Naruto's Leaf Village Adventures! Part 5!

Authour's Notes: Sorry to everyone about the posting time. I wanted to work more on this story, as what use is twenty bad stories against one good one? Anyway I've loved all the comments I've recieved so far and have attempted to stick to the areas that have been suggested to me. Unfortunatley I'm going to be writing a bit more about my own ideas in the next chapter or two. But keep the suggestions coming! Now enjoy the story.

The streets of Konoha a day after Ino’s employment with Naruto

“No way! You really did it? You went that far?” Ten-Ten said in disbelief.
“I sure did! Everything I said was truth!” Ino screeched back. She was a lot more laid back since her enjoyments of yesterday morning.

“Wow like how? How’d you meet him? He sounds so manly”

“He is! He was the largest boy I ever saw and that’s beating the time we found that gay magazine!”

“Just wow could I meet him?” Ten-Ten asked expectantly.

“Well. I don’t know” Ino battled in her head whether Naruto would want her to mention it was him who Ten-Ten was so interested in.

“Oh come on! I’d do anything to meet him! Is it because he’s cute? He’s got a huge package hasn’t he? ”

“Maybe well I’ll talk with him ok?” Ino felt that this was at least enough for now. Perhaps Naruto would like to have two girls

“Anyway I’ve got to go! See ya soon!” Ino waved a farewell to Ten-Ten. Ten-Ten smiled and waved back. She continued her wave until Ino had disappeared down a side street.

Ten-Ten gave out a sigh. Ino had given a guy a blowjob already? How? When? Ten-Ten had felt sure she would have been the first to have sex with a boy. Surely she was prettier than Ino? Well no, Ino was cute.
Ten-Ten shook her head. Come on you like boys remember? Maybe her as a side dish

Ten-Ten was far too horny to think about anything. Instead though she saw a man, fully naked apart from an animal mask. He was absolutely ripped and had an eight inch dick. Ten-Ten could feel herself getting wetter, just by thinking about him.

“Ten-Ten I need you” Called the man in a deep commanding voice. “Ten-Ten, your beauty must be mine”
Ten-Ten bit her lip; this was too much for her and her pace steadily increased into a run. Why should Ino have all the fun? “God I would give anything for a real man he could fuck me as hard as he pleased and I wouldn’t say anything against it.” Ten-Ten’s thoughts were getting the better of her.

“I would fuck anyone, Neji, Lee, Sasuke, Naruto or Shikamaru Or nearly any man in the village.”

Ten-Ten arrived at her house and was inside and running up to her room in a matter of seconds. Tossing all her shopping onto her kitchen counter.

“My problems bigger than shopping anyway.” Ten-Ten decided. She sped off towards her room. Her feet barley touched the stairs.

Over at Naruto’s place Evening, just after dinner

A slight slurping sound was coming from Naruto’s apartment.

“Ok Ino is it all cleaned up?” Asked Naruto.

“Yeah just about. This taste is too good to waste.”

Naruto zipped up his flyer and put his arm around Ino, he pulled her close to him. She snuggled up to his chest and closed her eyes.

“Naruto” Ino spoke softly

“Yeh?” Said Naruto still in a daze of pleasure.

“I was talking with a friend of mine and she”


“She heard about what I did with you”

“You used our names!?!” Naruto jumped scared and angry about the breach of their privacy.

“No no! I didn’t use our names!” Yelled Ino in her defence.

“Oh thank god! So then your friend?”

“She’s really interested in meeting you.”


“Well if I was going to be truly honest, I’d say she wants to lose her virginity. But that’s just my women’s intuition, I could be wrong”

“Well how can we find out?”

They both sat there for a while, thinking as hard as they could. Ino snapped her fingers.
“I’ve got it! I’ll take her out to a bar, using my fake ID, we’ll have a few drinks and I’ll see if I can get her to talk!”

“Great Idea! You’ve done well as a slave so far you come back tonight and we’ll see about losing your virginity.”

Ino instantly had a fit of excitement. Her eyes lit up like stars at the idea.
“You mean it!?!” Ino screamed back.

Naruto nodded with a smile. “Go get ready! I’ll be waiting for you!”

“Yes master Naruto!” cried Ino as she ran out to go and meet with Ten-Ten. She couldn’t wait to hear Ten-Ten’s reply. If Ten-Ten liked Naruto, Ino’s virginity was as good as gone!

“Oh please! Whatever’s out there! Make it so Ten-Ten loves Naruto!” Wished Ino.

Naruto’s place Just about midnight

There was a loud pounding at the door. Naruto jumped with a start; he had been about to fall asleep when he heard it. The pounding came again at the door followed by a hurried “Be quiet!” Amidst all this was a lot of light laughter and giggling. The pounding came once more to the door.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! I heard you the first time and so did the rest of the street!” Yelled Naruto, completely forgetting he was shouting about not making noise.

