A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 05

It was a typical Friday evening.

I lay in Becca's bed, breathing softly as I masturbated.

I pressed Becca's cheerleader panties against my stiff cock as I satisfied myself in her bed.

I pumped my cock furiously into her panties as I watched a video of a threesome that I had with Becca and Amber.

Becca and Amber were both in their cheerleader uniforms. Their miniskirts were pulled up while their little cheerleader panties had been pulled down and were wrapped around their ankles.

I was fucking Becca doggystyle while Amber had her twat placed on top of my mouth. She was moving her legs from side to side and allowing me to kiss her sweet pink lips. I could hear other cheerleaders moaning and masturbating in the background as they watched the threesome happen.

I breathed heavily as I watched myself push my cock deep into Becca's tight pussy. Then I watched myself bite down on Amber's clit.

Amber and Becca screamed at the same time as they reached their climactic orgasm at the exact same moment. It also happened to be the moment that I would cum.

I moaned as I ejaculated into the crotch of Becca's panties, filling them up with my warm cum.

At that moment, the bedroom door swung open, and Becca entered the room. She smiled when she saw what I was doing.

“You are such a horny boy,” she declared.

“Hey, sometimes I can't help myself,” I confessed, as I switched off the video on my cell phone. “You naughty cheerleaders really make me horny. Really. really horny.”

“I know we do,” Becca replied, as she approached me. “That's why we love giving you so much pleasure. At games, on film and in person.”

At that moment, she snatched her panties off of my crotch and stared at them.

“Thank you,” she remarked. “I could use a drink right now.”

Becca raised the briefs up to her mouth and placed them against her lips as she drank my cum.

I breathed heavily as I watched her consume every last drop of my warm cum.

After Becca finished drinking, she analyzed the panties. Much to my surprise, she frowned.

“Damn, these panties have a lot of stains,” Becca remarked. “Getting tougher to get them out these days.”

“Sorry,” I said. “I know I can really make a mess when I'm horny.”

“That's okay, babe,” she said. “I'm sure we can figure out how to get some more cheerleader panties. Ones that are even smaller and even naughtier. Kind of like these panties that I have on.”

Suddenly, Becca turned around and bent down. Her dark blue miniskirt flew up as she flashed her panties at me.

Becca was wearing a small pair of pink panties with violet lace. I could see both of her cheeks in their entirety. A small flexible string on each side of the panties were the only things that were keeping me from her ass and pussy.

“I was informed that you just needed teeth to remove these panties,” she revealed. “You want to find out if that's true?”

I smiled as I moved my head towards her ass. I kissed each cheek before I turned my attention to the panties that were wrapped around it.

I placed my teeth on the left string and bit down. The string immediately fell down. Then I placed my teeth on the right string and bit down, causing it to fall down.

Within seconds, the pink panties had slipped off of her, and I had full access to Becca's ass and shaven pink pussy. I pressed my mouth against Becca's cooch and began to eat her out.

Becca moaned as she was pleasured by her favorite mouth.

I slapped her ass repeatedly as I licked my favorite clit and tasted my favorite pussy.

“So fucking good!” Becca exclaimed.

I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy and began to lick the moist juice that had been produced inside of it. I moved my fingers against her clit, playing with it as I licked the inside of her pussy.

Becca screamed as I made her orgasm. I removed my tongue as a stream of cum gushed out of her wet pussy. She breathed heavily as her body reacted to the intense orgasm.

I slowly lapped up Becca's delicious pussy juice with my warm tongue, refusing to stop until I had licked every drop off of her legs and pussy lips.

“Such a delicious cheerleader,” I moaned.

Suddenly, Becca realized something.

I started to place my fingers inside of her, but she held up her right hand, and I stopped.

“Hold on,” she said, as she spun around and straightened her miniskirt. “I just remembered something. I actually have a really big favor to ask you.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Well, a rival cheerleading squad heard about your um talents,” she explained.

“You told them?” I asked.

“Emma did,” she replied. “Turns out that she does have a pretty big mouth.”

