New england summer, pt 2

Chapter 2. The Roommates

I found the address she’d given me easy enough. It was very literally just off the beach, in property that must have cost a small fortune. The loft was on the second floor of a trendy modern apartment building. I arrived just a few minutes after 9pm and I was a bit concerned that I’d gotten there to early. When I approached the door however I could hear music pumping inside of the loft. As I knocked I could hear the throbbing beat of techno music emanating from within and I wondered if anyone would be able to hear me. I had to knock twice, but on the second knock the door opened and there stood Kari. Before I could really register what was happening Kari had lunged at me and engulfed me in a hug.

“Hey Greg!” she exclaimed as she threw her arms around my neck and squeezed. “I’m glad you came.”

She stood back and I gazed at her. She was dressed in a fairly short white skirt and blue tube top and showed off a bit of her midriff.

“Hey,” I said, a bit lamely. “You look great.”

“Thanks!” she said, winking at me. She grabbed my hand and led me inside the apartment. The lights were off in the living room except for a blacklight from somewhere. The loft had a high ceiling and was sparsely furnished, containing just a couch and loveseat and the stereo system from which forth the dance music was originating. No one was in the living room so Kari pulled me through to the kitchen, which was lit. There was another common room through the kitchen where other people were talking. I suppose it was a dining room, but they were obviously using it as a second living space. Once we entered the back living room I recognized the three other girls from the beach that afternoon.

“I’d like you all to meet Greg,” Kari said once we entered the room. She was grinning from ear to ear and clutching my hand as she went around the room and introduced her friends.

“This is Meadow,” Kari said, pointing to the tall brunette who was sitting on one of two couches in the room. “Her parents are renting this place for us for the summer.”

Meadow was wearing a white sleeveless top and short black leather skirt. She had long thin legs and was easily the most classically beautiful of the group. She looked like a model. I waved and she smiled slighly at me.

“This is Dena,” Kari said next, introducing the black haired girl. Dena was sitting on the floor in front of the couch that Meadow was sitting on. She had her hair in a ponytail and pushed back by a polka dotted headband. She was dressed in a black dress that showed off her amazing breasts. She was fairly short, maybe 5’4” but had the biggest boobs of the group, probably a large C cup. She smiled and waved back at me.

“And this is Ashley,” Kari pointed to the short haired blonde on the other leather couch. Ashley looked very athletic, with hair that was just long enough to tuck behind her ears but not long enough for a pony tail. She was wearing a very tight blue dress. I could see her defined muscles on her arms and legs. She was very pretty and had an amazing smile, which she flashed at me, adding a little wink as well.

“So, you’re Greg,” Ashley said. “Heard you two had a good afternoon.”

Dena and Meadow laughed and I looked down at Kari, who was blushing.

“So, lets continue the drinking,” Meadow said, standing up from her couch. She walked past us into the kitchen as Kari told me about their evening.

“We went to Meadow's parents and had dinner. We went through three bottles of wine!” Kari said, flushing. “We’re pretty much going to drink through the night and sleep all day tomorrow. I was hoping you could stay over.”

She was grinning up at me and hanging on my arm. She almost looked like she was pleading with me to stay.

“Yeah, I’m up for anything,” I said, without really thinking. Dena and Ashley giggled and I blushed a bit myself.

“Who’s ready to get fucked up?” Meadow said as she returned from the kitchen with a bottle of rum and a tray of glasses.

Ashley made room for us on the couch and we sat around the small coffee table playing cards and drinking for several hours. We killed a bottle of rum, went through half of a bottle of vodka (mostly mixed with lemonade), and Ashley and I resorted to shots of whisky in the fourth hour. We played cards and joked around. I learned lots about the girls in a few hours of sitting around.

Ashley was a star field hockey player going to Rhode Island on scholarship next year. She was in an off cycle with a on again-off again boyfriend. Dena was a musician attending UConn with the other three girls. She didn’t seem to have a relationship or really be interested in one. Meadow was a rich kid who was aggressive and self confident and seemed like the leader of the group. She also seemed to want to sleep with anything that moved over the summer. Apparently she’d tried to pick up a group of guys that evening but just happened to be unlucky, as they were a group of married 20-somethings out for a night.

