"Nothing but Love"

She spent the day in shambles, prepping here, prepping there, and doing everything he commanded of her. She went through the checklist in her head: Shaving? Done. Makeup? Perfect. Outfit? Tantalizing, just as her master ordered. She sat by the door, tapping her foot nervously as her phone lay motionless, lifeless. She glanced every so often, her mind imagining the magical ring, signifying her escape from the hell of her home. The waiting was agonizing. Three times she has done this before, and three times felt these emotions. But never was there true release; only in his arms did she feel at peace.

After what felt like ages, she saw the screen flash, the phone buzz, and the tone come to life. She scrambled quickly, nearly dropping it in her angst, as the message read ‘She’s finally gone, it’s just you and me now. I’ll be here waiting to do everything we discussed slave. Cannot wait to see you.”
With that she sprang up from her chair and hurried out the door, carefully closing it behind her. She scurried down to her car on the curb, a small smile across her lips as anticipation raced through her, the adrenaline of what was to come surged before he had even laid a hand on her. She knew what was coming, and she could not wait. As she beamed, the car’s engine ignited, the radio blared, and the metal box lurched forward, leaving her life of normalcy behind her for just a while. It will still be there when she returns, even if she never remains the same.

The drive is not long, only 20 miles or so, but the traffic is a nightmare. What is normally a leisurely pace now seemed to only inch forward, her patience dwindling at the same rate as the speedometer. However her excitement never ceases. Throughout her drive her Master sends her messages of lust filled words, knowing the toll they take on her psyche. When the car had to halt, she would glance down and look, reading the lewd acts that she knew were to follow already had her breathing ragged, heart racing and pulse thumping. After many more messages she finally just stopped looking all together, the heat from her sex almost becoming too much, the need to pleasure herself rising. If she gave in, she knew she would be punished. She was told to save herself for this day, to hold off as long as possible… and she was so close.

Eventually, her car pulled to a stop for a final time, right in front of his home. She cut the engine and stepped out, her tight dress riding up as she got out. She pulled the dress down, suddenly aware of where she was, and surveyed the neighborhood, checking for any wandering eyes that may be suspicious of her presence. Finding none, she hurried to the door, knocking in their code: rap, rap rap rap, rap rap rap, rap. Footsteps pound behind the door and the sound of metal scraping and moving resonates through the oak of the door, and the hinges creak inward, opening the ending the barrier between Master and Slave.

He stands in the doorway, looking down at his property, examining her quickly. Her hair is done, her dress is tight, and her eyes shine all the brighter now that his were reflected in them. He motions her in, and the light click of heels echo off the walls as they come down on hardwood. He closes the door behind him as he gazes at her rump behind. It sways as she examines his home as if it was the first time she had been there. Her wonderment never ceased to amaze him, the interest she took in even the most remedial things; and he loved her all the more for it.

She turned around to face him, but was taken aback as the hulking man rushed towards her, pulling her into an embrace that seemed to squeeze the very air from her lungs. She found that too be only partially true, as the kiss he placed upon her next took the rest of it away. He held her close, his hands finding her ass as his lips found hers, drawing her ever closer to his large body. There was need in their kiss, so much tension relieved through their exchange of love, that the clocks on the wall seemed to stop ticking. After several minutes, he let go of her, and just marveled at the beauty before him, admiring the woman whose service had been given so freely: a gift he has never taken lightly.

They stood in the entryway, breathing heavily and smiling like idiots, as they simply held each other. She leaned against him, her head buried in his strong chest as he placed his chin atop her head. She sighed, as all of the built up angst seemed to just vanish, melting away into her Master’s body. He was large, powerful, and full of an energy few men have. He could take the helm of a ship he’s never sailed, and the sailors would never question his judgment or leadership. She broke away slightly to look up into his face. She had known this man for years, as children and through parts of adulthood. Even when they parted he never left, a constant source of strength in her subconscious, allowing her to survive every situation she encountered, including the hell she left 20 miles behind her. He lifted his chin and met her gaze. His mind flooded with the memories of love once lost, loves that had changed and evolved, and the love that stood before him. His heart welled, eyes grew tender, as he kissed her forehead gently. She looked down at the floor between them, feeling the softness of his lips on bare skin. She couldn’t meet his gaze again. If she did, she knew her strength would wane and she would cry; though the tears would be joyous, she did not want the moment ruined. But he had other plans in mind. He placed a hand under her chin and forced her eyes to his, and as soon as they began to water, his fingers adroitly wiped the moisture away.

She smiled and laughed slightly, breaking the trance their intimacy had created. Suddenly, he remembered who he was, where he was, and what was in front of him. He was a Master, and she was his slave; more importantly however, he had some punishing to do.

