Co-eds european roadtrip horror part3

Inside the stifling cellar the afternoon heat had nowhere to go so the walls seemed to perspire the syrup air thick and stale. The undertaker had hooded all three women desensitising them; allowing him time to manipulate each of their sweaty bodies into the positions he like.

When he was finished he wiped his arms free of grime and sweat. Picking up a bucket of tepid water he drenched his body. Even with hood and his strength they had kicked and wriggled. The shouts and yelps had been deafening in the confined space. But without vision none could direct their resistance or escape or know what was happ
ening as they listened to the other beg and moan.

Diora had being in the position the longest as he knew she was the most resistant. Her body ached her mind racing as first she was confused then realised what he was doing, then heard her two friends go through the same awakening.

"Oh God, no please," she had moaned making the others begin to babble in worry as they waited their turn. Then on to Keeley, the girl saying "no" over and over, "you can't!" Then finally Cassandra not screaming but beginning to pant heavily then moan in panic, then a gargle as her mouth appeared to be restricted. Diora tried to ignore the biting sensation on her nipples she could hear Keeley still begging in similar nipple abuse. But Cassy now appeared as a slight throated gargle, nothing more.

Finally Diora felt her hood become free and the dim cellar seem like brilliant light. She knew what she'd see done to herself. But seeing made her wriggle more and she gasped in horror trying to break free as the undertaker removed the other girl's hoods.

All three were seated on high backed wooden chairs. The chairs themselves were pushed back onto the two hind legs the backrest fastened securely to tall wooden roof columns. The babes hands were tied behind the chair backs and in this reclined position they were like patients in dentists surgeries, tits thrusting upwards their eyes led staring toward the roof.

"No please not this," Diora moaned now less fiery a temper, Keeley adding. "Oh God anything just not this," to the begging her eyes wide in pointless hope.

Each friend was reclined with their legs in a squat birthing position their knees hooked over either chairs arm rests their ankles now tied with rope around the lifted front feet. Unable to lift their knees they sat legs apart mounds raise their backs arched trying to pull from the backrest wrist binds. But it was their tits that worried them the most. All three girls had their big long nipples clenched between cruel crocodile clips; the metal pincers connected to long fat insulated wired running to the floor.

Diora and Keeley were now completely naked but it was Cassandra who looked the most bizarre; the big banana dildo still harnessed to her, thrusting up in a permanent erection tapping against her tensed stomach. Her head was covered in a black leather bondage mask. Her beautiful eyes were looking forlorn through the holes. Her blonde hair was in an appropriate pony tale through the back slit of the mask. Diora now understood why she was only gargling as her mouth was in a permanent open yawn as a metal spreader had being inserted, attached to her mask like the bite of a horse to its bridal. Her body was still mostly naked her breast hooked inside a criss-cross of leather straps thrust together and up in bondage wonder bra. And her great pink nipples too had electrodes biting on her teat ends. Her arms were now behind her not tied to the chair but in a long black sheath wound tight and together to pull them back hard against her rump. Her hips had a garter belt holding up leather stocking that turned into long leather boots as they neared her shins. Cassy found the position a little strange as the boots had the most ridiculous heels making her feet almost point directly down like two horse hoofs.

"Oh my god!" Diora's mind screamed as her and Keeley stared speechless at the undertakers pony girl.

The man began to fix the loose ends of the insulated wire to an old truck battery. One wire permanently connected the other he fashioned the fray ends into a copper tip, his hands keeping it just above the positive electrode. This snapped them all back to their predicament and they began to wriggling and bleat trying to break free.

"Now its time for you to stop fighting and start obeying," he said twisting the copper tip between his fingers. "It's only a few hours to sunset and I'll be finished with you by then."

"Ok, Ok!" Diora gasped her neck straining as she tried to catch his attention. "Sure please we will I mean we have," added Keeley her big porcelain melon reddening with the tight pincer nipple grips. Cassandra just sat gargling shaking her head in total despair.

