The Life of Erika

title: The Life of Erika
author: Scarlett Blaze
part: 1
summary: The Good Girl
keywords: f+m, m/m, anal, bd, 1st, humil, nc, oral, teen, tg, tort

Hannah was a pretty 13-year-old girl who stood just a bit over 5 feet tall with long curly red hair to the middle of her back and green eyes. She had just started her freshman year at Hamilton High School and had won a coveted spot as a cheerleader on the varsity squad. Hamilton was a private school for girls and boys with a unique setup that mixed homeschool with traditional classes at different campuses in the area. However, girls and boys still did not have classes together but they did attend social events together and supported each other at athletic events.

Each year, at the start of the school year, a single cheerleader was selected and presented to the football captain to fuck as a sacrifice for all the girls. In return, all the cheerleaders got treated like princesses the rest of the season and were never harassed in any way – by anyone. The selection process for the first sacrifice of the year was made from all the girls except the cheer captain and any seniors and a random drawing of the rest of the girl’s names made the selection “fair.” However, any freshman girls who made the squad were automatically the only ones to be in the running and if there was only one freshman girl – she was, by default, the sacrifice. This sacrifice was also made after every game the team lost, but the remainder of the year the lottery was used against all the girls except seniors and the captain. For the lottery, all eligible girls would show up in uniform to the cheer captain's house on the afternoon of the selection. They would be put on their knees, hands tied behind their backs, blindfolded and gagged. Their names were placed in a hat and one name was selected. The girls who were not selected were released and the one selected was immediately taken to the football captain.

Unfortunately, for Hannah, she was the only freshman this year to make the squad. Another freshman girl, Erika, had dropped off the team and moved to another city when she learned about this deal with the football team and wanted no part of it. In this case, since there was to be no lottery, Hannah was allowed to have one girl of her choice along with the cheer captain, Amanda, to be with her when she was handed over. They would pick Hannah up at her house, tie her up, and deliver her to the house of Steve, the football captain. The two girls would stay there to make sure that Steve did not do anything to Hannah to seriously harm her or against anything that had been agreed to between he and Amanda.

Hannah chose one of her best friends, a junior named Sarah to be with her. Amanda was 17, 5’5 with blonde hair going just past her shoulders and blue eyes. Sarah was 16, 5'5 with chestnut hair to the middle of her back and brown eyes. Both Amanda and Sarah's other distinction was that they had been the start of year sacrifice when they were freshmen.

It was the last Friday of the summer, school was to start on Monday and the first game would be the following weekend. It was sacrifice time. Hannah had arranged to be home alone for the afternoon and waited nervously in her uniform, all dressed with her makeup done as if there was a game for her friends to arrive. Sarah and Amanda arrived at 2pm in uniform as well at Hannah's house and sat down with her on the couch to talk through things. The Hamilton cheer uniform was a maroon colored shell over a gold, cropped top liner. The skirt was maroon with gold pleats and they wore gold briefs under it. As it was cold where they were from, they usually wore tan tights with black ankle socks to keep warm.

Hannah started to cry a bit as Amanda explained how things were going to go and what would happen to her if she refused to be the sacrifice. The football team would make sure she had the worst 4 years of her life, she would not be invited to any events and the other girls would be treated badly as well. Sarah leaned over and held her friend in a hug, rocking her gently and saying "Shhhh, Hannah. You'll be just fine. I will be with you when it happens. Remember, I went through it too. This is just one of those things we have to do as girls.” They also told her that this sacrifice would happen after every game the team LOST. Even though the rest of the sacrifices would be the lottery, she could still get selected again.

Through her tears, realizing how bad this was going to be for her, asked Sarah and Amanda "What if I get pregnant? My folks don’t have me on birth control. Is there anything else he can do to me that he would find acceptable?" Amanda quickly got on the phone and called Steve. "Steve, we got your girl picked out easy as we only have one freshie this year. A real cutie, you’re gunna like her. The problem is, she does not want to be fucked in her pussy and she does have a good point in the problem of her getting pregnant, as she is not on birth control. She wants to know if we can modify the deal. What do you want in exchange for NOT getting her pussy?" Amanda nodded her head listening to what Steve said, finally telling him "That will be fine." And then hung up the phone.

Amanda looked at Hannah and told her the new deal. "Okay, in trade for NOT getting your pussy, each time you get selected, Steve will start by whipping you or paddling your ass with a belt. You will then give him oral and finally, he will fuck your ass. That is the best I can do. Can you do that?" Hannah slowed her crying and nodded her head while mumbling that it would be okay. Amanda rubbed her hand on Hannah's thigh over the silky tan tights as she too attempted to comfort her. "H - we have some time before we have to get you ready. Anything we can do for you?" Sarah said. Hannah just looked out the window of her living room - staring blankly. She had dreamed all her life of getting to be a varsity cheerleader as a freshman, and now it was going to cost her more than she really wanted to pay.

Suddenly, the boy across the street caught her attention. Erik. He was 13 like her and while they had grown up together he always went to the local public school. Because he was really short, there were no sports he could participate in - and even if there were, his interest was more in books. Erik lived alone with his mom as his dad, a fireman, had died in a work accident about 2 years earlier. In fact, Hannah was probably his only friend in the world. Erik’s mom was working super long hours during the week and often times worked out of town on the weekends for a second job that left Erik alone a lot. Most nights he joined Hannah's family for dinner and stayed with them on the weekends, though he slept in his own house. This gave Hannah an idea. She felt terrible about it, but she knew it was likely her only option of escaping her own horrible fate. In that moment, the sweet little girl that had been Hannah, always looking out for Erik, was slowly disappearing into Hannah, the cheerleader who only cared about herself.

Hannah wiped the tears from her eyes as she looked up at Amanda and Sarah. "What if I got someone else to take my place?" She asked. Amanda replied, "Hun, I don't think anyone on the team will do that. Plus, remember you can still get selected at anytime during the next three years until you are a senior." Hannah followed with another question "What if I could convince a person to do it for me and all of us for the next four years?" Amanda thought about it a moment and then said with a shake of her head "If you could get someone to do that sure. It would be great. It would mean no one else would have to pay. Tell me who it is?" Hannah replied with "Erika." Sarah quickly spoke up saying "Um, Hannah Erika quit - remember?" Hannah asked "But we still have her uniform with her name on it, right?" Amanda said that they did. Hannah explained her idea to Amanda and Sarah saying, “What if we MAKE an Erika? An Erika whose only job is to do the things that we do not want to.” They both thought the idea was the perfect answer to their problem and agreed to help Hannah pull it off. They really did love Hannah and did not want anything to happen to her or any of the other girls but the ages old arrangement between the cheer girls and football guys had to be maintained.

Sarah and Amanda left to pick up the things they would need for their evil plan while Hannah picked up her phone and sent a text message a text message that would erase all good that had been in her.

