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After that night with Josh we both got up at around nine and had to be ready by ten. So we each quickly took a shower and decided to grab something from the continental breakfast. We were the only ones down there at the time so Josh decides that this is a good time to have a talk.

“So, Dan, I didn’t sleep well last night thinking about what we did. It wasn’t right. I am not gay. I know I am not. I mean I can’t be.”

“It sounds like you are forcing yourself not to be, but if that is how you feel I respect that. We can just pretend as if nothing happened,” I replied.

“Thanks, Dan, I knew you would understand.”

With that we chatted a bit more while we ate and waited for the rest of the class to be ready. The rest of the day was really fun. Josh and I continued to hang out and we had a blast walking through downtown, checking out stores, and just being together with Kaden and James. We had dinner as a class that night at the Olive Garden and didn’t care when all the older people glared at us because of the noise. This trip was kind of our last hoorah as a class because we only had a couple of weeks left before summer.

The trip ended to quickly and we were forced back to school to somehow find a way to actually learn for a couple of more weeks. Josh and I were not able to hang out very much the first week after the trip because I had to write a few big papers, but Josh found other means to entertain himself. He got a girlfriend. I find it to be more than a coincidence that after all these years of being single he would start dating a few days after having a homoerotic experience. I knew that this girlfriend was probably just a way to try to prove to me and possibly to himself that he was, in fact straight. I think that he felt he needed a straight experience to counteract the gay one. That’s why he decided to start dating the slut of the school. I had no doubt in my mind that Josh was probably getting sex anytime he wanted it while he was with her.

Even though I knew he was just trying to convince himself of his straight sexuality it still hurt to see him with someone else. After all he was mine; I claimed that night in the hotel room. It was a difficult experience, but I was able to survive it for those few weeks.

After finals one of our former classmates Ryan decided to an end of the year party. It was an awkward prospect considering he left our school at Christmas break after coming out. He knew full well that had he come back he probably would have been tormented for being gay, but I guess he missed our class and invited all of us over. I wasn’t sure who from our class would actually go or how they would treat him, but I decided that I would go and set an example by treating him like I had before. To my surprise the night of the party most of our class shows up and are actually quite understanding. Some of the guys feel a little weird, but eventually they get to the point where they can talk to him about it.

“So, Ryan, did you ever have a thing for any of us while you were at school?” asked James.

“Well have you guys ever had things for any of the girls in our class? Of course I had some crushes, but just like you guys are able to remain friends with the girls I was content to remain friends with my crushes. So don’t feel weird about it or anything,” answered Ryan.

“Wait, you were on the basketball team with us and saw us naked,” exclaimed Kaden.

“Yeah those were good times,” Ryan said as he chuckled, “But really I made sure not to look at anybody sexually while I was there.”

A number of other awkward conversations like that occurred throughout the night. Eventually though the party atmosphere at he house died away and everybody started talking about going bowling. It was only ten so a bunch of us decided that was a good idea. I offered Ryan a ride so that he wouldn’t have to waste the gas. Plus, I wanted to talk to him in private for a while. We chatted for a bit in the car, I asked him if he had any boyfriends since coming out. He told me that there had a been a couple since winter break.

“Speaking of romantic interests, have you had any lately?” he asked.

“Well, almost, but the person reconsidered,” I replied.

“Who was it?”

I decided right then that I was going to trust Ryan with my secret and maybe ask for some advice, “Don’t tell anyone, but it’s Josh.”

I could see the shock on his face when he found out I was gay, but then it seemed like he thought I was joking, “You’re just messing with me. That’s real funny, make fun of the gay guy. Josh is dating that girl Laurie; they were at my party together.”

He seemed upset like he had been expecting some kind of cruel joke all along, “Ryan, I am not so cruel that I would make fun of you. I am being serious. Josh started dating Laurie a few days after our experience.”

