Being taught

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She was 30 years old but looked to be about 23 and loved nothing more than being fucked brutally. She wasn’t what you would call beautiful but she was very pretty and insanely hot. Small, only 5’2” with 32C tits, small hips and a pretty little shaved pussy. She also knew how to dress for what her current hook-up was looking for.
She had gotten married at 21 to a guy who she thought at the time was the most exciting man she had ever met, but somehow along the way his black attire and fuck all night every night stamina had worn away and she was left with a middle aged man who was happy to climb on top of her and pound for about 15mins every two weeks or so.
She had been separated now for 6 months and the first thing she had done was go on all those websites her girlfriends had told her about. Three days after she moved into her tiny little apartment she loved she had been out on a hook-up. It had been the first time she had let a practical stranger fuck her and she was hooked.
When she had first started out she had hooked up with what she thought of as “vanilla” guys. Just guys who wanted an easy lay, a little cock sucking or maybe something on the side that their wives wouldn’t give them anymore. Then one guy she hooked up with started spanking her hard while fucking her from behind all the while telling her how much he loved hooking up with dirty sluts from the net. That night she discovered two things. One, she loved the pain that came when he spanked her and when she sat down later, and two she was a dirty slut and knowing that, hearing it come out of a man with his cock buried deep inside her made her insanely hot.

When she had gone home that night she had started to tweak her profiles on the sites she was on adding spanking and dirty talk. When she chatted with guys on line she would tell them what a slut she was and how she loved the variety of men she was fucking. About a month later after the spanking incident and about 10 cocks later she met up with a guy who wanted to fuck her up the ass. This was something she had yet to try. He had told her it would hurt but she would love it if she was really the little whore she claimed to be.
He instructed her to meet him in front of the sex shop on 16th Avenue dressed not to slutty but with a dress that gave him easy access to her cunt and ass and something he could get her tits out of easily. He also instructed her that no panties or bras were allowed. When she asked him why they were meeting there he told her if he was going to break in her ass he needed some things and he wanted her there so everyone would know it was for her ass.
As she stood outside the shop with her flowy dress that stopped just above her knees with the off the shoulder top that would come down with one quick yank her pussy was so wet she could feel her juices coating her thighs. Her nipples hard and beacon like with the slight wind and her anticipation. She saw the SUV she was waiting for pull up and the tall handsome man get out. She knew he was about 45 but and she had seen pics of him on the net but she had not anticipated his 6’4” or how commanding he was in person and was dying to have him have her. She could feel her pussy quaking just by looking at him and the glint in his eyes and smirk on his face as he looked her over from top to bottom.
He crooked his finger at her and she came over to him obediently, somehow knowing this man was going to teach her things and treat her how she really was meant to be treated. Without saying a word he grabbed the top of her shirt and pulled out so he had a clear view of her perky little tits from his vantage point.
“Mmmmmm nice, they’ll be nicer covered in cum but a nice start” he said and reached in grabbing her right tit and squeezing hard. “Don’t hold back” he said seeing she was trying not to cry out “I want to know when I hurt you”
“Ooooh” she moaned “yes it hurts”
“You’ll be screaming by the end of the night you little slut” he said squeezing harder “This is your last out, make sure you want what I’m going to give you if you walk in there with me”
“Owww” she cried “yes I want you to make me scream, I’ll go with you” She felt nervous all of a sudden but so excited she couldn’t have walked away for anything.
He suddenly let go of her tit, grabbed her arm and spun her around and bent her over the hood of the car. A couple of thug looking guys on the corner saw and started hooting as he lifted the skirt of her dress exposing her tight little ass “Spread your legs bitch, I want to see what I have to work with” he said ignoring the cheering from the corner.
She spread her legs wide, she could feel the breezing cooling her soaking pussy and thighs and let out a little cry as he shoved his middle finger deep into her asshole. “Mmmm, you didn’t lie, this really is a virgin asshole” she could hear the excitement in his voice as he murmured this “Has anything before my finger been in there”
“No, nothing” she replied quickly shocked at the fullness that his one finger had caused.
