Thaxter Jones Special Extreme Unrated Edition

I’d like to welcome you to the special extended extreme unrated edition of my autobiography. But since you’re new to my reading material this is a two part tale part one being To The Last and part two being Bag Of Bones and since I am so kind in my own twisted way I’ve combined both to bring a more disturbing violently erotic look at my life from beginning to end.

And if you think both my tales were fucked up by themselves, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

“I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter.”- Winston Churchill

So you’ve stumbled upon my autobiography huh oh well bugger on you fucking wanker. Feel the smooth coarse leather bound cover of my story excellent texture don’t you think? I thought so myself so you’ve happened upon my book but the question I ask is where did you find it? A bookstore? Shitty yard sale? A dusty attic stuffed into a box? Doesn’t matter after all it’s just a book and books can’t hurt you but I tell you this reader this book will. Since you picked this book up I forgot to mention that I put a spell on it so that whoever opened it up would be bound to it so I’m taking a wild guess that you’re left-handed and as you hold my book you can feel the leather turn inferno blazing as you try to pry the book off your hand but cry out in sheer dire agony as you watch your hand merge with the leather binding and once it finishes the transformation leaving the needle hot and cold feeling surging up and down your left arm, droplets of blood seeping onto your lap and tears run from your eyes.

There we go that wasn’t SO bad now was it? You ready here we go.

I guess if you want to truly know my original roots and I’m not talking about my wonderful Clan Malum Asperitas nor my body count over the centuries no you silly bastard I’m talking about where it all begin for me and my life as a killer. So we shall travel back to the year 1615 when I was only 13 and disgustingly innocent god I fucking hate that word.

Scotland, 1615

There I am clad in a silver and black plaid kilt, white cotton short sleeve shirt playing with two cats and grabbing both of them by the tail I tied them together and spinning them like a lasso I tossed them out the window giggling as my mother caught me and pa seized me and beat me until my ass was bruised, blistered, bleeding and bright red. I cried until no more tears would come from my sockets. As I sat in my room until the candles were blown out by my parents I snuck out to the O’Halloran barn which was only five minutes away by foot and crawling through the little doorway I stood up and walked over to where Maggie O’Halloran sat on the stack of hay bails dressed in her white nightie beaming as she saw me I made my way over to her despite the pain in my ass we hugged and she was quite the sight to behold. Frizzy blonde curls, breathtaking green eyes, pursed thin lips, high cheek bones, medium sized nose, cute ears, straight bright teeth, some dimples, strong chin, small figure and stood about 5'5.
“Thaxter I heard what you did today” she spoke in her smooth infectious joyous voice.
“Aye” I said holding my head high beaming with pride then wincing as my marks flared up.
“Lemme see I brought some ointment for your marks” Maggie said patting the hay bails for me to lie down which I did hesitantly wincing as my body cried out in pain but no tears would come free for me.
“Oh my yer pa went too far this time” she spoke gently applying the medicine to my ass I flinched everytime she touched but some after the third application I relaxed then submitted to her soft gentle velvet like hands my eyes shot open as I felt her blow on the medicinal application gentle cool breathes on my ass I eased into a relaxed state until I heard her voice in my right ear.
“Lemme have your kilt Thaxter”
“Because the ointment can’t touch your kilt or you won’t heal properly” she said as I slowly stood up letting her untie my kilt leaving me half nude before her.
Back then I was only but seven inches long and had never experienced any form of sexual contact much less showed any part of me to any girl within our village.
“Don’t be ashamed Thaxter its only me and you in here” she smiled brightly glancing at clasped hands over my half limp member.
“No show me yer titties first” I smirked in my half deep voice.
“Fine then I will” and she did unbuttoning her nightie and exposed her cat’s head sized bare breasts and tiny nipples smiling up at me gliding her right hand up my left thigh then slowly underneath my hands but I did not relinquish my hold until I felt her thumb brush over the tip of my uncircumsized firemen’s helmet and I sighed shoulders heaving up then down.
“Like that do ya? Then you’ll like this” and she lifted my cock to her lips and kissed the head softly sucking just the same causing my member to twitch under her manipulating hand and mouth but I’ll stop there because I don’t want you popping any unnecessary boner from my own sexual escapades.

So after discovering my first sexual experience, we made it a habit every couple days to sneak off and let her suck my dick while she taught me what she knew from seeing her mother perform the same actions on another man since her daddy had died two years ago. Life was good for me I still tortured helpless animals, got my shaft polished, got my ass beaten harder, and then he came into our village.
He was Alastair Greenwich, an Englishman with a tall lanky build, short cropped black hair, long skeletal fingers, and was dressed in black and brown. Brown bowler hat perched on his skull, black tie wrung his neck tight, satin brown dress shirt assaulted his lanky form, light brown vest with gold chain slave bitten to the Avalon Classic II Series Pocket Watch with chain I remember the watch vividly for it had Roman numerals because for every number he wouldwell you’ll see, and black slacks clasped themselves to his long corn stalk like legs while a silver cross belt buckle fastened his waist tight and black shiny dress boots adorned his feet.

It was a balmy Tuesday night when he came to our village, the torches blazed brightly while the sun set slowly in the distance I heard screams as I saw him approach with five others that had assailed people of my village either by ripping their throats out or by drinking from their necks. My mind was reeling with this newfound sense of horrific fear by the visuals I was bearing witness to. Blood spraying across the side of the barn, blood curdling screams, horses neighing in assaulted fright, chickens clucking in confusion, dogs barking and yelping as they were kicked out of the way, cats yowling as they scattered for cover.
And where was I do you ask? Staring up into the man’s eyes which glowed red under his bowler hat as he scooped me up snugly holding me underneath his right arm I was so dazed and confused but then my body acted on it’s own accord and pounded teenage fists into the man’s body kicking and screaming as I was taken away. I cried out for my ma and pa and saw them running for me and my eyes widened in utter speechless horror as I saw one of the five people chop my father’s head off and I watched as his head tumbled backwards accompanied by a jet stream of blood as his body fell to its knees then collapsed onto the moist dew soaked earth.
“LET ME GO NOW! YOU DIRTY ROTTEN BASTARD! I’LL KILL YOU” I yelled fighting my way to get free.
He brought me up to face him holding me by the shoulders, eyes menacing red now he spoke in a tone just like Cad Bane’s.
“You’re mine now boy so you better get used to it oh the places I’m gonna take you you little fucking RUNT!” and with that darkness pure as onyx jewels took me courtesy of a vicious headbutt.

The next time I awoke my head was pounding from the headbutt I received and my body was still waking up. I was in a room where the only light was coming from the ceiling above me so it was morning but what day was it? Then I remembered how I got here and began crying and looking around I saw a door with three bars near the top of it and running towards it I fell on my face and cried more as I felt a firmness at my wrists and saw that they had been bound tightly.
Regaining my balance I made for the door and banged on it until someone came and that someone was him. I ran away from the door as he opened it and slammed it shut with a metallic thud, panting I headed for the light of the area I was in and he tackled me down forcing his hand down my pants and playing with my pecker. My body betrayed me as it stirred under his touch no this isn’t right I shouldn’t like this feeling so I tried to escape his grasp but his only bent me over and yanking my pants down he spread my young ass cheeks apart and spit on my asshole chuckling I heard him unbuckling his pants and felt his pecker touch my butt and my mind’s eye had become blinded and shattered as he forced his shaft into my asshole hard raping me.
I felt wetness trickling from my ass I figured I had shit on his dick so I held some satisfaction on that and looking between my legs and then at the floor I saw red knowing it was blood.

I screamed at the top of my lungs as he laughed spanking me and thrusting more while he stroked my pecker my body betraying me left and right as I became fully erect nearing ejaculation and he was nearing it too I could feel it. His shaft had hardened quickly as he violated me over and over.
“Yes yes YES I love it when you bleed like a fresh virgin milkmaid!” he grunted forcing his shaft all the way in I actually heard my flesh rip lightly as he impaled me with his shaft.
Then came the ejaculation from his it was hot and squishy in my ass I felt it leak out of me then he withdrew and wheeling me around he forced me to suck his cock off.
“YES!” he growled jamming his cock down my throat which made me gag then throw up on his cock and balls so withdrawing he chuckled darkly and forced it back into my mouth and tasted my vomit mixed with his warm cum as well as my own, my asshole, and the pubic hair he had. I vomited more while he force fed me his cock. When it was all said and done I had been covered in vomit, cum, bleeding from my asshole, sweat, tears, and humiliation at the cost of my body’s betrayal.

Over the next couple months I was taken to various locations and put into the sex trade. Fat Dutchmen would double team me while I was forced to masturbate for them while they fucked my mouth and ass. In Thailand I was left there for about two months polluted with opium, alcohol, & whoring myself to stay alive. I stood in line with Japanese, Chinese, & Korean boys and girls all under the age of 13 picked and auctioned off for older men and women’s appetites. I was slave to a Chinaman who enjoyed binding me tightly and whipping me with a cat of ninetails which had been adorned with a claw, spike, ball bearing, serrated blade, smooth blade, leather strap, claw hammer head, chain link, & barbed wire sized pen. Every one of those tore my flesh apart and if I didn’t deepthroat I’d get whipped harder while I was forced to masturbate and fuck a bamboo stick.

But that wasn’t the worst part of being a sex slave to overgrown, hairy, horny men the worst came when one night I was forced into a threesome which to my horror and the fragile Chinese boy that I had met only four weeks previous wasn’t what we expected it to be. It was a threesome allright but with a dog. The room we were in was a sweat lodge only the lodge itself had been emptied out and turned into a miniature theater room for all the perverts to come in and watch us in this new depraved act of sexuality.
Both our rags which past for clothing were torn away leaving us stark naked I was forced to fuck the dog’s ass because my current owner held up the paper and tapped the question mark chuckling darkly. Now I have tortured animals but never had sex with them this was a new low for me to stoop to. I didn’t like doing it but I had no choice between the dog’s yelps, people cheering, my groans, and the boy’s barfing I’d had enough so I pulled out groaning as I blew my load which in turn sent the poor Chinese boy reeling and he made a mad dash to get away but was scooped up and had his neck snapped dying instantly. The crowd jeered, cheered, and booed but what left them speechless was when I grabbed the boy’s still warm body and raped his asshole while jerking him off even my current owner looked on in horror as I laughed whooping and hollering in sheer mind breaking delight. Setting my eyes upon the dog I grabbed him up and with my last measure of mercy I snapped his neck putting him out of his misery for no animal should have to live with that kind of shame. But like I said that wasn’t the worst of this exhibition the worst was when I finished as I came I groaned in pain as my ass burbled I also shit myself and a rat squealed falling out of my ass because my owner decided to shove it up my ass before I joined in this depraved act. So yes I earned the title of being a motherfucking monster.

