I thought I was straight?

For as long as I can remember I loved women. Ever since I was young I always loved being around them being with them and yes ever doing stuff with them. With everything that has happened lately I never thought in my wildest dreams about the way I’d feel about men, but maybe it’s just sexual?

6 months ago
“Man this shits getting old” Jeremy said to me throwing more logs into the back of my pick-up truck. “Yeah but you know the money adds up, and besides we make more money than minimum wage, make our own hours, and get good workouts” I say smiling. My name is Zach, and my friend Jeremy and I have our own little landscaping company that we operate out of gainsville,Florida. Today we have a job to cut down an old tree about to fall. I’m 20 about 5’7 130 pounds all muscle though so I’m still decently strong for my build, and with brown hair and green eyes a nice chiseled face it’s not hard for me to find ladies. My friend Jeremy is the same age about 6’0 175 very nice build blond hair, brown eyes, and an all right looking face. He doesn’t really talk to girls much though I’m pretty sure he’s just a little shy, but when I try to throw one his way he usually reciprocates well.

“You boys seem to be working hard” Mr. Fuller is client came down the steps of his front door saying. “yeah” I say wiping the sweat from my forehead, “it’s getting pretty late though so I think we’re goanna have to finish this up tomorrow Mr. Fuller. “ah don’t worry about it Zach you guys have already been at that monster for six hours .I’m just happy I don’t have to look at that eye sore any longer. “I won’t be able to work tomorrow , I have class.” Jeremy says looking at both of us. “ Uhh well I mean we already chopped the tree up and put must of it in the pick up. I should be able to dig up the roots by myself “ “Yeah whatever works for you guys” Mr. Fuller says and smiles at us both. Okay awesome I’ll see you tomorrow; let’s pack up the tools Jeremy. Mr. Fuller turns and starts walking up the stairs. I never found out what he did for a living but he always pays us our standard 12$ and hour and give us great tips. He’s black about 35 6’3 200LBs big build and very smooth features. I’d figure with his looks he’d be having girls over all the time, but every time we work for him he’s alone, but then again we don’t work at night so who knows.

The next day
After about 3 rough hours of constant digging and pulling out roots I finally get the job done and everything cleaned up. I went up to the front door of Mr. Fullers house and knocked but he never came to the door so after the third time I noticed his door was unlocked so I proceeded inside. “Mr. Fuller” I said loudly. I didn’t hear anything but then I noticed a weird sound coming from up stairs. It sounded like moaning and some gruntled talking. I started walking up the stairs curious to what was happening; now trying to be quiet. I got to the top of the stairs and to the right there was a door slightly open, where all the noise was coming from. “ahhhh yeah fuck me!” was all I heard slowing peeking into the door and then what I saw was definitely the most surprising thing I had seen to date. There was porn playing on the TV while Mr. fuller laid on the bed naked masturbating. The surprising thing in al of this was that … it was gay porn. This huge black guy was fucking this smaller twink looking guy. And Mr. Fuller came pumping his cock rapidly muttering stuff like. “yeah take that big black cock white boy that’s right. My god.. I’ve been told that my size was pretty good at 7” but Jesus Mr. Fuller’s cock was at least 11” and super thick at that. I don’t know why ,but starting getting hard at what I was seeing. I had never really watched gay porn, but seeing was kind of turning me own. I always was trying to get girls to do anal , but seeing that twink take huge black cock , and enjoying it so much really made me want to try it. I don’t even know what I was thinking , I always thought of myself as completely straight never had I even thought about being with another man, but at this moment it’s like that’s all I wanted. I started rubbing my cock through my shorts. Mr. fuller was really getting into though he kept saying stuff like “yeah fuck that tight white ass, breed that little twink fuck” . It was kind of turning me on to be honest. After about two minutes of rubbing my cock through my shorts and Mr. Fuller’s hot comments The black guy pulled his cock out of the twink’s smooth white ass then I’ll never forget what I saw. The black guy turned the twink around and told him to hold out his tongue and he better not swallow. Then the black guy started pumping his cock aggressively, and started moaning at the same time, and then he started cumming on the twinks face and tongue. Once the black guy was all finished he grabbed the twink and started making out with his cum and swapping it back and fourth. THIS SENT ME OVER THE TOP. Then I look over and MR. Fuller started coming and I knew he’d be done in seconds so I quickly ran down stairs and acted like I was cleaning up still.

After about five minutes Mr. Fuller came outside and I told him I had finished. wishing I did finish as much as he did. “Oh good come inside I’ll get you a drink and then pay you” of course I accepted the offer. “while inside and drinking some tea he asked how the business was going “Pretty good” I replied “yeah I bet you get to see a lot of pretty girls while working, and im sure they take a keen eye to you” he said smiling at me. “ah well you know “ I smiled back. “no I don’t know” he replied winking at me. This made my dick instantly hard. And then he walked over next to me standing right in front of me while im sitting on his couch, at eye level where his cock is. I stare right up at him”MR. Ful- he cut me off “please call me Richard he says looking right down at me” Richard what are you doing” I ask timidly “I don’t know just standing around mind if I ask you something? “ “uhh sure… I say still about 2 feet from his cock “. “have you ever thought about being with another man?” “ I sit my drink down what! No! of course not . (I say lying through my teeth) “ I don’t believe you” he snares looking right at me and smiling well I haven’t!” I say back to him now leaning back in the couch. “then why do you keep looking at my cock ?” he said smiling”….”uhhhh …” I don’t have anything to say now im just staring at his cock seeing it outlined through his pants . he’s getting hard . Mr. I mean Richard then pulls out his cock and just puts this huge thing right in front of me. I just drop my jaw and stare right at it my dick fully enraged. He slowly moves it closer to my now dropped jaw and just barley rubs the tip against my lips and I just moan and start breathing heavier. “sure you never thought about this?” “it’s so big “ is all I can get out “ go on just touch it if you don’t like it you can stop at anytime, but seeing how your still just staring at it we both seem to want this”. He was right and just like clockwork I just grab his cock like he said and start slowly stroking it “yeah that’s a good little white boy now suck my big black cock”. Without hesitation I put the whole thing in my mouth and start rubbing it at the same time, (thinking about all the times I’ve gotten good head I start doing what those girls did to me). So I start sucking even harder and then licking the top of his head while doing it” Oh yeah just like that white boy” he says to me this turns me on so I have to reciprocate “I pull his cock out of my mouth and start pumping it and look u at him “yeah daddy you like that?” “oh yeah daddy loves that sweet virgin mouth.” “then cum on my tongue and then make out with me “ I say still pumping his cock.” Oh yeah that’s what you want “ he starts rubbing his own cock and tells me to keep my tongue out I do so and before you know it his cum shoots all over my face. My god it was so fucking hot and tasty I was about to swallow it right then but then he grabs my face and licks my tongue and before I know it im making out with a guy for the first time with cum in between our tongues, now that was hot. It’s safe to say he gave me a pretty good tip that day, but that was only the beginning of my curiosity.
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Disclaimer: The following is a work of sexual fantasy and is intended for adult audiences ONLY. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading NOW! The main characters and names in this story are real; however, all events depicted are complete fiction
It had been about a month since Jan and I had been in the park at the men's room. I had a feeling that she was getting antsy. She would start sucking my cock when it was soft and after I had came a couple of times in her pussy
Today at work I had a pretty normal day. Andy said suck it a few times and you want to lick it once. He does that almost everyday. When we got back to the office I stayed in the back to help put sheets of cardboard away
Be forewarned - This story involves children having sex. If you're bothered by such content do not read further. “Fuck you, Robbie!” Anna screamed as she stormed off
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