One in a Million Ch. 8


Jo groaned as she was awakened by loud talking and a killer migraine. She groaned again from the pain and all the talking around her suddenly went quiet. ‘Something's not right’ Jo thought and in that same moment, jo realized something was covering her face and obscuring her vision. She also realized that her hands and wrist were bound with what felt like zip-ties. ‘Shit, i’m being kidnapped!’ Jo thought as she began struggling. she felt someone try to reposition her on their shoulder and she swung both her feet with all of her might and was rewarded by a painful sounding “Oomph!” “Hey!” someone yelled farther up. ”Cut it out back there!” “Sorry man!” said the guy who was carrying her. “She’s starting to put up a fight.” “Perfect, that means she’s starting to wake up.”

Jo calmed herself in an effort to hear more pieces of the conversation, but all was silent again. Jo took a couple of deep breaths to calm her nerves and tried to figure out what she could do and what was going on.After a moment she realised that she heard a bunch of noises that hadn’t noticed before, like the rustling of trees, leaves crunching underfoot and she felt a soft breeze going on around her. ‘Okay’ Jo thought. ‘They’ve taken me to the forest and judging by the humidity on the wind, it’s going to storm soon, now I just need to figure out who they are and what they want.

While Jo pondered on a way to achieve this, she heard the voice up front again, who she guessed was the leader, Say “Stop, this is good enough.” She was set down roughly and the blindfold was ripped from her eyes. She blinked a few times to adjust to the light before she realized she was staring at the ugly face of Derrick Cohen. “Why hello there sleeping beauty, enjoy the ride?”

Jo stared for a moment, then, aiming carefully, reared her head back and headbutted him viciously. Derrick gave a small yelp of pain and scuttled backward before landing on his ass painfully. “Ow! The bitch just hit me!” One of his goons walked up to Jo and punched her. Hard. Jo was stunned, she had been punched before but not by a football player, and certainly not this hard. The force of the blow had knocked her sideways, But a swift kick to the ribs righted her again. Jo gasped as the kick sent a sharp pain shooting through her entire body. Derrick walked up and yanked her by her hair. she gritted her teeth against the pain and the tears that threatened to fall. “It’s about time you learned a lesson in respect slut!” Jo heard a zipper open and felt something warm press against her cheek. “Suck it and maybe we’ll let you go.” “No.” jo said still pressing her eyes shut. “What was that?” Derrick asked bending down to hear better. “I said I won’t do it.” there was silence for a moment which was broken by derrick chuckling. “You won’t do it? oh okay, good to know.” there was another silence in which jo had the hope that maybe derrick would let her go, but the hope was quickly crushed as derrick rammed his knee into her nose, sending blood gushing and possibly breaking it as well.
“Bitch! you don’t seem to get it! You don’t get to tell me what to do! Right now, I own you!” Derrick leaned in close again. “And this time, your Freak of a brother isn’t here to save you.” Jo lowered her head thinking he was right, with the way she had treated him lately, there was no way he would come to her rescue. All of her hope had just about disappeared when she heard a sound like Bomb falling through the air. An explosion ripped through the air throwing three of Derrick’s companions in the air. Jo opened her eyes and noticed a huge crater in the ground a few feet in front of her, and standing in the middle of the wreckage was J.P, his now white hair standing straight up, his bright yellow eyes shining with rage. “That.” J.P said walking out of the crater glaring at Derrick. “Is where you are wrong.”


I was so pissed off it wasn’t even funny.

I saw everything that was happening to Jo and it made his blood boil. I was past thinking about someone seeing me, the only thing I wanted now was blood. I slammed into the ground at a startling rate, creating a crater in the ground, just as I heard Derrick say “And this time, your freak of a brother isn’t here to save you.” I stood up out the wreckage glaring holes into Derrick a few feet from where he was previously standing. I saw Jo still tied up tears streaming down her face and multiple bruises coloring her delicate body. She locked eyes with me and whispered a few words that seemed to take all of her strength to say. “J.P…..Help…..”

I went fucking insane

I grabbed the nearest guy to me and flung him into a tree so hard, It snapped in two pieces. I then kicked the hell out of another who tried to tackle me who tripped up another three who were trying to get their bearings. I then then felt something approaching behind me and swung my fist and took a guy try to brain me with a rock he found, which dropped on the poor dude’s foot breaking it. But I was beyond sympathy right now, I was a freaking animal and they were all going to pay for what they‘ve done. Once I finished off the rest of the team, I turned his attention to Derrick, but screeched to halt when I saw him holding a knife under Jo’s neck, a stream of blood trickling down.

“D-Don’t move a single step you monster! O-or I’ll slit her throat!” My vision turned red. ‘How dare he touch her? Much less hold her hostage!’ I suddenly felt a strange tingling on my arms and when I looked down, I saw my arms were encased in Electricity. I turned back towards Derrick, who had dropped the knife and had sunk to his knees with a mysterious black spot on the center of his pants. “You have tortured me for years, been bullying the school for years and have threatened my sister twice.” I raised my hand as a spear of lightning formed in my hand. “You end here.” I threw the bolt and Derrick screamed as he was thrown almost fifty miles away. Everything grew quiet as the screams eventually faded into nothing. I eventually felt my anger drain away and all that was left was exhaustion and fear. I didn’t look at Jo either because I didn't want to see the look of horror on her face as she realized just what a freak I am.