“No surprise there,” I remarked. “Any girl with a big mouth knows how to give a good blow”

“Hey, stay focused!” Becca snapped. “Look, the cheerleaders who asked me about you go to Tremont. Now these cheerleaders might be rivals, but they're willing to do me a pretty big favor.”

“What do they want?” I asked.

“The head cheerleader at Tremont, Natalia Verhon, is very close with an insider,” Becca revealed. “That insider is a movie producer who knows how to bring out the best in beautiful women. Well, Natalia informed me that she would give me that contact's information and see to it that I got my own movie series and a contract of at least three years.”

“Wow,” I replied. “That's unbelievable.”

“But very true,” she said. “This would seriously be huge for me. In more ways than one. All I need to do is have you meet with them and show them what you're capable of doing.”

“That's it?” I asked.

“If you perform like I know you can perform, they might want to hear back from you repeatedly,” she replied. “And they rarely take “no” for an answer. I was going to accept their offer, but I wanted to ask you first and see if you were willing to participate. Could you imagine how much a movie series and public exposure would help me financially? I have only a few hours to let the cheerleaders know if you're willing to share your sexual appetite and talents with them. Please?”

I smiled and answered her question.

“Okay, I'll do it,” I said. “It's not like this is the first time that I fucked a cheerleader. Or two. Or thirteen. Heh. Let's face it, Becca. I'm certainly not unfamiliar with this.”

“Perhaps, but these cheerleaders are a bit more adventurous,” Becca revealed.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Becca handed me her cell phone and showed me the photographs that were on there. I gasped.

“Let's just say that they like to leave marks and ensure that they have reminders of these uh transactions,” Becca remarked.

“I see,” I replied.

“I'm going to let Natalia know that you accepted her offer,” Becca replied, as she put her cell phone away. “You better get some rest. You're going to need it.”

“But can't we have sex before”

“No, you need to rest up, dear,” she said, as she climbed to her feet.

“But Becca”

“Trust me on this,” she said, as she gave me a kiss on my right cheek. “You're going to have a very long night ahead of you. A busy night with little time for rest. Take my word. Tomorrow night is going to be filled with lots of cheerleader pleasure.”

The following day arrived swiftly. It was 7:15 P.M. when I arrived at the Tremont football stadium. I pulled out the note that Becca had given me.

I followed Becca's instructions to the letter and immediately found my seat.

I sat back in my seat and watched the football game as it unfolded. Unfortunately, Tremont's football team was nowhere near as good or appealing as their cheerleaders were.

The Annapolis Avalanche were in town, and they had no intention of going easy on them.

It was 8:45 P.M. when halftime arrived. The Tremont Tigers were down 31-0 at the half.

However, I didn't really care about the football team's performance. I was here to see Tremont's cheerleaders in action.

I watched from the front row as the cheerleaders prepared to perform their halftime routine.

The Tremont Tigers cheerleaders were truly beautiful, and their bodies were truly amazing.

The cheerleaders all had black bows in their hair and were wearing black socks to go along with their white tennis shoes.

Their tops were dark orange with black stripes all over them.

Their short black miniskirts just barely covered their light orange cheerleader panties.

I smiled as I watched Tremont's cheerleaders perform their routine.

I watched the cheerleaders perform a variety of jumps and stunts. I watched them yell loudly and cheer for the crowd to support the home team.

I smiled as I watched them bounce their boobs, spread their long legs, and shake their big asses.

Cheerleaders really were the perfect combination of innocence and naughtiness, and Tremont's cheerleaders sure knew how to walk that line.

I deeply admired and constantly fantasized about the cheerleaders at my own school, but there was something equally unique about the cheerleaders at Tremont.

I hid my erection as I watched the cheerleaders perform. I was really stiff right now, and I couldn't do anything to keep myself down.

Thankfully, most of the fans went to the concession stands or, judging by the score, the exits.

After the cheerleaders' halftime routine ended, I got up from my seat and headed towards a beer stand. Becca told me to wait until the cheerleaders' routine was over before I helped myself to a drink.

As I approached the beer stand, I noticed the shadows of several people begin to surround me.

The twelve cheerleaders from Tremont were surrounding me. They all had big smiles on their faces. I immediately recognized the head cheerleader, Natalia.