Naruto reached the door, tore it open and slammed it back, once again forgetting not to make noise. Naruto’s next sight was the back of the door, as two angry figures rushed into his apartment.

“He promisched me! He said he would! You believe me right!?” Yelled Ino holding a half empty bottle in one hand and pointing accusingly at Ten-Ten with the other.

“I believe you! I believe!” Shouted Ten-Ten putting her arms into a surrendering gesture.

“I mean, If, if I being his no wait, if he is my master, he’s gotta keep his promises right!?!”

“Totally! He totally promised you! And, and masters got to, to show their slaves, how to act.” Agreed Ten-Ten.

Ten-Ten undid her zipper and took of her shirt.

“I’m getting undressed for him.” Replied Ten-Ten

“Oh yeh” said Ino taken aback from the idea of seeing Ten-Ten naked.

Ino put down the bottle she had with her and began to undress too.

Naruto meanwhile was in a small opening behind the door. He wasn’t quite sure how to act. Ino might have been his, but Ten-Ten wasn’t. However it seemed like they’d both come here for sex. “So” Thought Naruto. “That must be Ino’s friend wow Ten-Ten those are some nice tits.”

The two girls stood in Naruto’s living room, completely naked. They turned to each other and scanned each other’s bodies.

“Wow Ten-Ten, those are some nice tits, how’d you get em that big?” Ino said and foolishly she grabbed hold of either of them.

“I don’t know something about my genes. Never mind that, you’re body is a total turn on your master is lucky to have you” Their eyes met both of them were horny from the thought of losing their virginity.

Suddenly Ten-Ten and Ino leaned forward and met midway, in a almost perfect kiss. Ten-Ten moved forward wrapping her arms around Ino’s neck. From what Naruto could make out, Ten-Ten was leading.

They both stood there exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues and their bodies with their hands. Naruto now understood why Ten-Ten was leading in the kiss. Ino’s hands had moved down Ten-Ten and she was gently playing with Ten-Ten’s pussy.

The two parted for some air. Both of them breathed heavily, but Ten-Ten under the influence of Ino’s fingers breathed heavier.

“My god Ino that feels so good” Ten-Ten spoke in between moans. “That kiss tasted great, I bet another part of you does too.”

Ten-Ten forcefully grabbed Ino and threw her to the couch. She got on top of Ino and positioned herself into a sixty-nine position. They both began licking each other’s pussies avidly.

Ino squirmed and squealed under this new experience. Ten-Ten followed her. Ino took in a deep breath.
“So this, this is what sex with a woman feels like, tastes like, smells like.”

Ten-Ten blushed. “I’m still new to this you know does this feel good?” Asked Ten-Ten sliding a finger into Ino’s pussy.

“OH GOD! It feels great! More Ten-Ten more!” Cried Ino slipping a finger into Ten-Ten.

Naruto had been watching and rubbing his cock through his pants the past minute or so. Now he decided was the perfect time. When both of them were horny enough he was going to step in. He unzipped his pants letting his dick peek over the top of his pants.

Naruto stepped out from behind the door showing himself off in front of the two startled girls. Ino was first to react, jumping down from the couch and bowing on her hands and knees. She gave a tug onto Ten-Ten’s ankle, who immediately followed Ino onto her hands and knees.

“Ma, master I’m sorry I just couldn’t help myself she’s so beautiful” Ino apologized as best as she could.

“She is very beautiful We’ll talk about your punishment later, for now though both of you bend over. I heard you before and I will take your virginity! You will enjoy this!”

“Yes master Naruto!” Came unexpectedly from Ten-Ten rather than Ino. Ten-Ten immediately assumed the position, resting her hands on the couch and sticking her ass high in the air. She could feel two pairs of eyes on her and decided to explain herself.

“I really want this Naruto please?” Came meekly from her.

Ino joined her side, mimicking Ten-Ten’s position. Naruto positioned himself behind Ten-Ten. Ino grabbed her hand and squeezed tightly.

“Ten-Ten, I’m here for you okay?”

Ten-Ten said nothing for a second, she then nodded to Naruto and the second Naruto penetrated her, she grabbed hold of Ino and kissed her passionately mixing in a loud moan.

Naruto let out a gasp, as he himself lost his virginity. Ten-Ten’s tight pussy was totally engulfing Naruto, almost sucking him in. Patiently he waited, still enjoying this incredible experience himself.

Ino’s eyes were wide open surprised at the affection Ten-Ten was showing her. Until tonight Ten-Ten had been her friend, now though would she be her lover? One of master Naruto’s slaves? Would everything go back to normal? These questions were brushed aside as Ten-Ten’s passionate kissing increased in vigour.

Naruto began to slowly push in and out. He kept an eye on Ten-Ten making sure he wasn’t hurting her and began to increase his speed, adapting himself to this new experience. Thrusting in and out as the actions quickly became natural.

