Getting the Cheerleader

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Nina was one of those girls everyone wanted to be. By eight grade, she had firm 34D cup boobs, The roundest and best shaped ass that even super models would die for, straight blonde hair, bright green eyes, a petite waist and flat stomach that stayed toned and never bulged, no matter how much she ate—and she didn’t even work out that much. By far she’d been the most popular, sweetest and liked girl at school, and not one person would’ve disagreed, even if you didn’t like her. She was also the hottest girl in school, and she was a nice person too, one that got along with everyone, whether Nina liked them or not. One of her policies was to always smile at the person who smiled at you—whether it was your ex, your friend, or some random stranger—she would always return the smile.
So when Nick looked at her in the hallway, and she smiled at him, it wasn’t because she wasn’t being flirtatious, or sexy, she just smiled to be friendly.
Nick, on the other hand, was the very opposite of Nina, and not just by gender. Nick was pale, skinny, and dorky on the outside, but if you really knew him, underneath all those baggy sweatshirts he always wore, he was strong. He could probably lift double of what the strongest football player or wrestling kid could in weights or bench a hundred times more that the strongest high school kid than the state, from working out in his home gym so much. He was what girls would typically call a creep, and he knew that everyone thought of him that way—not that he cared. One of the reasons he was called a creep was because he would look down girls’ shirts and up their skirts when the bent over—but Nick couldn’t have cared less about that rumor—he didn’t see why girls would wear such skin exposing or low cleavage shirts or miniskirts if they didn’t want people looking at them. Another reason Nick was called a creep was because he’d put a video camera in the girls locker room at school. Although there wasn’t absolute proof that Nick was the one who did it, he was always hanging around the girl’s locker room at school, and all the evidence pointed at him, but Nick wouldn’t admit anything, although it was him. Nick would always fantasize about the girls at his school as he masturbated, watched porn or while jacking off—and one of the girls who showed up most in his fantasies was Nina. This wasn’t surprising of course, from the fact that she was the sexiest girl at school by far, but unlike most guys at the school, whenever he saw Nina, he got a boner—and a big one, too.
So when Nina smiled at him for the first time, he just about felt like his dick exploded into some brick. It took everything he had in him to keep walking and not to stop and just grab her boobs. He’d had sex before, more than a few times too, because his parents were filthy rich and he got about $50 a week, so it wasn’t that hard to look up some chick who lived near him who was desperate for some dick at very cheap prices and have her come over and please him when his parents when to fancy parties that lasted past 3 AM. So that way, Nick had pretty much more experience that most of the eighth grade guys at school with sex, maybe even more than the high school kids.
But it was when Nick’s dick got a boner when Nina smiled at him for the first time that he decided that he needed to fuck Nina— today.
He knew Nina’s schedule by heart, from stalking her secretly after school. She had cheerleading practice, and after that, she would walk home, and her parents wouldn’t get home till 9, so she’d secretly go out and do some stuff like hang out with her friends at the mall before they came home—Nick knew her parents never cared to ask what she did or noticed—and Nina had no siblings. Today was perfect for Nick because she was planning on going straight home and skipping cheer practice to finish her homework and study for some class she was failing.
So Nick followed her home. He also knew the fact that she kept the key under the door mat and that was how she got in every day.
And that’s exactly how Nick planned on getting in.
After she entered her house, Nick watched through the trees in her backyard which gave him a perfect into her bedroom to see her come in and finish her homework in her bed.
And when she’d done that, Nick snuck in with the key under the door mat. Since her stairs were made of carpet, he was able to climb swiftly and silently and slowly walked to her door to find her lying on her king sized bed on her stomach, facing away from the door, playing some music and finishing her homework. She was facing the mirror, which showed the reflection of the door, so if she looked up, she would see Nick standing there, but she was fortunately looking down at her homework. Nick could see that perfect cleavage of hers in the mirror, and her bright red panties from her back, because she was wearing a miniskirt. Slowly, and silently, Nick slipped in her room and shut the door which miraculously made no squeaks as it closed, and even if it did, she wouldn’t hear, the music was playing so loud. Seeing her phone lying on her table, he took it and smartly turned it off quickly, and slipped it on the very top of her tall bookshelf. Because of the music playing, she didn’t hear him move and continued to work on her Algebra homework.
Now, Nick was ready to reveal himself. In one fluid motion, Nick turned off the stereo behind Nina while pulling her blinds closed with the other hand. She froze and looked up, to her mirror, and saw Nick standing there, and she screamed and spun around on the bed so quickly she knocked her homework to the ground. Her bright green eyes widened, and her hand flew to her chest in surprise.
“Wha-Who-How-Nick?!” she stammered in shock. “How—How’d you get in here?!” she gasped.
