Sally. Part 1

Intro: This is my first story, be gentle. This is based on real life characters but is obviously a fantasy of mine and not true. Its a story about rape. If you dont like that kind of thing then dont read it.

My name is Sally. I'm 34 year old mother and faithful wife. I'm thin, athletic and
according to my son, I am referred to as the neighborhood MILF.

I still can't believe this happened to me. I feel like writing about it will help
me come to terms with what was done to me and also what I did. This is not the first
time I was raped but that will be a story for another time.

My husband and son had left for the entire weekend on a camping trip which they go
on every year. They would be gone for 4 days and I usually used this time to relax
and have some alone time for myself.

They had left earlier that morning and I had woke up late since I didn't have
a husband or a son to care for. I had just got out of the shower when the doorbell rang.
I wrapped a robe around myself and a towel around my head since I was still wet from
showering. I was nude underneath the robe except for my panties.

When I answered the door, it was Jay one of my sons friends. Jay was my sons age.He was
16 played on the basketball team with my son. Jay and my son had become close friends
once they began playing basketball together. I had given him a ride home a couple
of times after practice because his mother had done the same for my son. I knew he had a
crush on me, I thought it was cute and honestly, it made me feel good about myself.
The few times I gave him a ride home, he asked me if I worked out and how I kept in such
good shape."Yes, I do work out" I told him. "When you get to be my age you need to stay
active."He was sweet and told me I looked like I was in my twenties and that if I was
younger and he was a bit older, he would have taken me away from my husband.
I just laughed at that and thanked him for the compliment.

I noticed a few times when he was over at the house he would stare at me. He would check
out my ass or try to sneak a glance down my shirt, but I never said anything and neither
did he. I just figured it was teenage hormones. I was positive my son was doing the
same thing to someone else's hot mom or sister. They were teen boys after all and sex
is all they thought about.

When I opened the door I greeted him. Jay was tall for being 16, I guess that's why
he was on the basketball team. He was already 6 foot, and probably 150 pounds
of young muscle. His hair was short and dark and he was good looking. I knew he would
break a few hearts in his lifetime. I was just 5'3 and 110 pounds. I was fit and firm
for being 35 years old but I felt like a little girl when I stood next to him.

"Hay Jay! What are you doing here? I thought you knew Kevin and his Dad are away for

"Yeah I know. I uh, left something here for school. I was hoping I could run up
and grab it." he said back to me. He didn't try to hide the fact that he was looking
at my figure through my skimpy silk robe. Since I didn't have a bra on, my nipples
were pressing through the silk and pointing right at him. My robe ended high on my
thighs and he moved his eyes down to look at my bare legs.

This was the first opportunity that I took to remind him that I was a married mother.
"Earth to Jay. Its not polite to stare at me like that you know? What do you think Jay
would say or my husband? Why don't you run upstairs and get what you came for." I told him

"Sorry, Sally its just that" He didn't have to finish his sentence. I finished it for
him.I had heard it 100 times before.
"I know, im so hot. I get it Jay." I laughed at him and shook my head but the compliment
brought a smile to my face. He ran upstairs and I retreated to the kitchen and put
on a pot of coffee. After that I retreated to my bedroom. I put on deodorant and a light
shade of pink lipstick. I figured Jay was gone by now and went back into the kitchen
to drink my coffee. I was still in my silk robe and I didn't want Jay to get another free
look at my half naked figure. I called out, "Jay?" before exiting my bedroom.
When he did not answer I figured he was gone.

As I poured myself a cup of coffee I felt him move behind me. Before I could turn around
his arms were around my waist. I screamed in shock as he lifted me off my feet. I heard
a crash as the cup I was holding broke on the floor.

"Jay.what are you doing?" I yelled.
"Shut the fuck up and relax if you know what's good for you!" he commanded me.
"Jay what the fuck do you want?" I asked him but then I knew. He dropped me back
to the floor and pressed his large body against my own and smashed me up against the
kitchen counter. He breathed heavily down onto the back of my neck as his hands began
feeling my hips through my small silk robe. He ran his hands down and squeezed my ass
and then back up over my hips.

