My Dear Sweet Slave: Chapter 4

Chapter Four

Holly was lying on the bed, bored out of her mind and lonely. It was Friday night, Isaac had left that morning, and for three days, she was alone. Not only that, but her boss had given her the weekend off in order to give some shifts to the other waitresses, so she wasn’t needed at the diner. Now she was left to aimlessly wander the unit, not knowing what she could do and having nowhere to go. Isaac had left her with plenty of money so that she could take a cab wherever she wanted, but she only wanted to go where he was.

Should she go see if Donna wanted to hang out? They had gotten along well since Isaac introduced them, but in her heart, she knew that wouldn’t satisfy her. She wanted to be with her master. Rolling on her side, she curled up in the fetal position and fiddled with the tag of her collar. Was this was pets really felt like when their masters were gone?

A knock on the door made her jump off the bed. She had company? Was it Donna? After pulling on her clothes and leaving the bedroom, she opened the door and looked down to see Alice.

“Alice! Hi! How are you?” Holly asked, happy as could be that someone had come to see her.

Alice looked away, unsure of how to even begin the conversation. “Hi, Holly, I’m fine. Isaac’s gone, right?”

Holly momentarily lost her smile. “Yes, he’ll be gone for a few days. Is something not working in your apartment? I’m not good with tools like he is, but I’d love to help in any way I can.”

“No, nothing is wrong. But I really could use your help with something…” Alice mumbled, still unable to look up from the floor.

Holly cocked her head to one side. “What is it?”

Alice forced herself to look up into Holly’s bright peaceful face and stared at the dog collar around her neck. She had tears in the corners of her eyes but determination in her voice.

“I heard you say that Isaac should have more slaves. He said that if you could find girls willing to be his slave, he’d be willing to take them in like you. So please teach me to be a slave!”

With a wide smile on her face, Holly tackled the small girl and scooped her up into a tight bear hug. “Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES!” she screamed like a freshmen girl being asked out to prom.

“Really? You’ll let me have sex with Isaac?” Alice asked, squashed against Holly. She never thought it would go this well.

“Of course! You’ll be his slave after all! If he wants to have sex with you, I’ll do everything I can to make it happen!” Holly then put Alice down but kept her hands on her shoulders. “But are you sure you want me to teach you? Being a slave is a lot of work and requires real endurance. You have to enjoy pain, you have to enjoy being subjugated and dominated, you have to be perverse and love sex, and you have to be able to work hard to make sure Master is satisfied. There is cooking! Cleaning! Oral!”

“Yes! I want to learn! Now can we please stop talking about this in the hall?! There aren’t any other tenants around but echoes travel in this building!”

Holly again hugged her, this time speaking tenderly. “Donna told me about you, about how your parents completely neglected you and gave you nothing but a basement to sleep in and the leftovers of whatever they ate. You were so brave and smart; you were able to get legally emancipated so that you could come live with your uncle. It’s a shame he doesn’t spend time with you either, a sweet girl like you shouldn’t be all alone. I know how it feels to be abandoned, to be rejected by your parents. I promise, you’ll never feel lonely again. From now on, you and I are family.”

Hearing Holly speak, Alice suddenly felt her eyes beginning to water. She had only spoken to Holly once since she got involved with Isaac, and Alice’s first impression was that Holly was a total airhead and caught in a fantasy world. True, Holly was clearly more childish than Alice, but she had a special light to her, a form of kindness that the world had long since lost. The feeling Alice received by being hugged by Holly, it was almost… nurturing. It wasn’t like Holly was taking on a maternal role, more like she was transforming to be exactly what Alice needed. Alice had never felt such loving kindness and care from anyone, even Donna, and now that she was basking in it for the first time in her life, Alice was struggling not to cry.

“You promise?” she managed to ask.

“Of course, my dear sweet little sister,” Holly hummed.

Sensing the girl trembling in her arms, she gained small smile. Thirteen years old, but she was just a small child.

“Listen, we have all of tonight and the weekend before Master comes back, that’s plenty of time to make you into the perfect slave. But first, let’s have dinner and relax. How I Met Your Mother is about to come on!”

Holly’s cheerfulness was contagious, almost overwhelmingly so.

“Sure!” Alice said, wearing one of the widest smiles of her life.

“So do you really like being a slave?” Alice asked as the second commercial break began to roll through. They had ordered takeout and were slurping up hot noodles out of paper boxes. The evening of moping on her master’s bed had suddenly blossomed into a lovely girls’ night for Holly.

“Of course! It’s heaven!”

“But what do you like about it? I always figured being someone’s slave would be one of the worst things possible.”

“Not if you love your master. Then everything you do, you do happily for them. You want to be given orders because it gives you an opportunity to make him happy. I suppose what I like most about it… is the solidarity. No… that’s not the word. Consistency? No, that’s not it either. How do I say this? I love being Master’s slave because the role itself becomes my home. It’s like a safe little cottage for my heart.

I do everything Master asks me to, but the truth is that he takes just as much care of me as I do for him. I hate making decisions, really. Nothing makes me more nervous. I actually will have small panic attacks when I’m faced with a choice. The day after Master took me in, he had to come pick me up at the grocery store because I was completely petrified of having to decide what to make for dinner. It was shameful!” Holly laughed in embarrassment.

Alice wasn’t sure how to respond.

“I guess the fact that I have someone else making the decisions for me is one of the reasons why I love being a slave so much. I’m not comfortable without a routine, so by having a master, I just work happily and never have to make any choices. There is certain joy to just working mindlessly on single task, not having to think about anything other than what Master has ordered you to do. The simplicity is very soothing.”

Alice let the words sink in. Holly really was an airhead, but she did have a bit of a point. Her teachers always told her that mindless tasks helped with stress.

“The main reason why I love being a slave is because I love being needed. Unless someone is telling me what to do, I feel useless and out of place, I feel like I’m just a hindrance to everyone around me. When I’m needed, I have a reason to live. Should the day ever come when I’m no longer needed… I don’t think I’d want to be alive. By being a slave, you could say I’m always needed. It’s a role different from any other. A girlfriend or wife may cheat or run off, a servant is paid, but a slave will always belong to her master and lives to fulfill his needs. As long as I am a slave, I have a job to do.

Then of course, there is the BEST perk to being a slave…”

Having been bending over to set her empty Chinese takeout box on the table, Alice turned back to Holly and found herself staring at the most perverse expression she had ever seen. Holly was panting, her face was flushed, and it looked like she was about to start drooling like a dog in a busy kitchen on Thanksgiving.

