Her - Chapter (1)

She was seriously something else. The way she moved was hypnotic, her ass so tight and round bounced ever so slightly as she walked down the hall, it was like I was watching time flow in slow motion. Her tight black skirt was skating along the edge of school-appropriate dress, but where was my complaint? In factwas I drooling?

Snapping out of my daydream, time sped back up to normal.

Fuck this happened everyday!

Every time she walked passed me in the hall I just couldn't help but stare! She’d wave hello and I could just hold on to the barest dregs of willpower that were left within my mind to not completely embarrass myself when her face was turned towards me, before she carried on past and I allowed my zombie brain to fall deep into a pit of pervy admiration.

I drooled again.

My friends teased the fuck out of me for it, obviously. Constantly they took the piss out of how I looked at her. But I couldn't help it, ok? She was perfect.

Like an Egyptian goddess plucked directly from the timeline of the world.

Her hair was long straight and dark black, verging on the edge of dark blue when the sunlight hit it at a certain angle. Her skin dark and tanned, bronze and soft like nothing you’ve seen before. And freckles peppered her face beneath the thick layers of makeup that she wore entirely too much of.

Although her dark shadowy eyes and red lips did do things to me. So…?

Anyway. We’d been best friends for exactly four years. Bestfriends….

I know I know. The friend zone right? But honestly she’s so far out of my league that the best I can do right now is stay her ‘BFFL for life’ as she so eloquently puts it. It's the only way to stay close to her. I’ve just resigned myself to the occasional kiss on the cheek and the incredible ‘you mean so much to me!’ talk when she’s drunk. That and viciously masturbating to her Instagram photos….

I knowa sad life. But don't pretend there aren't a few guys like me out there too. Painfully pining over a love that won't ever love them back.

But anyway, back to watching her glide past like a petal on the wind.

The tight white shirt tucked into the waist of her short black skirt made my dick stir in the confines of my trousers.

At this specific point in time we were at school. And by school I mean our last year, we were all heading off out into the world to find where we belong. Some of us were travelling to other countries, some going into full time work but most were going to University.

The thought broke my little heart. I wouldn't be seeing so much of her. But a small part of me was glad, it was time to focus on other things. It was hard enough as it is to sleep wth other women, much less do so and fight the thought of fucking her everytime I thrust into another girl.

I used to tell myself that my infatuation would pass. That it was just hormones coursing through my body causing these feelings. But after a few years, I've accepted my curse. I'm obsessed, what can you do?

Now I digress, here's where the story gets interesting. I’m sure a lot of you expect some miracles to happen, that she’ll surprise me one day by turning up outside my house to confess her love.

Or perhaps I’ll move on and get the classic ‘we had something! but I didn't realise until you were gone’ bullshit story. But no, it's a little darker than that.

It all began at our school leavers ball. A party organised by ourselves to give the girls in our year a chance to dress up in expensive, glamorous dresses and to give the boys an excuse to get shitfaced. Something I took advantage of.

It went well, as a party full of 20 year olds goes. The music blasted, people danced, karaoke was sung and drunken speeches were made.

And before long I found myself outside sitting alone in the dark gardens. I’d manage to find myself a rope swing tied to a tree in the large open field surrounding the hall we rented out and I sat to smoke. The air was still warm, gently clinging to my bare face and hands but not warm enough to make me sweat.

I drunkenly swung too and fro. Not entirely sure whether or not the world was spinning from the alcohol in my system or the swing itself, but I continued.

As I swung I let my mind drift to her again. The way her subtle body had shifted beneath the soft pink fabric of her dress tonight as she danced and girated, the way it clung tight to her hourglass figure, the way…

‘Heh humph’ Someone cleared their throat next to me.

I’m not going to lie to you here, I fucking shat myself. I launched myself from the swing and spun about frantically, trying to find where that noise had come from.

‘Relax my boy Relax’ Hissed a soft and smooth male voice.

The elongated ‘x’ sound of his word dispersed gently into the quiet night a second before the man himself appeared.

I could have sworn he appeared out of nowhere. There were no trees other than the one I had swung from and no bushes to take cover in. I suppose he could have hidden above me or behind the tree but I didn't think so.

