The Awakening Chronicles (Chapter 1)

This story does not contain much sex, it is the building of what i hope will be another amazing series. although not my first story, this is the first one i have made public. future stories will be more graphic, bare with me through this one so that you have the whole story and i can promise you wont be disappointed. if you have any comments please feel free to do so, anon or not i dont care. feedback is important on your first published story! thank you for reading!


Yesterday was a normal day. Yesterday monsters weren’t real. Yesterday he didn’t know Rebecca. Yesterday is the past, forever unchanged, and when you have a day like the one Jonathan Adkins had, the future is most uncertain. Join me now as the tale unravels of a normal man thrown into a world he never knew existed.

Jonathan Adkins lay in his bed waiting for his alarm to make the accustomed noise it always makes at 6:30 AM. He had only laid down 3 hours ago, and although his body was exhausted, his mind was awake, more awake than it may have ever been.

Beep, Beep, Beep, the alarm goes off, waking Jonathan from the haze that covered his thoughts. He reached over and flipped the switch to shut it off. There was no need to hit the snooze button; he would not fall asleep any time soon. Finding the will power to get out of bed was difficult, a boring job filing papers for a law firm doesn’t seem nearly as important since his rude awakening yesterday.

A vibration from underneath his pillow scared him back to reality once more as he reached up to find his cell phone. “Who could be calling me this early?” where his first words of the morning to no one in particular. Looking at the impossibly bright screen, waiting for his eyes to focus from the darkness of his bedroom, he now saw who it was, and didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Nathan?” a beautiful, soothing voice called out, using only part of his first name. Yesterday she had told him that Jonathan sounded too formal.

Rebecca could sense Nathan’s hesitation to speak, so she started again. “I was hoping you would answer, we have a lot to talk about, how does coffee sound?”

Her voice brought back memories of last night’s events; some were frightening, and some were amazing.

“Nathan?” the questioning affliction at the end of his name made him realize he hadn’t said anything yet. Finally he gathered the strength to utter “Of course, there is a coffee shop across the street from my apartment building.”

A slight giggle escaped Rebecca and she exclaimed “I am down here waiting on you silly, we are linked now, I know everything about you, so come down here and drink your Caramel Late, I know it’s your favorite.”

“I’ll be down in twenty” was all Jonathan could manage and he hung up without another word. After a shower and a change of clothes he walked out of his door, and took the elevator down 5 floors to the lobby, where he could see the beautiful brunette across the street, holding up his favorite morning beverage.

“Hello Rebecca”, Nathan said, not really knowing what to say as he sat down in the corner booth of the coffee shop, away from the crowd.

“Nathan I know this is difficult for you, this isn’t something we usually do with humans, but you are awake now, so I would like to answer any questions you have.” Rebecca’s voice was soothing.

Confused, Nathan asked “what do you mean awake, I never fell asleep?” another giggle escapes her beautiful lips and she tried to explain a little better. “The awakening for humans is what we call the moment when they know the truth about the world; I don’t mean that you are physically awake, but mentally awake.”

“What are you?” was his first question, one that he had asked many times yesterday but hadn’t received an adequate answer.

“Well the most recent name for my kind in your language has been genie. So if you want to put labels on me that would be the closest.”

Her answer only brought to mind more questions. Rebecca of course knew this because of their mental bond, but decided to keep letting him ask aloud, voicing his concerns has always helped Nathan.

“A Genie? I don’t remember rubbing a lamp, or getting any wishes.” his words only brought on another giggle.

“Okay Nathan I will help fill in the blanks about me. I am a Genie, but nothing like what you have heard. There is no magical lamp that I live in, and I never grant any wish that I do not want to. I have been around for a long time, and honestly your peoples thoughts about me are the most amusing to me.”

“So what do you do if you don’t grant wishes?” another silly question, Rebecca wants him to ask the more pressing questions, but humans have a way of avoiding them, thinking they will go away.

“Nathan, my purpose here has changed many times, I have lived a long time, and I will live a lot longer. Currently my purpose is helping you through this problem. In my “free time” I do as I please.”

“And what pleases you?” Nathan asks a more interesting question.

