Harry Potter And The Ladies Of The Realm. (A HP AU story)

Chapter 1:Ginny Weasley, Lady in waiting and Evan's Whore

The Golden, Enchanted Bells rang loud and clear throughout the City of London. All who heard it, Noble and commoner alike, knew what those Bells ringing meant. James Potter, The Magical King, Protector of the Magical United kingdom, High Scion of England, Scotland and Ireland, was dead.

Lily Evans did not seem to care as the 32 year old Witch sipped her coffee and observed the events from the small cafe she sat outside of.

The common born cried and wailed in the streets while the nobles and their families rushed off to their Mansions and Regal Estates and castles to do their mourning (or celebrating and plotting) in private, away from the eyes of the common folk, whilst others floo called on their friends to share a lunch or dinner and discuss the Ramifications of the event.

The Potters had long been kings of Magical Britain, protectors of the Isles from the rest of the Magical monarchs of Europe and beyond. Rich, powerful and influential, some had long rumoured that they shared the Blood of King Arthur himself, thus why long, long ago, the great Wizard Merlin had aided the heir of their family, Trevor Potter, in battle against France's forces and crowned him the new King of the United kingdoms afterwards, through right of Magic and Might.

None of the magical nobles at the time had argued about the appointment. Nobody, after all, wanted to argue with the powerful Sorcerer who had personally trained the Powerhouses that were the founders of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Salazar Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff were said to have learned at the knees of the great Wizard, almost every spell the powerful Sorcerer knew he had passed on to them and yet still, when tested after 30 years of honing their skills and magical craft, all of them together had been unable to land a scratch on him except Slytherin himself and that but a shallow thing.

Yes, no sane Witch or Wizard dare argue with such a man.

But now Potter was dead and to take his place was none but his daughter and that had its own set of intrigue and problems. For one, no single Princess of the Potter family had ever taken the reigns if leadership. They were unique and powerful in their own right and were either married off (to close knit family friends and "light" supporting noble families, of course) or given small fiefs, castles and lands of their own if some of them decided to remain single. (Only 5 in the history of the Potter royalty had done so.)

James Potter had married Augusta Bones who had perished in childbirth, leaving him with his daughter and sole Heir, Princess Susan Bones. (Holding on to her mother's family name at her insistence) Afterwards, King James had married Augusta's sister, Amelia but that marriage had proven useless as it brought no children forth either and angered many nobles, who had their own female relatives waiting in the wings after Queen Augusta's death.

Truthfully, the bones family had only brought their wealth as a noble family to the crown (something unneeded as the Potter Royal family was richer than most of those in the European Continent but appreciated nonetheless) and nothing more. Having not been in at war, there was no need to make a royal marriage connection with some princess from Perhaps India, Japan, China or Russia. It had been a decade of peace since the last war with France and 50 years since the last noble rebellion brought about the Flint Family (Who had paid dearly for it as those that remained of the family attested.)

Another unfortunate and somewhat embarrassing thing that had been the talk of the realm was the promiscuous attitude of their king. By the laws set down by Merlin (followed, amusingly enough, by any and all Magical monarch regardless of Nationality), a king or Queen could have one official Mistress or unmarried consort for the purpose of pleasure or securing an heir. Augusta and Amelia, Beauties and powerful witches in their own right, had not been up to ask of raising the number of the royal family, something of an urgent matter seeing as king James had been an only child. Thus even Amelia could not protest if James took on an official Mistress. However James hadn't taken a mistress, official or otherwise. No.

He had taken several.

It had become a notorious habit for the King and his two most trusted friends (Lord Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, both who had been his long known friends since their days studying at Hogwarts beside the prince) to go around both the noble and common populace and have numerous trysts with both the single and married women of the realm, leaving many a young single mother or leaving the wives of minor lords, merchants and dignitaries heavy with their bastard children.

Scandalous but not unheard of for many a monarch and it was never said that these ladies (yes, even the wives of others) weren't compensated handsomely in gold, Expensive jewelry or small bits of land for their royal bastard children to inherit. That and a complete paid education at Hogwarts kept these women docile and even eager for return visits from the king and his two trusted Lords. If married, most of their husbands were appeased with titles or gold. Those that demanded satisfaction however, faced a quick death. Either from an Assassin's wand or from the power unleashed upon them by someone in the king's personal guard, 10 Witches and Wizards hand picked for their power and prowess in battle to protect the king and his honour.

