Her First and Last Master 3

((Warning: Heavy scat content!))

Danyel had busied herself with making Adams lunch, not paying any attention to her friend in the cage. All she could think of was feeding Adam before he decided to punish her. What should she make for him? She wondered as she looked over the food on the shelves. There was a deep freezer in one the corner so she went and inspected its contents. Mostly frozen meats, and it would take to long to thaw something out. Then she noticed several bags of pre-cooked, pre-chopped grilled chicken. She snatched up a bag, and then grabbed a back of pasta-on-the-side, Alfredo flavored.

Twenty minutes later she presented him with something that almost looked home made. It was the best she could do in a short span on time, and she sincerely hoped it pleased him. He ate in silence while watching a recorded hockey game. She backed up against a wall, and knelt down, waiting, her eyes never leaving his face. There was no hint to how he felt about the food, but she figured if he didn't like it he would say so, or display his disgust in some way. When he was done he held the plate out to her, with out even glancing in her direction. Danyel leaped up and took the plate to him. As she turned toward the door to clean up he spoke.

"Eat something, and make sure your friend is fed." He said, almost as if he didn't really care, then he lay back and continued watching the game. Danyel nodded and went back out into the main room. She dished out the left overs between herself and Amelia, and sat beside her cage while they ate. They talked quietly as they ate.

"So.is it everything you thought it would be?" Amelia asked cautiously.

"No. Its worse. Much worse, and I have a feeling its only just begun." she said, shuddering to think of what he might do to her next. "I'll try to please him, and keep you safe, but" she shook her head and sighed heavily. "When he runs out of ways to make me cry, his attention is probably going to turn to you." She admitted meekly. Amelia nodded her head.

"Do what you can sis, and pray it doesn't get that bad" But even as she said the comforting words her face started to turn red, and some how Danyel knew that she was thinking about what had happened when they were first captured.

"So, how was it?" Danyel asked, staring into her friends eyes.

"The food?" she asked scrunching up her face in confusion.

"No, witnessing a real rape. Seeing me, your best friend, raped." She leaned into the bars, pressing her face in as close as she could get it, her eyes dark with an odd mix of arousal and anger. Amelia's eyes widened and she scooted farther back into her cage.

"It was horrifying" she claimed sheepishly.

"Don't lie to me, Amelia. I know you came. I was watching you do it" Danyel's voice was flat, and matter of fact.

"Its not my fault!" growled at her, even as her face blossomed in a full flush. "You put that toy in me, and he didn't even notice itIt wasn't my fault." she protested again. Danyel shook her head, and took the two empty plates with out another word. She felt betrayed, and angry, and a few other emotions she just wasn't ready to process yet.

As she cleaned up from lunch she realized that she needed to use the bathroom. She finished up and looked around the bunker, looking for a toilet. To no avail. There didn't seem to be a bathroom of any kind anywhere except in Adam's sleeping quarters. A sense of dread was starting to settle in her stomach and her heart was beating fast as she realized, she would have to ask permission for one of the most basic of human needs. She went to the flap covering his door and called into the room.


"Enter." Came a curt reply. She entered, and kept her gaze on the floor. "What do you want?" He asked impatiently, while scratching himself under the covers.

"Master I need to" Her voice trailed off, and her face burned bright red. He looked at her and smirked, as if he knew what she needed.

"You need to what, bitch?" He asked expectantly. Danyel realized then that he did indeed know, but wanted her to shame herself by saying it.

"I need to go to the bathroom." She finished, keeping her gaze stubbornly on the floor.

"Ask me properly, and I'll consider it." He said, his tone almost passive.