"Very wise it will make our time together easier," he laughed. "But just in case you have doubts let me show how we could spend the next few hours if you resist."

He touched the copper tip with the battery a spark emitting a flash in the dim cellar.

The girls all instantly felt their spines flex their hands grip as the electricity flowed into them. The undertaker was admiring each in turn as he reflected on their indignity.

Cassandra was bouncing in her seat. Her tits held in the cross-braced leather cup less bra were juddering up and down intensely, her nipples blur of clamped pink. She gargled through the open locked mouthpiece the saliva whipping in strands as her black clad head thrashed. Her pony tail mane whipped from side to side the sweat dripping down her glowing body over the black leather binds and stockings down to her crazy eight inch black heeled boots. All the while the strapped on dildo stabbed to the ceiling like a frenzied knife attack; as her ass lifting from the chair involuntarily.

Keeley's teeth were clenched her eyes so wide lashes flared. Her body was rigid; great breasts seeming to expand outwards with the power. Her ribcage was pushed out with all her might. Booth nipples were distended long clamped flesh; the beads of sweat almost hissing from her globes.

Diora fiery mane was appropriate as it looked as if her body was about to explode. Her back arched as she tried to rise from the chair. Her ass cheeks flexed in panic her body in a chaotic dance. Her belly groan turned into a shriek of terror. The power was still on not a fractional nip of electricity but a long surging delivery of lighting down her spine inflating her wonderful breast making them glow in the half-light. Her bare feet tapped like a puppet on the floor her head shaking eyes looking into his pleading for it to stop.

He cut the circuit and all three bodies collapsed back into their pinned seated positions noises of exertion and relief filling the cellar. The undertaker was happy they now understood the consequences of refusal.

"Now this is what I want you to do. I want to see you all come." He announced in a deep lustful drawl.

He moved to Keeley and pulled a cord around her neck the girl still moaning from the electro treatment. She began to shriek in panic at her necktie. When once her head was secure he unfastened her arms. Her hands instinctively move to her clamped teats but he slapped them away. "

Touch your tits again and ill reconnect the battery, turn of the light and leave." The girls shook their heads eyes bulging staring at Keeley. The brunette was looking like a rabbit in headlights unsure what to do with her free hands.

"Down there," he coached taking her free wrists moving her fingers down to her narrow shaved slit. "Start opening yourself up. Use your fingers to find your clit and begin to pleasure yourself." He requested.

Keeley sheeplessly nodded; her eyes darting to the battery then to his face. "Please just not the electricity again."

The man was sympathetic. "Don't worry now do as I say rub your little clit."

As Keeley began to rotate her finger over her bud the man pushed her thighs wider demanding that she spread her lips with her other hand. The brunette did as she was asked the glistening pink skin brilliant against her darkening sweaty thighs.

He moved to a shelf talking a foot long rag tube from it. As the open girl watched nervously she continued to caress herself feeling her clit harden. The undertaker unwrapped the item a two-inch wide, foot long glass tube. It was open at both ends the glass quite thick the ends slightly bulbous on the rim.

He returned to the spread legged bitch and kneeling down he pushed one open rim at Keeley's exposed snatch. "Slowly," he coached, "just let; ahhh yes there it goes."

Keeley's rubbing spreading fingers felt the cold glass cylinder ease inside, then slide along her tight pussy shaft. Her eyes widened her voice a slight surprised confused gasp. The tube was quickly 6 inches up her, the other half pointing straight out.

The man told her to keep rubbing her using both hands her lips now slurping around the wide girth.

"Hold it inside you," he insisted. "It's your pussy drain. I want to see your juices dripping out very soon. Otherwise it's back on the electrodes for you."

Keeley's face flushed red as she nodded her fingers increasing in effort on her bean.

