A Young Hitchhiker In A Blue Satin Dress

Be forewarned - This story involves children having sex. If you're bothered by such content do not read further.

“Fuck you, Robbie!” Anna screamed as she stormed off.

She and her boyfriend Robbie, along with her friend Carrie, had been drinking a bottle of vodka stolen from her dad’s liquor cabinet. They sat in the cool, dry grass on the edge of the school football field, Robbie in between the two girls, and as the moon rose they began to get drunk for the first time. They were each twelve years old.

Across the field, beyond the bleachers, music emanated from the gym where the junior high dance was. None of them liked school dances, but most of their friends were going so it seemed like the thing to do. They each hoped the alcohol would make it more interesting, if not less awkward.

As the liquor started to take effect they began to lose their inhibitions, and soon Anna and Robbie were making out. Robbie was her first boyfriend, though Anna had been bringing herself to orgasm since she was ten years old. Every Saturday and Sunday morning she would sleep in late, waking to warm sunshine which, as it filtered through her thin, off-white curtains, caused her bedroom walls to glow. Cocooned in warmth and comfort beneath the blanket Anna would slip a hand under the hem of her panties. Those blissful moments became a weekend ritual, and she longed to share them with someone else.

With that goal in mind Anna pressed herself into Robbie as they clumsily made out. They were both new to kissing. The alcohol continued to loosen them up, and before long Anna took Robbie’s hand in hers and brought it up to her left breast, pressing his hand into it. He squeezed, a little too hard. Anna opened her eyes and over Robbie’s shoulder saw Carrie holding the vodka and watching them make out. Carrie quickly looked away and took another drink from the bottle.

Although Robbie was clumsy and a little rough Anna was happy to have someone else touching her, and she began to get turned on. She had heard about blowjobs and it sounded fascinating. Sometimes she thought about giving a blowjob as she lay in bed on the weekends. She knew Robbie would like it – maybe she would give him one later when they were alone.

Needing to give her breast a break from Robbie’s rough grip she grabbed his hand and placed it on her inner thigh. Robbie slid his hand up and down her leg, fingers slipping under the hem of her dress, and each time he moved his hand up her leg the hem was pushed a little farther, exposing more of her thighs and promising an eventual peek at her panties. Anna broke off their kissing and began to rub Robbie’s leg over his slacks, working her way up toward his crotch. She could see his dick straining against the fabric of his pants. Unable to resist she slid her hand all the way up his pant leg and began rubbing his erection through his pants. It was warm and hard, and she could feel it faintly throbbing.

Robbie took this as his opportunity to feel her up, and he quickly slid his hand up her leg until it bumped into her panty covered mound. Anna let out a gasp of mild pain which he misinterpreted as pleasure. Cupping her mound in his hands he rubbed her aggressively while squeezing too hard. Continuing to stroke Robbie’s dick, she began to get frustrated with his rough handling. He wasn’t making her feel at all like she did on those lazy weekend mornings.

Glancing over Robbie’s shoulder again Anna was shocked to see Carrie had pulled up her dress and was rubbing herself while watching them. The bottle of vodka, which was a little under halfway full the last time Anna had held it, was lying on the ground next to Carrie almost empty. Anna was surprised to find herself getting turned on watching Carrie. More turned on than Robbie’s clumsy treatment was getting her, anyway.

Still watching Carrie, Anna reached down and pulled her panties aside. Robbie’s fingers rubbed her soft, bare mound causing a small wave of pleasure to pass over her. She felt his middle finger begin to explore her slit, and after several attempts to locate her hole Anna reached down and guided his finger into her wet tunnel. Continuing to hold his hand she resisted his aggressive pace and worked him into a gentle rhythm.

Carrie continued to massage her panty covered mound as she watched Robbie’s finger sink into Anna. Carrie looked up, and the two girls made eye contact. This time Carrie made no attempt to hide her voyeurism. Instead she smiled, her face flushed with arousal and eyes hazy with intoxication, and slipped the crotch of her panties to one side. Anna stared between Carrie’s legs, still rubbing Robbie’s hard on, as Carrie inserted first one and then two fingers into herself.

Robbie had no idea what Carrie was doing behind him. In his drunkenness and arousal he’d forgotten Carrie was even there. He noticed that Anna was becoming wetter as his finger slipped in and out of her with greater ease. He took some pride in this, but mostly he hoped it meant Anna would come soon so she could give him a hand job. He could maybe even get a blowjob out of her – she was drunk after all.

Anna was getting really turned on watching Carrie finger herself. Unfortunately, though, the combination of alcohol and the pressure Robbie put on her bladder meant that soon she had to pee. Taking her hand off Robbie’s dick, she pulled his finger out of her and said “I’ll be right back.” He looked sort of angry that she had stopped him. “Whatever,” Anna thought to herself. She was getting a bit angry with him herself – he didn’t seem to care about making her feel good; he was doing it all for his own pleasure as far as she could tell. As she walked toward the bushes bordering that side of the field she heard Robbie ask for the vodka, then he gasped. Presumably Carrie’s dress was still up around her waist. “Sure…there’s…still a little left,” Carrie said through a thick slur.