"Master, may I please use the restroom?" She asked, hoping that was correct. When he didn't answer her, she knew she was wrong so she tried again, this time giving more detail. "Master, may I please go pee?" It was a lie. She needed to both urinate and defecate, but she couldn't bring herself to tell him the latter, plus he had no way of knowing which she did in the bathroom as long as she did it quickly. As bad as her stomach was cramping at that moment, she didn't think doing her business fast was going to be a problem. He was taking his sweet time answering her as he looked her still naked body over slowly, then her stomach betrayed her, letting out a horrific noise like a growl, but not quite. He laughed and came up out of the bed so fast it startled her. Adam grabbed a fistful of her hair and brought her face close to his, spitting on her cheek in disgust as he growled.

"Don't fucking lie to me you useless cum rag." He put a hand against her stomach and pushed in hard, chuckling darkly. She grunted under the pressure and tried not to back away from him. "Its hard, I can feel it in there. So, ask again, and do it right!" He screamed right in her face, and wrapped her free arm around her back, and pushed harder against her stomach until she could feel his finger nails biting in to her flesh. She screamed in pain and had to clench her ass hard to keep from going.

"Please Master, can I use the bathroom so I can piss and shit? PLEASE?!" she begged, her eyes wincing shut in agony as she clenched her anus and waited for releif. He pushed harder for a moment and then released her, throwing her toward the door. Her knees went out from under her and she collapsed.

"Go." He said. She didnt need to be told twice. She bolted for the bathroom, and then stopped just inside the door, eyes wide with horror. Instead of a plain bathroom like she had expected she found another cavernous room, with a low cieling, and many many many devices and apparatices filled its gloomy depths. Adam came up behind her, grabbing her by the neck and pushing her father into the room. He stopped beside a rude toilet that consisted of a wooden chair, with a hole in it, and a rusty iron bucket under it. A roll of toilet paper hung from a peg on the back off the chair. He gripped her shoulder and pushed her down on to the chair and then stood right in front of her. "Alright, relieve yourself." He commanded in a dark threatening tone. She gaped at him, and then started shaking her head back and forth in short little jerks of the head.

"Nono. I can go in front of you. Please" He reached out and slapped her hard across the face.
"Do it not, do it quick, or I am going to put a monstrously thick but plug in your ass and make you hold it for a week!" He spat at her angrily. He was not in a patient mood, apparently. She yelped and whimpered, bringing a hand to her reddening cheek. Danyel felt so ashamed and so disgusting, but she knew she did not have a choice. After a few calming deep breaths and forced her ass to relax. Which after the events of the night before, wasn't difficult. She stared at the floor and tried her damnedest to pretend that he wasn't there, that she was at home, alone. With a strenuous push and a grunt her anus widened, and within the blink of an eye 3 very solid, very thick logs plopped in to the bucket. Another push or two later and the bucket below was a quarter of the way full of thick, solid poos, and half a liter of watery clear piss. He slapped her across the face again, and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her off of the chair and dragging her over to what looked like gynecology table. She went to it, knowing he would just force her onto it if she didn't do it on her own. He helped her put her feet in the stirrups and then bucked her in night and tight. He'd added buckles all the way up to her knee, and added more for her arms, keeping them high above her head.
With the push of a button her legs started to raise, and continued to do so until they were so far above that her hips had raised from the table, exposing both her cunt and ass. She gulped nervously and tested the strength of the restraints, and as she expected, couldn't move her arms or legs at all. He came to her side with a ring gag in his hands. "Open your mouth." He commanded. Open her mouth she did, and soon after that the ring gag was effectively doing its job. Then he went away for awhile. Several minutes passed and Danyel started to wonder if he was coming back or now. Then when he did it was right between her legs, with a 10 inch long, 3 inch thick, solid black, rubber dildo. It didn't have balls at the end, or a base of any kind. It was just a long black cock. Adam leaned down and start clearing his throat, hawking up thick bubbly wads of throat slim, and then spitting it on to Danyels hairless cunt.