“I’m not ashamed to say I am a very lewd girl. I love getting touched, molested, violated, abused, and experiencing all manner of sexual mistreatment. I’m not sure if I was born that way or if my sisters ingrained it in me. Being a slave, I’m subject to Master’s desires. My body is his personal plaything for him to use whenever and however he wants. I love when he runs his tongue across my skin, when he violently thrusts into me, when he spanks me, whips me, and chokes me, and when he treats every hole in my body as his own cum dumpster. I can’t even describe how happy it makes me!”

Alice stared at her with fear in her eyes. Holly… really wasn’t your average girl. After all the nights Alice had spent masturbating outside Isaac’s apartment, listening to the two of them have sex, she thought nothing could surprise her. Hell, she had lost count of all times she had heard Holly screaming for Isaac to “rape her like his dirty little whore”. But to hear Holly just openly say it to her was… unnerving. Yet also it left her intrigued. Alice wasn’t a masochist, but if it meant Isaac finally being intimate with her, she could work up the courage to try things on the wild side.

“And it’s another way for me to know how much Master cares about me. He and I didn’t really have the same ‘interests’ when we were first intimate. I could tell he was a very gentle man who made sure to always respect women. He even said that I scared him a little. He’s changed himself because he wants to make me happy, going against his instincts to pleasure me when I’m the one who’s supposed to satisfy him. No matter what he does, he always thinks about my safety. A little pet peeve of mine is how often he’ll stop to ask me if I’m ok and if I want to keep going.”

Alice smiled with new resolution. If that’s the kind of master Isaac was, then she would be happy to be his slave.

Holly and Alice were sitting on Isaac’s bed, the former was excited but the latter was as nervous as could be. She knew what was coming and she had made the decision to go with it, but now she was having second thoughts. She was in love with Isaac, but she couldn’t be with him unless she had her first time with a woman. She was only thirteen, would this just end up being one of the worst decisions of her life?

“Are you sure you want to do this? I completely understand if you change your mind. This life isn’t for everyone.”

Alice sighed. “I just want to be cared about the way you and Isaac care about each other. I want this.”

“Ok, but from now on, you address him as Master. Now tonight, I’m just going to teach you how to be comfortable with intimacy. If we want to pleasure Master, we have to be able to work well together and be comfortable pleasuring each other. Tonight will be gentle, but tomorrow, we’ll start with the kinky stuff.” Holly then reached over and cupped Alice’s cheek, making her shiver and blush. “Is this your first time doing stuff like this?”

Alice didn’t trust her voice and simply nodded.

Holly giggled. “Don’t worry, I’ve spent years doing this and its more fun than you can imagine. Let’s just take it slow.”

Pulling Alice close, Holly lowered her head and brushed her lips against the young girl’s, just an experimental wisp. Alice didn’t shiver or wince from nervousness. She had actually expected more. She kept her eyes closed though, finding it rather easy to remain calm as she felt Holly’s lips repeatedly skim her own. It couldn’t really be called kissing; it was more like two cats nuzzling each other. Getting used to the gentle caressing, Alice’s body finally relaxed.

“You are just so cute,” Holly whispered, wrapping her arms around the small girl.

Holding her tightly, Holly at last kissed Alice square on the lips, applying real (yet gentle) pressure. After all the build-up she had been given, the kiss wasn’t as big a shock as Alice had thought, even though it was her first. Holly’s lips were so soft that the sensation nearly made Alice forget she was kissing a woman. For almost a minute, Holly did all the work, kissing Alice gently until her new little sister got used to the intimate touch. Soon, Alice began experimentally kissing back, letting her virgin lips return the gentle caressing. Becoming more and more comfortable with the act, she even wrapped her arms around Holly’s waist to try and pull her closer.

Sensing Alice was now on board, Holly took the initiative and slipped her tongue between the young girl’s lips. Alice stirred in surprise at the intrusion, but Holly kept her from pulling away and sent her whole tongue into Alice’s soft wet mouth. Alice became limp in Holly’s arms, lacking the strength to fight back or react in any way. She couldn’t even describe the feel of Holly’s tongue licking every corner of her mouth and mixing their saliva. She tried to keep her tongue from Holly’s, but she could not ignore the sweet taste of the probing wet tendril. Holly would not let go, so Alice had no choice but to give in.

Hesitantly, she let her own tongue move forward from its hiding spot and touch Holly’s. With almost impossible dexterity, Holly’s tongue wrapped around Alice’s and seemed to almost pull her out into the open. Between their joined lips, she allowed Holly to swirl and dance around her tongue, until at last inviting the young girl to take the initiative and return the aggression. Having lost much of her nervousness, Alice did as she was wordlessly instructed and began to slowly probe Holly’s mouth. As soon as her tongue passed her lips, Holly seemed to almost clamp down and start pulling on it. She wasn’t biting on Alice’s tongue, but she was sucking on it as if trying to pull it out of Alice’s mouth.

At that moment, Alice realized where exactly she was sticking her tongue. For over a month, Holly had been blowing Isaac and hungrily devouring every drop of cum he released. Holly was doing to her tongue what she routinely did to Isaac’s cock. As Alice entertained herself with that thought, Holly doubled her efforts at sucking on Alice’s tongue. Shit, it was like she was trying to pull her inside-out! Then without warning, Holly pushed Alice down onto the bed and got on top of her.

Once again, she was working her tongue in Alice’s mouth, but she somehow managed to do it with even more aggression. She was running her tongue against the insides of her cheeks, the roof of her mouth, and under Alice’s tongue. It was like Holly was a dog and Alice’s mouth was an empty peanut butter jar. Alice could barely breath, she felt like Holly was filling the small girl’s mouth with her own. Just as quickly as it started, Holly pulled her lips from Alice’s and the two girls just stared at each other, panting in arousal.

“That concludes the first lesson: kissing. Now things get really fun,” Holly giggled.

She then sat Alice up and got her back on her feet. “Ok, take off your clothes.”

Alice averted her eyes from Holly’s gaze and clutched herself, once again filled with nervousness. True, she had let Isaac see her naked, but she barely even knew Holly. Even more, she knew what this would transition to.

With her face bearing a tender smile of understanding, Holly ran her hands up the sides of Alice’s arms, as if trying to warm her up. “Would it be easier if I did it with you?”

