his cock. God this was so hot. I loved being treated like a hot girl. The role reversal felt so sexy and exiting. Like I was rebelling against what I was told was right and it felt great. Then I felt Juan on my back, rubbing his lubed up head around my asshole. The bolt was cold, as he pressed I felt the metal and just the very tip spread my ass. Juan licked my ear and whispered in a seductive voice," Dom's right honey, I am real sweet on you. I am so happy I get to make you gay for the first time. I'm going to go real slow so you can really enjoy it and want to be dicked all the time." With that he slowly pressed into me, swirling the head around in circles. My hole slowly stretched around it and it felt so good. I felt my ass close a bit once he got the head in me. It was big, but the dildo opened me up. He told me to push out like I was shitting when he pushes in, and clench when he pulls out, and take deep breaths as i do it. Dom had pulled back so I could focus on my first fucking. He had grabbed the camera off the tripod and was shooting the whole thing. Juan started to push more of his cock in me and I pushed out like he told me. I felt him slid in easier, it felt so intense. My anal passage flesh felt like the head of my cock. I could feel everything, every fleshy ridge on his dick as it slid into me. I let out a load "uuuaggg ohhh yeeeeah," as he slide four inches into me. Then three more, "ooooaahhh!" He then pushed down rubbing the belly of his cock on my prostate. I was in heaven, the feeling of his big guys cock in me rubbing me deep where no one had gone. This was the most pleasure I had ever felt. Little did I know i would be saying that a lot in the weeks to come. "Oh my god Juan! Give me more," I moaned like a bitch. "Oh yeah baby I knew you would love men. Hey guys get me a ring and put on my song," Juan called out. Steve ran to the stereo and a romantic techno song came on, “So Magical” by ATC as I found out later. Dom clamped a cockring on Juan and I moaned as I felt his cock grow larger and hard as steel inside me. "Oh yeah this is perfect, that's my song. Ok honey open up, here it comes," Juan said. I pushed out and took a breath as he went deeper. The next inch felt like it was passing my rectum and going deeper up my plumbing. It felt so intense as I took him past this next opening into my colon. I was yelling like a pornstar trying to take him. His piercing was tickling my insides, marking exactly where he was inside me. I was opening myself best I could, but this was a real workout. He slowly sank two more inches into me, which felt like 5. Ahhhhhhh! Was all I could say. I felt him wrap his arm around my chest, rubbing my nipples. And his other hand in my inner most thigh, pulling me into him. The last inch sunk into me. I felt my ass close around the cockring and his pubes against my ass. The feeling of another man holding me, cock buried inside me, balls resting against mine sunk in. I was really doing this and loving it. It felt like the greatest accomplishment taking this huge dick. Thinking this was making me so hot. My dick throbbed, causing my ass to grip my invader. Pleasure like I have never felt before surged through me. As I felt my ass tingle orgasmicly, tightly feeling every detail of Juan's beautiful cock. I was really making noise now. "Oh man this hottie took it all! How does it feel baby?" Juan moaned. "Uh, so good, ahhh, you're so deep inside, oooooh my god, it feels like you're in my stomach. I've never felt this good," I responded. "Ok sweetie I'm going to let you adjust to it before I hammer you. Oh yeah I love that ass squeezing me," Juan cooed. He then pulled me back so he was sitting on the carpet, me impaled on his lap. I felt the force from plopping down jam his snake even further in me, knocking the wind out of me. I yelped when he did this, feeling the impact shoot up inside me. He grabbed my legs and turned me around to face him. Placing my legs over his as he held me close to him. The ridges of his cock were driving me crazy as I felt it twist in me. He started rubbing my back as he ground the base of his dick into my pleasure spot to the beat of the song. He had complete control of my body. He started licking my ear and singing the lyrics to me, "it's so magical, you and me, we are one, the moon and sun, it's so magical." The worlds echoed through my head as I realized why he choose this song. It was describing the magical feeling of that I was experiencing. Saying " we are one," the way me and Juan were joined together. I was totally his right now. He kept grinding the cockring into my prostate and every time my body convulsed, gripping his dick tightly. It felt like he was rubbing my cock from the inside. These thoughts I was having combined with the anal stimulation was to much for me. My cock exploded into the strongest orgasm of my life. I had no control over my dick. Juan pushing on my prostate was unleashing my cum continuously, like he opened a tap in me. I was screaming like a bitch in heat, "ooooooh goooooood! I'm cumming so hard. It feels so good!" Large amounts of my cum were