It was hard to control her breathing as she looked at the thick dildo. She'd never had anything that thick inside of her before, and she knew it was going to hurt, and worse yet, that he would NOT be gentle about it. Once her snatch was slathered with his saliva he slapped the head of the thick cock on her cunt a few times, in hard stinging swats. She yelped and whimpered with each strike, unable to control her bodies actions. Then he positioned the head of it at her entrance and started to push it in, surprisingly slow. Painfully slow in fact. Each centimeter of the cock slid into her so slowly that it was even more torturous. The thick head forcing her walls to open for it, with her cunt spasming and clenching as it tried to remove said invasive thickness from her. What seemed like forever passed and finally the head of the toy cock was pressed hard to her cervix.

But he kept pressingEven though her body wouldnt allow it any deeper, Adam kept pushing, putting more and more weight behind it. Danyel felt a sharp stabbing pain in her groin and started the whimper and gasp in pain.Unable to speak around the ring gag. But he didnt seem to hear her cries. For 30 minutes he strained, pushing the thick head of the cock against her womb, before finally getting frustrated. He pulled the entire length of the cock, save for the head, and then slammed it back in. Dayel inhaled sharply and then started to scream. He shoved a few times hard into her when he met the cervix again, and then pulled the toy back out, this time completely. Again he thrust the thing forward as hard and fast as her tight clenching fuck hole would allow, to be met with an even shriller scream than before. This time he didnt push against her cervix, and he didnt repeat the rough impalement, but rather start brutally fucking her pussy with the toy, slamming hard against her baby marker hard and fast, withdrawing the rubber cock completely each time.

Danyel kicked and screamed as much as she could, bound to the table, but he didnt slow, not for a long time. When he finally did, he jammed the toy in hard, and then used the heel of his fist to pound against the bottom of it, driving it deeper, stretching the wall of her womb. Then he grabbed her hair and looked into her eyes. "Hold it in." he said, leaving the 'or else' left unsaid. Then he walked over to a wall and found a leather chastity belt that would cover her cunt, but not her ass. He bucked on her as tightly as he could, holding the thick toy deep inside of her. Then his attention went to her ass

He looked down at her dirty, shit stained pucker and shuddered, taken by some beastial need. He pushed his black sweat pants down and pushed the thick head of his cock against her dirty ass hole. There was a goodly sized chunk of soft slippery poo just on the outside of her anus. He pushed his cock against is and start smearing it around. Danyel wailed in disgust, trashing around in the restraints as hard as she could, begging with her eyes and screams that he not do this nasty thing he was about to do. He reached up and slapped her in the face hard, and then leaned forward and spit into her mouth. She retched and tried to turn her head away from him to let his saliva drip out of her gaped mouth, but he held her tight.

"Oh, Im sorry. Is that gross bitch?" He slapped her and then spit in her face, reaching up to smear the slime around on her face. "Filthy animals like you dont know what 'gross' is. Filth is a foreign concept to a grotesque little fuck beast like you!" He spit on her a few more times, giving her one or two healthy helpings of lung butter, right between her eyes before he smeared it around her face again. There was so much of it she couldnt open her left eye, but decided to shut both eyes, just in case. He spit in her mouth again, and the jammed his fingers in the gag, pushing his saliva down her throat, brutally fingering her her throat until she gagged and retched her, but right before she puked all over him he stopped and continued to smear shit around her asshole.

The poo was sticky and still warm, and once her anus was nicely coated with it he slammed his hips forward, and buried his cock in her ass in one violent movement. She gasped and then started screaming, and sobbing hysterically. He gave no mercy, and started poudind her dirty asshole hard and fast, grabbed her thighs and driving himself almost straight down into her. He wasnt pushing his entire cock in, but she didnt realize it, and probably wouldnt have known why. He noted her lack of concern on that subject and leered down at her.