Alice finally made eye contact. Smiling, Holly kissed Alice’s hands and then stood up beside her. Without hesitation, she pulled off her tank top. Alice stared in shock at Holly’s breasts, now truly realizing how large they were. Sure, Donna’s were even bigger, but Alice sure as hell hadn’t seen Donna topless. Staring at them, Alice was filled with a strange curiosity. She wondered what Holly’s breasts felt like, whether they were firm or squishy. She actually wanted to reach out and touch them.

Soon after Isaac introduced her to the electric clamps, Holly had gone through with what she said and gotten her nipples pierced, and now they had fully healed. She sported two tiny stainless steel rods, one going through each nipple, the rods tipped with round barbs to keep them from sliding out. Since their only purpose was to keep the holes from closing, Holly’s “jewelry” was actually so small that it was hard to spot with a first glance.

“Ok, now your turn.”

Alice grasped the end of her shirt and twisted it. The nervousness she felt at stripping in front of a stranger was now eclipsed, her envy for Holly’s womanly shelf and her embarrassment for her own flat chest replacing it. How could Isaac ever choose her when he had such a busty girl like Holly at his disposal? But refusing to quit, she pulled off her shirt and tossed it aside.

“Goddammit, I might as well be a third grader,” she muttered in self-loathing.

In reply, Holly embraced the small girl. Alice immediately tensed up as her head was buried in Holly’s cleavage. She had never had so much warm skin pressed against her face, and the intimate touch was certainly a first for her.

“Aw, don’t be so hard on yourself. Your time will come, but it looks to me like someone hasn’t been drinking enough milk. I certainly love your body, it makes you so cute that I just want to hug you and never let go! Oh my god, YOU ARE SO CUTE!”

At last, Holly’s scream succeeded in making Alice laugh. With that confidence boost, she pushed down her jeans and panties and stepped out of them, now completely naked. Holly did the same and looked down to notice something peculiar.

“Huh. I knew you were a late bloomer, but no hair?”

Alice dared a glimpse at Holly’s dolphin-smooth vulva and blushed in embarrassment. “I spend a lot of time eavesdropping on you and Isaac-I mean Master. I heard him say he liked girls who are shaved down there and I…”

Holly smiled and rubbed the top of Alice’s head. “Never be ashamed of your devotion to the man you love. Now lie down and I’ll make you feel good.”

Alice nervously did so, feeling more exposed and vulnerable than ever in her life. She wanted to cover herself with her arms, but she knew that would defeat the purpose of coming here. Holly was gazing upon her underdeveloped body with a look of perverse hunger, while her own body was the definition of fulfilled. Crouching down, Holly grasped Alice’s small left foot and covered it with kisses, focusing especially on her toes. The ticklish sensation made Alice squirm and even giggle, causing her to wonder if Holly had done that on purpose in order to help her relax. It had certainly worked.

Smiling with joy at the ability to play with her new little sister, Holly ran her tongue up the front and side of Alice’s leg, making her shudder at this alien touch. She stirred, once again tickled, this time by Holly’s soft raven hair moving across her skin like paintbrushes. Alice’s legs were clamped tightly together, so Holly ran her tongue through the crease between her inner thighs.

‘Oh my god, she’s going to do it! She’s really going to lick me there!’ Alice thought, covering her face.

But just when Holly’s lips were about to meet Alice’s virgin flower, she suddenly raised her head and moved past it. “You’re so cute…” she giggled. She then began kissing Alice’s flat stomach, each kiss wetter than the last. Reaching the girl’s navel, she toyed with her by tonguing the indent. “And so soft…”

As Holly continued to move up, Alice shuddered as she felt her nipples skating across her smooth skin. It was not a shudder of unpleasantness, Alice was quickly becoming used to the fact that she was with a woman. But even with their location, the brief touches of the barbs from her nipple rings felt ice cold. Alice became tense as Holly at last reached her nonexistent breasts and screwed her eyes shut, just a moment before she felt Holly’s warm wet tongue flick her nipple.

“And so sweet.”

Alice was then forced to open her eyes, when instead of continuing, Holly moved up and tenderly kissed her with her eyes sparkling with love.

“Come on, don’t try to hide. We’re doing this together, remember?”

Alice nodded with a relit smile and Holly kissed her again. After wetting her tongue in Alice’s mouth, Holly moved back down and traced circles around Alice’s nipple, now erect from her arousal. She was savoring the moment for as long as she could, wanting to enjoy her little sister’s delicious young body. However, her self-restraint quickly vanished and she closed her mouth around the supple point. Alice immediately gasped in bliss as she felt the suction on her delicate flesh. Alice had tried a large number of methods to make her breasts larger, basically any trick she could find online. Everything she had tried, nothing compared to the sensation of another person’s mouth sucking on them, especially a woman.

Over and over again, Holly switched between her left and right nipples, sucking on them hungrily and pinching on them when they were exposed. Surprising Alice, while Holly was only focusing on her breasts, she felt a very familiar and warm tingling in her nether regions. With each second that passed, the tingling increased in intensity and a continuous whine could be heard passing her lips.

“Oh god! Oh god! OH GOD!” the young girl moaned as her pleasure threshold broke.

“Did you cum just from having your nipples toyed with?” Holly laughed. “That’s so cute!”

Alice looked away, he face red with embarrassment. She couldn’t believe a woman had just triggered an orgasm in her.

“Don’t worry, you’re going to be cumming like CRAZY tonight.”

After letting her lips briefly touch Alice’s, she started moving down her surrogate sister’s chest, once again covering her flat belly in kisses. Reaching Alice’s waist, she slowly spread the young girl’s legs, revealing the glistening virgin slit. It looked so small and tight, so pristine. Holly just wanted to dive right in.

“Um, this won’t hurt, will it?” Alice mumbled.

“Of course not, it’s pure pleasure. Just relax and let your big sister eat to her heart’s content.”

Without another word needing to be spoken, Holly buried her head between Alice’s skinny thighs and delved as far into her snatch as she could with her tongue. At the sudden intrusion of the wet tendril, Alice arched her back and moaned like an opera singer. Holly was right, this was amazing! With expertise earned from countless nights pleasuring her sisters at the orphanage, Holly licked every delicious space of Alice’s honeypot, slurping up the virgin juices of her ecstasy. She knew exactly where to lick, how much pressure to put on, and how long to maintain it. She knew precisely how to stimulate the exterior flesh, how to tickle the opening lips, how to massage her sopping wet velvet sleeve, and most importantly, how to tease her clitoris.