“Your experience? Now you even expect me to believe that you had sex together. Yeah, right, you two are as straight as can be and” He was interrupted when I pulled the car over and kissed him. I made sure this was a very passionate kiss so that he would know that I was telling the truth. I licked his lips and then dove into his mouth. My tongue caressed every part of his mouth and I felt his tongue starting to do the same. I broke off the kiss and started driving again. He looked at me shocked and said, “Wow, I guess you really are gay. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me and if you ever need anyone to talk to just give me a call.”
“Well, that’s kind of why I told you. This whole thing with Josh and Laurie is really painful and I don’t know I guess I needed someone else to know about it.”

“Yeah, I understand, but I wouldn’t get to worried about that whole thing. Josh is too smart to get too involved with a girl like that. In fact, it might be that he just wanted to experience sex with a girl after his experience with you. My best advice for you right now is to try and move on. There is no telling what Josh will eventually decide about his sexuality so you shouldn’t get your hopes up.”

“You’re probably right,” I replied grimly as we pulled into the parking lot at the bowling alley, “So, you aren’t going to tell anyone about this?”

“Of course not I got your back.”

We all had a great time bowling despite the fact that none of us are really any good. I didn’t even care about Josh and Laurie being there; it even seemed to help me to get over him. I figured that I would have to come to accept that maybe Josh and I won’t be together. Another thing that the night brought was my realization of how attractive Ryan really was. Before tonight I hadn’t really thought about him, but now after that kiss and the fact that he shares my secret, it seems like I really have a thing for him. It my just have been a sexual desire since it had been a couple of weeks since my last experience. He is about 5’ 11” and very athletic. He has strong muscular arms and an impressive upper body. He has dirty blond, wavy almost curled hair, green eyes, a smooth face, and an absolutely fantastic smile. He didn’t really act very girly for the most part, but at times he could be very effeminate. When he was in the closet I think he tried to seem more manly and came off as a real jerk, but that seems to have changed now that he can be himself. At that moment Ryan seemed like a perfect guy to go after for my rebound, but unfortunately he was currently seeing someone and seemed as unattainable as Josh had seemed. Although that worked out in the end.

So we finished bowling at about 1:30 in the morning and just decided to head our separate ways. I had to give Ryan a ride home since I brought him, but that just gave us more of a chance to talk. “So, Dan?”


“How was Josh? I was watching him in there and he is hot.”

“Well, I don’t really have anything to compare that experience to, but it was the best night of my life,” I answered.

“So how exactly did it happen? I mean you are in the closet and he seems to be denying his sexuality. How did you two come together like that?” Ryan asked.

“It was unreal like we were in a storybook or something. We were on our class trip in Denver at the time alone in our room getting ready to shower after swimming. Josh dropped his trunks right in front of me and walked into the shower. When he came out he was still naked I got hard took a shower and then it just sort of happened.”

“That’s awesome. How big was he? What was the best part? Did he enjoy it?”

“This is getting a little personal don’t you think?”

“Oh come on its just a little talk. Its not hurting anyone,” he coaxed.

“Alright, but he would probably kill me if he knew I was telling you this stuff. He is actually pretty small only like four inches or so. That didn’t change how great it felt inside me or me inside him. My favorite part with him was just feeling his awesome chest and nipples; they are gorgeous. Of course he enjoyed it; He had as much fun that night as I did, or at least I gathered as much from his screams of pleasure,”

“ That sounded pretty freakin’ hot and now I am as horny as hell.”

“Yeah, me too. That brought up some rather erotic memories.”

“So, my latest boyfriend and I have been dating for like a month and a half and he still isn’t ready for anything sexual and I am dying to do something.”

“It has been three weeks for me, and I really need a little relief tonight. Where can we go?” I asked

“Well, we could always just find a secluded spot and do it in your car here.” As he said that we were driving by the school and I figured that the parking lot there would be completely deserted at this time and sure enough it was. I parked under a tree in a dark corner of the parking lot. We hopped in the back seat and started making out. There was a lot of passion behind our kisses this time. We both had a lot of pent of sexual desire and needed release. He was very excited and nearly choked me the first time he stuck his tongue deep into my mouth. I couldn’t believe how hot he really was. The best way I can describe him (which he really hates for some reason) is a shorter version of Zac Efron. He was that amazing. I ran my fingers through his hair while we tongue wrestled. His hand found my butt and was massaging it. The pleasure of that was unreal. I didn’t even know that it was possible to get so much pleasure from your butt. We moved around a bit and he ended up right on top of me. He pulls my shirt over my head and devours my nipples. It was amazing his tongue did fantastic work causing a great amount of pleasure. I wanted some of my own so while he was leaning over me sucking on them I pulled his shirt off and saw a great chest. He was strong and it showed in his pecs. His abs were nicely defined too for a sixteen year old (his birthday was in a month).