The undertaker then moved to the sweaty mess that was Diora. She was panting heavily her big jugs rising and falling almost as much as when the power had been on. He reached behind her unfastening her hands from the chair backrest but not from each other. Then unfastened her ankles and made her stand. Putting an arm around her waist like they were out for a casual stroll he led her over to the reclined erect Cassandra.

"Now American slut mount your friend. Push that vibrator deep up inside you." The man bent down to click the switch at the base between Cassandra's open thighs and the cock began to buzz eagerly, the two internal storks also repeating their anal and pussy games on Cassy. The cables were still on her tits and the man lifted them so she could straddle her seated friend.

"Please," she said looking at him. The man pointed to the black cock. "Start riding it NOW!"

She nodded still aware of the biting pincers on her nipples. As she straddled arms behind her back she lowered her slit over then sucked the buzzing thing inside. Immediately it began to lubricate and excite her flesh. Her thighs slid tightly down onto Cassandra's hips until her mound pressed onto the pony's black plastic base. Cassandra looked in awe her mouth a yawing frozen expression. As their tits neared the undertaker suddenly unclipped his pony's nipples binds hooking them around Diora's, then quickly reattached both back on her dome tips with stifled moans from Cassandra. Now the women's nipples were pincer clamped and locked together meaning the gyrations of Diora created long sensuous tugs on both babes teats

He moved back to his battery and announced. "Faster put more effort into it."

He tapped the wire on the battery node making all three girls jump with electricity for a split second. All three babes increased their efforts in panic.

Keeley's hand rubbed faster her thighs opening more; her spare hand keeping from her wired tits concentrating on holding the pipe in place. Cassandra began to buck up relieving the tugs on her nipples; pushing the cock higher into Diora. The hot red head was rubbing her crotch on the buzzing pole her arms straining behind her back, big balloon breasts pulling her friend up off her seat as she struggled to control the sensations inside her.

As Diora writhed on lap of Cassandra the big man suddenly unfastened her arms from behind her back. Like with Keeley her fingers moved up to her and Cassy's wired together nipples. The man slapped her hands down. "I've just told your dirty slut friend this already; touch those clips and I'll drain the battery into you fucking big melons."

Her eyes gave him a horrified stare as she nodded hands falling to Cassandra's hips to steady her. "Hold the pony with one hand," he demanded, "use your other on me."

He pulled Diora hand towards his cock making her grip the length. "Wank me while you ride" he ordered. The hot college grad beginning to stroke his cock with long tight fingered grip as she rubbed herself onto the upright dildo. He gritted his teeth Diora's hand doing as he asked jerking him as she tried to concentrate on her own sensations. He looked over his shoulder back towards the opened legged Keeley.

Keeley's long nailed fingers were a blur strumming her clit as she moaned and gasped at the sensation. Her thighs spread wider and it almost seemed she had lost grasp of where she was as her hips bucked up. Her ass rose from the chair pushing back on her vigorous fingers in a world of her own. But every so often her deep sultry eyes glanced up awfully aware her captor was watching and satisfied with her efforts.

"Good Keeley," he drooled in encouragement. "I can see you dripping in the pipe."

His disgusting comment made her blush but sent an electric sensation of humiliation and excitement up her spine. She too could see the small trickle of fluid in the glass tube as she felt her inside well up, and her bud harden to an stump ridge against her fingertips.

The undertaker gave a few hip thrusts in enjoyment his cock pumping around Diora hand as she wanked him. The gyrating Diora gripped him angrily, hanging on to his tool for dear life; bucking on Cassandra like a true cowgirl riding a bronco. Her tits bounced up tugging the nipples of her pony friend. The gimped blonde seemed to be passing out in the claustrophobic heat. Diora was biting her lip her pussy grinding on the cock eager to please with her fucking and wanking; she didn't want the tit buzzer again. He suddenly slapped her slave hand away from his super stiff cock.