She squatted behind a bush and pulled her panties down, squeezing a hot stream of pee out onto the leaves and grass on the ground. Once she was done peeing she wiped a couple of times with a fallen leaf so she didn’t get her panties wet. As she walked back out of the bushes, she looked at her friends and stopped in her tracks. She hadn’t been gone two minutes and Robbie was making out with Carrie, his hand up her dress! She felt like she had just been punched in the gut. She had totally opened herself up to Robbie’s clumsy hands, with no complaint, and there he was groping someone else two minutes later!

“Fuck you, Robbie!” She screamed as tears welled up in her eyes. Before he could respond she turned around and began walking across the football field. She sobbed as hot tears ran down her face. It wasn’t that Robbie was making out with someone else – Carrie can have his rough and awkward touches, she thought – but that she had been so quickly discarded. She began to realize that Robbie never really liked or cared about her, he just wanted to get his hands on her. She could still feel those clumsy hands, and it made her feel dirty.

Still crying, she realized she was heading right towards the gym where the dance was going on. She couldn’t go there – she couldn’t let all the teachers and students see her crying. She abruptly turned to the left and walked towards a road, figuring she might as well hitch a ride home and try to forget tonight ever happened.

She had hitchhiked many times before and always got picked up within the first few cars. It was usually an older person, driving a nice car like a Mercedes or BMW, who would lecture her the whole way home about the dangers of a young girl hitch hiking. She hoped whoever picked her up this time would just mind their business and drive her home.

The second car that passed her pulled over. She walked toward the black Volkswagen Jetta and as she approached the car saw the driver was a guy – maybe late twenties or early thirties – with a short trimmed beard and long brown hair.


Jason had just gotten in a bad fight with his girlfriend. Really bad. It was probably over – five years down the drain. Earlier that evening he had arrived home from his job at Microsoft; he had started to say hi to Jessica when she interrupted him.

“What is this?!” She snapped, looking up from the computer screen.

Jason knew immediately.

“Uh, what are you talking about honey?” he said as he walked toward the computer, heart pounding violently.

“This!” She said, pointing at the screen.

On the screen was a girl whose body appeared to be eleven or twelve. She wore a mask on her face and nothing else. Cum dripped from a man’s cock onto her stomach, running down onto her hairless pussy.

“Oh my god, what is that?” Jason said, hoping to get out of this without incriminating himself.

“You tell me, Jason! There are dozens of these perverted pictures on your computer!” As she said this she hit an arrow key on the keyboard, scanning through several images of child porn. Girls as young as ten and as old as fifteen were shown nude or performing sex acts. One showed a girl of maybe twelve being fucked in the ass by an older man, another of an eleven year old licking a cock. A fourteen year old wearing nothing but panties, her small breasts topped by puffy nipples. A ten year old spreading her pussy open wide. Two thirteen year old girls licking cum off each other’s faces.

“I found these hidden in a folder on your computer. Don’t lie to me Jason – these aren’t on your computer by accident!” She shouted, her voice starting to waver with emotion.

“I….Honey….they just…” He could think of nothing to say.

“Okay, Jessica. It’s just a fantasy – I’d never do something like that to a real girl! I can’t control what turns me on…nobody can, you know that.”

Although a part of her realized this was true she couldn’t accept it. There could be no excuse for such a perversion. She was so repulsed by those images she had to hate him, had to hate anything associated with them. “This is sick and disgusting and illegal, Jason! I can’t believe you get off to this…this is child rape! You get off on child rape you sick bastard!” Jessica screamed as she broke down in tears.

There was nothing he could say. There was nothing left to say. His secret had been found out – by the last person he ever wanted to know – and there was nothing he could do to make it better.

He couldn’t stand to see her crying. He wanted to put an arm around her and apologize and try to comfort her, but he knew she would just push him away. Standing there awkwardly certainly wasn’t going to help anything. So he simply turned and without a word walked out the door, went down to his car, and started driving.

He felt sick to his stomach. The life he had built with Jessica for five years had just shattered, and as each broken piece passed through his mind his gut wrenched. He thought how cruel it was that a chance discovery had just destroyed what otherwise would have been a lifelong happy relationship. If only she hadn’t opened that inconspicuous folder. If only he hadn’t downloaded those pictures. If only an attraction he had no control over wasn’t taboo.

He had always been attracted to young girls. It seemed normal when he was a young boy, but he never grew out of it and as he aged into a man his attraction remained. His ideal age was about 12 or 13 – old enough that they had small, though not yet fully formed, breasts. Their faces began to display the sexy looks of a teenager but childish features lingered, and they were just beginning to grow hair between their legs.