He couldn’t wait anymore so he pulled off his shorts and boxers and revealed a beautiful 7.5/8 inch uncut dick that looked like a cruise ship compared to Josh’s canoe. He stuff the thing my mouth that was hanging open and I began to suck for all I was worth. He groaned and muttered, “That feels great, but leave me some lube.” So I left a bunch of saliva on his monster and before long he pulled out. He ripped my shorts and underwear off in a real hurry and warned, “It will probably hurt at first, but I am going to go in hard and fast; it will get better.” He pushed my legs apart, got between them, lined up his dick and then rammed it in to me. He rammed it into me and I cried out in pain. It was excruciating, but he didn’t stop he just pulled out and slammed back in as fast as he could.

At that point I cried, “Ryan, Stop! It hurts!.” He either didn’t hear me or didn’t care because he just kept right on going. After about the seventh stroke the pain began to fade away and was replaced by the greatest feeling I had ever felt. Josh was too small to really get me all that excited and he didn’t have much staying power. Ryan had experience and size on Josh and that made the experience incredible. Ryan was long enough to really give me the experience of having something inside me and it was incredible. I felt the head of his dick rub against my prostate on every single stroke and it was out of this world. After the twentieth stroke I came hard, one shot hit my face and Ryan licked it off. He slowed down after that and each stroke was that much more pleasurable. Stroke after stroke he continued and I was almost ready to blow another load. I was waiting just thinking, “Save it. He has to be almost done himself; it can’t last much longer.” But it did last longer. He was like the energizer bunny and after many more long slow strokes he shot an enormous load it felt like it was going to reach my stomach from the strength of the orgasm. The warmth of his semen inside me put me over the edge once more and it too was a powerful orgasm. He collapsed on top of me with my cum squishing between us. We were both pretty exhausted, but I wanted to give him the same kind of pleasure that he gave me so I started kissing him once again.

It quickly turned into another make out session, this time with fresh cum and sweat warming our naked bodies. The feeling of his warm body against mine woke up my dick faster them I ever thought possible. I wasn’t quite hard yet so I asked Ryan to suck me a bit. He complied, but only after I stuck it in his mouth; He was wiped out. He sucked my dick and soon enough it was at full strength at six inches. That same six inches that made me proud a few weeks before made me self conscious that night, but he was barely awake lying on his belly there, so I figured he would probably not even notice how small it was compared to him. I knew that him lying on his belly would probably be a painful position for him, but I thought it was the transition from pain to pleasure that made my experience so fantastic so I just went for it. I spread his cheeks a bit lined up with his hole and pushed in slowly. It was an incredible feeling. He felt tighter then Josh, but that might have just been the position. I started out slow, but eventually picked up speed. He regained some energy very quickly and began to moan loadly. I was getting closer and closer to coming, and held it for as long as I could so that he could have the same feeling I did when I came with him in me. I didn’t have to wait too long because I felt is butt tighten around me and heard his screams of ecstasy. Hearing that and feeling his butt tighten made me shoot deep into him. I collapsed on top of him as we lay there breathing hard. He rolled over under me so that we were facing each other. He kissed me and said, “That was fantastic, no one has ever made me come while I was being fucked.”

“Your boyfriend doesn’t know what he is missing, I came twice while you were in me without even touching my dick.”

“I made a mess of your car on that last load,” Ryan grinned.

“Don’t worry about it, leather is easy to clean. It is the smell that I am worried about I am gonna have to use a butt load of Febreeze to get rid of it.” He smiled at me and we got dressed to go home. As much as I loved Josh, Ryan’s experience made this time so much better. I could only hope that he would want to do it again some time.

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