After two hours of drinking Kari got very touchy-feely. She was all over me by hour three and her friends made fun of us from there on out. As the smallest in the group, I’d expected Kari to not last as long, but she really put away the liquor. Meadow actually seemed to be the drunkest after a while. Ashley and I were going shot for shot for a while as the others slowed down.

“Ok guys,” Meadow finally said drunkenly at 1 am. “Are we going to have some fun or not?”

We all laughed at her and Ashley asked, “What has this all been, a funeral?”

“No, I mean some real fun,” Meadow said, this time with a pouty face. “I’m horny and I want some real fun.”

“Oh God, here we go again,” Ashley said. She picked up a couch pillow and threw it at Meadow, nailing her in the head.

“Meadow’s been saying for weeks that we need to have an orgy,” Kari explained as she hung on my arm. I blushed as I imagined what it would be like with these four girls. I never imagined it would happen but I was shocked at what happened next.”

“Yeah, I’d be up for it,” Dena said. She was the quietest of the group and it sort of set me back that she said this. Ashley laughed at her but leaned back seductively on the couch.

“The problem is,” Ashley said, “we only have one dick present.”

Meadow smiled again and looked directly at me. All the other heads turned towards me as well and I was immediately on the spot.

“What do you guys really expect me to say?” I finally said. “Didn’t I say I was up for anything?”

I was really just joking, as I sort of thought they were. Meadow was seriously intoxicated, Dena was almost passing out, and Ashley had been keeping up with me. I expected Kari to jump in and lay claim to me as her own but then she chimed in.

“Well if you’re up for it, I think we should try it,” Kari said, squeezing my bicep.

My heart immediately began racing as I realized that they were all being serious and what was going to happen next. Meadow stood up and walked out of the room. Dena hopped up as well and ran after her. Ashley and Kari stood up, lifting me from the floor as well. We went into the main living room, where Meadow had turned off the blacklight and was lighting a series of candles. Dena turned off the music, leaving the five of us in silent candle light.

“You’re breathing heavily,” Kari said as she touched my face. “Are you nervous?”

“Well, yeah,” I said with a small laugh, “I mean I’m not really sure what’s going on here.”

The alcohol was clouding my head and I felt like I was in a dream. I really wasn’t sure what was going on and what these girls were playing at. I mean four attractive females, all friends, don’t just decide to have a small orgy with one guy, especially me.

“Oh it’s ok,” Meadow said as she finished with the candles. “We’ve wanted to do this for a while; this is just a good excuse. Now our innocent girl has finally found a man, we can now have some real fun.”

She walked towards me and put her arms around my neck. She was only a few inches shorter than me (I’m just under 6’) and she was able to press herself against my crotch. She leaned up slightly and kissed me deeply, her tongue probing my mouth. I felt Kari give my ass just a little squeeze as I returned Meadows kiss. She ended the kiss and stepped back but reached her hand down and grabbed my growing cock inside my jeans.

“Besides, Kari says you’re really good and we all want to see if she’s telling the truth.”

I looked at Kari to gauge her reaction and she smiled back at me as she started unbuttoning my shirt. Ashley stepped towards me next and embraced me in a kiss as Kari took my over shirt off. Ashley tasted sweet, like the whisky we’d been shooting and had a smooth tongue. After Ashley released me I saw Dena and Meadow kissing over my shoulder and I wondered what in the hell was going on. I don’t think I’d ever seen this kind of situation in porn movies. I mean, I’d just met these girls a few hours ago, had sex with one, I was being undressed now, and girls were making out with each other. I really couldn’t control myself and I already had a massive hard on.

“Well, looks like someone’s all ready to go,” said Ashley with a giggle. She immediately pulled her dress over her head, revealing her amazingly toned body with just a blue thong on. She had a tight stomach, with her muscles showing, athletic thighs, and perky large B cup breasts. I was standing now in jeans and a white undershirt, which Kari now promptly pulled over my head. Now was the time to act and not just stand around like a doofus, I decided, so I returned the favor, pulling Kari’s tight tube top off of her, revealing her amazingly perky breasts. I now had two incredibly hot girls standing in front of me, half naked, while two more incredibly hot girls made out with each other and were now tearing each others clothes off. Ashley noticed me looking over at Dena and Meadow.