I was pimped out for over two years and when I turned 15 I had become hardened to all the sexual assaults and rapes I endured and returned a hardened young man who was sexually confused when the carriage stopped in London, England.
“We’ve arrived Master Thaxter” the driver said to me opening the carriage door for me.
“Fantastic” I spoke sliding out of the carriage gingerly as my body was still healing from the last beating I endured.
I entered the church feeling wary, tired, and anxious as I was greeted and escorted by a femme redhead wearing warrior’s armor worn and tan in color. Her nose was normal, eyes sharp as a fox in the desert heat diamond blue in color, mouth accustomed with full lips, average cheek bones, smooth straight face. Her body was semi wide but built like a manly brute. Tall and large breasted she looked as though she might knock you out or cut you down without dropping a bead of sweat.
She was called Taylur and guiding me upstairs she stood me before Alastair Greenwich who grinned brightly and that grin sent shivers down my spine and billowed back up in cool bubbles.
“Ah my boy is home tell me how was your trip?”
“I hated it and I hate you asshole” I said spitting in his face.
He chuckled wiping my spit off and shrugged speaking as he adjusted his suit and top hat.
“I have a treat for you I’ve decided that you’ve earned yourself some freedom so I’ve talked with the rest of them and Taylur has agreed to do whatever you want her to do except for kill me that is” Greenwich taunted brushing a long finger down the curve of her left cheek.
I was lead into a bedroom where Taylur began unstrapping her armor letting it drop to the floor with a light thud followed by her clothes leaving her in black fishnets. I had to admit seeing her in the nude was appealing but my body didn’t respond the way it used to like it would when Maggie sucked me off because now I felt my dick awaken slightly but just barely though I was too worn out and used up from all the slavery I went through. I just couldn’t get into it after all I had never seen a woman below the skirt ever and this being my first time with a woman I froze sexually unsure of what to do.

But she did. Taylur rubbed herself moaning softly then splashing to her knees unbuckling my trousers freeing my limp meat she partook in feasting upon it till it was well done. My mind was reeling with this new sensation of eroticism not knowing how to respond properly so I pushed her off and sat on the edge of the bed head in my hands, angry hot tears flowing I just didn’t know how to function.
“It’s okay Thaxter I only want your virginity just breathe and look into my eyes” she soothed climbing into bed behind me laying me down and straddling me.
Her body was heavy to my lanky figure but she moved with such sweet grace and as I gazed into her eyes longingly I actually found peace while my mind was reeling with ‘No this isn’t right make her stop’ and my body relaxed and fully aroused said ‘Let’s try this out now that does feel good almost normal doesn’t it?’

And my body was right I didn’t feel ashamed not entirely anyway but when I felt the moist warm pocket known as fresh cunt, oblivion overruled my biological jurisdiction. All I saw was white pure white despite all the shit I had been put through this had been my ultimate escape strangely enough I didn’t understand why it was all I knew was that I never wanted to give it up.
“Taylur what is this real sex?”
“Yes dear boy this is sex the real thing not what you’ve endured over the past two years” and oblivion overtook me again as my body quaked with chills of newly discovered feelings and sensations. Following the wave of oblivion I uttered the words that I knew were wrong but it felt so right.
“I love you”
“Love is for losers” she spoke breathing hard on my neck then without warning, Taylur bit into my neck and sucked my blood from me at the same time my body spasmed causing me to turgidly cum within her and her cumming along with me I rode the waves of pain, shock, & awe out into the silver sun rising high.
I felt weak and drained from all of it but as I was lugged into the light of the silver sun, Taylur, Alastair, and 2 others held a Roman cross in each hand and placing them on my back in the cross formation I howled in bitter agony as I heard the flesh sizzle and cook.

I was one of them a freak.

I was a monster’s plaything.

I was their bloodhound.

I became someone’s whore and bitch just when I thought I was free they brought me in deeper.

I was a vampire.

Doomed to live life drinking blood and roaming under the silver sun.

Over the next 45 years I was taught and trained to hunt as a vampire would. Learning to use the shadows to be stealthy and covert. Feeding when only I had to feed but I hardly listened to that rule. Shown that I shouldn’t piss on another vampires turf, but I did that too cause I really didn’t give a fuck. I made a promise to myself that one day I would avenge all done to me but for now let’s go back to before he shipped me off to become a sexually confused man. Before I lost my virginity and my mind reeled with unnatural selection. Do you remember what I said about the pocket watch? Well this is the night before I had been shipped off to be devoured by loads of sperm, piss, shit, sweat, blood, tears, & unbearable pain filled torture.

“Boy I want you take this paper with you and show it to your new masters over there understand me?”
“Why are you doing this to me?!?!” I cried only to be backhanded viciously feeling the hot stinging pain of his claw like hand.
“Now let’s review the paper I’ve given to you” he smiled wickedly seizing the paper and unfolding it to show the face of his pocket watch with the full 12 hour setup written upon it.
Each hour had a small picture sketched to it with an arrow pointing to the picture:

1- cock
3-tongue licking cock
4- yellow streams
5- two cocks
6- two cocks one butt
7- read “spotlight sex show” rotten bastard wanted others to watch me get fucked
8- a body chained up with brown balls marking the body
9- fire and knife
10- animals
11- weapons and strap-ons
12- was designated with a question mark

“But master when do I get to sleep? I’ll need energy to keep up with your schedule”
“If you can prove yourself for 6 months then maybe I’ll consider letting you have sleep till then no sleep if I find out you’ve had so much as a wink I’ll kill you understand?”

So I stand before you at 53 years old but looking only 33 thanks to the vampiric cocktail running through my veins I was sitting on top of the church against the base of it’s steeple right leg bent, left leg laying long in the summer evening night of 1655. On this night I was witness to the beginnings of the Holy War against my kind I had to say that I was glad because now I would be free of that bastard and his turmoil scribed deep within my flesh. At first I paid the warriors no mind for I figured it was a fad that would die out soon enough. My eyes found solid purchase as I looked down at the small band of five warriors dressed in silver armor with white cloth bearing a red Roman cross I liked the decor they chose for it would painted in crimson by the time their crusade was over. What sent my mind into sheer blankness was the head they tossed at the feet of Alastair’s boots, it was Taylur’s head her face a mask of surprised death. Poor cunt she got what she deserved.

“You think that by killing one of our own that you can scare us?” Alastair said through gritted teeth fangs half bared.
“You’ve been warned foul creature your kind is not tolerated by the church! YAH!” the warrior said kicking his horse and the rest of his band rode off out of the town square of Central London.
I jumped down and landed beside the black man with red short hair semi big body called Thorn by Greenwich I chuckled softly.
“The hell you laughing at pale faced bastard?” Thorn said in his deep Irish voice wheeling on me.
“Nothing much only that with Taylur gone its only a matter of time till we’re all dead and gone” I said matter of factly then Alastair grabbed me by the throat hoisting me up into the air looking up at me growling as he spoke.
“You little son of a bitch if you betray us I’ll rip your fucking heart out myself . I’ll be goddamned if you try to have us wiped out by a bunch of holy knights” then he dropped me and I coughed.
“I’m not gonna sell you out to a band of warriors”
“They ain’t just warriors boyo them’s the Knights Templar” a greasy blonde haired European man of average build named Crispin looked at me as I stood back up brushing my clothes off as he stroked his short black beard while shaking his right index finger at me.
“Like I’m supposed to give a shite?” I shrugged.
“You’d better mark my word boy you sell us out—“ Greenwich repeated but I stopped his broken record routine by grabbing his shirt and pulling face to face with me my eyes now cyan wolf in color I threatened him.
“YOU LISTEN TO ME OLD MAN I’LL DO AS I PLEASE AND WHEN THIS HOLY WAR IS OVER I PROMISE YOU IF YOU’RE STILL ALIVE I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU MYSELF AND YOU WILL SUFFER MORE THAN I DID!” and with that having been said I picked up what was left of Taylur and hurled it at the steps of the church watching the blood and brains spray slightly before disappearing into the night.

Decades passed before I gave a shit about the Holy War against vampires. Course by this time I was in Northern England by then having torn the umbilical cord that had been my slave circuit to Alastair’s womb and made my own life albeit shitty as it was and in that shitty timeframe I learned a many thing about the Knights Templar while I made my trek across the world exploring the vast regions discovered and undiscovered maiming and plundering when I felt like it sometimes raping especially in the American region now that was funny. I had been charged with “despicable acts” against men and women children didn’t come into play till later in life.
I loved killing but it was always regular people never any high profile people but that all changed.

Northern England, 1715

I was but a young vampire then when our kind was called demon, unholy, abomination, and the Devil’s children. I was out on my nightly stroll searching for my next victim when one of those ‘holier than thou’ people attacked me for being a creature of the night so I defended myself he came at me with a right cross I countered with a right hook sending him off balance. So I pounced him hands wrapped tightly about his throat growling as I barked at him.
“What gives you the fucking right to judge me?”
“You’re an abomination to the church!” the man croaked eyes bulging out of his skull halfway.
“I am the true alpha to your species you should be bowing down to me but now you must DIE!” and I strangled him tighter till I heard the bones snapping and popping as I crushed his larynx and wind pipe. The blood flowed from the corners of his mouth and I released him completely in shock at what I had done. I was shaking all over my hands trembling from the shock of my unnatural power. Sweeping my hair back I shuddered as his body lay there back half arched, face plastered in horror, eyes half rolled back into his skull. Then I heard the faint pulse of his heart and the thirst took over this little voice telling me that “go ahead it’s ok now feed you need to feed” while my mind reeled with my body’s reactions.
“But I can’t move I’ve just killed a man I never killed anyone before” my mind wept.
“It’s okay my friend just pull his dying body to you and feed and all will be better” the thirst spoke.
“But I just can’t” my mind said frightened.
“Here I’ll show you how to do it” the thirst said pushing my shocked nerves into action scooping the dying body up then guided my salivating fangs to dying pulse and forced my head down to puncture the jugular and working my jaw muscles I drank him dry.

This was the first time I’d ever killed a priest and of course I hadn’t fed in so long that the thirst had taken hold of me and forced the blood down my throat I had gone an entire year previous without drinking remember it had a been 100 years to the day when I had been kidnaped and forced into sex slavery. The first year was difficult. The fifth year was a little easier but still I tried to get away. The tenth year I submitted to the fact that hope was lost. The fifteenth year I fully adjusted to my life in England and so on. Alastair taught me everything I knew but not that deep recessive memories would arise so far down the road. He taught me that every ten years a vampire slowly matures so at the age of 105 I fully matured but the psychosis of my trauma had waged war on my mind. Feeling a cool splitting on the top of my head as my mind replayed the events of a century ago I cringed screaming and hollering curling up into the fetal position my body arresting itself into this position for what seemed like hours until I passed out cold.
I awoke groaning rubbing the back of my head and slowly standing up I regained my balance heading for my birthplace.

When I arrived in Scotland I saw that my village had been rebuilt and changed so much I almost didn’t recognize it but then a woman’s face caught my eye and my heart just stopped , my breath stopped as I saw my first love Maggie O’Halloran. But as I came closer I saw that it wasn’t my Maggie but her daughter and we talked awkward as it was but soon after it went along smoothly and we went from there. For the first time in a century it felt normal to just rejoin society albeit only at night though the dreadfully sob story bullshit I offered her immortality by my side and it was truly heart breaking I wanted her, no not her I wanted the memory of Maggie I know it’s wrong but I just couldn’t bear to alone with no one but I kept my word. I stayed by her side until she passed as crimson tears flowed from my eyes something I hadn’t done in ages I wept for her.