He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up “Let’s go get what we need then and get what we need.”
They walked into the shop, there were no customers but a big tattooed bald biker looking guy behind the counter “Hey B, this the slut you breaking in tonight?” he said to her date.
“Oh ya” he looked at her “go over and great my friend slut” giving her a little push.
She nervously walked over to the big man behind the counter and he crooked his finger at her to indicate her to come behind the counter.
“Test her holes if you like Mick” said her date “fingers only dude, I want to be the one to stretch those holes and your cock will ruin her for me”
Mick wiggled his fat fingers in front of her face “Don’t worry baby girl” He practically purred “You want your asshole stretched before B rapes it over and over”
Mick spun her around and bent her over the counter lifting her skirt. She automatically spread her legs wide and felt two fat fingers ram deep in her cunt making her cry out in pain
“Oh fuck ya! Her cunt is so fucking tight” he cried out “Can’t wait to try out her asshole. Can I have her when you’re done” he laughed as he removed his fingers from her pussy and rammed it hard in her ass. She screamed out “OH YA!” he cried finger fucking her ass for a while as she could feel the tears trying to fall.
Her date meanwhile was slowly wandering the aisles watching his friend play with his date. He was impressed she had followed his directions implicitly and thought that maybe instead of a one nighter this one may be worth keeping around. He stood watching her face, seeing the watery eyes and pain in her face then all of a sudden he heard Mick cry out “Fucking slut just squirted all down her legs”
“Get over here cunt” her date called over, over joyed at the thought this slut got off on pain that much. They were really going to have fun.
Mick pulled his finger out of her ass and she gingerly walked over to her date. He was standing in front of a rack of butt plugs, anal beads and other sex toys she had never seen before.
“What do you think slut” He waved at the rack “Think I’ll be able to get them in your tight little hole without you bringing the house down around us”
“I’d like you to try” she said looking at his handsome face. As she looked at his all she could think was he didn’t look like the kind of guy who she would be interested in. He looked clean cut and very vanilla until you looked at the hardness in his eyes. That was what made her legs tremble, the look in his eye that said no matter how much she screamed he was going to do whatever he wanted to her and she was powerless. She found that feeling powerless was one of the biggest turn –ons she had ever come across.
He looked over the shelf and picked up a medium and very large butt plug the a string of beads that ranged from small to huge.
“I think these will be a good start for tonight” he said with a wicked gleam “for your asshole anyways but I think we will need a couple more things”
As he passed the toys to her another customer came in. He was in his sixties and looked very dirty and unkempt. He leered at her with the butt plugs and beads following her date over to another section of the store.
“Those for your ass babydoll?” He slurred as he stumbled over to where her date had stopped. As he came closer to them she could smell the whiskey vapours coming off him.
“Oh ya” her date said “going to break in her virgin ass tonight. Bend over and show him your asshole slut”
She turned her back to the disgusting old man and bent over lifting her skirt for him. Her asshole and pussy on display to the old man, Mick and the door for anyone else walking in.
“Feel free to touch, fingers only though I want my cock in there first” said her date. This was something even he had never done. He often let Mick play with the whores he took here but he wanted to see if the slut would really let the dirty old drunk finger her holes too if he told her to.
He couldn’t see her face but heard the sound of disgust as the old man started rubbing her ass and pussy with both his dirty hand. She stood still as he ran all over her before shoving a couple fingers in her pussy and another in her ass.
“Ok old man, that’s enough” he said after he gave the old guy two or three minutes.
“What about the tits, can I have a little feel of them too” he asked excitedly
“Stand up bitch and let the bum at your tit”
She stood and pulled down the front of her dress, her perky full tits on display and felt her date lean in and whisper “I want you to watch his hands on your tits”
The old man couldn’t believe his luck and started squeezing as hard as he could. She whimpered and stood there staring at the most disgusting hands that had ever touched her manhandling her tits.