“Yeah, they’ve done that before,” she commented. “They just are happy to get it wherever they can.”

Kari grabbed my hand and led me over to one of the couches, which she pushed me down on to. Ashley crawled on the couch beside me and kissed me again. I reached up and grabbed one of her breast and massaged it as Kari proceeded to remove my pants and boxers. My cock sprang to attention and Kari began pumping me with her fist. Ashley was kissing me intensely and I was quite enjoying it when she was distracted by Kari’s handjob.

“Oh yeah that looks nice,” Ashley said as she gazed down at my erection. “Nice and thick, just like I like it.”

“Yeah, you really like those big fat pricks don’t you Ash?” Meadow joked from across the room. Her dress was now half down, exposing her petite breasts. Dena was in the process of becoming undressed while trying to keep her mouth glued to one of Meadow’s tits. There was too much stimulation going on at once and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I wondered at which point I would wake up and realize that none of this had happened, but Ashley snapped me back into the moment but moving her head down to my dick.

“What can I say, I like what I like,” she said as she tucked her short hair behind her ears and licked my cock from base to head. She was still kneeling on the couch and so her ass was sticking in the air beside me. I looked over at Kari as Ashley sucked the head of my prick into her mouth. Kari moved beside me and I reached under her skirt to try and feel the pussy I’d experienced that afternoon. She scrunched her skirt up around her hips and exposed a silver thong, which I easily pushed aside to explore her snatch. Like this afternoon she was already wet and she instantly let go an audible moan. Ashley continued to suck on my cockhead as I slipped two fingers into Kari.

Ashley was really starting to go to town on my dick. She was moving her head up and down on me, taking a little bit more in with every stroke. I could feel the saliva build up on my cock and before long it was soaking wet. I watched Ashley work her oral magic on me as I continued to finger Kari, who was now moaning loudly. I could see the spit running down from Ashley’s mouth and before long she had almost my entire seven inch length inside her mouth. I could feel the head of my cock sliding into her throat and it was an immense turnon. Despite cumming this afternoon, I could feel the cum starting to build in my balls. I was rubbing Ashley’s back on one side, fingering Kari on the other and watching the other two girls go at it. At this point they were both naked and on the floor, with Dena between Meadow’s legs, kissing her inner thighs. Meadow was moaning dramatically and rubbing her tits with one hand.

I wanted to shift positions so I pushed Ashley off of me temporarily and laid down on the couch, with my dick still facing Ashley, who immediately returned to what she was doing. I moved Kari on top of me so that I could taste her wonderfully wet pussy again. I loved doing this and Kari’s was the nicest pussy I’d ever had. She knelt over me and I pushed her thong aside again and went at her pussy again. I ran my tongue over her clit and rubbed one hand over her ass. The other hand I placed on Ashley’s head, who was licking the head of my cock intermittently, while also swallowing large portions of my cock in one stroke. I grabbed her short hair and pumped her head up and down on my cock.

“That’s right Ash, suck that big thick dick,” Meadow said. Ashley broke off her blowjob to reply.

“How’re you doing over there?” she asked. “Is Dena eating you out?”

“Oh God yes and she’s doing a great job!”

I couldn’t see what the other two girls were doing because I was fixated on eating out Kari, who was moaning loudly and starting to grind her pelvis onto my face.

“Hey Greg,” said Meadow, “you should stick your fingers in her ass; I bet she’d like that.”

I’d never even imagined doing that with a girl before; I’d always imagined I’d get slapped for it. Kari just continued moaning on as I probed a few fingers back between her folds and into her pussy. Ashley went back to inhaling my cock, this time while rubbing my balls. After a few deep strokes she pulled off again and started pumping my dick with her hand. I felt her mouth move down to my balls, sucking on the right one first, then the left. I was getting very close at Ashley’s expert oral treatment and I didn’t want to cum too soon. Before I could do anything, Ashley flicked her tongue below my ballsack, between my balls and anus. I’d never had a girl do this before and it felt amazing. I hardly moved as she sucked and licked this area for a few moments, all the while pumping my dick with her hand.

“Ugghhh, yes yes yes,” Kari said as I felt her pussy tighten on my fingers. She was really grinding now on my face and rubbing her own breasts. She arched her back and I could tell she was about to cum.