shooting all over his chest, volley after volley. My ass clung to his cock like a vice as I came. Finally my body relaxed and I can back to earth realizing what just happened. I just had the best cum of my life, just from getting a dick up my ass. No one even touched me, I couldn't believe this was real. My head was spinning. "Woooo, look at that load, I knew you were a bottom boy from the day I fist saw you," Dom cheered. Oh my god, that is what I am. I have become a gay bottom. I was so high from the drugs and the orgasm ringing through me. Juan took his hand to his chest and scraped up all the cum he could, which was a lot. What he did next shocked me and lite a sexual fire in me. He put all the cum in his mouth and licked his fingers. He then grabbed me with his hand on the back of my head. He moved, locked lips with me and started aggressively making out with me, sharing my cum in our mouths. It didn't taste bad at all, just salty and warm. But the idea of how dirty this was, was making me so hot. I threw my arms around his neck really getting into this. My dick had not gotten soft this whole time. I was still hard as a rock. Juan grabbed my waist and started to fuck me as we tossed my cum back and forth with our tongues. Holy shit, all this and I haven't been fucked yet. I remembered what Juan told me, I clenched as he slowly pulled out. My ass lit up when I did this. My prostate was sliding on his cock, my anal cavity was rippling with pleasure every time his cock moved. I could feel where the gel didn't reach. There was a point that Juan passed where it didn't feel as electric, just intense. He pulled me up about four inches and sunk me back down and repeated. I was moaning into Juan's mouth as he fucked me. Dom put the camera back and walked over to us and stuck his hard cock between us. Juan broke our cum kiss and started running his mouth all over Dom's hot black dick. I fallowed his lead and started doing the same thing. I was becoming a total dirty fag and I loved the idea. Juan started pulling out further and fucking me harder. The feeling of his cock rubbing my insides was building another huge huge orgasm in me. It felt so strong, knocking the breath out of me. Making me scream like a girl every time he thrust in. I was really getting into my fucking. I was meeting his thrusts pushing my ass down on him. Dom's dick was covered in spit and cum and Juan grabbed it by the base and started pushing it into his mouth. He got it in, but he kept pushing and trying to swallow. Then it started to slide further in. I saw Juan's throat expand as Dom's cock slid into it. This looked so freakishly hot to me, seeing him deep throat that huge dick. I wanted to be able to do that. Dom closed his eyes moaning in bliss. This was all to much for me. "Ahhh holy shit! I'm cumming again, oooooooo," I cried. Steve ran over to me and cupped his hand over my cock, and rubbed my balls. Juan lifted me all the way up, until just the head was in me and I slammed all the way down. The feeling of that whole dick sliding up in my guts sent me into a mind numbing orgasm. I thought the last one was good, but this one sent me hallucinating in my own world. Juan was putting a lot of pressure on my prostate pushing me even further. I was screaming continually, unloading all my cum into Steve's hand. As my body gripped my invader I felt like I was floating in a world of colors. All I could feel and think was this wonderful hard rod stuck in me. Steve turned around and pushed my cum into his ass, lubing himself up. "Hey Dom, do you want some ass. Cus watching our new fag here has made me want some cock." With that Dom pulled his cock from Juan's mouth and positioned himself behind Steve in doggy style. I watched as Dom's dick, slick with my cum, opened Steve's hole. He slowly sunk into him with Steve groaning. " That looks so hot you guys," I said. Dom turned his head and said, "we had to fuck cus you two are hot. I glad you like this so much baby." I had to tell them, " I do love this guys. I know I fought you cus you did scare the shit out of me. And I know I'm high right now cus you drugged me, but I've never felt so good. I didn't know you could have this much fun. Thank you guys for this." Oh we are just getting started sex kitten," Dom grinned back. Juan looked at me and said we need a break. I thought this meant he was going to pull out, but I was wrong. He stood up, holding my legs and ass impaled on him, and carried me over to the couch. This was so hot and felt great with every step. He sat us down and spun me around so I could watch them. Juan then started packing a pipe on the end table next to us with weed. He then sprinkled a some coke on it and took a large hit, getting my cum from his lips all over the pipe. He then grabbed my head and blew the smoke into my lungs with a kiss. This kicked up all the drugs in me into high gear. " wow I feel great! Let's keep going," I said. "Calm down I need a sec baby. Do whatever you feel like doing. No judgments from us ever. We love all kinds of sick shit, be yourself," Juan said. "Well I like all these songs that I would be