Natalia had blonde hair, brown eyes, and a truly flawless body.

“Hello,” she said. “Becca told us all about you. I must say, it's good to finally meet you.”

“Wow,” I exclaimed. “I I really am speechless right now.”

“Come with us,” Natalia replied. “We have some big plans for you tonight.”

The Tremont cheerleaders led me to a classroom inside of the school.

Once we were inside the classroom, Natalia closed the door and placed a chair against it. She made certain that nobody outside the room could peek inside or enter the room and catch us.

“Where are we?” I asked her.

“Mr. Bronsky's classroom,” Natalia answered. “He's my favorite professor. Ah. If he only knew about the fun we are going to have in this room tonight.”

One by one, the cheerleaders began to introduce themselves.

Natalia was the cheerleader captain. The other cheerleaders were Bridget, Hailey, Jennifer, Alison, Andrea, Selina, Chelsea, Corey, Zoe, Annette, and Brooke.

“You look like you need to relax,” Natalia said. “Now come on. Have a seat.”

She shoved me down onto the professor's chair. Suddenly, I realized something.

“Wait, isn't the second half about to start?” I asked. “Don't you all need to be back out there?”

“There's been a rain delay,” Natalia answered. “Got to wait at least 30 minutes before the game can resume. Helps when you pay people to generate sounds of thunder at the opportune moment, don't you think?”

I smiled. Natalia had everything planned out to perfection.

“You really are a naughty cheerleader,” I told her.

“Hey, you didn't think I was going to go through with this unless I planned ahead, did you?” she remarked. “Now let's get started. First things first, we got to get you out of these tight clothes.”

With those words, the cheerleaders began to remove the clothes from my body.

Brooke grabbed my shirt and pulled it up and over my head. She quickly threw my shirt onto the ground as she exposed my chest.

Bridget grabbed my legs and elevated them. She removed my socks and shoes from my feet and tossed them aside.

Chelsea quickly unbuckled my belt, pulled it out of the belt loops, and tossed it onto the floor.

Annette smiled as she grabbed my pants and removed them from my legs.

At that point, the only thing I still had on was my dark red boxers.

Natalia smiled as she seized my boxers with both hands and tore them right off of me, freeing my crotch and exposing my fully erect cock.

“Holy shit, Becca was telling the truth!” Natalia exclaimed, as she dropped my torn boxers and stared at my massive cock. “It really is that fucking big!”

Natalia seized my cock and held it in her hands. She gently caressed the sensitive pink flesh with her right hand.

Then she sank her teeth into my cock. She shook my cock back and forth in her mouth, leaving teeth marks all over it. I moaned as I felt my cock get prodded and pleasured by her amazing mouth.

After a few seconds, Natalia removed my cock from her mouth and stepped back. A few drops of fluid appeared at the tip of my aroused cock. The cheerleaders stared in awe at it.

“Sit back,” Natalia ordered. “Tonight, we're going to do all the work.”

Hailey and Alison stepped forward. They lifted up their tiny miniskirts and showed off the cute panties that were underneath them.

They smiled as they slowly pulled down their spankies and removed them from their legs. I breathed heavily as I stared at their exposed crotches and delicious pink lips.

Then the two cheerleaders raised their panties up to their crotches and began to rub them up against their shaven twats. Within seconds, their panties were as moist as their pussies.

“These are for you,” Hailey said.

“Hopefully, you can make us as wet as our panties,” Alison added.

Hailey moved to my left side while Alison moved to my right side. Hailey wrapped her moist spankies around my left wrist while Alison wrapped her moist spankies around my right wrist. The cheerleaders secured my hands to the professor's chair as they tied me up. Then they stepped aside.

“Alright, ladies, stand back,” Natalia announced. “The captain always goes first.”

Natalia lifted her miniskirt up, slid her orange briefs down her legs, and removed them. She rubbed her panties all over my face before she tossed them onto the professor's desk.

Then she moved her twat onto my mouth.

“Now taste me,” she ordered.

I pressed my tongue onto Natalia's clit and began to lick it.

Natalia moaned as I began to satisfy the most sensitive spot on her luscious body. Then I pressed my lips against her soft lips and began to eat her out.

