The Beast Within Chapter 2_(4)

Evelyn sighed as she watched her son Calvin stand up and walk away. She didn't see it around the corner but she could hear him open his bedroom door then close it.

Poor kid, she thought to herself. Between the incident with the wolf then finding out his father is gone. Dammit Brian you really screwed up this time!

Evelyn couldn't help but curse her now deceased ex-husband. He was never a bad man, just a difficult one. But now he was gone. Evelyn cried when she first got the news from her ex's brother, a reaction that surprised her. Though the two were divorced Evelyn and Brian were able to mend fences a few years after the separation. Nowhere near enough to ever consider a relationship again, but enough to be able to talk and spend at least a few minutes time amicably together. After Brian's fight with Calvin two years ago she was furious with her ex, she had been ready to yell and scream and do whatever it took to get Calvin to stay with her full time. But the fight never came. Brian readily signed custody over to Evelyn and then left to travel the world once again.

Evelyn felt bad afterwards that she was so readily willing to start a fight with the father of her only child. She chose not to officiate the signed documents that would give her full custody of Calvin, secretly promising herself that if Brian ever came back to talk things out with Calvin, she'd gladly return to the status quo. But the day never came. They had talked a few times over the phone after that. Mostly just Brian asking how Calvin was or just simply relaying information about where he was. Evelyn thought that maybe Brian planned on waiting to see Calvin until he was a little older. Evelyn couldn't help but sigh again. The two of them had parted on such bad terms, now there would never be a chance for them to make amends ever again. Maybe that was why Evelyn cried, knowing the pain that Calvin would probably have to someday go through once the truth finally sunk in that He would never see or speak to his father again.

After one final sigh, Evelyn looked down at herself and decided it would probably be for the best she change out of her work suit. She stood up from the couch and made her way back to her bedroom just down the hall. She closed her door and began to undress. With Calvin living with her full time for the last couple of years Evelyn had sought a way to work from home. Luckily she had built some good credibility at her company and her boss was more than willing to cooperate. She still had to go to the office once every week for meetings and she still had to dress properly in case of a video conference call, but working from home had been one of the biggest boons she had received over the course of her career. Didn't even take a pay-cut.

As she removed her skirt Evelyn caught a glimpse of herself in her full body mirror. She had stripped down to just her underwear and pantyhose. The more she stared at her reflection the more strange thoughts started popping in her head. She began removing her pantyhose, but for some reason she decided to do it slowly. Almost as though she were teasing someone. As the pantyhose slowly slid off she took another good look at herself in the mirror while wearing nothing but her black bra and panties. She had decided to wear something with a little bit of lace around the edges and she couldn't help but notice that she looked good.

Without realizing, her hands began to move. Her right started to slip slowly down towards her panty line and her left up towards her right breast. Without thinking Evelyn then began to massage her breast while her other hand slowly but surely rubbed the crotch region of her panties. Her eye's began to close, her mouth starting to hang ever so slightly open allowing a soft moan to escape her lips. Evelyn could feel a small bit of dampness begin to form under her panties. Her hand left her crotch, moved upwards towards her panty line. Her hand slowly pushed its way under and

What the Hell am I doing!?!?!?

Evelyn's eyes shot open, her hands immediately stopped moving and Evelyn began shaking her head. "What is wrong with me!?" Evelyn whispered under her breath.

She quickly opened her dresser and pulled out a pair of gym shorts along with a simple grey tank top. Evelyn threw the outfit on and made her way back to her bedroom door. Before she opened it, she took a moment to reflect on what had just happened. You look at yourself in the mirror and start to masturbate? What the hell were you thinking? What has been going on with me lately?

This hadn't been the first time something like this had happened. Over the last couple of weeks, Evelyn had found herself feeling suddenly very aroused for no discernible reason whatsoever. After coming back from the gym one evening she was in the shower when the mood suddenly struck her. She fingered herself right there in the shower then spent another good hour pleasuring herself afterwards until Calvin came home. Several similar incidents had happened since then but this was the first time the mood struck her while Calvin was home.

Evelyn was no stranger to masturbation. She had only ever been with one man and that had been Brian. Even after their separation Evelyn had never managed to find another man. She had been on a few dates with men since but none of them ever managed to really strike her fancy. Though perhaps her body was telling her something now. Maybe these urges are her bodies way of telling Evelyn she needed to go out there and get herself a man. Perhaps I do need to find myself a boyfriend. Though after tonight, I may have to wait a while out of consideration for Calvin's feelings. His mother dating someone so soon after his fathers death may be a little too much.