I was there when the first Independence Day was christened dressed as a Yankee I drank with them all and fucked every whore I came across whether the fella before me had just finished I didn’t care after all sharing is caring right? Once fucking and drinking became boring I decided to go about killing my funniest kill was stealing one of the rockets well actually two of them one I shoved up a guy’s ass and lit the rocket watching the poor sap cry and whine then laughed as the rocket exploded after all it was halfway up his ass. The second rocket I shoved down a whore’s throat and watched her explode and crazily enough her tits slapped me in the face which brought a gut wrenching laugh out of me. After all the festivities had gone to rest I slept for so many years that was until I woke up in the 1800's.

1825, Ireland Coast

I climbed out of my earthly grave refreshed and energized I stood there shaking the dirt from my clothes then pausing to inhale the fresh ocean breeze on Mother Ireland’s coast because you see I was born from a Scottish mother and Irish father as you well know Scotland and Ireland folk go together like fine wine and cheese on a sunny picnic day. I just gazed out over the beautiful coast as the sweet warm ovary in the distance finished upon it’s descent into sleep casting a once in a lifetime view over the crystal blue depths and the smell of purity overwhelms you but I left that view and went to the nearest village where I was welcomed with open arms, hot bath, and clean clothes. I ventured off towards the mainland when I was but halfway there I smelled death and paused sniffing around like a dog then heading east I found what the smell was and halted before the small two floor house nostrils flaring.
It was him that son of a bitch Greenwich that I smelled he was dying and chuckled to myself. Oh what fortune had bestowed at my feet. The rat fuck who had turned me out 200 years ago was dying in the building before me. So I did what fate would slow up on. Moving quick as a cat I stood in the shadows of his bedroom as he lay there covered up to mid chest in wool white covers and a blue pillow resting behind his head coughing and hacking.
I leaned just out of the shadows letting the left profile of my face show as I called to him.
“Master you seem to be doing well”
“Th-th-th-Thaxter is that you my boy?” he hacked pushing himself to sitting position eyes weary and tired.
“What brought you to such a lowly state master?” I asked luring him into a false sense of loyalty.
“I’m old dear boy come closer let me get a good look at you” he said lighting the lamp by the bedside table shining at me as I approached.

I stood at the end of the bed clad in all black except for my navy blue 17th century duster as I clenched and unclenched my fists then without warning I flew into action. Yanking the covers away from his frail and weak figure I secured his neck his red eyes wild with terror as I dragged him out of bed then cast him down the steps laughing, watching and listening to him cry as he tumbled down the stairs. I have to admit to you reader listening and watching someone fall down the stairs is very fucking funny you know it and I know it. I snatched up the lantern and made my way downstairs laughing as I watched Alastair crawl away from my approach.
“Go on crawl it only makes me harder”
“I’ve only wanted what was best for you”
“Best? HA you’re pathetic” I said in ghastly voice given to me by syphilis but when the vampire blood flowed into me it only healed the infection but since my vocal cords had been destroyed before that the blood could only repair so much.
I sat the lantern on the countertop and grabbing the back of his longjohns hoisted him up bending him over the table and ripping the back of his longjohns open I snickered undoing my trousers letting my ten inch cock free and I rammed every inch into his dry tight old asshole grunting and groaning as I began raping his ass.
“Hurts don’t it? This is only a sample of what I endured thanks to you” I cackled thrusting faster and deeper feeling blood spill over my cockmeat.
“You’d attack a weak old man? Pathetic excuse for a killer”
“I told you that I’d come back after the Holy War was over I’d come back and fucking kill you myself and make you suffer worse than I did guess what? I’M BACK and look at you no one to protect you because I killed them all on the battlefield in the Holy War of 1735" I sneered hearing him sob underneath me as we rocked the table back and forth. Then once I came in his wrinkled old ass I pulled out with force and reaching down I broke arms at the elbows and his kneecaps savoring the sound of howling pain as I rolled him onto his back.

Reaching into my jacket I produced a piece of paper unrolling it and showing it to him his eyes went wide with horror at the realization of the drawing that he drew 200 years ago.
“No” he uttered in shock.
“Yes” I said grinning wildly and continued. “Time for you to go through the same 24 hours of pain I endured for two years straight” I finished laying the picture of his pocket watch on the counter and commenced raping, beating, torturing, and finally feeding all of his blood. Dawn broke through when I was finished and Alastair Greenwich was lying his kitchen table soaked in piss, shit, cum, blood, burn marks, lash wounds, stab wounds, his cock sticking out of his mouth, a table leg protruding out of his ass, and his neck snapped with eyes dangling from their sockets. Gathering the oil stored in the shed I poured it throughout the house and looking at the dead son of a bitch prick laying on the table then to the drawing on the counter I said “Ashes to Ashes motherfucker may you rot in hell” and swung the lantern down onto his oil soaked body vacating the premises before being engulfed by the flames of sweet dire freedom. I knelt in the grass before the bonfire, a mixture of joyful pandemonium and overwhelming sorrow at finally being free of that monster’s clutches. I felt invigorated as the sun’s rays kissed my skin and yet I didn’t burn I felt warmth for the first time since I was 14 and my tears were fresh and red but not tears of sorrow and pain mingled with anguish, they were tears of pure joy and newfound happiness and peace.

When the 1900's rolled around I slept off and on every couple of years but to make sure I didn’t miss anything I sired a little boy named Tobias Henshaw and while I slept we shared a telepathic link so instead of dreaming I saw the wonders the modern world was going to offer it was truly wonderful my own movie inside of my head. 1920 to 1959 was just boring when the 60's came through I stayed awake and watched Woodstock with my own eyes, saw black men hung from trees because of color, Martin Luther King’s speech live, JFK assassinated, and many other events. It wasn’t until the 1970's that I took up murdering and raping again both human and vampire because I simply didn’t give a fuck about anyone but myself. And deep inside I felt this pang of emptiness but I never addressed it even when I ran the knife across the male vampire’s throat in Wisconsin in August 1973.
Yes this was where my killing spree started I was simply bored and moving all around the States I killed random people feeding off them as they died in my arms, raped innocent people for shits and giggles. I wore black throughout my whole life because bright colors were never really my thing after all how’s a raping murderer like gonna look in pink and yellow as I rape some helpless bitch in a California subway? Seriously. I traveled to New York letting Tobias to do as he pleased never to hear from him again and at Studio 54 I fucked so many guys and girls snorted so much coke I was out of my mind the world spun before me. But I had to admit cocaine was much better than opium and when you mix it with vampire ashes you feel like Dracula himself.

I went from the East Coast to the West Coast over and over killing and burning people inbetween my trips. Caused car accidents, snap the necks of animals, laughed at dying people as they cried feebly for my help. Through the 80's and 90's I watched the world change yet again. New forms of music, styles of clothing, cars and trucks, hairstyles, foods, weapons, wars, television, radio, religions, and races. Though the funny thing about radio if I didn’t hear a particular song I would personally find my way to the DJ’s station and during a commercial break I’d persuade him to play my song and he did after seeing the collection of blades I kept upon my person. The song I wanted to hear was “Rooster” by Alice In Chains very good song if you haven’t heard it then I suggest going out and finding it. As the millennium approached I did have some fears about it but they soon passed all the bullshit buzz about Y2K made me laugh but hey that’s society stir up a craze people freak me out, stir up a frenzy people go rabid with fear. And during these two decades my killing styles had changed too I went from the traditional values of killing someone to experimenting with chemicals, electricity, vehicles, basically whatever wasn’t nailed down I used to violate and maim that person. I finally settled myself in NYC around 2000 and what better way than to rape some random piece of pussy.

I had been stalking a sexy hot redhead with a figure that has made me so horny to show her my ways of pain and pleasure. We’re in the bottom of a parking garage and she's walking to her piece of shit Benz jet black in color four door with all the accessories added from the $60,000 deal that she paid for. I licked my lips yearning for her blood and that sweet pussy and keg tapping ass of her's so unzipping my fly letting my dick hang out behind my black leather trenchcoat already rock hard for her I move in closer licking my lips letting fangs come out for play to feed as I rape her senseless. Quicker now I’m behind her invisible to her eyesight and as she unlocks the passenger side door, I press my bod against her's lifting her coat up and whispers in her ear "You scream bitch and I'll kill you" she nods and says nothing as I tore her panties free, yanked her coat off, lifted her skirt up and sees thigh highs and kisses the right side of her neck and she lets out a whimpering moan as I giggle with delight "God I love Thigh Highs baby" as I ram my cock into her o-ring over and over again spanking her while she cries for me to stop in her mind but dares not to scream for help knowing the consequence of that action. I came thick in her ass and moans saying "Wow! now turn around I wanna pop that cherry good and hard" and she does looking me in the eye with a look of fear and stimulation she leans against the car and says "I kinda like this" touching my dick briefly only to have my cold left hand hold it in place and she is forced to jerk me off but she pulls her hand back and replies "No finish it dumb ass" I growled rasing my hand but doesn't hit her instead I grab her top with the other and rip it open and moans burying his face in double D tits and rock hard ribbed nipples biting and tugging on them then I stuck my pecker into her virgin pussy hard listening to her cry out as I laughed like Joker massaging her breasts and pulls her nipples, penetrating with no shame over and over again as she wraps her right leg around his left holding me to her he smiling and nibbling on her neck on the left side as she cries out "Fuck me Thaxter Rape me Thaxter"And I did for a good 30 minutes. Finishing with her dripping wet pussy I said
"Now that my pole's greased you wanna clean it off?" and she replies "Your not gonna kill me?" "No not yet anyway I'll make you into something better" I replied rubbing his saturated cock for her and she watches and licks her lips and says "Cum a little for me big boy and I'll clean your pole" she answers tearing off her top and kneeling before my giant cock at which point I’m jerking off and in fact I do cum a little and she moans and takes it into her mouth bobbing her head and pumping me up to explode in her mouth. I watch her pulling her hair hard and she yelps sliding my cock out of her mouth
"Relax babe it makes me hornier for you" I spoke ramming my cock back down her throat causing her to cough a little and groan and once again she pulls my cock out of her mouth and pumps it between her giant tits moaning
"OOoooo Thaxter Jones I want you to fuck me again baby" I moan and respond with
"I'm gonna jizz on your tits then I wanna jizz in that pretty mouth of yours bitch" so she pumps me and bobs her head over and over until I jizz on her tits and in her pretty little mouth. I held her head in place tightly as my dick is halfway in her mouth, my right hand is pumping into her mouth until it hurts my cock, next I pull her up and just as I go to bend her over she stops him
"I wanna lick your cum off my tits Thaxter dear" and he watches as she pushes her tits together and licks her sweater puppets moaning and he replies rubbing her twat
"You dirty little cunt god you make me so fucking hard!" After that raping her sweet round ass was fun pulling her hair tight penetrating over and over making her orgasm nonstop and I cumming just the same. Then she pulls me into the car, puts both the seats down, puts the parking brake up and mounts it while I’m sitting in the backseat stark naked watching her ride the parking brake masturbating for my own amusement in the parking garage inside her car. Oh I pulled and twisted her nipples making her cry out louder and louder begging for more after that was over we went back to my apartment in Hell's Kitchen where I setup shop after Y2K. As soon as we got to my place we got out and I lead her into the intersection and said
"Let's fuck in the street cum burper" and she said
"Call me your little cum burpring slut" Pushing her down onto the wet dirty street I rammed my cock into her pussy and smiled "My little cum burping slut" and she moaned gyrating her hips against my legs secured about my waist I raped and fucked her senseless then carried her up to my apartment where they had more sex that included bondage, cutting, and turning the sexy redhead into my vampire bitch.

