Her Kink

Chapter 0: Love at first sight
"If I was her boyfriend, I would never get bored of her."
It was just three years ago that this exact thought entered my mind. The reason for this thought was nothing but half a second of eye contact.

I had just started my second year of college. At the start of my first year I had promised myself to be a little more assertive and act with more self-confidence. In a way, this promise with myself had the result I desired. Or the result I thought I desired. I'm by no means unattractive, but also not good looking. Not good looking enough to breeze through life on looks alone, at the very least. But it suprised me what a little confidence can do. The very first night I went to a bar near campus in my first year, I woke up the next day with a pretty girl laying next to me. At the time, I couldn't be more happy and excited for the rest of my college life.

And that night turned out to not be just a fluke. More often than not I would walk out of that bar with a girl locked into my arm. But unfortunately, it didn't take long for that excited and happy feeling the first night gave me to dissipate. One-night stands and hook-up's left me feeling empty, sometimes even during the act itself. The solution seemed simple: start a more meaningful relationship. But although this once again started out as a new and exciting experience, most of these relationships quickly ended because of my lack of effort. At some point, I just stopped caring for the person I was with and that empty feeling returned.

Still looking for an excuse to ignore a darker side of me, I blamed the girls I had been dating. They just weren't right for me, they weren't the one. I shouldn't be trying to love a girl, a girl can only be the girl if I want nothing but to love her, be with her. I should fall in love with her the first time I look at her. Love at first sight.

Unfortunately, you can't fall in love at first sight just because you want it to happen. The college was big enough to see new faces every day, but no girl I met during my first year of college was the girl.

But my second year had just begun, and it happened. Walking around campus with a friend was a stunningly beautiful girl. Beautiful enough for me to completely ignore the not in the least badlooking friend and instead focus on her. Long, straight dark brown hair reaching her lower back. Bright eyes with a undoubtely beautiful color I wasn't able to determine from our current distance. A small physique overall, yet not small in every place. Not in the places where it really counts, you might say. The bright blue blouse she was wearing could not hide the pair of well developed breasts beneath it. But if hiding such features was the goal of her clothes, the tight black skirt under it failed even more miserable in hiding her voluptuous bottom. Although she was walking towards me, seeing her from the front was enough to see her hourglass figure.

While I was just standing there, staring in her direction, she and her friend walked closer to me. That's when she noticed me and we had that quick moment of eye contact. A light tint of green, that's the color.

Shortly after the girl had diverted her gaze from me, her friend also noticed my presence.
"Ah!" She quickened her pace-the beautiful girl walking behind her trying to match her increased walking speed- and approached me.
"Sorry to bother you" the girl began before she stopped in front of me, "but me and my friend here have just started attending classes here, and we were wondering where this building is." She held out a map of the campus grounds in front of me which she just pulled from the back pocket of her jeans. She pointed at one of the smaller buildings on campus, one for smaller classes and lectures.
"Ah, I'm actually just heading in that direction," I wasn't, but I completely forgot where I was going. "so I could walk you girls there."
"Really? Great!" The girl said with a big goofy grin on her face, while the receiving end of my love on first sight was still silently staring at the ground behind her friend.
"Alright, let's go." I said as I started walking in the right direction while regretting I'd have to lead the way and would not be able to admire the obviously shy girl from behind.

"I'm Caroline, by the way." said the shy girl's blonde friend as she tried to match my pace and walk besides me. "And my friend's name is Alyssa."
"Nice to meet the both of you." Especially nice to meet Alyssa, though. "I'm Charles."
"Oooh, can I call you Charlie?"
"Hmm No."
"Whaaat? Why not?" Caroline asked with a fake pout.
"Can I call you Amy?"
"What? That isn't even my name."
"Charlie isn't mine either."
Caroline sighed, and dropped the topic. I heard a soft giggle from behind us. I looked back, but Alyssa had already averted her gaze back to the ground.

"This is it." I pointed my hand in the direction of the old small building in front of us.
"Thanks, Charlie." She had been waiting to say that. "I'll see you around."
"Yeah, see you."

In the next few months I did see Caroline around and spoke to her on multiple occasions. More often than not, Alyssa was standing behind her silently. But although still quiet most of the time, once in a while even Alyssa spoke up and said something to me. She slowly got more comfortable with me after about 3 months since we had met for the first time, she really took part in our conversations and even talked to me when Caroline wasn't around. Then, one day when talking with Alyssa without Caroline around, I took my chance and asked.

"Hey, I was wondering if you would go out with me sometime."
"O-Out?" Flustered by my question, she looked away from me again.
"Yeah, on a date." I wasn't going to back down yet. But, after saying that no reaction came from Alyssa, and things were getting awkward quickly. "You don't have to say yes, I just wanted take my chances and ask"
"Yes? You'll go out with me?" She nodded, still not looking me in my eyes. "Great! I'll pick you up tonight at 8, if that suits you too." She nodded again.

I was standing in front of her dorm that night with over half an hour left before it was 8. And so I nervously waited until it was exactly 8 before going inside and knocking on her room's door. She opened the door within seconds, but at least 10 seconds after she opened the door for me must have gone by before I said something. I was once again in awe of her beauty. Her long brown hair was neatly groomed. She was wearing a little make-up, but not too much. She was wearing a tight dark blue dress, revealing some but not a lot of cleavage, and reaching to just above her knees. Over it she was wearing a small unbuttoned pink jacket. Beneath her dress she was wearing high heeled open sandals and long white socks with a frilly edge on her feet. It was by no means a revealing outfit, but I still couldn't help but be impressed by her natural beauty.

"You look beautiful." I said after staring at her a little too long.
"Ah, t-thanks Caroline helped me pick my clothes."
"Let's go."

I took her to a decent restaurant, held open doors, and talked about unimportant stuff with her all night. But on the way back, I asked the cab driver to stop for a while. Alyssa had a puzzled look on her face, but without saying anything I just grabbed her and pulled her out of the cab behind me. We were standing in front of a police station.

"I know how shy you are, so I thought this up in case you just went along with me because you didn't want to decline." Her look only became more puzzled. "I'm going to kiss you now, so if you don't want that you better run to the police." I said it with a smirk on my face, but I couldn't help but be a little worried she really would run to the police station.
"Idiot." My shock of her verbal attack was quickly overwhelmed when she jumped up and kissed me. Yeah, I would never get tired of her.

Chapter 1: My kink
But now, it's two and a half years later. I'm supposed to be in my last year of college, but due to my own lack of effort I probably won't be able to graduate this year and I'll have to repeat my final year. But I don't really mind, as she will still be here next year too. My girlfriend.

I never got tired or bored of her, but it pains me to admit that I have gotten bored of our sex life. It took me half a year to get this far, but after the exciting first times nothing ever changed in our sex life. The same foreplay ending in the same position every single time. I don't know what's wrong with me, any guy that gets to have sex with a girl like Alyssa should be the luckiest guy in the world, yet here I am complaining about it.

There's one explanation I can think of though. The one I always tried not to think about. Since even before I started college, I've had a fascination for femdom domination. Over the years I've continued looking at video's, pictures, and stories about this topic on the internet once in a while. Even when I started dating Alyssa, I couldn't help but go online and look at this kind of stuff sometimes. And instead of getting less interested in it over the years I spent with my girlfriend, I started looking for more extreme stuff. Stuff I would never want to happen to me in real life. However, I can't help but be interested in trying some of the kinky but harmless things I've seen. Unfortunately, I could never ask Alyssa to try something like that. She may have opened up to me, but she's also still that shy quiet girl I met three years ago. I could never ask her to do something that's so far from what someone with her personality would do. Yet, cheating on her is obviously even less of an option

"So, how far along are you with your final paper?" She asked me while getting me something to drink.
"Eh 50."
"50 pages? Your further along than I expected you would be."
"Not pages"
"What? 50 percent? You should hurry if you're only halfway through, you've only got a week or two left until the deadline."
She sighed deeply. "You're not gonna make it, are you?"
"Probably not."
"Are you planning to be a student forever?"
"Nah, just until you graduate next year."
"Yeah, that's nice It would've been more helpful if you graduated this year and found a job. I do want to live together with you sometime, you know" Hearing her basically say she wants to move in together suprised me, but the idea of living with Alyssa doesn't sound too bad.
"Actually, I've saved up quite some money working side jobs in the past four years. If we can find a cheap apartment near campus I could afford the rent for at least a year. After that we can find a job and maybe look for something better after all." While I was talking, a big smile appeared on Alyssa's face.
"Yeah, why not?"