Nick shrugged nonchalantly. “The key under your door mat.”
“How’d you know I kept it there?”
“I’ve been watching you, Nina. I’ve seen you go to practice, come home, go to the mall with your friends, sneak out, ride your bike, and even change outfits. I enjoyed watching that last part with loads of pleasure, too.” He added in the end, rubbing his hard on.
Nina’s eyes widened even more and he saw her eyes go to her bedside table in search of her phone, and she gasped when she saw it wasn’t there.
“Where’s my phone? Why’d you close the door and the blinds? What’s going on, Nick?” she said, her voice rising an octave with every question and shaking.
Nick smiled in a creepy way and gestured again to the growing bulge in his pants.
“I think we both know, Nina.”
She gasped, “No,” and backed off the bed and against her wall, shaking and breathing deeply, making her D cup breasts rise and fall rapidly, which only caused Nick’s patience to end, and want her even more.
“I’ve dreamed of this for a long time, Nina, since fifth grade, ya know? That’s when I started feeling myself. How about you, sexy? Do you masturbate? “He said gruffly, taking a step towards her.
She screamed, shaking her head, and shrieked, “Help! Stop! Don’t do it! Please, Please! Leave me alone! Help! Help! Heeelllpp!”
And Nick laughed in reply, “Please. No one is home, Nina. No one’s gonna hear you. Your friends aren’t here. They’re at cheer practice, and afterwards, they’re going to Smoothie King, I heard them. Your parents aren’t coming home till nine, and your dad is coming home at ten today. I heard you on the phone, I intercepted your calls. I have the gadgets and crap, because my parents are rich. Your neighbors are all out. Believe me, there’s no way you’re getting out of this—and I have my experience, don’t worry—so I’m pretty sure you’ll just…love this.”
Nina’s eyes had widened and she was madly looking around the room, looking for a way out, but this was hard because Nick was advancing on her and in her terror she had accidentally backed into a corner. In one swift, fluid motion, Nick shrugged off his baggy sweatshirt and flung it on the bed, exposing the hard, pretty sexy, muscular body that had always been hidden under his baggy sweatshirts.
Nina gasped again, this time from shock at his toned body.
And he grabbed her. She screamed, kicked, pushed, but it was no use. She was too weak for him. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against the bed, while she was kicking and flailing, but for all Nick felt, it could have been an annoying mosquito. He reached into his sweatshirt’s pocket which he had flung on the bed and pulled out 2 pairs of hand cuffs which he’d bought online. He put one on her and attached it to her bed post and did the same with the other so that her hands were behind her head, pushing her chest out and emphasizing her breasts wonderfully. She tried kicking, so he pulled out the knife he had in his pocket and flashed it in her face. He hadn’t ever intended in using it, but he’d thought it would have been a good incentive. Her eyes widened and her screams subsided at the knife and she stopped kicking.
“Good, bitch. Now: widen your legs.”
She shook her head furiously, but when he raised the knife threateningly, she let out a sob and reluctantly parted her legs, just bit, but enough for him to get in between and push them a little more apart. Then, with his strength, he grabbed at a button on her shirt and opened it, ignoring her begging for him not to, and ripped her whole shirt open and her boobs, in a bright read bra too small for her bounced out. His boner increased and he gruffly leaned down and ripped down her bra, and her breasts sprung out, bouncy, and very, very, firm. He started sucking them immediately and didn’t ignore the fact that her nipple got hard immediately.
“Wow, bitch, you really do want this, huh? You’re hard already.”
She shook her head vigorously and begged him to stop, but he’d already moved down to her pussy. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could control himself and found himself ripping her panty in half in need and he shoved his face In her pussy. Her virgin pussy smelled so good, musky juices already seeping out. He greedily suckled happily on her juices and her clit, which made her cry out in shock and unexpected pleasure that Nina tried valiantly to deny:
“Please, Nick, don’t do this, I’ll do anything, please!”
“Bitch, this is the ‘anything’ that I want. And you do want this, you slut, you’re already wet, and you liked that, I can tell. Want some more, huh?”
She said no, but he was already on her clit, sucking away. He inserted one, two, and then three fingers in her, finger fucking her happily.
Suddenly Nick couldn’t hold it anymore. He threw off his jeans and his underwear, and out sprang his dick, shining with pre-cum. He rubbed it around on it to lubricate it.
He rubbed the tip against her pussy, teasing her. She screamed, “NO! PLEASE! STOP, STOP! HELP, SOMEONE! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS, PLEASE, PLEASE,—PLE—OOOHH!”