"Watch her Keeley," the man commanded moving behind the riding Diora. His hand traced down her sweating back over the curve of her ass his finger pushing between her ass cheeks. "Your friend is now going to come."

Keeley watched her clamped tits rising and falling as she continued to frig herself. The undertaker gripped Diora's chin pulling her neck back making the girl gasp as she bucked. "That's correct isn't it?"

Diora nodded groaning from the growing sensation between her legs. She felt a stab as the man stuck a single finger deep up her rectum wanting to feel her body tighten in climax. "Now busty, do it now," he ordered.

Maybe it was the heat and deep gyrated dildo, or the fact she was bucking on her gimped friend or that this mans finger was in her anus like an inspecting doctor. Whatever the reason she realised she was obeying him. Her climax rushed towards her like a torrent her beautiful lips parting in an ecstatic groan. Her eyed looked to one side seeing Keeley's legs wide apart as she furiously jacked her own clit, The massacred sexy eyes watching back as she too neared her peak.

Diora could stand it no more her pussy flooding her tits screaming as she tugged on Cassandra's buns with full force, her voice a high pitch wail echoing in the room.

Diora bucked so much one tit broke free of it giant pincer the sore teats spring up in release Cassandra muffled yelp drowned out by the redheads machinegun gasping. Up inside her ass the undertaker felt her flesh griping and releasing over and over as she convulsed until the buzzing began to burn and she screamed and pulled from her impaled rod.

As she lifted the other nipple pincer gave way and Diora almost leapt from the dildo. Her legs turned in to squeeze her thighs tight against her exploding slit.


All the while Keeley busom bouncing pants were increasing in intensity her pussy drain beginning to release a steady dribble of fluid, drip, drip, drip, onto the floor. The undertaker sawthe bound Cassy writhing on her seat the buzzing dildo still thrusting up, its rider gone. Cassandra looked about to come and with perverse pleasure the undertaker denied her release turning off the device, leaving the pony girl hot but unfulfilled.

"Not yet pony," he said quietly stroking her blonde mane "You can come when your master tells you." Then turning away from the frustrated gimp he continued with Diora.

"Kneel, "he demanded looking at post climactic babe his hand on his massive stiff cock the other pointing at Keeley. Diora was confused so he grabbed the back of her head, "Down there, put your mouth over the tube!"

Both girls gasped in horror Diora instantly plunging to her knees as he used his strength to push her shoulders down. She dropped on all fours her arms locked one of his hands on her neck the other gripping around her chin pushing her shaking head onto the pipe. Her lips enveloped the dripping tube end as he knelt behind her his bulk pushing her ass forward making her take a deeper gagging gulp of glass tube

Diora bit on the tube while on her hands and knees. She felt his hand hold her down the other on her head as his cock search for her rear entrance. The big mounting man held her in a wrestler grip the girl gargling then coughing on the dripping pipe as his cock pushed then busted inside her anus.

Keeley was blushing in humiliation the hot woman between her legs staring back at her the pussy tube thrusting in her mouth like a see through cock. Now her eyes were crossing as she experience the deep anal pile driver from the undertaker. The man's hands were holding her tight enough to allow him to concentrate on his deep upward pokes into her rear. Her big tits were swaying back and forth in buggering unison and every forward thrust made her cough on the pipe as the undertaker and Keeley spit roasted her.

The sight was too much for poor brunette her fingers still at work her bud which was now like unstable TNT; hot, out of control and any second about to."Oooooooooooooo!"

She began to climax the tube gushing with fluid her ejaculation like a facet turned on. As she came she thrust up pumping the tube into Diora's gasping mouth. The undertaker's hand held her chin up as he watched the Brits squirting flow into her friend's mouth. As he did so his rampant cock was a steam train of action burning Diora's ass the hiss almost evident as Diora's hot internal flesh was pumped and gushed in at the same time.

Her friend was coughing and chocking but Keeley wasn't stopping; rubbing hard her back arched big clamped tits pointing skyward her sexy Brit voice screaming in unusual abandon.