Naruto just managed to clear his head enough to think, “Are all girls this tight? I can hardly move!” He began to push harder just to keep up his current pace.

“The pain’s beginning to subside now.” Thought Ten-Ten, “God this feels great.” She finally pulls herself away from Ino and lets out a load moan, as a heat wave passes over her.

Ino kept kissing the back of her neck and her cheek, she also seemed to be enjoying watching Ten-Ten’s reaction.

She watched them both for a few seconds and then decided firmly. She climbed from the couch and crawled next to them. She watched them going at it and then cautiously moved her head forward, so that Naruto’s dick slid in and out of her mouth as he went in.

Naruto moaned and began to breath heavily. “God dam, you’re incredible! Where do you learn this?”
Ino stopped for a second and smile upwards to Naruto, revealing a big row of pearly white teeth and a cute smile. “I’m all natural sweetie.” And with that she went back to her job, also slipping a hand between her legs, obviously enjoying her work .

Ten-Ten feels like she’s going to explode, she knows this feeling, but could it be? It feels like an orgasm, but if so this is going to be the mother load of all orgasms!

Naruto pushes and pumps into Ten-Ten as fast as he can, his virgin shyness totally gone.

“Naruto! I’m cumming! I can’t hold on! Oh god!” Ten-Ten near sang the last part, as she felt an immense pleasure burst from her. Her entire body shook and feelings burst from her. A secret that only she had known was exposed, not that she didn’t like it, but how would the others react?

Ten-Ten had no time to think as she began to squirt freely across Naruto’s living room. Since her first time masturbating this sensation had caused her no shortage of problems. Her mother had frequently wondered what the smell had been when she had cleaned her room.

Naruto withdrew as Ten-Ten came all over him and Ino, but this just served to excite him and her. Naruto himself was nowhere close to cumming. It felt as though something was stopping him.

Naruto grabbed hold of Ino roughly by the arm; he thrust her head onto the couch and set himself up to penetrate her.

“Naruto not so roughly! I’m still a virgin too!” Screeched Ino.
“Sorry about that, I’ll start slow.”

Naruto slowly pushed himself in, it always felt great when he penetrated them, he always enjoyed teasing himself and prodding and pressing the girl before he entered them.

Ino moaned. “Is this what it feels like? I I want more, give it to me Naruto! Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt.”
Naruto upon hearing these words increased his speed. It was like waving the starting flag to a race car. Something deep inside Naruto was giving him energy, a force like he’d never felt before.

Naruto grabbed Ino around the waist and lifted her high above his own head; suddenly she plummeted to the ground, throwing her legs above her head and her back onto the floor. Naruto began straight away to get to work.

Naruto had learnt this one from one of the many porn magazines he’d read in his time. As far as he could tell this was the pile driver position. Said to feel great for both the man and the woman.

He was pumping and pushing into Ino as hard as he could, he was so hot now and he was just about to cum, but he wasn’t going to be happy till Ino had came as well. Ino was loving the roughness of the sex, the feeling of a man inside her was greater than she could have imagined.

They continued in this fashion at full speed, for another minute. Ten-Ten watched them go at it, as she was still in an orgasmatic trance, she noticed how red Ino’s face was and how hard her nipples had gotten.

“God she looks hot” Thought Ten-Ten.

Naruto began to speed up, even faster than before. Ino’s soaking wet pussy made him mad with lust and he could feel that they were both about to cum.

“Naruto! It feels so good! Keep fucking me! I’m almost there!” Screamed Ino. She certainly wasn’t lying as just a few seconds later, whilst Naruto was fucking her pussy, Ino reached her point at the same time Naruto did.

Ino opened her mouth to scream with pleasure, as she did Naruto pulled out from inside her. He began to cum all over Ino’s face and into her mouth, it choked Ino’s scream.

How could Ino of even attempted to scream with her mouth full? Either way she began to drink it, just as she’d been doing with Naruto in the past. She always loved a mouthful of Naruto's sticky cum.

Ten-Ten watched on, evidently interested in the amount of cum Naruto had. Of all people, Naruto was the last person she would of excepted to have this much.

“Jesus Naruto! What are you part fire hydrant?” Yelled Ten-Ten with the sound of goodwill in her voice.
Naruto was too tired to care, he gently lay Ino onto the floor; and collapsed onto the couch, all his energy had gone into his ejaculation.

Ino lay on the floor, still mesmerised from the experience. That was sex; it was amazing to say the least. Naruto’s roughness had made it for her, she could still smell the distinct scent of sex. It always calmed her, the smell of total manliness, of sweat and love, of lust and pleasure, she could never get enough of it. Using her last remaining energy she crawled onto the couch and closed her eyes. Ten-Ten dragged herself over too them and together they slept on the couch, all three of them huddled together for warmth.

All three of them had lost their virginity and the smiles on their faces proved that it was the start of a happy relationship.

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