We still needed to get her out of here though. So I took a deep breath and turned around slowly. I was grateful to see her eyes were closed, but she didn’t seem to be breathing. I rushed over to her and checked her wounds. Nothing seemed to be too critical, but she still needed some help quickly. I concentrated on the image of her wounds closing and healing themselves and pushed out my energy toward her. I saw the wounds closed and heal themselves in front of my eyes and finally her eyes opened to see J.P staring at her with concerned eyes, Before falling back into sleep. I looked at her sleeping form in my arms before flying back into the night.

I walked into the now empty house house still carrying Jo, when she finally opened her eyes. “Huh? Where am I?” She asked “You’re home, your “date” slipped some drugs to you and snuck you out as part of some bullshit initiation. I found them and took you home, after I beat their ass.” I laid Jo down on the bed and covered her in the blanket. I turned around, trying to leave as soon as possible before she remembered anything, but before I could get away, Jo grabbed at my sleeve. “J.P we both know that’s not true, I don’t remember everything that happened back there but what I saw didn’t make any sense, so you better start explaining. Now.” If I had really wanted to, I could have easily broken out of her grasp, but honestly, I was tired of running away.

I sat myself down and began to tell her everything. To give her credit, she didn’t interrupt unless she understand something and stayed quiet for the whole thing. “And I know It sounds crazy, but I didn’t want to tell anyone because they might think I was lying or a freak. That’s also the reason why I didn’t want to tell you.” Jo sat quietly for a while before finally speaking. “Prove it,” She said staring at me dead in the eye.”What?” I asked surprised “If what you say is true than you’ll have no problem proving it.” I thought about it for a while before lifting her up in the air slowly. Jo yelped and tried to find her way back down causing her to spin herself in the air. “WOW! This. is. amazing!” She spun around a few more times till I set her back down on the bed, where she surprised me by tackling me in a hug. “You idiot, you had me thinking that you were still mad at me or something! This is so much better!” She suddenly pulled away from me with uncertainty in her eyes. “You aren’t still mad at me are you?” I smiled pulled her into a hard kiss. “You tell me.” I felt her hugging me back with surprising force and heard her sobbing into my shoulder. I didn’t know what to do so I just started stroking her hair, and whispered sweet nothings into her ear.


That night I dreamed of storms. I was hovering at least twelve feet above my house in the middle of a raging storm. I was thrown back and forth by the harsh winds and almost fell out of the sky. twice. all of a sudden, all of the dark grey clouds that surrounded me, swirled and churned until they made of a head complete with eyes that shone with lightning. “So…you’re the one that has this power? hmph, I was expecting something more formidable.” I spun myself around in the air to face the floating head. “What? What are you talking about? Who are you?” I asked gaining some control over my surroundings. “I refuse to fight such a insignificant ant Paleos. It is as simple as that.” another head formed again, this time behind me. He resembled a younger version of gandalf with a short beard but the same grey and experienced eyes. “You know as well as I do that it’s not my choice in this, I just announce who’s with who and right now that your opponent Jerald.” said the man named Paleos. The kid, Jerald huffed again “Fine but do not expect me to go easy on this worm.”
“Um, excuse me, giant floating storm heads? Yeah, um, sorry could you maybe explain why the hell you are in my head?” I asked in the middle of their conversation. They both trained their eyes on me, one incredulous as if he was surprised I could actually talk, and the other curious as to what I had to say.

“You dare interrupt when two of the most powerful beings are discussing important information? Know your place pig!” I was started to get seriously pissed off by this Jerald guy. “Yeah, no. I’m not about to sit here like a child while you two talk about fighting me or something! So you and your grandfather can fuck off!” All while I was talking Jerald’s cloud became stormier and stormier until I was struggling to stand my ground (Or sky in this case) but somehow I managed. “Why you insolent little-” I was sure I was about to get struck by lightning At this point but gandalf- Sorry, Paleos intervened at the last moment. “Jerald, you know the rules. No confrontation until the time is settled, Plus the boy is right, we are intruding in his dream with no permission,. It’s best to do as he says and ‘Fuck off’.” Paleos said with a small smile. Jerald began to sputter “But-but paleos!” Jerald complained but paleos silenced him with a stern look.

“Fine, I will retreat for now.” He turned his attention back to me and growled. “And you, you best watch yourself lest you face the unimaginable wrath of-” “Yeah yeah yeah scary death threats blazy blazy blah, get out of my dream you spoiled brat.” I said interrupting him just for the fun of it. Jerald stuttered in rage and stormed off (Excuse the pun) and away leaving the two of alone.

“You know, it’s not wise to anger him.” I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the voice of Paleos right behind me. I turned around and found him standing (floating) right there beside me. He was a gray trench coat and old fashioned flat cap. It was hard to see whether or not he was hiding anything underneath his coat so i made sure i was a good distance away from him and stayed on guard. The old-timer just grinned. “Staying on point eh? Can’t say I blame you after that display from Jerald.” He offered me his hand and I shook it still keeping an eye on him for any sudden movements. He sighed and rubbed the back of his head. “Look son, I’m not your enemy.” Well he did protect me from getting fried earlier, but I still didn’t completely trust him. “if you're not my enemy, then who are you?” I asked. He seemed to mull over this for a second, and answered a minute later. “I am an informant.” I stared at him for a moment. “Really?” He smiled at me again before looking at the silver watch on his wrist. “I would love to chat with you some more but It’s time for you go.” His grin grew wider. “After All, you seem to have a pleasant wake up call waiting for you.” He flicked his wrist and everything went blac

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