"Ohh fuck uhh y,y,yeessssssssss!"

The babe's hips bucked wildly her hair a bedraggled whipping mess, the pipe pumping Diora's mouth full, emptying its contents onto her ungrateful tongue. Her pelvic thrusts matched the undertakers at Diora's rear as they pumped into the girl with abandon.

"Ugghh cough splutter!"

Eventual Diora's mouth broke free; retching and gasping for air the tube dropping from Keeley's slack exhausted slit with a clatter. But the doggie redhead continued to jerk forward her arms collapsing her cheeks now pressed on the floor next to the pipe. The undertaker legs apart in a squat continued to ass fuck her; holding her slim waist with both hands

"Ugh, ugh, ugh!" He pulled out slapping her ass with a massive girl yelping spank. Diora also wincing as her sore sphincter closed in relief

The undertaker his cock as stiff as his coffin occupants moved away from the two exhausted girls and helped his bondage pony to return to the game. Leaving her sat tied to the chair he turned on the strapped dildo again Cassandra instantly reacting to the internal storks, the big strap-on black cock humming to itself pointing to the roof.

Her stiletto legs bent in at the knees as Cassandra bit down on her gag. Her arms in the full-length bind stretched and rose trying to break. Her insides were on fire and to her horror and disgust she heard herself think. "Please don't turn it off too soon, please not this time!"

He stroked his cock admiring his twitching seated pony, the other two panting girls looking up waiting for his command.

"We have nearly finished," he said tugging his foreskin his cock pulling to its full rampant length. Keeley still hadn't removed the biting electrode fearful of what her might do. He signalled his permission and her hands desperately pinched the metal allowing the teeth to spring open. Her hands fondled her own free melons in relief; massaging her nipples reassuring her breast the punishment was over. He also removed her neck bind.

"Stand up," he said to Diora helping lift the leggy babe to her feet pointing at Keeley." Now I will fuck her up the ass"

The Brunette began to rise from her chair but his palm pressed her back down. He ordered Diora to stand behind her as he undid her ankle ties then gripped Keeley under the knees; lifting her legs up and pushing them back to her shoulder as she sat.

"Hold" he ordered Diora taking the heel off either foot pulling Keeley's legs high and over her shoulders so her chest pressed against her midriff her ass pointing out at him invitingly.

"Hold her there," he ordered, "don't let her pull her legs down."

Keeley was panting her anus stretched, his cock now able to press easily at her open entrance.

The brunette squealed as his cock pressed then popped into her anus the pink flesh sucking him inside like she might a huge Popsicles between her luscious lips

She gave a deep long belly groan her eyes popping her lashes flaring watching his entry. In the bent upturned state her breasts pressed up to her chin the nipples erect pointing out like horns. Her face was able to look down close over them to her open thighs watching his cock ease all the way in.

"Oohhhhhhhh" She gave a long moan feeling his rod press hard inside her then begin to withdraw almost to the limit her ass screaming to close, then in again but faster, then out, then in faster still

She gasped his thrusting back and forth increasing Diora feeling her ankles twist between her hands the babe's legs trying to pull back. But Diora held tight. Was it the fear of the undertaker or a dark desire to see the woman who'd just cum in her mouth receives similar humiliation. She couldn't tell herself or dare not; but either way she held tight her teeth clench against the pulling legs of Keeley.

The cock pumped back and forth the undertakers hands also on Keeley's legs just under the knees pressing hard making her ass rise to accept the deep ruts. Her cleavage was now an impossible deep crevice; her bust pressed hard together the sweat like a river between the clenched valleys of flesh. Her eyes and load groans told him the sensation was like a deep hot monster thrusting away against her rubbery walls building heat and pressure within her confines.

"That's it bitch all the way in. Is your ass on fire? Is it!"

