I couldnt believe what I saw!

When I was 21, I took a job working on a farm near my hometown. The guy who hired me, Tim was a real nice guy, but too nice. His wife was sleeping around on him and she eventually took off with her boyfreind to California, leaving him with a 12 year old daughter. I started workingfor him about a year after she left, and things seemed pretty smooth around the place.
It was great working there. I worked a lot since it was just him and I runningthe place, so I got to know him and his daughter, Jessie, very well. Jessie was now 13 and was in 7th grade. She had started playing basketball, and was often down in the barn shooting hoops, often in her bikini as it was summer time out. Her breasts we starting to develop very nicley, and she had very shaply legs for a young girl. Her tummy was flat enough to rest a beer on (i actually did that), and her long brown hair waved in sync with her tight ass as she walked. She was quite a pretty lil girl, but I had never thought of her as an object of sexual attraction. Until I started to notice things about her.
I woke up late one morning after staying up late with a girl the night before, I rushed to work, and arrived just as Jessie was starting her morning chores. I got out of the truck and had to piss like a race horse. She stopped forking hay over to her steers and stared at me for a minute. I ignored her and moved over to go around the haystack to piss. As I walked by her her I looked at her again, notices she was blatantly staring right at my crotch. I passed this off for nothing at first, but when I went to piss, I realized I had a piss hardon from fuckin all night, and it was plainly visible through my tight jeans.
It took me forever to be able to piss, and I thought about rubbin one out, but jess wasnt too far away, so I dismissed that idea. I finally started pissin, and thought about her starin at my hard on. She had to have seen it. I turned to look where she went, and she was standing not to far away, watching me piss. I turned around quickly," hey, go get your chores done. What are you thinkin?" She smiled, "I just heard from girls at school ya know, I wanted to see one." "Well, you had you eyefull, go finish" I said. Jesus, This girl was just ogling my cock. and it did not help my hard on situation. Lucky I was out spraying corn that day, so I was given a chance to be alone for a while to rub one out. and her eyes locked on my cock were allI needed to spurt some jucies. I coudlnt believe it was turning me one. I scolded my self and forgot about her. She was way too young anyways.
About 2 weeks later, I came in from getting some parts for the combine, and Jess was out playin ball in her bikini. she looked damn good, with her summer tan setting in. I wondered if she had tanlines? maybe she lays out when me and her dad are both busy running around this place. Me and Tim went to work on the combine, andd I could hear jess callin her play by play as she drove to the paint in the barnlot. Tim said that Jess had grown quite fond of me, and said he was glad I was on board. He said I worked hard and was quite skilled, and was good with Jess. He offered me a salary position. I needed the job so I said I would stay on for a while. He said it would be good for jess to have me around for a while. I didn't really know what he meant so I just shrugged it off.
We needed some grease, so I went through the barn to get some while Tim was moving the combine out to the lot so we could grease it. I walked into the pens to check the calves along the way. as I walked in I thought I heard something behind the haystack. I crept closer and heard jess moan. I peeked around the corner only to see jenn with not bottoms on, just the bikini top. she was squated with one hand behind her holding her up. Her other hand was rubbing her young bare pussy as she was pissing. and she was moaning. this girl is getting off while takin a piss?? wow. I was speechless. I didnt know what to say. it was odd, and kinky, and this girl is so young, but my cock now stood full mast. I re adjusted myself and got out of there, as I heard the combine turn off. but that image has never left my mind.
I could believe this girl was doing that. she seemed so sweet and innocent, and a little girl. but now I was seeing the woman in her. The ragin sexual woman, and she was starting to develop quite nicley. She had mentioned quite a few times how happy she was I decided to stay on, and when I told her I was going to build a house on her dads land, she was very excited I would be staying so close. Tim was very happy about my decision. He said jess would enjoy my company, and i would be close so she could get out of the house some. I thoguth this was rather odd. jess was acting very odd twoards me. She hugged me every morning when she saw me, and I continued to notice her stares. She was even doin this in front of her father! I was very hesitant to say the least. But it was also very peculiar. This continued through the winter, and me and tim stayed busy building my house. Jess was busy with school, so she wasnt around much, but the few times I saw her she was most freindly, hugging and holding my hand whenever she could. she said she couldnt wait for hosue to get finished so she could stay over. I wasnt at all sure about that, but her father seemed fine with the idea. He had to still see her at a little girl and not the sexual creature I had begun to see.
My house was finished in late march. I moved in on a thursday afternoon, with the help of Tim and Jess. Tim had a meeting to go to, and asked if I could take jess back up to the house after we finished unpacking. I said it was no problem, and tim took off, leaving me and jess alone again. She was wearing basketball shorts and and a t-shirt. I remember this because when I came into the living room about 20 minutes after her dad left, she was laying on the ground reading one of my MAXIM's with her legs position just so I could see up the leg of her shorts. The light shown down on a perfect little pussy, tight lips, with a small cleft at the top, and some spare few pubic hairs above. I must have been staring because she called my name and giggleda lot. I snapped out and looked at her. She had not moved her legs. she looked at me with a stern face and said "whats wrong with you??? You've had your eyefull, go finish" I laughed at my own quote, and abided, going back to my work. still thinking about that soft pussy laying in my livingroom. My cock was hard and straining against my jeans. Haveing a big cock and wearing tight jeans makes it quite difficult to conceal a hard on. and as I finished up unpacking, I noticed her frequent glances to my cock. This made me harder, and even harder to conceal.
As I ran her back up to her house, she leaned over the truck and kissed me on the cheeck, and asked if she could stay the night tomorrow. I said she could, and she squealed in excitment. I dropped her off and and on my way down ther drive I stopped. I decided to do a little recon. I snuck up to the house and peeked through her bedroom window. I saw her come in and take off her clothes, revealing a nice set of tits with perky pink nipples and a sparlsy haird pussy. I unzipped my pants, ready to let a load fly. she left the roomfor a moment, only to return with a hot dog. I thought maybe she was hungry, but she had other ideas. she lay on the bed and stroked her pussy with the hot dog and her fingers for about 2 minutes, then started fuckig herself with it. when I saw that little girl fucking her young twat with that hot dog, I blew my cum all over the siding. i ran back to my truck and went home. Tomorrow was going to be a great day!.
I got off around 7 and Tim told me to take Jess with him when I left to go home, as he had a date coming over. I understood the guy lingo, and said I would. we hopped in my truck and she sat right next to me, her hand on my thighs. when we pulled in she gave me a card. It was from tim. I opened it and there was a letter in side. the letter read:

I feel lucky to have you working for me, which is why I let you build on my land. You are a good man, worthy of the best. You have helped my family, and as such, I feel you are a part of this family. Jess is my baby. She is my only heir. But Babies grow up, and so has she. She is flowering into a beautiful woman, much like her mother. Her mother was a nymphomaniac outta control. and Jess is just like her. Help me by taking this girl and keeping her from turning out like my Ex Wife. Help her and teach her. guide her and love her. This will all be yours someday, and starting today, my daughter is yours, son-in-law.
Sincerly ,

Whoah. my mind exploded. Tim is giving me his farm!. He is going to leave me his farm and all I have to do is marry his daughter. I was excstatic. I had a farm, a place of my own. Then I realized the underlying term. Starting today. He gave me his daughter. This beautiful young creature. she looked at me and said "I tried to get daddy to show me these things, but he wont. I love you JD. and I want to be with you forever. Daddy wants me to be with you. Its ok." I needed no more convincing, I wanted to taste some pussy. I asked her what she what to try and explore, and she said she wanted to see me pee, like that day in the barn last summer. I took her to the bathroom, and luckily was able to pee. she stared in amazingment, on her knees be side the toilet and I pissed. I finished and asked if she wanted to jiggle for me. she did. Then she said thats the first penis she has touched. I told her its ok, I will teach her. She stood up and pulled off her ball shorts revaling a lack of panties again. She sat on the toilet and spread her legs. I looked at her pussy just as she started to piss. It was beautiful, her bald 13 yr old pussy, spread out in front of me. my cock snapped to attention. I looked at her as she looked at me. I leaned down and kissed her, and i swear it was one of the most passionate and endearing kisses ever. I picked her up and carried her to bed.