A knock came at the door to Hannah's house and she went to answer it. It was Erik. She opened the door with a smile and threw her arms around him in a hug. Erik smiled back, happy to see his one and only friend. Erik was the same height as Hannah with a thick mat of blond hair on top of his head and blue eyes. Erik came in wearing a loose sweatshirt, a pair of baggy jeans and some old tennis shoes. He sat down on the couch where Hannah had a movie on. Hannah sat on the other side of the couch and sent some text messages as she talked to Erik about his week and if his mom was home that weekend. When he said she was gone all weekend, Hannah invited him to stay with her as usual. Hannah asked Erik if she could get him something to drink as she was going to get a soda for herself. He replied that he did. Hannah left for a few minutes to the kitchen and returned with two sodas and handed one to Erik as she sat back on the couch watching TV.

It did not take long; Erik got a little uncomfortable sitting up and began to lie back into the couch. Hannah watched out of the corner of her eye while texting as Erik's head began to drop and rise up, as his eyes got heavy. Then he fell asleep. Hannah put her phone down and crawled across the couch towards him. Knowing how ticklish he was from when they were kids, she figured it would be a great test. Hannah slowly placed her crimson red fingernails at the waist of his sweater and found her way under it to the boy's bare skin where she tickled his sides and dragged her fingernails over his stomach. Erik did not move. She slowly ran her fingers up his chest under his sweater and found a nipple for each hand, which Hannah promptly twisted HARD! Erik did not move. A wave of concern came over her as she quickly pulled her hands out and checked his breathing with his pulse on his wrist. She found it and was glad.

Hannah sat on her knees on the couch next to her childhood friend, the young boy who always loved her and would do anything for her that she asked he might of even done willingly what she was going to make him do. But she could not take that risk. Hannah leaned over Erik, touched her lips to those of the sleeping boy and kissed him gently. She sat back on her knees, folded her hands in her lap and said "I'm so, so sorry. Hopefully you will forgive me, sweet, sweet boy." Then, Hannah changed.

"OKAY, HE'S OUT COME ON IN!" She shouted in a loud voice.

Sarah and Amanda came from where they were hiding on the patio after returning from the errand that Hannah sent them on. "Wow, sure he isn’t dead?" said Sarah. Hannah told them it was just a dose of her dad's sleeping medication and they should have plenty of time to work. The three girls worked together to drag Erik down the hallway and into Hannah's room, sitting him on the chair from her desk.

Sarah pulled the sweater off the body of the unconscious boy as Hannah untied his shoes and took them off his feet before removing his socks as well. Sarah and Amanda held Erik upright as Hannah unzipped his pants and slid them down off his legs, leaving him in just his white briefs. Hannah went to her computer, pulled up some websites and printed out some pictures from several gay websites and placed them on Erik's left thigh as she took his right hand and placed it down his shorts. They let his head roll back and then took several pictures of him sitting there with his mouth open so it appeared as if he was masturbating to gay porn. Hannah did all this without even flinching or hesitating almost with determination like it had been planned for weeks rather than just minutes.

The porn was removed and so was the last shred of clothing that Erik had on his white briefs. Hannah went to her dresser, pulled out a pair of her black satin brief panties, padded bra AND a sports bra. Sarah and Amanda slid the panties onto his body, leaned him forward in the chair and moved his limp arms so they could get the padded bra on him and fastened it in the back while Hannah rolled up two of her long knee socks to further stuff in the bra to give him an okay chest. The final act was to pull the sports bra over his head to help keep Erik's new breasts in place. They all took a few more pictures to document Erik's change.

Next, Hannah used an electric razor to smooth off his legs and other body hair while Sarah and Amanda set about painting his toenails a bright shade of red. Hannah pulled down his panties and even used the razor to shave his small penis. They all knew this did not have to be perfect for today it just had to be believable. Hannah began to paint Erik's fingernails as Amanda used the razor to trim his hair more into a pixie cut. The girls took a few steps back and took some more pictures.

With all the movement and perfume, Erik started to make some sounds and stir a bit. Quickly, Sarah and Amanda each grabbed an arm and tied it to the arms of the chair with rope as Hannah tied Erik's feet together and tied them tightly to a ring on the chair.

As Erik woke up he was still disoriented from the sedative, cold from lack of clothing, confused and began to panic at not being able to move. "Hannah, what's happened to me what's going on?" Erik slurred out. Hannah touched a finger to Erik's lips as she said "Shhh, just relax. You're tied to a chair in my room and I drugged you. I'm sorry but I will explain as soon as you are all the way awake." Hannah reached a hand towards Sarah who handed her a small bottle. Hannah ran the bottle under Erik's nose to fully wake him up.

"WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES, WHY AM I DRESSED LIKE THIS, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?" Erik began to say loudly before Amanda quickly reached over Erik from behind and clasped her hand over Erik’s mouth so he could not speak any further. "Shush! Hannah told you to SHUSH! That means BE QUIET AND SAY NOTHING!" Erik's eyes widened with panic. "If I let go, will you BE QUIET?" Amanda snarled in Erik's ear. Erik nodded a bit and tried to say 'yes', to which Amanda removed her hand. Erik took some breaths but said nothing and just sat there. Erik stared blankly across the room to the full-length mirrored closet door where he saw the reflection of him in a bra and panties, tied to a chair. Erik tilted his head and tried to look closer, his head still cloudy and not really processing things yet.

Without remembering his agreement to stay quiet, but in a soft and quiet voice he said, "I'm a girl?" "You made me into a girl?" Hannah said nothing, just staring into her friends' sad, question-filled eyes as Amanda ran her hands over Erik's head softly. "No, sweetheart. We just started to make you LOOK like a girl. Rest assured you WILL be as close to actually being a girl by the end of today. And so long as we tell you that you ARE a girl, you will behave yourself like a good, little, GIRL." Amanda leaned down and kissed the top of Erik's head almost sweetly. In fact, you are going to do everything that we tell you to do, when we tell you to do it AND you are not going to put up a fight either. Erik started to try and get defensive and claim some dignity as he replied: "At some point you have to let me go and I will tell everyone what you did to me."

Hannah stepped forward from where she was standing and said to him "Actually, you won't. And this is why. YOU made YOURSELF look like this." The three girls all showed Erik pictures on their phones that showed him from the clothes being off, the gay porn with his hand down his. Erik's eyes began to moisten. Amanda stepped in and told him stop IMMEDIATELY or she would beat him and give him something to cry about. Erik calmed down, believing Amanda. He did make one more attempt at some control of his situation in declaring to Amanda "You can say what you want but I am a BOY and my name is ERIK".

Sarah unzipped a cheerleading duffle bag, emptied it onto the floor at Erik's feet, reached down and picked up the shell top and turned the front of it towards Erik so he could see the embroidered name "Erika" on it. Hannah crossed her arms, took a deep breath and said, "No, you're a freshman cheerleader at Hamilton Prep named ErikA." Hannah made sure to emphasize the “A.” Erik's mouth dropped opened and his eyes got wider as he began to take it what she said not sure what to ask or say - his mouth just hung open.