After a time I grew sick of the redhead and killed her myself then I happened upon a woman in an alleyway in SOHO viciously murdering a poor man who by the looks of it just wanted to cop a feel well she wanted to cut a feel off of him. She was clad in leather: thigh high boots, jacket, bustle, and shorts. I admired the serrated knife she used though if it was me I’d of used a scalpel sharper and more efficient at cutting deeper but when you want to carve someone a serrated edge is the way to go. Her skin was grey pale, her hair was short and brown, and when she wheeled upon me her eyes were green like Maggie’s.
I stood before her and chuckled.
“Amateur vampire” I hissed softly tracing her left cheek.
“So what’s it to you? Can’t you see I’m busy here” she said pointing at the dying man before our feet.
“Please help me” he croaked.
“I don’t really care what you’re doing why don’t you make me leave?” I proposed.
“Maybe I should”
“Someone help me”
“Goddammit I don’t like being interrupted!” I roared and swiftly snapped the bastard’s neck satisfied with the quiet alley to ourselves and leaning up I caught her right hand twisting the wrist hearing the knife clattered onto the ground I smirked as she fought to get free but I grabbed her by the throat and slammed against the brick wall matching her wild gaze with my wolf eyes.
“What is your name?”
“AJ and you?” she asked in a frightened tone.
“Thaxter Jones” I grinned broadly smelling the fear ooze off of her and checking her out she was husky and filled out in every right place no wonder the poor sap wanted to cop a feel.
“You’re mine!” I said scooping her up her screams drowned out by the traffic of downtown car horns and people mindlessly chattering.

I arrived at my studio apartment in Hell’s Kitchen and throwing her into my big bedroom I ordered her to strip. Of course she fought with me so I made it very clear that if she tried to fight me it would be a pointless skirmish, so she obeyed sniffling and crying.
“How old are you dear child?” I asked unbuttoning my ruffled white long sleeve by Christian Dior and laying it on the back of the chair.
“27 I was turned when I was 17" she answered through tears covering her body up best she could course that only stirred my cock into action as I approached taking in her 5'9 figure.
“Ah you are but a baby vampire still a practical virgin” I chuckled and pounced her getting onto all fours on the bed my cock poised to rape her fresh wet twat.
“Wait please don’t do it!” she cried shaking beneath me.
“And why shouldn’t I? Tell me that”
“Because I didn’t suck your cock and I do give the best blowjobs” she offered chuckling uneasily.
“Really now and what makes you the best?” I said leaning back standing straight up towering before her.
“Most vampire bitches bite into the vein on a cock and drain the guy dry I don’t do that”
“Turn around and prove yourself” I said as she spun around still shaken but determined she lay with her legs bent and stacked right on top of left, full supple round breasts and taut hard nipples hung before me like globes waiting to be caressed. The curve of her waist sent shivers up my spine causing my cock to twitch under my black leather jeans by Wrangler. She pulled me to her with her right index finger hooking the belt loop and one handed undid my jeans and tugging them down partly she fished out my meat with her mouth tongue everso gently brushing against it and I hissed moaning softly while she chuckled then gasped.
“Wow you’re huge!” she stared wide eyed at my ten inches of steel.
“Ten inches of steel raping power hangs before you” I smiled ruffling her hair.
“Never had a big one like this before god you’re so thick” she admired pumping my shaft slowly then running her tongue up the underside she purred playfully and said “And you taste yummy”
So she began giving me the best blowjob I had ever had. Moving her tongue in a zig zag pattern all over my shaft then coming off to bite into my left hip and drink a little blood then she went back and swallowing half with my blood in her mouth I groaned as I felt my own blood mixed her saliva and juicy lips wrapped around mmmmmm I gave into her. She bobbed her head taking the whole thing with ease. Her tongue caressed my balls which were the size of jumbo marshmallows and her hands just worked all over my upper and lower body I could not take the wanton sexual pleasure she was giving me. Hell just looking down at her sucking and nibbling around the base rolling her tongue along the thickness of my member drove me crazy and I exploded all over her hard and thick.

“Mmmmmm now that was a load of cum” she giggled at the globs of cum on her tits and swallowing the large load in her mouth I groaned panting and cried out as she bit into the vein gently and fed for a few minutes then came off licking her lips and I watched as a trail of blood trickled from the corner of her mouth while she smiled at me gazing up to me with her left eye fully dilated.
“Wanna break me in Thaxter?” came her husky sultry offer and I took it hook, line, and sinker.
We went all night into the morning hours of 7:15 and passed out having done every position known and some I made up myself, God she was a vigorous piece of ass and I would not let her slip through my fingers. I would mold her into my own twin. By the time we actually finished the sheets were lined with sweat, blood, oils, cum from me and her but riddled with true passion. My fires were reignited once again by AJ and together we went on the most violent and memorable killing spree ever done.

We maimed from coast to coast, small towns, even the most remote areas of the world raping and murdering those we came across. The males we came across were so funny like the Manhattan bookie I sucked him off then she came in and rode his cock while I reamed his virgin asshole then we finished by ripping his throat out and I’d yank his pecker off and shove it in his ass while she sucked me dry using his blood for lubrication and I gotta say her coated in blood sucking my cock off mmmm worth an endless amount of words. Just the way she knelt with her knees together, breasts smushed into each other with blood dripping off the tips of her nipples with her head bobbing lips sucking like a Dyson vacuum, yep that’s how good she is at sucking dick.
About ten years later after we had killed close to 120 different people, AJ and I settled down once I find out that she was pregnant with twins I took a break from killing to watch over my latex princess as she gave birth to our daughters, Angie & Karey course the funny thing was that Angie was dark and Karey was white since AJ was mixed it didn’t bother me but as I stood there holding Angie and she held Karey in Mercy General Hospital Pediatrics Wing I couldn’t help but think that my legacy would continue on within our daughters. She saw it in my eyes and smiled as she lay there panting evenly face plastered in sweat as was her gown from the chest to her tummy.
“Ugh I feel like shit” AJ groaned shifting in the bed as I took Karey into my left arm while she stripped off her sweated up gown and sat there naked wiping away the tee shirt of sweat that had accumulated upon her juicy engorged tits and drying herself off I looked from Angie to Karey and smiled proud of my children.
“See that’s your mommy isn’t she a hot piece of ass?”
“Don’t teach them that just yet here let me have Angie she’s gonna fuss in a minute” AJ said wrapping a towel around her arm and leaning down she scooped Angie from my right arm and guided her mouth to her right nipple and AJ winced softly then chuckled.
“Least she’s not as hard as you are”
“Yeah well you know me” and I smiled sitting down rocking Karey slowly as she yawned adorably and nestled into her blanket.

After settling into the OCD routine of having kids and finding a babysitter along with a free night to relax, the twosome went out on a killing spree feeling very rejuvenated being unchained from the manacles of parenthood. Thaxter and AJ slaughtered a church congregation leaving all but the priest alive and Thaxter did that on purpose for he dropped to a knee patched in blood just like AJ and taking her right hand her swiped the blood slick hair on his head back chuckled then proposed to her. “AJ I’ve truly found my exact equal in slaughter, lust, & companionship not to mention mother to our two beautiful daughters will you do me the honor of being my unholy wife?” he said offering her a bloody sapphire ruby diamond ring off the finger of some wealthy bitch I ripped in half but before she could answer the cops rushed in guns blazing so we both slaughtered the cops and as the blood sprayed she shouted over the gunfire and blood curdling screams “YES! I’ll marry you!” and severed the head from the female officer’s shoulders and took the ring upon her finger turning to the priest he cowered in fright at the sight of us, but read the vows and we were married in that bloody massacre. After the massacre we checked into a local Motel 6 and consummated our unholy union first thing she did was rip her bloody shirt open letting her succulent DD’s jiggle and bounce out then I seized her nipples and sucked every baby bottle-shaped inch of them. Lost in wanton lust we sexed ourselves till we had our fill of each other and when that wasn’t enough we went again in the shower and there ain’t nothing sexier than her soaking wet head to toe wanting every impactful inch of ten inch steel rod.

Once we took a restful nap we treated the other hotel guests to a much needed mini orgy. We fucked and sucked the men and women and as for the ones who brought their kids well the kids got treated to a very arousing show of passion not to mention the little boy who saw AJ’s tits and said with a cute voice “Wow she’s got big boobs and their bigger than my mommy’s can I suck on them?” and his request was granted. All in all the whole experience was gratifying, exciting, eye-opening, and just plain wicked.

On the way back home to relieve the babysitter of her duties, AJ chuckled clinging to my right arm in a borrowed black hoodie by Guess, black sweats with pink stripes up the sides by Baby Phat, and white sneakers by Sketchers. I wore my leather duster by Calvin Klein and leather stretch jeans by Lee adorned with my size 16 Carolina steel toe boots.
“What’s so funny?”
“Nothing just remembering the whole fuck fest we did”
“Ahh yes that was most exciting my dick is still tingling for more”
“Really now? Well then why don’t you fuck the babysitter?”
“I don’t know she’s not my type”
“I’ll eat her out first then you join in”
“I know for a fact she’s a virgin I could smell it on her”
“I’m sold let’s go pop the babysitter” entering their house they found the babysitter sitting on the couch clad in a blue plaid mini skirt by Oshkosh, black Timberland boots, twin white shirts one a halter top by St. John’s Bay and the button down by Ten West. She had long blonde hair, soft blue eyes, small average sized lips, minor blemishes, 34 C tits, 5'7, ass a quarter the size of AJ’s, and weighed 129.

AJ approached her first while I scooped up Karey who was sleeping beside her and took her upstairs to lay her in the crib and when I came back down I found Angie in her bouncy seat cooing at Veggie Tales on the 57 inch flat screen by RCA. Then my attention was drawn to AJ who was sitting on the right side of the couch her hoodie a quarter unzipped showing a small amount of cleavage.
“So tell me Tabby what would you say to me feeling you up?”
“Excuse me but what makes you think I want that from you?”
“Well for one my tits are bigger than yours and I saw you sneaking some peeks at them before we left so I know your somewhat interested in seeing them or touching them, two my husband has a big cock and he wants to give it to you” Tabby looked over at me giving me the once over and returned her attention to AJ.
“Well I am jealous of your tits and at the same time I wouldn’t mind having a little fun” Tabby smirked then said “So you don’t mind if I suck your hubby’s cock while you watch?”
“Who said I watching dear? I’m gonna be eating that sweet virgin pussy of yours” AJ chuckled teasing Tabby’s clit underneath her skirt then she slid into her lap unzipping her hoodie completely shrugging it off letting her 42 DD breasts jut forth and Tabby gasped in amazement and shortly thereafter went to town on her tits. Then I came into the room and Tabby seized my crotch and gasped wide-eyed at the girth and length of my meat soon we were involved in an underage cherry popping three way on the couch.

