Slaves Ch1

Lenarta had been idly fingering herself on the bed, as Galifssae and Reesha walked the boy into the chambers. She smiled. She'd been trying to imagine how he'd look, and she was pleased to say that he was even prettier than she'd hoped.

The boy looked frightened. That was good. He had all the reason to be!

The left the guards to wait outside the door. The huge, muscular women were ready to come in as soon as called.

As he was walked further in, the boy's eyes went to the metal pole sticking out of the floor ever to the side, a cock-shaped part at the end, with shackles on both sides on the floor and hanging from above. His eyes widened further as he then saw the whips hanging from the walls. Lenarta grinned.

He truly was adorable! And still pleasantly baffled at his new existence. He had arrived a couple days ago. All previous day he had spent in one of the rape rooms of the central communal palace, with women going in and out. So he at least should have a basic understanding of the way he was to be used, of what was expected of him.

She would make sure to use him well!

As the other ladies ushered the lovely young piece of meat by the bed, Lenarta reached out to pull him onto it by his hair. She laid back down and, spreading her legs, pushed his face right in her cunt. He smartly started using his tongue right away. Good, he certainly had seemed to have learned something yesterday. No doubt his mouth was sore from being used all day long and into the night, but he knew by now that he had no choice in the matter. Mučenian noblewomen were nothing if not gifted in persuasion. She got a whiff of her own smell and almost scrunched her nose. Then smiled again as she saw him hold back his revulsion. She grabbed his hair harder and moved her hips to get his tongue in deeper. It felt good, even if he barely knew what he was supposed to be doing.

Galiffssae and Reesha climbed in as well. The former grabbed the boy's arms and twisted them behind his back. She had them in a tight hold while he kept eating, Lenarta's hands tightly holding his hair. Meanwhile Reesha went for his ass and genitals with firm hands. His cock yet remained flaccid. They talked to him in a language he could not understand. Told them how he was their property. How aroused his beauty and youth made them. How they were going to use him. How they were going to enjoy making him cry. Things of that manner. Taunting.

A little while of enjoying this, and then they made him lie on his back. They tied his wrists and ankles to the bed posts. Sings of yesterday's restraints were clearly visible on his skin.

Restrains were an important aspect of what the call the Art, the philosophy behind the use of young sex slaves. A central tenet of the Art was to keep the boy in a perpetual sense of helplessness and powerlessness. One way to do this was the use of physical restraints in whatever way he was used. Whether oral, penile or anal rape, or torture, or all the above, the boy was to be tied up or chained.

Rape of course was another central tenet. Ideally (and also in practice), a boy's life in the hands of his owners consisted of daily physical violation. His genitals were to be stimulated against his will throughout the day for every remaining day of his life. His cock was now but a plaything for his mistresses and a source of misery for him. He was property and his most intimate being now only existed to bring pleasure to others.

And pleasure, it went without saying, was a thing of the past for the boy. What used to be his greatest source of enjoyment was now nothing but a tool of his own violation and torture. Of breaking him and his own will bit by bit. Turning his soul into a proper sacrifice for the Goddess.

Speaking of his cock, it still needed to be prepared. Reesha fetched a vial of the Elixir from a bed stand. She returned and poured some of the clear, oily liquid on his penis, then started to rub it in.

The cock hardened within seconds. It turned out to be quite large when erect, and pleasing to the eye. The boy stiffened against his binds as the Elixir started working: the growing sensation, the arousal. Well, arousal was perhaps not quite right. While the powerful state that the potion caused carried all the hallmarks of arousal, it was experienced as deeply unpleasant by the subject. Yet he could do nothing to control it, or stop his body from responding to stimulus. Everything grew supremely responsive and sensitive, making him oh so vulnerable.

Lenarta smiled wide, suddenly overtaken by delight. Ah, there was simply nothing quite so beautiful as youth! Subjugated to experience, the contrast was as natural as could be. A young boy, enjoyed and used by older women, that was the very basis of the Art. In fact, to earn a right to own and use slaves, a woman could not be younger than forty years old. It was also the law that no person over twenty could be a slave. Not that such laws were super strictly enforces. And of course in both cases the Queen's Daughters were the exception. They were young, and preferred slightly older slaves, generally young men in their early twenties. But even they condoned to the rule that no Mučenian citizen could be a slave. Mostly they were foreign abductees.

But as for the older noblewomen, boys over twenty were generally prohibited. Generally. Of course, they rarely lasted that long anyway.