He swiftly moved his arms underneath his lover, lifting her into his arms, making her giggle and smile up at his face. He carried her down a hall to the master bedroom, his slave kicking off her heels as they went. He turned and backed into the room before turning around again to face the large king sized bed. With a heave he tossed her body onto the soft mattress, the smile never once leaving her face as his strong arms flung her.

“Strip for me,” he commanded.

She suddenly stopped her giggling and assumed a somber look of understanding. She stood up and took his hand, maneuvering him to the bed and motioning for him to sit. He didn’t like taking orders from his slave, but he knew better than to disturb an expert in their craft. He sat down and watched as she began to strip for him, using her prior experience has her guide as she gave a show men would have paid thousands to see.

First was the hair. What was once a tight ponytail soon became a tousle of curls, unfurled around her brilliant face. She grinned as she saw his member through his pants, already growing from their embrace before, as she slowly slipped one strap down her shoulder, swaying rhythmically to music only she could hear. As the imaginary beat quickened, so did her hips, as the other strap soon joined the other farther down her arm. Her cleavage steadily growing as the dress continued to sag down her body, exposing the black lace bra he ordered her to wear. Seeing his excitement, she began to reverse her movements, teasing her master by instead moving one strap up her arm and back on her shoulder. He looked at her displeased, but knew her game. She wanted to be told what to do, wanted the show to be his, not hers. She has had to make too many decisions in her life, and she needed some to be taken off her shoulders.

“Come now slave,” he chuckled slightly, “you know what way I want that dress to go. Be a good girl and take the rest off for me.”

She readily complied, quickly putting the strap back in the position it was in last, and continued to dance. She wiggled her hips and the dress continued to fall, in small stuttering motions, as more and more of her luscious bronze body became exposed to her master. His eyes took her in, all of her beauty, as she revealed more and more to him. Soon the dress was below her bra, the straps even with her elbows as she turned her back to him. She leaned forwards and reached behind her back, drawing up the hem of her dress, exposing her bare behind to his waiting eyes.

‘It seems she really did follow all of my orders,’ he thought to himself. ‘I almost feel bad for having to punish her.’

But almost wasn’t enough. With her ass exposed, he leaned forward and placed his hands on her hips, pulling her back against him. She looked back at him in excitement and fear. His silence frightened her some, knowing that something was amiss. He gently pulled turned her to her side and spread his legs apart.

“Assume the position.” He ordered

Immediately she knew what was to come. She had apologized for her misbehavior but knew this had to be done. She knew she would never learn if she wasn’t punished by a guiding hand. She bent over his knee, using the side of the bed to steady herself, as she braced for the first hit. But it never came. Instead, his hand gently found the roundness of her cheek’s globe, grasping and kneading her flesh under his hands, appreciating the finely sculpted flesh beneath his hand. He knew how much she hated this, the waiting, the anticipation. She loathed every second of it. But he relished in the control, the anxiety only waiting can cause. He could feel her body tense with every move, before he finally whispered in her ear.

“Do you know why you are being punished?”
“Because I didn’t call you at the specific time required master,” she whimpered.
“And why else?”
“I forgot to text you good morning more than 5 times since our last visit.”
“And why else?”
“I masturbated without showing you proof master.”
“And do you believe that you deserve to be punished?” he asked in a hoarse voice. The excitement of the moment was nearly too much as his hand quivered on her ass, waiting any moment now to strike.
“Yes Master, I have earned my punishment by being negligent of your needs,” she replied.
“Does 5 spanks sound like fair punishment for your misbehavior?” He asked.
“No Master, 8 times. One for each of the times I have failed you.”
“I like the way you think Slave,” he replied with a grin. And with that, his hand left the firm mound of skin, only to return to its resting place with a loud SMACK, followed by a grunt and a cry from the woman below. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The sounds reverberated off the walls, her cries of pain always followed suit. His hand seemed to never really leave her skin, as the imprint was slowly being branded onto her warm colored flesh. A single tear streamed from her face, but again his finger expertly caught it, clearing it from her face. He struck again SMACK as his hand fell, doing his best to forever leave his mark on his Slave. The lessons learned must be permanent, and so must the administration. SMACK again, and again, and finally for the last time, as he continued to wipe away his Slave’s tears, her cries of pain soon turned to whimpers and tremors, as her body continually clenched and relaxed, the burning on her bottom never being alleviated. He soon placed his hand down again, gently this time, and restarted his kneading like before, as if the punishment never even occurred.

“What have you learned, Slave?” He asked calmly.
“To never take you or your time for granted, Master,” she answered quietly. “I must always do my best for you, and will do so for the rest of my life.”