Finding a cheap apartmant near campus turned out to be more difficult then either of us had expected, but halfway through both of our final years in college (Hopefully), a suitable place opened up and we jumped right on it.

"Are you sure you want to live here even if it might be for no more than half a year?" I asked her while whiping the sweat off my forehead.
She put down the box she was carrying. "Are you really asking this now that we've almost finished moving all of our stuff here from the dorms? And didn't you already make a down payment and pay the warranty?"
"Well yeah, but"
"Look, we don't even have to move out of here as soon as we graduate. There's nothing wrong with this place."
"I guess you're right. Different subject, then Tomorrow is our third anniversary. Want to go to that restaurant we went to on our first date or something?"
"Hmm We could also just stay in." Her not wanting to go out didn't really suprise me anymore. She was still uncomfortable with too much people around. "And we could 'break in' our new home?" She added with a wink. This did surprise me a little. Although we had sex regularly, she was never very direct about it. But I was pretty sure she was talking about having sex just now.

The next day came around, and we almost finished unpacking our stuff. We skipped classes that day, and were getting ready to spend our first night in our new home. Alyssa was already in bed when I came out of the bathroom. She had tucked herself in and was completely covered with our duvet except for her neck and head. I quickly got in bed beside her.

"So Any special request?" She asked me with a mischievous smile as soon as I got into the bed.
"Huh? N-No, the usual is fine, I guess"
"Really? You don't want to try something new?" Again with this directness I wasn't used to But this may be my only chance.
"Well, there's something I've always wanted to try but" I turned my eyes away from hers as she had done so many times with me before we started dating.
"Tell me!"
"N-No, it's a little too much, I think I don't want you to think I'm You know."
"I have fantasies too, you know." Again with the surprises. "How about this: first we do what you want to try, then we do what I would like to try. No judgment."
"Yeah, really. Now tell me, what would you like to do?"
I took a big breath to gather my courage and started "Well Do you know what femdom is?"
A glint appeared in her eyes. "Yeah, of course."
"I would like to try something like Being tied up and you taking charge, or something. Nothing too hardcore"
"Sure, why not." She somehow seemed disappointed, but got out of bed right away. Only now I noticed that she was completely naked.
"Wait, what about yours?"
"Ehm I'll tell you later, okay? Let's first do your thing."

That evening, for the first time in a quite a while, the excitement was back. Alyssa was strangely assertive and tied me to the bed using leftover tie rips we used during the move to this apartment. She jerked me off until I almost came, but then quickly let go of my penis telling me to hold out a little longer. She then stood on the bed and slowly lowered herself on my fully erect penis. She rode me like a toy for the rest of the night, her body moving up and down on my dick. Down from where I was laying she looked even more beautiful than usual to me, her pale white skin glistening with the ocasional drop of sweat. Her ample breasts moved up and down with her body, but were always moving just a little behind the rest of her body. Every time I came and lost my erection, she was able to quickly get it up again by teasing it with her hands or mouth. After what seemed like hours, I was exhausted.

I collected myself after panting for minutes, and asked her "W-what about what you wanted to try?"
She visably pondered my question for a few seconds before answering "Forget about it, I'm not comfortable sharing this yet after all"
"Whaaat? I told you my kink!"
"Sorry, honey How about this: I will take a raincheck on my turn and let you know when I'm ready to share this side of me with you."
"Alright, then"

I felt kind of guilty having her grant a fantasy of mine and not doing anything back, but I was mainly curious what her kink could possibly be. Could it be more hardcore or stranger than mine? And if so, that means I could've asked her to do a little more Like make me kiss her feet. Or make me perform cunninglus on her all night long There's so many other things I would've liked her to make me do, but above all I wished I would've gotten the chance to just give her complete control for a night without limits. I regretted not taking this chance to tell her more about my fantasies.

Chapter 2: A gust of wind
A month went by without either my or Alyssa's kink coming up in conversation. We were getting used to living together and went back to our normal sex position. But one night, after we just had sex

"Hey Charles" I turned by attention to Alyssa.
"Do you love me?" She asked completely serious.
"I do, I think I've said that before."
"Oh, okay. I love you too." She picked up a book she has been reading for the past few days from her nightstand.
"You can't end the conversation with that, there was obviously something behind that question."
"Ah" She seemed startled by my prying. "It's just I've been thinking about that raincheck on You know."
"Your kink?" She nodded. "What has me loving you or not got to do with that?"
"Well" She turned red and looked to the corner of the room. "It's pretty out there. Stranger than yours."
This is my chance. "Actually, it probably isn't I didn't really tell you all of it when we tried mine last time."
"What, really? I guess I can't really blame you since I didn't tell you mine at all What would you really want me to do?"
"Eh, anything, really. Take complete control and make me pleasure you in any way you want me to. Maybe punish me Just domination in general."
Alyssa looked at me from the corner of her eyes. "Hmm That might actually work"
"In combination with what I want to try"
"Ah. So What's that?"
"Do you promise you won't be disgusted and leave me?" She asked with a slightly trembling voice.
"Of course I won't leave you, I promise."
"Then let's do it tomorrow I'll try to both fulfill your real wish and mine."

She didn't want to just tell me her kink even when I asked during the rest of our conversation that night. But I was excited enough to have a hard time sleeping that night. Excited for both getting a real chance to fulfill my darkest wish, and finally seeing this supposedly extreme fetish Alyssa has. I somehow have my doubts about it really being that bad, though. Even though Alyssa seems to accept my kink pretty well, it would be just like her to judge her own kink as disgusting even if it is less so than mine from an objective standpoint.

During the next day my excitement only increased. The day couldn't go by fast enough, but unfortunately I had a long day and a lot of classes until late afternoon. When I finally got home it was already getting dark outside. Alyssa's boots were standing in the hallway, so she was already home as I had expected.

"I'm home!" No answer. "Alyssa?"
"I'm in here!" She yelled from our bedroom.
"What are you doing in here?" I said as I walked towards the bedroom. But as soon as I reached the door opening I didn't really need an answer to my question anymore. Alyssa was dressed in a tight black leather dress. Contrary to her usual outfits, it showed both a lot of cleavage and leg. The cleavage of the dress went on until the lower side of her breasts only to spread out again to show off some underboob and part of her belly. The dress was so short I would almost be able to get a clear view of her pussy if it wasn't for the dark brown pantyhose she was wearing covering it. On her feet were a pair of black leather boots almost reaching up to her knees. The zigzagged white shoelaces of the boots reached from all the way to the top down to the boots' tip. It must've been a chore to put them on. The boots had 6 inch heels, making her seem a lot taller than she actually was. She looked a bit more intimidating than usual at the very least.
"Take off your clothes, please." The please wasn't necessary. I took my clothes of at record-breaking speed. Seeing my excitement, Alyssa smiled. "I thought we'd start with some of the stuff you like. I'll finish with something I like, okay?"
"Get on all fours and crawl to me." She said it while trying to seem stern, but it came out pretty forced. But I obeyed, of course. "Now kiss my feet." I placed a kiss on the top of both her boots. "My feet, not my boots." I moved for her shoelaces and started untying them. "Use your mouth, not your hands." Every command she uttered seemed to come more natural, and every one of them got me a little harder.

Unfortunately untying her boots was as much work as I had imagened, even more so using nothing but my teeth. But Alyssa patiently waited for me to finish and so I just kept working on it as fast as I could.

Chapter 3: Graduation
Another half year past by and this year I was ready to graduate, together with Alyssa. In the past months Alyssa and I continued to indulge in our fantasies every few weeks to spice up our sex life. For the first time in my life I was satisfied with both the girl and the sex.

