Occupational Blackmail

Today at work I had a pretty normal day. Andy said suck it a few times and you want to lick it once. He does that almost everyday. When we got back to the office I stayed in the back to help put sheets of cardboard away. Since I am the smallest person there I went between the fans and the wall. People slid bundles of cardboard in to me and I arranged them neatly. I said I don't think its all going to fit. Pete said must not have swallowed enough sperm. I said what? How would swallowing more sperm help me fit more cardboard back here? Pete laughed and said so you have swallowed sperm. I said wow I meant how could swallowing sperm Pete laughed and said wait until Andy hears this. I said Pete you can't tell Andy. He said why not, you swallow sperm he'll love it. I said no Pete don't say anything. What do I have to do to stop you? He smiled and said suck my dick and swallow and I'll keep quiet. I said seriously. I sighed hhaa where? Pete said upstairs in the warehouse. I said you'd better be clean. He smiled and I finished putting away the cardboard. I went to the bathroom and brushed my hair and pulled it back into a high ponytail. I went back to the warehouse and headed up the stairs. I quietly walked to the back of the warehouse and whispered Pete. He said you came. I replied yeah um I'm nervous. He smiled and said don't be it's just a cock. I smiled and said yeah ha just a cock. He said you ready? I said I guess I need something to kneel on. He grabbed a pillow and dropped it in front of him. I knelt down on it and faced his crotch. He unzipped his pants and I reached up and into his open zipper. I partially wrapped my hand around his cock. It was semi hard and the biggest dick I've ever touched. He groaned and I said I don't think I can pull your dick out through here. He unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor. Then he pulled his boxers down. I said wow Pete that's insane. He said thanks now suck it bitch. I smiled and said ok daddy. He smiled and held his cock up to my lips. I opened my mouth and started to wiggled my mouth over his huge dong. He moaned and sighed. His monstrous cock completely filled my mouth and made me gag at 4 inches out of 8. I choked and he moaned and said uh fuck Dan do it again. I tried again and gagged on 5 inches. He said deeper bitch. I pulled back and said Pete I'm trying. He put his horse cock back in my mouth and said suck. I wiggled his dick back into my mouth and tried for 6. It started to bend down my throat. It was so big I felt my throat bulge. He groaned and grabbed my head and jammed the other two painful inches down my throat. I gagged and choked as I tried to throw up. He fucked my heaving throat with three inches of of the most enormous dick to ever gag me. I heaved and cried but he kept raping my throat. After a good minute his dick swelled another half inch to an incredible 2 and 3/4 inches. He started pumping huge wads of sperm into my throat. He started pulling out and continued to coat my throat with hot sticky sperm. He then completely filled my mouth and said don't swallow all of it. He reinserted his still oozing sperm hose down my throat and held my head down on his dick. He moaned as he finished erupting splooge into my throat. He slid his cock out very slowly so as to make sure I got every drop. He leaned back against the wall and slapped his enormous cock on my lips. He said show it to me. I tipped my head back and opened my sperm filled mouth, gargled, and swallowed a large mouthful. He said uh yeah good job. You suck cock pretty good. I cleared my throat trying to form words through his sticky splooge. I said well I'm not the best, but I know a few things. He said I'll say, I know plenty of girls who can't deepthroat like you. I smiled and started sucking his dick again. He shuddered and moaned uh Dan suck it uh fuck. I gagged myself a few times and cleaned his cock up and said good? He laughed and said for now, but you suck so good I might need you to do it again. I smiled and said well I might just be interested in doing this again. He said good, let's finish up back here so Andy can take you home. I said alright, hey Pete when Andy says suck it bitch, or you want to lick it, and various other things with the same connotation is he being serious? Pete said probably cause he doesn't say that shit to anybody else. I said hmm I didn't think he was like that. Pete said well he's not really but he must want you to suck his dick. I smiled and said hmm maybe I will. Pete laughed and said tell you what I'm going over his house later tonight, you should stop by. I said ok, I hope he does want me to suck his dick, and he'll keep quiet about it. Pete said I think he will, if he enjoys it as much as I did. I smiled I'm glad you enjoyed it Pete. He said well you are very enticing for some reason. I said thank you Pete. I can't wait until tonight. Pete said good I'll have another load for you to swallow. I said good, cause as you said must not have swallowed enough sperm yet. He laughed and said well that was a good addition. I smiled and said alright I gotta get out of here, before I start sucking your cock again. He laughed and said you'll do plenty of sucking later. I said I hope alright bye I'll see you later. He said goodbye and I squeezed his huge dick. He quivered and said uh god get the fuck out of here before I gag you again. I turned and went downstairs and into the main office area. Andy said come on bitch what took you so long. I said I was just helping Pete with something. He said let's go. I followed him out to his truck and we went home.

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