Too much red wine_(1)

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It was close to me as we laid side to side and it looked so delicious that I wanted to taste, put it continued, no pungent doggy smell at all, and without a thought of what if, or could I catch something?, my mouth opened and I slipped his cock between my lips. René seemed to like this, as he remained on his side, but seemed to slide his body nearer to my face. As a result, more and more of his growing penis entered my mouth, with my saliva wetting his cock to a very beautiful slimy state to slide in and out of my wanting lips. I have experienced many such an action with strap-ons being pushed down my throat to know what I desire and what my partner wishes. René responded by letting out a little whine and stretched his head so that his cold nose bumped against my clit. A slow tongue lapped at my pussy…..God we really were doing 69.
I held René’s cock at the base and started to fellate his still growing redness, and just going crazy at how wonderful it was to have my mouth greedily sucking on a dog prick. It started to expand and it emitted some liquid down my throat, and although a little shocked that it might be dog pee, found that it was a thicker sweeter liquid that I readily swallowed.
My desire for more must have disturbed René, as he stood up over me. I was not going to let his beautiful cock go at any price, and held it firmly in my fist. His haunches started to buck in a humping fashion, and I realized that perhaps he was close to cumming. I sat up and pulled his throbbing cock towards my lips. He reared over me and put his front paws on the kitchen chair behind me. His cock was now embedded in my throat and he started to fuck my face. I sat there, got hold of his haunches and pulled him to me, filling my mouth with thrusting cock.
I held him fast and close as he tried to get all of his penis into my mouth, and also, what I learnt from the videos is his “knot”, as he fucked my mouth, with my lips tight around what had become a large wet cock.
It was difficult to hold such a ferocious thrusting, until he started to ejaculate down my throat. I almost gagged, as strap-ons don’t generally cum in the mouth, but I held on and began to gobble and greedily swallow all of his flowing spunk. OMG, it was sooooo horny and the spunk was so delicious, I did not want his thrusting to stop. He eventually slowed but still with shooting sperm between my lewd lips, until for a few moments, just stayed very still above me, with his swollen dripping cock embedded down my throat. Tasting and devouring his slightly salty seed, left me like a bitch in heat, but now lacking the strength to stay in my seated position.
René pulled out of me with a plop, as my lips were holding him tight and I did not want to let his prick go, but went over to the open kitchen door to lick himself clean. I slowly lay back with dog cum running out of the side of my mouth and on my shirt, and tried to get my breath back. The last I could remember was seeing René licking a very large red cock, and then turning around and going off down the path away from his “dog slut”.
I must have more of him, I lazily thought and seemed to drift into a post orgasmic state….I am in love with a dog, I thought as I closed my eyes.
I roused myself, got up and finished my now cold coffee, staggered outside with my mind racing with wonderful erotic and beautifully dirty thoughts, mingled with shock horror at what I had just done.
But my pussy was still tingling, and throwing off my large shirt, jumped into my pool to try to get some sense into my noodle, and try to work out just why I had just done. Getting out, I lay down on my very comfortable recliner to dry off in the sun. Being naked, I made sure that, someone like my old neighbour got to my garden gate, I could not be seen. Deliciously warm in the sun and with a buzzing pussy, I closed my eyes, and as I started to think of what René and I got up to, slowly slid some fingers up and down my wet pussy, occasionally dipping a long finger inside. Slow, sensuous and relaxed, I could not help reaching underneath me to caress my bum and then, oh so slowly, push one then two fingers deep inside my asshole.
I let out a long slow gasp, as I climaxed on my fingers. I even cried out mid-climax, “OH René”, and sank back into the cushion licking my fingers and remembering how wonderful the taste of René’s cum. I shot back up in surprise when I felt my cum soaked fingers being licked. And of course, there he was. “René ! Don’t sneak up lie that and frighten your human lover like that, bad boy”. All he did was to wag his tail and move his tongue to my face to continue licking my juices off my lips. I slowly lay back as he followed me, I parted my lips to let his tongue again ravish my mouth. Opening my mouth wider, I mingled my tongue with his. Stroking his back as his tongue engulfed me, my dirtiest thoughts returned. Of course I could not stop my fingers reaching under him to feel for his sheath, and I could feel the tip of his warm cock in the palm of my hand. He seemed to understand as he moved a little for me to slowly work the sheath back to expose more and more of his growing prick.
I was lost in carnal lust, and I stood up from the lounger, widening my thighs, and pulled René’s muzzle into my pubes, letting him rasp his tongue up and down my vagina, even pulling my outer lips apart for better access. OOOOOHHH Jenni, I thought, I am going insane with this lust, I stuck two fingers up my cunt and got them lovely and wet. I pushed them into my dog lover’s mouth and said “Follow me René, you are going to fuck me, whether you like it or not !”
I led him inside and up to my bedroom….of course he needed no prompting to enter my room, nor needed any invitation to return to my wide open thighs to continue his wonderful lapping. I could now get most of his shiny cock out of its sheath, and take it into my wanting lips. Rocking back and forth on his hind legs, his cock was sliding in and out my lusting mouth. I was in heat and I moved around onto my knees, and to stick my bum into the air, as I had seen on the videos, and, to give him total access to my cunt and arsehole, pushing both back onto his long tongue.Deep sliding in and out of both holes, I turned my head to him and said to him “René, stop what you are doing and just fuck me.” With that, I patted my bottom, again as I had seen in the videos, to encourage him. It must be a dog’s instinct, but after a few more long licks, he tried to mount me. It took a few more attempts to get our legs sorted out, and him to get directly behind that I felt his stabbing penis trying to find an entrance. “ooooo No, not there for the first time” I cried out and sat on my haunches as he almost started to bugger me…..nice for two, three short strokes, but I wanted him deep into my pussy.
Raising my bum again for access, René licked me again and then jumped his front legs around my waist. This time I stretched back as he started his search again, and slipped a long finger into my rectum, to stop any of that.
“WOOOOOO”, he found my open pussy, and plunged his cock deep inside me, and started to hump me with such speed and ferocity. I pushed back onto his large solid cock, to feel him banging against my bum cheeks, and his balls striking my clit with every thrust. God it was delicious and exciting as I sank my head onto my pillow. He seemed to fuck me for ages before he started to slow his pace. It was then that I felt a gushing deep into my womb, and I thought that he was about to pull out.
Then with a violent thrust he embedded me fully and I felt him growing even bigger and hotter. René then seemed to lie on my back, spent, but I felt way inside my vagina, his cum shooting way deep inside…..more and more until it was leaking out and down my thighs. Pumping his spunk from his impossibly large throbbing cock and filled with his knot embedded in my cunt, I was in total carnal extasy. As I know that I should have to wait until he subsided, I turned my head to his,resting on my shoulder, and told him to kiss me some more.
It was quite a while before René let out a little whimper, and rose up off my back and SHIT, his knot started to be pulled out of me …Plop, then the cock slid out of me, feeling empty, and missing already René filling my very being. But I was sated and drained and slumped face down onto my deep pillows, fingers gently collecting his sperm from my cunt, so that I could lie there and think of him and taste him.

To be continued…….shall I ? Tell me what you think please.

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