The chair she was on creaked and swayed under the heavy pounding and the weight of Diora pressing the babe hard onto the wooden frame. The wood wailed as much as Keeley; the chair legs shuddering the babe's teeth chattering as he increased to a frenzied blur.

"Oh heavens ohhh no tooo much uhhhhh!" She squealed in teeth clenched effort.

But he continued her body writhing ankles twisting high above her shoulder the grip of Diora slipping. But the undertaker's hands pressed in under her knees making her body rigid on the vibrating chair. His massive rutting was translating all the way through to creaking snapping wood.

Keeley's ass filled grunting was reaching a crescendo.

There was crack the chair legs buckling and suddenly all three bodies collapsed along with her chair. The mans cock slipped from her big holed ass the wet length springing up the buggered babe in a crumpled mess legs and arms crossed gasping in relief. Diora had also fallen to her knees on top of the heap Keeley and the collapsed fucked to destruction chair.

The undertaker signalled for Diora to get back on her knees. She backed away but he sprang forward gripping her wrist pushing her down. Keeley had staggered to her feet still groaning and moved to strike him. The undertaker's big body took the few pitiful blows his torso not even responding to her clenched hands. Diora tired to get up wanting help the fight but the man pressed her shoulder down hard with a shocked yelp at his strength and with his other hand twisted Keeley's arms behind her back,

"Behave bitches," he growled," both of you on your knees and start swallowing my cock."

Keeley groaned as her twisted arm forced her down until she relaxed unable to fight back now on hands and knees like Diora; big jugs pressed together between outstretch arms.

His hand was on his cock beginning to jerk hard pushing the seeping head towards their faces, rubbing the eyes across one then the other girls nose and cheeks. He looked over to the gimped girl wriggling in sensation the buzzing dildo like a never-ending nightmare up inside her. Cassandra's pussy was growing hotter and hotter; her clit swelling. Now this huge man jacking himself glistening in sweat both her busty friend knelt like dogs obediently waiting for the come. "Oh she wanted to see the come"

He gripped both women by the hair dragging them to their feet bringing them to the gyrating seated gimp.

"Kneel either side bitches!" He ordered straddling the surprised animated Cassandra. Then with his massive cock tapping against Cassy boobs he lowered himself onto her buzzing upright cock. Her dirty big strap-on filling his ass.

He gave a deep belly groan a hand pulling Diora's head close another holding his cock as pony impaled his ass on the vibrating black pole. His butt pressed onto her lap taking the vibrator deep inside the thing agitating his prostate heightening his impending climax. His hands wanked himself with purpose the tip slapping under Cassy's tits a hot babe head either side of her domes pulled close for the final act.

He was jerking hard and purposefully his cock end threatening to explode. Both flanking women's faces locked in horrified masks of surprise. He shouted while gripping Diora mane slapping his frustrated cock against her face. "I'm about to come pony, hurry I want us to come together, hurry I'm filling up I can feel it any second and your friend will be drowning in my filth" He pulled Diora head and pointed her mouth over one of Cassy nipples. Then pushing hard he made the redhead swallow the erect nut.

Cassandra body gave way her legs gripping tight together her body jerking like she was having some seizure. Slime was pouring from her mouth as her tongue flicked out like a manic snake the orgasm of screaming intensity but her locked jaw unable to show. She jerked up hard fucking his ass the man pulling Diora from the teat drool hanging in strands, his other hand bringing himself to final climax.


The undertaker's cock erupted out at Diora face one huge explosion filling her eyes sockets already a long stream from her nose sliding down the tip. He allowed another eruptions spattering her cheeks her rearing head instantly smearing it across Cassandra's orgasmic tits. His hips spun to the girl kneeled close on the other side. With his hand still on Diora head he had no way to pull the brunette closer but she knew what he wanted complying with embarrassing ease. Pushing her chin forward and lifting her nose the third and forth shots filled her nostrils and coating her luscious lips with so much that when she gasped her mouth looked like it had a plastic bag over it. His final piss like jerk continued on Keeley, cumming in her ear as he pushed her newly spunked on face down onto Cassandra tits hot tits.