Nick had plunged in. She seemed winded by him entering her, and her mouth dropped open in shock. He slowly pushed in, she was so tight, and stopped at her virginal barrier, confused at what it was at first, since he had never taken anyone’s virginity, all the girls he’d fucked were over 21 and were complete sluts. He thought she was just really tight at first and shoved through roughly, and it was only by her bloodcurdling scream that he realized that he just popped her cherry. She started crying, whimpering, “Ow…Ow…that hurt so much…please, stop…Ow, Ow, Oooh…”
But Nick didn’t waste any time. He started pumping as fast as he could, ignoring the fact that she’d be in pain, because he couldn’t hold it anymore, and he’d waited so long. She shook and shuddered and jerked and thrashed on the bed from the pain, but after a bit of pumping she’d calmed down, feeling the burning pain replaced with…was it pleasure? But Nina denied it. Her breasts bounced with each pump, and he leaned down to suck them, and Nick heard Nina’s whimpering turn into gasps of…pleasure?
So Nick went faster. She was moaning now, the young slut. “Faster,” he thought he heard her mutter unconsciously.
So he pumped as fast as he’d ever gone with anyone. She cried out suddenly, and knowing she was about to come, he thrust as far as he could go and let out the biggest build up he’d ever felt, along with her, who was bucking on the bed, coming as well. The good thing about Nick’s cock was that it recovered so fast from an orgasm it was amazing, many guys would die for this. He pulled out his dick, which was covered with blood and white-ish girl cum, which had shrunk to quarter of it had just been. He started jacking off immediately to get himself hard and watched her recover to help him get erect.
Her breasts were heaving, and she was lying in bed, shaking. Slowly, her hand made its way down to her pussy and she felt the white, bloody, sticky stuff on it. She plunged her pinky finger into her vagina and she pulled it out, examining it.
Nick’s dick was already hard from watching that. He pulled off her handcuffs—he was sure she wouldn’t make a run for it now—and said, “Liked that, huh? I felt that orgasm. I heard you say for me to go faster.”
She blushed at that and she shook her head, and said stubbornly, “I didn’t say that. And I—I can’t believe what you just did, you just raped me…”
But Nick was already moving, shoving his dick in her face. “Suck.” He ordered.
Her eyes got huge and she said, “NO.” and clamped her mouth shut.
But Nick had his ways. He plunged 3 fingers into her exposed pussy and she gasped, and when she did, he shoved his dick in her mouth. Before she could bite or something, he threatened, “You are going to suck, and if you bite, that knife is going down your pussy—don’t think I won’t do it.” And then he started forcing and driving his cock into her mouth, fucking her mouth himself, too impatient to wait for her. His cock was pretty big for his age, and he wondered if her small mouth could get the whole thing in. He pushed the whole way and gagged her, and her shoulders moved reflexively, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and her eyes got teary, but he continued fucking her, gagging her each time. She simply stayed in her kneeled position like a potato, not moving, but she kept his teeth out of his penis though, and after a bit of fucking her mouth, he felt her sucking, slowly at first, so he stopped moving and let her do the work. Using her hands, slowly at first, she explored his penis, feeling his dick. It was probably the first cock she’d ever seen, and she took her time feeling it and licking every spot of it. Eventually she started bobbing up and down on his cock—and she was good, too. In no time, he had an orgasm build up, and when he came, he held his hands on the back of her head on his dick so that she wouldn’t pull away and was forced to swallow most of it. She pulled away from his now shriveled cock, gasping, and collapsed on the bed, breathing, and she watched Nick jacking off to make himself hard again.
In five minutes Nick had his penis to its full height and he pulled her legs apart again, ready to fuck her again.
This time, Nina didn’t fight back.
This time, when Nick was pumping in her, she moaned and groaned and cried out, and her orgasm was HUGE.
This time, her pointer finger and thumb of both hands were feeling up her nipples.
This time she didn’t just whisper, “Faster,” she yelled, “Nick, OH MY GOSH, GO FASTER!”
And they reached their orgasm together again. She fell back on the bed and lay there, breasts heaving, gasping. Nick looked at the clock, and it said 6:37. His mother would be looking for him for dinner soon, so he silently got up and started putting on his clothes. Nina didn’t move except to sit up with her legs spread, a perfect view of her pussy, dripping with cum. She watched him put on his clothes and he didn’t intend on saying anything to her to keep what had just happened a secret—Nick didn’t think he needed to. He had a pretty good feeling she wouldn’t tell anyone, for some reason.
When he got to the door, she said, “Nick,” and got out of bed, her D cup breasts bouncing with every slight movement and she picked up his handcuffs and his knife that he’d forgotten about.
“I—I don’t have cheer practice this Friday, you know, and I—and my parents are out till—past midnights on Fridays. I’m coming straight home on Friday, too.”
And to Nick’s amusement, she flipped her hair behind her shoulder and she said, gesturing to the cuffs and knife, “I’ll keep these safe for next time.”

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