He moaned in pleasure as he molested me against the counter.
"You're so fucking hot. Your body is so tight. I want you so bad!" he whispered to me
I was in shock and could form no words. He continued to run his hands up and down my
ass. My eyes were wide open as was my mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening, but I tried to
remain calm. "Ok Jay, that's enough!" I said firmly but he seemed not to hear me.

He continued to squeeze my ass through my silk and then ran his hand underneath my robe
near my thighs. When I felt his fingers slip past my panties I panicked. I wriggled
and tried to squirm out of his grip but his 150 pound frame had me pinned against
the counter.. He continued to have his way with me and moaned in delight as he felt
my body. When his hand began to move around towards the front near my pussy I screamed
my lungs out. "NO JAY DON'T!" I twisted my hips hard away from his hand.

"I said shut the fuck up!" he screamed into my ear and to make his point his pushed
me harder against the counter.

"Come here" he said and wrapped both his arms around my waist. He lifted me off
my feet and began carrying me out of the kitchen. I kicked my feet into the air but it
was no use. "Jay, please.." I begged. As he dragged me down the hall I held onto
the door frame of my bedroom. He overpowered me and it wasn't long before my grip lost
its hold. Jay threw my small body roughly onto the mattress. I rolled over quickly
onto my back and kicked at him as he followed me onto the bed. He caught my foot and
roughly pushed it aside positioning himself between my legs.

He taunted me with words as I lay on my back with him pinning me down. "What's the rush
Sally? We have all weekend. Just relax and this will go easier on you."
"Come on Jay, this isn't right. Please" I begged him and felt tears begin to form.
I couldn't believe what was happening. This 16 year old boy that I had trusted in my house
was about to rape me. There was no one to help me. My husband and my son were a hundred
miles away by now. It was just him and I in the house and he was much stronger and

"Take this shit off!" he commanded to me in a desperate voice. His strong hands pushed
aside my arms and he untied my robe and ripped it open in a hurry. He was excited and he
seemed to be anxious. He ripped the robe off me with such force that he pulled
my body up off the bed and the silk made a tearing sound. I screamed again even
though I knew no one would hear me. My screams and cries of distress seemed to make
him more excited if that were possible. He began molesting me roughly and quickly
with his hands. He was not gentle. His hands squeezed my tits and he ran his hands
up and down my torso quickly over and over again. My tiny hands pushed at his muscled
arms but it was no use. His hands roamed over my naked flesh at will.

"Mmm, you're so fucking hot. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before.
I promise. I have a surprise for you too." Jay stood up off the bed and for a moment I was
relieved. I thought he might not rape me, but when he pulled out the hexagon pill from
his pocket I knew what it was. ViagraHe had planned this. He knew I was alone
for the weekend and had planned on raping me from the start.

"Took these from my dads stash. We have all weekend so I figured why not?" he said to me
as he popped it into his mouth. "Should only take 5 or 10 minutes before they kick in.
How many times you think we can fuck in 4 days?" he asked me and laughed
when I blinked back at him in horror. I couldn't speak.
I sat there on my back looking up at him still in shock.
I broke down and cried in front of him.

He didn't' care that I was crying. His hands began to gently fondle my body again while
he waited for the pill to do its thing. He got up off the bed and left me there bawling my
eyes out. He rummaged through my closet and grabbed two of my husbands neck ties.

"Don't fucking move." He grabbed my left hand and began using the tie to secure my hands
to the back of the headboard on the bed. "Jay, come on! Don't. Just let me go and I wont
tell anyone, I promise!" He grabbed my other wrist and secured it behind my bed in the same
manner as my other wrist. "There we go, much better." He took a step back from the bed
and said "Damn you look so hot, tied up there all helpless. He began undressing himself
as he talked. "You know I've been waiting for this opportunity ever since I can remember."