"Calvin honey? I left your dinner on the counter. You can heat it up as soon as you get hungry." Evelyn said after knocking on her sons door. When she got no response she turned and walked back to the living room. He probably just wants to be alone for a while longer. He's a teenager, he'll come out when he's hungry.

Evelyn laid back on the couch and continued watching her program. A documentary about how different species use pheromones to attract their mates. Evelyn watched for a few more minutes before deciding to just turn it off. Okay girl, when watching a documentary on mating habits in the wild is starting to get you just a little bit turned on something is wrong with you. And with that Evelyn turned off the television.

After turning the TV off and placing the remote back on the table, Evelyn noticed something moving on the other side of the lounge chair.

"Calvin? Is that you?" She asked inquisitively.

She stood up from the couch and slowly moved over to the chair trying to get a better look at what was crouching in the dark.

"Calvin honey what are you doing down there? Why are you-"

Her words were caught in her throat as she looked down at the monstrous beast that now began to slowly move out of the shadows. A wolf, a very large wolf. It looked her in the eyes, and began to growl. "C C Ca Cal vin" She managed to barely squeak out.

Evelyn slowly began to turn towards Calvin's bedroom. We need to get out of here. "Ca Ca Cal vin"

The wolf stepped towards Evelyn, and Evelyn ran. Ran as fast as she could hoping to get to Calvin before the wolf could maul her. But the wolf had somehow run in front of her and now stood mere inches from Calvin's door facing Evelyn. Stopping in mid run, Evelyn couldn't help but shriek at the wolf as she turned as quickly as she could and made a beeline straight for her own bedroom. She got through the door frame but as soon as she began to turn to slam the door shut, Evelyn suddenly felt a strong shove against her back. She fell forward past the door and further into her bedroom. Then she heard the door slam. Evelyn turned to look behind her hoping against all hope that she had somehow closed the door after being shoved and locking the beast out of her bedroom. She hadn't, the wolf had somehow closed the door behind it.

She was trapped.

No longer thinking clearly and in mid-panic, Evelyn crawled away desperately. Not knowing how she would escape, only knowing she wanted to get away from the Beast. She suddenly felt a tug on her pants line. Evelyn turned her head and saw the Beast unlatch its jaw from her shorts, then it stepped above her and placed its paw on her shoulder then shoved her face into the carpet.

Evelyn was terrified. "Calvin Calvin!" She called out, her voice had returned somewhat but was barely louder than a whisper.

The Beast leaned down next to her ear, and began to growl. Evelyn looked into the creatures eyes. Something was strange though. Despite feeling overcome by terror, something in the Beasts eyes calmed her. She was still shaking but something in those eyes told her she was going to be okay. When the Beast leaned up and looked down at Evelyn, it was almost as if the Beast was sizing her up. In fact, she almost thought she could see a smirk on the Beasts lips. When her eyes drifted down however she once again felt fear. She saw the wolfs penis. She knew then what the Beast wanted.

"Oh God NO!" She desperately tried to crawl away again, but the wolf wasn't going to let his prey escape. Evelyn suddenly felt his jaws around her throat. There was no force behind them, but she knew what it meant. It was an act of dominance. The Beast removed his jaws and once again leaned next to her ear and growled. Evelyn looked into the wolfs eyes once more and understood what she needed to do. Evelyn lowered her head to the floor while at the same time raising her hips into the air. Evelyn had given up, she now knew that the only way to somehow make it out of this mess, was to give him what he wanted.

The next thing Evelyn knew, her shorts had been ripped off. She gasped. Her panties were somehow still in place but that gave her little comfort. After a tense moment she suddenly felt the wolfs breath on her crotch. Evelyn then realized she was wearing the same panties from when she almost masturbated earlier. Somehow that thought turned her on a little. Turned on!?!? What am I thinking? I'm about to be raped by a Wolf!

The wolf began to nuzzle his face and lick his way around Evelyn's crotch and Evelyn found herself letting out an involuntary moan. Why? Why!? Why am I feeling good?