Hannah continued saying, If at any time we say that you are ERIKA that you do or say anything that would suggest you are NOT a girl named ERIKA, we will leave you alone to fend for yourself as a boy PRETENDING To be a girl. Next, we will send your fagoty pictures to EVERYONE and they will all know that your dad's legacy is a faggot, queer son who WANTS to be a girl. Erik's mouth closed as he looked at the three girls standing in front of him. Amanda then asked, "We need to continue getting you dressed in this uniform and put makeup on you. Believe me, it's very important that we do the best job of making you look like a girl and it will go easier if you cooperate with us. Can we untie you and trust you to do that?" Erik nodded his head slowly and softly said "yes." Sarah then asked her "What's your name?" to which the reply was a soft "Erika" as "Erika" looked down at the pile of clothes on the floor. Hannah spoke up saying "I want you to look at us and to hear you say your name, age, cheerleader at Hamilton and that you promise to be a good GIRL."

With that, sitting up firmly in the chair, the deep blue eyes, still moist from the beginning of some tears, his lips quivered and trembled a little as the reply came quiet but strong: "My name is Erika. I'm 13, a cheerleader at Hamilton and I promise to be a good girl."

Sarah and Hannah approached Erika and untied her wrists and ankles from the chair. Sarah picked up the tights from the floor and with Hannah's help, slid them onto Erika's feet, pulled them up her legs, and then had her stand up so they could pull them up the rest of the way. Hannah handed Erika the gold briefs, which she put on next. Erika was handed the skirt to put on and Hannah zipped it in the back for her. Hannah took a piece of cord, reached up under Erika's skirt and pulled down her briefs, tights and panties just enough to reach in and grab the small penis. Hannah wrapped the cord around it several times and tied it snug before tying the cord around Erika's waist before slipping a thin foam pad down the front of her panties. Erika whined a bit and was told by Hannah that it was necessary to make sure certain "issues" never came up. Hannah pulled the panties, tights and briefs back up and smoothed out the skirt. Even looking closely, there was no evidence of anything that should not be there. Sarah told Erika to put her arms up they could put the crop top liner on her without messing up her makeup. Hannah and Amanda slid the top over her body, zipped it snug, then pulled over the shell top and zipped it as well.

Amanda instructed Erika to sit down in the chair again, which she of course did the WRONG way. Amanda shouted "NO, THAT'S NOT HOW YOU DO IT!" Erika looked puzzled. Amanda said, "Get up and step aside." When Erika got up from the chair and stepped to the side, Amanda showed her how a girl in a skirt sits down and how she crosses her legs. Amanda got up and looking at Erika said, "Now, you do it." Erika stepped to the chair, turned around, held her skirt and smoothed it under her as she sat down and crossed her legs as shown. Amanda, Hannah and Sarah clapped for her and told her she had been a good girl. Erika blushed.

After that, Hannah straddled Erik's lap facing him in the chair. With the assistance of Sarah, Hannah began to cover Erik's face in makeup foundation. Then came eye shadow, thick eyeliner and mascara followed by color on his cheeks and lastly, bright red lipstick and a spray of perfume. Hannah stepped behind Erika, placed a wig cap over her head snug and then slipped a black headband over her head and around her neck. Next, a long, wavy blond wig was fixed onto Erika's head with bobby pins hidden in it to secure it to the wig cap. Finally, the headband was pulled back up and over the wig to make it snug. Sarah knelt at Erika's feet, pulled ankle socks onto each foot, slipped the cheer shoes onto her feet and laced them tight. Erika complained that the shoes were too small and tight. Sarah simply told her that they would get different shoes for her tomorrow but for now, these would have to work.

Hannah walked around in front of Erika, took her hand in hers and helped her from the chair with a smile saying "You're our sister NOW. We're going to go back into the living room and talk about what's going to happen, okay?" Erika nodded her head, bitting her lip a little in nervousness as she followed Amanda and Sarah into the living room and sat back on the couch.

Sarah sat on onside of Erika, running her hand up and down her smooth, nylon-covered thigh as Hannah held Erika's hand, her fingers laced tightly in hers. Amanda sat across from them on the loveseat. Hannah looked at Erika and told her to relax and just take a deep breath, which Erika did. Then Hannah began laying out what was going to happen.

She explained the deal between the cheer girls and the football players and finished by telling Erika that SHE was going to be the sacrifice tonight and for every game that is lost for the next four years. Since most of the girls don't even know a lot of the other girls in their school because it is so spread out and the boys only see the girls at social events, Erika can continue to go to her regular school as Erik and only needs to be Erika on weekends, at sports events and social gatherings. It may also be necessary to have her show up at some study hall sessions with other girls to keep up the appearance. Erika nodded, keeping strong and saying that she understood and repeated that she would be a good girl.

Finally, when it came to the sacrifice part, Erika actually took it quiet well. Hannah explained that in a few moments, they were going to tie her up and take her to Steve's house. This first time, she was just going to have to suck on his cock and then he was going to fuck her ass after strapping it with a belt. They assured Erika that they would be with her the WHOLE time and making sure Steve only touched and did what was agreed. They told Erika that they were at risk of Steve finding out Erika's secret and if he did, it might get bad. Amanda made a cutting motion across her own throat to emphasize the point.

Erika said she understood and just wanted to get through this but really was not sure about sucking on Steve's cock as she had never done anything like that before. Hannah patted her thigh and said, "It's actually really easy to do once you get past the thought of what you are doing. He knows it is your first time and will work with you, you will get better at it the more you do it." Erika nodded her head that she understood while she said "I still don't know WHAT to do though." Sarah jumped in telling her "Well, you really are not going to have to DO a lot to start as you are going to be tied up and gagged. Steve will take the gag out of your mouth, place the tip of his cock at your mouth and tell you to take it in. Now this is where you need to not hesitate. You need to lick the tip of his cock a little bit. Think of it like an ice cream cone or Popsicle and you'll do fine. Just keep moving your tongue around it until you get his cock all the way in your mouth and then suck on it. You don't want HIM to take over as he will likely force it into your throat and you're no where NEAR ready for THAT."

Erika wrinkled her face up at what she had just been told, but took a deep breath and said, "Okay, I think I can do that. Anything else?" Sarah and Hannah looked at Amanda who made a hand motion with her fingers to symbolize Steve shooting into her mouth. Sarah's eyes got wide as she said "Oh my god, I forgot the most important part." Erika looked puzzled at her. Sarah continued saying: So, at a point, Steve is going to cum into your mouth. It's bad if you are not expecting it so just expect it and you will need to swallow it quickly so you don't choke especially if he has a lot and has been storing it up for a few days. I'll be honest, she said, it's really salty and nasty the first time but you get used to it in time. Other than that… Oh, and when he fucks your ass… it's best if you just tried to relax and imagine yourself somewhere else. Amanda stood up and said "Okay, let's go back to Hannah's room and get you ready. The girls got up and walked back down the hall, Hannah in the lead Erika in the middle with Sarah and Amanda following.