He removed his shirt and threw it to the ground. After that he began un-buckling his belt.
He folded the leather belt and smacked his hand with it as if he was thinking about
beating me with it. "I could put this over your mouth you know? But I want to hear you moan."and
he smiled at me. He threw the belt aside and dropped his jeans to his ankles and kicked them off.

It may have been the pill or just him, but he was aroused. I could tell by the tent
formation in his boxers. He ripped them down his legs with one quick stroke and his cock
sprung out. He was large down there and his hard cock stood straight up pointing at the
ceiling. "No I don't want to!" I said when I saw his large cock. I wriggled as hard as I
could and pulled at my bonds but they were tight and they wouldn't budge.

"What are you going to do about it, huh? You're mine now." He walked to the side of the
bed holding his cock in his hand. He kneeled next to me on the bed and I quickly turned
my head away from him.He grabbed my chin with one hand and pulled my head so that I was
staring straight at his mushroomed head. With his other hand he began smacking me in the
face with it."What are you going to do about it?" he asked again clearly enjoying this.
I closed my lips tightly as he ran his cock head along my lips. He moaned as he did this. "Ohhh yeah!
I know you like cock. The way you dress, I can tell you're a whore. You like to suck
dick for your husband?" As he ran his cock over my lips I could feel the wetness of his
pre cum rub onto me. It was disgusting and my face showed how disgusted I was. He smiled
at the sight of my tear stained face. "Maybe later then. Right now I just want to fuck
you. I've waited so long for this." he said lustily.

I didn't realize it but I was wet down there. He told me so when he positioned himself
between my legs. He began rubbing me down there with his hand and he showed
me how wet I was by rubbing his moistened fingers on my face. He laughed at me and then
gripped his cock with his hand. I clenched my hands together and my body tightened up
as he prepared to enter me. He guided his swollen head towards my entrance and pushed
forward slowly. I cried out to him in distress as I felt him enter inside of me. My mouth
dropped open as he began to rape me.

Although I was wet, he was large and I felt my vagina stretch around his massive cock head.
"Oh, Fuck! You're tight" he moaned to me. He pulled his hips slowly back leaving
only the tip of his head inside my opening and then thrust violently forward.
"Owww!" I cried out in pain. He cried out too, but in pleasure. "Oh My god!"
He pulled out slowly and rammed into me again hard. I cried out each time he violently
thrust into me. He picked up speed and began hammering away at my pussy faster and faster.
I screamed for a long time while he raped me until my voice became hoarse. He raped me like
this for quite a while but did not ejaculate thanks to the Viagra. His thrusts became
even more vicious and the head board began slamming into the wall with each push.
The bed rocked and squeaked underneath us and his moans and grunts echoed off the bedroom
walls. The slapping of our bodies as he entered me was enough to send tears running
down my face again. It was real. This was really happening. Jay was raping me and raping
me hard.

After another 20 minutes of this I began to ache down there. I had already reached orgasm
3 times before that but refused to let him know that. His sustained rape was now hurting
my insides more than when it began. I told him that he was hurting me but he didn't listen.
He was focused on his task. He grabbed my calves behind him and lifted them quickly over
his shoulders so he could fuck me deeper. His pushed his weight down onto the back of my
legs and bent me into an uncomfortable position for his pleasure.

"Owww Jay, it hurts. Ow! Ow! Stop! Ow!" Bang! Bang! Bang! the headboard slammed into
the wall. His new positioned allowed him to enter me deeper than I have ever experienced
in my life. I could tell he was finally at the point of orgasm. He thrust out his
chest and looked up at the ceiling while his hands were wrapped around my knees holding
my ankles over his shoulders. "Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh" he screamed with each thrust. "Oooooh!"
he moaned out and I felt him erupt inside of me. His seed filled me entirely. His massive
cock spasmed deep inside of me and I came as well. My pussy walls gripped his spasming cock
and milked him for everything he had. My juices mixed with his and began dripping down
my ass as he continued to pump in and out of my throbbing cunt.