As I pleasured her, Natalia removed her cheerleader top and freed her boobs. She quickly tossed the top onto me and began to play with her double D's.

I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy and moved it back and forth against her wet walls.

Natalia tasted delicious, and I was eager to taste as much of her as I possibly could.

I rubbed my nose against Natalia's clit, pressing down so that she could feel even more pleasure.

Suddenly, Natalia's body became overwhelmed with pleasure. She screamed as a stream of cum gushed out of her pussy and entered my mouth.

Once Natalia had finished cumming, she collapsed into a chair. She breathed loudly as she tried to recover from her orgasm.

“Wow!” she cried, as she stared at her soaking wet twat. “I don't think I've ever cum this much in my life. Holy fuck!”

“I love making cheerleaders cum,” I confessed. “And I love it when they make me cum.”

“Well, here's something that will definitely make you want to cum,” Brooke declared.

At that moment, Brooke approached me. She turned around, pulled up her miniskirt, and showed off her big ass. I immediately noticed that she had stapled her spankies together.

“You like the way I put my bloomers together?” she asked.

“You stapled them together?” I asked.

“Makes it easier for me to put them on and take them off,” she replied.

I gasped as Brooke ripped the staples out and removed her spankies from her body.

Then Brooke spun around and shoved three fingers on her right hand straight into her pussy. She moved her fingers up and down as she satisfied herself.

Then she added a fourth finger to her pleasure center.

The sound of her fingers smacking loudly against her twat was so loud that a small amount of cum began to pour out of the tip of my fully aroused cock.

Brooke screamed as she removed her fingers from her wet pussy and allowed her warm cum to squirt out of it. I cried out as she deliberately covered my crotch with her moist pussy juice.

By the time her orgasm had reached its end, my cock, balls, and crotch were completely soaked in Brooke's cum.

“Holy shit, that's warm!” I cried out, as I felt the pussy juice soak into my skin.

“Well, let's see if we can make this even hotter,” Selina replied.

Selina seized my cock and stroked it with her hands. I breathed heavily as she masturbated me.

She rubbed my cock with her fingers, pressing her fingernails into my flesh as she satisfied me. Then she placed my cock into her mouth and began to suck on it.

Once Selina had gotten my cock wet, she removed it and motioned for Chelsea to step forward.

Chelsea pulled her top off and tossed it onto the floor. Then she took my cock and rubbed it against her nipples. I watched as she made her big nipples perky and erect.

Then Chelsea placed my cock in between her boobs and began to rub it. I moaned as I felt my cock jerk back and forth between her natural double D's.

“You like that, big boy?” she asked.

I breathed heavily as my cock smacked against her boobs. I felt like I was going to cum all over them at any second.

“Now it's my turn,” Bridget said, as she approached me.

Chelsea released my cock and allowed Bridget to satisfy me next.

I breathed heavily as Bridget removed her orange cheerleader panties and exposed her crotch.

Then she lifted her right leg and held it up in the air as she pressed her twat against my face. I stuck my tongue out and began to lick her cooch.

Bridget moaned as I ate her out.

I pressed my soft lips against her soft pink lips as I made out with them.

As I kissed her twat, Bridget removed her top and showed me her boobs. She rubbed them together, playing with her nipples as she increased the sensation.

“Do you think you can make me produce enough cum to cover these big tits?” she asked. “I really want to find out.”

At that moment, I increased the intensity of my licking and kissing. I moved my mouth in and around her twat, kissing and sucking it as much as I possibly could.

Bridget screamed as she orgasmed. I gasped as I felt her squirt a wave of warm cum all over my face.

Once Bridget had finished cumming, she rubbed her boobs all over my face and collected the cum right off of it.

After she finished, Bridget stared at her perfect rack. She smiled. As it turned out, she had produced enough cum to cover her naturally big boobs.

“Now you can taste it,” she told me.

I smiled and licked her cum right off of her boobs. Bridget giggled as I cleaned her off with my warm wet tongue.

“So you really like cheerleader cum, do you?” Natalia asked. “Well, we can certainly give you some more of it.”

Natalia placed her right hand down Annette's panties and began to finger fuck her pussy.