It was the day after we came home from the graduation ceremony. "Guess it's time to start job hunting tomorrow, huh?"
"About that I think I know a job you could do."
"Really? What is it?"
"Sit down and I'll tell you my idea." I sat down at the dinner table, while Alyssa grabbed a few papers from a drawer. "Alright, what I'm going to say now may sound ridiculous, but please hear me out." She said when she sat down too.
"Of course."
"It's about your sexual fantasy. It's being completely dominated by a woman, right?"
"Yes" Where was this going?
"Then I'd like to give you the chance to truly fulfill your fantasy. Become my fulltime slave." I was stumped.
"W-What? I Don't know if I would really want that, to be honest."
"Here, this is the contract I wrote. Well, it's not really an official contract or anything. It's more like a list of idea's and rules. How about you read through it and see if you want to add anything?"

I started reading through the papers she handed me. It said that if I accepted, I was to follow all of Alyssa's orders sexual or not. It also specified some of the things we had already been doing in the months like the feet worship or fart sniffing as examples of possible sexual domination. But other than that, it was very unspecific. It was pretty obvious Alyssa didn't have much ideas besides the ones she had already used.

"This says it's 24/7, so I wouldn't be able to do any other job? Where would our income come from? We can only last so long before our savings are gone." I said after a while to Alyssa, who had been patiently waiting for me to finish reading.
"Caroline has already offered me a job at her father's company. I would be able to make more than enough for us to keep living here with just my income. And the hours are pretty lenient." She had thought this through. There's no way I would ever get a chance like this again. Having seen and read about rather cruel stuff on the internet I felt kind of apprehensive to accept, but this is Alyssa. Sweet Alyssa, the love of my life. All she wants to do is make me happy.
"Alright, I accept."
Alyssa smiled brightly. "Really?! Great! Anything you don't want me to do to you? Tell me now, because after this all other things will be fair play, alright?"
I was convinced Alyssa would never do anything to hurt me even if she was allowed to, so all I said was "As long as you don't cheat on me with another man or something, I'm fine, I think"
"I would never do that. So nothing else?"
"Hmm Well, I know you like farting on me and I really don't mind, but just don't limit your play to that."
"Don't worry, I wasn't planning to."
"Then that was all, I guess."
"Then let's seal our deal. I'll give you one final blowjob." She said with a gentle smile as she ducked under the table.

The conversation before had already made me hard. Alyssa had given me blowjobs before, but not very often. Mostly for special occasions. Which this is, I guess. But even among those few, this one felt extra special. It felt so good I came in no time. As soon as I became flacid again Alyssa grabbed my dick and put something cold over it. I then heard a loud click.

"W-what's that?" I moved the chair I was sitting on backwards and saw she had put a metal device around my penis.
"It's a chastity device." She answered as she got out from under the table and stood up. "Now that your my slave, I don't want you to cum or even become hard without my permission." Wow, she was really getting into her role. "Take of your clothes and follow me to the bathroom, slave." I complied, wondering what she was planning to do.

She took off her panties and ordered me to put my mouth on her pussy. Cunnilingus? But why in the bathroom? She pushed her pussy even tighter against my mouth, and then started peeing. I was about to gag as soon as the horrible tasting pee splattered on my tongue, but I didn't get the chance to as my mouth filled up at an incredible speed and I knew what she wanted me to do. I didn't like it, but I wasn't going to back out after just saying I agreed to be her slave. She is doing this for me. And that's why I started drinking as fast as I could. But I still wasn't fast enough to keep some of it from overflowing from my mouth and splattering against the floor.

"Look at what you've done now"
"I-I'm sorry, mistress"
"Since it's your first time, I'll let this slip. Lick me clean now." I started licking her pussy and part of her legs clean from any of her piss. "Good job. I'm going to bed now. Lick everything off the floor and wash yourself up before coming to bed too." She walked out of the bathroom and left me there with another order. I knew she would notice the stain if I were to use a towel or even the missing toilet paper if I'd use that, so I had no choice but to start licking the puddle of pee from the floor. After finally graduating college, I had now started my new life of degradation.

Chapter 4: The first weekend
The next morning Alyssa woke up early and got ready to leave the house. "Where are you going? It's saturday." I asked, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.
"I found out about an interesting shop recently and want to pay it a visit today. I'll probably be back around noon. Don't get dressed, and clean the house while I'm gone." And with that, she left.

I got out of bed not too long after Alyssa left and started on some cleaning duties. I wasn't used to or very good at cleaning, but I didn't mind doing it as Alyssa would soon be the provider. A little past noon, I heard Alyssa coming back home.

"Charles?" I walked to the front door.
"Let's start your training now." I gulped. "First, I want you to always greet me when I come home. You do this by walking to the door when you hear me coming in, and saying 'Welcome home, master' while I take off my shoes. That reminds me: you should always adress me with either master, mistress, or any other title that shows my superiority to you. When I'm done taking of my shoes or boots, you will kneel before me and plant a kiss on the top of each of my feet out of respect for me." I was shocked hearing all these orders. Where did she learn all of this from? But she didn't give me the time to think any further about it. "Do you get that?"
"Eh Yes, I do."
"That's 'yes, mistress'. I will refrain from punishing you this time, but try to remember it."
"Y-Yes Mistress."
"Any questions?"
"May I call you something using your name too, like mistress Alyssa?"
"Hmm Yes, that's fine. It might even be necessary in the future." Necessary? "Now kiss my feet." I planted a kiss on both of her pink kneesock-covered feet. "Moving on." She walked to the living room and I quickly followed. "From now on, I will also not be calling you Charles anymore. I will call you slave or any other other derogatory things I feel like calling you. Understand?"
"Yes, mistress Alyssa."
"When you want to say something or ask a question and I did not engage in conversation with you first, you will ask for permission before saying what you want to say."
"Yes, ma'am."
"Not respectful enough. Which leads me to the next subject: punishment. Spread your legs." I hesitantly did so, and she kicked me into the nuts.
"Ugh!" I grabbed my aching balls. This went a little too far for me. "T-Too much, Alyssa!"
"It's punishment, it shouldn't be something you like. Get your hands of your crotch, you've got two more to go. One for talking without permission just now, another for not calling me by my title again." I trembled. She was taking this a lot more serious than I would've expected her to. Where did all this confidence come from? I slowly removed my hands, and she kicked me in the balls again. I fell down on my knees. "Get up, one more." I gathered my strength, and got on my feet again only to get hit in the balls again and collapse again. "You should also thank me for giving you any kind of special treatment or discipline like this."
I gathered my breath. "T-Thank you M-Mistress"
"Now go to the bedroom and wait for me to get ready." Still in pain from the shots to my nuts, I basically crawled to the bedroom.

I lifted myself onto the bed and lay down on my back. Fantasy and reality are clearly not the same, and I started thinking about the best way to tell her to take it down a notch while caressing my hurting balls. A few minutes later, Alyssa walked in, and my heart skipped a beat of shock. She was wearing a new outfit which must have been in the bags she was carrying when she came home. She was wearing a tight leather top, black stockings, long black silk gloves, high spiked heels, and a black mini skirt. But what scared me was what was coming out from underneath her skirt: a 10 inch pink strap-on dildo.

"Get on your back and lift your ass." Alyssa order while she applied lube to the strap-on.
"Swallow your protest and do as I say if you don't want to be punished again, slave." The usual softness in her voice was replaced by a strict tone. Alyssa had completely adjusted to her role as a dominant mistress. I turned over and raised my ass, dreading what was coming. Alyssa got on the bed behind me, and grabbed me by my thighs. She pushed the tip of the dildo against the opening of my anus. It slowly gave way to the pressure and opened up, the dildo slowly moving deeper into my anus until the full 10 inches were in my ass. "How does it feel?"
"I-It hurts"
"Then you'd better brace yourself for this!" And she started humping violently. I could barely contain my scream. She kept going for almost 10 minutes before she climaxed and finally stopped. As soon as the dildo exited my anus, I collapsed flat on my belly. Alyssa lay down on her back besides me and panted. "You get 5 minutes of rest, after that I want you to start preparing me dinner."

I tried to make the most of my 5 minutes of rest, but it felt like it was over within seconds. Alyssa lightly jabbed me to make clear my time was up, and I dragged myself to the kitchen. It was still early, so she must expect a grande feast or something. I'm not too bad at cooking and we had the ingredients, so I started working on something good.