Once back in Hannah's room, Amanda took a seat on Hannah's bed and recorded on on her phone as Hannah and Sarah tied up Erika. At Hannah's direction, Erika placed her wrists behind her back and crossed them with her palms out. Hannah took a piece of rope from Sarah, looped it around her wrists a few times and tied it snug. Next she took a longer piece of rope and made a rope harness around Erika's upper body that served to hold her "breasts" in place and maintain the look. It also gave a good place for Hannah to pull up Erika's wrists and tie them to her back high enough that they would not get in the way of Steve fucking her.

Hannah held up a rubber ball gag with leather head-harness straps and inspected it so Erika could see it. “Um, open your mouth, hun.” Hannah said as she placed the ball in front of Erika’s lips. Erika opened her mouth without hesitation, the ball was pushed in, the straps slid over her head and buckled tightly in the back and around her throat as well. This made it impossible for the wig to come off no matter what happened and would keep Erika quiet for now in case she changed her mind. Finally, leather cuffs were buckled to each ankle and secured together with a small clip so Erika could only take short steps as she walked.

Slowly Erika was led out of the room, walked through the house and to the garage where Amanda's car was parked. The black BMW SUV had the tailgate open so they could ease Erika inside on her back, secure her body to the floor with straps using the cargo hooks, pull the cargo cover over her and close the gate with no one seeing. Erika began to whimper and wine a bit. The girls ignored her, got inside and left for Steve's house. Amanda called him to let him know that they were on the way. Although it was not far to Steve's house, it felt like forever to Erika. Bound and gagged, made to look like a girl, dressed up in a cheerleading uniform and knowing that her best friend had sold her out to be raped - for the next 4 years.

Erika found it hard to get comfortable but did manage to rest some on the drive; there was little else that she could do. It took about an hour because of traffic but finally; she felt the SUV slow down, then back up before stopping. She could hear the sound of a garage door closing and assumed this was probably Steve's house. She heard Amanda talking to Steve at the back of the tailgate, going over what was going to happen and asking where he wanted to “do her.”

Steve said that his parents were gone for the weekend and their room would be best. Amanda told him to lead them to the room so they could all get ready. Steve asked about "the girl" so Amanda opened the tailgate so Steve could see his prize. Steve was 17, just under 6 feet tall, short cut blonde hair with blue eyes, wearing black slacks and a white collared shirt and black dress socks with a glass of wine in his hand.

Erika moved around a little bit on her side, her back to the open tailgate. Steve reached in and ran his hand over her smooth, nylon-covered legs as he licked his lips. He ran his hand up to her ass, which was uncovered by the skirt that had slid up, and he asked Amanda "Just a little feel now?" To which she said, "Sure, per our agreement her ass IS yours for the next few hours." Erika whimpered a bit under her gag as Steve rubbed his hand over Erika's ass. He leaned into the back of the SUV, leaned down and kissed Erika's ear as he whispered into her ear while rubbing her ass. "Just a little while longer to wait, sweetie." He pulled back guided by Hannah's hand on his arm saying, "Come on Steve, let's get ready and get this done, okay?" Amanda closed the tailgate and Erika was in darkness once more.

Steve led Amanda, Sarah and Hannah through his house to his parents’ bedroom while taking a sip of his wine. When they got to the room, Amanda told Steve to sit on a chair while she and Sarah set things up. Hannah asked what Amanda wanted her to do and Amanda said, "Well, typically he gets a warmup act. So, I dunno, you can let him makeout with you and feel YOU up while we get things ready. It's the least you can do for Erika, and you know I'm right about that." She said in stern voice.

Amanda and Sarah opened a duffle bag and got to work as Steve sat on a chair, looked to Hannah and said "Come sit on my lap." Hannah, slowly and seductively walked over to Steve, fluffed out her skirt and sat on his lap, leaning her chest into him. Steve put down his glass of wine as his arms slowly went around her waist. Hannah could feel his cock harden through his pants against her ass. Steve slowly moved a hand to the front of Hannah's waist and began to move it up under her shell. Instinctively, Hannah took hold of his hand and pulled it away. This irritated Steve. "Amanda, your girl here seems to be a bit confused on how things work. Can you PLEASE tie her hands behind her back until you and Sarah are done?" Sarah continued changing the sheets on the bed, putting plastic down first and then putting on the set of sheets they brought over. Amanda replied to Steve "We're a little busy here, take care of it yourself." As she reached into the duffle bag, took out a pair of handcuffs and tossed them to Steve who caught them in the air. Amanda then spoke to Hannah "And YOU, let's not make this harder than it already is." Hannah knew full well that it should've been her getting everything tonight and so she nodded saying "I got it."

Steve dangled the handcuffs as Hannah sat on his lap. "Hands behind your back, sweetie." Hannah, leaned in, holding his head in her hands as she kissed his lips saying in a sweet voice, "Now is that really necessary, baby?" Steve returned the kiss, lingering a bit longer before pulling back from the kiss to look into Hannah's eyes as he repeated "Actually, yes, I kinda want to see you restrained so, put your hands, behind back, NOW." He then paused a moment before smiling and saying in a nice voice, "Please." Hannah slowly moved her hands behind her back as Steve slid his arms around her body and snapped the metal cuffs to her wrists tightly. Steve continued to run his hands all over Hannah's body over and under her uniform as she sat on his lap, grinding into her ass which she could feel through her panties, tights AND briefs. Steve began to kiss her neck and lips as he held her body tightly.

After a while, Amanda and Sarah finished getting the bed set, tons of candles set up, aroma oil burners and turned out the lights so the room was dimly lit. Amanda approached Hannah, placed her hand on her head and stroked it playfully saying to Hannah and Steve "Okay, you two time to go get our star attraction for the evening." Steve patted Hannah's ass saying “Thanks” and told her to get off his lap, at which she obediently and quickly stood up and attempted to smooth her skirt as best as she could with her hands cuffed behind her back. Hannah turned her back towards Amanda and indicated her cuffed wrists. "Wanna take these off now?" Amanda replied, "Actually, no, they stay on for now. We don't need your help to get Erika and only I will be free to move around during this. It’s one of the rules. Even Sarah is going to be restrained when things start. You can sit on the floor for now, the chair will be Sarah's since she outranks you."

With a huff, Hannah dropped to her knees and sat on the floor next to the chair knowing that SHE had to not give Steve any idea that something was not right. "Good girl, Hannah" said Amanda, which stung since that is what she had made Erika say just a few hours earlier. Amanda, Sarah and Steve all left the room.

