Marching Band (Part 5)_(0)

Chapter 5: Kaitlin

I pushed my tongue into the side of my cheek, and slowly turned my head in the direction Heather was facing. She hadn't been wrong, sadly. Standing in the doorway of the band room, crossing her arms with a look of hatred mixed with disgust, was Kaitlin. I could just imagine it now Kaitlin leaving, finding Nathan, telling him that I had ejaculated inside of his girlfriend I'd likely be stabbed within a few days. I only had one option left. Train ticket to the other side of the country, change my name, and of course, plastic surgery.

Shaking my head back to reality, I remembered Kaitlin was still here. She was arguing loudly with Heather, and I was just there laying on top of her. That's when it hit me; I was still inside of Heather. Pushing my lips together, I slowly pulled out of Heather to make the situation less awkward. It only made it more awkward though, because a quick moan slipped through her lips as she shouted something at Kaitlin. Kaitlin shook her head, probably thinking we were pathetic, before shooting a split second glance at my cock. It made me wonder what it'd be like to fuck Kaitlin

Kaitlin was a cute girl, but was also a short one. She had to be at least a foot shorter than me. She had brown hair that reached her shoulders, and had beautiful green-blue eyes. She was a little heavier than Heather, but I don't mind that. It wasn't so much that she was fat, but more like curvy. Yeah, we'll say that. Even being short as she was, she had an amazing ass. It was big and round, and I just wanted to grab it Her feet, however, were just alright. She had short, stubby toes, which, personally, I was not a fan of.

Suddenly, I let out a chuckle. This was ironic. I was caught fucking Heather, because Becca had to get her to fuck me, because I'd caught her fucking Mr. Ford. With my luck, I'm going to have to fuck Kaitlin, and then help her fuck 15 band guys.

Kaitlin, being blind to my circumstances, didn't find humor in the situation. "Is this fucking funny to you? Heather is cheating on her boyfriend. You know what that means, right? Nathan is going to fucking kill you."

Yeah, I figured that much already. "Well" I said, crossing my arms, revealing my cock to the world, "He can't kill me if he never finds out"

Kaitlin tilted her head for a second, glancing at my cock again, and finally realized what I'd meant. "Oh, no. I have to tell Nathan."

Heather butted in. "Actually, you don't, Kaitlin. Nothing is making you tell him." She said, crossing her arms across her chest to cover her nipples. This lit the match, causing another flaming argument between the two of them. All I could do was watch. At some point, Heather offered Kaitlin to fuck me. I mean, hell, I wouldn't turn that down, but I was slightly offended she was offering me for sex. I couldn't hear Kaitlin's response, because I realized her hand was in her pocket. Her hand slipped out of her pocket, holding something.

And I look at them standing there. And I realize Kaitlin was holding her phone.

Deja vu, eh?

"Hey, uh, Kaitlin?" I say, which turns both of their heads. "What are you doing with that phone?"

Heather looked back at Kaitlin, finally noticing the phone. Kaitlin smirked, not bothering to hide it anymore. "I have to tell Nathan."

I just had to watch. If I interfered, she'd definitely tell Nathan, and the next time I'd be seen was in several pieces in a dumpster. It was up to Heather now.

Heather was frantically trying to get Kaitlin to stop, but she just wasn't listening. She held her phone up to her ear and I saw hope leave Heather's face, being replaced with despair. I contemplated pulling my own phone out, to say goodbye to my parents. That's when Heather broke down into tears. She fell on the nearest chair and held her face in her hands. I looked over at Kaitlin, who had a certain look in her eye. Almost like regret. It was working To add to the feeling of guilt, I quickly moved over to Heather and sat next to her. In her depressing state, she saw me and immediately put her head in my shoulder. It was probably from the connection we still had, after I exploded inside of her. I made sure not to look at Kaitlin, as I felt that would destroy everything.

Then, I could hear it. His voice. "Hey, Kaitlin, what's up?" I could faintly hear through the phone. My heart stopped. I actually realized this could be the end.

The statement was followed by silence. "Kaitlin? What's up? Is everything alright?" I couldn't help but look over at Kaitlin. She was looking at the wall, biting her lower lip. She sighed and held the phone back up to her ear. "Oh, sorry, Nathan, I didn't mean to call you," she said, not moving her head, but turning her eyes to me for a few seconds before looking back away. I turned back to Heather, feeling relief course through me. As I reassured Heather, telling her that she was okay, Kaitlin reassured Nathan that [i]she was okay. When Kaitlin finally hang up, there was a brief silence, but it was broken when Heather jumped up, still in tears. She embraced Kaitlin, who kept her arms straight at her sides. "Thank you so much, Kaitlin. You don't know how much that means to me."

Kaitlin slowly bent her arms and placed them on Heather's back. "Yeah, no problem." She said, before quickly glancing at my penis again. I found it odd that she kept looking in that direction.

