1975 – A Year to Remember. Chapter 2

After several sessions of the new sex games we were playing, the matter of oral sex had yet to be addressed. During a particularly hot session Ellen had been so turned on that she actually pushed Cindy away from Bobby and shrieked, “I need to suck a cock!” She dropped to her knees and quickly sucked her husband to an orgasm. Following that session I think we all realized that we needed to resolve the issue. That resolution occurred the next weekend when we returned to the Thompson’s for what had become our regular bimonthly Saturday night of dinner and sex games.

The dinner was an exceptionally nice affair. Ellen had prepared a delicious spaghetti and meat sauce dinner and Bobby had several bottles of a very good Chianti. By the end of dinner we had all had a couple of glasses of wine to complement the whiskey consumed when we first arrived. The girls cleared the table with our help and we all retired to the den. At first the girls sat on the couch and talked while Bobby returned to the table to retrieve a bottle of wine and refilled our glasses. The wine had lured me into a pleasant, satisfying haze. I sat there watching Ellen and my wife as they talked, but not really listening to the nature of their conversation. I found both women different, but very attractive. “Hmmm,” I thought, “I thoroughly enjoy getting a blowjob from my wife. I wonder what kind of experience I would have with Ellen.”

“You know,” said Bobby suddenly, “We are going to have to make a decision about oral sex.”

“Huh? What?” I said, awakened from my wine influenced daydreaming.

“We said that we’d discuss it after several sessions, didn’t we?”

Ellen nodded in agreement. I concluded that she was slightly tipsy with a somewhat glazed look in her eyes. “Absolutely! Let’s decide right now,” she added, “I vote ‘yes’!”

"Are we all sure we want to go there?” I asked, checking Cindy’s eyes to see in what direction she was leaning.

“I I don’t know,” she stuttered. “That’s a big jump from what we’ve been doing … Though I know that Hank would certainly like it.”

A strange silence permeated the room following her statement. Finally Bobby quietly said, “I vote yes. Hank? You can make the majority.”

I had been carefully avoiding expressing a decision, but that now appeared to have eluded me. “Ah….” I said hesitantly. “Well, I guess so. Turning to Cindy I added, “But we all have to agree.”

After what seemed like an interminable period of time, Cindy suggested, “Well, we had better discuss some limits.” Ellen proposed that the rules should be just like our initial agreement, that no one should do anything they did not want to do. That position seemed to be agreeable to everyone.

“Well then, that’s the decision,” said Ellen. “I suggest that we go into the bedroom and get comfortable.” She reached for both my and Cindy’s hands and escorted us down the hall to the master bedroom. As we entered I noticed that the room was dimly lit by the soft light of a bedside lamp. Once inside Ellen immediately set to remove her clothing, as did Bobby and I. Cindy hesitated, slowly taking off her blouse until she was joined by the three of us. Bobby unsnapped her bra and dropped it to the floor. I unsnapped her skirt and dropped it and her half slip to the floor, as well. Ellen slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties and slid them down over her hips and off.

Once all were naked the four of us scrambled onto the king sized bed. Cindy was to my left with Bobby on her left and Ellen was to my right. Bobby initiated the action as he quickly fondled Cindy’s breast and gently squeezed her nipple. Just then I realized that a soft, gentle hand had found my rapidly stiffening dick. I don’t think Cindy even noticed, since Bobby had begun to tenderly kiss her. Ellen’s exploring hands were lovingly manipulating the head and the shaft of my dick. However, I decided that I would take the lead with Ellen. Moving slightly away from her, I licked down from Ellen’s soft breasts, past her navel, and finally into the lovely patch of her soft, light brown pubic hairs. “Mmmmmm,” I murmured, as my lips made contact with the moist, warm flesh and soon my tongue caressed Ellen’s pussy.

I rose to my knees, crouched between her spread thighs, and began to probe her pussy lips and lick her clitoris. I was increasingly excited, as well, by her soft moans of pleasure and the aroma of her pussy juices. I furiously thrust my tongue into her soft, compliant flesh and energetically licked for several minutes. She responded by clenching her thighs together, holding my head against her pussy. Her moans soon became cries. “Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m there! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she squealed, writhing into an overpowering orgasm.