embarrassed to listen to before tonight," I said. Ba ba boom boom was playing so I wanted to dance to it. But I didn't want to leave Juan so I did both. I put my feet on the floor and lifted up about four inches so I was half standing, ass out at Juan. I started dancing to the song and mouthing the words, shaking my ass up and down Juan's cock. I imagined how extremely gay I looked dancing on a cock with cum all over my lips. Juan threw his head back and started moaning. "Oh god baby, that is so hot. Agggh, that feels great," Juan grunted. I felt like a giddy kid again. I was in a new world full of first times. As I shook my ass I was getting myself off. I was addicted to the feeling of things sliding around in my ass. This was too much for my lover who took off his cockring and pushed me onto my knees into doggy style. Juan started pounding my ass harder than ever. Pulling way out and slamming in balls deep. I was pushing back to meet his thrusts. The room became filled with the sounds of Steve and my screams of pleasure. I loved our balls slapping together, reminding me that I'm fucking a guy with every slap. I felt Juan's cock start to throb, as he yelled, "oh god honey I'm going to cum. I'm going to breed your ass." He pushed in as deep as he could go. I was rewarded with the feeling of his pubes tickling my ass. I moved my ass around to get more of the sensation. His cock flared and I felt him unload his seed in me. As he was shooting I felt the warmth spread in me. He was moaning in my ear, going through what seemed like a great cum. This was it, this was my favorite feeling so far. I knew I was hooked then and there. Feeling a man cum inside me made me feel complete. I was giving him the ultimate pleasure and he was rewarding me with his seed. I loved feeling of his cum swishing through me. I loved his cock pulsing in me, loosing control in me. Finally Juan came down and rested on my back, still buried in me. "Oh my god guys. A man cumming in you feels so good. This is the best," I panted out. "Well then you need Dom to fuck you. He cums way more than anyone. He will literally fill you up. It feels like nothing else," Steve said. "Really? Can you please fuck me Dom," I was interested in this. He pulled out of Steve and walked over to us. "I told you that you would be begging to fuck me by the end of the night," Dom said laughing. Juan kissed my ear and slid out of me. It felt so empty in me when he was out. I didn't like it I wanted to feel full again. I had gotten so used to having my ass full. I felt his load dripping out of me and I clenched to keep that wonderful man juice in me. Dom turned me on my back and held my legs up. I was so ready to be full again. Little did I know what I was in for. Dom put some more lube on his cock head. I'm glad he did that, because now I'm remembering how much bigger his cock is than Juan's. It looked like a big black club, small at the bottom and really thick as you got to the top. This was it, Dom slowly started to enter me. Even with all the action my ass had seen tonight, taking Dom was a challenge. I was pushing out with all my might. My hole was being stretched to the extreme trying to allow my lover in. I was making a lot of noise loving the feeling of my ass stretching. I can't describe how intense this felt. I felt him get the head in me and my ass started to slide down the rest of him. I thought this would get easier now, but he was now stretching my anal passage. This caused some pain, but the amount of pleasure overpowered that. I felt the pressure on my hole reducing and saw I had taken more than half of him. I was hard again and ready for another anal orgasm. I wrapped my legs around him and slammed the rest of it in. I loved how it knocked the wind out of making me convulse. "Oh yeah you take that cock like a pro," Dom said. He started pulling out and I clenched my ass tight. My insides felt electric, my body went crazy. I lost control and started convulsing. "Aahhhhh DOM YOUR DICK IS SO FUCKING GOOD. Aggggaaaa, holy fuck!" I screamed. "Yeah baby! Your ass is so fucking tight, it's so good," Dom moaned out. He felt like the perfect fit inside me. His head was just passing a tight point in me stretching it open. I was crying out in pleasure as Dom leaned in and kissed me. I loved the feeling of a cock bottomed out in me. I felt so proud and full, but I really loved the pubes on my ass. His giant ball sack pressed up against me, they were the size or oranges. "I got implants in my cock to make the upper part thick to plug guy's asses. Cus I gave myself a treatment I invented to increase testicular performance. It made my balls huge and overprotective. I literally can cum a quart and it will all be forced to flood into you. You will never feel anything like it and you will be really addicted. The treatment has increased my sex drive ten fold. This is why I live such a hardcore gay life, it's all that works for me now," Dom told me in my ear. Oh my god he is dead serious I thought. His words and the dick in my ass was too much for me. I started cumming hard, spraying my load on my chest. One