For twenty minutes, Holly played Alice like a saxophone, invoking half a dozen orgasms and leaving the young girl set in an almost permanent arch. At last, Holly pulled away, gasping for air.

“Whew! No wonder they call it the honeypot, you certainly are sweet. I could go all night with you, but this is a lesson after all. How do you feel?”

Alice was unable to respond. She was panting even harder than Holly, there were tears streaming down her face, and she looked almost like she was suffering a stroke. But she also had a grin going from ear to ear. “I feel soooooooo goooooooood.”

“Well don’t fall asleep yet, because there is still SO much fun for us to have.”

Getting back down, Holly gained a very sly look on her face, as without so much as a single warning, she inserted her index and ring finger into Alice’s virgin cunt, palm up. Alice screamed at the sudden penetration, having never gone so deep even with her own fingers.

“Ah, good, your hymen is still intact. I can feel it with my fingers. With all the time I spent doing this with my sisters, I learned how to leave the hymen intact. But you’re so tight, you’ll never be able to take Master’s cock in you!”

Moving her hand in rapid jabs, Holly fingered Alice with machine-like speed, while always making sure not to deflower her. At the same time, she lowered her head and wrapped her lips around Alice’s clitoris, squeezing it with tantalizing pressure. With Holly’s fingers punishing her cunt and her clit being rubbed between Holly’s lips, Alice was screaming at the top of her lungs. It both hurt and felt amazing at the same time. When doing it herself, she was able to control how fast or deep she went, but she no longer had any say in the matter. Holly was able to do whatever she wanted and Alice didn’t have the courage to stop her. She could only lie there, nearly crying as she had yet another orgasm.

Removing her fingers, Holly pulled apart Alice’s pussy lips with her thumbs, examining her like a gynecologist.

“No, don’t spread it! It’s too embarrassing!”

“Ok, that’s better, you’re really starting to loosen up. But we still need you to get used to being penetrated. Let’s try something else.”

Getting back on the bed, Holly lied down beside Alice, who was as limp as a ragdoll. Without hesitation, Holly put her wet fingers in Alice’s panting mouth, filling her with the taste of her own essence. She momentarily struggled in revulsion, but Holly pinned her down.

“Just relax, get used to the taste. You’re going to be tasting it a lot.”

As much as she didn’t want to, Alice nodded and diligently sucked Holly’s fingers clean. She had never thought of doing this, but Alice had to admit, it tasted sweeter than she expected, and there was something about it that thoroughly aroused her. Once her fingers were clean, Holly returned them to Alice’s snatch and once again soaked them. This time, Alice struggled slightly to avoid sucking Holly’s fingers, acting like a baby that refused to let the train enter the tunnel, but as soon as Holly’s fingers touched her lips, she gave in and started sucking them like before. Holly did this several more times, making sure Alice got accustomed to the taste and act.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Alice shook her head. She had to admit, this really wasn’t that bad, at least in hindsight.

“Good, then you’re going to LOVE this.”

About to ask what Holly meant, Alice yelped as she felt the woman force her saliva-drenched fingers into the young girl’s anus. This certainly the first time she had tried any kind of ass play. It was the strangest feeling she had ever experienced, by a long shot! Alice arched her back and lifted herself off the bed, immediately feeling like something painful would happen if she put any sort of weight on her ass.

Twisting her fingers in the young girl’s rectum, Holly laughed at Alice’s reaction. “Yeah, I did the same thing my first time, but now I can’t get enough of it. I must say, your ass is really tight, even for a girl your age. We’re going to have to do a lot of work to get it ready for Master.”

“Ah! Please take your fingers out! I feel like you’re going to rip me open!”

“No can do, your body needs to be ready for Master’s personal use. Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle tonight. This is just to get you used to the feeling.”

“But it hurts!” Alice argued, refusing to let her body touch the mattress.

“No it doesn’t, it just feels weird. You wouldn’t believe what your ass can handle. Relax, you’ll hurt your neck!”

It took a while for Alice to trust Holly and relax her body, but Holly had all the patience in the world for her little sister. At last, Alice slowly settled herself and lied down on the bed, and found that the pain in her rear was much less than she thought.

“There, see? Now doesn’t that feel good?” Holly purred as she began working her fingers in and out of Alice’s tight anus. The soft moist flesh certainly felt good against her fingers, and every twirl and push made Alice wince in awkward pleasure.

“I guess…”

“Well trust me, I think Master is going to have a fantastic time fucking your asshole. You’re insides are so soft and warm, I imagine it will feel like his cock is settling into a nice hot bath.”

“You really think so?”

“Well that’s what it feels like for my fingers. Just lay back, relax, and enjoy.”

Alice did as she was told and spread her legs, letting Holly have better access. As she fingered her little sister’s asshole, Holly continued penetrating her cunt, this time with her thumb. Alice would have been moaning at the top of her lungs, but Holly had silenced her with her lips. The feeling of Holly’s thumb and fingers churning in her most sensitive places was completely overwhelming, but even while being kissed, Alice’s mind was focused elsewhere. Specifically, she couldn’t help but overanalyze the feeling of Holly’s breasts against her own.

With every movement of Holly’s arm, her breasts would jiggle ever so slightly, but to Alice, they might as well have been rumbling like vibrators. They were so soft and warm, hot even. Beyond their sensual kissing or the fact that both her front and back doors were being fingered, it was the touching of Holly’s nipples to her own that solidified this act of lesbian intimacy, and that forbidden thought turned her on more than any physical feeling. While she had been against it at first, she was really starting to enjoy the feeling of getting her ass played with.

After a minute, Holly pulled her fingers out and held them over Alice’s face. Alice again hesitated, but allowed Holly to put them in her mouth, while Holly sucked the pussy juice off her thumb. The taste was much more bitter than her pussy, but still not as bad as she had expected. She simply had to get into the right mindset and learn to draw pleasure from the act. She was not a kinky girl, but what was this if not a learning experience?

“That’s a good girl, you’re really coming along nicely,” Holly cooed while lovingly kissing Alice on the forehead.

She then resumed licking the inside of Alice’s mouth, while returning her thumb and fingers to their rightful place inside her. For several minutes, they entered a cycle of fingering and sucking, with Holly and Alice taking turns on who would lick her fingers clean and who would suck her thumb. At last, when she was certain that Alice was ready, Holly pulled away and lied back against the headboard, her legs spread and a wide smile on her face. To Alice, who had just discovered the joy on girl on girl love, her body was beautiful, glowing with sexuality.

“Come on, honey. Time to show me what you’ve learned.”