The boy was now tied spread-eagled with his cock erect, ready to be used. The ladies ran their hands arounds his vulnerable flesh. His upper thighs were red and chafed from yesterday's hard use, left unhealed. The women also decided to leave them that way. After all, pain and discomfort were integral to his life from hereon.

They eagerly toyed with his cock. His dislike of this was obvious. The way that it was meant to be. This was the sort of stimulation that his penis was get accustomed to. Torment in constant supply. Actual torture, of course, had to administered in careful measures, at least the more extreme kind. He would have to keep thinking that there was a way to avoid it. To keep him from becoming apathetic. Keeping alive that futile hope that one day he might even be freed. With time, torture sessions tend to become more frequent, as the novelty of the boy started to wear out. Towards the end of a boy's life cycle, some become mere pain toys for the most sadistic women (there were plenty of those) before they were finally disposed of (usually by those same women).

All this was sanctified by the dogma of the cult of the Goddes, the female aspect of the Divine in Mučenian religion. And though Lenarta did not exactly believe in divine powers, she did think that the theology was a nicely elegant way of justifying the things they did. Abusing slaves to please an endlessly sadistic deity. Lenarta supposed that they had something akin to that at the male side of the city, but nothing as refined. They mainly liked to rape and torture the girls without thinking. They were, after all, governed by their cocks. And cocks, it was obvious, made terrible governors. They were meant to be subjugated

Galiffssae stopped toying with the boy's cock and then positioned herself over the boy's face, lowering her cunt to his lips. She started grinding back and forth as he did his best to work with his mouth.

Lenarta and Reesha caressed his nicely formed, freshly shaved and smooth body. Admired the loveliness of his youth, his smooth skin and his fresh, dexterous musculature. His skin was nicely tanned. He could have been brawnier, but there was certain allure to his skinniness. Made him look vulnerable . . .

Lenarta then moved to sit on his cock. She slid the hard thing into her wet cunt, smiled at the sensation. Moved her hips around. It felt amazing! Waves of pleasure pulsating outwards from between her legs.

Reesha started playing with the boy's nipples for added sensation. The woman's supple hands were very skillful, and she always seemed to know how to touch a boy to bring about the greatest effect. It was almost as if she was a psychic, able to really feel what the other felt. It was said that the most apt torturers possessed abilities like that. Lenarta wasn't sure she believed in such things. Though Reesha certainly was a very apt (and enthusiastic) torturer!

In any case, the attention to his nipples made his cock even more sensitive, and the boy whimpered as Lenarta moved his cunt around it. This was simple physiology, the way the nipples and the cock were connected. No different than it was with women.

Speaking of which, as Lenarta rode she started touching her own nipples. Connected her genitalia better to the rest of her. Making her whole body tingle. She smiled, both at the sensation and at the thought that this was what the boy felt as well. Only the inverse of pleasure. She could see it clearly in his face, the anguish and helpless humiliation. She loved being the direct cause of that. She ground her hips harder.

And soon she came. A very nice orgasm. And would not be the last.

Then, once Galiffssae also came on his mouth, they switched round. Reesha got on the cock. Lenarta got the mouth.

Lenarta made him stick his tongue as deep in her cunt as it went, then rocked hard back and front until the tail of the orgasm she'd had on his cock turned into a new orgasm. She fucked his tongue as long as the orgasm lasted and then a little more. Then mimicked an order for him to lick her clitoris with long licks. That felt perfect.

Then she heard Reesha orgasming. The boy whimpered a bit as the woman sank long nails into his skin. That distracted him enough to break the rhythm of his licking.

Irritated, Lenarta rose off and struck the boy hard across the face. Then she immediately realized that doing that aroused her. She struck him again. Then again, to stop him from trying to ask her not to hit him. It was clear what he tried to say, even in his barbaric language.

She used both hands to keep striking him, feeling her arousal grow as he tried to evade her. Sounded like Reesha came immediately again, too. Galiffssae was grinning, pinching his nipples hard. They all loved hurting boys as much as they loved fucking them!

Then finally Lenarta squeezed his cheeks hard in between her fingers, pressing her face close and looking into his eyes like she was going to devour his soul. He looked terrified. He looked anguished. The most arousing look!

"Now you serve me more!" she hissed.

