James and Jenny Part 3

Jenny had all the power. And I loved it!

She already proved herself to be the more dominant in the relationship (even though at school it would appear as if I wore the pants) and on top of that; she had an amazingly high-definition video of our last exciting adventure wherein I was dressed as a cheerleader and she was just fucking every hole I had.


I left Jenny's house completely satisfied, a little sore all around, but completely satisfied.

I was laying in bed that night and I started thinkingJenny's parents obviously know she has a penisand I'm not sure that they know i'm her boyfriendbut if they dothen they obviously know that I like her penis

I'm not gay or anything; I just like Jenny's penis. I sounded correct when I said it in my head, but if I said it out loud I feel like it would make a little less sense.

I fell asleep that night wondering about Jenny and my relationship and the future.


I picked Jenny up at her house the next morning for school. On the way to school Jenny, as she always does on the way to school, unzipped my jeans, pulled out my stiff 5" dick and sucked until I finished in her mouth. Then she'd always sit up, open her mouth to show me what I gave her, then swallow deeply. I loved seeing her pretty little mouth taking down my load. It's a guy thing I suppose

As we walked through the school she told me that her mother was going to be home tonight and that I should come over to hang out.

"Obviously I won't fuck you, but at least my mother would know that I have a boyfriend"

"Uhhh, sure that sounds fun, babe"

We kissed quickly and took off to our respective classes.


Later that evening I found myself at Jenny's house. I rung the door bell and was greeted by Jenny in a miniskirt and a white tank top. I instantly got a hard on. Jenny turned to me and said her mom was upstairs for a bit. I caught a different look in Jenny's eyes as she pushed me against the wall, slammed her tongue into my mouth while at the same time squeezing her hand down my pants. We kissed frantically while her hand jerked me inside my pants for about 50 seconds before she quickly stopped everything, turned and started walking towards the kitchen "come on James, you can help me with some dishes so they get done faster".

I was at a total loss for words, and honestly a little light headed from the encounter

Jenny spent the next 15 minutes of dishwashing to tease me. Whether it be by giving me a quick spank with a spatchulla, seductively licking the entire length of a spoon or outright grabbing the buldge in my pants!

I heard Jenny's mom coming down the stairs and my brain shifted into overdrive to try to come up with a way to hide the erection that persisted in my jeans.

I quickly grabbed a dish towel and started drying off bowls awkwardly at waist level

"So you're the James I've heard Jenny talking to on the phone" Jenny's mom was a smoke-show! She was wearing a knee length dress, a white blouse tucked neatly into it, and a black woman's jacket (Jenny had mentioned something about her being in corporate law).

"Yes ma'am that would be me" I said extending my hand.

Jenny's mom shook my hand firmly, and I couldn't help but notice a very quick glance down at my pants; no doubt seeing the buldge that was quickly slinking away, thankfully.

"Oh and call me Michelle by the way, I'm not one for the whole Mrs this and Mrs that speil"

"Okay then Michelle, I'll be sure to remember that"

Jenny spoke up "okay well, this is all nice and all but James and I are going to go watch a movie in the basement" She took my hand and lead me away.

"okay, you two! Be sure to let me know if you'd like anything!" Michelle called after us.


"She seems nice" I said

"Oh yea, she's better than most mothers I know. She can be a bit of a flirt though, so watch out."

Jenny sat me on the couch across from a huge, flat screen TV! She was standing infront of a stand that easily had hundreds of DVDs. I'd never been to the basement before and I was really surprised.

"Where is your dad anyways?"
"Oh he's a supervisor for a company that overseas production of oil rigs and other off-shore drilling things, so he usually works for 20 days, then gets 10 off, then works for 20, then gets 10 off. It's not a bad go, but he's away from home a lot"

"I'm sorry to hear that, I had no idea"

"Oh that's okay, I don't really notice anymore but it's nice when he's here"

Jenny had obviously found something she liked and was putting it in the DVD player.

"The Little Mermaid? Seriously?"

"Hey guy! I LOVE this movie!" she said as she jumped through the air and landed on top of me "besided, it's just for some background noise" she reached back into my pants and started jerking me off again.

"Ohhh Jennyyy" I moaned "I really need to get off! You've been teasing me sooo badly"

"Not yet baby, I'm building you up" Jenny whispered softly

"For what? Your mom is home we have to make this quick" I said almost pleading

Jenny stopped everything again "I'll be right back, baby" and she ran upstairs.

A minute later she came back downstairs and closed the basement door behind her.
"Have you ever worn a cock ring before?" She said as she held up a small black rubber ring with what looked like a little pull string to tighten it up

I smiled "ummm not that I can remember"

"Well then, aren't you in for a treat; sit up"

I sat up and she dropped to her knees and started pulling down my jeans.

"Jenny! We can't! Not right now"

"Oh relax, she's upstairs reading and having a glass of wine, she always falls asleep when she reads and drinks"

In no time my pants were off and the cock ring was in place and painfully tightened.

"I don't think we have to worry about you cumming now, James" Jenny said as she started kissing and gently flicking the head of my cock with her tongue

"Take your shirt off baby" Jenny said in between licks of my dick

"No, babe not when your mom is upstairs"

"pretty pleeeeease" Jenny whined, her eyes widening and looking oh so pleadingly. I started taking off my shirt. Jenny smiled and put my cock down her throat expertly

Jenny slowly brought her head up off my dick. "One more little favour James? I need you to put these on too" Pulling a blindfold and handcuffs out from under the couch.

"Where did those come from?! Did you have this all planned out?!"

"More or less" Jenny smiled "and the plan only goes according to plan if you put them on, blindfold on and handcuffs behind your back"

"And if I say no?" I said shorty, attempting to sound stern

"Then you don't get to cum at all tonight"


In no time I was sitting naked on Jenny's basement couch, with my hands cuffed behind my back, a blindfold over my eyes and a cock ring securing my now throbbingerection.

Jenny continued to suck my cock as she forced her index finger into my mouth, encouraging me to suck it like I suck her girl-dick.

She stopped sucking me and brought her now wet finger down my body. I knew where she wanted to put it so I leaned slightley to the right and tried to relax my asshole. Her spit was slowly dripping down my shaft, tickling my balls as it all dripped down. Her finger started penetrating me as I winced a little in pain

"My god, James. I thought you'd be used to this by now. I'm going to have to start making you wear a buttplug at school or something"

I moaned quietly and nodded in agreement as she slipped further and further into me

Just as my little asshole was getting used to this intrusion; as is the pattern for this evening, Jenny quickly pulled out of me and everything stopped again. I exhaled in frustration.

"Jenny baby, you're killing me here! My cock is going to explode!"
"haha not with that ring on it" Jenny giggled

"Well, probably not! But you know what i'm saying"

"Tell you what babe, i'm going to run upstairs and get something else for us. I'll be back down in 40 seconds. You just sit there like a good little boy"

"No more than 40 seconds hun!" I said seriously. (This time actually being stern)

"Be right back" Jenny kissed me quickly on the lips and I heard the door open, close and then her running up the stairs.

35 seconds later I heard the door open again and footsteps approaching.

"You were cutting it real close Jen, you had 5 seconds"

I felt Jenny's hands on the back of my head, applying just a little pressure to make me come forward. I see how it is I said to myself. She won't let me cum but I bet she'll make me swallow her cum here As my head moved closer and closer I started feeling her body heat. I opened my mouth expectedly stuck out my tongue and started licking the sweetest, tightest, wettest pussy i've ever had wait a second

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