Now brimming with sexual confidence, Alice crawled over and eagerly planted her lips on Holly’s. For several seconds, their tongues danced around each other with mirrored vigor. Finally, they were on the same page with each other. Continuing to kiss, Alice laid her body down on Holly’s, intertwining their naked forms. Holly wrapped her arms and legs around the small girl, enclosing her in her warm soft body like a living blanket, both women relishing the touch of their naked skin.

Still held in Holly’s embrace, Alice at last ended the kiss and began to move down. Slowly, she brushed her lips across Holly’s cheek, down her neck, and across her collarbone. She stopped there, needing a few moments to collect herself. Everything that had happened so far this night had been Holly’s doing to her and she had simply been going through the motions. Now, everything that would happen would be her own doing. Her first true act of intimacy would be with another woman. Oh well, she had come too far to quit now.

Taking a deep breath, she lowered her head and took Holly’s left nipple in her mouth. Her face flushed with arousal, Holly moaned softly in euphoria as she felt the young girl suck on her tender flesh. She held Alice even tighter against her, cradling her like a nursing baby. Alice certainly couldn’t be called innocent in the perpetration of such a role. Her mouth was like a vacuum on Holly’s bountiful tits. This was not a natural experience for Alice (outside the whole “nursing” thing), but she had to admit it was pleasurable, certainly erotic. Plus there was the softness and warmth of Holly and the oh so enjoyable squishiness of the melon-sized flesh pillows. She was also having fun playing with Holly’s nipple rings.

“You look so cute right now,” Holly hummed, “like a little baby.”

“Please don’t say stuff like that,” Alice groaned, “it makes things weird.”

The complaint gave Holly a hearty laugh. “Well then, feel free to move along.”

Alice nodded and continued her descent. She was slow, covering Holly’s flat stomach in kisses and even tonguing her navel. She could feel Holly trembling in excitement. She knew what was coming and longed to feel a young inexperienced tongue against her slit. At last, Alice hung her head over the sopping wet lips of Holly’s cunt. Once again, she took a few moments to collect herself, to mentally prepare for what she was about to do, and to question every aspect of this night. Not only was this another woman’s vagina, but for over a month, Isaac had been pouring his seed into her. Was there any left, any still inside her? At that thought, she put aside all of her doubts and decided to just dive right in.

As soon as the young girl’s lips touched her own, Holly cried out in happiness. It had been so long since a girl touched her, she had missed it. True, Isaac had a tongue like an eel, but girls always felt different, especially young girls. Alice was certainly settling in nicely. She had gotten over her squeamishness and was now working to send her tongue as deep into Holly as possible. Holly had been wise to first make her start by tasting her own wetness, as it took away so much of Alice’s tension and allowed her to get accustomed to the taste of pussy. It was certainly a completely different experience when getting it directly from someone else’s tap, but the taste was almost exactly like her own, and Holly’s pussy certainly felt good against her tongue and lips. Her first sexual experience was with a woman and she was loving it.

“Oh yes! Just a little more! Yes! YES!” Holly screamed, clamping her thighs against the sides of Alice’s head.

Shocking Alice, a flash flood erupted from Holly’s cunt, spraying the young girl in the face, soaking her hair, and running down her throat. Alice threw herself back, sputtering and gasping for air. “Oh god, you didn’t just piss in my face did you?! I’ve been pretty open tonight, but that is seriously where I draw the line!”

“Don’t worry, it’s not pee. It’s basically water, the equivalent to the male ejaculation. You basically do the same thing whenever you get aroused or have an orgasm, but on a much smaller scale.”

“You promise?”

“Of course, my sister told me about it. I tell you, it was a HUGE shock to everyone when it first happened in our bedroom. We screamed so loud that our foster father stormed in and we had to lie and say we had seen a rat.”

“So what now?”

Holly sat up and smiled. Leaning over, she kissed Alice on the lips. “The lesson is over, THIS lesson at least. Tomorrow we start with the kinky stuff. But until then, we have a whole night of fun ahead of us.”

The slamming of the door awoke Alice from her pleasant slumber, but left her too tired to care whom it was. In the seconds that passed, she slowly stirred, enjoying the warmth and smell of Isaac’s bed. She smiled as she heard approaching footsteps and felt pressure on the bed. The sensation that was truly making her happy was the touch of Holly’s tongue in her pussy. However, considering all the time Holly had spent sitting on Alice’s face last night, Alice certainly deserved to get some more treatment in return.

“Good morning,” Holly purred as she moved up to Alice’s face, but not before lining her stomach and chest with kisses.

“Good morning,” Alice replied before her lips met Holly’s. “So what’s the plan for today?”

“Well I just came back from a very interesting toy store. One of my sisters told me about it years ago and I’ve been waiting for the chance to find it. But they can wait. Let’s have a lovely brunch.”

She then got off the bed with Alice eagerly chasing after her, finding that her new older sister had stripped naked as soon as she entered the apartment. As she followed Holly into the kitchen, her eyes traveled up from Holly’s feet to the back of her neck as she tied her hair into a ponytail. Her eyes lingered on Holly’s fully-developed ass and she licked her lips. Alice didn’t believe homosexuality was a choice, she wasn’t stupid, but Holly had transformed her into something she thought she could never become.

“So what are we going to have for brunch?” Alice asked as Holly gazed into the fridge with indecisiveness.

“Well considering what we have waiting for us, we’re going to want something that will sit in our stomachs and take a GOOD long time to reach our lower intestines.”

Holly was sitting on the edge of the bed with Alice lying across her lap like a misbehaving child about to be spanked. Both girls licked their lips and giggled as Holly squeezed and rubbed Alice’s cute little ass cheeks. Over and over, she moved her hands down and gripped the two vanilla peaches. They felt so good in her hands, such a satisfying feeling.

“You have got one of the cutest little asses I have ever seen,” Holly giggled.


“Of course, I can’t get enough of it.”

Holly spat between Alice’s ass cheeks and watched as it ran across her asshole and then reached her pussy. Continuing to giggle, Holly rubbed the saliva-soaked orifice with her index finger before slowly penetrating her little sister’s rectum. Alice stretched and purred like a cat as she felt Holly stir her finger in her anus like a whisk. With all the time she had spent getting fingered like this last night, Alice had become a true anal slut. At least she thought so. There was still so much for her to endure.