She positioned herself over his face again, this time turning the other way. He was to eat her ass. Galiffssae went to guide his head to make him do what Lenarta directed. First he was made to lick it while Lenarta fingered her clit. After a while, he was to stick his tongue in it while she moved her hips around and continued touching herself. Then he was to suck it and tongue it at the same time. He did that surprisingly well. And soon Lenarta came again. An explosive orgasm, during which she rubbed her ass on his mouth until the last wave had passed.

She rose off his face and smiled down at his exhausted looking face, slime all over his pretty mouth. His cheeks red from getting hit. So adorable! "Now let's clean up that mouth of yours, huh?"

She squatted above his face, making him open wide. She spread out her labia and lowered herself to his lips, then let piss spray into his open mouth. She pissed in bits, giving him breaks for swallowing. He seemed to know what to do. Likely he'd drank his share yesterday. Nonetheless, he looked mortified having to do it, but knew he had no choice. Lenarta smiled.

Once done, she made him lick her clean. And then it was Reesha's turn to take his mouth, while Galiffssae sat on his cock.

They switched around a few more times. Made him eat cunt and ass, which he was getting better at for all his evident disgust. Made him drink more piss. And of course rode his lovely big cock.

Used him well.

Once they had all had several orgasm, they gathered around him, idly playing with his nice body with their hands. He was covered in sweat and their juices. Breathing heavily from the hard use.

Reesha slowly ran her fingers up and down and around his hard cock. "Hmmm," she said. "He has managed not to cum this whole time"

"Impressive," Lenarta said, plucking at is nipples.

"Well we can't have that, can we?" said Galiffssae.

Lenarta grinned. "We certainly can not!"

At that, she got up to take his cock inside her again. He reacted adorably, tensing and whimpering slowly as she gyrated her hips. Reesha and Galiffssae got to the top of the bed on each side of him.

"Hold his head," Lenarta said, "I want him to look into my eyes."

The ladies took him by the hair and by the jaw, directing his face at her.

Taking his nipples into her fingertips, Lenarta stuck her face closer to the boy's locked gazes with him. "Now you are going to cum for us, boy," she said. "You will cum inside me. You will cum inside me whether you want to or not. And you will look into my eyes as you do so!"

She wanted to see the terror and humiliation in his eyes as his body betrayed him. The mere thought almost made her cum herself. Grinning, she then tightened her cunt and started to rock back and forth, giving his cock the ride for his money.

The orgasms boys had when affected by the Elixir were as intense as they were displeasurable. Inverse ecstasy, someone had once dubbed them. An altogether irreplaceable aspect of the Art. A whole other thing were the pain-induced "orgasms" brought about by intense torture. Those were of course at least as integral an aspect.

Lenarta could see that the boy's body was soon building towards an orgasm quite despite his will. The chagrin was clearly visible in his eyes. When he tried closing the eyes, the other women forced them back open, hissing at him to keep looking at his mistress while she was raping him.

He understood clearly and did as told. And soon Lenarta grinned with all her teeth as she saw he would cum really soon. She could feel a climax building inside of herself as well. She increased the intensity, pinching his nipples harder.

The expression on his beautiful young face was priceless as the orgasm convulsed his features. The defeat in his eyes. His mouth open, gasping and moaning while his body spasmed in the binds. The women all grinning down at him, Lenarta keeping his anguished eyes in hers.

And then she let herself cum too. Making sure he could see the pleasure she took in his torment. Eyes locked, they kept cumming. One in agony, the other in ecstasy.

The power of forcing him to cum inside her against his will, to bring about such an intense reaction! It was beautiful! The Goddess was certainly smiling upon them at that moment.

After enjoying the afterglow on his cock for a few minutes longer, Lenarta finally rose off the boy. The others released his head.

Sitting down onto his thigh, Lenarta patted his cheek rather hard. "Such a good little slut he is! Aren't you? Bringing so much enjoyment to your mistresses."

"He is a good toy," Reesha conceded.

"Do you think he's earned a reward, girls?" Lenarta asked.

"Oh, definitely!" said Galiffssae.

"What should it be?" asked Reesha with a wicked grin.

"I'm thinking. . . " With a grin of her own, Lenarta eyed the pole with the cock shaped tip. "A good whipping!"

Reesha clapped her hands together in mock enthusiasm. "Oh, goody! I was hoping to get to hear his cries!"

"He'll cry for us alright!" said Galiffssae, giving his nipple a hard twist. "Won't you, little one?"

He cried out. They all laughed.