That and the Horror stories of the wrath that came for the rest of the families of those who took grievance with the king kept most of these cuckolded men silent.

This was still a problem when it came to the matter of Remus Lupin. It was an openly known matter that those of his house were werewolves and provided the Royal armies magical creature division with the brunt of their forces.

However, it was a documented fact that the seed of a werewolf was not optimal for a normal noble Witch or common lady. Werewolf seed was extremely fertile and resulted in multiple children, All of whom carried the Lycanthropy gene with few exceptions. As such, unless carried by a female werewolf, these children took a toll on their mother in the womb. Only an magically gifted Witch could survive such births but many ladies, commoners or whores who had to willingly give themselves to Lupin (else face the king's displeasure) would find their wombs growing heavy and themselves weak from nurturing his Lycan progeny within them, only to die in childbirth. Not that their forebear cared. The children were shipped off to an orphanage and straight to RAMCD upon their majority to serve the realm.

So, to the embarrassment of the soon-to-be crowned young Queen and her Queen mother, many a royal bastard walked the kingdom here and there. And one of these was of her family. One of these bastards was Harry Evans, her very distant nephew.

Lily drank down the last of her coffee, left some Gold Galleons on the table and began her walk home, ignoring the crying, the whispers and the fuss over a dead king, thinking all the time she walked.

The Evans family hadn't started out as Wizards and Witches. But their pedigree was no less important for it. Those of the Evans family had actually been the stewards, bodyguards and servants of Morgana Le Fay herself. It was she who had arranged for a powerful Sorcerer lord under her Banner to take one of the Evans families daughters to wife for their loyalty and service and it was then that their Magical line began and flourished. The merging of a powerful Sorcerer's line with new blood caused it only to grow stronger and the careful continued merging of marriage and bloodlines had seen the Evans family grow in power and influence as Lady Morgana's most trusted and powerful.

As much as many painted the Evans family as talented, powerful and Dark Witches and Wizards due to their connection with the most powerful Sorceress since Merlin, the Evans were what would call "Grey". They collected, hoarded, practiced and mastered thousands of spells, rituals, enchantments and sorceries, some taught from Morgana Le Fay herself, but they never went out if their way to be "evil" as most so called "Dark Lords and Ladies" were. The knowledge of the magic was good to have, that was all.

But through the centuries, many had fallen in service and defence of their Lady Morgana. Others persecuted over the years by those of the "light" for siding with her. Though a powerful Noble family, they were no longer considered high Nobility. It had always angered Lily when many saw the Evans and others like them such as the Greengrass or Chang families as those who brought war to Non Magicals for power and pleasure when it was only through subjugation that the Modern status quo of Magical Nobility and common non Magical peasantry had taken place. If they had not taken up arms as the lady Morgana had declared, Magicals the world over would have been persecuted for their gifts. Now it was they who made the decisions and brought progress through magic to the people, kept the commoners from turning on each other for stupid reasons such as race or status. But of course Merlin and the "light" had to have the last say. Not that he had tried to reverse the way of things.

But since those days, there were few Evans left. Once it had been Lily and her sister Rose. Now it was just Lily and Harry. Her poor sister whom the king had lusted after and left with child. Harry had been born as his mother left this life, her spirit and soul now with the rest in The Ever distant Utopia of Avalon.

Harry had the handsome and noble look of The late king but none of his stupidity and Lily loved him fiercely. He was more talented than many who had come before him in her family, had mastered near all the family spells she had taught him and was continually proving the top of his peerage at Hogwarts. Powerful to boot. A credit to the Evans name. Their Lady would be pleased she had brought him up right. He was due back from Hogwarts after his final and seventh year. No doubt the term would be extended a bit due to the funeral of the late King clashing with their Final Magical testing and challenges. But she was patient. She could wait, albeit eagerly, to see how much her Nephew had grown even more from his formal education. She licked her full red lips at her depraved and lustful thoughts, a smile upon her seductive features.


The news had hit Hogwarts like an Avalanche. The king was dead. Long live the Queen. A small wail of grief had come from the Hufflepuff table in the great Hall as the "Badgers" closed ranks, Princess Susan Bones female friends/Ladies in waiting as well as her Fiance, Cedric Diggory, leading her gently away followed by Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and Head of Gryffindor and Head of Hufflepuff Minerva McGonagall and Pomona Sprouts as well as one or two teachers.

