Sexy Louise & the Naughty Boy Part 3.

Obviously Ahmed eventually found out what his little brother got up to at my flat, but both he and Aftab have kept in close contact with me via email and text and visit me from time to time, individually of course, and usually when I'm drunk and horny after a night out I'd toss a coin to decide which brother to invite over for some fun, if I'm honest I would tend to go for Aftab more often because he talks less and tries that bit harder. Although he has told me that this has caused many arguments between him and his brother.

I was having a lazy Sunday in my dressing gown watching TV and chatting to my friends on the phone when out of the blue I received a message from Ahmed that read 'Sorry, it wasn't my fault' closely followed by another this time from Aftab that read 'I'm so sorry Louise'. Just before I could start to reply to the messages my flat intercom buzzes. "Who the hell's this?" I mutter to myself as I answer "hello?", A stern deep voice responds sharply "hello this is Mr and Mrs Hussain, we are looking for a Louise who lives here?". "Oh shit""oh no", Were my initial thoughts, it's the boys' parents, This could be really bad, really awkward. But I decided that I'd better face the music and put an end to this so I buzzed them in.

I stood by the door and listened to Mr and Mrs Hussain's footsteps as they ascended the stairs. I was obviously concerned at how angry they would be, I would have some apologising to do of that there is no doubt.

Mr Hussain reached the top of the stairs first, an unattractive overweight Pakistani man he stood at around 5,5 tall, grey jumper and jeans, with jet black short hair and a dark bushy beard. He looked to be in his late 50's early 60's. Mrs Hussain followed slowly behind and was wearing a beautiful Punjabi dress with a scarf tightly wrapped around her head. She barely acknowledged me and just looked nervously towards the ground. If I was to guess her age I'd say she would be around mid 40's.
"May we come in for a chat?" Mr Hussain said calmly in his deep voice whilst catching his breath after the walk up the stairs. "I'm not exactly dressed for visitors I'm afraid" I responded mindful of the fact that all I had on was my black satin dressing gown and my black thong underneath. "Never mind that this won't take long Louise" Mr Hussain said gruffly in response. "Ok then, come in", I opened the door and walked through to the living room still in my bare feet. Mr and Mrs Hussain followed, entered my living room and sat side by side on my couch. Mr Hussain stared at me in my gown and Mrs Hussain stared at the ground.

Mr Hussain loudly coughed and cleared his throat and then began in a strong Pakistani accent, "Miss Louise, my name is Arshad, Me and my wife have endured months of arguments and fighting between our 2 sons, Ahmed and Aftab",
Mrs Hussain nodded in agreement as her husband continued, "We have recently been made aware of why all the fighting, we now know it is because of you, how they feel about you Louise." I couldn't disagree with anything this man was saying about me, I knew I had been using his sons for my own selfish reasons so there was really only one way to respond, "I truly am so sorry to you and your family, this all ends now" I said firmly. Arshad looked at his shy wife who once again appeared to nod in approval and she seemed satisfied at my apology.

But Arshad continued to stare at the curves of my body as I sat upright on the edge of my couch, the shape of my large rump must have been clearly visible within the satin gown I was wearing. "I must say though Louise, I just don't like how you've treated my boys, they are just boys after all!, It has angered me greatly!" Mr Hussain said sharply.
Arshad then turned and looked again at his shy wife and then gave her an order "go wait in the hall please", she looked at him nervously "go! now please!" He said again, pointing at my living room door, for whatever Mr Hussain was about to say or do next he didn't want his wife to be there to see it. Mrs Hussain made direct eye contact with me for the first time as she stood up and slowly walked out the room, she looked concerned about what her husband was going to do.

Mr Hussain continued to stare at me, I could see he was looking at my chest, it turned me on that he was clearly wanting a piece of what his sons had been helping themselves to for months but surely he wouldn't dream of doing anything now?, Certainly not while his own wife was standing a couple of metres away in my hallway.
Arshad leaned forward and began to whisper, "Mrs Hussain just thinks my sons have a crush on you, she doesn't know the full storybut I do" Arshad said quietly, "I know my sons are no angels, they know all about the birds and the bees you know, I can see why though Miss Louise, you are a very attractive young woman." he said whilst making firm eye contact with me.