Her delighted squeals were not the only sounds I could hear. “I could clearly hear my wife nearing her own orgasm. Looking to my right for the first time in quite a while, I found Cindy on top of Bobby with her mouth around his dick and her pussy thrusting against his face. It was obvious they were both thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Now, Cindy was exceptionally good at giving blow jobs in those days … still is as a matter of fact. I have frequently preferred her exceptional cocksucking to a straight fuck and have always enjoyed a mutual sixty-nine. Anyway, she was doing her best to show Bobby just how really extraordinary she was at sucking a dick. By the intensity of her moans, Bobby must have been doing a pretty respectable job of sucking her pussy, as well.

As I watched her head bobbing up and down on Bobby’s dick, I sat up in order to get a better view of their lustful activities. In my mind I could almost feel the familiar sensation myself. It was a wonderful sensation that I’d experienced so many times. Only then did I realize that a warm, wet, enthusiastic mouth had swallowed up my hard dick as I watched Cindy sucking Bobby’s cock. Ellen had beautiful lips and she was using them extremely well, even with the distraction that I was enjoying with the show of my wife sucking my best friend’s dick.

I could see that Cindy was getting very close to her climax. Suddenly she stiffened and her entire body shook and quivered as she tightly locked her thighs around Bobby’s head. Throughout all of that action she had kept her mouth frantically moving up and down on Bobby’s cock until he could obviously take no more. He slammed his cock deeply into her mouth one last time, the ferocity causing her to momentarily gag. Holding her head firmly in his grasp, he groaned, “Aaarrgghh!,” and began shooting a massive load of hot cum into her sucking mouth. I could see that her throat was working hard to swallow it all. In spite of her best efforts, a small white trickle of semen escaped. Then, as she gently lifted her mouth off of Bobby’s dick, her tongue quickly licked up the wayward drop of cum. Wow! What an amazingly lascivious sight: watching my wife shamelessly sucking the cock of another man, my best friend.

Watching the action between Bobby and Cindy had an immediate effect on me. I could feel the building of my own orgasm as I enjoyed the warm sensations of Ellen’s mouth sucking my dick. I groaned and eased back onto my elbows, anxious to watch the conclusion of my own climax. Ellen had carefully repositioned herself between my legs without releasing her lock on my cock. I grabbed her by the back of the head and rammed my dick forcefully down her throat several times. Oh man! It felt so good as I vigorously fucked her mouth, almost at the point of losing control. Fighting to regain control again, I relaxed and allowed her to continue her ministrations. She quickly established a steady rhythm and an ever increasing tempo. After watching Cindy swallow a load of Bobby’s cum and Ellen’s skillful cocksucking, I realized that I was certainly very close to achieving my first orgasm of the evening.

“Ellen, I’m about to cum!” I warned her. I felt her slide her mouth toward the head of my dick so that she could more easily swallow my ejaculation. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I moaned as I felt my hot load of sperm quickly travel up the length of my dick and spurt into her anxious and waiting mouth. She hurriedly swallowed the first squirt and she kept swallowing as I quickly filled her mouth. She continued to suck until she was sure that she had swallowed the last of my sperm. Only then did she lift her head, a huge smile lighting up her face.

“Mmmmmmm,” she murmured, “That was yummy!” Ellen looked directly at Cindy and said “Oh, that was wonderful! Thank you for lending me your husband’s dick and all his delicious cum!” I looked at Cindy as she lay on her side facing us and completely engrossed in watching me shooting a load of cum into her friend’s sucking mouth. Bobby was behind her, watching the action while he gently caressed her tit with his free hand. His eyes were locked on Ellen’s. Realizing what he was wordlessly asking, Ellen said, “Bobby. Is this what you wanted to see? To watch me suck off another man?” He enthusiastically nodded his head affirmatively.

“Ok,” Ellen said. “I want to have another orgasm! Hank, I want to sit on your face and have you suck my pussy.” With that pronouncement she swung her legs over my body so that she was sitting on my chest as I lay on my back. She gradually eased forward to lean her arms against the king-sized bed’s headboard, bringing her pussy perfectly to my mouth. I took one protracted lick on her sopping wet pussy before I began to thrust into her gash with my stiffened tongue. I then alternated licking along her pussy lips with intently sucking on her clitoris. Supporting herself with one hand on the headboard, Ellen grabbed the back of my head with her other hand and furiously fucked her pussy against my face.