Still feeling sick to his stomach, Jason could think of nothing to do and continued driving aimlessly. Lost in thought, he turned onto Day Road which went by the junior high. As he passed the school he saw a young girl hitchhiking on the side of the road, and the first thought that went through his head was how dangerous it was for such a pretty young girl to be hitch hiking. He pulled over to give her a ride before some pervert picked her up, but as she approached the door he realized the irony of that thought.


Jason watched as she approached, stumbling a little. She looked to be about twelve, and wore a dark blue satin spaghetti strap dress with black lace trim, the hem just above her knees. She had a tan complexion, dirty blonde hair, and dark blue eyes lined with striking black lashes. They streamed with tears.

“Hey, are you okay? What happened?” He asked, genuinely concerned.

“Nothing. I mean I don’t want to talk about it.” She said as she leaned into his opened window. Jason couldn’t resist looking down her top – he could almost see her nipples as the fabric of her dress fell away from her skin. “Can you give me a ride to Baker Hill?” She asked, her voice snapping his gaze up from her chest.

“Uh, yeah, get in.”

He admired the silky smooth look of her legs as she opened the door and clumsily slipped into the seat, her dress hiking half way up her thighs. He noticed she wore strappy heeled shoes that revealed her ankles and small, cute feet.

Tearing his gaze from the pretty girl he began driving. It was about a half hour drive to Baker Hill, so he decided to introduce himself and try to start a conversation.

“Hi, I’m Jason.” He said, offering his hand to her.

After a slight hesitation she responded “Anna,” and shook his hand. He savored the feel of her warm, delicate hand and subtly caressed the back of it with his thumb before letting go.

“You know, Anna, it’s really dangerous for a young girl like you to be hitchhiking.”

“Yeah, I could get raped or killed or whatever. I get the lecture every time.” As she said this Jason realized he could smell liquor on her breath. That explains the stumbling, he thought.

“Oh, well, just be careful then.” He looked over at her and smiled – god she was cute. She smiled back, but it was forced. Jason wanted to see her real smile. It must be breathtaking.

“So, how old are you Anna?”

“Twelve.” She kept her response brief, hoping to conceal her drunkenness.

“That means you’re in what, sixth grade?”

“No, seventh. Seventh grade.”

“Ah, seventh grade – that’s a good year. You’re not a kid anymore, you and your friends start to do fun things…”

Anna was getting annoyed with him.

“…fun things like going to school football games, dances…drinking alcohol.”


Jason looked over at her. “No, I don’t drink – I’m way too young for that.” She lied.

“Oh come on, I was twelve once. It’s not like I’m not going to tell anybody. Admit it, you’ve been drinking, right?”

“Maybe a little.” She grinned, pink lips framing her perfect white teeth. Her smile was as beautiful as he hoped. Jason could only imagine what those lips would feel like pressed softly against his.

“Seventh grade is about the time kids start getting boyfriends and girlfriends, right?”

“Umm, yeah I guess so.” She replied, embarrassed to be talking about boys with this man.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Yeah.” Then she remembered what happened on the football field. “I mean no, I don’t.”

“Well which is it?” He probed, smiling as he asked.

“I don’t…not anymore.”

“Aww, what happened? Is that why you were crying back there?”

Anna was really embarrassed now. “C’mon, you can tell me about it.” Jason encouraged her.

Anna normally wouldn’t talk about it with an adult – especially not a stranger – but she was still a little drunk and felt more open than she normally was.

“My boyfriend Robbie started making out with our friend Carrie. We were all drinking, the three of us, and I left to pee, and when I came back they were making out. He had been making out with me just a couple minutes earlier!” Jason’s interested was immediately piqued, and he decided to see how open the alcohol had made her.

“How were you two making out?”

“Ummm, what do you mean?”

“Like, were you just kissing, or was he touching you?”

Why was he interested in that? Anna knew she shouldn’t answer him, but the alcohol kept her talking.

“Yeah, he was grabbing my chest…”

She was talking to him about getting felt up! Jason was getting excited. Emboldened by her openness and the knowledge that she was drunk, he probed further.

“So he was rubbing your tits?”

His choice of vocabulary took her by surprise. “Um…yeah, my tits.”

Jason loved the way that word sounded coming from her. All thought of the fight with his girlfriend had left his mind, mercifully replaced with a warm yet sexual affection for the girl sitting next to him.

“Was he rubbing them over your dress, or did he slip his hand underneath?” Jason asked, taking his eyes off the road to glance at her breasts as he spoke. Against the black lace trim and blue satin of her dress, the skin of her chest swelled outward. Her developing breasts pressed against the fabric, nipples subtly outlined.

Anna saw him look at her chest and shifted nervously in her seat, not noticing that as she did so the hem of her dress slipped further up her leg, more than half of her thigh now revealed.