“Look at Kari, she’s cumming already!” said Meadow.

“Wow,” said Ashley, removing her mouth from my prick momentarily, “go Greg.”

There was a small gush of fluid as Kari came on my fingers and mouth. Her head was thrown back and she was moaning so loudly she was almost screaming.

“Ughh ughh ughh, yeah yeah yeah!” was a rough approximation of her orgasmic vocalizations.

After she finished cumming Meadow whispered something to Dena and they both came over to the couch. I was still licking Kari around her pussy and inner thighs as Dena came over and began sucking on Kari’s tits. Meadow replaced Ashley at my dick, licking on my head a few times before stripping completely and mounting me. Her snatch was already wet and I slid in easily.

“Yeah, now that feels nice,” Meadow said as she sank down on me. She was not quite as tight as Kari, but still felt amazing. I let out a little groan went I felt her pelvis hit mine. Placing her hands on my stomach, she began pushing herself up and down and quickly got to a good pace.

Meanwhile Dena helped Kari get off of me and out of the rest of her clothes, leaving everyone in the room stark naked. I was finally able to see all of them in their full glory and I was quite pleased at the view. Dena had really nice breasts, large but still fairly firm from her young age. She leaned in and kissed Kari, who looked a bit surprised at first. She quickly seemed to adjust to the idea of kissing one of her best friends and they really started making out. I noticed Dena’s hands run slowly over Kari’s small, firm body and down to her groin. When Dena’s fingers slipped inside of her, she groaned deeply and I thought she would pass out. They were kissing dramatically and I could see their tongues interlocking and playing with each other. It was an amazing sight and it almost distracted me from the tall, lithe brunette riding me.

I looked back up to watch Meadow grind up and down on me. Her breasts were not large, but they were good enough. Ashley was feeling Meadow’s nipples and running one hand down her back to rub her ass. Her hand even roamed down to give my balls a squeeze as she winked at me.

“Wanna do another one?” Ashley asked. She lifted her leg onto the couch right by my head, giving me a clear look at her cleanly trimmed pussy. I glanced from that to her face and she was smiling at me wickedly, one hand still rubbing Meadow’s left tit.

“Oh God, I’d love to,” I said. I was in absolute ecstasy right now, as one girl rode my cock while two more were making out less than four feet from me and the last one wanted some oral sex. Ashley climbed on, this time facing towards Meadow. This gave me a clear view of her pussy and cute little asshole. With both my hands free, I inserted a couple of fingers in her and rubbed her beautiful ass with my other. She and Meadow leaned in and began kissing as the brunette continued sliding herself up and down my cock.

This was too much and I felt my orgasm coming. Leaning in to lick Ashley’s clit, I could sense the cum rising in my balls. I groaned once into Ashley’s pussy and pumped my load into Meadow’s pussy. At this point I was unconcerned about this, as I assumed none of these girls had a problem with me cumming inside of them. Meadow, feeling my orgasm, bounced her ass quickly up and down, increasing the fiction on my dick. This simply added to my pleasure and I continued groaning into Ashley’s pussy. I could see the blonds fingers go down to rub Meadow’s clit as she ground against me. Her pussy tightened and she screamed as she came.

“OH FUCKING SHIT!” she yelled. “Goddammit fuck me now, God keep pumping that dick into me. YES YES YES YES!”

She continued pounding herself down on me and I never lost hardness. Despite having had my second orgasm of the day already and being intoxicated, I knew I could keep going for a while. These girls were so unbelievably hot, I really had no choice in the matter.

Meadow continued on for several minutes as I continued to work Ashley’s clit with my mouth. I pumped two fingers into her snatch, alternating hands to keep from getting tired and ran my tongue over her clit, sucking on it occasionally. I snuck a peak at the other two girls, who were now lying on the ground. Dena was kneeling over Kari at an angle, with her head licking Kari’s sopping wet pussy. Kari even had a few fingers inside Dena, which surprised me. Everyone in the room was almost unstoppably horny and I don’t think anyone particularly cared who was pleasuring them at the moment.