With her last words she looked up at him lovingly, like she did at the door. He met her eyes and again kissed her forehead. He pulled her off of his knee and stood her up. She wobbled slightly as her cheek still burned red, but stood waiting for his direction.

“Remove the rest of your clothes quickly,” he ordered, “then get down here and take me into your mouth.”

She replied back without words, just with a broad smile on her face. She quickly shimmied down the rest of her dress, leaving her in just her bra. She removed that faster than even he thought possible, and soon her large jutting breasts were just an arm’s length away. She knelt down on her knees and unbuckled his belt, separating the metal and leather from each other and unbuttoning his jeans, one silver circle at a time. Finally, the last one was undone, and she was able to pull them down below his ass. It turns how he too had neglected to wear underwear, and his cock sprung out proudly to meet her. She tentatively took him into her mouth, he already erect member gliding over her tongue as she looked up at him. She loved to be watched, knowing how much pleasure she could give, to serve her master as best she could. He looked down and smiled, placing his hand atop her head, letting her know he was there and supporting her. She moved entirely of her own accord, the up and down of her bobbing caused him to groan as the sounds of her slurping filled the room. Spittle dripped slightly from her mouth, struggling to enclose his rod entirely. He scooped it up and ran it along his cock, helping to slicken it as she took him deeper. Throughout this whole act, she never once took her eyes off him, examining his body, his face, his cock as it exited her mouth. She wanted nothing more than to be surrounded by him for all of eternity, to be his forever. She pulled back and encompassed just the head in her mouth, and suckled on it, in long, slow sucks as if milking him for all he had. This change was immediately felt by the Master, and he quickly pulled back, knowing her expert mouth could bring his orgasm much faster than he wanted. He instead ordered her to lay down on the bed, face up, legs spread, so that he can return the favor and the pleasure.

She lays down splayed before him, helpless now to his whims. He crawls up next to her, stripping himself of the rest of his clothes, joining her in her nudity. She places himself between her legs, taking in the scent of her sex. It’s musky, harsh, and ever so strong. The scent is overpowering, filling his nostrils to the brim with lust, as he licks around her succulent lips, using the full length of his tongue to drag around her labia. With a moan and a quiver from his lover, he slowly pulls away, kissing the insides of her thighs tenderly. Her body was hairless, just as he asked, and now she was reaping the benefits of her obedience. He teased her, alternating between her thighs and the skin just above her buttocks, getting ever so close but never reaching the ultimate destination. That first lick seemed to linger in her mind as every touch and caress simply made her hotter, her skin flushing with energy and her sex simply radiating heat. Finally, he leans in close, hovering just above her beat red pussy, taking in the moisture, the texture, and especially the smell. He made no move to touch it, simply breathing over it while running his hands over her inner thighs. The air from his mouth was freezing in comparison to her love box, and with every exhale a shiver of pleasure rippled through her body. Finally, after minutes of light touching, and steady breathing, he asks

“What do you want from me?”
“I want all of you, I want you to use me and make us both cum as hard as our bodies will let us.” She replied panting.
“I want you to tell me, Slave. I want you to beg for release. Only I can give it to you know, and I take a lot of persuading…”

She looked down between her large breasts, spread apart on either side of her chest, to see her Master’s grinning face below. She leaned back and moaned out,

“Please Sir, eat me out, make me scream, make me remember why I serve you, make me yours forever in pleasure!”

“Of coooooooourse,” he replied, breathing one last long exhale as he said it, one final tease, before making contact with her flaming hot pussy lips. She squealed in pleasure as his tongue began its lashing, expertly flicking in and out of her box, while his hand found her clit, lightly pressing small circles around her love button. Her legs tensed and came together, threatening to trap his head between her legs. But that was exactly where he wanted to be. Her hands moved down her body and laced themselves in his hair, grabbing tightly as he continued his assault. Her body continued to tense and release, nipples growing harder by the second, as his tongue moved from her hole to her clit, placing his lips around the small nub and gently sucking, flicking the muscle tenderly from side to side between sucks. His hand that had previously been working on her clit now began inserting itself inside her, the moisture from his teasing paving the way for his fingers. His other hand now reached for a breast, taking it in his firm grasp and kneading it in his palm.

With two fingers inside he quickly made short work of her sex, the feeling overwhelming her as the cascades of pleasure began to ripple over her. Her eyes rolled back and her head hit the pillow. Her body tightened but this time never loosened. Her thighs clenched and back arched, toes curl and fingers clutch. Her scream could be felt by the Master through her body, the vibrations felt like waves washing over his finger, the ripples causing her tunnel to contract suddenly and entrap his hand, but he continued to move them. For what seemed like hours the pleasure crashed over his Slave. Her ragdoll body shook for minutes on end, his fingers never halting their relentless torment on her cunt, his tongue lashing out at her clit, until she finally came down from the high and begged him to stop. He looked up at his beautiful lover and saw the pure pleasure in her eyes, the wrinkles from her scrunching still evident on her face, as her loving smile met his gaze.