The rest of the Great Hall exploded into conversation and mourning as soon as they left. Tears fell easily and quickly from many of the younger students, many rushed off to the Owlery to begin writing hasty letters on torn parchment to send off, asking for confirmation and the situation in the whole of the Kingdom. Groups of Noble children broke off into deep and hushed discussions, looking wearily around for Eavesdroppers now and again.

Harry Evans simply sipped at his chilled Juice and bit into another piece of chocolate cake covered in ice cream, enjoying it's taste.

"Not much interested in your father's passing, Evans?." A sly voice at his side asked as Harry turned to look.

Daphne Greengrass was an old friend, valuable ally and occasional lover in his bed. They had given their innocence to each other in their 4th year at Hogwarts and it was known by many in Slytherin that they had a very deep bond. Seeing that her elder brother would take the spot as heir, it had been agreed by Lord Greengrass and Harry's aunt Lily that Daphne would be an Official Mistress of the Evans family, which would have Harry provide for her and any children they had as good as if she was his wife, a relief to both Harry and her. Daphne had no use for the old lords who sent gifts and letters trying to get an enhancement to her. Her long flowing blonde hair, dazzling emerald eyes and her sensual figure had many a Lords son seeking a connection but Daphne had spurned them all for Harry.

Her full, emerald painted lips curved into a smirk as his eyes wandered down to her generous bust, the Hogwarts uniform doing nothing to hide it from his eyes. No surprise, seeing as she had left herself without a bra and unbuttoned the top of her shirt just so he could get a glimpse.

"Not really Daphne. I don't really spare time for those I never knew, no matter their importance to the general public or unwanted familial connections." He said. His other hand moved to caress her warm thighs gently and her smirk turned to a smile. Everyone wasn't noticing, seeing as they were all busy with their own thoughts on current events.

"We may be at war soonunless our resident Princess has something up her sleeve, France may think this a perfect time to attack and gain ground here." Daphne said though she didn't even try to stop Harry's movement, feeling happy at his caress.

"Hmph! I can't believe I'm saying this but I would have been happier knowing we had a Gryffindor hearted Princess ready for action rather than a Hufflepuff. Oh she's loyal to her country, friends and Throne but that will only take you so far." He said. Daphne let out a slight giggle as his hand began to move further up her thigh but stopped him with her own hand.

"I'm afraid we can't be together tonight, My lord love. A letter from father arrived just a few minutes before the news. A family meeting is being called and I've permission from Professor Snape to attend. No doubt the king's death will be discussed in detail. I'd like to know what actually killed the man than just hearing of his passing. Promise I'll tell you everything tomorrowand pay you back for your disappointment." She said, giving him a deep kiss at his look of disappointment and a quick hug before leaving hurriedly.

Harry sighed happily. What a woman! It would be a joy to tap that ass for the rest of his life.

Finished with his cake, Harry now had a new decision to make. Crimson, Brunette or Ebony?


The Slytherin Common Room was large enough to accommodate everyone with their own personal quarters and rooms. United as a house though they were, privacy and discretion for the cunning was the order of the day. After all, it was rumoured that Salazar Slytherin had been Morgana Le Fay's student first before moving to gain more teaching from Merlin, playing both sides as a true serpent. Not that Morgana hadn't known.

She actually found it amusing of her student.

But Harry had better things to do than think on History. He had sent his message and he was glad it had been received and instruction followed. His choice of Crimson was Good.

Princess Susan had a mix of Ladies in waiting from the school Houses (except Slytherin of course) and for Harry, finding the right info to make some of them his was quite easy. Too easy in fact.

This was why Ginny Weasley stood before him now. Though staunchly a "light" magical and loyal family, there stance hadn't exactly gotten them anywhere politically or socially. The Weasleys were a branch of the long dead Prewetts, a powerful family that had long since died out. Generations of bad investments and large spending hadn't helped. As a family the Weasley were poor and though they weren't in danger of total poverty and made a living in the Kings court in various small positions, they weren't exactly wearing the latest fashions or mingling with most of High society.

Their Hopes had been rekindled however when Princess Susan had taken a shine to her fellow flame haired lady, cultivating her as a personal friend and lady in waiting. If Ginny could get closer to the future Queen, perhaps as close as a sister, the Weasley name would rise and be better for it.