Hours later I was finally done and started setting the table when Alyssa came in. "Smells good, but one plate will do." I looked at her with a quizzed face. "I will prepare you a feast myself on sunday. Please hold out until then so you'll have an empty stomach." I reculently took away my plate from the table and finished setting Alyssa's dinner. "Looks great! While I eat, you can worship my feet under the table."
"Yes, master" I got under the table and started kissing and massaging her feet.

After about 15 minutes I gathered my courage and asked "Mistress, can I have permission to ask a question please?"
"Sure, go ahead."
"The things you've been doing to me are a bit much for me, could you maybe go a little easier on me?"
She giggled. "This weekend is just so you can adjust to your new life, it will get a lot harder in the future." Even harder?!
"F-For how long is this 'contract'?"
"I don't remember giving you permission for another permission, but I'll let it slip one more time. And to answer your question: for the rest of your life, of course." What did I agree to Should I run? I can probably get this chastity belt off with the right tools. But I quickly dismissed those thoughts. Alyssa would never do anything to really hurt me, she thinks I can handle as much as this and I should trust her. "I'm done. Please clean up and then come back to the bedroom." As she stood up and walked back to the bedroom, I couldn't help but stare at her luscious ass. God, she is beautiful.

After I finished cleaning up I returned to the bedroom myself, and there she was, lying on the bed with het strap-on back on. "Hope you're ready for round two." She grinned.

After fucking me in the ass for a second time, she finally went to sleep, and quickly after that I fell asleep too, on my belly. I felt like I had just had a rough day when I went to sleep, but the next day made wish back to the day before. Alyssa woke me up early and ordered me from chore to chore. These chores ranged from normal household work to worshipping Alyssa's feet or other parts of her body. But this wouldn't have been anything bad if it wasn't for the constant torture in between chores. She used different items from the bags of stuff she had bought the day before to inflict pain on me like whips and canes on my back and ass cheeks, making them red and bruised by the end of the day. But the worst part was that she raped me into my ass with her strap-on dildo so many times I lost count. Sometimes she would announce it or make me suck on it first, but other times she would literally sneak up on me and violate me. By the end of the day my anus was sore, bleeding, and loose. In the evening she made me prepare her food again without allowing me to eat as well. After having had nothing to eat since saturday morning, I was extremely hungry. When was she going to prepare me food? When she was done eating, she asked me to clean up and join her in the bedroom as soon as I was done again.

I entered the bedroom afraid of seeing her with her strap-on dildo ready to attack my ruined asshole again, but she wasn't. She was dressed in nothing but a cute pink babydoll. "Lie down on your back again." I lay down on the bed, holding back from moaning because of the pain in my hurting back and ass. "Tonight, I'll show you my real kink." Real kink? What about the farting? Seeing my confused expression, she told me "You didn't tell me about your real kink the first time either. So you can't blame me for doing the same." She positioned herself over me in the same way she did when she was going to fart on me. "Ready?"
"Yes, mistress Alyssa." She dropped down and I prepared for my nose to me enveloped by her anus again, opening my mouth to breath through there. But instead, she pressed her anus inside of my mouth. She then farted inside of my mouth instead. Was this her real kink?
"Your dinner is ready, here it comes!~" Her anus puckered and fluid came out, quickly followed by more solid shit. I was in shock. My mouth filled up with her rancid shit and I had no way to spit it out. When my mouth was reaching its limit and my cheeks started to bulge, Alyssa moved aside my encaged penis and stomped me into the balls. "Start swallowing." I started swallowing her poop. It wasn't runny, but it wasn't too hard or solid to swallow without chewing. Eating her shit was the most horrible experience of my life. Even after she was done shitting, I wasn't done with my 'dinner'. "I won't get up until you've finished eating everything in your mouth."

When she finally got off of me, I ran to the bathroom and started puking. This went too far for me. When I came back to the bedroom after spending at least 10 minutes furiously brushing my teeth, I asked for permission to speak.

"What is it?"
"This went way too far for me. I don't want to do something as disgusting as eat your shit."
"Ahw, but that's my fetish!" Her disappointment sounded fake. "But alright, I'll refrain from doing that again for now." Needless to say, the 'for now' bothered me. But I decided to accept it until the problem would arise again. I got into bed. "Get under the covers and stay there tonight." I crawled under the covers and quickly found out why she asked me to do this, as she started farting. She kept farting and the progressively worse smell made it hard for me to fall asleep, but eventually I did.

Chapter 5: Cleaning duty
Almost a week past by and Alyssa started working while I continued my new life as her slave. She hadn't made eat het shit again, and so I decided to continue our new master-slave relationship. There were still other orders and punishments that I had a hard time with, but overall this new life excited me.

It was friday afternoon, and I heard Alyssa come home. I rushed to the front door. "Welcome home, master." She took off her short dark brown boots, and I kneeled down to kiss the top of her pink pantyhose-covered feet. Her feet smelled and tasted even worse than the day before.
Alyssa noticed my disgusted expression after kissing her feet. "It's your own fault if they taste bad, you know." I looked up at her. "I've been smelling worse and worse over the past week because you haven't done your job."
She sighed. "You don't think I would use a shower when I have the luxary of having a slave, do you? All I do is wash my hair, the rest is your job."
"You want me to wash you, mistress?"
"Yes. With your tongue, of course." She wants me to clean her entire body with my tongue?! "I'll get undressed so you can give me my overdue cleaning." She walked to the bedroom, undressed, and sat on the bed. "What are you waiting for?"

I couldn't believe she would neglect her own hygiene just to tease me. I started with what I expected would be the worse place, her feet. I kept licking and sucking until the bad taste and odour was gone. I then started licking her legs, her pussy, belly, back, arms, neck What I didn't realize was that her feet had been getting the most attention of her entire body before. I had regularly licked them in the past week. Not thoroughly enough to clean them, but it did keep them from tasting much worse than the rest of her body, which turned out to be as much of a bad experience as cleaning her feet.

I stopped licking thinking I was finally done. "You forgot a few places."
"What places did I forget, my queen?"
"Ooh, I like that one." She said with a smile. "First, you still need to lick my armpits clean." She lifted her arms in the air so I could reach her armpit. The closer I got to it, the stronger the smell. My eyes started to tear up from the foul smell and when I touched her armpit with the tip of my tongue finally touched her armpit, I cringed. The taste of her feet was nothing compared to this. As I slowly continued my dirty task, I noticed the stubble on her armpit. She would always shave her armpits very regularly, but she obviously hadn't shaved there in a while now. I wondered if that was on purpose too I continued licking of her sticky armpit sweat. It felt like hours went by before I was finally done with both armpits. "Good job. Now there's only one place left for you to clean." Alyssa got on all fours on the bed. "I know you don't like eating shit, but I want you to lick my asshole clean too. I haven't been wiping after taking a dump, but this is still a lot easier than eating shit. Since this is my fetish, you can do this much for me at least." I didn't have any argument against that that would convince her, so I just got to work again. And as much as I hated both the taste and smell of her remnant shit, it was indeed nothing compared to the horrid experience of eating her shit a week ago. If this would serve as an alternative to that, I'd gladly clean her asshole like this anytime she wants.

I finished cleaning her anus outside and inside with my tongue. When I was allowed to stop I thanked her for letting me clean her, and stood up to get to the bathroom and clean my mouth. "Wait." Alyssa stopped me. "You can't brush your teeth just yet, you have to be punished for not cleaning me for a week." Alyssa walked to a pile of her discarded clothes. "I've been wearing the same pair of panties the entire week without wiping. The skid mark is pretty big." She showed the inside of the pair of panties she just picked up. "As punishment, I want you to wear these over your face tonight." She put the panties over my face with the crotch against my nose. The dried up shit stains still had a strong smell to them.

I had to keep wearing those stinking panties over my face when I prepared dinner that evening. I looked ridiculous. Since I couldn't eat without taking them off, I wasn't allowed to join Alyssa at dinner either. I felt like her actions were becoming more extreme again, and this feeling was confirmed when I walked into the bedroom after having cleaned up the dishes. To my shock, Alyssa was lying on bed wearing a strap-on dildo. This wasn't a rare sight, she had continued to frequently use her strap-on on my ass the past week. My asshole was ruined by her rough play by now, but she would never allow it to heal before inserting that 10 inch pink dildo up my ass again. But what she was wearing now wasn't that pink strap-on, but a black one. And to my horror, it wasn't 10 but a whopping 15 inch long, and it had a diameter of at least 4 inches. There's no way this monster could fit in my ass! But when Alyssa saw me back up a little, she got of the bed, walked up to me, grabbed my arm and put it behind my back. She pressed my face against the wall.