I’ve always loved eating pussy and would readily admit that sucking Ellen’s was one of the most delightful that I had ever experienced. I stuck my tongue inside of her as deep as it would go as she continued ramming her pussy into my face. “Eat my pussy,” she squealed, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Eat my pussy!”

Meanwhile, my dick was starting to get hard again. This condition attracted Cindy’s attention and I felt her shifting on the bed. I quickly realized that she was on her hands and knees and that she was beginning to tongue my dick. She began by licking the sides and head of my cock and then sucked my cockhead into her mouth. Briefly stopping, she asked, “Do you like it, Hank? Do you like me sucking your hard dick? I want you to cum in my mouth!"

“Mmmmfffff,” I mumbled, my mouth full of Ellen’s pussy. By now Bobby had crawled over to Cindy and wriggled under her spread legs. She immediately responded by further opening her thighs and exposing her pussy. He avidly licked all around her pussy lips and seemingly enjoyed driving her licentious excitement all the higher. Cindy’s mouth had completely swallowed me again. As her head started to bob up and down I arched my pelvis up off the bed and drove my dick as deep into her mouth as I could go. At the same time I gripped Ellen’s hips and desperately probed her pussy with my rigid tongue. Just then I erupted in a crashing climax and my dick began to spurt out globs of sticky cum. The expert cocksucker that she was, Cindy gulped and swallowed all that I could provide.

At the same time, Ellen had reached the moment of her own orgasm. Her body started to quiver and shake. Her breathing became ragged as I gave her pussy and clitoris one more thrust and suck. Ellen’s emotions finally cut loose as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure coursed through her body. As her orgasm began to subside, I continued to eagerly suck her gushing pussy juices, enjoying the pleasure that I had obviously given her.

With her belly now full of my cum, sex-crazed Cindy quickly twisted around seeking Bobby’s dick. By now she was driven to an insatiable lust to suck more cock. She leaned forward on the bed and immediately took Bobby’s dick into her mouth. One hand supported her body and the other gripped the base of his cock as she took him as far into her mouth as she could. She began to frantically move her head up and down, furiously sucking Bobby’s dick. Soon she had his hips bucking and thrusting his cock into her mouth. She desperately wanted to suck the cum that she knew was ready to spew forth into her mouth. Ellen and I watched in genuine appreciation of her exceptional cocksucking skill as Cindy enthusiastically sucked down her third load of cum of the evening. Exhausted, we all collapsed on the bed. Not surprisingly, we all fell asleep fairly quickly. Ellen was curled up on one side of me while Cindy was between Bobby and me. I smiled when I realized that there was some soft, leisurely petting going on between the two of them as we drifted off to sleep.

Several hours later I awoke and watched Cindy and Bobby engaged in a rather intense sixty-nine. Cindy had crawled on top of Bobby again and was giving him a vigorous cocksucking while he reciprocated . The two of them reached a crashing climax only minutes after their actions had pulled me out of my sleep. I watched as Bobby delightedly shot another load into Cindy's gulping mouth. The two of them then relaxed, returning to their earlier positions and gradually drifted off to sleep again. I chucked to myself, thinking that my prim and proper wife had sucked off four dicks in the last few hours. Yup, she was an exceptional cocksucker. I turned over and gradually drifted off to sleep again.

I woke a second time to find Ellen’s head on my thigh and my semi-hard dick right next to her lips. She lifted her head slightly and gently took my cock into her mouth. She obviously had enjoyed sucking it before and had evidently recovered enough to want to suck it one more time. My nuts ached and I really didn’t need to come again. However, after a few minutes of her softly sucking and stroking my dick, I decided that it might be a pretty good idea after all. Soon I was gently fucking her mouth and in due course let loose with one final load of hot cum into her. As she wiped the cum from her lips, I gently whispered “I think its time for all of us to get some sleep.” Bobby and Cindy were already breathing loudly in their slumber and the two of us fell asleep soon afterwards.

An hour or so later I awoke and looked at my bed companions, all sleeping soundly. The question ran through my mind, “Well, the oral sex barrier was certainly smashed last night. I wonder what’s next.” In my mind I think I already knew the answer to that question.

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