This was it. I am actually able to fuck this girl and she wants it. Her dad even wants me too. I laid her on the bed and her legs fell open. I stripped as she watched, my cock bouncing as I moved. I moved to her and took her shirt off, we kissed moe and I felt her hadn on my cock. "Here, Ill show you" I grabbed her hand and taught her how to stroke a cock. she caught on quick, and was soon pumping my cock. I starting sucking her young nipples and my hand found its way to her soft lil pussy. its was so moist. I rubbed over her clit sveral times making her gasp each time. I ran my fingers up and down her tight lil slit, and it felt like liquid velvet, so soft and moist. my cockc was throbbing in her hand. "It;s so much bigger thand dadd'ys. I used to watch him shower and his was never this big" she locked on it. " Honey, are you sure about this?" she retorted" Yes I am! Daddy said I shold wait but I want to now. I want to with you, and daddy says its ok. All the girls at school talk about sex. and I want to have sex with the man I will marry." I was taken back, but the serious in her voice caught me. This is my wife now. she may be 13, but my wife. and I realized I did love her. I wasnt gonna wast a minute of this honeymoon, and I immediatly started eating her young pussy, the two of us in a sideways 69. She tounged my cock and moaned as I tasted virgin pussy, savoring every drop. It was so sweeet and delicious, and my cock throbbed everytime she cooed. I broke my self away from her pussy, ready to take her fora ride. She laid on her back and pulled her legs up. "Its ok, I have practiced!" It was a gorgeouse site, this young girl, my fiancee, my wifeto be, spread out wide, waiting for my cock for the first time ever. I went up between her legs and got my cock on her pussy. I rubbed it around a bit and told her it would hurt, but only for a moment. she told me to do it like rippin offa band aid, fast. I abided, and rammed my cock deep up inside her. My cock filled her pussy, but couldnt get all the way in. the tip of my cock was hitting her insides. She screamed in pain, then let out a loud gasp. I heard her say "fuck yes" , which is the first time i ever heard her swear. She told me to keep going, so I pulled out and started banging her tight fresh pussy. She moaned loudly, asking for more. Iwas going as deep as I could with out hurting her, but soon she was thrusting into me and taking more of my 8in cock inside her wet slit. As she got almost all my cock inside her, she shuddered and clamped up, then screamed in extascy as her cunt clasped my cock, making it impossible to move my cock. her pussy started spasming and I made short pumps into her and each spasm released. She writhed and screamed in pleasure and her creams soaked out over my cock.I stoped with my cock deep inside her to let her calmdown after her very fist cock induced orgasm. she kissed me over and over, professing her love for me and her hips slowly started bucking aginst me. I told her I loved her and kissed her, and we slowly made love to each other for about 15 minutes.
She the asked if she could try, and be on top. I rolled over and she got on top. She put my cock and the opening of her pussy, and I could see a little bit of blood on the base of my cock, and a whole lot of thick white cum from her wet lil pussy. She eased herself onto my cock, working it into her until she was completly sitting on my cock. Her tight pussy gripped everything bit of my cock as it throbbed in side her. she fell on top of me and we started kissing and I slowly pumped in and out over her tight pussy. she moan through the kiss, holding me tigher to her. she broke the kiss and began moanign loudly as I worked my hard dick in and out of her tight twat. Her moans and breathing increased, as did my strokes into her pussy, and I soon felt my balls ready to erupt. She started into her orgasm, and as her pussy clenched my cock, I shot off into a mind boggling orgasm, only tring to ram my cock deeper into her pussy. Everytime her pusy spasmes I would slipp a little further into her as gob after gob of hot cum filled her young pussy. The smell of hot lusty sex and the sound of our orgasmic moans filled the room and I dispensed the last of my cum deep inside her pussy. We laid holding each other in tight embrace for most of the night, intermittently making love. She is my lover.

And, Fuck your grammar! Im smarter than most of you out there. Just read the story and enjoy. Criticize the story line, not the text.

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