"I can still feel some shit in your ass." He growled, as if it irritate him. He pulled his cock out and went over to retrieve the bucket, which made Danyel feel a little better about it. He was going to let her push it out at least. He plopped the bucked under her, and just stood there, right at her ass, waiting with a demonic expression on his face. Danyel inhaled a few times to calm herself and then started to push. It was easier this time, with her ass having just been stretched, but it was far less pleasant with how sore she was from the brutality of which it had just been fucked. The turd was starting to poke its head out, and when about an inch of shiny, wet soft brown poop was showing Adam kicked the bucket out of his way, and plunged his cock into her shit filled ass. Danyel's eyes widened and at first she didn't know what to do, then she did all she could, scream.

The feeling of his cock filling her bowls, and mashing the shit around inside of her was to much to bear. She howled in pain, and whimpered, kicking her feet as best as she could in the restraints. Most of her shit was just mashed against his cock, but some of it was getting forcefully jammed back up inside of her. It felt both gritty and smooth at the same time as he bucked his hips against her ass at a frantic pace. The room was filled with the raw stench of human waste, and the sick wet sounds of his shit covered cock slapping against her ass. All she could do at this point was cry. She felt so defiled, and ruined, that for a moment she had forgotten about the toy in her cunt. Until he lowered his wait on hers, his lower stomach pressing the toy down harder against her womb. She shrieked as the stabbing pain met with the dull ache of her defiled, stretched, shit smeared ass.

It didnt take long of his depraved used of her brown slick ass for him to lurch forward and growl loudly, releasing a massive thick sticky load in her ass, but even after he came he didnt slow down. He kept pounding away at her rump, panting, growling, and snapping his teeth at her like a beast. The cum mixed with her excrement and made it to slippery for him. He reached out and slapped her across the face, hard, in frustration, and then withdrew his cock. It was covered with thicky slimy shit, the coating so thick that it made his cock look double its thickness. A huge thick glob hung on the end of his cock obscenely. He reached down and tore the chastity belt off of her, and ripped the toy out of her cunt in a violent jerk.

The suddenness of the toy leaving her body made her yelp, and lose control of her bladder just enough for a little piss to dribble down into her gaped pussy hole. The sight of it pleased him, and in the blink of an eye he was forcing his befouled cock into her pussy, pounding in and out like a mad man. The shit on his cock sloughed off into her pussy, smearing her walls, and mixing with her juices and piss. The sickly wet slapping noises were so much worse, and Danyel had returned to sobbing and screaming in disgust, pain, and shame. Occasionally he would pull his brown smeared cock out of her fuck hole and slap the head of it on her clit hard, until it to was stained that awful brown, then he slammed his cock back in. She could feel the head of his cock pushing hard on her cervix, just as bad as the toy had been doing. Then she realized it wasn't his cock she was feeling. It was the hard turd that had been on his cock. There was a chunk of shit, deep in her cunt.

Adam reached down and started rubbing her clit hard and fast, in pace with his thrusts. "You are going to cum on my cock. You are going to cum from me defiling you with your own defecate, hear me bitch? You're an animal, and you will fucking love this."

The speed of his fingers over her clit seemed almost impossible, and as much as she despised herself for it, her pussy was starting to twitch, and spasm in response. A familiar heated weight was growing in her fuck hole, and there wasn't a thing she could do to stop it. The gritty but smooth shit completely changed the feeling of his fingers gliding over the little nub of flesh, and after a very brief span of time she was bucking her hips into him, her pained screams replaced by panting, and grunts. The pleasure building in her was vile, she knew that, but there wasn't anything she could do to escape, sowhy not try to enjoy the experience? Him rubbing her clit, and the feeling of his thick cock did feel good.but the shit in her pussy, and smeared all over her ass was enough to make her stomach churn uncontrollably.

