New life part 1 (the follow on to rich boys love)_(1)

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2 days ago I was at the coffee shop with a few friends and we was talking as usual about thing however I had told my friend I didn't want to talk about Harvey. I said to my friends "Who wants to go on Vacation with me?" Brit looked at me and said "Vacation in January?" I turned around to look at Brit and said "yeah I was thinking somewhere very hot like Spain or Australia" Brit said "I like the thought of Australia but I'm all out of chips baby boy" I laughed and said "Don't worry about that I'm paying" so all my friends agreed to come on vacation with me.

I got out my seat and said "be packed in a few hours I am going to go home and see what is flying from LAX" so I did and found a flight at 2AM to Sydney Australia the only thing I had to book now was the hotel, after ring a hell of a lot of hotels I found one for us all and booked it. I called my friends and told them to be ready for 10 pm. My mom and dad came back from work that night and noticed my bags was packed my dad said to me "O you and Harvey sorted it out that's fantastic news" I looked at my dad and said "No dad me and Harvey are over forever there is no going back" my mom and dad looked concerned and said "Why are your bags packed then?" "Me and a few friends are getting out of L.A for a week we are going to Sydney Australia" my mom looked at me and said "Bit sudden isn't it my darling?" "we are only going for the week mom and I will bring you back a surprise" my dad said "need a ride to the airport?" I smiled at my dad and said "thanks dad I'm setting off at 10pm"

so 10pm came and my dad had loaded up his merc and started driving me to the airport my dad said to me "why you really going on vacation Leon?" "just to spend time with my friends dad" without even looking at me I knew my dad knew I was lying. My dad looked at me for a second and turned back and said "tell me the truth son" I took a deep breath and said "I need to get away from everything from Harvey from Edvard from the pain and just from everything" I started crying but just a little bit my dad said to me "don't get upset my darling. go away and have some fun with your friends and come back thinking a bit clearer"

so we got on the plane and landed safety in Australia when we got though customs and all the other security stuff we hailed two cabs and they took us to the hotel (Sheraton On The Park) when we walked into the hotel it took my breath away it was so beautiful so I walked up to the receptionist and we got our keys issued to us and we went to put are luggage away.

when I walked into my room I found a corner where my luggage could stay for the trip and I went and took a shower after my shower I called my friends rooms and they said they was going to sleep for a while so I called Brits room and I said "hey wanna hit the beach" she answered "yeah sure wing by and my room and we will go"

so I did I walked to Brits room and we walked down to the beach me and Brit was laying in the sand sun bathing when a guys football hit me in the arm smashing my Rolex watch. the guy walked up to me and asked for his football back I though him the ball and said "next time be carful you fucking jerk you smashed my $5000 watch and it don't look like you can afford to pay for it" the guy stood there for a few seconds and then said "I'm sure mommy and daddy will buy you a new one" I looked at brit and said "can you believe that guy" so we returned to sun bathing for another half an hour.

at half past 12 we went and had some lunch in the hotel and walked back up to my hotel room as I was saying good bye to brit for the night (I had the intention of sleeping off this jet lag) she stopped me and said "level with me why did you go off at that guy at the beach?" "brit he broke my watch" "no sweetie I've known you for 17 years and I know when something is destroying you inside so admit it" "I cant admit it Britney because if I do I will have to admit its killing me inside breaking up with Harvey, knowing how much I love him, not being able to hold my son in my arms or lay next to Harvey at night and look deep into his beautiful eyes or even telling him off for biting his nails. I mean what was so hard about me fighting for my right to my son" crying really hard I told Britney I had to go and when I open my door to my room and closed it I sank to the for a just cried I got my cell out and I rang him when Harvey answered I said "I don't know why im calling you I just wanted to hear you voice" "are you okay babe I mean Leon?" "no not really getting over you is going to be much harder than what I thought it would be" "I know how you feel I keep seeing pictures of me and you all over are apartment" "perhaps you should take them down and burn them or something" "why burn them we was happy in these picture and hopefull someone can make you that happy again I love you leon" then the line went dead

and I'm still in my hotel room a whole hour later thinking about all this stupid stuff being gay can really suck sometimes

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