“Just over my dress.” She answered, her heart beginning to pound as her chest rose and fell more quickly.

“Did he touch you anywhere else?” Jason continued, envisioning the ways he would feel her if given the chance.

“Like where?” She had never discussed sex with a man before. She was embarrassed and nervous and excited all at the same time.

Jason’s arousal was starting to get the better of his judgment. Testing how she would respond to a more sexual tone, he said “Like your pussy. Did he rub your pussy?”

“No, we shouldn’t be talking about this. This is bad.” She replied. But that word had stirred some small response in her.

Damn – should he have been more subtle? He needed her to tell him more – where she had allowed herself to be touched, how she had allowed herself to be touched. “Bad? No, it’s okay – no one is going to know. Tell me more, Anna, we’ll keep it secret.”

“We shouldn’t talk about this.” She repeated. She began to suspect that he was getting turned on. While that thought was exciting to her she felt a little scared too – he was an adult; he wasn’t supposed to be attracted to young girls.

“Oh come on Anna, adults talk about sex all the time. It’s no big deal. Your secrets are safe with me. So…did he put a hand up your dress? Did he rub your panties?”

Anna gave in to his pressure and her excitement, and staring down at her feet replied “Yes.”

“Yes what?” Jason prodded.

“Yes, he rubbed my panties.” Anna said, not removing her gaze from her feet. Jason watched her as those words echoed in his mind. The skin on her face and chest subtly glowed as she breathed more rapidly, and her pose had a certain anxious excitement behind it.

“Did it feel good? Did you like it when he touched you there, Anna?”

“Yeah, especially when he…” She broke off.

“When he what? Anna, you can tell me.”

“When he…when he put his finger…in there.”

“When he stuck his finger in your pussy?”


“It felt really good?”

“Yeah.” Anna’s face was burning red with shame, but she felt turned on remembering getting fingered. And talking about it with a stranger – she knew it was bad, but that kind of turned her on too. As soon as she got home she was going to take off her clothes and play with herself.

He looked over at her lap. Her legs were slightly parted, as if inviting his hand. Her dress was hiked up pretty far – just a couple more inches and he would be able to see her panties. Her tan legs looked so soft and smooth. As he returned his gaze to the road ahead, Jason wondered what it would feel like to slide his hand up under her dress; he imagined her warm, soft skin sliding against his palm while the cool, sleek satin of her dress brushed the back of his hand. The coarse lace hem would run across his wrist and soon his finger would press against the warm, soft bulge of her panties.

Jason was hypnotized as he imagined himself pulling her panties aside and slipping that finger into her wet, snug hole. He was more turned on than he could ever remember being. So she was drunk and liked being fingered – how would she react if he reached over and put his hand up her dress right now?

Anna noticed when he stared at her lap, hoping to catch a glimpse of her panties. She was now certain that she was making him horny, and her feeling of nervous excitement intensified. She was used to the boys her age stealing glances, but this was different. She knew it was bad – older guys shouldn’t like girls her age that way – but that only made it more exciting. Cautiously testing her powers, she shifted slightly in her seat to face him a little more – and to give him a better view up her dress, making sure it hiked up even further – and watched for a reaction.

So close, Jason thought. Her dress was just barely concealing her panties now, and it was driving him crazy. He looked up at her face. She smiled nervously, and as Jason glanced at the road he could swear she spread her legs a little. Despite his better judgment he couldn’t help himself; he had to see what she would let him do to her.

“So you like getting your pussy fingered? It makes you feel good?” He looked over at her.

“Yeah…yeah I like it.” Anna said as she looked into his eyes, excited with her own boldness.

Jason had reached the point of no return, but too much sexual momentum had built up for him to stop now.

“Do you want to feel that again?”

Anna froze, excited by the prospect but too scared to respond.

“Anna, lift up your dress for me. Show me your panties.”

As Jason turned onto a gravel road through the woods and parked out of sight of the main road, Anna started wondering what she had gotten herself into. She couldn’t move, couldn’t think of a response, and was scared and excited about what might happen. What was he going to make her do?

Jason turned off the headlights and ignition, and as the dashboard lights faded he looked over at Anna. His eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness and he saw she was still turned in her seat towards him, her cute face looking at him with a mixed expression of fear and excitement. His glance shifted down to her lap. He slowly reached across himself and put his left hand on her knee – she drew in a breath sharply as he touched her, yet her legs spread almost imperceptibly further.

“It’s okay, Anna.” He said, voice now barely above a whisper. “Come on, lift up your dress and show me your panties.”

Anna was overwhelmed; her mind told her this was bad, this was dangerous, she should open the car door and run away – but her body tingled and broke out in goose bumps, telling her to submit to his desires, to become, for the first time, a giver of sexual pleasure. Conflicted, she said nothing, yet found her fingers gripping the black lace hem of her dress. It felt like a dream, the kind where you have the courage to do things you never would in the waking world, as she slowly pulled up her dress. She enjoyed the feel of the satin moving against her skin, becoming further aroused by the cool air against her inner thighs.

