My first time with my dog Bella

Post time7-02-2021, 19:53

This all started about 1 year ago, I had just turned 18 years old and I was in my sexual prime. I was a toned kind of guy, short brown hair and about 5'9. Growin up I had always been around dogs, everyone in my family had one,but the story really begins about a year ago in December. My family had left after Christmas to go visit my stepmothers side of the family, I stayed back to take care of the Dogs and cat and watch over the house, I never really liked my stepmother anyways. So being home alone I of course had a girl over, we started fooling around and after a while she was on top of me riding my cock when all of a sudden i felt something licking my balls, I didnt notice my dog Bella coming into the room. She was about 8 in human years and was a black lab. I grew up with her and there she was licking my girlfriends sweet pussy juice off my balls. I immediately pushed her off, but she just kept coming back in and licking. My girlfriend unaware was riding me while we made out, So I just let it go, It felt great after all. It was unlike anything I have ever felt before, Bellas long warm tounge and my girlfriends hot wet pussy, I came harder than I ever have before, thrusting deep into my girlfriend, Bella had stopped and walked out of the room, My girlfriend got up and went into the shower to clean off. I couldnt stop thinking about Bellas tongue on my cock. Better than any blowjob ive ever gotten.
A couple hours go by my girlfriend had left to go to work, I was sitting in my living room when Bella had come back upstairs. I immediately thought of that night when she had snuck into my room while I was having sex with my girlfriend. My dick had started to get hard just by the thought of it. I reached down grabbing my cock and rubbing it, I called Bella over and she started licking me again, something about her long tongue just made me so horny. I started jerking my cock while she licked it with pleasure. Then I came even harder than the previous night. Then Bella jumps forward and starts licking up my hot load like i had just given her a treat. I don't know what had gotten into me. I mean what was wrong with me to even think of doing that? It just felt so amazing, I was addicted.
The next day goes by like a breeze, I had gotten some alcohol and was hanging out on the deck all day listening to music. It got dark quick and got pretty cold due to the december weather so I came inside pretty early. Thoughts of what I did with Bella running through my head. I had gone into my room to watch a movie, bringing in Bella with me. She seemed excited like she was anticipating our previous behavior. I sat down on my couch and she comes over to me. Panting with excitement she turns around and starts rubbing her backside on me. She bent down a little bit and I looked over, and her vagina was blushing out and looked a little red. Did she want me to have sex with her? This had started to turn me on. I touched her vagina and she pushes back into me even harder. She definately wanted me. So I pulled down my pants and pulled her over, I spit on my hard cock and put the tip against her blushing pussy. I couldnt believe this was happening. Had my sexual desires gone to far? Why was it so addicting? But I still slowly pushed my cock in, I could feel her dog pussy pulse around my hard cock. It was so warm and wet. It felt better then my girlfriends pussy in every way. Bella started to groan a little bit, So i started fucking her deeper with hard long strokes. It was amazing she was so tight. I really started to fuck her hard, she started howling while I pounded her sweet dog pussy. I pulled out and put my dick in her face. I blew a couple thick strands of cum on her face and mouth. She started licking it all off. I loved my newfound relationship. I could have intense amazing sex whenever I wanted. I could not wait for the days to come.
I kept her in my room that night. I had fallen asleep from the intense encounter. I woke up the next day hornier than I have ever been before. Something about my dogs sweet hole had driven me crazier. So, after I had done my morning routine I pulled her into my room again. This time I was really gonna give it to her. I pulled her over and bent her over in front of me exposing her hot mound. I pulled down my pants and thrusted my cock deep insider her. It was amazing, her pussy was so tight and gooey. You could hear it squishing as I fucked her deep. I pulled her onto the bed and got on top of her laying her back down. I started rubbing around her succulant mound while I pounded her. She was panting with joy while she let me have my way with her. This time I was able to hold of for a while. I began to slow down giving her deep long stroke i was about to cum. Then her muscles began to convulse around my erect cock. Was she having an orgasm? She started panting heavier and her muscles convulsing faster. I blew my thick load inside her and got off of her. She got up panting real heavy, I could see my cum dripping from her mound. This was the start to something amazing

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