The guards were called over. The ladies untied the boy, and the guards lifted him up as ordered, then carried him over to the pole. He started to fuss as he understood what was intended for him, but his floundering was utterly useless against the strong women. His wrists were attached to the shackles hanging from the ceiling.

Humming to herself, Galiffssae oiled the cock at the end of the pole, then oiled the boy's anus while he hung there, the guards keeping his legs spread out. Then he was hoisted onto the pole, the cock slid up his ass as he cried and bucked. Then, the cock deep enough, his ankles were attached to the shackles bolted to the floor.

The guards ordered to leave once more, the grinning ladies regarded the boy in his ordeal. He did not look too comfortable, hanging there with his legs spread and ass penetrated, whimpering quietly while writhing in vain in search of a more comfortable position. Well, he was only about to become more uncomfortable.

That beautiful cock of his poked out like the most delicious target. Lenarta could not keep herself from going to play with it a little before they started. Reesha joined her, and together they tormented his penis with their hands and with the tips of their nails, giving it little pinches and flicks, murmuring taunts in his ears, while he kept writhing and whimpering.

Meanwhile Galiffssae went to get something. She soon came back with two small metal objects. She stood in front of the boy, showing the objects to him.

They were nipple clamps, with nasty little teeth on them. Judging by the boy's expression, they were not unfamiliar to him.

With a laugh, the woman then put the clamps on his nipples, one by one. He did not seem to much care for the feeling of them, but then boys never did. Laughing, Galiffssae started to flick the attached clamps, as the boy whimpered louder with increased writhing.

With such lovely reactions, the ladies continued this kind of mild torture for a moment. Playing with his cock and nipples. Laughing, taunting. In between whimpers, he kept repeating some urgent sounding words over and over. Begging them to stop.

And they did eventually stop, but only because they wanted to get on with the program.

The women then chose a whip each, and once had done so stood in front of the boy. As he saw what they were about to do, his writhing intensified. He babbled more in his silly language. The ladies giggled.

"Should we gag him?" Lenarta asked.

"Absolutely not," Galiffssae said.

"No," echoed Reesha. "I'm in the mood to hear him cry and beg!"

"Agreed," Lenarta said. She tested the end of her chose riding crop against her palm. "Shall we?"

The positioned themselves around him, and after another short moment of letting the tension build up, started whipping him. The first blow was from Galiffssae's multi-tailed scourge, and the tails bit into his inner thigh. He squealed amusingly. Then Lenarta whacked him on the side. Another squeal. Reesha's whip, a thin bullwhip type, licked his chest. Same thing.

And on they went, to his cute noises and writhing on the pole impaling him. They targeted his chest and belly, back and buttocks, and all across his thighs. Red welts appeared where the leather smacked. They deliberately avoided his genitals at first, getting the rest of him due attention first.

As expected, he cried and he begged. And the ladies laughed and made all other sorts of noises of pleasure and amusement. All of them getting horny all over again.

Speaking of horny, despite the pain inflicted on him (or more like because of it, the way the Elixir worked), the boy's cock was getting no less hard. Jutting out all invitingly, waiting for it's turn. And perhaps it was getting to be time to give it the attention it deserved.

The ladies paused their whips for a while, repositioning themselves as to all stand in front of him. The caressed and teased the engorged, involuntarily aroused sex organ with their whips. The boy knew what they intended, and reacted accordingly. Such sweet begging. Boys so disliked having their cocks tortured! Which, of course, was the whole point. The Goddess smiled down upon the sexual torture of young male slaves, the Head Priestess always said. It prepared their souls for her realm, where they suffered for her eternally, tortured and raped by her and her ferocious demonesses.

Lenarta sniffed at the superstitious nonsense stuck in her head. No one really believed that stuff, yet acted accordingly. The dogma so perfectly fit their wicked desires!

Without warning, then, she gave the cock the first blow, hitting the shaft. The boy jolted and gave a cry, and just as soon Galiffssae's scourge swissed in the air and landed on it's target, kissing the cock from base to tip. He squealed, and then Reesha gave her long whip a skillful flick, which resulted in the tip catching the cockhead.

And they kept whipping. As blow after blow kept pelting the boy's cock, he hopelessly dangled, bucked, and cried, and begged. But even as the cock turned red and striped, it yielded none of its hardness. The twisted feeling in the boy's head must have been quite something, as the pain only increased his arousal, yet the arousal itself was torturous for him. Should the whipping lead him to climax, he would be in for an even more interesting sensation!