My drink-fogged mind studied the stranger.

In the dark I could make out the black suit he wore, actually no, it wasn't black. As the moonlight glinted off it I could see it was a deep dark shade of purple velvet shining in the night.

‘You want somethin boy’ Came the dark man's voice. His skin was as black as the night around us and his suit became the only thing I could make out. Even the white of his eyes and teeth were invisible to me.

‘Mate, I’m sorry..’ I slurred ‘I don't want any trouble’ I held my hands up defensively and tried to back away.

‘No no my boy’ He purred. His accent sounded like he was from America. The closest I thought was New Orleans.

‘I don't want nothin from ya, don't worry’ I was distinctly reminded of the Cheshire cat from the Alice in Wonderland books as he smiled a wide grin.

‘I can feel your pain boy, I know you after her’ The black man’s voice was hypnotic.

Somehow he made it seem completely feasible that he could appear from the silent night and stand before me claiming he knew my thoughts.

My drunk mind struggled.

‘I dont know what you are talking about mate. Feel free to hang around but I need some water’ Truly I dont know whether or not I was talking to myself at this point or not.

I walked away from the talking velvety darkness questioning my sanity. But before I could escape the man grabbed my arm and swung me round to face him. Quickly he moved in close and placed a wet kiss on the top of my forehead.

‘Wuh??’ I mumbled.

As the kiss left my forehead I blinked and looked around at nothing. The vision or ghost or weird man whatever it was had gone. I looked in my left palm as I felt something. There I saw a black ring glowing against the pale of my skin.

After I went back inside to the party and went to the toilet, the strange event outside was a distant memory, one I was already taping over with something else.

The weird guy had not spoken to him, he’d simply found the ring on the floor, no one had said a word outside, I was just drunk I kept telling myself. But that didn't stop me from admiring the black ring in my hands.

The ring was almost impossibly black and threaded through it were the most subtle viens of dark purple, almost blending in with its dark surroundings. It was heavy in the palm and I tested it on my left middle finger. It fits perfectly, and when I say perfect I mean legitimately perfect. No ring had ever felt this comfortable.

What was the most strange though is the way I felt after slipping it on. I felt suddenly alive, like a rush of energy had suddenly surged through me. In actual fact it felt as if I’d just done drugs or skydived or bungee jumped from a cliff or something, it was a rush. I felt my heart pump stronger than it ever had before and I struggled to keep a huge grin from plastering my face. What was this feeling? It was incredible.

Standing there in the men's toilets I let myself have a little moment of self collection. I had no idea what had happened to me. I ran through the night to see if anyone had got a drink for me or had any other potential chance to spike me but no, I had got all my own drinks. So drugs were eliminated.

I had drank a lot but the dopamine rush associated with drinking happened gradually, not all in one burst like this. I shook my head in confusion.

That led me to look down at the ring upon my finger. I swear it pulsed with the strong beat of my heart. I felt invincible. I felt like I could do anything. That I had power over anything.

And just then someone stumbled through the door of the males toilets, briefly letting the pumping music from outside into the small restroom.

‘Woah’ Came a drunken girls voice ‘Wrong oneoops’

A pause. My heart surged.

But it wasnt her. My heart broke as I became suddenly aware of the deep ache within my trousers, of how much I wanted it to be her.

It was Sophie. A friend of hers but nowhere near as special.

Sophie had shoulder length dirty blonde hair that hung loose. Her body was small and petite with barely an A cup showing beneath her dress but wow did her face make up for it. Some would say she had angelic features, a sharp nose, high cheekbones and strikingly deep blue eyes.

She paused for a moment as she saw me, standing tall and alone in the empty bathroom.

Sophie had barely given me a second glance in all the years we’d known each other. She was a pompous snob most of the time, relying on her young pretty features to get her through life. But it gave me great pride to watch the expressions play out on her face.

First there was surprise. I watched as she stood dumb struck for a second, her cheeks becoming increasingly red as she blushed at the sight of me.

She was getting turned on.

I couldn't explain why but I was confident I was right. It didn't take a scientist to read the signs of her body. The subtle shift of her hip as it sagged, the way her mouth hung ever so slightly open beneath her ruby red cheeks. And finally the way her nipples began getting harder and harder beneath her dress. So much so that I was starting to make out the horizontal piercing poking through one of them.