Ah those were the times of our lives: fucking and maiming when we pleased, raising our daughters to be part of my legacy but also teaching them the fundamentals of society and education not to mention the law itself.

Twenty Years Later

“Tonight’s news starts off with the gruesome headline story that has burned up broadcast journalism over the past ten weeks” the middle-aged 50 year old brown haired male spoke shuffling his papers and clearing his throat. “A string of rash murders has spread across the upper Midwest and has found it’s way to The Big Apple. The victims were found to have been raped, tortured, and then appeared to have died of asphyxiation via a plastic grocery bag tied with duct tape around their head or in the most recent case police have said that Saran Wrap was used on the latest victim 29 year-old Susan Brangle. No more details have been released on the high profile murder investigation but stay tuned to Channel 17 News for more updates and now the----“ the television set exploded from a size 16 chrome black Carolina steel toe work boot that recoiled itself to sit beside it’s brother.
“Goddamn news just pisses me off stupid worthless cunts I told them stick with grocery bags it was simple but NO one of them had to deviate from the original plan after everything I ever taught them this is the fucking thanks I get” the man rasped in his ghastly voice taking a swig from his 15th Budweiser Select bottle setting the half empty bottle on the floor next to the bottle’s clansmen of a 30 pack.
He had stringy chalk white hair, wild crazed wolf eyes, Cheshire cat smile with matching needle point teeth that were grimy yellow and his breath reeked of rotted cabbage mixed with month old dead bodies. His body was lanky but since he was a vampire his strength was incredible but as you see his spooky white flesh it’s sickly; riddled with needle marks from shooting up heroin, household cleaners, & whatever else he could find sometimes he’d shoot up cologne and his body would smell like that surprisingly enough. He was slightly attractive despite his grotesque nature. His cock was ten inches of steel raping power when the mood struck him but as of his later years he just didn’t have it in him anymore but when his two offspring cunts got home one of them would get it for disobeying his legacy, for he himself had made headlines 77 years ago.

As he lit a Winston with his Darksiders flip top Zippo he inhaled softly remembering how his picture had been all over the news for he racked up a body count of 273 worldwide. Rapes, murders, tortures, arson, vehicular manslaughter & homicide, water boarding, and the list went on but with every case he raped his victim with every tool that he could his hands on. It wasn’t about just ripping the bitches cunt apart it was about making a statement. And the statement was that he could and would break you. Much like the time he purposefully wrecked a woman coming home from a Tupperware party 0ooooh how he savored the sound of her flesh being ripped from the twisted metal collision and while he raped her ass or what was left of it he took the Tupperware containers that had spilled all over the road and sang “YMCA” with each thrust keeping in rhythm each thrust. The woman screamed as he came inside of her then pulling out he tried to penetrate her pussy but frowned as he felt pubic hair.
“You don’t shave now that’s gonna be an easy fix” and with a sharp yank he ripped off the patch of flesh and finished her off.

When the police arrived on the scene they found her half naked, dead, her legs pinned to the hood of the car with the car bumper which he had broke in half to spread her legs wide for a better angle, her breasts sitting on the end of two forks one of each stabbed handle first into her head and her neck snapped. Then he thought about the present situation his bloodline had put him as the cocaine laced Winston burned down to half. Course it was better days before they lost their mother in a violent police standoff 26 years ago. Back then they were the true Clan Malum Asperitas, the Four Horsemen of 21st century homicidal tendencies. God she was amazing when the two of them were out on a kill she’d seduce the poor bastard and I’d ram my cock straight up his ass then we’d maim the hell out of him and fuck each other senseless, the blood just squishing beneath us, covering us, lubricating us mmmm such memories, sweet archaic memories.

He plucked his pierced cock and balls free from the crotch of his tight stretch leather pants by L.E.I. then reached up his black muscle shirt by Jerzees and scratched his chest then sniffed as he finished the filter of his Winston flicking it onto the floor, standing up he heard his girls coming up the steps of their house along with the jeering kids taunting them. He stood at the window watching a small smirk curving his face as he remembered his 50th victim and the song he sang to little 7 year old Betty Dotkins:

One, Two Thaxter’s coming for you

Three, Four he’ll make you his whore

Five, Six don’t use a crucifix

Seven, Eight gonna get raped

Nine, Ten become undead again

but he left her alive to spread his calling card and when that wasn’t enough for when he killed five high profile victims he used their blood to paint one line from his song at each killzone. As his girls entered the front door, Thaxter heard them giggling and without missing a deaf beat he snatched up the half empty bottle smashing it over the head of the first one in the door and slammed her against the fireplace kicking her legs apart, ripping the back of her sweats open he poised his steel hard rod a quarter of the way inside but what was different this time was he put on a spiked vibrating cuff which would rip her asshole completely up but she’d heal within three days time.
“WHICH ONE OF YOU USED THE SARAN WRAP?!” he barked over his screaming firstborn as he pushed till half his member was engulfed and blood ran down her legs.
“DADDY IT WAS MY IDEA BUT IT WAS ANGIE WHO MADE IT ALL BETTER THOUGH!” his other daughter shouted over her sister’s cries.
Thaxter wrapped his hand around Angie’s mouth silencing the pleas which made him harder so he stopped mid-thrust and looked at his daughter who was on the crusty floor kneeling begging her father to stop.
“Tell me what you both did EXACTLY” he growled.

Angie’s sister Karey began with how they spotted the older woman and quickly explained how they couldn’t find any young couples out on a Sunday night so they followed her. Shadowing her every move from cover until the entered the nearby park area where they raped and murdered her. First Angie faked a broken ankle whimpering for help and as the lady came into the park, bent down to assist her faked injury, Angie got her in a head scissor while Karey dropped from the trees and slapped a strip of duct tape over her mouth then proceeded to break the woman’s arms, hands, legs, and feet leaving her paralyzed and trapped. Then began the sexual assaulting Karey started with the kissing, nibbling, and suckling while Angie pulled out her Italian switchblade joining the sexual teasing in gruesome matrimony with small shallow cuts here and there. Next came fingers ripping clothes open exposing more flesh which was devoured by hungry vampire sisters. Fangs pierced ample flesh sucking rich fast pumping red nectar out of the puncture wounds and down their greedy hungry throats. Then came the giggling as they watched and listened to the squishing sounds the ballpen hammer made going in and out of her butt, after all they were both 18 and seniors in high school and had been killing since they were 10 course by the time they were 14 he had broke them both into pure matured killing machines; the heirs of his majestic bloody legacy.

Once the raping was done, Angie reached into her duffel bag and pulled out plastic Saran Wrap and began applying it around the head of the slowly dying used up woman when Karey spoke up panting as she masturbated at a half even pace to the woman’s crescendo of death.
“Ange why don’t you use the Weis grocery bag that we’ve always used?” she moaned wanting to squirt before her sister finished.
“Well I wanted to try something new after all we waste tape doing that plastic bag shit this is much ughh easier” she responded grunting as she pulled the wrap tightly about the woman’s face then sat beside her sister watching her play with herself then unbuttoning her shirt she let her 38 C cup breasts out nipples taut in the cool evening of September and went down on her sister using the switchblade to cut her sister’s thighs as she wiggled her tongue with precision around and inside her pussy.
The pair of them finished 30 minutes later and left the park giggling and holding hands.

“And that’s exactly what happened Daddy honest truth” Karey said as Angie nodded and Thaxter let go of Angie’s mouth letting her suck in a breath then she gasped as he forced the other half of his member into her bleeding ass.
“How did she make it all better?”
“I left your name on the tree beside the bitch’s body” Angie smiled tears streaming as his member twitched within her the spikes penetrating deeper.
“Really? What did you paint exactly?”
“Thaxter wuz here” Angie beamed proudly grinding into his pelvis wanting more.
“Hmmm now to punish your sister Karey dear rimjob your father” he grinned pushing his pants down showing his tight pale ass.
“But Daddy I don’t wanna toss your salad I didn’t do anything wrong” Karey frowned and hesitating.
“You’ll do it and LIKE IT” he growled thrusting into Angie’s ass even harder and with a pout, Karey obeyed her father and performed as he wished.
“If you lick the shit I’ll let you bathe in blood and walk around naked” he added groaning closing in on climax this made Karey gag as her tongue brushed against dried feces and toilet paper so she pried it loose and swallowed it stifling a gag.
The incestuous three way lasted only another fifteen minutes then later that night Karey got her wish and walked around naked coated in blood.

The following week Thaxter reminisced about the old days when his style of diabolical mayhem was the shit and their new age fascination of suffocation. It was so juvenile to just choke someone to death, sure if you were fucking somebody and they wanted choked till they jizzed and orgasmed for each other. But for his girls they apparently loved choking people to death and they always took it a step further each time like Saturday night.

Saturday night, Lower Queens, NY
8:43 p.m.

Angie and Karey walked down through the park area of Alley Pond Park caped in various brands of clothing. Angie wore Playtex clay brown colored bra housing her 32 DD’s, yellow St. John’s Bay polo shirt, Gucci cargo capri’s, Victoria’s Secret lipstick red thong, and Converse red sneakers with no socks. Karey wore a sky blue Baby Phat short sleeve shirt with the cat logo on it, her blonde hair in a neat ponytail secured by a scrunchie by Sunci, matching lavender bra and thong set by Ralph Lauren, skin tight beat up blue denim jeans by Paco encased her semi curvy legs, and mid top orange sneakers by Sketchers coated her feet. Both of them were sisters but Karey was white and Angie was light chocolate. They both stood 5'8 and weighed 167 pounds each and they had major sexual appeal and smarts which is why no one would think that they would be responsible for the killings of recently.
As they walked Angie pouted.
“This sucks no one’s out here cept for that douchebag getting head from a transvestite over there” she griped.
“Then where do you wanna go then?”
“I don’t know but I do know I wanna do this” and she lifted her shirt and bra up letting her full smooth tender breasts and tight hard nipples mash against the tree the coarseness of the bark relaxing her tense sensitive bodice and dry humping the tree for a few minutes she sighed smiling adjusting her clothes and chuckled.
“Better now?” Karey asked shaking her head.
“Yep now let’s go to the Bowery”
“Okay let’s go then” and both of them vanished into the night and reappeared in The Bowery.

