Rise of a Matriarch- Chapter 1 Sex and Security

Lady Iilafay Sandroza Eighth and least daughter of the house walked the halls of the family mansion her body and face hidden beneath a hooded cloak to help her avoid the knowing eyes of the servants of the house as they went about their business. Iilafay knew that her youth and circumstances earned her little respect , a mere century and a half of age and a good three centuries younger than the next youngest daughter of the house a gap which left her weak and vulnerable but still enough of a threat to worth her sisters eliminating her, all this of course lead to her current predicament seeking the favor of her revered mother and Matriarch of the family to give her protection. Gaining the Matriarchs favour was of course not easy one had to be either useful or entertaining and as much as it pained and disgusted her to admit it , she had yet to gain enough power to be useful. The thought of entertaining the matriarch filled her with fear at putting herself under the control of another particularly someone as cruel and whimsical as her mother but at the same time the thought of such power aroused her as it would any drow , if only she had that power.

Standing outside the door to the Matriarchs chamber were a pair of porcine orcish slave guards, tall and bulky compared to drow the guards were there to impress visitors. At the approach of a hooded stranger they crossed their glaives across the door to bar passage. Stopping before them, Iliafray pulled her hood aside letting them see her face, with a grunt of laughter the orc’s pulled their blades aside and pushed the door open. Stepping through the door she heard it slam shut behind her, the room beyond was dark even to the eyes of a drow at the far end a good twenty meters away sat a throne on which sat the shadowed form of the Matriarch behind the throne stood another pair of the porcine orc’s . “Well daughter I see you have come to visit your old mother, what brings you here to see me?”

With a sigh Iliafray reached up and unfastened the cloak and shrugged it of her shoulders as the heavy cloak fell to the floor leaving her standing naked before the matriarch. Standing nearly 5 and a half feet tall shoulder length hair cascaded down her back setting off her ebony skin, her eyes were a crimson orbs set in a shapely oval face, the body was trim and athletic slender waisted with what for a drow were fairly large breasts still small by the standards of more voluptuous humans. The only decoration remaining were a silver inlaid leather collar locked around her neck, and a series of silver ring piercings three down each lip of her labia, one through each nipple and a final ring through her clitoris. The matriarchs cool gaze passed over the body in front of her taking in the collar , behind the matriarch the lustful gazes of the orc guards were more disturbing, Iliafray hoped that as before the orc’s would be sent away the thought of their attentions was truly repulsive. The Matriarch spoke “I see you are here to keep me entertained and you thought to wear the gift I gave you last time. Guards leave us.” With a disappointed grunt the Orc’s shouldered their glaives and departed brushing past Iilfray who shuddered at their touch. “I see you are sorry to see my guards depart, perhaps next time I’ll let them stay so you can enjoy their company. Now daughter you will find a leash hanging from the wall to your right , attach it to the collar , hold the end in your mouth and crawl over here”.

Iliafray reached out taking the silver chain from where it hung on the wall and attached it to the ring on the front of the collar, lifted the free end to her mouth and took it between her teeth then sank slowly to her hands and knees before slowly crawling over to the feet of the imposing figure in the chair. Kneeling at the Matriarch’s feet Ilifray felt a hand reach down and pat on her the head “That’s a good pet”, then the hand reached down and took the leash from her mouth “now take off my boots and clean my feet”.

Keeping her head down Ilifray reached up to unlace each of the knee length leather boots the matriarch was wearing, the tight boots peeled off the matriarch’s calves, and slid of her feet. Ilifray carefully set the boots aside aware that they were probably more valuable to the Matriarch than she was and wanting to make sure they were safe. Then still kneeling she ran her tongue over the toes of the matriarch’s left foot, pleasantly surprised to discover it was fairly clean before taking each toe into her mouth , sucking on it and swirling her tongue around and between the toe moving along to each toe in turn , and then repeating with the other foot before moving to lick clean the soles of the feet.