I smiled as I watched Natalia pleasure Annette. I could hear the smacking of her fingers against Annette's twat, and it aroused me very much.

I gasped as I saw Annette's juices pour out of her spankies and down her thighs.

Annette moaned as Natalia filled her panties up with her own cum.

Once Annette finished cumming, Natalia grabbed her briefs and pulled them off of her. Then she stuffed the panties into my mouth and forced me to drink Annette's delicious juice.

“Enjoy,” Natalia said.

“Now it's my turn,” Andrea announced.

Suddenly, Andrea snatched my cock and began to suck on it. She was so eager to suck on it that her mouth went all the way down to my shaft. I moaned through Annette's cum filled panties as Andrea gave me a truly unforgettable blowjob.

Brooke stroked and played with my balls as Andrea licked and sucked on my cock.

I gasped as I felt myself orgasm, and I knew I was about to cum.

Suddenly, Andrea removed my cock from her mouth and gripped the shaft. She held it tightly until she was certain that I would not ejaculate right there.

After a few seconds passed, Andrea removed the panties from my mouth, shoved her tongue into my mouth, and made out with me.

Once our lips and tongues had separated, Andrea turned to the other cheerleaders.

“I think he's ready to really get rough now,” she declared.

“Hmm, why don't you start, Jennifer?” Natalia said. “Show us how you like it.”

Jennifer turned around, lifted up her miniskirt, and smiled as she dropped her panties to the floor. She shook her big ass at me as she prepared herself for what was to come.

Then Jennifer turned around, removed her cheerleader top, and freed her boobs. Then she lowered herself down onto my crotch. She breathed softly as she inserted my cock into her pussy.

Then she began to bounce up and down on my cock, fucking me to her heart's content.

Jennifer moaned loudly as she rode me. Her miniskirt flew up into the air as she bounced up and down repeatedly. Her boobs smacked against her chest as we fucked.

I let out several orgasmic cries as she rode me.

“Deeper,” she whispered. “Let's go deeper.”

I angled my body and pushed myself upward, allowing my cock to move further up her pussy. Jennifer gasped as my cock was pushed even deeper into her pleasure center. My balls smacked against her twat as my cock moved deep inside of her.

Jennifer rubbed her boobs together as I continued to fuck her. She screamed as she felt my cock repeatedly pound the walls of her tight pussy.

“Alright, Jennifer, now it's my turn!” Alison said.

Hailey and Brooke pulled Jennifer off of me and allowed me to have a short breather.

Then Alison spun my chair around until I was facing the professor's desk. She leaned my chair forward until my crotch was touching the edge of the desk.

Alison removed her panties and tossed them aside before she jumped onto the desk. She lifted her miniskirt up and flashed her sweet pink pussy.

“Now fuck me on this desk,” she ordered. “And don't stop until you make me scream.”

With a smile, I pushed my cock inside Alison's pussy and began to fuck her.

Alison moaned softly as I rubbed my cock against the walls of her moist pussy. As we fucked, I picked up the pace and intensity. I was determined to make this naughty cheerleader scream.

Within seconds, Alison's breathing picked up, and I knew she was about to scream.

I shoved myself deeper into her and went even faster. At that moment, Alison let out a loud orgasmic scream that echoed throughout the classroom.

I breathed heavily as I pulled out of her. It took all of my strength and willpower to avoid cumming all over her pussy right there.

“Holy fuck, that felt great!” Alison exclaimed.

“Alright, now let's see if you can make this cheerleader cum,” Corey said.

Corey immediately spun my chair around so that I was facing her. She removed her briefs and tossed them onto the floor. Then she turned around, lifted up her miniskirt, and shook her ass at me.

“Now let's see how well that big cock fits in my ass,” Corey declared.

With those words, Corey jumped onto my cock. She moaned as she took my cock and shoved it directly into her ass. It was a very tight fit, but I knew I would find a way to give her the pleasure that she desired.

I pumped my cock furiously as I fucked Corey's ass. She bounced up and down as she rode me.

As we fucked, Corey began to play with her shaven pussy. She gasped loudly as she pleasured herself.