One finger, then two, Holly moved them back and forth inside Alice for the next few minutes, enjoying the sensation of the soft wet flesh against her own. With each slow plunge, she could feel the young girl’s asshole loosening and becoming more malleable. Her sexual appetite getting the better of her, Holly pulled out her glistening fingers and licked them clean of Alice’s sinful essence.

With strings of saliva stretching between her fingers, she reinserted them into Alice, along with her ring finger, making the smile on her face twist in euphoria. Several more minutes passed, with Alice just lying across Holly’s lap, getting her tight asshole fingered. In all honesty, Alice wished she and her new big sister could have just stayed like that forever. It was so pleasant, so calming, and yet so erotically delicious.

Speaking of delicious, Holly decided that it was time for Alice to get a taste of herself. Most of her hand now drenched, Holly offered her fingers to Alice. Gluttonously, Alice took them in her mouth, slurping up every droplet of her wetness and sucking on each finger like a straw. She loved the taste of her own body. Whether it was her pussy or her ass, she just couldn’t get enough. If a genie magically appeared and offered her three wishes, one of those wishes would be reserved for the ability to bend over far enough and go down on herself.

“I’m so proud of you, you’ve turned into such a naughty slave. I’m sure Master will take pleasure in violating you,” Holly purred, subtly bragging about her own skills in her ability to train this eager recruit.

“I sure hope so! I can’t wait for him to come back and use me!” Alice squealed giddily, all while Holly continued to finger-fuck her asshole.

“Well we still have plenty time before he returns, and there is still so much you have to learn. So, let’s get started…”

Holly then reached down into a paper bag at the foot of the bed and pulled out a set of anal beads, six in total and each the size of a ping pong ball. Alice stared at the sex toy with wide eyes while Holly struggled to unwrap it. Goddamn plastic packaging! After a quick time-out for Holly to grab some scissors from the kitchen, she returned and freed the glass beads from their prison. This time, Holly lied down on the bed with Alice on top of her in the 69 position. Unfortunately, the girls’ respective heights made it impossible for them to actually 69 each other, but that just meant that Holly had plenty of elbowroom to maneuver. She had her legs spread, letting Alice take solace in the taste of her pussy. Suddenly, all of her confidence was gone, and she now felt true fear for the pain she knew was coming.

“Ready?” Holly asked. Alice nodded. “Good, because I have another surprise for you. I almost forgot that I’m supposed to be teaching you how to love pain. So let’s try a little classical conditioning and association.”

Holly then reached into the nearby bedside table and pulled out her peanut rotor and the small pink remote. Inserting the plastic node into Alice’s pussy, Holly turned it on and watched in enjoyment as the young girl squirmed in awkward pleasure. Alice couldn’t believe the sensations buzzing through her. Was this one of those vibrators she had heard so much about? How could such a small toy cause such an intense feeling?! It felt like she had one of the Brookstone neck massagers crammed into her pussy!

With the toy buzzing inside Alice and filling her with overwhelming pleasure, Holly took the string of anal beads and thoroughly wet them with her mouth. Alice was going to need all the lubrication she could get.

With the first bead dripping with saliva, Holly offered no hesitation or mercy in her sudden insertion of it into Alice’s asshole. Alice immediately gagged as she felt the huge mass enter her, unable to believe it wasn’t tearing her open. Hell, she couldn’t imagine ever even taking a shit this big! Bowing her head, she whined into Holly’s pussy, trying to distract herself with dedicated sweeps of her tongue inside of her big sister. She winced and shuddered with every millimeter Holly pushed the orb into her, and struggled not to cry as she felt the second bead make contact.

Ignoring Alice’s whimpers of pain, Holly forced the second bead into the girl’s tiny body, followed by the third and forth. By the fifth, Alice was on the verge of crying. The pressure was so intense, she could barely breath, but at the same time, the vibrator inside her was taunting her with an orgasm desperate to be released. On one hand, she wanted it to stop desperately, but on the other, she would go insane and suffer the female equivalent of “blue balls” if Holly stopped now. She could only bear with it, suffering in both pleasure and pain as the fifth orb was pushed in, and at last, the sixth. All six ping pong balls were inside her, and the rotor was still buzzing.

“So, how does that feel?” Holly asked, loving the sight of the cord of the anal beads hanging out of Alice.

Deciding to tease her when she didn’t get a reply, Holly grabbed Alice’s plump little ass cheeks and rubbed them together, trying to grind her insides against the orbs inside her.

The sudden pressure sent a bolt of electricity up Alice’s spine. “It hurts, but I love it!”

“Well then, you’re going to love this,” Holly said with a grin as she grabbed the ring at the end of the cord and pulled it.


Moving just slow enough to avoid causing any actual harm to Alice, Holly pulled out the line of anal beads. While the pops were indeed loud, they didn’t even compare to the volume of Alice’s scream. While the sudden removal did hurt, it did trigger a thunderous orgasm within her, nearly making her squirt like Holly.

“I knew you could handle it, I’m so proud of you! Now we just do that for a little while longer and your ass will be ready for the next step.”

“Wait… can I please rest for a minute?” Alice whimpered, feeling the rotor within her triggering a rush of miniature climaxes.

When she received no reply, she looked back and was left awestruck. Holly was holding the string of anal beads up over her head, and opening her mouth, she slurped up the first bead.

‘No way…’ Alice thought to herself as she saw the string of beads slowly descend as Holly swallowed the first.

With the muscles of her throat churning like a giant piston, Holly swallowed the first bead, sucked on the second then swallowed it, sucked on the third one and then swallowed it, and so on. Once she had swallowed the whole thing, she slowly pulled it out of her throat, revealing it to be dripping with her saliva. Holy shit, was she a fucking drug mule?! What the fuck did her sisters do to her?!

“By the time Master comes home, you’ll have learned to do that in your sleep,” Holly hummed, speaking without the slightest crack in her voice.

Alice was left so dumbfounded by the spectacle and Holly’s prediction that she barely winced as the anal beads were reinserted into her.

The beads were inserted and removed from Alice’s tiny body almost a dozen more times. But surprising Alice, Holly would turn off the rotor and wait a few minutes after it was removed. As soon as the first bead would be inserted, the rotor would activate and buzz within her as full power. Pleasure would sweep through her like an electric shock and mix with the pain of the sodomy into a sensational double helix. After the tenth time removing it and giving Alice a short break, Holly reinserted the beads, this time leaving the rotor off. Even without the toy activated, Alice felt her pussy quiver and soak itself in euphoria as if the rotor were bouncing back and forth inside her like an oversized gas particle.