After licking away at the matriarch’s feet for what felt like hours but was she was sure a much shorter time she felt a tug on the leash pulling her head up.into the matriarch’s cunt and then felt a hand pressing the back of her head down pushing her face against the matriarch’s sopping cunt. “Lick bitch, but take your time before bringing me off”,

Iliafray began to lap at the cunt her face was pressed against running her tongue over the labia lips applying variety by running her tongue along the gash and occasionally probing deeper into the matriarch’s cunt. She found the taste of the matriarch’s cunt much preferable to that of her feet , which was a good thing as the copious amounts of fluid coming from the cunt and either being licked up or spreading across her face. As always she noted the lack of piercings in her matriarch’s cunt a sign of her power and lack of need to please others, For now she took care to avoid the prominent clitoris trying to avoid causing a climax and being careful not to penetrate too deeply with her tongue or apply to much pressure with the stud in her tongue.. She was also careful to measure the pace at which she moved her tongue, it would not do to get tired too quickly the matriarch could keep her here for a long time before moving on with her entertainment..

Indeed she found herself worshipping at matriarch’s cunt for a long time, she could feel her tongue tiring and began to wonder if the matriarch planned to keep her licking away until she failed and then punish her, of course she knew that the matriarch would move to inflicting pain for her own pleasure anyway. Finally though “That’s a good girl now finish it off” and she felt the pressure on the back of her head increase. Quickly she began to change her motions swirling her tongue around the clitoris and then stabbing it deeper into the cunt , she could hear the matriarch’s breathing quickening and knowing she was on the bring nibbled slightly on the clitoris grazing it with her teeth and triggering an orgasm, the matriarchs hips bucking upwards and a copious squirt of liquid spraying over her face and running down her chest, she was glad she had not left the boots at the base of the throne.

She expected the pressure on her head to relax with the matriarch releasing her before moving on instead the pressure increased pinning her face against the matriarch’s cunt and even before the matriarch spoke she knew what was coming next. “Drink bitch and don’t you dare spill a drop “, quickly she pressed her lips to the matriarch's cunt surrounding the piss hole, as a steady stream of acrid and bitter liquid began to flow forth, the matriarch made no effort to make things easy for her the flow was rapid , as her mouth filled she began to gulp down rapid mouthful after mouthful, the flow proved too rapid filling her mouth faster than she could swallow and spilling out , flowing down her chest and over her breasts , worse some spilled down onto the chair and legs of the matriarch before the flow ceased. With a cruel edge to her voice the matriarch continued “How disappointing my dear, clearly you need to practice before we can truly call you a piss-drinking whore, I’ll see if we can arrange it for you. Now lick that up and then clean my breasts” . Her stomach still full and disturbed by her foul drink Iliafray obediently began to lick up the urine from her matriarch’s legs before raising herself up leaning on the arms of the chair while carefully keeping her eyes downcast , she began to lick at the matriarch’s rather small breasts discovering a tacky liquid with a coppery taste splattered all over them, another unpleasant taste and one she recognise blood, human blood in all probability it seemed that her Matriarch had come here straight from a sacrifice. Still she was careful to clean up every trace of blood she could find , it was best not to give the matriarch any more reasons to find fault in her performance than she could help.

As she finished her task the matriarch gave her a shove pushing her back off the chair , fortunately she was able to maintain her balance and land on her hands and knees before the throne. The matriarch then stood up emerging from the shadows shrouding her throne , she was tall a good couple of inches taller than Iliafray, slender athletic and still maintaining a youthful appearance despite being not many decades short of her millenium and the mother of at least a dozen children who still lived, her long hair was silver and her eyes burned with a baleful red glow. Holding the leash in one hand the matriarch strode towards the back of the room tugging the crawling Iliafray along behind her, struggling to keep up Iliafray also began to shiver slightly in fear they were heading towards her mother’s playroom , where as usual no doubt Iliafray would learn to yearn for the humiliation and servitude which had served as foreplay for the main event.

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