When he was done he gave me a kiss on the lips and told me I was great. What an asshole
I thought. He lay on me catching his breath for a long time while still inside of me.
His cock was still hard and as large as ever. The Viagra I thought. I knew my ordeal was not over.
He moved off of me and reached down between my legs. He rubbed our juices with his fingers
that were running down my ass cheeks. He rubbed it over my face. I had enough and spit in
his face. He didn't like that. His eyes opened wide and he grabbed my throat and squeezed
hard. My face turned red and I couldn't breathe. He screamed in my face and I told him
I was sorry.

"Fucking bitch! What the fuck is wrong with you?"
"You just raped me asshole! Fuck you!" I spat back at him. I was too bold.
"Fuck you? You want me to fuck you again? I'll teach you, you fucking cunt!
I told you, you're mine now. I'm going to do whatever I want to you and you cant do
shit about it." And with that I knew he was ready to rape me again.
The fight finally left me after that and I came to realize that I was helpless.
No amount of fighting or screaming would do any good.

He pushed at my hips until I was turning over. The ties securing my hands twisted but held
as I was pushed onto my stomach. I prayed to God that he would not rape my asshole.
He must have felt my distress and told me not to worry. He said he always dreamed
of fucking me doggy style. He would have his wish.
"Come on Jay, I don't want to. You're hurting me!" I cried out. No response.

He wasted no time. His knees pushed apart my legs and he buried his still rock hard
dick into my aching pussy. He sat up on his knees and braced himself by grabbing and
squeezing at my ass while he began moving in and out of me from behind me. I felt
my ass cheeks wobble and heard more slapping noises as he rammed me from behind. I tried
to sit up. He pushed at my back down with one strong hand and my face was buried
into the pillow.

My pussy was throbbing with pain by now and I grunted and groaned each time he
forced himself into me. I bit into the pillow and cried out in pain. Once again my cries
invigorated him and he raped me harder and faster. The bed began shaking again and
the headboard slammed into the wall as he ravaged me from behind. His balls slapped
against the back of my ass.

My body was over the shock of being raped. Without wanting too, I became aroused as well.
Even though he was causing me pain, my throat let soft moans of pleasure escape into
the pillow I bit down on. "Mmmmmm, Mmmmm!" I moaned as he pulled out and thrust back into me.

He heard my moans of pleasure and lay his chest down onto my back so he could whisper into
my ear, still thrusting his hips in and out. "I knew you wanted it you fucking whore."
He kissed down my neck and I have to admit it felt good. He nibbled on my ear and then
worked the side of my neck again. His hands ran up and down my back and back down to my ass.

I couldn't help it. I found myself begin to moan louder and not into the pillow. I looked
up as far as my head would let me and closed my eyes. My mouth opened wide and I called
out in pleasure. "Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Oooooh" It seemed each time he pulled out of me, my body
couldn't wait until he slammed back into my pussy again. I was still crying at the
same time from the assault.

Jay lifted me by my waist and placed my on my knees and he continued his assault.He
thrust upwards and into me as he grabbed my tits and ran his palms down my stomach. He
rubbed at my clitoris which only made me want it more. I was conflicted. He was using my
body against my will but I was enjoying it now. I had never been used this way by my husband.
It was new to me and my body loved it and wanted more.
It seemed when I had sex with my husband it was just the same old thing. My husband was
not an animal in bed, but this young boy was and it felt great to be used the way
he was using me. I knew I couldn't stop him so I eventually gave in to my desires and let
him do as he would, without putting up anymore fight. I began to enjoy it and worse, I
began to participate.