All this while his Pony was unable to remove the burning spark inducing dildo storks, its constant pussy and anal buzzing now a horrendous effort inside her hot explode body. As her tits felt the smear of spunk makeup her eyes once again rolled back and she thankfully feinted.


The sun was a big ball of orange on the horizon as Cassandra struggled up the hill. The cornfields were no longer gold but burnt amber as day faded and the cloudless night closed in. Her body was aching from the effort the rocky climb steep the ground uneven and near impossible in her hoof like stilettos boots. The undertaker was helping pushing the cart from the rear but Cassandra still hand to pull with all her might. With her arms behind her back in the black bandage her harness was looped around her shoulders and around a tight waist belt. This allowed her to pull the two arms of the rickety cart up the slope.

He'd only used the whip a few times on her exposed strapped ass but that was enough incentive to keep up with the pace. On the trolley the three long boxes creaked and shifted weight sounds of hammering coming from within. The undertaker didn't listen just grunted and huffed with effort helping his long legged pony pull her load bit by bit towards the hillock summit.

Earlier after her climactic feint she being woken with drenching of water then led back upstairs. Her friends now both tied at the ankles and hands were demanding he let them go. All three had done as he asked and he'd said it was nearly over. But he said nothing removing Cassy's dildo and leading her with some difficulty up the cellar steps.

She was then made to stand in the outside heat tethered to the cart and the old funeral parlour as the man had first hammered and struggled with her friends in the cellar then reappeared with spade and climbed the hill. Only after a hour of sweat induced afternoon sun had he finally return and one by one hauled three coffins up and out into the daylight stacking them on her cart.

"Lets go pony," he had said cracking the whip, "time to do your chores."

Now a good hours terror filled climb later the gimped Cassandra could see miles in every direction, just flat featureless plains, The path if you could call it that snaked up between the hundreds of poorly constructed crosses until it neared the peak. There a single gnarled tree stood like an evil old witch its branches like withered pointing hands.

As she neared her panting frantic breath increased making her exposed prize tits bob up and down like a boat on an undulating ocean. Near the tree there was three deep trenches along side each other. The babe knew they were graves. She began to panic and tug biting on her mouthpiece. But the undertaker locked the wheel of the cart and taking her head soothed her like he would any beast.

"Calm, calm pony there, there, don't make a fuss."

He pulled the first box off easily putting it on the floor the lid slipping off showing an empty casket. Then the next more heavy, hammering from inside along with muffled noises as he dragged then slid it into the grave. Followed by the other box, weak scraping resonation from the inside the lid until thud! It also fell into its hole.

The mans spade was standing erect near by and he began to fill the holes Cassandra tugging at the wheel locked cart her heels slipping as she tried to pull free. Within a few minutes he had finished his task his massive body easily able to move dirt at a considerable rate.

He pushed the empty box into the final hole leaving the lid standing against the crooked tree trunk.

"Now pony, " he said with a grim smile the sun now a shimmering haze on the horizon shadows staring to draw long, giving the cross strewn hill a zebra striped completion, "you have being a good girl and I give you a choice."

He looked down to the box then to a sturdy tree branch.

"You can go in the box or if you wish I can make things quicker. While you dangle I take your ass. This will make sure your torment is over."

He pulled a rope and noose from the cart flinging it over a sturdy crooked part of the tree and looking back at his black clad babe he added. "The sensation for me while you ass clenches around my cock is impossible to recreate any other way." He looked to the horizon in thought before adding." I will come like a horse, this is for sure."