Sensing the opportunity to give her an unforgettable orgasm, Brooke and Bridget offered to help us out. They got down on their knees and began to play with Corey's pussy. The sexy cheerleaders each took turns, using both hands, and their mouths, to satisfy Corey's wet pussy.

I spanked Corey's ass repeatedly as I pounded her behind with my giant cock. The sensation was truly incredible.

Suddenly, Bridget rammed four fingers into Corey's pussy and pumped them as quickly as possible. Corey shrieked as the pleasure overwhelmed her body.

A wave of cum gushed out of Corey's pussy as she covered Bridget and Brooke in the warm liquid. The cheerleaders screamed as they were covered by Corey's pussy juice.

I moaned loudly as I watched Corey orgasm all over the beautiful cheerleaders, and it made me want to fuck her even harder and faster.

However, Corey apparently decided that she had enough hard fucking for the time being.

Corey moaned as she pulled herself off of me. She collapsed onto the floor, breathing heavily as she tried to recover from the orgasmic blast that we had given her.

“Now it's Zoe's turn,” Natalia announced.

Zoe smiled as she approached me.

“I think I want to know what it's like to be fucked while I'm doing my handstand,” she said. “Think you can pull it off?”

“Handstand fucking?” I asked. “That I know I can do.”

“Really?” Zoe exclaimed.

“Trust me,” I said. “I know that I can make you moist and cum in any position you want.”

“Then show me,” she replied. “I want you to pull my spankies down, make me moist, and fuck me hard.”

Zoe stood on both hands as she did her handstand. Her miniskirt went up as she exposed her orange bloomers. I could see the outline of her wet pussy lips through the thin material.

Natalia pushed my chair forward and moved me towards Zoe's ass.

I opened my mouth and placed my teeth against the waistband of Zoe's bloomers.

I grunted as I pulled Zoe's spankies down with my teeth and exposed her ass and pussy. Then I pressed my tongue against her clit and began to make her wet.

Zoe moaned as I moved my tongue over her sensitive clit and warm pussy lips. I was determined to make her as wet as I possibly could.

Eventually, I found the spot that would set her off, and I maximized the intensity in that area.

Zoe screamed as she orgasmed and squirted out of her pussy. Her pussy juice gushed out of her snatch, soaking her briefs as it poured down the back of her legs.

“Now let's get that big cock in there!” she cried, after she got back down on her feet and took a short breather.

After a few seconds, Zoe steadied herself and got on her hands as she did another handstand.

Natalia and Chelsea lifted up my chair, elevating it until my cock was right up against Zoe's drenched pussy.

Then I pushed my cock into Zoe's pussy and began to fuck her.

Zoe screamed as she felt my big cock pound her tight pussy. The blood rushed to her head as my cock made her breathing grow heavier and caused her heart to beat rapidly.

My balls smacked against Zoe's twat as Natalia shook the chair that I was in, swaying me back and forth as I pounded the sexy cheerleader's moist pussy.

Zoe screamed loudly as I fucked her. I moaned as I felt her cum pour onto my cock and soak itself into the sensitive pink flesh of my pleasure enhancer.

“He's about to cum,” Natalia announced. “Return him to his normal position.”

At that moment, the cheerleaders set my chair down and forced me to pull out of Zoe. As my chair was lowered, Zoe slowly ended her handstand. I breathed loudly as I allowed myself to orgasm without cumming.

Suddenly, Zoe spun around, seized my cock with her right hand, and began to suck on it. Her eyes rolled back as she sucked on my fully erect and aroused cock.

She stroked my balls with her left hand as she used her right hand to grip my shaft and taste the pink swollen flesh of my desirable cock.

After a few seconds of intense sucking, Zoe removed my cock from her mouth.

“Oh, my God, this cock is so fucking good!” she declared. “Holy fuck!”

Suddenly, Zoe walked up to Bridget and shoved her tongue into her mouth as they made out.

“And now it's time to move onto the finale,” Natalia declared. “Time to do what you do best, ladies. Don't allow him to cum just yet. But do whatever you can to satisfy him. Hailey, you may go first. You know the designated order from there. You have 69 seconds apiece. Make the most of it.”