That thought had been dashed when the young witch had come home in her sixth year, heavy with a bastard child in her womb. Harry had enjoyed making it with her. Princess Susan, bless her Hufflepuff heart, was indeed loyal to her friends however and had even personally come for the birth but the Weasleys had to wonder if their Chances had been crushed. While they took care of their daughters bastard, she had returned to Hogwarts to complete her education and continue on as Princess Susan's lady. If perhaps she kept her nose clean, their ambitions would pull through.

That their daughter was dressed in a flimsy nightgown that did nothing to hide her curvaceous figure and large tits before him and had come at his command, Harry confirmed that her family's status in the realm wasn't any of her concern. Or at least not as important as getting fucked by Harry. They could die in poverty for all she cared, it seemed.

Ginny had a taste for the finer things in life with no Galleons to back it up. Expensive dresses for various noble balls, enchanted jewelry, the best perfumes and robes not to mention all the equipment a true witch studying at Hogwarts needed. None of this was exactly cheap. None of this her family could provide. It's no wonder she got so wet at the sight of him, dressed up like a 2 sickle hooker from Knockturn alley and bore his bastard if he wished. She knew she'd be left satisfied with a womb full of cum and large bag of Galleons in her hands.

He could see the excited yet nervous and slightly annoyed look on her pretty face. The flames of the fireplace in his room lent a shine to her red locks and full, ruby lips.

"It was hard to get here you know? I'm supposed to be with the Princess. She's in mourning you know"

"She's no longer a Princess. She a Queen now I guess, Dark lady help us! Now, what's the news? Did she mention what the king died of? Heart attack? Duel?" Harry asked as he ignored her fears. Ginny huffed slightly.

"Poison. A real deadly one too. It struck right at his core in minutes after he drank some wine. Otherwise he wouldn't be dead." Ginny finally said and Harry froze at that. "Murder? Well that's something to write home about, I guess. Guess he never saw it coming." He said after a minute. Putting thoughts of his fathers murder out of his mind, He sat down eagerly on his rooms soft couch.

"Now, it's only 9 O'clock and we have a good nine hours more for you to earn your keep" He said, watching as she approached him, letting the nightgown fall off to the soft carpet. He enjoyed how curvy her figure was and how her breasts had grown. Motherhood suited her well. He moved one of his hands to her soft, pale belly. "I'm also sure you won't be leaving before I put another noble baby in your belly, seeing as you enjoyed making the last one with me." He smirked, seeing the shiver of lust run up her body.

"You're a monster. You know what my family will think?, what it will do to the family name if I become pregnant again?" She muttered heatedly. She yelped as harry suddenly pulled her to him, kissing her deeply. Her lips parted as their tongues met in an eager dance. He ended, their kiss and spat into her mouth, watching as she swallowed it without a thought. "Yes, I'm a monster. A "Dark lord" in the making. An "evil" wizard as sooo many like to say of those in our House. And you're a poor Gryffindor Whore of a witch and my personal slut and you know what? You like it. You like fucking me for my gold and having my bastard children, because it makes you wet." He said harshly, two of his fingers moving to part open her shaved folds and dip deep into her pussy, making her moan loudly in pleasure.

"You're already wet, hot and ready to breed. And as long as you live, that's how you'll always be for me. As if I haven't noticed your needy glances this whole year, begging for me to fuck and breed you. You don't care if you're family remains dirt poor as long as you remain my harlot, have my children and get all the fancy things I buy you." He sneered.

Ginny could only moan and mewl at his words, her thighs parting to allow more access to his pumping fingers. She finally snapped, her moans and mewls turning to cries of pleasure and completion as she came, soaking his fingers and the carpet below in her hot, thick juices. Harry grinned and pulled his fingers out of her, watching as she fell to the carpeted floor in a heap, convulsing slightly as she came down from her pleasure.

"You're my whore. My dear, little Weasley whore! As soon as you accept that, the better it will be. Now get on the bed, Slut!" Harry said, throwing away his clothes and letting his 7 inch cock harden at the sight of her naked form weakly getting up, moving to lay with her back on the silk sheets of his bed. Her hand moved to her wet pussy, spreading apart the lips of her sopping cunt, its inner flesh eager for his cock.

"Now, be a good whore and tell me what you want." Harry said, moving to join her on top of the sheets, his cock playing with the entrance to her cunt, making his cockhead slick on her juices but not pushing further.

"F-fuck me, please. Make me yours, Lord Harry. Breed this traitorous witch with your seed." She murmured, eyes begging and lustful. Harry smirked. "Very well."