Small, low-cut cotton panties tightly hugged her mound, framed by her tiny hips and thin legs. With his right hand Jason reached out and touched her face, trailing his hand down her cheek on to her neck and up the back of her head. At his touch she let out a loud breath; a faint whisper of a moan. Looking into each other’s eyes, Jason now slid his left hand slowly up Anna’s inner left thigh.

“You want me to rub your pussy, don’t you? You want me to make you feel good.”

She nodded, still looking into his eyes.

“Then say it. Tell me what you want Anna.”

“I…I want you to finger my pussy.”

In his mind he replayed the motion of her lips as she spoke those words. Jason leaned forward and gently kissed her. Whispering in her ear he again asked “What do you want, Anna?” Her hot, moist breath caressed his ear lobe as the girl whispered back “I want you to finger my pussy.”

Jason continued to slowly slide his hand up her silky smooth inner thigh until he felt the hot, soft bulge of her cotton covered mound. He slid his middle finger up and down her slit, then cupped her pussy in his hand, squeezing softly. She moaned. Rubbing her through her panties in circular motions, he kissed her face and then began sucking on her small neck. Releasing his grip on the back of her head, he slid his right hand down onto her chest, grabbing her small developing breast.

Anna’s fear slowly ebbed, crowded out by her increasing excitement and she began to involuntarily respond to his touch. She pressed her pelvis into him, enjoying the feeling of his large hand between her legs. As he continued to suck on her neck she rested her head against his, feeling his short, thick beard against her neck and face. Her breathing became deeper until she was nearly letting out a moan each time. She placed a hand on his shoulder, pulling her body into his and grinding her hips in his palm.

Jason was surprised by her responses – she was really getting off! He continued to massage her mound, increasing the pressure as she ground her pelvis against him. Removing his mouth from her neck he kissed his way across her cheek and to her lips. He sucked on her lower lip and then pushed his tongue into her mouth, slowly exploring as their tongues met. Her attempts to kiss him back were a bit clumsy, but that was made up for by the enthusiasm she made those efforts with.

As they kissed Anna brought her left hand up to the strap of her dress and pulled it over her shoulder, allowing Jason’s hand access to her bare breast. He squeezed it firmly and then gently trailed his fingers across it, rolling her nipple around with his middle finger. She loved the way his gentle touch felt on her firm breasts. Breaking their kiss he bent down and licked her nipple, causing her to briefly gasp. Taking it into his mouth he sucked hard and flicked his tongue against it. Anna felt a shock of sexual energy pass through her and let out a moan.

He squeezed her other tit, then slipped the second strap of her dress over her shoulder, exposing another soft, preteen breast. Removing his hand from between her legs he leaned back to get a look at her. The hem of her shimmering blue dress was pulled up far enough to show where her tan, skinny, perfectly smooth legs met the white bulge of her panties. Above her skinny waist both of her petite breasts clung exposed to her chest, and her gorgeous blue eyes stared back at him with a look of abandonment, wondering why he had stopped touching her.

“You’re so pretty Anna. I just wanted to get a better look at you.”

These words filled Anna with a warm happiness - that same blissful feeling she felt on those sunny weekend mornings as she fingered herself under the comforter of her bed. The nervous excitement that had been building inside her transformed into a submissive lust. The last of her inhibitions melted away; not only would she do anything he wanted, a part of her hoped it would be dirty. For the first time she was excited at the thought of being used for sexual pleasure.

Smiling shyly back at him but remaining silent, she grabbed the bottom of her dress and lifted, exposing her flat stomach. She continued to pull up and she felt her breasts bounce down as the dress passed over them. Fully removing her dress, she tossed it into the foot well and stared back at him, revealing her body, nude except for her heels and panties.

Jason gazed over her almost totally nude body, speechless. Not only was she the most adorable and perfectly formed twelve year old imaginable, but she was clearly horny as well. He briefly returned his hand to her panties, sliding a finger up her slit before caressing her smooth, toned abdomen. He felt bump after bump as his hand continued up her rib cage. He cupped one breast, then ran his hand across her sternum to the other, giving each a gentle squeeze. Making a semicircle across her chest he dropped his hand down the other side of her rib cage. As his hand again slid across her stomach and down onto her panties, rubbing her clit, he leaned forward and took the nipple of her left breast into his mouth.

The combined stimulation of his fingers on her clit and his mouth on her nipple drove Anna crazy. She wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pressed her body hard into him, squeezing her breast into his face and rocking her hips into his hand.

He couldn’t stand the straining of his dick against his jeans anymore, so he reached down with both hands and unzipped his pants. Anna stared in amazement as he pulled his penis out. She had never seen one before. Jason watched her as she stared. He could tell by her expression this was the first cock she’d seen.