As soon as she realized this, the pleasure she felt grew exponentially. She truly understood: she was being trained like a pet. Over and over again, Holly toyed with Alice’s anus, but with training learned from the legendary Pavlov, she taught her younger sister to associate the pain of sodomy with sexual pleasure. Now she just had to hammer it in.

Holly and Alice were sitting on the couch and watching TV, having decided to take a break and let the young girl rest her back door. But that was really the only thing they were taking a break from, as they were both still naked and were working their fingers in each other’s pussies. While the TV droned, the two girls nuzzled each other and purred like cats, relishing the feeling of being toyed with so casually. It was like they were simply fiddling with each other.

Isaac was lying on his back, bolting the rafters of the factory ceiling. He had been hired to help with the construction crews, building a new auto parts plant down in Boston. His reputation had brought him into the big leagues; he was no longer just a handyman or a contractor. In fact, he was already putting the rest of the construction workers to shame with his speed and skills. As he wiped the sweat off his face for the umpteenth time, his mind once again wandered to the question of what Holly was up to. He had to admit, he was worried about her. She was probably go stir crazy without him, whining and pawing at everything like a lonely puppy.

Alice was on all fours, panting in nervousness and anticipation. Underneath her, the bed was layered with towels. Behind her, Holly was rubbing olive oil on a large tan dildo, secured to her lap via a harness.

“This will get you used to the feeling of getting mounted and ridden. Damn, some of my best childhood memories happened while I was wearing one of these things. When I wasn’t the one being fucked, my sisters loved having me fuck them. Now this one is larger than average, but not quite as large as Master.”

“I just hope I can handle this, this is certainly different than anal beads.”

Holly poured some olive oil on her hand and rubbed it across Alice’s rear end, making her ass glisten like a pair of peaches soaked in varnish.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. I swear you have just got the cutest little ass I have ever seen!”

“Are you sure it’s ok to do this? Won’t we make a mess?”

“All these towels will keep the sheets or mattress from being stained. Besides, this isn’t my first time using olive oil. I know how to clean it up.”

Holly soaped up her fingers and stirred them around in Alice’s asshole to make sure she was properly lubricated. Putting the bottle aside, she wiped her hands on her breasts, removing the remaining oil from her palms and giving her the added bonus of polished titties. Dripping with the yellow oil, the head of the dildo was pressed against Alice’s anus.

“Ready for this?” Holly asked, leaning over and kissing her little sister behind the ear.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“That’s good enough for me!”

Grabbing Alice by the hips, Holly slammed into her in a single powerful shove, making the girl scream in a mix of pleasure and pain. Fuck. Fuck! FUCK! This was worlds beyond the anal beads! She felt like she had just sat on a freaking bowling pin! She couldn’t breathe! It was as if the dildo was crushing her lungs! It was so big, her legs felt completely useless under her, like big banana peels.

“Oh god, it’s too big! You’re tearing me open!”

Worried, Holly pulled out and examined both the toy and Alice’s asshole. “Don’t worry, there isn’t any blood. You haven’t been torn or cut in any way. It’s ok, everyone has that same reaction.”

Without waiting for Alice to say anything, Holly returned the end of the dildo to its rightful place and forced the toy deep into Alice’s rectum. Again she screamed, but now the pain was much more refined and understandable. It hurt, the stretching of her anal cavity and all the muscles being forced to the sides to accommodate the sex toy, but with the use of the anal beads and the vibrator earlier, she had learned to associate sodomy with pleasure.

“Oh, I can’t believe I forgot! This should help you enjoy it more.”

Without pulling out, Holly retrieved the vibrator and remote from the bedside table. Hooking the receiver up to the thigh strap on Alice’s leg, she inserted the rotor and turned it on. Alice’s face became like melted ice cream as pleasure swept through her. With the vibrator buzzing inside her, Alice moaned as Holly began pumping into her. She was moving slowly and gently at first, but her speed soon increased.

In less than a minute, she was swinging back and forth like a woodpecker’s beak. With each thrust, her oiled breasts jumped into the air, mirroring the same joy on her face. She was grinning from ear to ear and licking her lips as she gripped Alice’s by the hips. Alice’s moans, the squishing of the dildo inside her, and the clapping of her tiny childish rear end against Alice’s thighs were a beautiful melody.

Holly’s skill with the dildo was masterful, earned by countless nights serving as the human fuck-machine for her sisters’ pleasure. She wasn’t a sadist and didn’t take joy in inflicting pain on her new little sister, but the sex reminded her of home and she certainly took pride in her teaching skills. Soon Alice would be the perfect toy for Isaac’s personal use! Holly couldn’t wait until her master came home and saw his new slave!

Alice was struggling to stay on all fours. The dildo was slamming the deepest recesses of her asshole with such strength that it made it her whole body feel like a limp noodle. This pressure she was feeling, the vastness of the dildo inside her back door, the pleasurable pain she felt every time Holly rammed her with the dildo, it felt… incredible! All this time, sex with Holly had been tender, kinky, or simply informative, all of which enjoyable at their own levels. But this! Now she understood that perverse look on Holly’s face when she asked why she had chosen to be a slave!

Holly was mounting her, sodomizing her, violating her with the sex toy, and she was loving it! She finally understood the joy that came with being willingly defiled and brutalized. To be used by this woman so roughly, it took all sense of intimacy out sex and replaced it with kinky degradation and subjugation. This wasn’t like a man or woman fucking or even two women being intimate, this was simply Alice’s young body being brutalized by Holly, turning her into a slave for Isaac’s personal use. It was pure perversion, physical pleasure that was so deliciously sinful that Alice could have been crippled from the waist down and still climax over and over.

“Oh god, I’m cumming!” Alice cried out, a wide smile on her face with her eyes rolling back.

“You want to take a break?”

“Oh please no! Keep going! Fuck my slutty asshole harder! Rape me with that big cock!” she begged, having fully submersed herself in the masochistic mindset.

With a smile as bright as the sun, Holly leaned over and kissed Alice on the cheek. “I’m so proud of you! All right, if you want it rougher, I’ll go rougher.”

Instead of leaning back and continuing to fuck Alice in the doggy style, Holly lay on top of her. Much like Isaac when the two of them first had sex, Holly began slamming down onto Alice with her entire body, using her weight to drive the dildo into the deepest recesses of Alice’s anus. The springs of the mattress helped Holly bounce, letting her slingshot herself up and down with frantic speed. While Holly butt-fucked Alice, she ran kisses up the side of her neck and the back of her ear, as well as reached under her to tweak her nipples.