The Bowery, New York City
17 minutes later

They arrived and walked around till they spotted an abandoned warehouse where a gothic couple was sitting under the lightpost talking amongst themselves. So the twosome approached smelling their fresh blood underneath all that poser makeup, and standing before both of them Karey spoke.
“So what’s going on?”
“Not much” replied the 15 year old guy with spiked green hair with facial piercings.
“Ahhh typical Saturday night in the Bowery huh?” Angie chimed in smiling softly.
“Yeah you guys looking to score or something cuz me and my boyfriend here were just gonna smoke some weed if you’re interested” the girl with dark black hair tinted with pink said shaking a baggy of joints.
“Fuck yeah but we have a better proposal” Karey chuckled playfully.
“Oh and what’s that?” the guy chimed in surveying Angie’s tits then her sister’s sitting up more comfortably and unzipping the baggy and fishing out four joints first handing the sister’s theirs then one to his girl and one for himself zipping it back up while his girl lit Angie and Karey’s then both of theirs.
“Well how bout she sucks your cock and I eat your girl out?” Karey said pointing to her sister then at herself.
The guy coughed roughly and chuckled then said “Are you two serious?”
“As a heart attack so who you do want to polish your knob?” Angie asked twirling her frizzy short brown hair with cream colored highlights on the ends.
“Wait a minute you two are hookers right? I mean nobody especially two hot fine looking babes as yourselves would just waltz up outta nowhere and offer blowjobs and pussy eating for free like that”
“Nope not hookers too clean for that shit so who do you want on your cock?” Karey asked licking her lips hungrily.
“Hang on Brent I don’t know about this” the girl whimpered worried.
“Just relax Cheryl its only a bj and besides you’re getting eating out that’s pretty fuckin epic in my book”
“I’m not up for this sorry” Cheryl said and got up to leave but was quickly pushed back down by Karey.
“Well I’m sucking your dick since you’ve been gawking at my tits the most” Angie said smiling and kneeling unzipping Brent’s fly then freeing his semi awakened boner sucked on the head softly following up with a quick deepthroating.
“Holy shit mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” he moaned as Angie worked her magic, meanwhile Karey knelt and ripped the crotch of Cheryl’s pants open tore away her Hello Kitty underwear licking and fingering her sweet virgin cunny.
“No STOP mmmmmmmm I don’t like that” Cheryl moaned her body betraying her and eyes pleading for Brent to make her stop.
“Wow she’s better than you babe just go with it I’ll still love you after this” Brent chuckled moaning and groaning as Angie sucked and sucked then licked and swirled her tongue around his firemen’s helmet.
“I don’t think there’s gonna be an ‘after this’ kiddies” Karey said tearing her victim’s pants wider and eating more vigorously which made Cheryl scream and moan uncontrollably her body again betraying her but she liked how the girl’s tongue worked around her clit and plunged itself deep into her pussy and the way her fingers probed her g-spot she just couldn’t deny it, Cheryl was enjoying herself.
“What do you mean by that oooooohhhhhhh right there mmmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaahhhh lemme see those big black tits never seen black tits before” he chuckled lost in the throes of the free blowjob Angie administered and she obliged lifting her shirt and bra up letting her 32 DD’s spill out which were quickly gobbled up by his ravenous hands and Angie came off his rock hard seven inch cock with a loud pop and said
“Well you’re both gonna die but not before we fuck you good”
“Hey now I didn’t sign up to be killed I only wanted my cock sucked”
“Let me go please I want my mommy!” Cheryl cried trying to get away but Karey stopped that with a sharp loud double CRACK! Breaking Cheryl’s legs out of their sockets leaving her paralyzed under her snaking tongue working it’s magic to her clit.
Cheryl’s and Brent’s faces drained of blood and terror took over their wide eyed gazes and they both let out blood curdling screams.
“Oh please stop with the theatrics Jesus Christ I’ve heard enough of that to be bored now don’t ruin my mood I wanna finish this after all I’m actually horny now hearing your bitch’s legs snap like that” Angie chuckled fishing her shirt and bra off and deepthroated Brent’s yummy cockmeat but it was nothing compared to her father’s ten inch ramming rod.
The two preteens moaned and screamed underneath the sexual awakening they both were undergoing what started as an epic night turned into a twisted sexual nightmare.

“Come on Karey get your tits out sis I wanna see you topless it’s not fair” Angie whined as she stroked his cock feeling it twitch under her expert hands.
“Let me get this poser bitch’s out first I’m anxious to see what she’s packing up top” and with that Karey ripped Cheryl’s H.I.M. shirt open and yanked her bra off then frowned disappointed.
“A flat chested chink cunt how pathetic this is what pumps your nads and gets you hard as hell?” Karey said in disgust.
“Actually I’m what’s pumping his nads and got him hard as hell right now” Angie giggled licking the underside of his cock seeing his face turn bright red with shame tears streaming makeup running.
“Awww you made him cry suck his balls and he’ll feel better” Karey chimed in pulling her shirt and bra off letting her 38 C’s loose and leaned over to suck his grape sized balls gently while finger fucking his girlfriend who cried as Karey leaned on her dislocated left leg causing more pain.
“Please stop I’ll do anything if you don’t kill us” whimpered Brent wiping away his tears and smeared makeup.
“Anything?” Karey smiled teeth gleaming as her tongue trailed along the inside of her left thigh.
“Yes” he breathed heavily as Angie pumped him faster.
“Then cum on my sister’s tits and we’ll let you know if that’s enough” Karey said shrugging her shoulders.
“Oh okay” he said softly and watched as both Karey and Angie went to work on both of them once again and he came on Angie’s tits fairly good albeit the load wasn’t very big due to his excessive masturbating over the past three days but he did cum on her tits like he was told.
“Is that good enough?”
“Hmmm what do you think sis is it enough?” Angie said as Karey licked a wad off her left breast smacking her lips and looking at Brent shaking her head.
“Oh boy wonder what else you could do to make us satisfied” Angie smirked cleaning her tits off wiping his measly load on his cock.
“I know!” Karey beamed.
“What?” Angie and Brent said together.
“Break your bitch’s cherry” Karey smiled evilly.
“No not that!” Cheryl squealed.
“SHUT UP BITCH! No one asked you!” Karey barked backhanding Cheryl hard enough to draw blood from her left cheek.

Standing up, Brent had his pants yanked off by Angie while Karey lubed his throbbing member up for what he was about to do.
“You promise to let us go if I pop her cherry?”
“Yup Scout’s Honor” Angie said kissing the left side at the base of his shaft flicking her tongue lightly.
“Mmmhmm we promise to let you both go” Karey replied deepthroating his shaft moaning as she sucked him off and Angie worked his balls to increase the blood flowing to harden his prick. He enjoyed the double blowjob but felt ashamed and turned on at the same time but what he had to do would set them free from these freak siblings.
“Okay you ready big boy?”
“Okay then pop that cherry!” Angie said kneeling behind him probing his asshole with his finger licking his ear and nibbling at his neck causing him to blush deeper as he penetrated Cheryl’s vagina.
“Mmmm sometimes missing from this epic moment of virginity lost” Karey said stroking her chin thoughtfully then got up and went behind Angie. The two of them whispered softly and he felt relief from Angie’s probing finger only to cry out as Karey rammed a foot long strap on into his ass no lubrication so fresh blood was the means of lubing to keep the rhythm going.
“Now you both can fuck in sync” Angie said clapping her hands smiling happily as her sister anal raped Brent while he rammed deeper popping his girlfriend’s hymen and felt the fresh blood trickle over his shaft at the same time he exploded within her using her blood and juices to propel his ejaculation while Karey being slick as oil brandished the Saran Wrap across his face snug and tight continuing her butt fucking of him while he struggled to breathe but soon he went limp having turned lifeless in Karey’s arms and Cheryl’s.

Then throwing him onto the ground dead and lifeless, the sisters feasted on Cheryl’s bloody pussy licking and sucking and with hands adorned with sharp nails they ripped her vagina open even wider and drank deeply alternating between eating her out and sinking their fangs into her jugular & femoral arteries. Karey being on the right side leaning against Cheryl’s left thigh came away to fish out a plastic Giant grocery bag and fixing atop her head, her sister took the other side and held it down as they nursed both her tiny perky nipples whilst she spasmed both from her body’s betrayal and the onset of air depravation. Her lungs fought and sought out air while her fingernails raked into the skins of the sisters but it was a losing battle and 16 minutes later she was dead her eyes wide face stuck in an expression of utter terror.

Weeks went by before the twosome’s next kill came around. Thursday afternoon they came home from studying at the library doing research for school and on the various murderers throughout history including their beloved father, Thaxter Jones.
But when little could be found on their own dad they left and went straight to the source for more, as they came in the front they witnessed him at the kitchen table snorting vampire ashes mixed with roofies & Valium.
“Dad we wanted to know about your first kill” Angie asked setting her books down on the chair while Karey lingered over and french kissed his neck softly which brought a genuine smile to his lips which usually was covered with a sneer.
“Well girls you wanna know about daddy’s first kill? I’ll tell you but you both gotta take one hit of Watson-387 for me” he spoke holding two little white pills one for each of them which they both took without hesitation.
“Wow that’s stronger than the Special K/cocaine mixture along with the gasoline inhaler I took few months back” Karey said giggling sitting down at the table while her father tied his left arm off preparing a shot of grade A pure Mr. Brownstone which Angie injected for him smiling.
Thaxter convulsed violently but panned himself out and cackled tossing the needle onto the table and began his tale.

“It all started back in the 1700's”

Northern England, 1715

I was but a young vampire then when our kind was called demon, unholy, abomination, and the Devil’s children. I was out on my nightly stroll searching for my next victim when one of those ‘holier than thou’ people attacked me for being a creature of the night so I defended myself he came at me with a right cross I countered with a right hook sending him off balance. So I pounced him hands wrapped tightly about his throat growling as I barked at him.
“What gives you the fucking right to judge me?”
“You’re an abomination to the church!” the man croaked eyes bulging out of his skull halfway.
“I am the true alpha to your species you should be bowing down to me but now you must DIE!” and I strangled him tighter till I heard the bones snapping and popping as I crushed his larynx and wind pipe. The blood flowed from the corners of his mouth and I released him completely in shock at what I had done. I was shaking all over my hands trembling from the shock of my unnatural power. Sweeping my hair back I shuddered as his body lay there back half arched, face plastered in horror, eyes half rolled back into his skull. Then I heard the faint pulse of his heart and the thirst took over this little voice telling me that “go ahead it’s ok now feed you need to feed” while my mind reeled with my body’s reactions.
“But I can’t move I’ve just killed a man I never killed anyone before” my mind wept.
“It’s okay my friend just pull his dying body to you and feed and all will be better” the thirst spoke.
“But I just can’t” my mind said frightened.
“Here I’ll show you how to do it” the thirst said pushing my shocked nerves into action scooping the dying body up then guided my salivating fangs to dying pulse and forced my head down to puncture the jugular and working my jaw muscles I drank him dry.