Natalia pulled out a stopwatch from the professor's desk and set the timer.

“And go!” she yelled, as she hit the START button on the stopwatch.

Hailey snatched my cock, inserted it into her mouth, and sucked on it for a couple seconds.

Then she placed my cock in between her boobs. She bounced her boobs up and down as she rubbed my cock against her amazing rack.

Once her turn was up, Bridget jumped on top of me. She immediately shoved my cock right into her pussy. She moaned loudly as I moved up and down and fucked her sweet pussy.

Once Bridget's turn had ended, Annette approached me. She climbed on me, turned around, and wrapped her long legs around my neck. This allowed my mouth to have access to her succulent pussy.

As Annette sucked on my cock, I began to eat her out. She moaned as I pleasured her delicious pussy with my mouth.

Eventually, my cock was passed around and stimulated by every other cheerleader besides Natalia. All of the cheerleaders made sure to leave various marks all over my body so that I would remember how they chose to pleasure me.

“And now it's my turn,” Natalia announced. “Now free him. We've been containing his aggression all night. I think I want to see what he does with that aggression once he's been released.”

The cheerleaders immediately removed my restraints and allowed me to face Natalia.

“Now what's your favorite position?” she asked me.

I smiled at her question.

“I think you know what my answer will be,” I replied.

Natalia grinned.

“And it just happens to be my favorite position too,” she responded.

At that moment, Natalia spun around and flipped up her miniskirt. She giggled as she shook her perfect ass at me. She played with her clit as she waited for me to make my move.

Natalia wanted me to fuck her doggystyle, and I had a strong hunch that she liked it rough.

With a smile, I slammed my cock into Natalia's pussy and took her from behind.

I pounded her pussy with my cock, grunting as I fucked her hard.

“Finish me!” she screamed. “And don't pull out until you fucking cum!”

I immediately picked up the pace, taking out my aggression and every ounce of my sexual appetite on Natalia's luscious pussy. I snatched her boobs and twisted her nipples as I fucked her hard.

Natalia shrieked as I fucked her to my heart's content.

“Oh, fuck, I love being a naughty cheerleader!” she screamed, as she slapped her ass with her right hand. “Oh, fuck!”

At that moment, my climax arrived, and I knew that I couldn't hold back any longer.

I screamed as my orgasm overtook me, and I ejaculated right into Natalia's pussy.

Natalia screamed as she felt my cum fill up her pleasure center.

Her screams echoed through the classroom as I orgasmed into her. The other cheerleaders watched in awe as I pumped my delicious juice into their sexy cheerleader captain.

I breathed heavily as I came inside Natalia, refusing to stop until every last drop left my cock.

After I had emptied as much cum into Natalia as I possibly could, I pulled out of her and collapsed onto the floor. I let out several loud gasps as I tried to get my breathing back to normal.

At that moment, Natalia lowered herself over me.

“I'm not done yet, big boy,” she said.

Suddenly, Natalia inserted a vibrator into her pussy and turned it on. She stroked her clit as she satisfied herself. It didn't take long for her to get herself off.

Natalia screamed loudly as she made herself cum. Several drops of her cum, and my own cum, gushed out of her pussy and all over my crotch.

“He's all yours,” Natalia announced, as she stepped aside and sat down on the professor's desk.

Within seconds, multiple cheerleaders began to jump on me and lick the cum right off of my crotch. The remaining cheerleaders surrounded Natalia and ate right out of her pussy.

They didn't stop until all of the cum that was outside my body had been swallowed.

Once I was cleaned off, the cheerleaders helped me get to my feet.

“Next time, you can be the one who gets to discipline us,” Natalia promised. “But first”

At that moment, she wrapped her spankies around my cock and began to stroke it. I moaned as Natalia gave me a handjob with her skimpy cheerleader panties.

I gasped as Natalia made me cum again. I let out several loud moans as I filled up her cheerleader panties with my warm white cum.

“There,” Natalia said, as she slid her cum soaked panties on. “Now I'll have something to help me remember you.”

She smiled as she rubbed my cum against her pussy lips. I grinned sheepishly as I stared at the outline of her wet cum covered pussy lips.