‘Hey’ I said. My voice gruff with my own emotion running hot in my veins.

We took a step closer. Our eyes locked together.

Sophie stepped once more into me and the last part of me that was still sober and still screaming at the completely unrealistic supernatural phenomena that was this bathroom situation, put a hand out onto Sophie's shoulder to stop her.


Life became slow motion again as I watched a spider web of purple colour disperse into the skin of Sophie's shoulder beneath my palm. I watched as it grew and spread down her body in a ripple and then back up again to her eyes. Briefly they glazed over with purple before snapping back to their original piercing blue.

The moment broke.

Sophie shoved me back hard until my back reached the wall. She followed and grabbed the sides of my face, pulling me into her mouth, kissing me deep and hard, our tongues mashing together. I tasted the alcohol on her tongue as it swished its way around my mouth.

She broke the hot kiss and I opened my mouth to speak. Before I could her finger was on my lips.

‘Shh’ She said. Her eyes were bright with desire.

‘Let me.’ She muttered and sank to her knees on the dirty floor of the bathroom.

Now who in their right mind is going to stop this right here? Yes I know the whole situation is monumentally fucked but a girl is willingly on her knees for you right now.

I looked down as Sophie unbuckled my suit trousers to reveal my member. I’m not gong to lie here, I’m not that big, in fact I’m painfully average, weighing in at just under 7 inches but really I couldnt give a fuck at that point.

Sophie pulled my dick and without so much as a breath she dove onto my penis.

Deep into her mouth I went. So deep her nose buried itself deep into my short pubic hair and stayed there. She pulled back and gasped before plunging herself back onto it. I was in ecstasy as I felt her throat massage the tip of my dick.

She pulled back and plunged again. This time however a thought rushed through me. I reached down and clamped her head hard, keeping her stuck with my dick deep in her throat.

Gradually she began to moan and eventually to choke. Coughs and splutters came from her mouth and I relished the warm trickle of spit as it trailed from her mouth down my ballsack.

She spluttered again.

I finally let go and she reels back. Tears stream down her face, smearing her perfect mascara in two thick lines. Her hair is a mess from where I grabbed it and lumpy spit dribbles from her chin as she stares at me. Our eyes meet again and all I can see is the desire within hers.

She moves forward again sliding her mouth and throat down the length of my cock. She coughs again but still goes further. This time I keep my hands away and let her do it herself.

Whilst Sophie chokes herself on my dick I look down at her on the floor. She was wearing a long lime green dress that swept down to her toes when she stood upright. Right now I admired the way it was bunched up around her knees, getting filthy as the material rubs into the piss and god knows what else that’s on the floor of this toilet.

I feel myself building to climax as I focus my attention back on the beautiful girl with her lips around me. I grab a fistful of her hair with both my hands and pull her away.

She gasps for breath.

But before she could complete the intake of breath I slam my dick back down into her throat. Using the handholds I have in her hair I facefuck her quickly, not letting her catch a breath between my thrusts until finally I reach my climax and fire rope after rope of thick white cum all over the panting red face of the young woman on her knees before me.

A thick film of sweat covers her and mixes with the strands of hair falling over her face. Her eyes continue to shed black tears as she pants. And I watch as the cum begins to drip slowly from her forehead and cheeks.

Our eyes never lose contact as she wipes a finger through a thick globule that was about to fall from her chin and scoops the white stuff quickly into her mouth. She then swirls it around for a second before swallowing it.

Sophie gets to her knees and I look at the two wet patches on her dress where the toilet floor water had soaked through. Then I spot the third wet patch on her dress, right between her legs.

She catches me looking and blushes a little more.

‘I might have come a little..’ She says sheepishly, her hand raising to cover her mouth in shyness. ‘This was fun though, maybe another time?’ She giggles before running to the toilet door and out into the thumping music outside.

As the door slams shut my reality warps back to normal. I stand dumbstruck. Trousers still wrapped round my ankles and semi soft cock still hanging out, the last dribbles of Sophie's spit and my cum hang from its tip.

‘What. The. Fuck.’ I breathe and stare at the ring around my middle finger.

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