“Give me your hand,” Jason said as he reached out. Taking her hand he guided it to the base of his shaft and wrapped her small hand around it. “Now slowly move it up and down.” Anna did as she was told, mesmerized by the feel of something that was both soft and hard at the same time. In order to get a better view and to keep her balance she leaned forward across the center console of the car until her face was just a few inches away, continuing to stroke his cock. Her eyes were locked on his dick as she stroked up and down, examining the shape of the head and the way the skin moved under her grip. She licked her lips.

Jason was in heaven. She was squeezing perhaps a bit too hard, but she jacked him off with gentle, smooth strokes and every time she exhaled he felt her hot breath on his dick.

Anna couldn’t resist her temptation. She lifted her gaze to look at Jason’s face and said “I’ve heard about blowjobs before. Can I try to give you one? Will you show me how?” Jason almost couldn’t believe his ears, and he leaned over and kissed her deeply. “How could I refuse that kind of offer from such a sexy girl?” Jason responded after breaking their kiss. Anna beamed at his compliment, truly flattered, and with added enthusiasm resumed stroking his cock. Slowly she brought her face closer to it and planted a kiss on the head of his dick, poking her tongue out and licking as she did so. Jason moaned in ecstasy.

“Good, now keep jacking me off and lick the head.”

Anna obeyed, licking slowly but enthusiastically all over his head. She heard him sharply draw in a breath as she licked the underside of his head, and gave that spot extra attention.

“Now suck the tip of it into your mouth. Good…keep jacking me off. Let your spit get all over it. Now lift your head up and down in rhythm with your hand, sucking me in and out of your mouth. Start out slow and breathe through your nose. Careful not to scrape your teeth on it.”

Anna obeyed his directions exactly. Opening her mouth she sucked the head in, surprised at how easily it filled her mouth. She ran her tongue against his cock as she drooled onto it, then started to bob her head slowly in time with her hand. She was determined to do well her first time. She worked into a rhythm and began to pick up speed, taking his cock a little deeper into her mouth each stroke. As she continued she felt Jason slide his hand along her back and grab her bent-over ass through her panties. He ran his finger down her crack, over her asshole and onto her pussy. Anna moaned on his dick. She continued sucking for five minutes as Jason played with her bent over bottom.

“Mmmmm Anna you’re a natural. That’s really good. Now see how deep you can take it in your mouth.”

Anna stopped stroking and slowly pressed her head down farther and farther until she had taken in three and a half inches. She paused, struggling not to gag, and then forced her head even farther onto his dick, stopping at just over four inches. Holding her head there Jason rocked his hips, slowly fucking his cock into and out of her mouth. He felt the head of his dick buried deep in her mouth, her lips wrapped low around his shaft and her nose almost against his stomach. In and out he stroked, enjoying the soft, warm, moist sensation of this little girls hot mouth.

Sensing she needed to breath he released her head and she pulled her mouth off his dick, her lips still connected to it by a string of saliva. He caressed her face as she smiled at him, with what might have been a little bit of pride. Jason bent down and kissed her deeply once again, enjoying the slick feel of her saliva coated mouth. As they made out Anna felt him pull the cotton of her panties aside, and for the first time she felt his bare fingers slide along her slippery slit. He slid his fingers up and down, circling her clit and then pressing his index finger gently into her hole, just to the first knuckle. She whimpered into his mouth as he withdrew his finger, then moaned as he rubbed her clit again. He broke their kiss.

“Anna, climb into the back seat and take off your panties, okay?”

Looking into his eyes, she nodded nervously. Her stomach was full of butterflies and each breath burned, but she was too excited to stop now. She climbed over the center console and onto the back seat. After a short hesitation she pulled her panties down and off, throwing them into the passenger seat foot well along with her dress. All she was wearing now were her low heels, straps wrapped around her feet and ankles. Her body was on fire with anticipation.

Jason opened his door and got out of the car. Looking up at the night sky through a mesh of leafless tree branches and breathing in the cold air, he thought about what he had just done – and what he was about to do. It was a fantasy he never intended to become reality. Was this going to haunt his conscience the rest of his life? Would it traumatize her? He couldn’t stand that thought. But he remembered the way her body responded to his, the enthusiasm she showed. And at least he could be gentle and go slow and make sure she was enjoying it, unlike some inexperienced teenager just using her to get himself off.

Opening the back door of his car he drew in a breath. Anna was lying on her back, her cute face looking across at him nervously, but her flushed red face, parted lips, and lusty blue eyes revealing that she was immensely turned on. Her budding breasts protruded firmly from her chest above her tight, flat stomach. Below her skinny waist and cute belly button her smooth, tan legs spread to reveal her bare pussy. Small pink labia parted along her slit, with short thin fuzz at the top of her mound. Jason was happy to see she had left her strappy heels on. She was the most perfect, beautiful sight he’d ever seen.