It went on like that for a long time, but each time she got close to cumming he would stop, pull his cock out and just slap the hell of her pussy with his meaty cock. Then he would start fucking her again for awhile, before stopping again. Her grunts and pants were getting more and more heated, and she must have had an irritated look on her face because he reached up and took the ring gag out of her mouth, letting it dangle around her neck. "Aww, whats wrong? Does the stupid beast need to cum?" He asked in an over the top sweet sing-song voice, then he chuckled darkly and growled. "Beg for it. Beg to cum all over that shit covered cock bitch! Beg to cum with your disgusting shitty pussy!" He demanded while driving his cock as hard and fast as was possible. Her entire body was trembling with a desperate need of an orgasm. He'd forced her into a primal state of lust, and if she didn't cum soon she was sure she would go insane.
"Please Master, please let my shitty cunt cum all over your shit covered cock! Pleeease!" she begged with a hoarse, but high pitched whine. His hand went back to her clit, rubbing hard and fast, digging his nails into the flesh of her labia as he did, mixing pain with please.

"Do it then. Show me that a disgusting little toilet can orgasm!" he spat in her face. It was almost instantaneous. Her head rolled back, and her eyes lulled back in her head and her entire body started to quake violently. Her pussy clenched around his cock so hard it pushed some of the shit out, sending it dripping down the crack of her already filthy ass. It was so intense that she lost control of her bladder, and flooded him, and herself with her hot, pale yellow piss. That's when he came again. He thrust his hips forward, pushing the head of his cock right to her puckered cervix, and flooded her womb with shit tainted cum. His head was thrown back, and he looked as though he should have been screaming, but this time he was in the grips of a silent scream, his body shuddering on top of her.

He panted and relaxed, his cock still semi-hard, and still in her pussy. "Now, how am I going to clean us off?." he asked no one in particular. Then a deviously cruel smile cracked his features. He took a few deep breaths this time, and then.Danyel couldn't even find words as she felt his hot urine flooding her pussy. In moments she was full of his piss, and it was spilling out of her ruined pussy. It ran yellow and brown as he used his fuck stick to wash the inside of her pussy. He continued to piss for a long time. Unnaturally long. Danyel wouldn't even have thought to ask, but didn't have to anyways, because he sneered down at her and said "I've had to go sense yesterday. I've been saving it up for you. Aren't you happy slut?" he asked. She was even capable of speech yet, so she nodded her head dumbly, not knowing what else to do.

When he finally finished relieving himself, the piss was running clear. He pulled his cock free and inspected it, and saw that it was clean. But there was only one way to be sure that her insides were clean as well. He went to the shelves, and retrieved a rather large, cruel looking speculum. He inserted it into her and started turning the nobs until she was gaped wide. The clear plastic speculum wasn't enough to truly see though, and a flash light seemed to appear in his hand. She hadnt seen him pick it up. He turned it on and inspected inside of her pussy for a long moment. Its walls were very inflamed, almost red, as he looked at her every nook and cranny. When he was certain she was clean of all particles he nodded and put the flash light down. He removed the speculum and started unbuckling her from the restraints.

Danyel tried to sit up, but instead ended up toppling forward. She almost hit the ground, but he caught her and hoisted her up, over his shoulder, taking her back to the large concrete bath tub. He lay her in it gently and ran some hot water. It was a little to hot for her, but she knew that it would be best for getting clean. Besides, he certainly didn't seem to care if she was comfortable or not.

When the tub was full he grabbed a bar of soap, and a soft wash cloth, and instructed her to move this way and that so he could clean her thoroughly. He was surprisingly gentle, and didn't say much. Even his commands had taken a gentler tone. Danyel was to tired to question the change in his demeanor, and was anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop. But it didn't. He washed her hair last, which normally wouldn't have taken long, but when he started kneading her scalp she moaned softly, finding the feeling of it lovely. Her reaction must have intrigued him, or maybe he just felt she deserved some sort of treat after their last ordeal, what ever the reason, he continued to massage her scalp for awhile.

It didnt take long for the bathwater in the concrete tub to get cold, and when it did he hoisted her out, and sat her at the edge of the rub, drying her off carefully, before scooping her up again. He lay the now clean, dry, and very much asleep Danyel in the bed, and crawled in beside her, wrapping his arms tightly around her, and fallowing her into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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