“Wow you started off by strangling and you call us childish” Angie chuckled shedding her hoodie by Aeropostale which was green with a white logo leaving her in just a white undershirt by Hanes and lime green short shorts by Old Navy with low profile red/black sneakers by Nike.
“It is childish to just strangle or suffocate someone in this day and age you gotta step your game up” Thaxter stated laying his right hand flat upon the kitchen table and continued. “So whom did we learn about today?”
“BTK and Charles Manson” Karey said smiling tugging off her Old Navy black shirt showing off her yellow halter top by Louis Vuitton.
“And what did we learn from both of them children?”
“Well Manson was a pussy by gathering people which led to dissension in the ranks” Angie chimed in proudly.
“BTK was the master of being a true killer but not like you daddy” Karey added rubbing her father’s right thigh happily.
“Good job I am so very proud of you both after all killers nowadays just leech off of past murdering legends and always get caught I’ve never been caught cept for the shootout 26 yrs back but your mother sacrificed herself to keep our clan alive and don’t you ever forget that” he said looking from Karey to Angie and to the end of the table where their mother would’ve been sitting smiling proudly.
“We know daddy I miss her bedtime seductions when I was 15" Karey said holding his right hand firmly while Angie took his left tears shining at the brim of her eyes.
“I miss the murder stories she told me everytime I had a good dream then I’d sleep and have nightmares and wake up all better” Angie said giggling and sniffling.

Later that night they all lay in his full size bed, he nude and the two of them topless but wearing matching navy blue jersey shorts by Starter.
“You know I’m very grateful for what you’ve done for us” Karey said laying atop her father’s right breast.
“Oh and what’s that?” he pondered looking to Angie on his left while she smiled resting upon his left breast.
“That you took both our cherries because after all the shit we’ve been through you’re the one who showed us real love and what would be the point in having some pathetic mortal or immortal take what lay between our thighs?” Angie answered.
“Yes very true my child I was very surprised when you both approached me ten years ago and asked me. Of course I was shocked and bewildered at first but after I contacted your mother through the spirit world and she approved not to mention she was very proud of you both”
“I remember daddy you told us after you had finished contacting her” Karey chimed in kissing his right pierced nipple.
“But I’ve always wanted to know why did you choose me exactly?”
“Well we’ve seen you go through so many women unsatisfied and discarding them like filthy used condoms treating them like shit and we both debated on it I mean after all you were the one who taught us how to kill, how to survive, not to keep many people close to your heart for one day they would be taken away and the list goes on” said Angie sincerely nuzzling her father’s left cheek lovingly snuggling closer to her and her sister followed suit.
“Aww my sweet babies you’ve grown up so fast before my eyes and your mother’s too” and with that they slipped into the groove of sensual grief sex later falling asleep cuddling to their father happily safe.

The Past

It had been near a decade since Thaxter, Angie, & Karey had lost their mother and it was also their birthdays today. But it was a long time since Thaxter had felt any real kind of love much less affection towards a woman for none of them could take AJ’s place. His daughters knew this and still they encouraged him to try and get out there and find someone special but it just didn’t work out. Sure the occasional piece of ass sated his tragic broken heart it just didn’t heal that wound. So the girls took it upon themselves to cheer their father up.
“Happy birthday girls how was your day?”
“Thank you daddy and it was awesome Angie tell him about the jock who’s spleen you ruptured”
“That’s right he tried to get me to suck his cock but I wouldn’t so he shoved me around but I caught him good and ruptured his spleen just like you showed me” and Angie beamed hugging her father tightly and giving him a soft kiss followed by Karey.
“Well good I’m proud of you rape the rapist”
“Daddy? I have a question” Karey said tossing her bag against the chair and unzipping her yellow Aeropostale hoodie tossing that on the back of the couch showing off her taut figure underneath an ensemble of Abercrombie & Fitch that consisted of a white t-shirt, grey sweats, and sandals.
“Yes Karey what is it?”
“Well all know how lonely you’ve been and me and Angie wanna make it up to you”
“And how do you plan to do this exactly?”
“Well we want you to pop our cherries” Angie said leaning against his right side rubbing his crotch with her right hand.
“Wait a minute why me? Don’t you have any boyfriends who want them more?”
“No not really believe us we’ve tried to find the right guy and he’s not there he’s right in front of us” Karey said hugging her father tightly sniffling.
“Why you upset Karey?”
“I’m not I just really want this”
“Usually I’m the one giving gifts on birthdays not the opposite” and the girls chuckled both of them rubbing their father’s crotch.
“Fine you really want me to have both your cherries?” and both of them looked up beaming brightly at him.
“Allrighty then”

And so upstairs in their bedroom Angie and Karey readied their father for what would be the most memorable birthday ever. Karey knelt on the bed unzipping his fly and fishing his cock out sucked on the head softly as he was already half hard then devoured half of it sucking and bobbing damn near as good as AJ did next Angie came around and secured his right hip in soft sucking kiss that turned into a minor feeding. He groaned savoring the dual pleasure given to him by his loving daughters who wanted him to have what was most precious to them on their birthdays. Karey laid back shedding her shirt as Thaxter slid his right hand down her sweats to fondle her sweet lily to life and his expert hands tickled, traced, tugged, prodded, penetrated, & his fangs sank into her right breast which in turn exerted a moan from within her deepest reaches. She watched as her father drank from her breast enjoying every drop as he lifted his head from it blood dripping moaning deeply as Angie explored his back running her tongue up his spine purring as she reached around to stroke his mighty manhood.
“So who wants to go first?” Angie climbed over her father laid down beside the two of them and leaned over to kiss her sister and then her father and spoke
“I wanna watch Karey go first”
“Okay with me” Karey said licking her lips tongue rolling from right to left as she tugged on her father’s twitching wet prick and so father took daughter’s virginity while sister watched with tears of joy knowing that between the three of them, AJ would be proud of them. Then sister was next and she enjoyed the pleasuring pain of his father breaking her cherry more virgin blood upon his shaft which in itself excited him the most.
But the real pleasure came when he took their anal virginity and finishing by coating them in streams of his warm love juice for which they savored to the last sticky drop.

The Present

Friday was school was closed so they stayed at home watching Dexter taking notes and remembering to pack lightly for when they killed again tonight. When night came about they went out wearing matching camouflage; Angie wearing white, blue & black Karey wearing brown, green, & black by Rocky. Underneath they wore nothing because they needed maneuverability for the 13 year old couple they had been stalking since Monday at school. Following them from Burger King to Central Park, Karey patted her shoulder bag which had Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on it by Bandai that contained a roll of Caution tape, Reynolds mini roll of plastic wrap, Adventa Health medical gloves, a small spool of solid braid nylon rope white in color, KY brand warming jelly for later, & Bubblicious grape bubble gum for after. Angie texted her father to tell them where they were so he could watch them work their magic and he texted with “Right behind you to the left grab your sister’s ass I wanna see her jump lol” so she did reaching down casually and squeezed her right ass cheek which in turn made Karey jump slightly then nudge into Angie’s shoulder saying “Not now later you hornball” and Angie explained that daddy wanted her to so she shook her head and laughed then spotting their victims they each did a quick sweeping look around the area while Angie texted again asking if it was clear and her phone vibrated with a new text that read “Yes one sec couple on the bridge wait for my signal dead ahead to the right”
“What did he say?” Karey asked pausing in step.
“He said to wait there’s a couple ahead to the right on the bridge and to wait for his signal” so both of them looked to the bridge and saw the signal as Thaxter hypnotized them and escorted them to the opposite side of the park then texted back with “Standing at the large oak behind you fly unzipped”
“Daddy’s right behind us with his cock out ready to go” Angie chuckled softly.
“Showtime then” Karey said as she handed a quadruple layered sheet of plastic to her sis then got one out for her and moving stealthily they both in complete synchronization brought the plastic up and over the faces of the young Korean boy and Irish girl pulling tight working thick as thieves they fed half out of each body taking turns as the air supply lessened for the couple. Once the couple had passed out they dragged their bodies to the nearby tree. Karey shrugged off her shoulder bag and fished out the Caution tape while Angie grabbed the nylon rope and began binding them to the tree after they put on the medical gloves to prevent fingerprints. Angie and Karey took the rope and bound their wrists and ankles tightly double checking to be positive the two were secure, Karey brandished the Caution tape unrolling 100 feet of it and both of them taking an end they criss-crossed back and forth tying their bodies to the trunk of the tree where they both sat backs against each side of it and as they came upon the end of tape they tied a neat bow and high-fived each other on a job well done. But the couple was still alive so they grabbed the plastic wrap again and scissoring their legs to each other hanging upside down each of them poised and just like vipers in waiting they struck finishing off what was left of them.

Thaxter fed from a hopeless yuppie as he watched his daughters proudly work then dropping the empty corpse to the shadows using some of the blood spilled for lube upon his tingling hard shaft. After the couple passed, Karey slid off the tree her sister following suit and Karey sat on the bench under the light slouched out like a bum. Angie gathered the materials up and Karey began unzipping her camo jacket slowly exposing her bare breasts then spreading the jacket open, Angie saw her smiling and fished out the KY and squirted a blob onto her sister’s chest rubbing it around while she moaned softly. Then it was Angie’s turn to strip so she unbuttoned her jacket and dropped it to the ground letting her DD’s slide out with her tight thimble sized nipples and she applied KY to her juicy funbags following up with a deep soft french kiss to her sister settling into Karey’s lap. The two of them bobbing heads switching from left to right sucking on tongues and nibbling lips unzipped each other’s fly’s and Karey slid her left hand down Angie’s pants and Angie slid her right hand down Karey’s pants, both working to make each other climax. Thaxter watched hungrily at his girls working his way to his own climatic finishing orgasm pumping at a steady fast speed while his daughters matched that speed through their telepathic link and breasts mashed together making the squishing sound from the warming lubricant, the sexual charged trio came simultaneously: Karey and Angie squirting for each other and Thaxter blowing his own wad watching them after their kill.

Once they got home, Angie could not wait to finish her sister off so bent over the kitchen table she pulled Karey’s pants down since they both came home topless and using a glob of KY from her tits she stabbed her index and middle finger of her right hand into her ass pumping her fingers in and out which wraught forth a pandemonium of moaning, grunting and breast clapping from both of them. Then the twosome retreated to their father’s bedroom to finish each off the rest of the night while Thaxter sat in his rocking chair in his room and thought back to when they had first killed at just ten years old.

The Past

There was so much blood even he himself was appalled and near vomiting at the carnage the two of them had pulled off. Sure they were little but the fact was they were untrained little vampire killing machines, Thaxter found them sitting on the floor playing tug of war with the large intestine of the man whose blood had been sprayed all over the walls and floor Thaxter himself had slipped for the blood was puddling and extra slippery due to a smooth wooden floor. But what drew his attention to his daughters’ absence was the stillness of the household and that’s when he noticed the slow trickling stream of blood running down the stair steps and bolting up the stairs leaving his wife downstairs he skidded on the blood soaked floor halting himself at the doorway to their room which eerily enough had a bloody smiley face painted on the door which seemed to be fresh and half dried. His eyes wide in terror as he pushed open the door and the rank fresh smell of dead corpses overwhelmed his nostrils that was when his wife stood behind him and let out a blood curdling scream as she saw Angie’s face smeared in gore and Karey giggling as she swung the man’s testicles like a lasso both of them tugging on the large intestine like tug of war until it tore in two and they both flew onto their backs splashing blood more laughing happily. Karey got up giggling and picked up the woman’s breasts and handed them to her father beaming brightly and said in her little cute voice
“Here daddy hold those for me” and Thaxter did still in shock but his wife fainted in the river of blood on the floor.