"I've spent enough time loosening your asshole." She pressed the tip of the black strap-on against my anus. She then leaned in closer to my face and whispered "Tonight, I will permanently ruin it." I howled in pain as the dildo was forcefully pushed into my anus and stretched it beyond its limit.

After the most painful 15 minutes of my life, Alyssa finally let me go. I walked to the bathroom to sit down on the toilet and rest, knowing it would be the only place I would be able to sit down without feeling excruciating pain in my ass. I just kept sitting there, for hours. Long after Alyssa went to sleep I was still sitting on the toilet, thinking about where I should've backed out of this. During this time, I made a horrifying discovery: sometimes, shit would drop out of my asshole without me trying to take a dump. She had ruined my asshole so much I couldn't hold it back anymore!

Chapter 6: Going shopping
After sitting on the toilet for almost the entire night, I decided to try and get some sleep. I dragged myself to the bed lay down on my belly. I fell asleep within seconds.

The next morning, I heard Alyssa get up and leave the apartment, but I was too tired to get up myself. It didn't take too long for Alyssa to get back home again.

She poked at my face. "Wake up, you had a little accident." Still dead tired, I ignored her. She poked a little harder. "Come on, wake up."
"Just a few more minutes"
An extremely painful shock went through my body as she slapped my destroyed ass. "Wake up I said, slave!" I jumped up immeadiately this time.
"W-what? Mistress."
"Look." She pointed near my legs. "You shit yourself tonight." I looked down and saw some dark stains on the bed.
"I-I can't control it anymore because you-"
"If you can't control it, we'll have to do something about that." She showed me a big plastic package. "So I got you these cute diapers." She took one out of the package and showed me the cute pink design and frilly ribboned diaper. "On your back and legs up." I did so without protesting. She put the diaper on me.
"Thank you, my goddess."
"Now clean the sheets, and after your done get dressed. Leave the diaper on beneath your clothes."
"Yes, queen Alyssa." I noticed I didn't even think before accepting her orders anymore. But not to satisfy my own fetish, and not out of love, but out of fear for her. Now that I'd experienced what Alyssa was truly capable of, I feared the consequences of disobeying her.

A while later I walked into the living room with my clothes on. It had been a while since I last wore clothes, but I wasn't happy about it. The strange sensation of wearing a diaper instead of underwear was one of the reasons for that, but the most important reason was that I knew Alyssa was up to something again and I doubted I was gonna like it.

"Ready?" Alyssa said as she noticed me walk in. "Then let's go."
"Go where, mistress?"
"On a date!" She said with a bright smile. A date?!
"Eh Do I have to wear the diaper?"
"Of course, you don't want people to notice you shit yourself, do you? I would never want something like that to happen to me."

We left the apartment and took a bus to the city centre. After we got off at the stop Alyssa said we had to get off, she took my hand. Was this really a normal date? And where was she taking me? We walked a few blocks and ended up in a more deteriorated neighbourhood. We stopped in front of a small shop with graffiti all over its walls. A neon sign above the entrance said 'BDSM EroShop'.

"This is it." She said as we walked inside. The cashier looked up at us as we walked in, but didn't say anything before getting back to playing with her phone. The small store was filled with bondage toys and tools, but also a lot of sexy fetish wear. "Pick out anything you want me to wear and I'll show it off to you in the changing cubicle." Alyssa whispered to me.

Both of us picked out some clothes for Alyssa to try on. When I was done, I walked up to Alyssa. She took my hand and pulled me inside of the changing cubicle with her. She then ordered me to undress her. I was getting more and more confused. It didn't feel like it was a date, but she was a lot less harsh than she had been the past week. This is probably the relationship I was looking for: she was dominating me without taking it too far. I undressed and dressed her into many dominatrix outfits. Tight leather and rubber dresses, fishnet stockings, all kinds of black heeled boots. As I looked at he show of all these outfits to me, I felt my dick pressing against the metal cage it was in. Never since Alyssa had put it on me, had I wished it wasn't there as bad as at that moment. I was just down on my knees to put on the shoes of the last outfit I had picked out for her when I heard a small but familliar noise: she had just farted.

"Oops." Alyssa said while trying not to smile. "Looks like I can't hold it until we get back home after all." She grabbed a device she had also taken with her in the dressing room I only then noticed. "Open your mouth." I was about to protest, but in trying to do so I did open my mouth and as soon as I did Alyssa jammed the device into my mouth and tightened it. It was a metal device that forced my mouth wide open. Alyssa turned around, flipped the black skirt she was wearing up, and sat down on my face. "I'm sorry, I know that you hate this, but I have no other choice. I can't hold it any longer and I just told you I would never want people to see me shit myself. Bear with it, okay? And eat quick, it's runny." She had barely finished talking before the diarrhea spewed out of her ass directly into my open mouth.

I tried my best to keep up and swallow it, but it was just too much too fast for me to handle. After a while my mouth was all filled up and Alyssa had to quickly jump forward so it didn't splatter against the outfit she was wearing. Instead, the rest of her runny shit splattered all over my face and chest. As I sat there on my knees covered in shit, with my mouth open and full with the brown liquid shit, I heard a click to my right side. I looked in the direction where the sound came from and saw the cashier holding her phone, her grinning face behind it.

"Sorry, I want a new background on my phone. Couldn't let this chance slip away." I couldn't believe I was photographed in such a humiliating situation.
While I was trying to swallow the rest of the excretement in my mouth, Alyssa said to the cashier "Sorry about the mess, Amy." They know each other?!
"It's alright Alyssa, just as long as he cleans up the mess."
"He will, because he wouldn't want the footage of what he did in this cubicle to end up all over the internet, would he?" I finished swallowing what was in my mouth and Alyssa took off the device of my mouth, allowing me to speak again.
"Y-You're wouldn't put that photo online, would you?! It would ruin my life!"
"Not just the photo. We have a couple of 'security' cams in this cubicle that record very clear footage as well." Amy replied with an even bigger grin on her face.
Noticing the scared look I got on my face as the thought of having something like this put online for all to see crossed my mind, Alyssa knew she had full control now. "Better start licking everything clean if you don't want this to go public, slave."
"Y-Yes, master" I started licking, and Alyssa and Amy walked away giggling to leave me to it.

After I couldn't see a spot of brown left in the entire changing room, I went outside.

"It will be delivered and installed within a week." I heard Amy say as I walked up to them.
Alyssa noticed me. "You're clothes are still dirty with brown stains."
"I-I can't clean those with just my tongue."
Alyssa sighed. "Well, you can't go home in those dirty clothes like this without being noticed." She walked to a nearby wall and picked up a bondage mask. "Pull this over your head. That way nobody will know it's you." She walked to the front door. "I don't want to be seen with you though, so wait her for a couple of minutes before going home too."

Alyssa left and it was just me pulling a bondage mask over my head and Amy now. She just continued fiddling with her phone without speaking to me until just before I left. "You are such a lucky fella, having such a beautiful master. Well, I'll see you again soon." I left the shop without saying anything back.

I've never been in as much of a hurry to get home as I was that day. I looked ridiculous with the mask on and my clothes dirty with shit. I wanted to duck away whenever anyone walked by, but I knew I would never be able to get home that way. Unfortunately the way home took even longer because there was no way I would be able to get in a bus like this, and I sure as hell wasn't going to try it either.

I was so glad when I finally arrived at our apartment. I rang the doorbell hoping for Alyssa to open up quickly, and luckily she did. "You're late." Alyssa swung back her leg and hit me right between the legs. Even with the padding the diaper I was wearing provided, it still hurt enough for me to fall down on my knees. "When I come home later than you, you kiss my feet. When you come home later than me, I kick you in the nads. Fear deal, no?" I was in too much pain to reply. "Hurry up and come in now, I want you to clean my feet."