“That’s enough, go get your porn now and you can picture this sluts face on all the girls in your videos” her date said to the bum.
“Come here” he said to her and pulled her roughly to a rack of whips “Pull up your dress your dirty fucking whore. Did you like that, letting that dirty old bum touch you, knowing that later when he’s pulling his cock thinking about fucking that pretty little asshole of yours”
“Yes, I loved it” she said “I love being a slut and loves having someone tell me how to do it”
“Good, then pick which whip you want making you squeal tonight while I go find the ropes to tie you up with”
She looked at the shelf at first not seeing anything but reeling at the fact she had loved having the dirty man touch her. She loved obeying without thinking and being used like a toy instead of a person. She shook it off and looked at the wall. She saw one with a handle and a bunch of whippy things and could imagine the feel of it across her ass, her thighs, her tits and maybe even her cunt. She reached for it and headed to the counter to meet her date hoping he would approve.
She walked over and put it on the counter looking at him.
“Nice” was all he said as he looked at it not even looking at her.
She stood there feeling a glow of accomplishment as Mick rung everything up and told her date the total. He bagged up everything except the beads.
“Bend over” her date said
She did automatically her legs as wide as she could, grabbing her ankles. She heard the beads being picked up off the counter and could feel her dates thumb gently pushing on her anus without actually entering her. Then she felt the cold bead against her asshole and POP one was in.
She stood there, her ass high in the air while her date slowly pushed beads into her. He pushed three in then stopped. She had never felt more filled in her life. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up roughly.
“Feel full cunt?” He asked “My cock is about three times as big as the three beads you have in there now and I won’t stop till my balls are slapping your thighs”
“Let’s go” he said still pulling her hair and dragging her along with him. The beads hanging out of her ass visible under her dress like a tail.
He opened her door and pushed her in the car. She got in, making sure to flash him her bald pussy. She sat there until he got in and started the car.
“Lift your skirt and show your cunt slut”
He drove for about five minutes then pulled up in front a modest but nice house.
“Stay” He said as he turned off the car and got out. He came over to her door opening it and pulling her out by the hair.
“As soon as we get in that house I want you on your knees like the dirty little bitch you are” he growled at her.
As she jogged to keep up with his strides, he still had a grip on her hair, she was even more excited then she had been all night. She had already had her date and two other strangers touch her and finger her holes but now she was really going to feel it.
He let go of her hair and opened the door. She felt his hand briefly before he pushed her over the threshold and she went flying in the door barely bracing on her hands before her face hit the hard wood. She could feel the skirt of her dress fly up and she knew that her ass was on display beads hanging out legs splayed wide open.
“I said on your hands and knees you stupid fucking whore” he snapped and she quickly got up on her bruised knees and hands. She heard him rummage in the bag and was braced for the first crack of the whip across her ass.
“Move whore, fast”
She scrurried forward , she couldn’t believe the pain of that whip and knew for the first time how much all those other guys had held back when they slapped or hit her with their belts. She felt like the juices were streaming out of her cunt and couldn’t wait to feel the crack of the whip again.
He steered her by her hair and lighter cracks of the whip towards a door off the kitchen. “You can get up to go down the stairs” he growled and yanked her up by the hair while he opened the door to what she could see was a finished basement . She went to walk forward and felt him yank her back again by the hair.
“Lose the clothes now slut. I don’t want anything covered till I let you go”
She reached up and pulled the dress down over her tits, then hips and let it fall to the floor.
“Turn around slowly, let me see if your worth it” he said knowing there was no way this dirty little slut was getting out of his house till she was so fucking used that all her holes were gaping and she was covered in cum.

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*This is the true story of my wife’s and my first time to a swingers club and our first threesome. This happened very recently. My wife, Kate, and I are a white couple in our late 20's. I'm a pretty big guy at 6' 290lbs. She's 5'5" 120lbs with perfect b cup breasts
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