Heather pulled back and backed up. "Kaitlin before you rudely interrupted" She laughed, rubbing her arm, "we were doing something. Maybe you could join us?"

Kaitlin and I both jerked in reaction. That was a surprising request.

"Um I don't know this is still wrong, even if I didn't tell Nathan" She said, before turning her head and lightly blushing.

Heather smiled softly and put her hands on Kaitlin's shoulders. "C'mon, Kait. Let's do it. Trust me, it's worth it much better than Nathan's!" They giggled together, but I jolted again. Wait, the fuck? Did they, like, have a threesome? I honestly wouldn't even be surprised.

She turned her head towards my cock again, and finally held her gaze. "I mean I guess it'd be fun like old times." They laughed again, and I just sat there feeling like an object. When I blinked back into existence I realized I had missed Kaitlin taking her shirt off. That was a fast transition. She threw her shirt to the side, and Heather was already working on the clasp of Kaitlin's bra. The bra shortly fell off of her chest, hitting the floor with a light thud. I stared at her perky tits, which were much larger than Heather's, due to her larger size. Now, let me get this clear, again. She's not fat or anything, I just say larger because she's larger than Heather who is super skinny. Kaitlin's body reminded me a bit of Mia Malkova's body. Except, you know, not as perfect as Mia is. What I'd do for a night with her

I decided it was unhealthy to think of a girl when two other naked ones were right there in front of me. That's when I realized that unless they were magically lesbians, I was about to have a threesome. A fucking threesome. Mark was not gonna believe this one.

My doubts were dashed when Kaitlin slowly approached me, being lightly pushed along by Heather. She reached down and gripped my cock in her hand. She stood there, just holding it, until she looked at Heather. "Heath, I don't think I can do this."

Uh, fucking yes you can! I thought, before deciding not to say that out loud. Luckily, Heather did it for me. "C'mon, Kait. It'll be fun. It's worth it," she added, quickly glancing and winking at me.

Kaitlin slowly nodded, starting to rub my already hard cock. She seemed to drop all hesitation at this point, and got down on her knees. She apparently really wanted my cock in her mouth, because she just shoved it down her throat. Comparing this to Heather's attempt, I'd say Kaitlin has fucked other guys than Nathan. She quickly bobbed her head up and down on my cock, the whole thing being less of a blowjob and more of a throat fuck. I was just standing there, savoring the feeling, while trying to comprehend what was going on. Maybe my cock is bigger than I thought it was It just made this girl go from throwing Heather and I under the bus, to her deep throating it in the course of five minutes. Thanks, dad, for those beautiful, beautiful genes of yours.

Kaitlin looked up at me with her beautiful eyes, continuing the throat fucking. She was also sucking on my cock, which was an amazing feeling. I couldn't hold it much longer. Within seconds, I was cumming down Kaitlin's throat, realizing I was grabbing the back of her head now. Jesus, she knows how to fucking give head!

"Holy shit, that was amazing," I said, sighing in the aftermath of my orgasm. She smirked, getting up from her knees. I couldn't help admire her breasts, when something extraordinary happened. Heather turned Kaitlin's head, and kissed her straight on the lips. I was stunned, as I saw their tongues enter each other's mouths. My jaw had fallen open. "You're lesbians?!"

Heather giggled. "No, silly! We're bi!" They laughed together, before continuing to grope each other. I was already hard again. A wave of surprise hit me. I'd cum three times and I was hard again. I must have, like, super hormones. Whatever it is, it's convenient.

I watched Kaitlin lay on the couch, her waist at where the arm of the couch should be. Heather hopped up onto the couch, positioning her pussy over Kaitlin's face. She lowered herself onto Kaitlin, where she was waiting. Kaitlin giggled in excitement. "Finally, I always wanted to do this!" She said, before disappearing under Heather. Within a few seconds, Heather was scrunching her eyes closed, and moaning fairly loudly. I couldn't help but look down to Kaitlin's pussy. It was just sitting there, unloved

Heather saw me, and giggled through her moans. "Go for it Matt, she won't mind!" She shouted, before screaming multiply swears in ecstasy. I took my chance and kneeled in front of Kaitlin. Her pussy was already super wet, so I pushed into her. Surprisingly, my cock slipped in rather easily, and I bottomed out. When my cock entered her pussy, she pushed her legs together (or tried to, as I was in between her legs), and I could hear a muffled moan underneath Heather. After a few seconds, Heather was the one moaning again, as Kaitlin controlled herself. I proceeded to thrust in and out of Kaitlin as her tongue entered Heather's pussy. I could hear little moans slip out of Kaitlin as she tongue fucked Heather. Heather leaned forward and wrapped her hands around my neck as I pumped in and out of Kaitlin like a piston, which surprised me. As I looked up at her, she planted her lips onto mine and kissed me. It was an interesting experience, kissing a girl while fucking another one. Not to mention that she was moaning as we kissed.