Crawling into the cramped foot well and closing the door behind him to close out the cold air, he looked over her body once more. Grabbing one of her strap-wound ankles he leaned forward and began to kiss and caress his way up her lower leg, over her knee, and down her inner thigh. Anna moaned as his beard brushed her mound, but he skipped over it and kissed his way up her stomach, now beginning to slide his body against hers. He kissed up the inner border of her rib cage, gently taking one of her breasts in his hand as he moved up the center of her chest and kissed up her neck to corner of her jaw.

Releasing her breast he ran his fingers through her hair and looked down on her face.

“Anna, you are the most perfect, beautiful thing I’ve eve seen.” He told her.

She quietly gasped, closing her eyes, and began to grind her pussy up and down his leg. Jason watched in amazement as she writhed her young body against his, moaning and biting her lower lip. With her right hand she began to massage one of her breasts, while her left trailed down her stomach to her clit. She rubbed her clit as she continued to grind herself into his leg, then slid her hand up his leg to his cock, still sticking out of his jeans. She gently wrapped her small hand around it and began to jack him off.

Jason was stunned by her passion. Her moans were rising, causing his dick to twitch each time, and he could stand it no more. He pushed his lips hard against hers and kissed her deeply. Pressing his leg into her grinding hips he slid his fingers down her body to her pussy.

They continued to kiss as she jacked him off and he slowly slid a finger down her now wet slit. Gently probing his finger into her, he broke their kiss so he could enjoy the sound of her moans. Her whole face and neck were flushed red with arousal, blue eyes glowing behind her nearly closed lids.

“Uungh….Ohhh…Mmmmmmmmm” she moaned as his finger probed her tight, slick hole.

Removing her hand from his cock, he slid back until he was crouched in the foot well of the car again and began kissing and licking her inner thighs as he fingered her. Slowly he worked his way towards her mound, exhaling his hot breath onto her slit. Sticking his tongue out, he licked from her hole up her slit until he felt the small nub of her clit. Anna moaned, surprised by the intense sensation his tongue on her clit produced. He gently sucked it into his mouth as his finger began penetrating her with greater speed.

She was now using both hands to massage her breasts, one on each, with her head thrown back in pleasure. She rocked her small hips into his finger and mouth, moans progressively building up. Jason increased the speed and depth of his fingering and began sucking her clit into his mouth a little harder as he sensed her approaching orgasmic crescendo. Anna grabbed the back of his head with one hand and pulled it into her, repeatedly grinding her mound into his mouth. The tingling which had built up in her clit suddenly released through her whole body as she went stiff and let out moan after moan. Jason sucked her clit hard and pounded his finger in and out of her wet hole as waves of orgasm washed over her. He then began tapering off, slowly bringing her down from her climax.

Jason continued to go slower and more gently as her moans came slower and softer and eventually stopped. Anna’s body lay limp in a post-orgasmic nirvana. Removing his mouth from her clit he slid back up her body and laid a long, soft kiss on her lips.

Anna had never felt so satisfied in her life, she just wanted to melt into him and lay there in bliss forever. She had no idea someone could make another person feel so good. For two minutes she lay basking in euphoria as Jason softly planted kissed on her face and neck. Determined to make Jason feel this satisfied, she reached down and grabbed his cock.

Jason felt her hand wrap around his dick, but he was a bit puzzled that she didn’t jack him off this time. She pulled him by his cock, and when he felt his head press into her soft, hot, wet slit he realized what she was doing. She was offering herself to him.

Sliding his head up and down her wet slit, he asked “Have you ever done this before, Anna?”


“I’ll try to be gentle, but it’s going to hurt at first, okay?”

“You’re always gentle, Jason. Please, I need it.”

Jason removed his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans, leaving them on. Spitting into his palm and moistening his cock, Jason began to slowly push into her. Her tight, warm pussy slowly gave way as Anna moaned in discomfort.

“Try your best to relax, Anna.”

She nodded, eyes tightly shut.

He slowly pushed deeper into her as she let out soft sounds of pain. Once he was about two inches deep he began to gently pump in and out. Her warm, wet flesh squeezed his cock tightly as he slid in and out of her. Trying to minimize her discomfort he spent several minutes slowly penetrating deeper. When he was fully inside her he paused, the feeling of her tight, wet pussy intensified by the realization that he was balls deep in a twelve year old virgin. Slowly he started pumping again, gently building up speed. He pulled out of her until his head was barely inside then pushed all the way back in, taking advantage of the full length of her warm tunnel.

Continuing to pump his cock in and out of her he ran his fingers through her hair and looked down at her face. Through barely opened eyes she looked up at him and smiled. Closing her eyes and throwing her head back, she reached up and placed a hand on his chest. Beginning to rock her hips in response to him she slid her hand down his chest and across his abs, ending at the base of his cock where she felt him entering her soft pussy. Back up across his abs she caressed his chest then grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down into a kiss.

