It was hot in the trailer. I could feel sweat running down my spine and from under my breasts. I was starting to think my half naked sister had the right idea.

I was making one of my obligatory visits that our mom insists on. My sister and I had never got along well together. She was the party girl; I was the brain, and the little sister to boot. I went on to marry a doctor, a good provider with a smart home and a new car every year. Yeah, and a low sperm count with no time for my conception schedule. We've missed my best time-of-the-month now six months in a row, all because of the job that made him attractive in the first place. I was pumped so full of hormones and fertility drugs I couldn't hardly think straight.

My sister on the other hand had married a man who fixed cars when he could find someone to hire him and pumped gas when he couldn't. A horrible provider with a trailer house they still owed money on and a eight year old econobox car that belched black smoke whenever it went over a speed bump.

And apparently, a sperm count as large as his checking account balance was small. I sat there sipping my coffee from a stained stolen Denny's mug while listening to my sister complains about puffy feet and her back pains. Then it suddenly hit me. I broke down and started crying at the injustice of it all. I was always the one who wanted children, and my sister was on her third. I won't bore you with our conversation, but we worked a lot of old stuff out and in the end, we hugged and felt more like sisters than ever before.

I started spending more time with my sister and we really got along better than ever before. One evening she and I were watching a movie on the DVD player I got her for her baby shower, when she suddenly grunted. Long story short it was the baby. I drove her to the hospital and she delivered quickly and with no problems. I couldn't get ahold of her husband Larry as it was his floating poker night, but I promised to go back and leave him a note.

When I arrived at the trailer, I could see that Larry was home. I rushed in the unlocked front door to a sight I hadn't expected. There he was passed out with a porno movie in the DVD player. He reeked of cheap whiskey. He also had his jeans around his ankles and the biggest hardon I had ever seen. Ok, truth be told, the brain in high school didn't see a lot of action, but I started to realize what my sister saw in the lout. I could see it twitch slightly with every heartbeat. My own husband was a stubby compared to this monster.

I slowly walked towards him, hypnotized by his cock. I felt sticky inside my shorts. My braless nipples were rocks rubbing the inside of my designer polo shirt. I knew my body was ready to receive sperm and make a baby. I didn't need my damned thermometer!

Quickly his hand shot out and grabbed my wrist. Unresisting I let him put my hand over his hardon.

"Stroke it Helen. You ain't been gettin any decent lovin from that pencil dick doctor you catched. I know you all want a baby, I can give you a baby, but you gotta ask."

I watched my hand skim up and down his length. Pre-cum flowed down the sides, lubing my pumping.

"Taste it baby. Lick your fingers. Then come closer and lick it straight from the source."

Not even realizing what I was doing, I put my fingers to my lips and licked his lube. I moaned and shuddered. The fire burned in me. I needed a dick and here was a dream cock. Everything I needed. Long, hard, and potent.

I unbuttoned my shorts and dropped them and my panties to the ground. The shirt followed a moment later. I knelt before him. He had kicked the jeans off and had shucked his muscle shirt.

I looked up at him and softly told him, "You have a new baby girl."

A big shit eating grin split his face. He took my head in his hands and guided my lips to his cock.

"I know I do. Now suck daddy and get him ready."

It was veined and thick where my husband was thin and smooth. Larry's circumcision was only partial, like the doctor hadn't got it all. It added an interesting texture to just behind the head. My husband's was perfect, you couldn't see any scarring at all. I started to realize just how boring my husband's penis was. I tried to go as low as I could, but it wasn't enough for Larry as he started to push my head lower and lower. I gagged a little but he didn't seem to care. After a bit of gobbling his knob, he pulled my head off his dick.

"Preliminaries are over. Do you want a baby Helen? Cause if you go any further, you're gonna get knocked up. I can guarantee ya that!"

I stood before him, my breasts shiny with sweat from the heat, and spit and precum that had run out of my mouth during the blowjob. I started running my hands up and down my body spreading the spit in an even coat. "I am ready, I've been ready for months, but Jim just couldn't do it to me."

I was fingering myself and pinching the nipples that crowned my little boobies. The look on his face told me that I was going to get one if I wanted it or not.

"You really want my baby? I ain't got shit for child support, so you gotta get your POS husband to take care of it."

I nodded and groaned lustily. He slapped the top of his thighs and I climbed aboard his baby express. I could feel the head enter me and I was so wet and ready he slipped in easily.

"Take it slow baby girl, if you aren't ready for the girth it could hurt you, you go too fast." I looked him in the eye and slowly slid all the way down. I was fuller than I had ever felt.

"Go on Larry, fuck me. Fuck your baby girl. I know you've wanted to ever since that night at the wedding rehearsal when you tried to back me into the crying room at the church."

With that I started to hunch my ass up and down. Up until now he's been trying to put on this macho uncaring facade. He starts to groan and thrust into me and the facade begins to crumble. "Gods, your husband must be a pencil dick for real! You are tighter than some virgins I've had."

"Impregnated a few have we Larry?"

A wicked look came over his face.

"Well not all have been virgins, but at last count I have thirty two kids."

"Uhhggg, make that thirty three. Your wife gave birth tonight."

Grabbing my ass and lower back, he rose up and bent me over the arm of the couch.

"I already counted that one as thirty one. The one we make tonight will make thirty two baby girl."

I could feel his full weight on me as he drove me into the arm of the couch. He started kissing my neck in an oddly tender way.

"Can you feel it swelling?" He whispered in my ear. "I'm getting ready to shoot. That's a baby in ya any way you look at it. I'll pull out if you want. You might not caught yet. It'll cost you, but I'm not unreasonable. Better still just groan and thrust back on little Larry Senior down there and he'll fill ya full of what you need."

I could feel him swelling and opening me further than I ever had been before. I thrust back as hard as I could given my limited maneuverability, and I moaned because I was so close. Even if I didn't want a baby, I don't think I could have stopped him or myself, even if I had wanted to.

And I didn't.

I could feel the flutter of my impending orgasm start deep inside me. Larry could too as he stepped up the pounding I was getting. Then suddenly he forced himself fully inside me and started to unload inside me.

He didn't say a word, just let out a very long hiss. I can feel him pulse in me and it puts me over the edge. "Knock me up you bastard, you no good worthless piece of shit. Make me your bred bitch"

With a last groan he sits back down on the couch. Moments later, I follow. We're both spent.

After my sister's baby came home, things were a little awkward around the trailer between Larry and me. He never pressured me, but I knew that he'd give me another taste if I let him. I didn't need to.

True to his word, I was indeed pregnant, and the fertility drugs kicked in with a vengeance. Nine months later Larry was the proud father of numbers thirty two, thirty three, and thirty four; all boys.

My husband never suspected anything, or if he did, he never mentioned it. He's a wonderful father to our children and we still love the kids and each other very much.

Still I might have to visit my sister's trailer when she's out at her Bingo night. Lately I've thinking about wanting a girl.

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