Erika had almost drifted off to sleep again as the sound of footsteps approaching the back of the SUV woke her up. The tailgate was opened, the straps released and her body rolled over so Erika could see Amanda, Sarah and Steve, but no Hannah. Amanda could see the worry in her eyes and interpreted the muffled sounds and batting of the eyelashes as a question. "Hannah is upstairs waiting for us." Steve looked at the young girl, bound and gagged and ran his hand over her cheek over the straps of the ball gag. He placed a finger under her chin and held her head up as he looked into her eyes "You have really pretty eyes, sweetheart." He then kissed her forehead. Amanda and Sarah swung her feet out over the back of the SUV and helped her to stand up. Erika mumbled and grumbled a little bit under her gag but was compliant. Amanda and Sarah stood on either side of Erika, holding her arms tightly as they walked her away from the SUV, closing the tailgate.

They had to walk slowly as Erika still had leather cuffs on her ankles that were locked together. They got her to the steps leading into the house from the garage and instructed Erika to hop up and into the house where Steve was holding the door open. Erika made the two hops to get into the house but almost stumbled, thankfully the two girls steadied her. Erika was walked through the house, following Steve until they got to the stairs leading up to the second floor. Steve asked, "Can we just carry her, it would be a LOT faster and probably easier on HER;" as he stroked Erika's harness-gagged head. Erika nodded meekly that she wanted that, so Amanda and Steve got Erika's upper body and Sarah got her feet as they carried her up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs they put her down and made Erika shuffle the rest of the way down the dark hall towards the partially open door with a flickering golden glow coming from inside the room. Once the door was pushed open and Erika shuffled inside, she immediately saw Hannah sitting on her knees on the floor, hands behind her back. Erika let out a muffled protest from behind her gag and struggled a bit against Sarah and Amanda until Hannah spoke up "Shh, SHHH, Erika, ERIKA! It's okay. I'M okay." Erika relaxed a bit as she was shuffled the rest of the way into the room, clearly confused. Hannah twisted her back a little bit to show that she was handcuffed and continued to say, "It's okay. Yes, I'm handcuffed, but apparently its part of the agreement. Keeps me from getting involved or something like that. Sarah will be joining me in a few and Amanda will be free to touch you and keep you safe - although, Steve is not going to do anything that has NOT been agreed to, right?" Hannah looked up at Steve from the floor. Steve nodded his head, made a sweeping bow and said "Ladies, I will be a gentleman and uphold our deal as has been done for many years." He stood back up and indicated the bed as he topped off his wine glass, picked up the glass, took a big swig and said to Sarah and Amanda "Please, prepare my tribute."

Amanda and Sarah guided Erika to the end of the bed and stood her there as Sarah reached down and released the clip holding her ankle cuffs together. Sarah patted her hand on the bed as she said in a soft voice to Erika "Okay, hun, get on the bed on your knees." The two girls held Erika's arms as she slowly lifted her left knee to the bed and then the right, leaving her feet hanging off the end. Sarah and Amanda each took off one shoe, leaving just Erika's socks as Amanda instructed Erika to move forward on the bed a little more until they said, "stop." Erika immediately obeyed and moved forward until she was kneeling in the middle of the bed. Several pillows were placed in front of her on the bed at her knees and one a little further out. Amanda stepped away as Sarah patted Erika's thighs saying, "Okay, you need to spread your knees apart." Sarah kept tapping her thighs and saying "more" until Erika's balance was off and she fell forward over the pillows.

Unable to stop from falling, Erika's face hit the pillow that was a little further out as her waist and hips rested over the pile of pillows that was keeping her ass up when she got fucked. Erika tried to wiggle her ass to get her skirt to go down as her hands were tied too high and too firmly up her back to be of any use. Amanda returned to the bed and knelt on it with Sarah. Erika could hear the sound of metal hitting together but could not move from her position to see anything. Erika lay still and felt her ankle cuffs being secured to a metal rod that kept her feet and knees spread. Amanda and Sarah climbed off the bed and went over to the chair where Hannah was next to on the floor. Erika was able to turn her head slightly to see them.

Without having to be asked, Sarah turned her back to Amanda, placed her hands behind her back and crossed her wrists. Amanda took some rope, looped it around her wrists and tied them tightly. Amanda stepped back and motioned to Steve, who stepped in and inspected Sarah's bound wrists. Steve nodded that it was acceptable and for Amanda to continue. Sarah sat down on the chair. Amanda knelt at Sarah's feet, took another piece of rope and tightly tied her ankles together. Amanda stepped back and motioned to Steve. Steve stepped in and finished it by pulling a rope from Sarah's bound ankles, under the chair, pulling her ankles back under as well and tying the rope to the back rung on the chair. He also tied another rope from Sarah's bound wrists, which she put behind the chair, down to the same rung as well - VERY tight. Sarah was tightly secured to the chair and could not move barely an inch.

Amanda approached Hannah and looked at her while tapping her fingers on her chin a few moments to figure out what to do. Finally she said. "Sit up on your knees and cross your ankles." To which Hannah did quickly and without hesitation. Amanda took another short piece of rope from the bag and tied Hannah's ankles together. Next, Amanda tied a piece of rope around Hannah's waist through the handcuff chain to secure her wrists to her back at her waist. Amanda stood back and motioned to Steve. Steve looked at Hannah and then looked in the duffle bag. Steve came over, buckled a leather collar around Hannah's neck and secured a chain from it around one of the rings of the armrest of the chair Sarah was sitting on. Satisfied that the numbers were now even in the room, he started to walk back towards the bed where Erika lay unable to move, head turned to the side to see the other two girls and in knowledge that they really could not help her now if she needed it - she was going to have to trust Amanda and trust Steve.

Steve turned from Hannah and Sarah and walked towards Erika. Amanda moved to the far side of the bed next to Erika's head and crossed her arms to watch and make sure things went as agreed. She tried to present herself as calm and unaffected, but she really did not have any ill will towards ERIK as she did not know him. She also was concerned for ERIKA because she was one of HER girls now.

Erika watched Steve intently as he looked at her while drinking his wine. She blinked her painted eyelashes periodically and whimpered through her gag as she tried to shift her body, feeling humiliated at what was about to happen and almost as if Erik was a boy trapped in a girls body. Which is probably the best way to describe the situation. Steve paused as he reached the bed and looked her over slowly. Steve did a quick scan down her body starting at her ass and working down. He smiled at the sight of her maroon skirt pushed up to show her gold briefs hugging her ass. Next his eyes tracked down her thighs and legs encased in the shimmering tan tights to her black ankle socks and the black leather cuffs around her ankles at the end of the spreader bar. Erika was shifting her feet in the leather cuffs, her knees uncomfortably spread. Next Steve looked back to her ass and bound wrists. He reached in and checked her rope harness up her body to her head where he checked the straps on her head harness gag. Looking down into her eyes, Steve stroked her head over the straps and asked almost sweetly as if he cared "You doing okay there, kid -- Well, okay enough for being bound and gagged?" Erika batted her eyelashes and nodded her head "yes" as she mumbled that she was.