“Oh fuck Jason that feels so good.” She whispered.

“Mmmm your tight pussy feels amazing Anna.”

She moaned in response.

Pulling his dick out, he flipped Anna over so she was on her knees with her ass in the air. He slapped his cock against her pussy with one hand while squeezing her ass with the other, then gently rubbed his thumb on her asshole. In one motion he slipped his cock back into her and began pumping long and slow. He fucked in and out of her with slowly increasing speed, continuing to grab her small ass and rub her asshole.

He leaned forward and with his free hand grabbed one of her small swaying breasts, massaging it into her rib cage. The multiple stimulation was quickly bringing Anna back to the verge of orgasm and her moans became shorter and louder. While he continued to pump into her, still rubbing her asshole and breast, he bent down and sucked on her earlobe. Again Anna’s moans became louder.

“You’re so sexy Anna. I love hearing your moans as I sink my cock into you.” He whispered. “Do you like it Anna? Do you like the feel of my cock inside you?”

“Oooohhhh…Yessss” She moaned.

“Yes what, Anna?”

“Yes, I love the feel of your cock inside my pussy. Fuck me Jason. Fuck me harder!”

Kneeling upright above her he grabbed her hips with both hands as he fucked her. He held back, knowing she wasn’t ready for a really rough fuck. Sliding his left hand underneath her he trailed it down her stomach and over the soft, peach fuzz hair of her mound and began rubbing her clit.

As Anna’s moans picked up tempo she felt him increase his speed, ramming his dick deep into her tight hole. She quickly became overwhelmed by the feeling of his cock sliding in and out deep inside her while his finger massaged her clit in circles. Soon she felt a familiar burning, tingling sensation growing in between her legs and new she was getting close. She rocked her body back against his cock, forcing him deeper. As her consciousness was filled with the feel of his dick inside her she let out a scream and felt that tingling spread across her entire body much more intensely than her first time that night.

Jason continued sliding in and out of her and she stiffened up and came on his cock, clenching her pussy. On all fours beneath him, her small body moaned and bucked. He was starting to get close now and concentrated on the tight, slick feel of her warm hole as Anna came down from her orgasm.

“Anna, I’m getting ready to cum. I want you to turn around and suck me off.”

As he removed his cock she obediently turned around. Jason grabbed the back of her head and quickly sunk it into her waiting mouth. He fucked his dick in and out of her warm mouth, admiring the way this cute girl looked with her lips wrapped around a cock. He pushed deeper into her mouth, pulling her head farther onto his dick as he pumped in and out of her.

“Okay Anna I’m going to cum now!”

Holding her head in both of his hands he sunk his cock deep into her mouth. She gagged on it as he shot his first load into her. Anna continued to gag as he shot his second load, and cum and saliva started to drip out the corners of her mouth. Pulling his dick out he began to plaster her face in cum as she gasped for air. Her watery, blue eyes looked up at him as cum coated her cheeks and lips. She stuck her tongue out and licked his cock before taking it into her mouth again. She continued to suck him off as his he pumped his last several spurts onto her tongue. He ran his fingers through her hair, looking down at her beautiful cum covered face. Anna continued to gently suck him as he recovered from his orgasm. Finally he pulled his dick out of her mouth.

Anna beamed up at him, taking pride in making him feel so good. She enjoyed the warm feel of his cum dribbling down her face and dripping onto her breasts. She licked her lips.

Jason had never seen such an erotic sight, and he watched himself reach out and rub one of her cummy cheeks with his hand and stick his fingers in her mouth. Anna closed her lips around his fingers and looked into Jason’s eyes as she sucked and licked the cum off his fingers. Jason pulled his fingers out of her mouth and massaged her cum covered tits. Anna wiped up her other cheek and licked the cum off her hand.

Anna saw Jason lean into the front of the car, grabbing something on the passenger side. He returned with her panties, which he used to wipe up the rest of her face and tits. When he was done he used the tiny panties to wipe off his cock, stuffed them into his a pocket on his jeans, then bent down and kissed her.


They didn’t talk much as Jason drove her the rest of the way home, besides Anna giving him directions. They both felt a little a little weird about what had happened; as the passion of their sex faded into the past they were able to think more rationally about what they’d done.

As he slowed to a stop at the end of the driveway Anna had indicated they both sat in silence for a few seconds. Breaking the silence, Jason said “Anna, I hope you’re okay with what we did. I didn’t mean to take advantage of you or hurt you – you know that right?”

Anna looked over at him. “I wish my boyfriend had been as gentle and considerate as you tonight,” then, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek, “thank you, Jason.” She flashed him her gorgeous smile once more, then got out of the car.

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