A Plain Girl Emerges From Her Shell. Pt. 2.

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Julie took my hand, as she pulled me to follow. I felt that I was in absolute heaven. And I also knew that I couldn’t believe any of this, not what had already happened, nor whatever was about to happen.

Only this very morning, I hadn’t a friend in the world, and to be honest, I didn’t want one. All I knew for sure, was that at this very moment, the girl in front of me, had quite suddenly become, the very centre of my world, I just couldn’t take it in.

It was all so new, but for sure, I was enthralled, but I didn’t understand the feelings coursing through my body, why did I feel this way? I thought, that maybe, I just had my first orgasm, but I wasn’t sure.

We entered the house, as I followed Julie toward the stairs.

With a sudden shock, I found myself studying her figure, her ass, as she climbed the stairs in front of me. What was I doing? I wondered. I had never before, even looked at someone’s body, never mind checking their ass out! And even stranger, it was a girl.

I began to feel apprehensive. I was a nobody, with no experience, nothing to offer, I thought. For the first time in my life, I became self-conscious, aware of my ill-fitting, and certainly very ordinary clothes.

I glanced at my reflection, as we passed a mirror, and saw the complete lack of style with my hair. I was appalled. How can Julie have ever wanted to look at me? What did she see in me?

Julie turned to look at me, as we reached the end of the upstairs hallway. Her beautiful smile suddenly changed to a look of concern. “Oh, baby, what ever’s the matter?” as she reached a hand to my cheek. Her thumb brushed a tear, as her fingers stroked me.

It was too much, sobs shook my body, as I turned away from her.

“Diane, please talk to me, tell me what’s wrong.” She stood behind me but came close, her arms reaching around me. I lifted my hands to hers and gripped them tight to my chest.

Between sobs, I blurted out, “I don’t understand, what made you pick me? I’m nothing, I’m not pretty like some of the others at college. Why me?”

Julie hugged me tightly, “I love you, that’s all I know. The first time I saw you, I felt something was different, then in the canteen, while you were busy trying to ignore me, I knew that I just had to get to know you. That’s why I jumped on the bus so quickly, to make sure nobody else sat down beside you before I got there.” She paused. “I was so ecstatic when you agreed to come in for a drink. I knew, that if I didn’t do something though, you would just have your drink and go. I had to make a move, do anything, to break through that shell you hide in, I was so scared that I might just frighten you away.”

Diane released Julie’s hands and turned to face her. “You really mean it don’t you, even though I still can’t understand why you should choose me.”

Julie leaned forward, “Kiss me my love, please kiss me.”

I looked into her eyes, with a gasp, I crushed my lips to hers. I was still crying, but not sobbing any longer, my tears wet her face.

She didn’t break the kiss but was moving backwards, pulling me with her, until she backed into the door to her room open, pushing at open behind her.

I still had my eyes closed, as her kiss began to quell my doubts. An involuntary shiver ran down my spine, as her fingers roamed my back.

My heart was now racing, I could actually feel my blood pounding, she was bringing me alive, my senses seemed suddenly, to be acutely aware and turned to this beauty embracing me. I pulled my face away, “Julie, show me, teach me, I don’t know anything.”

She moved backwards, to sit on the bed, keeping me close to her. She pulled me tight, her head resting against my breasts, even through my top, I felt a tingle, I could feel it, as my nipples hardened.

Her hands were lifting the back of my jumper, her fingers touched my skin, it was divine. The hands came to my sides, squeezing me gently, I gasped, as her thumbs tickled at my stomach. Then, her hands were lifting my jumper, up toward my chest.

The sudden touch of her lips, just below my breasts, brought a moan from my lips, I put my own hands to her head, trickling my fingers through her hair.

The wet feel of her tongue traced over my skin, as her hands encased my breasts, feeling them through my bra. They kneaded at them, teasing me, and I felt that glowing feeling, warming between my thighs. I felt my legs shaking a little, I felt as though I were about to collapse.

She stood, her face close to mine, “You okay Diane?”

I just nodded, I couldn’t speak, but with a flash, I knew what to do next. I raised my arms, straight up high, and Julie smiled. She lifted my jumper up over my head, and then I pulled my arms out. I felt her fingers, go behind and unclasp my bra, her hands coming back to ease the straps from my shoulders. She inched the bra down, till only my nipples were holding it up.

Her lips came to the top exposed part of a breast, they kissed me there, then her tongue was sliding and wetting my breast. It was her tongue that pushed the bra, to fall from the nipple, which she immediately took into her mouth, to nibble and suck, occasionally her tongue flicking.

I had never known my nipples to get so big, and they had become so sensitive, her touch was sending electric waves through my body. I felt as if my nipples were actually talking directly to my pussy, and I could clearly feel it answering.

I was aware of a dribble down my leg, had I peed myself, I wondered for a moment, but I knew I hadn’t.

While her mouth played with one breast, and then another, her hands were pulling my skirt down and over my hips. I was shocked to realise, that I had wiggled myself, causing it to fall to my ankles.