Cassandra's blue eyes looked up at the noose then down to the grave her mouth dripping inside the gag her tongue very tired and dry. He undid his buttons on his baggy shorts pulling his dirty erect cock from them tugging the foreskin readying it for action. Seeing the dangling noose then his hard on like a pole ready to lift and impale in her final moments her legs buckled. But looking over to the two newly filled mounds the occupants in deep black cells she knew what her choice had to be, and so did he.

The undertaker smiled and licked his lips in anticipation.


The scream filled the car with an almighty thunder Diora twisting on the wheel dust billowing up. In the back Keeley was flung upside down her heels shoes dancing on the cabin roof. Across from the driver Cassandra had nearly ripped her body from her seatbelt, Diora thanking God she'd had it on. The sleeping chick had just erupted like someone had fed a cattle prod up her ass.

"Jezz jezz,jezzzz!"

She just kept blurting out high pitch yelps of fright the car spinning to a halt Keeley already reaching around to grip on to the blouse of the animated girl. Diora was looking at her in shock and seeing her mind was totally detached gripped her face looking into her wild eyes.

"Cassy honey calm down, calm down."

The girl seemed to relax but then this only added to her panting and cussing.

"Fuck, shit fuck, fuck!"

Diora was smiling now understanding. The butter wouldn't melt face was releasing a stream of profanities a marine would be happy with.

"Cassy you've been dreaming." The red head then burst out laughing her blonde friend still looking horrified.

"Must have been some nightmare," Keeley said curling her long hair in her fingers a little surprised by her friend's manner.

Cassandra was shaking her head. "No, no can't be I" She though back to the disgusting imagery refusing her own mind had conjured it up. "We I I mean." The girls looked at her seeing that she was covered in sweat, like a dipped toffee apple at Halloween.

"Hell you've really screwed yourself up," Diora said adding. "I think you need to take your mind of things.

She opened her driver door and got out.

"Com'on Cassy you best drive for a while. I don't think you should have any more sleep at the moment."

A few minutes later she was in the driving seat Diora stretch out like a tired cat. Keeley also had legs up high on the backrest as both felt the tiring heat of the afternoon sun. Cassandra wasn't answering questions about her dream. She just wanted to flush it from her mind and let the air billowing through her open window dry her off. She felt bruised and tired the exertions in her dream seeming to live in her body. Between her legs she rubbed her thighs nervously together. She was damp and realised she creamed herself while asleep.

Shaking her head in embarrassment she held the wheel tightly keeping a constant speed. The road was pool cue straight the ground stretching to the shimmering horizon. She though it a mirage first but slowly a black speck grew into a long post, then a cross then a figure ahead. She peered through her round spectacles; squinting her eyes as the nearing figure expanded sideways until she could see a broad man and donkey towed cart.

"Oh my God," she gasped, her friend sitting up in concern.

On the cart as they neared she could now see a long crate. Diora shielded her pink sunglass eyes.

"Hey has that man got a"

Diora was cut short as she screamed in panic. Her friend had twisted the wheel direct at him. The man's handsome face looked astonished as he jumped for his life. Cassandra hit the carts side crushing a wooden wheel. The whole thing tipped the donkey moaning.

"You fucking bastard!" She screamed looking over her shoulder her eyes filled with terror her foot hard to the floor. Keeley was looking out of the rear window and could just see through billowing dust the donkey veering off dragging a wrecked cart the man on his knees looking up impassively.

Diora tried to grip the wheel but Cassy gave her a stare that made her freeze. It was 60 miles later before the blonde's body slowly relaxed on the pedal and two awkward distance filled days later before she could begin to explain her actions to her friends.

But on that afternoon deep in Poland the man lifted himself from his knees, his shoulder was aching but he had more pressing worries. His cart was shattered and his donkey looked lame. He shook his head at the crazy insane driver before looping a rope around his cargo. The long wooden box would be difficult to pull and he had to go a long way. As he heaved the weight the wood made a deep unearthly noise as it slid along. There was one benefit to this, the straining man thought; "at least it drowned out the incensing scratching coming from within."


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