Chapter 7: Promotion
Another week past by and Alyssa was more cruel than ever. My body was bruised all over from the powerful lashes of whips and the like, my asshole was expanded even more by even rougher attacks from her big black strap-on, and my balls ached more than ever because of the constant kicks and punched they had been receiving in the past week. I wanted out of this relationship more than ever, but I had no way out. I knew she wouldn't hesitate to put the video of me eating her diarrhea online as soon as I'd tell her I wanted to stop or I would try to escape. Suprisingly, the one thing she didn't do again in the past week was using me as a toilet.

I heard the doorbell ring while I was cleaning the bedroom. Alyssa opened up and not much later she walked into the bedroom. "Get dressed, there's some people here to install a new toilet in the bedroom. Let's go out while they get to work." A new toilet? Why would we need a new toilet if the old one works just fine?

I got dressed and followed Alyssa outside. Before we left the apartment I caught a glimpse of the people at work in our bathroom: two young women? For a job like installing toilets..?

We got on the bus like last week, and I quickly realized we were going to the same place again. When we were almost there, Alyssa kept looking at me, her expression getting more excited the closer we got to the fetish shop.

"You look worried, but don't worry, I won't do anything with you there today. I just wanted to show you something cool!" We arrived in front of the store, but Alyssa just stopped there. I looked at her quizzingly, and she pointed towards the shopping window. I looked at what was behind the window and quickly noticed a big display saying 'New hardcore fetish DVD! A man reduced to being nothing but a shit eating slave!'. Below it, was the DVD cover With an image of me with an open mouth filled with diarrhea!
"Y-You said you wouldn't spread that video!"
"I said I wouldn't put it online for all to see. We made a DVD out of it, people have to pay too see it."
"B-But they can see my face in this shopping window!"
"Oh yeah, I guess so. In any of the other shops that sell this one too, I guess. And I think there's a picture on the online sale too Ah well, it can't be helped. I'm going to pop in and say hi to Amy real quick." And with that, she left me outside alone for a few minutes.

How did it get this far? My life is ruined. I can't think of a way to solve this. How will I be able to get a normal job?

After a short while Alyssa came back out. "I think they're about done with installing our new toilet back home. Let's go."
"W-Why would I?"
"If the video has already been spread anyway, I can just leave, right?"
"Heh. It may have been released, but this kind of stuff still has a limited audience. Unless your friends and family are into something like this, there's still a chance they won't find out. Unless I point them in the right direction, of course."
"Well, are you coming?"
"Yes Mistress"

When we arrived back at the apartment, the two women were just leaving. "Thanks for your hard work."
"No problem, ma'am." We went into the apartment as the installers walked away.
"I want to suprise you with our new toilet, so I'm going to blindfold you after you've undressed. Take off the diaper too."

As soon as I was done taking off all my clothes Alyssa put a blindfold over my eyes and took my hand to lead me to what I could tell, even without sight, was the bedroom. Didn't she want to show me the new toilet in the bathroom? I walked into something with my foot. Ouch, is there supposed to be something here? Then, Alyssa ordered me to 'step over the edge'. After that she made me lie down on my back and stick my head in some hole. It was as if I was in some sort of box. It felt soft on the inside, but I had a bad feeling about this. This feeling was only confirmed when Alyssa inserted a big tube deep into my asshole.

"W-what are you doing..?" Before answering, she also put some kind of tube over my chastised penis.
"It's so you won't have to lie in your own filth." She then proceeded to strap me done to the bottom of the box. My wrists, ankles, neck, and belly were strapped down with what felt like leather bindings. I then heard something heavy slide over the 'box' I was in, presumably a lid of some sort. "I'll be right back." A short while later, I heard Alyssa walk up to where my head was. She grabbed the blindfold and pulled it off so I could see again. "Tadaa!~"

After my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see the shape of a toilet seat above me. I could barely move my head. Above me I could see Alyssa laughing.

"W-What the"
"Suprise, you are the new toilet!" Alyssa said with a big evil grin.
"Let me explain. The box you just lied down into was in the bedroom, but the hole you stuck your head through was a hole in the wall that leads to where the bathroom is. To where the toilet was, to be exact. Now you are the toilet. I will sit down on this toilet seat and do my business as if it was any normal toilet. The only difference is that it will land on your face. It's up to you to try to catch it in your mouth and eat it."
"There's no way I will do that! Not even if you spread that video to the people I know!"
"You can keep your mouth closed, but I will not clean the shit off your face and just keep using you. If you don't eat, it won't be long before your nose will be covered in shit too. And then it will be up to you to open your mouth and eat the shit on time before you suffocate"
"Y-You can't do this! I could D-Die..!"
"That's entirely up to you. Now I've been constipated for the past week, but I have the feeling I can go now. Looks like your first job as a toilet is going to be a big one. Congratulations on your promotion!"

She sat down on the toilet seat above me and starting pushing. First some piss soaked my face and hair. Then several farts came out and because of the small closed space my head was in the combined smell was stronger than ever. Then, her anus started puckering. And then it started expanding. And expanding more. A small tip of the coming shit poked out. But Alyssa kept straining, and her anus kept expanding, until finally the turd emerged. It was a monster. As this enormous thing dropped down I realized this thing was too big to even be able to enter my mouth. I would have to bite chunks of it and quickly eat them. The brown monster touched my lips. I gathered all of my will and started biting chunks of it, and quickly swallowed them. Until then the turd had been one solid piece, but now it broke off and it fell down on the side of my face. I kept eating until I couldn't reach what was left on the side of my face. At that moment Alyssa pushed more smaller chunks of shit out and I catched most of them with my mouth and eat them. I felt bloated after having consumed this ridiculous amount of feces. She wiped her ass, threw away the toilet paper, and then stood up and turned around to me.

"Well, that was it for now. See you later, my cute toilet.~"
Alyssa was about to close the lid above the toilet seat when I yelled "Wait!"
"What is it?"
"There's still a part of your turd on the side of my face! I can't reach it and it reeks!"
"Well that's too bad for you, isn't it? Maybe you'll be able to snack on it when it dissolves when I peed over it a couple of times? Bye now." She closed the lid, plunging me into darkness, and walked away. I was alone with the horrible smell and an even worse taste in my mouth.

Later that day, probably around evening, Alyssa returned. She opened the lid. "I just have to pee now, enjoy your drink." She sat down and started peeing, whiped when she was done, and was about to close the lid again without saying anything else.
She sighed. "What is it this time? Sad the shit didn't dissolve?"
"H-How long are you going to leave me in here?"
Alyssa bursted out laughing. "How long?! What are you saying, why would I let you out again when I can finally fulfill my longtime fantasy as much as I want to? Besides, we don't even have any other toilet anymore!"
"W-What if I have to go?!"
"That's what those tubes are for, of course."
"Y-You can't do this! Please, stop this..!"
"I can do whatever I want with you. You're my slave: my possession." Laughing, she closed the lid again. In my despair and helplessness, I could do nothing but sob myself to sleep.

Chapter 8: A second course
After a few weeks I lost track of how long I had been serving Alyssa as her personal toilet. It must've been at least two months. At first I tried to get used to it, but to no avail. But after some time I realized something: Even through all this, after everything she's done to me, I still love Alyssa. And with this mindset, I could take this. I still hated being reduced to nothing but a toilet, I still hated the taste of shit, but knowing how much she loves doing this and how much I loved making her happy, I could do this.