“Ugh, that was great Greg,” Meadow said as she got off of me. She gave my cock a squeeze and moved over to the other two girls. Helping things along, she moved Dena’s hips over Kari’s head and pushed her down so they were in a 69 position. This new image, mixed with Ashley grabbing my cock and shoving it back into her mouth caused me to let slip another groan. Her pussy was tightening and she was getting close to orgasm as well. She licked my cock clean, then sucked on the head between moans. She sucked me in deep and I felt my head slide into her throat a bit as she took in nearly all of my length. It was driving me crazy but she pulled off as she came.

“OH OH OH OH,” she yelled, “Gawd, lick that clit!”

She gushed just a bit more than Kari had and I had to wipe my mouth after she finished cumming, but I went right back to licking her pussy and she popped my dick back in her mouth. She continued deep throating me as I glanced over at the girls on the floor. Dena and Kari were still in a 69 and they were both shaking and moaning. Meadow was leaning over and running three fingers in and out of Dena. It took me a moment to realize that she was fingering her ass as Kari was licking Dena’s pussy. They both looked like they were cumming and Meadow looked back at me and flashed a gorgeous smile. Ashley noticed I was looking and stopped sucking on me for a moment.

“You can finger my ass too if you want,” she said before sucking my cock in again. I hesitated a moment but quickly acquiesced. I had two fingers in her pussy still and I removed them and moved up to her asshole. I rubbed it gently, a bit unsure of exactly what to do. Ashley popped up again to explain.

“Don’t worry, it won’t bite. Just go slow and work them in and out.”

I worked one finger in first. It popped past her anal ring and into her tight ass. After a few strokes in and out, it loosened a bit and I probed in the other finger. Her ass progressively loosened as I continued to finger her. I was fascinated by my fingers now sliding in and out of her asshole but she was obviously enjoying it.

“OH Goddamn that feels fuckin’ good,” she said. She put her mouth back over my cock, wasting no time in sucking most of me back into her throat. I licked her clit and fingered her ass with one hand, sliding a few fingers back into her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to work back up to orgasm and she gushed again on my face. This time she kept on sucking the entire time and I thought I was going to explode again. Before I could, Meadow’s face appeared over Ashley’s ass.

“Well you kids seem to be having a good time,” she said, grinning down at me. I took my hand from Ashley’s ass and Meadow leaned down and kissed me, working her tongue around the inside of my mouth. As soon as she broke the kiss, Ashley moved off of me.

“Well our lover boy still needs to cum again,” Ashley said as she sat up on the couch. Kari and Dena were kneeling on the ground, both of them grinning up at me. I could see Dena’s juiced glistening on Kari’s face and she looked like she was in a daze.

“I think he needs to get inside these fine ladies,” Meadow said, looking at Dena and Kari. “Let’s go girls, lean over the couch.”

The two girls did as they were instructed and leaned over on the sofa, leaving their asses in the air behind them. Meadow moved them so they right next to each other. Looking to me, she waved at their asses like they were prizes on a game show.

“Have at it sir,” she said, which elicited a laugh from Ashley.

“God, I might cum right now,” I said as I moved off the couch behind the girls. They were both still soaking wet and I could see the liquid shimmering on their pussies in the candle light. Stepping behind Kari first, I guided my cock into her tight pussy. She moaned instantly as I slid in. As I began fucking her from behind, Meadow and Ashley hopped up on the couch, facing the action. Ashley leaned against one arm and Meadow squatted right between the other two girls. Both of them slid their fingers into their pussies and watched as I continued to ride Kari.

Not wanting to cum to quickly, I pulled out of Kari and stepped over to Dena. Again I guided my cock in and slid in easily. She groaned loudly and looked back over her shoulder at me.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” she said. “Come on cowboy, fuckin’ ride me.” Ashley laughed at the cowboy comment.

Dena was amazing and I watched her ass move as I fucked her pussy from behind. She had the palest skin of all, but it was glowing beautifully in the candlelight. Her ass jiggled just a bit as I pumped into her and I couldn’t resist giving it a squeeze. She was continuing to look back at me (in fact all four girls were watching me) and give encouragements, most of them fairly vulgar.

“Yeah, fucking slap that ass,” she said. “God you feel good inside of me. Keep fucking me, keep fucking me.”

I gave her ass a little slap as she told me to.