My breast was once more engulfed by her hands, but her head was moving down, her kisses caressing my stomach. Her mouth continued over my panties, still kissing all the time. I grabbed her head, to stop her, “Don’t, I’ve gone all wet, I can feel it, it won’t be nice down there.”

“My love, I know you’re wet, I can smell it and it’s beautiful, and I want to taste it.”

Once more, I was shocked, how could she want to taste the wetness from inside my pussy, I didn’t understand.

At that moment, her mouth sucked on me, even through my panties I could feel the surge from my clit. Without realising, I was pushing my hips at her face, my panties hard to her mouth. I could now feel her tongue, trying to push at the material, still arousing my clit. With a groan, I grabbed the sides of my panties and was pushing them down, they slipped away.

Now her tongue darted at me, I actually shrieked out loud, as it found its mark. Just as earlier, my eyes were drawn to look down, to watch her head buried between my thighs.

I could feel her tongue sliding between my pussy lips, the feeling was exquisite. She probed deeper, trying to sink her tongue into me, I groaned, her nose was pushing at my clit. I watched it, as it emerged from its sheath, it appeared to just keep growing, it was by now, much bigger than when I had seen it in the garden.

A feeling of loss, when her tongue left my slit, but then her lips came to my clit, and I felt I was riding a roller coaster, as she sucked me hard. I started to fall, my body seemed to have lost any semblance of control, I thought I was fainting.

Julie grabbed at me and turning, laid me onto the bed. She lifted my legs, and swung me around, she lay down beside me. She hugged me tightly, as her lips sought mine.

I kissed her with such passion, I needed her, I couldn’t get enough of her, as my arms squeezed her to me.

A hand came between my legs, fingers parting my lips, and then, at last, I felt her delve into me. I moved my legs wide open, the more to allow her inside me. She thrust hard, my hips surged to meet her, it felt as if I had engulfed her hand, I could feel her so deep.

Then, time seemed to stand still, I could feel my whole being, taken to unknown heights, this time I knew for sure, that I was cumming. The orgasm ripped through me, it was agonising, yet it was wonderful.

Her thumb rubbed at my clit, as still, her hand worked rapidly in and out of me, a second wave engulfed me, it was even fiercer than the first one, it seemed to go on and on.

I lay gasping in her arms, as she plied my face with kisses, her fingers were still inside me, still gently caressing my inner flesh.

I must have fallen asleep, while she just held me.


Julie was feeling so happy, full of love and tenderness for this girl in her arms. I watched her sleep, whilst my eyes caressed her body. I was enchanted by the beauty that had previously been hidden away. I eased myself up, so as not to disturb her.

Quickly, I stripped out of my clothes, to throw them in a heap on the floor. Diane’s panties were still round an ankle. I pulled them free and felt they were sopping wet, then I did something I had never done before. I raised them to my face and inhaled deeply, the scent of her was so strong an intense muskiness.

I was already well and truly aroused, but now an animal feeling swept over me. I lay back alongside Diane, with my mound pressed to her thigh, and I began to rub against her. My legs dropped either side of her leg, I rubbed harder, trying to grind my clit.

Slowly, I could feel the heat rising, as my pussy began to leak onto her thigh. My clit now moved easier, helped by the wetness I was spreading.

She had come awake, because her arms reached around me, one hand at my neck, and one going to my ass. She dug her nails in, as she gripped a cheek. I could feel her pushing her leg up into my grinding pussy.

I opened my eyes, and saw her smiling up at me, “Tell me what to do Julie, I so want to please you.”

I was so close to a climax, I didn’t really want to stop, but I did. I rolled onto my back, panting. I took hold of Diane’s face, and I said, “Touch my body, caress me, kiss me everywhere.”


Diane now noticed, that Julie was also naked beside her, she raised herself on her elbow, and for the first time, she looked at her lover’s body. She gasped in awe, as she feasted her eyes. She had never thought that breasts could be so utterly beautiful. Julie’s ‘tits’, was the thought that went through her mind, she giggled. They were larger than her own, not huge, just amazingly gorgeous. Perfect in every way, and each capped with a deep brown areola and a puffy nipple.

Her stomach was flat and lean, muscles quite evident. There was a sparkling stud in her belly button opening, I thought it beautiful, I hadn’t imagined anyone having one there. A small patch of golden hair at her mound, it had obviously been trimmed and shaped.

Then I saw the top of her pussy lips. The lips were much more evident than mine were. They were two, distinct wings, standing high and hiding her hole.

“You’re staring at me,” Julie said, “you should be touching me, please.”

I shook myself from my wonder. “Julie, you have an absolutely amazing body, I’m sorry, I just can’t help staring at it.”

But, with that, I put my lips to her breast, my hand feeling it. For the first time, not only was I seeing a women’s breast, other than my own, but I was touching and kissing one.

Remembering what had felt good, when Julie had played with mine, I spread my lips about her nipple, and sucked, gently at first, frightened of hurting her. I felt her nipple growing hard, as my mouth teased, so I moved my hand to the other one, to roll and pinch between my fingers.