With the vibrator rubbing her insides, Holly’s fingers pulling on her nipples like she was trying to milk her, and of course the prosthetic phallus being applied like a giant rectal thermometer duct-taped to the end of a jackhammer, Alice could do nothing but moan and cry in masochistic euphoria. Her sense of pleasure and pain would soon be irreparably infused with each other, but until then, the fact that she had become an anal slut and discovered the joys of being violated and subjugated would be enough. While still not on quite the same masochistic level as Holly, the pain she felt from the brutal anal pounding made her want to cry out in happiness. Was this what sex with Isaac would be like? What would vaginal sex feel like? Oh, she just couldn’t wait!

“How do my tits feel?” Holly whispered, rubbing them against Alice’s back while she dropped herself down onto Alice’s tiny frame.

“They’re so warm and soft, I love feeling them. I hope my tits grow soon.”

“Until then, feel free to play with mine.”

As if telepathic, the two girls separated and changed positions. Now Holly was on her back while Alice sucked the dildo clean. Try as she might, she could only take about five inches in her mouth. She and Holly had not yet gotten to the lessons on oral sex for when Isaac returned. While disappointed, neither of them could stop from giggling as they looked into each other’s eyes.

“As glad as I am that we had olive oil for the start, I have to say that is kind of ruins the taste.”

“Don’t worry, you can lick my ass as much as you want.”

“I’ll certainly take you up on that offer. But right now, I want to play with those sweet boobs.”

Picking up the bottle of olive oil on the floor beside the bed, Alice applied a syrupy layer to the dildo and then poured some of Holly’s stomach. Climbing up onto Holly’s lap, Alice shuddered and winced as she dildo entered her gaping asshole. So much had been done to her in so short a time; Holly had succeeded in turning Alice into an anal slut. Once the toy was inside her, Alice experimentally raised herself up, trying to get used to the combination of both the feeling of the dildo inside her and the effort required to lift herself. The fact that she still had the vibrator inside her was not making things easy. It took a minute or so before she could start properly riding, albeit slowly. It didn’t matter, as she was interested in something else.

With the puddle of oil on Holly’s stomach having long since overflown, Alice began rubbing it across Holly’s chest. The sunlight from the window gleamed in the oil brilliantly, illuminating Holly’s perfect figure and reinforcing the size of her breasts. Her hands dripping with oil, Alice hungrily squeezed Holly’s glorious mountains. They were so big, it was like they were enveloping her hands instead of it being the other way around. With how small her hands were, the melon-sized spheres of soft skin seemed even larger than before. They were so soft and squishy, yet so firm and elastic, bouncing back from everything Alice did to them. She couldn’t stop fondling them, they felt so good in her grip, like she was working a pair of giant stress balls.

Rocking back and forth on the dildo, stretching her asshole to its limits, Alice played with Holly’s breasts with endless enjoyment. She squeezed them, smacked them, rubbed them together, and even toyed with Holly’s nipples with her thumbs like she was playing a videogame. All the while, Holly moaned and purred from Alice’s intimate and playful touching.

“Come here, lean forward on all fours.”

Alice did as she was told, and with the girl suspended over her, Holly simultaneously raised her head to insert her tongue into the young girls mouth and began bucking her hips, thrusting straight up into Alice’s anus with the strap-on. As the icing on the cake, she reached up and began pulling on Alice’s nipples like she was trying to milk her. Having her asshole brutalized, her flat breasts pulled on, and her mouth licked pushed Alice over the edge, giving her a thunderous orgasm that made her scream at the top of her lungs.

With just enough strength to pull herself off the dildo, Alice collapsed on top of Holly, her face buried in the woman’s oiled tits.

“That was amazing.”

“Well if you want to give your ass a break, I know a great way to pay me back. Catch your breath and then you can have a turn with the strap-on.”

Isaac was pouring sweat underneath his welding mask and leather coat, trying to hold the cutting torch steady as he shaped the I-beam for fitting. An error had been made earlier by one of the guys on the construction crew and now a revision had to be made to the materials. Oh well, he already knew where he could put the severed end of the I-beam. It would be a great corner foundation.

Alice was standing in the bedroom doorway, strung up like Holly was when Isaac first punished her. On her nipples were the electric clamps and she was screaming as Holly’s new vibrator buzzed between her legs. It was bought from the sex shop, large enough to require a power outlet with a head the size of a tennis ball. Compared to the little peanut rotor they normally used, this was downright destructive.

The vibrations against her plump pussy lips were so powerful that she felt like she was being shaken apart. Kneeling between her legs and fingering the girl’s asshole, Holly giggled as she grinded the bulbous head against Alice’s pussy and listened to her moans through the gag in her mouth.

Isaac coughed and gagged, having received a lungful of dust when emptying a bag of cement into the mixer. He was helping set the floors for one of the factory departments but now he felt like he was going to hack up a lung. Construction work wasn’t always graceful.

“Oh yes, harder!” Alice screamed, bent over on all fours as Holly whipped her with one of Isaac’s belts.

Her rear end was already flushed red with welts, but every lash of the hard leather filled her with ecstasy. She had been transformed into a full masochist, and the wetness between her legs proved that.

Isaac was in his motel room, eating a meatball sub. He had just taken a much-needed shower and was looking forward to the next day. The factory wasn’t complete but his contract was almost fulfilled. He just needed to work for a few hours on Sunday and finish his work; then he could head home.

Holly was on her back, her breasts heaving and bouncing with each thrust Alice made. The young girl was wearing the strap-on, used on her earlier. Holly’s knees were almost up on Alice’s shoulders due to the huge difference between their heights, and the motion required to use the strap-on was completely foreign to her. However, she was quickly getting the hang of it and the sight of the toy being slammed into Holly’s slit was arousing her to no end.

“Oh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy harder!” Holly screamed, holding onto the mattress for dear life.

Isaac was loading his tools into his truck, excited to be going home. He hadn’t masturbated since leaving home, so to say he was backed up would be an understatement. He couldn’t wait to mount Holly like a dog and empty everything he had into her sweet pussy.

It was noon when Holly and Alice woke up, their naked bodies intertwined and sticky with each other’s bodily fluids (and plenty of olive oil). Alice purred as she woke, held in Holly’s warm and loving embrace.

“Master comes home today, right?”

“That’s right. Your life as his slave will soon start. Welcome home,” Holly whispered, kissing her little sister on the forehead.

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