“No really slap it,” she said. “I want you to fucking slap that ass, make it red.”

I glanced up and Meadow nodded at me.

“Dena likes it rough,” Ashley said, shrugging.

Not wanting to disappoint, I gave Dena’s ass a few good spanks. With the light from just the candles I couldn’t really tell if it was getting red, but she seemed to be enjoying it.

“YEAH, I like it like that, keep giving it to me,” Dena said.

A moment later I pulled out and went back to Kari. She’d been fingering her clit while I was in Dena and didn’t stop when I slid back into her. Her pussy tightened quickly and I felt her cum on my dick for the second time that day (or at least the last 24 hours). I was close again but wanted to keep going so I pulled out and went back to Dena when Kari was finished orgasming.

After a few moments of sliding in and out of Dena’s wet pussy, she started cumming, and quite loudly. Ashley joined in, and then Meadow as well, their screams and moans joining in a symphony of orgasmic pleasure.

“OH FUCK!” Dena yelled as she came for the second consecutive time. “Fucking fill me up!”

“Wait, I want him to cum on my face,” Meadow said. “Come on Greg, give us all a cumshot, like in a porno.”

Dena nodded her agreement and slid herself off of my cock. Meadow and Dena slid down onto the floor in front of the couch and pushed me off of my knees. As I stood in front of them, Ashley sprawled out on the couch behind them, so that her face was right behind the other two. Meadow reached out and pulled Kari in close, so that their faces were a bit smashed together. For the umpteenth time tonight I was put in an incredibly erotic but awkward position. My erect cock stood out in front of me and I hesitated.

“Here, let me help,” Dena said as she knelt up a bit in front of me. Grabbing my cock firmly in one hand, she slid my entire length into her mouth. I felt a good two or three inches of my dick go into her throat, which was tight and wonderful. Her other hand rubbed and squeezed my balls as she held my cock in her mouth. After a moment she pulled off, sputtering a bit and leaving a large trail of sticky saliva. She sucked in a deep breath and inhaled my cock again. She held me in a bit longer this time, close to a minute and I felt myself get ready to cum.

As she pulled me out of her mouth again, I grabbed her black pony tail, probably a bit harder than I’d meant to and pulled her head away from me. The cum blasted out of my cock and glob after glob fell onto the beautiful faces in front of me. Dena’s hand continued pumping my prick after I finished cumming. When I finally looked down at the four girls in front of me, they were smiling. Meadow had taken the brunt of my cum assault and was cleaning the sticky substance off of her face with her fingers. She sucked it off of her fingers and smiled back at me. Ashley had a taken a bit but didn’t really see to be in a hurry to clean herself. Dena finished cleaning the one spot off of her face and leaned up and licked a few spots off of Ashley’s face. At this the girls burst into laughter.

“Oh God, that was quite the ending,” Ashley said, wiping the rest of her face off.

“Hold on, I’ll go get towels for us all,” Meadow said. She popped up off the floor and ran off down the hallway.

Exhausted, I sat down on the couch beside Ashley. Kari, beaming a gorgeous smile at me, sat down virtually on top of me and threw her arms around my neck.

“I’m so glad you came over,” she said to me.

I looked at her and smiled. “I hope everything was ok,” I said, immediately regretting how lame I sounded.

Ashley laughed and leaned over, letting her head fall on my shoulder.

“Jesus Greg, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I mean shit, you gave us all about 3 orgasms a piece,” she said. Dena, still on the floor, just giggled.

Meadow returned and tossed a few towels to us. We all wiped the combination of sweat and cum off of us and just laid on the couch, spent. After a moment, Kari stood up, grabbed my hand and pulled me off the couch as well.

“Come on, you can sleep with me in my bed,” she said, pulling me towards the hallway. “We’ll clean this place up in the morning.”

“Hey don’t go having any fun without us,” Meadow said after us, to the giggles of the other two.

“I don’t think you have to worry,” I smiled back. “I think I’m spent for awhile.”

“We’ll have to see about that in the morning,” Ashley said, winking at me as Kari and I slipped down the hallway to her bedroom. After closing the door, she led me to her bed, pushed me down, and fell on top of me. We both passed out quickly, completely contented . . . for now.

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