His hands moved down from my stomach and began slowly rubbing my clitoris as he pushed
up into me deeply.He moved slowly and deliberatelyhe was not fucking me anymore. He was
making love to me. As he licked up and down my neck I turned my head to the side and
so his mouth would have more room to work on my flesh. His lips and tongue felt great.

"Ooohh yeah! Ow!Ow! Uhhhh!" I said softly to him with my eyes closed. I felt Jay reach up
and begin to untie my hands. I was surprised and not sure what I would do when he released
my hands. When my bonds were untied I reached behind me and ran my fingers through his hair and
pulled his head down into my neck so he could lick me and give me pleasure. He fucked
me doggy style for at least half an hour without cumming. The Viagra was still working.

I had a sudden desire to make him cum. I turned my body and he did nothing to stop me like
I thought he would. He sat back and watched me turn around. I looked down at his raging
hard on. It was slick with wetness and veins spidered down his shaft and dissapeared
into his thick black hair around his balls. Then to my surprise I found myself pushing
him down onto the bed with my hands. I wondered who this woman was. It wasn't me. It was the
woman he had forced into sex. It's not my fault I thought. He made me feel this way.
Its still rape. He smiled at me but I could not yet smile back at him. He lay on
his back willingly and I positioned myself on the side of him so I could take his
cock into my mouth and help him cum quicker.

"I knew you wanted my cock." he said as he lay on his back. He put his arms behind
his head to get comfortable. I couldn't believe what I was doing. For a moment I paused
while I sat on the side of him. My loins ached with a a wanting I have never felt before.
I wanted to sit down on his cock and fuck this shit out of him. I knew there would
be plenty of time for that. He had made it clear. He wasn't going anywhere tonight.

I bent down and took half of his rock hard shaft into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down
slowly and shyly at first. He was watching my face. I peered back at him with my cock
in his mouth. Ok, I thought. I'll give you the blow job of your life you little shit.

I used my tongue, swirling it around his mushroomed head. His eyes opened up wider
and his mouth parted open. I thrust my head downward further onto his shaft and
licked up and down the back of it and squeezed my mouth tight. I let the saliva
in the back of my mouth coat his dick and slurped it when I came up. He moaned his
delight and his hands began caressing and squeezing at my ass. I hummed deeply and moaned
with my mouth over his dick. He seemed to like that. I picked up my speed and continued
to swirl my tongue over his cock head and then thrust my head back down until I was
able to take his entire cock into my mouth. I felt it hit the back of my throat as I
moved my head up and down as quickly as I could. I loved everything about it. I loved
the way it felt in my mouth, the taste, the way I made him roll his eyes into the back of
his head.

I knew he was close to orgasm when his hand moved away from my ass and began pushing
at the back of my neck urging me to go faster. I did and his moans turned into cries.
His voice echoed off the walls and just as he was about to cum, I tried to pull my
head up. His hand held me there and he exploded his seamen into the back of my mouth.
I tried with all my might to move my head away but he wanted to empty himself inside
of my hot wet mouth and he did. His cock bucked and shivered in my mouth as it erupted
I felt as if I were going to cough and throw up. I opened up my mouth and let the cum that
had built up in my mouth drip down his cock. When he was done he sighed and released
his grip on the back of my neck. I spit out the rest of his cum onto the floor and
wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

I sat there not believing I had just done that for him. I felt like I just betrayed myself
and my husband. If I told anyone that he had forced me to do this who would believe me.
I wasn't even sure I believed it myself. After all, I had pushed him down onto his back
and sucked his dick like I never have done before. What was happening to me? I felt like
a dirty whore and I liked the feeling.

"Clean me up" he said to me softly while still laying on his back.

I shrugged to myself and began wiping his shaft off with the bed covers. He was still
rock hard! His dick was bloodshot and the head was bright red.
"You're learning fast slut. You're going to be my whore from now on. As you can see
I'm not finished. These fucking pills are crazy. My dick hurts now but I'm still
hard." He laughed. He ran his hand through his hair. "Get back to work"

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