Hot Bath

I’m home waiting for you to come back from work after a long day. I’m thinking that it would be nice to relax together so decide to run a nice hot bath for you. Once you walk through the front door, you can hear nice soft music playing and only lit candles illuminating the hallway. You carry on into the lounge and then kitchen but you don’t see me. You can hear the water running in the bathroom; you get excited.

You open the bathroom door and walk in; the room is steamy, bath is almost full, lit candles are everywhere, you scent perfumes and music is still playing in the background. I wrote a little note for you saying “David, undress and relax”. You start to undress; you unbutton your shirt and trousers and take them off, followed by your shorts. You turn the taps off and step into the bath. The water is hot as you lower yourself in; it’s up to your neck; you are relaxing for a while.

I walk through the door and sit on the edge of the bath; I’m wearing just a bathrobe. “Hi David” I say, “would you like me to wash you”? “Yes and do much more” you reply. I kneel at the edge of the bath, behind your head and take the soap and I lather my hands. I start to massage the front of your neck very gently and slowly feeling how tense you get. After a while you sit up and lean forward a little to allow me to wash your back which I do. After I move my hands to the side and start washing your chest. I caress it gently concentrating on your nipples, running my fingers over them.

I ask you to stand up and turn around; I see you now all wet and beautiful in the candlelight. I can see your harden cock and I know I want it. Still kneeling I wash your stomach and your hips. I move one of my hands to wash between your thighs and up, and start touching your hard cock. I can feel it growing in my hand even more as you move closer to me. I move closer too and lean over the edge, bringing my head towards your hard cock. I start kissing it very gently first and then licking it. I know you love it, because let soft gentle moans out as you grab my head and start playing with my hair, gently pushing me closer towards you. Your cock is so hard and smooth, it tastes so good.

Suddenly you pull away and say “I want you now” and you start getting out of the bath. I lay some towels on the floor for us and you step onto them. You hold me gently and we look deep into each other’s eyes and we kiss passionately. Out tongues exploring each others’ mouths as you undo my bathrobe and it drops on the floor.

You turn me around so my back is now facing you; I rest my hands on the edge of the bath. You start kissing my shoulders moving down to my back, lower and lower, you kneel behind me. Kissing the base of my spine and my bottom; kissing and biting it very gently as you spread my legs. I’m so wet at this point that you can see some of my thick juices leaking out. I turn my head around and look down at you; our eye contact is great and we both understand each other without saying anything now.

I feel your hand between my legs and you start teasing me with your fingers first. I lean forward opening myself for you even more. Suddenly I feel your fingers enter inside me; I feel them sliding in and out so slowly; pushing deeper and deeper. I place one of my hands on my clit and start massaging it from the front. You can feel that I love your fingers fucking me so you carry on for a while. I stop you after few minutes though and turn around.

I sit on the edge of the bath spreading my legs; you still kneel on the floor. You lean over and kiss my breasts as I start playing with my clit again. With my other hand I support myself. I feel your tongue flicking around my hard nipples, your lips sucking on them. You carry on kissing me moving up this time; kissing my neck, my face, and my eyes; passionately kissing my lips.

You feel that the movement of my hand is getting faster and faster and it turns you even more so you take my hand away and start licking my clit with your tongue. I’m so close to orgasm after stimulating it with my hand that it takes just couple of minutes for me to cum once I feel your hot wet tongue on it, licking and sucking my swollen and sensitive clit with your lips. I bite my lower lip when I cum very hard, moaning and screaming “oh yes David, oh God, yes!” I’m holding your head with one hand closer to my clit, ensuring you don’t stop as my whole body shakes from pleasure.

After, you rise up to kiss me again; I can taste my juices on your lips and immediately think that I want even more. I want you inside me so my pussy can cum this time with you. You look me in the eye, place your hands around my sides for extra support and you guide your cock inside my dripping wet pussy with ease. You look down to see your cock fucking my pussy slowly, but then you start kissing my breast, sucking and licking my nipples, flicking your tongue around them. You thrust in and out of me as I moan softly “oh yes David, mmmm”.

You move up and kiss my neck, gently biting it, moving up onto my lips kissing me deeply, looking into my eyes not stopping fucking me. I can feel your big cock deep inside me; I’m squeezing my pussy muscles around it as hard as I can. I feel you moving faster and faster in me, moaning with me now, knowing we both are about to cum. Just when I feel my orgasm very close, you speed up even more, fucking me, harder and deeper wanting to flood my pussy with your cum. I feel my pussy contracting as I orgasm hard at the same moment when I feel you release yourself inside me, cuming hard too, flooding my pussy with your sperm, so deep

You stay inside me for a while, still holding me close as our breathing comes back to normal. We look into each others’ eyes and kiss once again..

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