But the ladies stopped whipping him before such a thing could happen. Reesha stopped first, putting her whip down and going to stand behind the boy. While Galiffssae continued swatting the cock a little while, and Lenarta whacked his balls with her crop, Reesha played with his clamped nipples. For a moment they thought of taking him over the threshold in this manner, but then decided against it.

They agreed to force him to cum by hand.

They put their whips away, and Reesha rubbed more Elixir on his cock. She started stroking the whip-raw organ intently, while he twitched and whimpered Lenarta helped, alternating between the shaft and the balls, playing with the clamped right nipple at the same time. Galiffssae went behind the boy and pressed her hand over him mouth, pulling his head backward. With her other hand, she played with the other nipple.

"Now we'll reward you even more!" Galiffssae said.

"Aren't we kind mistresses?" asked Reesha.

They laughed.

The boy did not act as if he was treated with kindness, breathing with whimpering puffs through his nose, twitching as if in great discomfort. He was, of course!

Reesha smiled as her skillful hands worked. "He has such a nice, big cock!" she said.

"Indeed he does!" replied Lenarta.

The boy once again provided them with pleasing reactions as they played with him, twitching whimpering and moaning in their hands. And very soon he came and came with force. A surprisingly strong squirt of cum came flying out of his cock, given that he had just cum inside Lenarta not so song ago. He fought and cried and the ladies kept stroking him. The pain added to the totality of his body's reactions, as the Elixir made his mind interpret pain as a sexual sensation as well. All in all, it was difficult to say how messed up the substance made his world of experience, but observing could confirm that very messed up it was. Alchemists were evil geniuses!

They gave his cock some five minutes of post-orgasm torture. Then, letting him go for a minute, they looked at him hanging there, shaking. Breathing heavily. Such a lovely sight.

Reesha cocked her head at the boy, then looked at the other women. "Another one?"

Lenarta gave a big, mean grin. "Definitely!"

And so, to his great distress, they assaulted him again.

Another orgasm soon was building. The Elixir would not allow the arousal to leave him, unless an antidote was administered. The boy would keep cumming as long as he was stimulated. And with each orgasm, they tended to increase in intensity. Torturing a boy like this often proved to be even crueler than the traditional kind. Of course, often the two methods were combined.

He came again. With more priceless reactions! After this second climax they spontaneously kept on seamless stimulation until the third. Then, after only 10-20 minutes (who knew really; time did, after all, fly when you were having fun) of moaning, whimpering, shaking, spasmodically twitching futile struggling, his cock gave out yet another one - to a such intense moaning, whimpering, shaking, spasmodically twitching futile struggling that it was funny (well at least they got a good laugh). That last climax and the after-cum stimulation then lasted for another 1-30 minutes until they let him slump in his bondage, shivering and weeping.

They studied him there, a complete mess after their treatment. Whip marked and orgasmed into exhaustion. Likely he thought he had died already and gone to Goddess' domain of terror. Little did he know.

Poor boy. After this he still had a whole torture session waiting for him with ladies of another clan who had reserved him! And with the clan in question, that meant the most intense kind of pain. Relentless torture. He was not ready for that at all. Yet he had no choice.

The thought made Lenarta smile.

But first there was the matter of the ladies being all horny again.

They called the guards and made them tie the boy back up. Then they used him some more, utilizing his sore, whip-kissed cock with gusto. Making him use his mouth, of course. And they all came. Several times. And so did he, with the aid of another doze of Elixir. Only for him, of course, there was no pleasure involved.

When they were done, the got up and let him lay in bed while they took some wine. Each lady finally sexually satisfied. For now.

Sipping her wine, Lenarta looked at the tied boy, his cock still standing up hard. He was crying softly. No wonder slaves often had such a short life span. It was so much fun to use them up! Taking things slow was just so difficult when your possession was so desirable! You tended to spend it all quickly.

She wondered if there would be much left of the boy for the next clan. Maybe, to be considerate, they'd let him rest a little first. After all, boys were far more fun to torture when they gave their fullest reactions!

Then again, what was waiting for him in the hands of those cruel women would most certainly provoke a reaction. And only alchemy would ensure he did not pass out and miss any of it!

Well, there she went again. Making herself aroused.

Lenarta put down her glass, then went on the bed and once more grabbed the boy's hair, forcing her cunt on his mouth.

Galiffssae and Reesha came and started to play with his cock.

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