Steve took a big sip of his wine, put the glass down, unbuckled his belt and pulled it from his pants and set it on the bed between Erika's spread legs as he unzipped his pants, slid them down his legs and off his feet. He folded them neatly and placed them on the nightstand by the bed. Next he unbuttoned his shirt slowly from the top button to the bottom, slid it off his shoulders, down his arms and off his body. Taking time to fold the shirt neatly and place it onto of the pants. Erika could see Steve standing there in just his silk boxer short, his hard cock bulging in it. Erika knew that soon, it was going to be inside her. Steve's arms and chest were cut and toned from the summer of working out. He slowly slipped off his socks and his shorts to be totally naked. Steve finished off the glass of wine and poured a little more. Erika just lay still looking at his huge, perfect, muscular form and erect cock and sighed through her gag. Steve began to tell her how pretty she is and how he is going to take care of her and do only what was agreed.

While Steve was admiring Erika, Hannah and Sarah were whispering and talking to each other, gradually getting louder. Finally it gets loud enough to bug Steve so he says to Amanda. "Amanda, my darling, can I PLEASE gag those two magpies? They are really starting to break into my scene here." Amanda shrugs her shoulders and says in a slightly irritated voice "Sure, I have no problem with that, it's actually starting to bug me too." Steve looks around the room and goes to the duffle bag and finds only a roll of duct tape left. He picks it up and walks over to Sarah and Hannah and thinks a moment before putting the roll of tape on Sarah's lap and returning to the end of the bed at Erika's feet. Steve grabs Erika's left foot and peels off her ankle sock and then moves to the right foot and does the same. Steve takes the socks and returns to Hannah and Sarah.

Sarah makes a face as Steve's naked body straddles Sarah's lap over the chair. His hard cock at her chest as he balls up the sock and reaches towards Sarah's mouth saying simply "Open." Sarah opens her mouth as the wadded up sock goes in. Immediately as it passes under her nose she realizes that it was part of the original "Erika's" uniform and had not been washed since she wore them at a competition two weeks earlier and has been stuffed in the gym bag since then. Steve holds them in place while Sarah tries to struggle a bit and he wraps the duct tape around her head several times over them. Only muffled grunts of disapproval can barely be heard. Steve takes a knee in front of Hannah with the other sock in his hand and holds it up to his own nose saying "Wow this is really not going to be fun for you, but um, open your mouth." Hannah glared at him as she immediately opened her mouth for him to stuff the smelly sock in. Steve pushed her chin up to close her mouth around the sock as he wrapped the roll of duct tape around Hannah's head as well. Steve patted Hannah's head and then turned to walk back towards Erika. It was now, her turn.

Steve picked up a wooden rod from the side of the table and rubbed the tip of it over Erika's ass as he stood there looking down at her with a smile. "So, you're what 13? 14?" He asked. Erika nodded. "13?" Steve asked and Erika nodded meekly. Okay, that will be our number then, 13, Steve said. Steve stepped towards the end of the bed and traced the tip of the rod over Erika's feet through the tights. As Erik was super ticklish, ERIKA would be no different. She tried to move away from it, but her bonds made it impossible.

Suddenly Steve pulled the rod back and landed it hard across the bottom of her left foot. Erika screamed in pain into her ball gag. Steve did it one more time on the bottom of the other foot. Again, Erika screamed. Steve landed the rod on her left foot a second time and then on the right a second time. And then a third time on the bottom of the left and a third time on the bottom of the right followed by a fourth on the bottom of the left and a fourth on the bottom of the right. Erika was now gritting her teeth into the ball as she buried her face in the pillow and cried out with each wack. Steve stopped a moment and just traced the tip over the bottoms of each of her feet, beginning to see the lines on them through her tights. Steve looked up at Erika's head, face buried in the pillow, her bound wrists behind her back with her clenched fists and red fingernails digging into her own palms. "Erika", Steve said in a sweet voice. "Honey, I want you turn your head to the side so I can see your face, please." Erika slowly did as instructed. Because the girls had used waterproof makeup, she really did not look all that bad - yet. Erika looked over and saw Hannah and Sarah, bound and gagged, watching her intently. Hannah seemed to say "I'm so, so sorry" to her friend with just her eyes.

Steve told Erika to relax her breathing. He noticed she was having some trouble due to snot running out of her nose from the crying. Steve looked to Amanda and said, "Fix her, please" and waited while Amanda came over with some tissue and held it to Erika's nose while running her hand over the girls head gently and telling her to blow her nose. Erika did as instructed. Amanda leaned in and kissed the girls forehead, which was now starting to get damp with sweat. Erika mumbled a "Thank you" through her gag and blinked her eyelashes as she could breath through her nose easier and put her head back on the pillow. Amanda moved back to the far side of the bed and nodded to Steve without saying a word. Steve stepped back to the end of the bed and resumed with a 5th, 6th and 7th stroke of the rod across the bottoms of the poor girls feet. Secured by the ankle cuffs to the spreading bar, Erika's feet could only twitch uncontrollably in pain as Steve saw her leg muscles tense through the tights, the shinny material accentuating them. This made him smile.

Steve stopped and looked back to Erika's head, still where he told her to put it looking to the side at Hannah and Sarah. "Good girl" Steve said to her. This made Erika sick to her stomach and she shook a bit as it reminded her of what she had been made to say and what she was being forced to endure. Steve took a sip of his wine, and then asked her "Think you can take 7 more on each?" Erika stayed still and just let a single tear roll down her cheek. "Would you prefer I just use my belt on your ass for the last 7?" Steve asked in his same sweet voice that sounded as if he cared. Erika closed her eyes tight as two tears ran down her cheeks, one from each eye, as she nodded her head slowly. Steve ran his hand over her back and bound wrists saying "Okay, kiddo, as you have asked." Steve put down the rod, took his smooth leather belt, folded it over, took a grip on Erika's bound wrists, making sure her skirt was out of the way and began landing the belt across the middle of her ass. Once, twice, three times and then a fourth time. Erika's body was shaking now and her face was flushed red as her muffled screams were now just a sustained cry. Then came the fifth and sixth strapping across her ass.

Steve paused a moment, still gripping Erika's bound wrists and telling her "Shhhh, good girl, good girl. Just relax. It's almost done." Erika started to calm a little bit. Her cries softened to just a whimper. Then all of a sudden, WHACK! Steve landed the strap across the back of Erika's thighs. She screamed loud enough off this to be heard over the gag a bit more and her fingernails actual cut a bit into her palms as she curled her toes up against the bed, turned her face into the pillow and screamed a long, sustained scream before turning her face back to look at Hannah and Sarah breathing rapidly around the gag as her nose was plugged again and she was clearly having trouble breathing. Again, Steve looked to Amanda and said, "Fix", nodding to Erika with his head.