I noticed Heather had stopped kissing me, and I was just kissing a dead fish. I pulled back and noticed her eyes were squinted shut and she was shaking. She must be having another orgasm Heather gasped and yelped as her third orgasm passed. She moaned at the top of her lungs and sat there for a minute, as I continued my thrusting. She slipped off of Kaitlin and stumbled away. Kaitlin and I locked eyes for the first time and she smirked. "Hey, there." She said, which brought a laugh from Heather, who was not facing us anymore.

She sighed and shook her head. "Fuck, I'm tapping out, I think. There's no way I can go anymore." She said, her hands on her hips. She stared at my cock entering and exiting Kaitlin's vagina. "Hell, Matt, I'm surprised you're still going. You came, like, what, three times already?"

Kaitlin's eyes bulged when Heather said that. "Three times?! Pretty different from that little boyfriend of yours, huh?" She laughed, followed by a moan. She looked up at me and sighed. "This is boring, pull out."

I frowned. "Wow, alright then" I slipped my cock out of her pussy, and Kaitlin smiled. She pushed up on the couch with her elbows and flipped over. I watched in pure lust as she laid on her stomach and presented her ass to me. "Alright, let's keep going," she said, looking over her shoulder.

I took my cue and came up behind her ass. Pushing my cock back up against her pussy, I moaned as it pushed in between her lips. I approved of this position a lot more, because I could see her amazing ass as I fucked her. Heather was sitting on a chair she pulled up, right next to where my cock and Kaitlin's pussy met. Just thinking about Heather being right there made me want to cum.

Kaitlin was moaning loudly now. "Oh, fuuuuck!" She shouted, pushing her ass against me. "Matt, I'm going to fucking cum!"

I could feel my balls tightening. "I am too!"

Heather started laughing, and chanting, "Go, Matt, go!" Kaitlin and I laughed in our semi-orgasmic state. She squealed as her orgasm hit, which pushed me over the edge. Any remaining jizz in me was sprayed inside of Kaitlin in one final, amazing orgasm. I stood there, slowly continuing to pump, as we got through our highs. "Holy fuck, that was amazing!" Kaitlin said, sliding off of me, which sent a pleasurable sensation through my cock as her walls rubbed against my head.

"Yeah, it really was," I said, watching Kaitlin start to clean herself off. I looked at my pants and was about to put them on, until my cock was wet from various liquids. "Well, what should I do to clean off?"

Kaitlin was about to reply, but chuckled when Heather answered for her, by kneeling on the ground and managing to fit my cock in her mouth. She sucked a few times to get the excess semen out of my cock, and Kaitlin's pussy juices off of it. I almost got hard again, but I think my dick was done for the night. Or, just at least for now. "Nice work, Heather."

She smiled an innocent smile. "I try my best!"

We finished cleaning ourselves off, and I headed towards the door, before stopping to tie my shoe. Kaitlin passed me, saying goodbye, and thanking me for the good time. I smiled and thanked her in return, and she left the room. I started again for the door, but heard a sniffle. I turned my head to see Heather sitting in a chair, with a tear streaming down her face. She looked over at me, before trying to hide her face.

I instantly started to feel bad. Did I do something? I sat back down next to Heather and put my arm around her shoulder. "Whats wrong Heather?"

She sniffled again and rubbed her eyes. "Oh, it's nothing I just wish that every time I had sex it was this fun"

I smiled. "Well, it can be!" I said, rubbing her shoulder. I sighed, and looked into her eyes. "Heather, just leave him."

She closed her eyes, before looking back into mine. "I can't"

I frowned. "Why not?"

She looked away. "I I'm scared"

I felt anger sweep over me. "You know what, Heather? Fuck that," she seemed surprised at my outburst. "If you aren't happy with that asshole, leave him. If he tries to hurt you, he's just a fucking coward. And if he tries to hurt you" I looked around the room, thinking of something. " If he tries anything, come to me."

She looked at me when I said that, tears in her eyes. "Really?"

I slowly nodded my head, biting off more than I could chew. " Yeah, really."

The tears in her eyes streamed down her face, and she embraced me in a split second. "Thank you thank you so much for everything." She held the hug for a long time, and I just savored it. She pulled away, and wiped her eyes. "I'm glad to know somebody actually cares about me." She said, before throwing her bag over her shoulder. "See ya in a few days, Matt."

I gave her a little smile, and nodded. "See you, Heath." I said, in a playful voice.

She laughed through the tears and gave a little wave, before leaving the room. I thought about the night for a moment before standing. The way Heather is acting, it seems like she likes me. I don't know how to feel about that. I feel bad for her, and all, and she's absolutely beautiful, but I have something for Lauren. And it's a real something. I sighed, grabbing my stuff. Pushing open the doors, I can't help but take a minute to relish in the fact that I'm a fucking ladies man.

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