“Second half is about to begin, ladies,” Natalia said. “Time to get dressed and back out there.”

At that moment, the rest of the cheerleaders began to clean themselves off and get dressed.

“You should get dressed too, my dear,” Natalia suggested to me. “Unless you prefer walking around outside with no clothes on.”

“Oh, right,” I said. “Got it.”

Eventually, everyone was back in their clothes. The cheerleaders quickly thanked me for my services and said their goodbyes.

“One last thing,” Natalia remarked, as we all stepped into the hallway.

Natalia pressed her lips onto my lips and made out with me. After our lips had separated, she handed me a card with the insider's contact information.

“All yours,” she said. “It was great to meet you. Hopefully, we'll all get to see you again.”

And with those words, the cheerleaders headed back towards the football field. Natalia flashed her ass at me and slapped it hard before she followed the other cheerleaders and exited the building.

With a smile on my face, I pocketed Natalia's card, headed outside, and returned to my home.

Once I returned home, I took all of my clothes off, slid on a pair of clean black boxers, placed Natalia's card on my bedside table, and climbed into my bed.

A few minutes later, I was awakened by a loud stomping noise.

I immediately turned on my bedside lamp. Much to my surprise, Becca was standing by my bed. She was wearing a long raincoat. She smiled as she held up the card that Natalia gave me.

“Thanks, sweetie,” she remarked. “I appreciate all your help. So how was your night, dear?”

“Unforgettable,” I answered. “I promise I'll tell you everything in the morning. It's a long story with a lot of details. But it was a very good night. How about you? What have you been up to?”

“Hmm, wouldn't you like to know?” Becca asked, as a grin formed on her face.

“I would,” I replied.

“Hmm, well, I don't know about you, but right now, I'm feeling very horny,” Becca declared.

At that moment, Becca removed her raincoat and revealed what she was wearing. It was a cheerleader uniform. However, it wasn't her normal cheerleader uniform. It belonged to one of the cheerleaders from the Tremont squad that I pleasured and fucked only a few hours ago.

“You like my new uniform?” Becca asked, as she spun around.

I immediately noticed that Becca had trimmed off over an inch of material from the tiny miniskirt, allowing me to get a good peek at her ass and the thin orange panties that covered it.

“How did you”

“I told you I had plenty of ideas, didn't I?” she replied. “The cheerleaders were so distracted by arousing thoughts of you that they didn't think someone would walk into their locker room and “borrow” various pieces of their uniforms. Showering away and thinking about you while I found the perfect pieces for a sexy new cheerleader outfit.”

“You realize you could get into serious trouble if they found out it was you?” I cried.

“That's why I left a false trail on my way out,” Becca replied. “Right now, their uniforms are covered up with the muddy fingers and the fingerprints of Mr. Bronsky. And I have a feeling they'll think he wants to meet up with them and have some fun.”

“So they won't find out it was you?” I asked.

“I highly doubt it,” she answered. “Soooo”

At that moment, Becca climbed onto my bed and spread her legs for me.

“So why don't you take off these little panties and punish this naughty cheerleader?” she asked.

It only took a few seconds for me to remove Becca's cheerleader panties and reveal her pussy. Then I pressed my mouth onto my girlfriend's twat and began to make her moist.

Becca screamed as I made out with my favorite set of pink lips.

A stream of cum flew out of her pussy and covered my bed as I made her orgasm.

“Oh, my God, put it in me!” she shrieked. “Put that dick in me and fuck me! Now!”

I wasted no time as I removed my boxers and freed my cock. Becca turned around and held up her tiny miniskirt as she waited for me to continue satisfying her wet pussy.

I pushed my fully erect cock into Becca's soaking wet pussy and began to fuck her.

It didn't take long for Becca to start screaming and cumming again. This time in her brand new cheerleader uniform.

No matter how much sex I had or how tired I was, I would never get sick of sexually satisfying my favorite cheerleader.

Becca knew how to make me happy, and I was determined to give her the pleasure she desired.

There had been many unexpected surprises tonight. However, I got everything that I could want out of this day. For me, it was a perfect Saturday that was filled with lots of cheerleader pleasure.

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