Steve sipped on his wine as Amanda stepped in with kleenex again and repeated the process of helping the poor girl to blow her nose before kissing her forehead. This time, she whispered in Erika's ear. "You're doing real well we're right here with you. You're going to make it. Just hold on." Erika nodded, worked to regain her composure and tried to calm herself and get somewhat comfortable. Steve stepped next to the bed in front of Erika’s face then blocked her gaze of Hannah and Sarah.

Steve reached down and brushed Erika's cheek with the back of his hand. He looked into her eyes, wet with tears and said, "They tell you what's next?" Erika nodded her head. "You think you can do it?" Steve asked. Again, Erika nodded. Steve slowly climbed onto the bed at the girls’ head, lifting it off the pillow by her gag harness ring at the top of her head, moving the pillow away and letting her head rest on his thigh. Erika just lay still; the scent of his manhood filled her nose, as it was just inches away and it was all that filled her view. "I'm going to take the ball out and you will not say anything unless I ask you a question which likely will not happen. Understand?" Steve instructed her. Again, Erika closed her eyes and nodded her head mumbling yes. Steve unsnapped the part that secured the ball to the harness so he could take just the ball from her mouth. Erika stayed quiet and just moved her jaw around a bit to ease the discomfort. Steve moved her head off his lap for a moment, letting it fall to the bed as he knelt on the floor next to her and rubbed her back a bit, looking into her eyes her eyes locked on his. The funny part for Erik was that, as a boy, he had NEVER had ANYONE treat him tenderly before and part of him actually liked some of this. Steve leaned in and pressed his lips to Erika's and kissed her gently at first, then slid his tongue into her mouth the first real kiss for Erik. His heart started to race and his breathing grew more rapid and his wrists twitched against their bonds as he returned the kiss, not minding his circumstances suddenly. Even though his ass and feet hurt and he felt utterly humiliated he was strangely okay.

Steve pulled back from his kiss and climbed back on the bed, resting Erika's head on his thigh again as she closed her eyes and took a few breaths. "Are you ready, sweetie?" Steve asked. Erika just opened her eyes and looked into his, unsure of what to say or do. Steve laughed a bit, remembering what he himself had said. "It's okay, you can answer" In a voice that actually sounded like a girls voice (something which had always driven Erik crazy on the phone when people thought he was girl before, now was actually helping him to maintain his secret) Erika said, "Yes, I’m ready." Steve held her head and guided it over his erect cock as Erika opened her mouth like she had been instructed and began to lick the tip before guiding her head down on his shaft. As she was doing it herself, Steve let go of her head harness and just leaned back against the headboard and closed his eyes.

Amanda just watched with crossed arms as Erika kept her eyes closed and worked to remember what she had been told. Swirling her tongue around the shaft, getting it as much in her mouth as she could and was comfortable with before sucking on it and then moving her own mouth up and down on the shaft. While doing this, her neck began to hurt a bit and an odd thought crossed her mind "I could do a much better job if I just had my hands." Then another thought crossed her mind she was actually thinking about how she could do a BETTER JOB. Her head clouded with conflicting thoughts, she managed to continue and as she felt Steve's cock get super hard in her mouth, his tip hitting the back of her throat a few times, it snapped her back to reality and she remembered the last thing she was told just before - WOOSH!

Steve let out a loud moan, placed his hands on her shoulders and shot a full load of his hot, salty cum into her mouth. Fortunately she was at the tip when it happened and was able to quickly swallow before taking the cock in her mouth fully and sucking on it tightly. Her teeth grazed his shaft a bit which caused him to tense up and stopped the release. Erika made a mental note of that one. She just lay there with her mouth on his cock as he rubbed her back, neck and shoulders. They ached from having her wrists tied behind her back. The full body rope harness she was in was also not making breathing any easier as well.

Steve slowly recovered and guided her head off his shaft and let it rest on his thigh once again. Erika kept her eyes closed and just breathed rapidly as he Steve stroked her head over the straps and played with her ears. Steve reached over to the nightstand, picked up the red ball and placed it under Erika's chin. Without being told, she opened her mouth so he could push it back in and fasten the snaps that held it in place. He patted her head saying, "Great job for a first time, you really ARE a - good girl." This time it did not chaff Erik so much if really at all.

Steve slid off the bed, replacing the pillow under Erika's head as he moved to the end of the bed and climbed on, kneeling at her ass, and rubbing it in his hands. Steve looked to Amanda and said: "Okay, now you can do your thing." Amanda uncrossed her arms and approached the bed. She knelt on it next to Erika, running her hand over Erika's back as she leaned down to her ear and whispered. "It's almost done. I'm so proud of you. This next part, I'm not going to lie, is going to hurt like hell. But once it's done it's done." Amanda reached over, peeled down the teens cheer briefs, tights and panties to just enough to uncover her ass. The dim candlelight of the room masked anything that might have seemed out of place, which there wasn't as the girls did a VERY good job on Erika. That and, before they had been tied up, Hannah had put half of her dad's sleeping pills in the wine bottle and the effects were starting to get to Steve but he was fighting it thinking it was just due to being tired from practice that day.

Amanda slid a hand under Erika's waist and down feeling where Sarah had tied a small cord around Erik's penis and tied it around his waist under the skirt - out of view. Amanda held firmly on the small penis and squeezed it to make sure nothing "happened" and it kept out of the way as Amanda reached her other hand up and grabbed the back of Erika's neck, holding her face firmly in the pillow she took a deep breath and said to Steve. "Do her ass."

Steve placed one hand on Erika's right hip and the other on her bound wrists, gripping part of her rope harness as well as he placed his tip at her ass. He slowly started to enter the 13-year-old cheerleader's ass as she tensed her fists and screamed into her gag and the pillow. Steve felt her get real tight and her cries became more intense so he asked Amanda for some lube. She handed him a small bottle that he squirted down Erika's ass crack and onto his shaft as he pushed further in. Finally, his balls hit home against Erika's ass. Erika's chest was heaving and she was in pain, but nothing compared to when Steve began to pull out. His tip came back to almost exiting her ass, Erika screamed like her arm had been cut off and then Steve rocked back into her thrusting her hips into the pillows under them. Steve began to get a motion going, fucking the young girls ass as he held her bound wrists. Balls slapping her ass over and over, Erika's moans and groans under the gag and pillow could easily be heard.

Amanda tried her best to comfort the young girl while she was stroking her penis secretly under her skirt. Suddenly, Steve exploded his cum into her ass and rested inside her as he lay over her and kissed her neck and ears. At the same time, Amanda managed to get Erika off so some cum released into her hand and She was able to orgasm, making the illusion better. Erika's whole body was shaking as she was whimpering. Her eyes firmly closed with her pretty eyelashes fluttering. Her fists were no longer clenched but limp open. Steve slowly pulled out. Erika let out a pathetic whimper as he exited her ass and just lay there drenched in sweat. The smell of her perfume, mixed with the sweat filled the air of the room. Steve sat back on his knees. His cock had some shit and blood on it as a little blood trickle ran down the back of Erika's thigh, staining the sheets.