His psyche snapped and he went into action.
“Angie! Karey! What in the FUCK have you DONE?!?!” he cracked anger mixed with repression in his voice.
“We was just playin awound daddy” Karey said innocently windows brimming with fresh wet diamonds that sparkled softly.
“Yea dada and when they started scweaming we thought that meant they were excited so we kept going till the scweaming stopped and look! They had all kinds of squishy stuff inside of them” Angie beamed holding the woman’s uterus like a whip and hit her daddy in the leg with it giggling then looking confused when he didn’t laugh or react.
He scooped them both up by the back of their necks blood dripping from their clothes and sat them both in the bathroom ripping away their clothes and starting the bath up. Both of them stood there naked, frightened, crying, confused as their father muttered swearing like a true sailor as he took the uterus and flushed it down the toilet which brought a shriek from Angie.
“BECAUSE YOU BOTH ARE VERY BAD LITTLE BITCHES NOW GET IN THE FUCKING TUB NOW DON’T MAKE ME TELL YOU TWICE!” he yelled stomping his foot down and his right fist into the wall exiting the bathroom after they both got in the tub he went to hallway and stirred his wife, AJ who was bewildered but had calmed herself enough to watch the girls in the bathtub while he staggered into their bedroom to survey the genocide.

He couldn’t believe the amount of evisceration the two of them had performed. He regretted snapping at them after all it took an average of ten years for them to mature since they were ten it would be ten years before they’d fully understand but he would change that. Sure they aged normally but it was the mindset of a vampire they had. The vampire side had to mature slower to catch up to the physical growth of their bodies. He dropped to his knees the blood splashing and soaking through his black denim Tuff brand jeans and he vomited half his stomach contents passing out the left side of his face splashing in the blood.

Sometime later AJ came in and dragged him into the shower while she called for some help in cleaning up the bedroom and around 9 pm the bedroom was cleaned up but still reeked of death. All of the bedroom’s contents had to be burned and replaced with new. Thanks to certain connections, Thaxter had that side of the house torn apart and rebuilt with the help of daywalkers and nightwalkers the project only took three days time. At 10:30 that night, AJ was in bed with the girls sleeping topless wearing only a pair of cotton Gears Of War shorts by NECA Angie sleeping on her right breast and Karey on the left AJ didn’t do anything sexual with them it was just a thing of from age 5 till now they had always enjoyed sleeping on their mother’s bare 34 G cup breasts for it was their form of twin security blankets. Thaxter was on the couch covered in a red fleece blanket by Rocawear half sleeping.

During the next four years the two were educated on the etiquette of killing. Not just how to kill but the steps to follow in order not to get caught, how to kill with precision and cleanliness. How to control the Thirst and how much to drink. When not to overdo it when feeding he even demonstrated with AJ.
“See children if you’re going to suffocate someone what shape do you make with your arms?” Thaxter asked his 14 year old daughters who sat on the couch paying attention by taking notes on their college ruled notebook paper by Mead beaming with interest.
“Ooo ooo triangle shape!” Karey said happily.
“That’s half right but which triangle?”
“Right triangle” Angie answered smiling lightly punching her sister’s left arm.
“That’s correct” and he assumed the shape bringing his left arm around to mash AJ’s breasts and his right hand with a dry napkin which usually would be laced with formaldehyde or chloroform.
“Easy there dear getting a little friendly with my rack” AJ teased kissing him softly.
“Get a room you two!” Angie giggled as Thaxter squeezed AJ’s chest jiggling her boobs underneath her grey short sleeve by Just My Size.
“Here you guys go” AJ said reaching behind the back of her dark grey sweats by St. John’s Bay and tossed two dildos at each of them; Karey got the sea green and Angie got the purple.
“Mom! Oh my god are you serious?” both of them said in unison then laughing.
“Yep so ready for some sex ed?” she asked gathering her shirt up letting her massive G cup breasts bounce out leaving her topless before Thaxter and their daughters.
“Me too” Thaxter chuckled.
“No this is the female portion you do the male portion after” AJ said pushing Thaxter out of the room and shutting the door behind him.
“Now you gotta promise me and your father that you won’t tell anyone and we mean anyone what we do here okay?” AJ spoke sitting down between them breasts jiggling as she sat down looking from Angie to Karey.
“Yes mom we promise”
“Allrighty then so I’ll start you off with this piece of information. What we do here isn’t meant to confuse you, freak you out, only to help you explore each other because me and your father want you to find that perfect guy or girl out there, but it’s okay if you’re scared and knowing your father he’ll tell you that you’ll never find another dick like mine out there cause I’m the fucking king of cock” AJ explained with the three of them laughing once she finished.
“So what do we do first mom? After all we’ve seen your tits since we were little” Angie said matter of factually.
“Well that’s true but you’ve never seen them since you were little I mean look at them now back then I was DD now I’m a G cup” she said hefting her heavy breasts.
“I wanna have big boobs like you mommy” Karey said beaming proudly.
“Well first of all why don’t we get naked and we’ll go from there okay? I’ll go shut the curtains while you get ready”

For the next two weeks they were educated in sexuality and murder. Watching their parents have sex, kill, and teach them the fundamentals of the real world and the vampire world. Then came the night for the girls to perform their first kill together it went beautifully. Karey lured the 13 year old boy away from the playground and Angie performed the Triangle Strangulation on him perfectly as Thaxter and AJ watched from the shadows she giggling happily at her daughter’s success. But for their success someone saw them and reported it to the police and 45 minutes later the cops surrounded Central Park and the massive bloodbath ensued.

Shots rang out in the night as the four of them flitted and slit throats dodging hot rounds of lead and silver. Thaxter sliced through a Lieutenant as a bullet spiraled through the blood spray and just missed his left eye as he dodged the round and back kicked the LT’s head at the officer who fired the round at him. The girls were dodging and weaving ripping throats out and feeding here and there. AJ had fled to the interior of the park using the shadows for stealth attacks and making surgical strikes against human and immortal enemies using them as meat shields snapping their necks when they proved to be of no further use to her. As she ran into the street she yelled
“PARK’S ALL CLEAR HUHHHGGGGHHHHH” gasping as a silver nightstick stuck out of her stomach so she did a Russian leg sweep and pulling the nightstick out of her stomach and stabbing the SWAT officer in the chest with it then wheeling around she coughed blood and groaned as five rounds of silver hit her back to back and Thaxter watched as his bride fell slowly bleeding profusely. His eyes wide and full of fury he barked to his daughter’s in Romanian
“TAKE HER AND GET OUT OF HERE NOW!” and they followed only after ripping a dozen more heads off did they flee wailing into the night.

Thaxter growled tears fighting to be free from their chains but he steeled himself to anger and snapping the first five police officers necks to come at him he yelled in exertion as he lifted a patrol car and hurled it at the officers as he was riddled with bullets watching it blow up with a huge KABOOM! And fled back to their house.

The Present

Thaxter slid outta the rocking chair and thundered downstairs muttering.
“Where you going Dad?” Karey shouted down the steps standing at the top bare naked as her father paused five feet from the door shoulders heaving.
“Out” and he kicked the door open and off the hinges, straddled his Suicide Cycles Chopper revved it and rode off into the rainy night his leather duster like a cape flowing behind him he took the route from Hoboken to Greenwood Cemetery parking at the bottom of the hill he walked up the path to a single grave on the hill where the stone read: “AJ Jones mother, lover, friend”
He collapsed hugging the headstone tightly then raising his head to the storm clouds he wailed slamming his fists into the headstone and the wet soil earth he looked up crimson tears running down his face as he remembered the events following her death.

The Past

“Hold on mommy don’t die on us!” Karey said crimson tears shining as her mother lay on the coffee table coughing up blood while Angie tended to pulling the bullet rounds out of her mother’s body.
“It’s okay my sweet babies I’m okay where’s Thaxter at?”
“I don’t know he told us to take you out of there and he faced off against the cops” Angie answered pulling the slugs out of her mother tearing her holey leather suit off her body covered in blood and slowly dying form. Thaxter busted into the front door panting blood dripping from his carcass and mouth he limped his way towards his bride vision blurring from crimson tears, nausea, loss of blood & loss of energy. His anger had sated him enough to get this far but his knees buckled crying out ‘Time to rest we cannot take no more’ and he collapsed to the floor in front of his lover locking gazes with her as she spoke her final prenuptial.
“Thaxter my darling, my babies when you leave this world never forget the knowledge I and your father have passed down to you never forget what the name Clan Malum Asperitas stands for and means and when your time comes take every last bastard down with you no matter the odds for you are— a shuddering gasp---- gifted” and she collapsed head rolling to the left in Thaxter’s right hand her body saying in a gentle nurturing caress:

“Time to rest sweet child”

The Present

He wailed for being alone having to raise their daughters. For leaning on destitution and quick fucks to feel more in his element. The drug addiction to escape the surface reality of his own world. The alcohol induced maladies for which lifted him into his own version of blissful enchantment. The rage which fueled him with every kill he made especially when he met AJ for the first time and then they killed together, hell they even got married while in the middle of a slaughter. Those everlasting memories, dead memories still had life breathing within them because she told him that when your time comes take every last bastard down with you no matters for you are gifted and to never forget the knowledge passed down and what the name Clan Malum Asperitas stood and meant for.

But the true reason he wailed was because he was empty inside the void unfilled, only sated by their offspring.
“My love I will paint this world in the blood of those who have taken you away from me and together our clan will show them all just what Clan Malum Asperitas truly is” he spoke softly then kissing the headstone, Thaxter lay on the wet soaked decadent earth slipstreaming into sleep.

Later In Life

“Unit 44 please respond what is your location?” the dispatcher said as a bloody pale hand picked up the mic from the squad car and pressed the button down.
“Unit 44 is currently unavailable at the moment due to him being skull fucked by my pole but if you wish to leave a message you may do so at the beep BEEP” Thaxter cackled dropping the mic onto the seat and tossing the skull fucked officer onto the ground his brains seeping out onto the ground.
Thaxter walked into the next police station which was a few blocks from Times Square and holding the head of another officer he tossed it in the air letting it land on the desk Sargent’s booth.
“FREEZE RIGHT THERE! DON’T YOU MOVE!” the O.I.C. barked leveling his 9mm standard issue black pistol at Thaxter while he just smiled.
“Showtime” Thaxter said grinning wildly.

So now that you’ve come to the last page in the book what did you think? Did it give you chills, boners, and thrills? I know it did for me after all these were the life experiences through which I endured not you not anyone. I did what I had to do to survive. All the wanted posters of me from the Old West up till now I was damn proud of. People feared the shit outta me they saw and went the other direction. I made genocide popular again fuck using a nuke I got an arsenal of weapons in my own apartment and many other places. And since this tale is finished the book releases you from its bondage and I bid you farewell and utter nightmares.

Sincerely Yours, T. Jones

The man heaved a sigh closing the book and sitting it down rubbing his scarred hand wincing at the blood still flowing lightly and he felt a hand on his shoulder then smelled the breath of rotten cabbage mingled with dead month old corpses.

“So how’d you like my story?”

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