“Many things please me, but sex is my favorite, oh how I love sex.” Rebecca’s answer sent a tingle down Nathan that traveled to his groin.

“Why do you hide from humans?” Rebecca’s eyebrows furrow at his question.

“We do not hide, we simply don’t meddle in your everyday life, most of us live for a long time, your meager life span in this world doesn’t normally matter to any of us.” Was her response.

Finally finished with his coffee, he got up to leave, Rebecca stood first and led the way back to his apartment, knowing mentally that is where Nathan wanted to go. Nathan was a bit curious as to how she knew where he needed to go, but chalked it up to the mental link she spoke of earlier. In the elevator on the way up to his room, his eyes started looking her over. Her long dark hair was off to one shoulder, not enough to cover her ample cleavage that a red V neck shirt wasn’t covering either.

He guessed she was a D cup, his favorite size. Looking up he noticed her dark brown eyes apparently giving him an onceover, then to her big, full, red lips. She was a thing of beauty. Everything about her seemed to fit his description of a perfect woman.

The elevator dinged on the appropriate floor and she lead the way out. Again he found his eyes following her ass as it swayed. Her tight blue jeans hugged her wide hips and big ass wonderfully. At only 5’5” (his best guess) her large assets were a gift. And Nathan felt his arousal growing. This was the first chance he got to really look her over, and he loved the view.

As soon as his front door closed behind them, Rebecca pulled her top up over her head, taking the built in bra with it.

“Ah, that is much better, I hate wearing clothes” Rebecca exclaimed as she turned to face Nathan. Letting
him get a full view of her perfect tits, they didn’t sag at all; it was as if an invisible bra held them up.
The immediate reaction of the bulge growing in Nathan’s pants confirmed for Rebecca what she already knew, she had him.

“Rebecca I don’t know what you want from me.” Nathan said, trying not to let the lust show through.

“Nathan I want you, I am not human, you humans have so many rules about everything. But us, and creatures like me give in to our desires, we have no books or leaders to tell us not to. In all honesty your way of life is ridiculous.”

Nathan was once again not coming up with much to say, but decided to go with the flow of things, as any other man would with this beautiful thing. Rebecca gestured for him to sit down and he did so, not realizing the effect she was having on his mind. She grabbed one of the pillows from the couch and placed it between his legs on the floor and knelt down in front of him in the living room. She reached up to undo is pants, and pull out his dick. She leaned in to kiss the head of it, and licked the precum from her lips.

Rebecca has waited a long time for this, and she wasn’t about to let this human ruin it for her. So she eagerly lets his prick slide between her lips, a soft moan escapes him. She knows it has been years since anyone has given him a proper blowjob, her mental link with him tells her all she needs to know about his fantasies to get him to fall for her.

She lets her tongue do most of the work for now at the tip of his rod, the most sensitive part. His head is laid against the back of the couch, and his eyes are closed. He sits almost motionless, not wanting to do anything to upset Rebecca, not wanting her to stop what she is doing. But Rebecca has other plans for him. She continues to suck his dick, moving his average sized cock in and out of her mouth with slight slurping sounds as she reaches the top. Without stopping she grabs his hands, and places them on top of her head, something she read from his thoughts.

Nathan fakes reluctance as he wraps his fingers within her hair. He loves the control but doesn’t want to do anything to make her stop this wonderful blowjob. Rebecca continues allowing his shaft to slide between her tongue and lips, but she needs to get him off, and this isn’t the way. To speed things up she places her hands on top of his and pushes her own head all the way down onto his cock, allowing it into her throat slightly for the first time, she moans loudly to let him know she likes it, and Nathan finally gets the hint.
Slowly easing into it he starts controlling her movements with his hands, guiding him down onto his cock. Each time he pushes her all the way down she moans loudly. At just over 6” his dick was easy for Rebecca to handle, it barely pressed against her throat, and even without magic she could easily take the mouth fucking she was now receiving. She grabs his waist to pull him up into a standing position so he can really take control, just what he wants.