“Thank you Master,” she panted between gasps.

She looked back down at her Master’s cock, still standing tall after watching the ordeal of his Slave. She leaned forward tenderly, still spent from her orgasm, as she took his member in her and gently stroked him. He moaned out as a small amount of precum oozed from his rod, telling her he was more than ready to take his Slave. He pushed her spent body back on the bed and moved between her legs once more, placing his cock between her engorged lips. He rubbed the head along her pussy, teasing her yet again. She moan and in a shallow groan voiced her displeasure at being forced to wait even longer. Not wanting to make her lover wait, he lined up for a final time, and sank inside his Slave.

He started slowly, rocking his hips as he began to make love to his woman, sinking deeper with every thrust. Her walls were perfect, lubed nicely from her orgasm and warm from her excitement. Finally his scrotum touched her buttocks, and he knew this was a far as he could go. He continue to rock back and forth, grinding his hips into hers, and using his hand to rub her clit. She sighed in contentment as she felt his cock enter in fully. He did not bottom out, but she didn’t need it. She didn’t want it. She just wanted him, all of him. And finally, she had it. She pushed back against his thrusts, causing the bed tor creak and move as she lurched back and forth, but after a moment he stopped her by grabbing onto her arms, keeping her still. He used his large body and weight to pin her down and loom over her, leaning above her and thrusting more powerfully now. One hand began to roam her body as he continued to pound into her waiting cunt, keeping a steady rhythm. Slap slap slap slap, like the drum beat of a classic rock song, that while some would see as monotonous, she felt as a metronome of pleasure, each trust rising the temperature of her core as she felt herself slowly working towards a second orgasm.

After several minutes of this relentless music making, he slid himself backwards slightly so that he was a little off the bed, dragging his Slave with him. The spell of his musical love making was broken momentarily as he moved her, but was quickly replaced by him leaning over her again, placing her legs up high and resting them on his shoulders. As he trust again, she felt him even further, his body lending it’s full strength into his movements as he pushed into her as far as he could, stretching opening and creating a whole new level of sensation for his lover. She continued to cry out in ecstasy, and he began breathing heavily, his orgasm too approaching. His hands wandered again and caressed her legs, up to her thighs and sculpted calves being held up by his powerful shoulders. He looks down and notices her pleasure at his touching, and decides to kiss her ankle. This new feeling immediately gains a reaction from his lover, as she looks up at him with waiting eyes as he plants more kisses on her calves and ankle, his thrusting still maintaining its steady beat. She quivers as new waves of pleasure rush through her, sensations from her ankle plowing through her leg and up her spine, the tingle from her ankle feels like fire as it reaches the nape of her neck, and the flames from her used pussy finally burn into an inferno. She clamps down again, her legs pressing her Master closer to her and her arms move up to wrap around him. She brings her closer and closes her eyes, letting out a moan so deep and full of lust she begins to run out of breath, soon turning silent, her mouth just forming an O as her orgasm crashes down like an avalanche, shocking the inferno in her loins and quenching the flame. However, her orgasm does nothing more than speed up her Master’s. He grunts and groans as he Slave cums hard on his cock, causing her insides to ripple yet again, milking his cock for all it’s worth. This time he stops and lets her pussy do the work, erupting with a growl as he leans towards his lover, emptying his scrotum of days of seed. The heat of his orgasm combines with hers as she feels his juices rush into her waiting body, accepting his deposit into her tunnel.

Moments of panting, blinking, and pumping hearts passed, and his member was still joined limply in his lover. He loomed over her for some time, as his eyes searched her’s for a response, any inkling of what she might be thinking. Finally she locked with his, and noticed there was something new there she had not seen before, a look, an edge to his gaze, or more like a rounded curve than an edge.

“What do you see?” She asked quietly.

He looked down and smiled softly, leaning down to plant a kiss on her tender lips.
“Nothing but love,” he answered softly.

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For as long as I can remember I loved women. Ever since I was young I always loved being around them being with them and yes ever doing stuff with them
Disclaimer: The following is a work of sexual fantasy and is intended for adult audiences ONLY. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading NOW! The main characters and names in this story are real; however, all events depicted are complete fiction
It had been about a month since Jan and I had been in the park at the men's room. I had a feeling that she was getting antsy. She would start sucking my cock when it was soft and after I had came a couple of times in her pussy
Today at work I had a pretty normal day. Andy said suck it a few times and you want to lick it once. He does that almost everyday. When we got back to the office I stayed in the back to help put sheets of cardboard away
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