Hawai'ian Vacation

The gulfstream IV slowly banks to the left as it approaches Lihue Airport…and out the newly constructed fiberglass windows you can finally see the ocean interrupted by the warm undulating fine sands of a beach that stretches for miles, broken only by secret hidden grottos and steep lush mountain ranges that reach for the few scattered billowing clouds above.

But, it’s only when the plane begins streaking in its final descent passing over leaping dolphins making an arc of the thrown brilliant clear water that the realization hits that we are finally on a week’s vacation in paradise. And, without warning, as you’re looking toward the ocean side, you feel the warm, moist touch of my lips to yours, lingering only slightly to suggest what is to come as you also feel the gentle squeeze from my hand on your right leg through your sundress. You look over to me Naomi, as I part your golden locks and whisper into your ear “We’re going to have all kinds of fun, darling,” and I playfully flick your earlobe with the tip of my tongue, practically unnoticeable. But, you know what that little earlobe flick means…it’s been the way I’ve told you all the wet, sticky, erotic things I’m going to be doing to you shortlyour physical, public shorthand for al l the dirty, naughty words.
As you follow me, down the jet’s stairway toward the waiting white limousine, you notice I’ve warn those swim trunks you particularly like…the slightly tighter fitting ones, still somewhat loose along the legs, but that remain tight around my firm, half-moon shaped ass that you love to grasp firmly with your hands, like I do yours when we…well…we’ll get to that ;). The loose, barely-there light materialed burgundy short-sleeve shirt is only tight around the very top of my chest and arms. You notice the muscles tense as I jump the last stair throwing our bags over both my shoulders in the same movement. While the driver holds open the trunk where I gently lay our bags, containing just the necessities (clothes, suntan lotion, several swimsuits, those books we’ve both been meaning to read, oh, and the baby oil, feather, cuffs and other goodies I haven’t told you about) you approach the door—opened for you by the kind-smiling, very large and portly and friendly Hawai’ian driver. Of course, I don’t blame him for stealing a lingering glance at your gorgeous, elegant body, flowing golden, silken hair or amazing looks…but you do feel a SMACK as my hand slaps your short-skirt covered ass. I’m trying to remember which bikini you have on underneath your short jean skirt tight white shirt. I’ll have to find out as soon as possible. And the Driver comes to and stops staring at my goddess and, remembering we need to get to our hotel, closes the door after me as I playfully push you inside, pecking the back of your neck and…flicking your earlobe again. And, as you sink into the plush, cool white leather seats in the spacious limousine you see me raising up the divider between the driver and the rear, after handing the driver a 50 dollar bill. No…I don’t want us to be bothered just yet. And, as we ease out of the airport onto the highway, the crystal blue endless ocean visible from the windows…you know neither of us will be seeing much of the exterior view on our longer, scenic route to our vacation bungalow.
And, just as you’re settling in, wiggling your tight little jean-skirt covered ass into the soft, cool seat, thinking about taking a drink from the crystal glasses nearby and admiring the fresh cut Hawai’ian orchids and assorted bouquets at the four corners of the incredibly spacious stretched car, you notice that the floor of the vehicle has the slightest amount of padding…the entire floor. At the moment you look over to me in the front, you barely have time to notice that I’ve already taken my shirt off and am stalking toward you on the ground…an almost feral passionate lust in my eyes for what I want most. If you didn’t know me better you might be scared of how threatening I look…you know that I’m going to take you right here…right now…on the floor of this limo…I’m going to have you screaming and cumming and licking my cock as I have your wonderful wet juice drenched pussy in my lips. And then, clothed only in those tight black trunks almost like spandex over my ass you see my bare chest and abdomen exposed…the veins running down my arms are more evident than usual…I’m burning with desire to have take my Naomi right here and now. Looking down past my chest, slightly wet and moist with sweat, you notice one drop of sweat mixed with suntan lotion slowly run down my abs…outlining each muscle…as that one drop glistens that single area and thins out…as it slowly reaches the top of my trunks. But, arched as I am, moving toward you like a feral creature…that thin droplet cascades underneath the trunks, down past my lower stomach to what you can’t see but know is theremy growing hard pulsating warm manhood.
I’m almost on you in the rear of the limo when I wink and tell you, “Don’t move, love.” And now, you know, it’s going to be a long trip to our private bungalow. That’s right, I’m going to give you a little show. Then I’m going to tease you until you can barely stand not touching yourself to release a raging orgasm…and, if you’re a good girl and play the game right…I’ll let you cover me with the lube you know I have in my pocket. Then, if you’re still playing by the rules, and only touching what I want you to touchI’ll be sucking, licking, lapping, stroking, massaging, fingering and fucking you to endless orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, until your mouth, pussy and ass are filled with my cum and my lubed body and yours are squirting our love juices over each other, making us glisten, completely covered and soaked in that precious bodily love oil only the most passionate of lovers know.
“Now, Naomi, don’t touch me,” I whisper as give you the slightest hint of a smirk and a wink. And, then, you see my black trunks begin to grow…my achingly hard and throbbing cock pushing against the material with its ever widening mushroom head and nine inches of warming and sperm-filling engorged 6 ½ inch girthed shaft. You know my cock aches for your wet inner walls…but not yet.
“Turn around.” And you do…still seated on the seat…your ass in the air, the short jean skirt riding up your hips exposing your now moist love mound. But, you can’t see anything except for the gorgeous view out the back window. You feel just the heat from my warm hands as they drift past your waist to your tight white lycra shirt that emphasizes your gorgeous sweet bosom and now erect and protruding nipples. But I touch none of them…I merely graze the barest top of your abdomen as I take the material in my finger tips and begin slowly raising it up…and slowly, taking a full minute as I let you feel the warmth of my fingertips slowly excite your bare skin. My fingertips trace up the sides of your bare abdomen, and slowly to your chest, exposing your bare skin to the cool temperature inside the car…almost cool. Those slow moving tips then move around to the front of your chest…grazing barely over your nipples…letting you know I’ll be giving them attention soon enough…and then I let my fingers wander, carrying up your lycra shirt over your breast…almost massaging your beautiful bosom…letting the fabric bunch up against your nipples and tease them. But, no longer…I then whisper in your ear, flicking my tongue against your lobe “Arms up my love” and you do…and your shirt is now off and I then raise up your halter-style bikini top and remove it…now letting all my fingers dance over your breasts and nipples…gently and barely applying the slightest pinching pressure to them. With both your flower halter bikini top and shirt in hand, you don’t see me throw them back toward the front of the limo. And your chest and abdomen is bare, your wondrous fully erect nipples exposed for all to see as your skirt and bikini covered ass and pussy are raised in the air almost touching my stomach…your juices now freely running down your thigh. (to be continued)

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