An Anal Awakening

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“Now son me and your mom are going to visiting papa Bo-Bo for the weekend. He is not doing well. His intestinal and rectal swollen has developed into cancer. You and your sister are not to leave the house. We have stocked groceries, checked the mail, and you should be set.” Where is mom? Jim replied. “She is meeting me at the airport. Gram Gram wants her to come.” Bitch muttered Jim under his lips. He never liked his grandma. “You and Jenny just behave this weekend, take care of the animals, and no dilly daddy. Ive had it with your arguing.” Bye dad. Jenny yelled from the living room. Jim just sat on the chair in the kitchen watching his dad walk out the front door. Jim hated this part of the month. Every other month Jim’s parents would leave to go visit family, leaving him with his thirteen year old sister. Which was not the worst thing in the world. But he was fifteen and they had little in common. Jim was 5’7, dark hair, chubby and enjoyed getting stoned and eating sweets. While his sister was 13, 5’4, dark red hair, athletic and into sports.
It would be a typical boring weekend of getting stoned alone and having an annoying little sister to deal with. Jim didn’t do much besides, smoke weed, eat, and masturbate. He had a schedule. The following night his parents left, Jim was smoking a joint while browsing porn. He stumbled across some anal pictures and found them insanely arousing. He was in boxers and finished up his smoke. After spitting on his hand and lubing his dick, Jim found himself really getting off on some ass. Just as he was busting a nut his little sister bursts in his room. “Jim you said---wha? What are you doing?” Noth… unn.. Jim moaned a bit. Nothing he finally managed to yell. Get out. “Well you said that you were going to do the dishes tonight. There still in the sink.” I will, get out! Jim yelled. “weirdo” his sister replied as his sister slammed the door behind her. This was the fourth time that his sister had burst in his room while he was whacking away and he began to think that she was doing it on purpose. This began to fuel Jim’s hate throughout the night.
After wiping the whiteness off his stomach Jim walked down stairs to clean the dishes from earlier that evening. Don’t forget the silverware” his sister teased while in the living room. “stupid wigedy oobly pooty” Jim muttered to himself. He cleaned the dishes and proceeded to the living room. “Alright, its ten, my show is on” Jim said to Jenny as he sat down on the sofa with her. “So” Jenny replied. There is a special coming on with ghosts, noises, and cracking sounds. “I don’t care” Jim said calmly. My show is on. Jim loved his shows. He always watched his favorite cartoon and every weekend Jenny took advantage of their parents not being around. His sister just sighed. She was the dominant one in the relationship and she knew it. Jim started pleading, “please.” But got no where. Too bad his sister replied. Jim as usual began to wimper like a beaten puppy. Jenny turned to him and said, Jim, grow up. Then took her back hand and slapped the shit out of him. Jim threw up his hands and started screaming like a cow during breeding. That only enticed his sister more. She balled a fist and hit him straight in the nads. He jumped to the floor and started crawling toward the stairs. Jenny saw her chance and jumped on his back. “Ride em cowboy” she said repeatedly. Jim knew what he had to do.
Jim had a temper problem, but rarely showed it. He hurled up and threw Jenny to the ground. Jim went into his super-alter ego mode. Jimmy Jim. Jenny was surprised by this and decided to quit. As Jim faced Jenny she saw that there was a problem. “Arr, Jim Jim upset” he said. Jenny thought he was playing the” I got down syndrome act.” She was wrong.
Jim grabbed Jenny by her hair. “You not going to be doing this anymore sissy mick fitty.” Jenny had only witnessed Jim in these acts of rage a few times. They were never good. One time Jim couldn’t have a PB and J. So he covered his body in butter and slid down the hallway butt-ass naked screaming, butt- butter, I have nothing butt, butter. Jenny knew it was a situation she needed to get out of fast. Divide and conquer she thought. If I confuse him, I’ll lose him she thought. Jenny began throwing pillows in every direction. Jim scratched his head in bewilderment. He than began to add the whole situation up. Just in a really bad way.
Jenny knew he would beat his meat at night. She would come in at that time. Cum in. he thought. They were arguing, both showing anger. Pillows were being thrown around. Pillows are for a head. She was trying to get a head of him. Did she want to give him head? No! he thought. She was showing her ass. She wants it in the ass.
“Alright ya little bitch” Jim said as he started dragging her up the steps by her hair. “You’re going to get yours.” Jenny had no idea what was soon to come. He drug her in his room and locked the door. Her head had hit the base of the bed and she was out for a tad bit. When she came to it, she found herself on her knees, bound, and a half empty bottle of jelly on the bed. Oh no. She thought. She could smell jelly. Her ass was covered with it. She looked over and saw Jim tapping a boon bat against his knee. “You been a naughty little girl Jenny. It is time for your punishment.” She looked forward and saw all the printed pictures on his wall with women being butt-fucked. “Jim, what are you going to do? And why is there jelly all over my ass.?” Because you have always been a little brat. You always get your way. You know no boundaries. I wanted that PB and J last week. That is why. And I am going to get it. Jim was wearing only his boxers. He started stroking himself. Mmm, jelly flavor, my favorite he said quietly. Jim, you don’t want to do this. I can make you a grilled cheese. Jenny exclaimed. “Its too late for that!” Jim yelled back. You have always laughed at me and made me look like an ass clown. Well who is the ass clown now?! Jim removed his boxers and exposed his small but erect penis.
Jim crossed the room and positioned himself behind Jenny, boon bat still in hand. He gently tapped it on her ass. After a brief moment. Wham! Oww! Jenny yelled. This may be plastic but it still hurts like shit Jim replied. Wham! After a few good smackings Jim threw the boney down. “Now for the finale. You always were a little bitch Jenny, here comes Jim’s Jr. jimmy.” He arched her ass up and thrust in his cock. The jelly and Jennys ass cheek made a odd noise. Like some type of rubbery thing being squished. Jim liked it. He continued thrusting. Ohhh, it hurts, stop, stop, yelled Jenny. That only turned Jim on more. After a good 45 seconds Jim couldn’t handle it any more. “Im gonna bust” he yelled. He pulled out and streamed gooey whiteness all over her back then fell on her breathing heavily. Jenny couldn’t believe what had just happened. After a few minutes Jim got up and laid on the bed directly in front of her. He squeezed foam of whip cream around his ass and said, "ready for desert?"

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