It was at this moment that a wave of excitement came over me, a tingle of excitement all over my body. I wasn't attracted to this man in the slightest but the idea that he would even consider so much as kissing me with his wife so nearby made me incredibly horny and I began hoping he'd try something on.

Arshad stood up and began approaching me,
I took the opportunity to stand up as well so we were face to face, I held my silk gown tightly to ensure nothing spilled out. Now as Arshad was standing right in front of me, the bulge in his trousers was obvious. "Thank you for your kind words em..Arshad" I said, "but don't you think you and Mrs Hussain should maybe leave now?".
Arshad's response was decisive, he placed his index finger to his bearded mouth and said "shhhhhhhh", “What are you doing Mr Hussain?" I whispered, I was by now incredibly excited but still couldn't quite believe he'd try anything with his wife sooooo close by!

I was still holding the straps of my dressing gown. Looking directly at me, Arshad reached out, took hold of both of my hands and gently pulled them away from the gown straps. He turned and took a quick glance at the living room door and then faced me again and carried on, slowly the silk straps were untied, they dangled at my hips, this time it was my turn to look over at the door, but Arshad wasn't concerned about that now, he quickly opened my gown and pulled it over my trembling shoulders as it fell to the floor, what seemed unthinkable only moments ago was very much happening. I was almost completely naked.

We both froze for a few seconds, nothing was said, Arshad just stared at my voluptuous naked body, and me with my eyes fixed towards the door, but of course Mrs Hussain walking in just added to MY excitement anyway.
Arshad reached out and began squeezing both of my heaving breasts, "shhhhh" he said again as he got down on his knees taking turns sucking and nibbling on my now fully erect nipples, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling for a moment.
Arshad was in no mood to stop there though, no fucking way was he stopping there, He kissed my stomach, moved his hands to grip hold of my curvy hips and spun me around, Arshad quickly peeled off my black thong, I lifted each leg as it reached the floor and saw him sneakily place it in his trouser pocket thinking I didn't notice. I arched my back slightly just to show this horny man I approve, Both his hands now focused fully on my large round ass, he squeezed and kneaded my big curvy bum, pinching and wiggling both cheeks.

Now gripping my hips tightly, Arshad quietly pushed me over to the couch, my big tits and ass shaking as we moved, my floor board creaked and we both turned again to check the door, On the couch, bent over on my knees I turned around and mouthed to Arshad quietly "what. about. your. wife?" whilst pointing at the door. Arshad responded "it's's ok" he whispered as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out what looked to me a huge 9 inch rock hard cock. "Oh my" I whispered in response, Arshad didn't waste any time, We couldn't help it, both of us gave out a moan of sheer pleasure as the ageing Pakistani man sunk his cock so deep inside my wet pussy. Both Arshad's hands reached out and squeezed on my tits as he began pumping me slowly, "Oh yes! fuck me harder!" I turned and whispered to the filthy man, He picked up the pace and began thrusting into me much harder and faster than before. There was lots of moaning and panting and Arshad's balls slapped against me, Mrs Hussain was either deaf or just simply choosing to ignore what was happening in the living room.

Arshad's thrusts were driving me to a special orgasm, my body was tingling all over, I could feel it, I moaned and moaned, no longer caring about this mans wife in my hallway, "Oh god!" Arshad let out a grunt to signal his similar orgasmic state, I began trembling all over, and it was right then he filled me with his warm seed! "Oh Louise!" he said loudly as his final thrusts continued, then began wave after wave of what was one of my best ever orgasms. "Oooh fucking yes! god yes!" I said loudly feeling my muscles clenching tightly around the married man's cock, Arshad placed his hand tightly over my mouth just to try desperately to silence my remaining high pitched noises of sheer ecstasy.

Arshad kissed my head and then quickly pulled his wet cock out from inside me and zipped up his jeans. He picked up my satin dressing gown and handed it to me. As quick as a flash I put it back on and tied the straps again.
"Amina?" Arshad called out to his wife, the mute woman slowly pushed open the door and entered the room again, she gave her husband a nod to acknowledge him. "We're done here, you go to the car now ok I’ll be right down" said Arshad handing her the keys. And with that, Mrs Amina Hussain took another look at me, at my messed up hair, at the steamed up window, at her sweaty husband and turned and left my flat. She must have known yet chose to ignore it.

Just as the front door closed, Arshad turned to me and smiled "can I see you again?". I smiled back and gave him my number, god I love the Hussain family.


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