One day, after she did her business 'on' me, Alyssa spoke to me. She didn't speak to me very often anymore, and when she did it was usually to humiliate me. "I've arranged something special for you today." I've learned her surprises are never something that's good for me. "You can come in now!"
The bathroom door opened and I heard someone's voice come from the doorway. "Is he in there..?" I know this voice
The other voice bursted out laughing and the face belonging to the voice appeared above me. "Hi Charlie! Sure got yourself in a strange situation since we've last seen each other huh? Did you really need a diploma for this?" Caroline..!?
"W-What are you doing here?"
Alyssa answered for her. "What do you think? She's here to serve your desert!"
"N-No I-I don't want anyone elses Please don't!"
"Toilet, remember your place. You have no say in this."
Caroline giggled. "I wonder what he dislikes more, being called Charlie or being called 'toilet'?" She sat down on me and started pushing as if it was nothing. Piss flowed over my face, quickly followed by her soft dark shit. It was even worse than Alyssa's shit had ever been in both smell and taste. What does this girl eat?! But I kept eating. And eating. How much shit can one girl produce?! I was already full from Alyssa's load but Caroline just kept going. When she was finally done, my stomach felt more bloated than ever. "So, how did you like my chocolate sundae?" I couldn't answer Caroline because I had to concentrate on resisting my gag reflex and not puking her 'dessert' back all over my own face.
"Answer her, slave." Alyssa ordered.
I took a deep breath. "I-It.. Was delicious, mistress C-Caroline"
"Oooh, such a good little toilet!" Caroline clapped her hands. "I want to reward him! Can I, Alyssa?"
"Hmm.. Fine, I guess. What would you want as a reward, toilet?"
Even if it might be a trap, I wasn't going to let this chance slip by. "Eh I would like the chastity device to be removed, mistress"
"That's alright." Alyssa walked around to the bedroom where my body was, Caroline quickly following behind her. They lifted off the lid of the box I was in, and then Alyssa removed the tube from my penis. She shen proceeded to unlock the chastity device. I couldn't help but be a little happy knowing she had kept the key closeby. "Well, Caroline, you wanted to reward him, right?"
"Yup!~" I felt a hand gently grabbing my penis. Caroline slowly started stroking it, but gradually sped up.
After not having been able to get any relief for months, I was quickly started moaning and was about to reach climax. "A-Ah I'm gonna! Th-Thank yo-" But I started thanking her too soon; just before I came, she took her hand off my penis.
"You're welcome!~"
"Eh..?! B-But, I wasn't"
"I can't make you cum, toilets don't cum."
"Y-You can't do that to me..!"
Then Alyssa intervened. "He's right. It might be a little too cruel to always arouse him by feeding him our delicious poo but never giving him release. So let's Stop him from getting aroused."
Caroline giggled. "You're so mean, Alyssa."
I felt a tight grip on my right ball. "The left one is for you, Caroline." Caroline grabbed my left testicle. "Let's take our time and have fun doing this, we can only do it once."

What followed were the most agonizing hours of my life. The girls started pressuring my balls with their hands, digging their nails into the sack. They then started slapping and hitting them. They put clamps on them, they stomped them with their bare feet, they even started torturing my penis too after a while. I begged them to stop, told them I would be glad to eat both of their excretement as often as they'd want without ever getting any sexual relief myself. But they were enjoying this and no words could stop them anymore. Eventually I just stopped begging. That's when Alyssa told Caroline to put on a pair of sharp heeled boots, doing the same herself. They both pointed a heel at one of my testicles.

"This will be the finisher, put some real power into it. Ready?"
"Yes! Say goodbye to your testies, toilet!~"
"3 2 1" A pain a million times stronger than any I'd ever felt before jolted through my body. I slipped into unconsciousness, but not before vaguely hearing them talk a little more.
"What are you going to do with him now? Keep him here as a toilet a little longer?"
"No, I think it's time to transfer him to that place He's ready now."

Chapter 9: End of the initial training period
I woke up. My body ached, but my crotch area hurt the most of all. I tried to feel, but I my arms where still restricted. No, not still: again. I had the feeling I had been unconscious way too long. My mouth felt dry. Even though I couldn't see a thing, I felt dizzy. Had I been drugged after I lost consciousness? Yes, I must have been Because I'm not in the bathroom back in our -or maybe just Alyssa's, at this point- apartment anymore. I'm in the same situation, but not in the same place. My restrictments aren't leather anymore, they're metal now, allowing not even the slight movements that were still possible in my old restrictments. The padding I was lying on felt different, less soft. My head was tilted backwards more. But the most obvious difference of all was how my mouth was held open by some device, which is probably in part responsible for my dry mouth. My jaw hurt, it was probably the second most aching part of my body. This device held my mouth open even further than Alyssa's device had done in the changing cubicle. Sure, Alyssa could just have replaced the old 'toilet box' I was in and placed me in a new one, but that'd be fairly unlikely. The old one worked after all: why replace it so soon? I was pretty sure I was indeed in a different place and going to find out why soon enough.

Soon enough turned out to be quite some hours. Or it felt like quite some hours had passed at least. Someone walked inside whatever room I was in and opened the lid above me. The face of an unfamiliar woman appeared above me. She was a little older, but gorgeous. Her long red hair fell down along her back as she looked down to me through her glasses and gave me the most gentle of smiles. Her tits were enormous and looked like they were about to pop out of the top of her tight black dress. She was everything that should arouse me, but I wasn't. I wasn't able to get aroused.

"Good morning." The woman started. "You must be confused, so let me explain everything to you. I'm Ms. Ashmore and I own the apartment complex you're in right now. This special apartment complex is women-only. The room you're in is a special facility for all the tenants: the human toilet. Your master decided you were trained and ready for a life as a toilet here, and I accepted her generous offer. In exchange, she can live here for free." Alyssa sold me out for a free living accommodation?! "Now on to your job. In some ways, it is actually easier than your training was. You won't have to greet or thank your users, as you can't speak with your mouth held open like that. This will also make it impossible to chew on your 'food', so you'll have to swallow everything you receive whole. This might be hard at first, but you'll get used to it. But even if you can't do it, there's no reason to panic: we have a state-of-the-art system that will detect any problems, and should the need arise it will extend a flat surface in the toilet and push everything in the toilet into your throat. The way your head is tilted backwards allows for this to work as smoothly as possible. That's basically all that's changed. Oh, except that this complex has 50 apartments. Assuming every apartment is occupied, you will have at least 50 masters, myself being one of them. Some apartment might be shared with more than one woman though, so it can be more. Female visitors and staff will also be allowed to use you." There's no way I can eat that much shit! I'll explode! "Of course, we realize you can't handle that much. For this there is a clever system in place as well: the first few women can use you for free, but as you have been used more and more on a day, the price for using you will also automatically go up. When you really would be in danger, the price wouldn't be at a realistic level anymore. You weren't trained only to die on us. You will lend us your service for the rest of your life, and we hope this life will last for as long as possible. To accomplish this, we have a great nurse that will check on you once a week and make sure you receive the right supplements." Ms. Ashmore's face disappeared from my view. "I'm sure you're tired of hearing me explain everything and I think I've about covered everything, so time to break you in."

Ms. Ashmore sat down on the seat above me, and started pushing. It wasn't long before a big turd showed itself. The smell was nauseating: even worse than Caroline's shit. But surprisingly, when it dropped down in the back of my mouth it turned out the taste wasn't as bad as Caroline's shit. It didn't taste as good as Alyssa's shit, though (Did I just describe shit as tasting good?!). It was hard, but I managed to force the big turd down and in comparison the next few smaller turds were an easy task.

"Well done. I wish you the best of luck in your future life as a toilet and see you again soon enough." Ms. Ashmore left, but as soon as she opened the door to the toilet room I was in, she ran into someone.
"Hi, Ms. Ashmore!"
"Oh hello, Alice. You're here sooner than I had expected."
"Yes, I couldn't wait so I came early!~ Besides, it's important to give him his first supplements as soon as possible."
"Well, I'll leave you to it then."

Another new face appeared above me. This time the face of a bright young girl with short blonde hair. "Hi, I'm Alice and I'll be your nurse from now on.~ Today, I'll give you the supplements you'll definitely need, and from then on I will check on how you're doing every week and add any aditional supplements if necessary. I'll also take care of you in case of sickness. Usually, it's best to swallow your pills with some food, but since you're a toilet I guess I'll just take a shit after giving them to you.~" Alice giggled. "Well, let's get started!"

Alice dropped a couple of pills into my mouth, turned around, took of her short white dress, and sat down. She pushed and slowly but surely a dark brown turd came down. It wasn't very big, but as it entered my mouth I could feel it was very hard. By far the hardest, most solid shit I'd eaten. It hurt to try and swallow it down, probably more than just swallowing the big pills by themself would've. But I knew that wasn't the real purpose anyway

Chapter 10: The rest of my life
Days became weeks, weeks became months, months became years. Day after day I performed my 'task' as a toilet. Most days became routine work, but once in a while my work was made particularly hard.