shot hit me in the chin, making it better, reminding me of how gay I looked. As I was riding my orgasm Dom started to fuck me keeping my orgasm going. I was having a rolling orgasm like a girl getting fucked really well. "Holy shit this is amazing, I didn't know my body could do this," I cried out. "Fuck yeah baby, just you wait," he responded. His cock was simulating me so much. The rapid expansion of my insides and every time he bottomed out I lost control of my body. Dom scooped up my cum and held his hand to my face. I knew what to do, I opened my mouth and greedily started sucking the cum from his fingers. Dom then slipped his hands behind my back and lifted me up. He started slamming me down on his cock fucking the shit out of me. He then stood up and started using gravity to add to his power. He was knocking the wind out of me with every plunge. I was just screaming and trying to hold on to Dom's huge neck. This was hard to do because of the dicking I was receiving. It was so crazy as I watched my abdomen swell and contract with my penetration. His hands were huge he was huge. I was so tiny and skinny being picked up and tossed around by this massive black Adonis. "I am so turned on by how big and strong you are Dom, ahhhhhhh ooooohhhh. I love your ahhggg big black cock. I am a gay bottom forever ahhh oh my god, I screamed. Steve and Juan had sat on the couch and moved the camera to better view me and Dom. I had forgot about the camera. What was going on in my apartment was more hardcore than the porno that was playing and they were getting it all on video. This situation was so crazy and so incredibly sexy. Steve was smoking the pipe and Juan was giving him a sloppy blow job. Juan was slowly getting Steve's monster into his throat. Steve was watching us fuck and said, "you guys are so hot together. From all bottoms you've made Dom, this is the sexiest night we've ever had. I had to get a better shot for the video. Ahhh yeah you suck dick so good Juan." I held Dom tight and started making out with him as he drilled me. Dom started walking while dicking me still and slammed my back into the wall. He grabbed both my knees and held my legs out as wide as they would go, putting me into the splits. He then started fucking me hard with maximum penetration. I held on to his arms and he started licking my neck like a mad man. He licked down to my chest and sucked on my nipples as we fucked. His huge balls were slapping my lower back, I was really loving this position. I was being tossed around like a rag doll. I loved the strength and domination. The tongue bath Dom was giving me felt incredible. I was approaching another orgasm. Holy shit I thought, how can I cum this much. Dom cock was really throbbing now. "I'm getting close baby, are you ready to take my load?" He asked. I remembered what he had told me about this and I was so excited to feel it. "Oh yes Dom cum in me you black stud," I yelled. He was really going fast. The wet sounds of our union filled the room. His cum covered balls were so loud as they slapped me. He gave one big final thrust as he went as deep as he could. The head of his cock just pushed past the exit to my rectum forming a tight seal as his cock expanded. This felt mind numbingly intense, as I thought this is it. I reached down and started rubbing his balls. I couldn't even fit them in my hand and I felt them contract. "Ahhh here it is I'm cumming ahhhh! Take it all! Dom yelled. What I felt next was truly life changing. I felt everything happening inside me as his cock flared and sent the first of many hot streams of cum into me. Every time I felt this I screamed in bliss. His cock was rapidly throbbing pumping inhuman amounts of Dom's seed in me and he was right. The tightness was causing his cum to have nowhere to go but deeper inside me. It felt like a hose, I could feel every pulse of cum flow through his cock and release into me. I couldn't take any more I started cumming really hard. I lost control and started convulsing as I got lost in my orgasm. I only produced a drop of cum which made sense from all the orgasms I had had. I felt a lot of pressure building in me as Dom was still pumping me with cum. He was right I was addicted to this, it was incredible. I put my hand to my belly and felt it bloating up with his man juice. I was being bred like a bitch in heat. After many more spurts Dom came down and stopped cumming. I was still screaming from my rolling orgasm. I felt so full and bloated it felt like I was going to pop. Dom was still lodged in me and then my insides grumbled and I felt the pressure reduce as my body let the cum creep even deeper in me. I blacked out for a sec from the almost torturous amounts of pleasure. I awoke on my back on the carpet to Dom slowly pulling out of me. My ass did need a break as much as I was loving getting fucked. "Clench tight honey, keep all my cum in you," Dom told me sweetly. He withdrew his dick quickly, wiped my ass with a towel and jammed a large butt plug up my ass to hold his cum in me. This was such a turn on being treated like I was actually a girl being inseminated.