He slid in slowly, enjoying the sensation of her warm, slick, wet walls welcoming him back once more. Her pussy clung to every inch of his cock and Ginny couldn't help the squeal of delight that moved past her lips as he moved deeper and deeper into her, reminding her cunt who owned her body and soul. Inch after inch went into her stuffed cunt until finally she could his huge grapefruit sized balls on her ass. Her Lord was balls deep in her pussy.

Her hands locked hard round him, as did her legs, not wanting to let him go as he began to slowly push in and out of her, slowly getting her used to his length and their connection once more. Her pussy tried and failed to cling to him with each slow thrust and retreat and the shocks and feelings of pleasure smashed through her body with each deep stroke.

"Merlin!," she cried out in pleasure, "I love the way your cock feels inside me, Harry."

Harry smirked at the redheads declaration but didn't reply, too busy enjoying her tight cunt, feeling it eagerly suck on his cock greedily, trying to get him even deeper. But he was done playing.He moved from his deep and slow thrusts and within seconds, he was fucking her as fast and hard as he could, taming her whore pussy and reminding her why she always came when called. Her moans and cries of pleasure mixed with the sound of flesh on flesh and all she could do was moan like a slut as he pounded into her, his cock smashing onto her wombs entrance. All she could do was cry and mewl as her second orgasm of the night washed over her.


"Just like I remember. A good whore to take the load off" Harry mentally praised as he continued his onslaught upon her pussy. But even he knew he was nearing his edge. He prepared for his finish.

"Get pregnant, you Weasley WHORE!" Harry roared as he pushed deep into her pussy, her cervix swallowing the head of his cock as he cried out in orgasm.

"Yesssssssssssssss," Ginny hissed in pleasure, feeling Harry's cock begin to spurt out a large load of his hot, thick, poten semen.

His cock twitched and jumped within her, filling her with so much of his virile seed, making her feel giddy and her womb hot at the thought of the baby he was planting within her, reveling in the thought of bearing his child in her womb once more, giving him a healthy child in nine months, shame to her family uncared for.

"Don't ever stop Cumming Harry. Fill me up with cum. Fill me up til its running out of my pussy. Til it leaves a huge steaming pile on the bed. I don't care if you make me pregnant, just don't stop!" Ginny moaned and Harry did as she asked.

"YES! YES! KNOCK ME UP!" she screamed out as the the young Lords virile seed spurted out into her gulping womb.

At last, after what seemed like hours, Harry couldn't give anymore, his large cock giving a final shudder, his balls a final twitch, before shooting its last gusher of his thick, sperm laden cream into the redheads overflowing pussy. Her, smooth pale legs unwrapped hesitantly from his back and tiredly sank to her sides, parted to show his softening cock leaving her cunt and pouring out his thick load of seed.

He did not move from on top of her tired body and she didn't want him to. Her full red lips found his and he let her french her tongue deeply into his mouth. They kissed passionately for several minutes, Ginny kissing him in gratitude for giving her the pleasure she so desired, luxuriating in the feeling of his virile seed dripping from her cunt.

"Merlin! You fucked me so well! She moaned as they broke their kiss. Harry smirked and gave her ass a sharp slap, making her moan even more.

"I think you won't be arguing with me anymore, will you my slut?" He asked, satisfied as the pretty redhead nodded, her gaze full of adoration for him. His hand moved over her smooth belly. "And don't worry about the baby I'm going to fuck into you tonight. My Aunt Lily will be calling on your family soon. Our child and the one on the way will be well taken care of. And as long as I keep fucking you whenever I want, so will you, my little whore Mistress." He said, capturing her lips once more.

Ginny moaned appreciatively and mashed her mouth down onto his, driving her tongue deep into his mouth. She explored every bit of his mouth til she felt his own tongue begin to meet hers, forcing her tongue back into her own only to have him explore her hot, wet mouth. The kiss was brutal and wanton, her full, red, soft lips were left bruised and slightly swollen yet she enjoyed it.

"Now clean up my cock and get me ready for another round. I'm not stopping till you can't move a muscle. It's going take all your willpower to leave my bed to get back to that big breasted prude of a soon to be Queen you love so much."

Ginny didn't even bother to defend Susan or Harry's derogatory comments. She simply got down to the task of sucking on Harry's pleasure giving cock, cleaning him up like a good Whore, greedily sucking on his cock as he gently played with her flaming hair and prepared the hot load he would feed her.

Harry smiled and lay back to enjoy the pleasure as his mind turned to what the coming days would bring

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