Amanda let go of the girls neck and penis, she handed Steve a wet towel, which he used to clean himself as Amanda cleaned up Erika. She pushed a tampon up into her ass, put a liner in her panties as well, pulled them back up, pulled the tights back up and her briefs. Steve was clearly spent and feeling the hit from the pill and wine now. Amanda went over to Hannah and removed her handcuffs before returning to tend to Erika.

Once her wrists were free from the handcuffs, Hannah wasted no time grabbing for her mouth to get those awful socks out. She peeled off the front to get the sock out, making a disgusted face as she quickly attempted to remove the rest of the tape from her head as Sarah's eyes went wide and she tried to warn her friend, but it was too late. As Hannah pulled in frustration, the duct tape that was in her hair pulled strands out by the root causing her lots of pain. Hannah doubled over on the floor with tears in her eyes. Slowly recovering, and with some tape still in her hair but at least the sock gone from her mouth, she untied her ankles and moved on to Sarah.

The first thing Hannah did was reach towards Sarah's gag. Sarah's eyes went wide again and she shook her head violently and muffled "no." Hannah stopped and said, "Eh, yeah, you probably want to do that, right?" Sarah nodded her head. Hannah simply untied her friend and then went to help Erika. Sarah managed to get the part of the tape over her mouth off so she too could get the filthy, nasty sock out. She tore as much of the tape off as she could, but realized that it would take more work later.

Once Hannah was available again, Amanda told her to take care of Erika and that Erika was now HER responsibility. Amanda went over to Steve who was now sitting on the edge of the bed worn out. "You going to be okay?" She asked him, as she ran her hands through his hair. "Are we all square for the start of the year?" She asked. Steve nodded his head and said, "Yeah, I'm fine and we're fine the deal stands. We'll honor it. I’m just exhausted." Steve looked over at Hannah and Erika as Hannah was running her hands over the girl’s body rubbing her. "Is she okay?" He asked. Hannah replied, "She's going to be fine. We're girls, we're always fine." Sarah came over and released the cuffs from the spreading bar.

Hannah and Sarah helped Erika off the bed and onto her feet. Erika was very shaky and unsteady so they held her. Erika looked through sad tear-soaked eyes at her friend and muffled something. Hannah reached up, unsnapped the ball gag straps and pulled it from her mouth. Erika licked her lips and quietly asked, "Can I be untied now?" Hannah looked to Amanda who was still with Steve at the end of the bed as Amanda looked up and shook her head "no." Sarah even shook her head no. Hannah brushed her hands over her friends face. "After all that you have been through, it's actually probably better and safer for you to remain tied up for now. Okay, hun?" Hannah said. Erika nodded her head and weakly said, "Okay, I will be a good girl." Hannah offered, "We can probably leave the gag out though." Erika shrugged her shoulders and said "Why?" Hannah nodded and said "Okay, open your mouth then." Erika opened her mouth as the ball was pushed back in and snapped into place. Sarah and Hannah guided Erika over to the chair where Erika started to sit down, still trying to get her skirt to slide under her like she was shown - but without hands, was kind of hard. Hannah and Sarah helped. Erika started to try and cross her legs but Sarah patted her thigh and said "No, hun it's okay not to cross your legs at times. We'll give you the rules later."

Sarah and Hannah turned on the lights in the room and began to clean up all their stuff into the duffle bag. When they were done, the bag was handed to Amanda. Hannah saw Erika's shoes and picked them up in one hand as she and Sarah helped Erika to walk from the bedroom downstairs. Each step was painful for Erika as the bottoms of her feet still hurt. When they reached the bottom of the stairs and stepped onto the icy cold tile, it made the discomfort worse and Erika whimpered a bit. She noticed a clock in the kitchen and that it was now 3am. Erika was guided into the garage and back towards the SUV. Amanda opened the back and they helped Erika in. Once inside, her ankles were re-secured together and her body was secured to the tie-down hooks in the back. The cargo cover was pulled over her and the tailgate shut. Amanda and Steve shook hands as Hannah and Sarah got into the SUV. Amanda joined them and drove away.

It took only 30 minutes to get home to Hannah's house with no traffic this time. They parked in the garage and opened the back of the SUV. Erika was out. Sleeping soundly, the poor thing. Most of her makeup was gone now except for her long eyelashes and dark eyeliner. She still had a hint of color on her closed eyelids although her face was flushed. Some red lipstick still hung on her lips as her long blonde hair was draped around her head through the harness gag straps. They almost did not want to wake her, but were going to need her help just one more time tonight.

Hannah leaned in and kissed the flushed cheeks of sleeping teenager as she gently rocked her saying, "Erika, ERIKA, come on, wake up sweetheart - we're home." Erika stirred a bit and woke up as Sarah and Amanda released her tie downs and helped slide her from the back of the SUV. Amanda said goodbye to them and that she would check on Erika later on that day. Sarah leaned down to unclip her ankle cuffs so she could walk as they guided her up and into the house as Amanda drove away. They walked Erika through to Hannah's room where Sarah and Hannah just held Erika in a hug. Erika started shaking a bit again, but really had nothing left. Both girls kissed Erika on the cheeks and told her "Thank You." Erika nodded her head and mumbled a bit weakly.

Hannah threw a comforter off her bed and onto the floor. Hannah told Erika to kneel down on the blankets, which she did without hesitation. Sarah removed the harness and gag from Erika's head and mouth. Hannah got one of her scrunchies and pulled Erika's hair back into a pony tail and secured it with the scrunchie as she and Sarah then held Erika's arms and slowly moved her to lay on her stomach on the floor with her head on a pillow. Erika's ankle cuffs were locked together as her feet were pulled up over her ass and secured to her body harness tightly with a small piece of rope. Sarah and Hannah stood up, gave each other a hug before kicking off their shoes and collapsing on Hannah's bed.

Hannah reached over and turned off the lights so they were all in darkness now. Hannah then called out to Erika. "You awake down there?" The reply came softly, "Kinda, sorta but not for long." Sarah asked her "You going to be okay like that?" and the reply from the floor was "Yeah, I think so. Thanks for asking." Hannah asked again "But are YOU, okay? Do you like totally hate me now?" The reply came after a sigh and a weaker, sleepier answer. "No, it's okay. Yeah, I'm fine." Her speech got quieter and more trailing off as she continued "Like you said… we're girls. We're always… fine." Hannah responded with some seriousness in HER voice by saying "Erik, I mean it! Are you, ERIK, okay?" After a short pause, a very weak almost asleep answer from the bound and fucked cheerleader on the floor was: "dunno who Erik is. My name is ErikA, (Emphasizing the last letter) I'm 13… a cheerleader at Hamilton… (Erika took a longer pause before finishing) and I promise to be… a good… girl."

With that Erika was gone, there was going to be no more waking her up.

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