For a moment Evelyn tried to pull away from his tongue, but to no avail. The wolf reached around her hips with his paws and held her in place while his licking grew more intense. After several more minutes, Evelyn was trembling. She had stopped fighting and couldn't help but feel pleasure at what the wolf was doing. " Aahh Aahh No Ooh"

Suddenly the wolf stopped and Evelyn heard a ripping sound. He had ripped her panties off and immediately reapplied his tongue. This time, directly to her pussy. The cold wet sensation shocked Evelyn and started to bring her further and further into a blissful state. Despite everything that was happening, Evelyn was feeling good. More than good, this wolf's tongue was the best thing her pussy had felt since her divorce. Even her recent masturbation sessions failed to come close to this. "Ooh Oh God Noo Aah"

Just as quickly as he had started though, the wolf suddenly stopped his tongues exploration of Evelyn's nether regions. Evelyn suddenly felt a tug as the wolf's legs that had wrapped around her before had now pulled her in closer to him and placed themselves around her waist instead. That was when she felt it, he was mounting her. The moment she had been dreading had come. She turned her head to look him in the eye one last time. The pleasure she had felt moments before was gone now. Her terror saw to that. She looked deep into the Beasts eyes, silently imploring him to stop one last time. She thought for a second she had glimpsed yet another smirk on his lips.


In one powerful thrust he ripped through her barrier and plunged his member deep into Evelyn's Pussy. Again and again he thrust into her, his penis plunging in and out of her insides. Her body swayed back and forth to his thrusts as he pounded away at her with a primal lust.

His initial penetration had forced her face back into the carpet, but as he continued and developed a steady pace Evelyn pushed herself back up somewhat. It was happening, the moment she knew would come but had hoped it somehow wouldn't. I'm I'm being raped. I'm being raped by a wolf!

" Stop Stop Please Stop" Evelyn whimpered, but the Beast didn't stop. In fact, he seemed to be spurred on by her plea's to stop.

But then something happened. A wave of pleasure shot through Evelyn's body. Where had it come from? Why was she feeling pleasure from being raped? Evelyn had no idea what was going on with her. She had no time to contemplate it however, as her mind slowly began to descend into a state of bliss. For reasons unbeknownst to Evelyn, the wolfs thrusting had begun to feel good. " Stop Ah Ooh Stop Ah Ahh Aah Stop Ah Don't Stop"


" Ah Ah Ah Don't Stop Ah Ahh Harder"

What am I saying? Evelyn thought to herself. But before she knew it, her hips had begun to move back and forth to meet the wolfs thrusts. Why? Why does Why does it feel so good!?

Evelyn had lost all reason, she had given into the pleasure. She no longer resisted, she was now fully matching the wolfs movements as he pounded away at her pussy and fucked her.

"Ah Ah Harder Faster Ah Ah Ah Ah Please"

It was as though he understood what she was saying. He fucked her harder. With each thrust he reached a little bit deeper. With each pound he fucked her a little bit harder. He began to lick her on the back of her neck. As soon as she felt the warmth of his tongue she turned her head and met his tongue with her mouth. It was the wildest, sloppiest, most depraved kiss in Evelyn's life. She had no idea what gave her the urge to do so, but she didn't care, not at this point. Not with the large penis plunging in and out of her, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. The large penis that was starting to move faster and harder, that was also beginning to swell.

She knew what was coming, and she responded by moving her hips faster and squeezing down with her pussy. Then, she began to feel something inside of herself. "Cum Ah Ah Cumming Ah I'm Cumming Ah Too!"

The wolfs thrusting was at it's peak, his paws gripped themselves around her pulling Evelyn in closer to him. Then with one final thrust, Evelyn felt something warm rushing threw her pussy and up all the way into her womb. The wolf had released his seed inside of her.

"Cum I'm CUMMING!" Evelyn screamed as her back arched and body tensed while the wolfs cum continued to force it's way inside of her womb. Soon enough her body loosened itself up again, and she collapsed face first onto the carpet.

Her mind was blank. She couldn't think. She barely even noticed when the wolf pulled himself out of her pussy. Something about it felt weird, different then what she was used to. But she didn't care. Her eyes felt heavy all of a sudden. Her body was weak. As her eyes began to close she could feel the warmth of the wolfs seed both inside of her and pouring out of her. She could almost make out a howl next to her. Was it the wolf announcing his victory? Most likely. After all, he got what he wanted.

But the howling stopped, the wolf was now leaning his face down next to Evelyn's. He licked her under her eyes. It was then that Evelyn noticed that she was crying. As Evelyn began to drift away into sleep, she thought she heard the wolf trot away. Then she heard the sound of what might have been her bedroom door opening. But wolves can't open doors. Can they? Before she could think on it further however, Evelyn fell deep asleep.

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