Between the butt plug and the cum in me I didn't feel the empty feeling I did before. Juan pulled Steve's dick from his mouth with a load pop. He smiled at me and said, "crawl over here honey and I'll teach you the art of cock sucking." He looked so hot when he sucked dick. I did really want to learn how to do that like him. I quickly crawled over, butt plug wiggling as I did. I felt all the cum sloshing around inside me which really got me off. I got between Juan's legs and grabbed his beautiful cock, while massaging his balls. Juan removed his piercing leaving a large triangular hole in the tip of his cock. "Ok baby, you know how to use you tongue, but you are going to use your throat now. When my head hits the back of your mouth, try to swallow ad think of eating your favorite food. Clench your left hand into a fist to fight the gag reflex. When you get it into your throat breath through your nose and the swallowing action feel great on your cock. Ok, give it a try," Juan told me. Here goes nothing, I stuck his cock in my mouth and started sucking. I was rolling my tongue around it and me and Juan both liked it when I stuck my tongue in his large dick hole. I then tried and pushed his cock deeper. I got to the back and choked instantly. "It's ok relax, breathe honey. I tried twice more with the same result, but the fourth time I got his cock head down into me. I gagged again, but I had this now. I pulled him out, gave him more tongue and thought about how much I wanted to make this cock feel good. I pushed him into my throat again. Once the head was in I paused and thought about how sexy Juan was. I started swallowing and pushing more down my throat. Oh my god I was really doing it. "That's it baby you got this, when it's deep breathe as hard as you can," Juan told me starting to moan. I had to pull him out for a sec and I pushed him back in. I got six inches in but I wanted to try the whole thing. I tried again and got him eight inches down and couldn't breathe. I tried to with all my might and my throat gave way letting air through. My neck was probably expanding like Juan's earlier and this made me so horny. I closed my eyes, concentrated, and pushed more down till I felt his pubes on my nose. I did it, I was so proud and my dick was rock hard. It felt like he was in my stomach he was so deep. "Oh baby ahhh, you took the whole thing. You were made for this," Juan moaned. I started pulling out and swallowing to make him feel good. Then sliding him back down my neck. It felt so cool using my throat like this, feeling him sliding through me. I pulled him out every so often to use my tongue, and when I took him all the way I stuck my tongue out to lick his balls. It took about six minutes of this before Juan started grunting and his cock flared. He was about to cum so I took him all the way and he erupted deep in my guts. I realized I couldn't taste it so I started pulling him out to my mouth. I was able to catch the last few spurts so I could saver the taste before swallowing. I looked up at Juan and popped his cock out of my mouth after sucking the remaining cum out. "Oh my god that was great. Juan take me to bed and fuck me baby," I said in a girly voice. Juan stood up and picked me up like a bride and took me to my room. As we were leaving I saw Steve laying on his back starting to take Dom in his ass. "Have fun Steve," I called out, still in a girly voice. "You know I auuuggh, will," he grunted back. Juan closed the door and threw me on the bed. He climbed on into a 69 with me and started sucking my dick. This was my first blow job and it was fantastic. I tried to focus and started giving him head. I liked this position a lot. I was sucking him while rubbing his balls and ass. I started rubbing his anal ring which he loved, because his cock swelled when I did. I got him rock hard again and he got off me and lifted my legs up. He removed the butt plug and quickly buried his cock into me. I cried out from the sudden invasion, but I loved it. Juan started really fucking me and this fuck we great because of all the cum in my ass. I felt the loose sloshing of Juan's cock drowning in jizz as he fucked it back up inside me. My ass was extremely slippery allowing Juan to really give it to me. He started pulling all the way out and slamming back in, long dicking me. The sounds of our cum soaked fucking was filling the room, slapping and squishing. Oh fuck yeah Juan I love your dick," I moaned out. All of the sudden Steve burst into the room bent over with Dom behind him fucking the shit out of him. He was doing his best to walk with that huge cock up his ass. He was taking wide steps, while moaning and yelling, "oh yeah." They got to the bed and Steve laid his chest on the bed next to me face down. His feet were still on the floor ass up with Dom going to town on him. Steve turned his head to me with a goofy look of bliss on his face. "I wanted to be greedy, but me and Dom wanted to give you a gift baby," he huffed out. I was about to ask what he meant, when Dom started really moaning. "Juan switch quick bro!" He yelled. Before I could think, I felt Juan leave my ass and Dom shoving his cock in. I felt the familiar stretching and all the cum being pushed back up my tight ass as I watched my belly expand again. He went balls deep full force, cock head pressing my insides as he erupted. "Tell us baby, are you a cum whore?!" He yelled at me. "Oh yes, I am a cum whore! Give me it all!" I yelled back. He was really flooding me again. I opened up best I could to take his wonderful seed. It felt so crazy being filled like that again without draining any. I started cumming really hard again. I was yelling like a bitch, soaking my sheets. As soon as Dom stopped cumming, he yelled, "Juan again!" They quickly swapped again as I was again getting the long dicking. I was just coming down when Juan exploded in me too. Keeping me riding my high while riding Juan. I told them I wanted it all I guess I thought, making me giggle. Juan finished pumping his load in me and we both passed out for the night.

To be continued

Hope you guys like it! Please be kind, it's my first story ever. Thank you

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