Now Nathan’s desire overwhelmed his worry as his fucked her beautiful face. Her tongue worked perfectly sliding up and down on his shaft as she held her lips tightly around his cock, while at the same time sucking his dick further into her. It was the perfect blowjob. His need to cum blocked all other feelings, he didn’t even notice that she didn’t ever need to let go to breathe, and never gagged no matter how far he shoved his cock down. The back of her throat provided the perfect suction to his most sensitive parts and he rammed his cock back there over and over.

Rebecca grabbed his bare ass to help pull him in further, his pants had fallen down when he stood, she was feeling her own arousal stir, as was her nature. But she needs his cum, so she hums and moans on his cock, letting her thick saliva fall out around his balls. Her tits bounced against his legs as he shoved his dick inside her mouth.

Nathan knew he was close to cumming, and didn’t care if she swallowed or not, he was not able to stop himself to find out. When Rebecca moved one hand to rub his balls he no longer could contain himself and his flood gates opened.

Rebecca felt the first shot hit the back of her throat and eagerly swallowed it down, moaning and sucking for more, and each shot after she gobbled up, not spilling any of the precious semen. Nathan groaned as he held her head all the way down on his dick, pumping her full of the last drops of his cum. He fell back into his seat, her mouth never leaving his cock.

She finally let his dick pop out of her mouth and looked up at him and smiled, “thank you “she said with a giggle. And proceeded to lick and suck his cock until it was clean, maybe even a little after that. She continued to talk “that was wonderful, I haven’t had a good face fucking in centuries.”
A few moments of gathering his thoughts and catching his breath was all he needed to have a new list of questions for the beautiful woman.

Sensing his questions Rebecca said “I will help with your confusion and give you some more information. I would have done it earlier but you needed to give me your semen first. So just sit back and listen.” His confusion was apparently written on his face, but he did as he was told and was prepared to listen. Rebecca finally started talking.

“Nathan you may have noticed that I can read your mind, it is one of my many abilities. I can read your mind because of the mental bond we now share. Genies cannot directly communicate with humans, few creatures can, this is the true reason you don’t see us walking around everywhere. The creature that you saw last night, is one of the types of creatures that has the power to move from our dimension to this one. Your kind calls them demons. Normally demons leave humans alone and only enter this world for fun, to wreak havoc on Halloween. It is a source of entertainment for them.

This particular Demon however, comes here to eat humans, which is what he tried to do to you. If I didn’t show up when I did, you would be dead, and your body would be in his stomach.”
Her words sent back memories of last night, the dark shadow that followed him home and pulled him in to an alley. The thoughts sent him shuddering. But her soothing voice calmed him. “How did you save me though? You said you can’t come into this dimension of your own will.” He asked.

Rebecca started again, “When a creature opens up a hole between dimensions it stays open for a short time, I was tracking this demon and happened to stumble upon the hole. When I walked through I saw you being attacked. I grabbed the demon and threw him back through his own portal. My kind cannot stay in this world without something holding us here, so I picked you. I linked with your mind and now you hold me here on earth. Some genies that have managed to slip out use other objects as well, usually whatever is closest. I once knew a genie that had to use a lamp to anchor himself here. This is where your picture of us came from.”

Nathan remembered looking into Rebecca’s eyes for the first time, and he felt something strange, as if he knew her, or should remember her from somewhere. He immediately felt attached to her, now it made sense. “Can I read your mind?” was the next question he asked.

“well yes, if you have the ability”, she started “it is rare that a genie uses a person as an anchor, so the actual attachment I won’t have all of the details on, but our minds are linked. For now you can only read what I deliberately send to you. I assume with practice you will be able to read everything.” As she spoke she tried to remember the rumors she had heard about human anchors in this world, but couldn’t recall any facts.

“Why did you call me this morning? Why are you here now?” these were finally the pertinent questions she needed him to ask.

“Well, humans are special creatures, with a very special gift from their maker. A power that dwells within them. A life force I guess you would call it. Although I don’t need it to live, as I am immortal, it does give me power, a lot of power.” The answer stunned Nathan as he recoiled, now scared for his life for the second time in as many days.

“You want to kill me!”


sorry for the cliffhanger guys but ch 2 will be up shortly

this is an original work by Axtellhammer, please dont repost my stories, if you want it on another site let me know!

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