For example one day when Caroline came over. Cheery as ever, and enjoying using me as much as ever. But when she was done taking a shit, she had a surprise for me. She pulled out a bloody tampon and peed on me. A little blood was mixed in, but it was nothing too bad. Until she dropped the bloody tampon in my mouth. It seemed like it hadn't been replaced in a long time, and I had a hard time swallowing the disgusting thing. "Maybe I'll come give you a special treat like this about once a month, from now on.~" Unfortunately, she made good on this promise.

Every friday, Heather would pay me a visit. Over the years I learned Heather was a successful business woman and made good money. For this reason, she could affort to use me even when I was so full using me would cost $100. Actually, she only used me when I was that full. She took great pleasure in using me when I was already in pain from my stretched belly, and make it even worse. For this reason she even wore a butt plug all week: Unless she had no choice, she wouldn't poop for an entire week and then release it all in me on friday evening. How she could manage with the stomach aches she must have after not taking a shit for such a long time, I don't know. She would sit down on me, and just keep pushing out big fat log after log. The first time she did this few times were horrible experiences for me, but over the years I have gotten a little more used to it.

One day, a petite girl with a short black bob cut came in, and didn't even use me to defecate in. She just sat down on the toilet seat, and lit up a cigarette. She just sat there, smoking her cigarette without saying a word. Then, she slid backwards, and tapped of the ashes into the toilet: my mouth, the hot ashes burning it. She repeated this a couple of times until she was done smoking. This is when she just dropped the stub into my mouth. It sizzled in my mouth and burned my tongue. The girl just walked off without ever having said a single word to me while I waited for the stub to cool down enough for me to be able to swallow it.

During my time as a toilet in this apartment complex, I got sick a couple of times. When one of my users noticed I wasn't doing so well, she would notify Alice, and Alice would drop by the same day. She would open the box my body was in and check everything out or take some blood samples. When she found out what was wrong with me, she would give me a shot or when possible administer additional oral medicine. One day when I was sick and particualary full, she still gave me some medicine through my mouth and shit in me to help it go down. I was almost as full as I would be on fridays after Heather gave me her weekly visit. This made me wonder how Alice could afford to pay as much to use me as Heather could. As if she read my mind, Alice answered that question for me. "Wow, you've really been used a lot today already. Good thing I can enter for free as your nurse."

Another out-of-the-ordinary event was when one of the women I had somewhat gotten to know came in, seemingly in a hurry. A lot of the woman used me without saying much or anything to me, but this woman was one of the few that did talk to me a lot. Her name is Skylar and she is gorgeous. She's tall, slightly tanned with some freckles on her perfect face, and has long blonde hair with a single colored streak, the color different almost every time she paid me a visit. She was the only one of my users that was actually nice to me. As I couldn't speak myself, she had gone through the trouble of finding out my name herself. She would adress me as Charles and talk about herself or her day. I looked forward to her visits and couldn't help but have somewhat of a crush on her. But this day, when she ran inside in a hurry, she didn't say anything. She just put her face above me and started vomiting. This was the first time anyone had ever puked in me and it was yet another horrible experience. As I had gotten used to the taste of shit a little by then, this tasted a lot worse. I felt the acid liquid go down my throat as I reculently swallowed it. When she was done at last, she spoke. "Sorry about that Charles But it turns out I'm pregnant, so I'll probably be using you for puking in a lot in the next few months. I hope you can get used to it." From that day on, I looked forward to Skylar's visits a lot less.

Alyssa also visited me a few times a week. At first she would also talk to me quite a lot. A few months after I had started being a toilet here, she told me about how she and Caroline had started dating. "We only agreed I wouldn't 'cheat' on you with another man", she said. But as years went by, she talked progressively less to me, and eventually she almost never said a word to me and just used me like the object I had become.

Final chapter: Laid off
I was recently told by one of my users today is my tenth anniversary as a human toilet for the occupants of this apartment complex. Nothing can surprise me anymore, and I've learned to accept and at times even enjoy my situation.

It's friday evening and Heather just did her business in me, so I'm full to the limit again. I was just about to go to sleep when I heard the door open. How is this possible?! If what I heard was correct, after Heather uses me for the steep price of $100, the price for using me skyrockets to the even more absurd price of $1000. Then Alice's face appeard above me. That explains it, she can use me for free.

"Hi, I know this is not our usual day and time for check-ups, but I was asked to check on you." She kneeled down and looked at me. "Hmm, yes, looks like you need some additional medication." Huh? She didn't check my body, she didn't perform any tests, but just looked at my face a few seconds and decided I need medicine? What's going on..?

Alice dropped some pills in my mouth and stood up, about to turn around. I can't handle any more shit than this! I looked at her with pleading eyes, but she didn't (or pretended not to) notice and turned around. For the first time in a long time, I'm scared by a woman's butt sitting down on the toilet seat above me and the descending poop a while later. In tears because of the pain, I tried to eat as much as I could, but unfortunately I just couldn't get the last piece stuffed into my stomach. This one piece is stuck in my throat now, unable to go either up because of my trained anti-gag reflex, or down because of my bloated stomach. Will my stomach even be able to digest everything before tomorrow morning when it's stretched to its limit like this?! But Alice is a nurse She should notice the pain I'm in from my face when she looks down at me one more time before she leaves, as she always does. Ah, there it is, she's looking! But there's no gasp of a nurse noticing her patient is in pain But a giggle. A giggle, and the scariest words I've ever heard: "It's been a pleasure taking care of you all this time. Too bad tonight will be your last night."

I don't know why that terrified me as much as it did, but I have a very bad feeling about this. This feeling was confirmed when a few minutes later the door opened yet again And Alyssa's face appeared above me. How could Alyssa afford to visit me at a price like this?!

"Hello slave." She began. "You must be wondering how I can afford the $1000 price it costs just to use you right now." She stopped talking for a while, as if expecting me to talk even though I can't. "As you might know, today is your tenth anniversary here. To thank me for helping the occupants of this building get this facility, some of the girls decided to give me a present. They asked me if I had anything I wanted, and I did. One last wish to truly fulfill my kink. So the girls all pitched in so I could use you after Heather. And to make sure you would be extra full when it was my turn, we asked Alice to go before me." Alyssa turned around and sat down on me.

She can't be serious I'm full! Nothing could possibly fit anymore, it will just accumulate inside the toilet bowl above my mouth And it did. Because my nose isn't inside the bowl itself like in the toilet box back at Alyssa and mine's apartment, I can still breath. What is the purpose of this? This is Alyssa's final dream? To get me as full as possible with shit and make me eat more shit as soon as some space has freed up in my stomach? I can do that Because even after all this, I can't deny I still have some feelings for her. She's obviously gotten a little older in these past 10 years, but not even slightly less beautiful.

Alyssa stood up, wiped her bottom, pulled up her panties and skirt, and turned around. "And now we wait." Wait? For what?

It took me a while, but when I remembered my heart stopped for a while: the system that forces poop down in case I can't swallow it myself. It had activated in the past, but only in the first few months when I still had to get used to swallowing without chewing. No wonder I forgot. Then I heard the vaguely familiar sound of the system activating. No! At this rate, I will die! My stomach will explode! The platform slid out, and started pressing down, forcing the poop inside my throat.

As the pain kept increasing, Alyssa's face became redder and redder. A wicked smile appeared on her face. "It's been so long At first I thought I would have to keep this dirty fantasy of pooping inside a man a secret for my entire life. But then I discovered your dirty fantasies and took my chance to fulfill my fantasies. Slowly but surely, I was able to enact all of them on you. And now, all these years later, it's finally time to fulfill that last fantasy To kill you by blowing up your stomach with an enormous amount of shit."

This is it I'm really going to die. How did it get to this? At what point should I've made a run for it? Or should I've never tried to fulfill my own fantasies at all? Or maybe I was doomed from the very moment I saw this shy girl walk in campus and fell in love with her instantly all those years ago. Pain like I'd never felt before erupted from my stomach, and then everything went black. The final words I heard were "Goodbye, my disgusting toilet."

As I heard him explode, heard him die I came. The ultimate sexual experience I had been looking for my entire adult life. And it was every bit as satisfying as I'd imagined. So this is it Was this the last time I would do something like this? I walked outside to greet Caroline with a kiss.
"Is he?"
"How was it?"
"The best experience of my life. It was so good, I can't wait to get upstairs and make love to you one more time"
"One more time?"
"Before we start your training."
I Guess it won't be the last time.

The end.

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