I heard her gasp and felt her body writhe, so I knew that I was doing something right. The urge to kiss her body came over me, the depth of the feeling surprised me. I kissed her neck, she tilted her head up and moaned.

Unknowingly, my fingers had moved, they found the jewel on her stomach, I tickled and caressed around it.

My lips worked down her body, pausing at a nipple again, then letting my tongue lick around her breast. On down, I went, across her stomach, to arrive at the small bush of hair, which I rolled my tongue through, pulling at them with my lips.

My hand was now stroking her leg, marvelling at the strength I imagined from the strong muscles I could feel. I stroked her thigh, my hand gliding slowly. I was now on her inner thigh. I so desperately wanted to feel her pussy, to know what another’s felt like.

Her legs went wider, I could feel her shiver, as my first finger grazed the lips between her legs. I was trying to go slow, but my resolve evaporated. My hand cupped her lips, as my tongue reached just above.

Now I could smell her, but where I would previously, have been repulsed at the very thought of it, now I was intoxicated. I breathed her in, I felt my lust rising. I wanted to take this girl where she had taken me. I wanted to make her scream with joy, as I had done.

I lost my control, my fingers almost dived between her lips, forcing them wide, I gazed into her hole, I didn’t know what to expect but I knew immediately that I loved it.

I watched as my finger went in, to feel the wet and heat, I marvelled as I explored the beauty within. Suddenly, I saw her clit, where I had spread her lips wider, it was protruding slightly, from under its hood. Now I wanted to taste her.

I eased my tongue to just touch the tip of her clit, I felt it surge and as I teased at it, I watched it grow to meet my mouth. I lowered my lips to it, and gently sucked, I could hear her moans, as it grew more.

She called to me, “Put your fingers into me, wank me, make me cum.” I had never actually, heard the words ‘wank’ or ‘cum’ spoken before, only read of them somewhere. But, I found it excited me, far more than I could begin to explain.

I pushed into her with two fingers, as she heaved up against my hand. There was plenty of room, so I added a third and pushed in deep just as she had done to me.

I was struggling to reach properly, so I moved myself to kneel between her legs, I could hear the squelching sound, as my fingers wanked in and out of her.

Her legs came up, and went over my shoulders, her thighs gripping me tightly. Her hands took my head, and pulled my mouth back to her clit, for me to suck for all I was worth.

Between moans, I just heard her with my ears, jammed tight between her legs, “Fuck me hard, yes, faster, deeper I want to feel you right inside me.”

The sweat was now pouring off of me, so hard I worked, trying to please her as much as I possibly could.

Next, she shocked me, yet again, “Touch my ass, quick.”

I moved a hand to her cheeks.

“No, not there,” she said, “my hole, touch my ass hole.”

Hesitantly, I touched a finger to the hole.

“Push it, push it in me,” she begged.

I couldn’t believe, that she wanted this so private of places touched. And to want a finger in there. It was wrong. My mind was in a whirl until it dawned on me, I realised that I wanted to touch, I wanted to do as she asked.

From the wetness seeping down from her pussy, her ass hole was wet and slippery, my finger easily entered her, I felt the tightness, as it naturally fought the intrusion.

“Deeper, fuck my ass,” as her backside crunched down on my probing finger. It completely disappeared, to go deep inside.

Her whole body arched up off the bed, her hips high, “Oh my God,” I heard her wail, “I’m there, I’m cumming, fuck my holes hard.”

Then she was screaming, her body rigid in the air, her clit hard against my lips, as I could feel her insides pulsing, then my mouth was soaked, she began to shake hard, in rolling waves, her orgasm hit her, as I kept working on her.

She flopped down, my head was released from the vice-like grip of her legs. My wrist hurt, my lips hurt, and yet I was overcome with emotion for what I had just given Julie.

She weakly motioned me with a hand, I came to her. “Kiss me, hold me, please,” she whispered.

I pulled her into me, my lips finding hers, the kiss was a mixture of love and lust. I wept with joy, my tears filled her eyes.

She pushed me back, just a little, “Fuck, I love you Diane, so very much it hurts.”

Her words no longer shocked me, “And I fucking love you!”

We embraced, to cuddle hard, as we both laughed.


I’ve no idea how long we slept, comfortable in each other’s arms.

When I woke, she was still sleeping, with a gentle smile on her face, I felt her body twitch, and she seemed to smile a little more.

With the softest of touches, I feathered my lips over hers. My heart was bursting with love for this wonderful person.

Her eyes opened to look at me, “I was just dreaming about you, and you wake me with a kiss.”

“Julie, can I ask you something,” I put a finger to her lips, to stop her answering, “You won’t ever leave me, will you? I just know I would die without you, or am I asking too much, so soon?”

She squealed, I knew it was with delight, “I’m never going anywhere away from you, I know I’ve found true love, and I’m not about to lose it, not ever,”


It dawned on me, that we had only met, this very morning.

It seemed impossible.

How could I feel this way in such a short time?

I had no answers, I knew what I felt, and I knew it was real.

The end.

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